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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Signing Mississippi Removal Of Disability Of Minority Form Pdf Online

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The Definite Guide to Mississippi Removal Of Disability Of Minority Form Pdf

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Instructions regardingMississippi Removal Of Disability Of Minority Form Pdf

[Music].hello I'm Alice Smith founder and.executive director of the National Voter.Corps the 2016 election was as catalyst.for me.I watched the fundamental right to vote.being systematically denied or made.difficult to exercise in Georgia North.Carolina Ohio Wisconsin Michigan.Louisiana to name just a few of the.states how was this possible.I'm a lawyer yet was unable to explain.how 50 years after the passing and the.Voting Rights Act.I witnessed vote suppression at a.gigantic scale this talk of the is the.result of my determination to answer.that question the slides that make up.this presentation are available on the.National Voter cores website for reuse.and this talk will also be available.first we will examine voting rights.through the legal framework of the.Constitution how voting has been.suppressed by the Supreme Court.decisions and state actions and finally.congressional inaction and at the end of.this talk I will provide links to a.curated list of effective groups working.for one person one vote and every vote.counted this is a road map to my talk.the right to vote is not guaranteed by.the US Constitution and as a result many.branches of government Congress the.federal courts state branches of.government and finally voters in some.states through initiatives and.propositions affect voting rights but.let's look at the Constitution in.article 1 section 4 it's the election.Clause the framers left the times places.and manners of holding elections for.Senators and Representatives in each.state by the.nature of that state but Congress may at.any time by law maker alter such.regulations except for the place of.choosing senators initially senators.were chosen by state legislatures not by.the people.please remember this clause Congress may.at any time make or alter but if they.don't make a law the power resides with.each state article 4 article 4 the right.of self-determination for each state and.the Tenth Amendment sets out the.reservation for all rights not granted.to the federal government to the state.so the strict interpreters the.Constitution turn article 4 in the 10th.amendment to argue states rights not.federal laws control their behavior.unless it conflicts with Express federal.laws or clauses of the Constitution the.Fourteenth Amendment was passed in 1868.at the conclusion of the Civil War.therefore all persons born or.naturalized in the United States are.citizens of the United States and of the.state where they reside no state shall.have the opportunity to make any laws.abridging the privileges and immunities.of citizens of the states or deny any.person within its jurisdiction the equal.protection of the laws the equal.protection clause has served as a.keystone for protecting civil rights of.minorities and persons in the United.States whether or not citizens in.section 2 the number of Congress.representatives has to be apportioned.among the several states by the number.of persons in each state excluding.Indians not taxed note for the purpose.of apportionment for Congress it's the.number of persons.it does not say citizens every ten years.there's a census required by article 2.section 1 of the Constitution.to determine how many representatives a.state would have and to determine the.direct taxes for the federal government.in 1868 some Indians were not taxed by.treaty thus such Indians would not be.counted in the census but note all.others were to be counted.whether citizens or not under the.Fifteenth Amendment passed in 1870 the.rights of citizens to vote could not be.denied or abridged on account of race.color or previous condition of servitude.thus the slaves had all rights of.citizenship thus there should be no.denial of the right to vote based on.race whether or not a former slave or.indentured servants the 17th amendment.which was passed in 1913 took away the.right for state legislatures to elect US.senators and grant it to each eligible.voter in the Senate the right to vote.for their two US senators the terms for.each senator was set for six years and.each u.s. senator had one vote in the.Senate three more amendments impacted.the right to vote in 1920 the right for.women to vote in 1964 the poll tax as a.critical part of the civil rights.movement was altered making it clear.that the right to vote could not be.denied or abridged by the failure to pay.any poll tax or other tax which had been.a tool of the southern states to deny.the vote to Black's Browns and poor.voters eliminating the poll tax was a.major victory to access to voting in.1971 the 26th amendment reduced the.voting age to 18.turning now to Congress throughout the.years Congress did use its powers under.the elections clause article 1 section 4.to set rules for regulating voting after.reconstruction Congress rescinded many.rights granted to minorities during the.period of reconstruction but I will skip.to 1924 when Native Americans were.granted citizenship under the Indian.Citizenship Act then in 1957 the Omnibus.Civil Rights Act was passed this set up.the Civil Rights Division of the Justice.Department resistance was profound in.some states and in local federal.district courts in those same