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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Finalizing Sia Card Printing Template Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Sia Card Printing Template Form

youtube video

Comprehend How to Fulfill the Sia Card Printing Template Form

hello and welcome to another every.Tuesday tutorial this week's tutorial.comes to you courtesy of Jody who had an.awesome question I thought this week on.how do you di why bulk print business.cards at home and being a DIY or myself.of course I've done this before I've.actually di wide every single business.card I have ever made for myself.personally so I have a little bit of.experience setting these up and of.course I just want to disclaim this is.exactly how I would do and how I've done.it in the past everyone's ways are.different but I want to show you and.share with you today exactly how I do it.and make sure you watch until the end of.this video because I've got a special.surprise for all of you at the end so.all that said we're going to get started.I threw together this quick business.card design in this water color texture.that I'm using is part of my water color.text your kit volume 2 which I'll leave.a link to if you want to see the other.textures that are part of that kid but.that's what I used right here to put.this very quick business card together.and as you can see we've got a front of.the business card and we have a back of.the business card and I've also included.a bleed and a bleed is extremely.important if you have any artwork that.quote-unquote bleeds off of the actual.art board so since this texture extends.beyond the regular art board I need to.make sure that my front and my back of.the card has a bleed line and the way.that you apply this I'll show you really.quick so this is the standard size of a.business card is three and a half inches.by two inches here in the US and in.order to set this file up I did file new.and all I did over here is I set my.widths to three and a half inches my.height to two inches and then right here.where it says bleed this is where I put.in point one two five inches and that is.the standard for a bleed on a business.card and then if you toggle down this.little advanced arrow right here just.make sure your color mode to CMYK.because you are printing it and whenever.you print anything you want to make sure.your color mode is set to CMYK so all.that said I hit OK and then I had this.artboard right here and this red line is.your bleed line so bleeds are really.important because when you're printing.this out and you go to cut it your.so you don't want any weird like stray.whites livers of lines because no one.can really cut a line so perfectly that.you wouldn't even have like a little.hairline of white right there so you.want to make sure you give yourself a.little breathing room when you're.cutting so this is what this little.bleed line allows the space right here.this 1/8 of an inch.allows you a little room for error as.you're cutting them so all right.all that said we've got the front of our.business card we have the back of our.business card and now I'm going to show.you how I set it up in Illustrator to.print in bulk at home just using my.regular old home printer and because I'm.using a home printer that means my paper.size is eight and a half by 11 inches.portrait so we're just going to come up.here and go file new and we're going to.make sure right here I've got it set to.letter which defaults to.eight-and-a-half by 11 I do not need a.bleed on this because I don't have.anything extending beyond the edges of.this sheet of paper and I want to make.sure once again if you toggle down this.advanced arrow that it is CMYK and it's.300 PPI which is the print resolution.standard and then you're going to hit OK.alright we just have a plain white sheet.of paper right here and I need my ruler.so I'm going to hit command our control.are on a PC and once I do that you can.see I've got rulers right here if you.don't have inches showing up right here.all you have to do is right-click on.here and you can change your settings so.I've got inches so I'm good to go all.right so this is how I do it what some.people may think is not the most.mathematical way ever but it totally.works for me every single time so I'm.going to share it with you so I hit em.on my keyboard and this is my rectangle.tool right here all I'm going to do is.double click and I'm going to put in.three and a half inches by two inches so.we're going to pretend like this is the.size of my card so I have a three and a.half by two inch and if I replicate this.I'm going to hold all and as I'm.dragging I'm holding shift to keep it.straight and if you do a little bit of.math this length is three and a half.inches this length is three and a half.inches so that's seven inches I have.eight and a half inches width of my.paper and I have space right here that I.need space between the cards and then I.have.on this edge that I need to account for.so I've got seven inches that make up.the card and I'm left over with one and.a half inches so if we do just some.basic math let me grab my calculator all.right so we have one and a half inches.and we have three areas that we need to.account for between those two cards I'm.going to divide by three when you do.that it's half an inch so if I come back.into illustrator I know I need half an.inch right here half an inch right here.and a half an inch right here so if I.come up here I'm just going to click on.this left ruler right here click and.drag until I hit half an inch and then.release and then if I just drag this.business card over to that edge and I.click and I drag again.this edge should land right at four and.then this needs to be another half inch.apart so that would put it up four and a.half right here and then if I drag this.business card over once again I need.this half an inch brings me to the edge.of the page so this is perfect so we've.got our vertical spacing all set so if I.copy these I'm just rubberband selecting.both of them holding alt clicking.dragging holding shift to keep them.straight and if I grab these again you.can see comparably I can fit eight cards.this is called an eighth up comfortably.I can fit eight cards on this.eight-and-a-half by 11 inch sheet of.paper so now I have two inches right.here two inches right here two here into.here so that's eight inches and the.entire length of my paper is 11 inches.and I need to account for one two three.four five spaces so I'm going to grab my.calculator again and I have what did I.say.eleven minus eight is three inches and.we have one two three four five spaces.so that's 0.6 okay so I come back in.here.and this is where it gets a little bit.funky but it's this is another little.cheat of mine so I'm going to hit em on.my keyboard double click and I need a.height of 0.6 inches so I don't have to.like figure out all the math every time.half an inch was easy but a six six.tenths of an inch is a little different.so I'm going to flip-flop these get rid.of my stroke and now I just have this.block that's the right height so if I.drag it to the top of my art board right.here and then I can just click and drag.and this is where I need to set my first.business card so I'm going to drag it to.that line you see right here so then I.now I can just drag this right here do.the same thing again.and then I can just drag this last guy.to the bottom of this one and now I can.delete all these business cards you know.I kind of have a rough layout