states.during the years leading up to the 1964.Civil Rights Act according to Wikipedia.the African American voter registration.rate in the south increased only.marginally even though the department.litigated 71 voting rights lawsuits in.1964 Congress passed the monumental.Civil Rights Act Martin Luther King had.been lobbying President Johnson to.eliminate literacy tests one barrier to.voting rights for blacks Browns and poor.whites and to address economic.retaliation police repression or.physical violence against non-white.voters while the Civil Rights Act did.require that voting rules and procedures.be applied equally to all races it did.not abolish the concept of voter.qualification it accepted the idea that.citizens do not have an automatic right.to vote but would have to meet standards.beyond citizenship the Voting Rights Act.of 1965 directly addressed and.eliminated most voting qualifications.beyond citizenship close quote.Voting Rights Act sought to enforce the.Fifteenth Amendment circumvented after.reconstruction by Congress in the courts.in Mississippi and other states people.were being killed fighting for their.right to vote.the 1965.Voting Rights Act prevented States from.requiring specific voting qualifications.such as literacy tests which in many.jurisdictions were prerequisites to.registering to vote a simple X could be.used to sign a name to the register to.vote section to applied to every state.and prohibited practices such as.intimidation violence or other standard.practice or procedure to deny or bridge.the right of any citizen of the US to.vote on account of race or color under.Section 4b of the Voting Rights Act.there was a formula to determine which.states or other counties were required.to have preclearance before any law.practice or procedure relating to voting.could be changed by that state county or.earth township section 5 made it clear.that the states or other counties or.townships covered by the preclearance.formula were required to apply to the.federal district court in Washington DC.or the US Justice Department to obtain.clearance before changing any such law.practice or procedure relating to voting.by 2013 the Voting Rights Act applied to.nine states completely five states by.specific counties and other states.certain specific townships with a proven.history of discrimination including low.voter turnout there were many attacks.against the Voting Rights Act over the.years the Voting Rights Act had been.amended many times including but not.limited to changing the formula in 1970.and 75 adding minority language.requirements giving voters assistance at.the polls providing for voters with.disabilities and then in 2006 in a.compromise after some in Congress tried.to scuttle the Voting Rights Act.altogether.extended sections four and five and.other provisions with sunset clauses.which means that it has a term of being.an affair.and then it stops without comment for 25.years the Voting Rights Act meant that.millions of Americans previously refused.the right to vote because they were poor.of color illiterate by example only were.able to register to vote and did.register voting increased in all states.but especially in the states covered by.the preclearance requirements in.democracy diverted polling places.closure and the right to vote the.importance of preclearance was clearly.stated section 5s prophylactic power.came from its power its Rick sorry its.recognition that harms of voting.discrimination can never be truly.redressed once an election is held there.is no do-over so here the states and.counties that were required for.preclearance under the Voting Rights Act.section 5 in 2013 note California had.four counties there were Florida had.some counties Virginia had counties.Maryland and the cut the states in dark.purple were completely covered Michigan.had some townships there were townships.in other states and then the Supreme.Court acted in Shelby County v holder in.2013 and Alabama County called Shelby.challenged the constitutionality of.sections 4b and five of the Voting.Rights Act.remember that required preclearance.before you changed any of the voting.rights of voting laws in your state or.in a county and holder was the United.States Attorney General at the time in.this land.marked decision five to four.the Supreme Court held that section 4b.of the Voting Rights Act was.unconstitutional Chief Justice Roberts.writing for the majority stated that the.coverage formula was based on data over.forty years old and therefore it was not.responsive to the current needs placing.an impermissible burden on the.constitutional principles of federalism.federalism was all laws not expressly.put in the Constitution or by federal.law were reserved to the States as a.result without the coverage formula of.section 4 B the preclearance obligations.for those states was removed recall that.seven years before in 2006 Congress had.extended the Voting Rights Act including.the preclearance formula for 25 years.without change and that under the.elections Clause article 1 section 4.Congress was granted the express right.to make federal laws or alter state laws.Judge Thompson thought that article 5.would also be found unconstitutional in.her minority opinion justice sent.Ginsburg argued that the evidence.gathered by Congress supporting.continuing the law which enforces the.fourteenth and fifteenth amendments and.objected saying all told between.eighteen between 1982 and 2006 the.Department of Justice objections blocked.over 700 voting changes based on a.determination that the changes were.discriminatory between 1982 and 2005.Alabama who was bringing this action had.one of the highest rates of successful.section 2 suits second only to its.voting rights.act covered neighbor Mississippi in.other words the Justice Department had.sued Alabama for a breach of the law so.that throwing out preclearance when it.has worked and is continuing to work to.stop discriminatory changes is like.throwing away your umbrella in a.rainstorm because you are not getting.wet.almost immediately after shelby county.decision.vote suppression measures were.implemented at the state level and by.county and municipal registrar's of.voters what follows are examples of.systemic voter suppression after shelby.1688 polling places were closed since.2013 in counties previously covered by.preclearance by reducing voting places.research has shown that reducing polling.places and reducing early voting hours.reduces voter turnout by removing or.limiting voting stations at colleges and.universities student voting turnout was.also affected organized vote suppression.began with purging of voters there were.17 million voting voters who were purged.from the voter rolls.since 2016 organized purging began by.the Kansas secretary of state Kovac in.2006 in Iowa Missouri and Nebraska not.covered by the Voting Rights Act section.four or five states not covered were.deeply affected and unreliable.Oh software program compared identically.named people in one state in another.state and removed any duplicates that.were found eventually 27 states used it.although 9 withdrew before 2016 for.every double vote counted a Stanford.study in 2019 found that 3300 legitimate.voters were removed these are the states.covered by the cross-check purges in.2016 it's unclear whether more states.have withdrawn from cross-check but.notice that they are heavily part of the.same states that were covered under the.Voting Rights Act section 4b and five.voters move from one state to another.and register in a new state and when.they register the registration form.provides for sending a notice to the.other state but states don't always.follow through.thus a voter could be on the rolls in.both states but it doesn't mean people.are voting in both states significant.photo restrictions began in 2010 in.states not covered by section 4 B.formula but since then there have been.significant changes 35 states have.implemented 29 photo identification.requirements by 2019 but notice those.states the dark purple were those states.which put in strict voter identification.significant voting restrictions include.voter IDs which are expensive because.voters find it difficult to acquire many.people do not drive elderly people do.not.drive there are many licenses which are.acceptable but those without a license.have to acquire a special photo ID in.these strict identification states which.is like a poll tax onerous for.low-income people who have to take time.off work to get the required ID to vote.some tazed states require traveling to.the county seat and some of those.counties have reduced the hours for.serving minority voters a practice.banned by Voting Rights Act section 2.which has not been ruled.unconstitutional since Shelby more than.10 lawsuits have been brought.successfully on the basis of racial bias.or intentional discrimination but the.need to bring lawsuits to enforce the.Voting Rights Act is exactly what.section 5 preclearance was intended to.prevent organized systematic vote.suppression of people of race color or.national origin.examples of ownerís burdensome changes.to the law North Dakota requires street.addresses on voter IDs in a federal case.which the Supreme Court refused to.review Native Americans on North Dakota.reservations didn't have street.addresses which was part of their.culture 10,000 or more voters were.disenfranchised in 2016 by this law Utah.also Michigan and Wisconsin did not.allow some student IDs issued by its.universities and colleges be used in.some states refused local business ID.cards such as a googol pass to be used.as ID's where a photo ID was required.three states Kansas Georgia and Arizona.went so far as to try to require birth.certificates in order to register to.vote but this was ruled unconstitutional.because under the 1993 National Voter.Registration Act the only two.requirements that could be used were.either the last four digits of your.social security number.or your driver's license a federal court.in 2013 ruled that North Carolina's.voter ID laws were racially targeted.african-americans with almost surgical.precision in 2019.North Carolina's Legislature passed a.new - voter ID law similar to the 2013.law the Democratic governor vetoed such.voter ID law and the legislature then.overrode the veto the lawsuit sought an.injunction to Superior Court judges.ruled ins in July of this year that the.new law won't take place until 2020 a.judge would have issued an injunction.watch this space other lawsuits are.going to happen I'm sure examples of.mechanical errors include misspelled.street names on an absentee ballot.signature printed instead of cursive.signature slightly different from the.registration card done years before a.misspelled city name even by one letter.in one example a homeless voter signed.his absentee ballot accidentally signing.the day's date instead of his birth date.there is no question that this was his.ballot his signature but Ohio.implemented implemented a perfection.requirement and the Supreme Court of the.United States refused to hear the case.these mechanical errors prohibited real.citizens from voting which states have.done something to help encourage voting.early voting makes it easier for people.to vote they don't have to just vote on.Election Day but note the states that.have no early voting.maduk registration known as same-day.registration occurs in in in sorry I'm.going back a slide automatic photo.registration occurs in the states that.are blue that means that when you change.your driver's license you or in some.instances apply for a state welfare you.will automatically be given a voter.registration and that your voter.registration will be sent to the.Registrar of Voters or to the Secretary.of State and you will receive a card.afterwards to confirm that you in fact.intend to to register to vote and by.returning that card you are.automatically registered about without.filling in another form so you go to the.DMV and you get your driver's license.and your register to vote at your new.address same-day registration occurs in.21 states and the District of Columbia.this is very progressive it means that.if you've moved in the month before.you've been elected you aren't closed.out from being able to register at the.polls or at the county seat depending.upon the state and be able to register.California has just passed same-day.registration at any Pole in the state.felons in some states are.disenfranchised absolutely for the rest.of their lives in other states such as.Maine and Vermont felons may vote.whether they're in prison or not and.then there's a whole variety of.different options but as Lyndon Johnson.said a man without a vote is a man.without protection.restricted voting rights pills have been.introduced or carried over into 2019 at.these states that are in red California.had one introduced by to try to have.voter ID laws but that did not carry so.these are introduced or carried over it.does not mean that they will pass.expanding voting rights has happened.some have been introduced and some.carried over it doesn't mean that they.will be passed but many of these have to.do with early voting or looking at 16 to.17 year olds being able to register to.vote in anticipation of their 18th.birthday but one example of suppressed.voting is in Georgia to understand vote.suppression from the point of view of.the suppressed voter.I urge you to go to brave new films and.look at suppress the right to vote next.what is gerrymandering well the original.gerrymander was in 1812 when Gerry the.governor of Massachusetts renewed these.state senatorial districts to favor his.party and you can see that the Boston.Gazette thought the cartoon which merged.Gerry and salamander described the.result gerrymander and so the term has.gone into the history but what exactly.is gerrymandering gerrymandering means.to manipulate the boundaries of.political districts in order to.advantage the party in power every 10.years u.s. census identifies where.people live and the number of.congressional districts that are.allocated to states according to.population.thus redistricting allocates voters to.congressional districts when state.legislators control redistricting their.political interests are often led to.partisan gerrymandering or racial.gerrymandering states which have.independent commissions tend to create.more balanced districts when specific.and fair criteria guide composition of.the Commission and their mission how do.you gerrymander well the party and power.controls redistricting organizes.districts to help its party by packing.voters into a district so their party's.candidate will win no matter what in a.cracked district a particular party's.voters are dispersed into a district.where their vote will have no chance of.prevailing when you crack a voter into a.district that voters vote is diluted.because there is no chance that her.party's candidate will win the.systematic pushing of people into or out.of a district occurs when partisan.factors are used to set voting.boundaries here are some examples of.packed districts note the boundaries.Michigan Maryland North Carolina.Virginia Indiana Texas and Florida are.described as gerrymandered with high.partisan bias where the political party.in power gerrymandered the districts to.their advantage note both the Democrats.and Republicans of gerrymandered.districts Maryland by example went from.five Democrats and two Republicans by.packing Republicans into one district.and cracking them elsewhere so that the.Democrats got six congressional.candidate districts and the Republicans.won.states that have independent.Commission's as I said tend to not have.this partisan gerrymandering state.legislatures themselves can be.gerrymandered this is obvious since the.state legislatures control redistricting.then when you make sure that the control.of the state is in the hands of the.party in power then you are going to.affect who goes to Congress as well as.the state laws such as voter ID laws.notice purple those are two Democratic.state legislatures which are.gerrymandered here's Michigan.gerrymandering Republican legislatures.intentionally packed Democrats into.districts and cracked others to enable.Republicans to win congressional seats.when a majority of Democrats are in the.state nine Republican seats - five.Democrats while the quired 64% of the.states with fifty point five percent of.the vote Wisconsin gerrymandering did.the same blue Democrats over time were.packed into fewer districts and as a.result had far fewer representatives in.Congress and in the state legislature.North Carolina was the federal court.found that North Carolina had.systematically used racial and partisan.means to redistricting found that it was.unconstitutional.in an impartial three-judge panel then.drew up a nonpartisan base map which.resulted in three open or toss-up.districts the yellow six districts which.were likely to be Republican and four.that were likely to be rats so the blue.were the Democrats the red the.Republicans that same year the second.map drawn by the North Carolina State.Legislature openly and notoriously.through partisan gerrymandering admitted.by them manipulated the maps so that ten.Republican districts through packing.cracking were drawn and only three were.won by Democrats yielding the same.gerrymandered district as in 2011 North.Carolina and Maryland were the two cases.that were brought to the Supreme Court.and will now see what the Supreme Court.did after the judge in 2016 had held.that North Carolina's packing and.unpacking was unconstitutional.in June 2019 the Supreme Court heard two.partisan gerrymandering cases merged.together into ruko versus common cause.North Carolina was Republican.gerrymandered and Maryland's was.Democratic gerrymandered brought by the.League of Women Voters and when these.cases were heard in the court of appeals.in Maryland and North Carolina.each of these courts of appeals ruled.that the partisan redistricting was.unconstitutional the Supreme Court.decision in June of this year Justice.Roberts writing for the majority said.quote partisan gerrymandering claims.have proven approved far more difficult.to adjudicate the basic reason is that.while it is a legal for jurisdiction to.depart from the one-person one-vote rule.or to engage in racial discrimination in.districting quote a jurisdiction may.engage in constitutional political.gerrymandering close quote he stated.that the Constitution does not require.proportional representation and these.questions were beyond the reach of.federal courts.he said excessive partisanship in.districting leads to results that.reasonably seem unjust but the fact that.such gerrymandering is incompatible with.democratic principles does not mean that.the solution lies with the federal.judiciary we conclude that partisan.gerrymandering claims present political.questions beyond the reach of federal.courts federal judges have no license to.reallocate political power between the.two major political parties with no.plausible grant of authority in the.Constitution and no legal standard to.limit and direct their decisions thus he.was stating that gerrymandering is.political and not a question of.constitutional law Justice Kagan in her.minority opinion shared by three other.justices argued this deprives citizens.of the right to participate in the.political process.politicians allowed to entrench.themselves in office against voters.preferences this allows core principles.that the voter should choose their.representatives not the other way around.reversed as you will note the.representatives decided who would be in.what districts and therefore by packing.denied the vote vote dilution implicates.the 14th amendment equality equal.participation of voters in the election.First Amendment rights of Association.and political effectiveness are diluted.by political gerrymandering degrading a.voters influence on the political.process the legislature by.gerrymandering shows specific and.predominant intent to entrench.themselves in power by manipulating.district lines.her minority opinion concludes and I.quote of all times to abandon the courts.duty to declare the law this was not the.case the practices challenged in these.slides imperil our system of government.part of the courts rule in that role in.that system is to defend its foundations.none is more important than free and.fair elections with respect but deep.sadness I dissent and what organizations.wrote amicus curiae I brief in support.of partisan gerrymandering states Texas.Alabama Arkansas Georgia Indiana.Louisiana Ohio Oklahoma South Carolina.and Utah all of these states have.partisan redistricting the Speaker of.the House of Representatives in.Pennsylvania who had lost a battle at.the state court level in in Pennsylvania.which state court Supreme Court ruled.that as a matter of state law.Pennsylvania's House of Representatives.had gerrymandered in a way that was.impermissible and unconstitutional the.State House of Representatives in.Pennsylvania appealed to the Supreme.Court but the US Supreme Court refused.to grant certiorari because there was no.federal issue involved remember that.it's coming up next American Civil.Rights Union this is not the ACLU it's a.conservative group southeast legal.foundation the National Republican.redistricting task trust the Republican.National Committee and the National.Republican Congressional Committee so.part.ship as long as it protects the.Republicans is acceptable and that's.what the Supreme Court held however.there is hope.North Carolina's state court ruled in.September 2019 by a unanimous decision.of three-judge panel that the state's.redistricting map which we had looked at.before was unconstitutionally drawn as a.matter of state constitutional law the.reasons cited include violation of North.Carolina's state constitutional clauses.guaranteeing free elections equal.protection under the law and freedom of.speech and assembly and then this week.on October 28th 2019 three-judge panel.in Raleigh ruled that the congressional.districting by the state legislature was.unconstitutional and that the.congressional districts would be drawn.under the courts control note that both.state courts based their decisions of.unconstitutionality on the use of the.same maps but that the Supreme Court had.looked at in ruko versus common cause so.how do states redistricting Gresham.representative so they don't read.istrict the congressional independent.Commission's such as California have.commissioners balanced by party and.other criteria to follow specific rules.for determining redistricting for states.use a political appointee Commission for.congressional plans and nine states use.this type of Commission for state.legislative plans.in November 2018 Michigan votes for an.independent Redistricting Commission to.overcome their Michigan's state.legislature which was kept redistricting.themselves and there the congressional.districts for the purpose of continuing.one party in control sixty-one percent.of the voters voted for this since then.the Republican state legislature has not.funded this effort the Republican.Secretary of State has not issued.application forms for the applicants to.apply and now Republicans have sued on.the basis the First Amendment rights.because the Michigan Commission under.this constitutional amendment dis allows.candidates and lobbyists from applying.for the Commission in my opinion.hypocritical ironically the michigan.constitutional amendment to create a.nonpartisan Commission was cited by.Justice Roberts as one of the reasons.why the Supreme Court should stay out of.redistricting and let the states take.care of their own redistricting issues.and the ROO code gerrymandering decision.but note not every state has the power.to pass a constitutional amendment by.the vote of the people so this slide.just shows the current redistricting.where bills of some sort reside in.offices.whoops sorry these bills were reduce the.bills have been introduced these bills.sorry this is difficult there's.something wrong here okay in 2015.however I want to draw your attention to.US Supreme Court decision.which was a five-to-four decision note 5.- for decisions are often terrible.Arizona State Legislature vs. Arizona.independent Redistricting Commission.this was a good decision in the Ginsburg.majority she wrote that the people of.Arizona turned to the initiative to curb.the practice of gerrymandering Arizona.voters sought to restore the core.principle of republican government.namely that the voters should choose.their representatives not the other way.around the election Clause does not.hinder this endeavor remember in the.election Clause it said that the state.legislatures had all rights that.Congress didn't take up or which was not.expressly stated in the Constitution.however Justice Roberts writing for the.minority of for said that the people of.Arizona have a concerns about the.process process the process of.congressional redistricting in their.state quote for better or worse the.elections Clause of the Constitution.does not allow them to address these.compare those concerns by displacing.their legislature but it does allow them.to seek relief through Congress which.can make or alter the regulations.prescribed by the legislature I want to.point out the hypocrisy of the Supreme.Court decision in ruko by Roberts who.said that redistricting when that was.too difficult for the courts to uphold.but he overturned a congressional Act.sections 4 B & 5 of the Voting Rights.Act what had been overturned in Shelby.and he overturned the which would have.not permitted Reid.districting to the level that excluded.the right of voting under the First.Amendment and the Fifteenth Amendment so.how did all this happen well first of.all because money and politics the.Supreme Court decisions was again of.citizens united unleash the right of.corporations in the Union and unions to.use corporate money in politics.minorities have been disproportionately.impacted on the exercise of their vote.because of the huge amounts of money.used to support candidates that openly.vote for vote suppression legislation in.Congress and at the state level tied.together with Shelby County's decision.the rights of minority voters have been.impaired in the last decade and money is.just one of the reasons both security is.another way of suppressing the vote or.helping the vote under the 2002 help.America Vote Act certain rules and.regulations about standards for voting.machines have been set 16 years later.many states have out-of-date hackable.and unmaintainable voting machines being.used some without paper trails or the.ability to audit one egregious situation.was addressed in Georgia in 2002 Georgia.had received funding under the help.America Vote Act Georgia chose a.computer system which did not have the.ability to print a paper ballot nor was.it auditable they housed the voting.system in a university computer facility.California discovered in 2006 that.same equipment that Georgia was using in.2002 and continues to use to this day.was hackable and unreliable not.constitutional and California des.certified every one of those machines in.2006 Georgia continued to use that same.equipment and in 2018 in a closely.watched election run by the Secretary of.State Kemp who himself was running for.governor these machines spewed out votes.or under votes in the vote for.lieutenant governor race a hundred and.twenty seven thousand under votes were.missing from electronic voting machines.in African American neighborhoods that.means an under vote means she voted for.governor but you didn't vote for.lieutenant governor however the paper.ballots in the same precincts received.for proportional per provisional sorry.and absentee votes had no significant.undervotes for the lieutenant governor.the federal district court in Georgia.said that these voting machines were.unconstitutional and they had to be.removed and not used in 2020 the court.ordered Georgia to have paper ballots.and said that they would oversee.Georgia's computer replacements please.remember that Judge Justice Roberts said.that it's up to Congress to act and in.2019 the House of Representatives did.act they passed for the people's act.which is known as HR 1.it addresses voting access.gerrymandering computer security voter.registration ballot tabulations but HR 1.is unlikely to ever see the light of day.in the Senate according to the Senate.majority.Leader Mitch McConnell some of the key.features it provides includes access for.people with disabilities.it covers automatic vote registration in.all 50 states and the District of.Columbia.it requires same-day registration in.every state it prohibits deceptive.practices and intimidation it restores.the right to vote to felons it sets out.in detail.early voting vote by mail absentee.uniformed services act an overseas voter.rights and it requires security finally.the House passed the safe act to bolster.computer security fully funded and.including annual refurbishment money to.sustain up-to-date election.infrastructure this bill is in the.Senate Senate under the Rules Committee.it passed on June 28th in the house.and at this presentation does not have.the attention of the Senate leadership.the house also introduced the boating.accident Act of 2019 which was to.overcome the discriminatory act actions.of shelby county and holder by including.expressed definitions for discriminatory.practices related to race color or.national languages and rules relating to.indian lands.this is languishing and the.constitutional committee of the house.for more information on voter.suppression and to and discrimination in.georgia please go to the website brave.new films suppressed issued in 2019.Georgia was a covered state in 2013.under the Voting Rights Act the.Secretary of State did not process.58,000 applications for registering to.vote he won by 54,000 votes this is the.Roberts Supreme Court legacy to bring.discrimination back into States and.decimate congressional action of the.Civil Rights Act and the effect of.protections of the 14th and 15th.amendments if you want to get involved.here are some organizations you may.contact National Voter Corps legal oon.voters which does not include men or non.voters common cause reclaim our vote Mia.famiglia vota on the National Voter.Corps website there is an extensive list.of voting rights groups nationally and.by state I'd like to conclude I'd like.to conclude that the Supreme Court has.taken away the Civil Rights Acts of many.voters in America by its ruling in.Shelby County citizens united and Russo.versus common cause millions of.Americans have had their vote suppressed.through vote suppression measures of.which I hope you now have a better.understanding state legislatures are.seeking their voters through.gerrymandering instead of voters.selecting their representatives there is.a legal maxim danger invites a rescue.please get involved in the fight for one.person one vote and every vote counts.democracy is not a spectator sport.please vote thank you for watching this.video presentation I'd like to thank the.mid Peninsula media center for.facilitating this recording on voting.rights and here are some additional.slides which I think you might find of.interest I'll continue to talk but if.you want to stop here that works as well.strict voting rules here are some more.examples Georgia's Muslim voting project.is fighting rejection of absentee.it's because signatures didn't exactly.match the court held that the vote voter.must be given a reasonable time to cure.mismatched signatures Arizona tried to.introduce to registration forms one for.state and one for federal but there is.no more use of federal of duplicate.forms in in August of in August of last.year.ACLU filed a lawsuit for the legal.voters of Arizona.Mia familia vota and others alleging.violation of section 5 on the National.Voter Registration Act this was settled.by a Memorandum of Understanding to.remedy the problem.Arizona agreed to update its.registration forms when voters address.has changed on a driver's license I'd.like to go further into what happened in.North Dakota Native Americans on.reservations don't have street addresses.and when she said that tens of thousands.of North Dakotans were going to be.deprived their right to vote just.because their culture did not have a.street address is outrageous and this.was on the voter ID it's not on the.registration form you can register to.vote by just putting your across corner.homeless don't have a street address.they they may have two corners of an.area Kansas provisional ballots cobots.the Secretary of State won the.Republican nomination for governor by.fewer than 350 votes but more than 800.provisional votes when he was the.Secretary of State had not been counted.Florida's law provided was shown to have.an intentional discrimination based on.age by not allowing any.early voting sites on college campuses.and that was struck down here are some.of the sources I want to thank these.outstanding organizations the Bremen.Centre for justice and Bala pedia have.maps most of which I have screen shot.and saved on these slides go up there.look at what they've done the rest of.these organizations are ones which are.clean hands and very important to saving.our democracy verified voting is not on.there but it is looking at the security.of computers thank you very much.

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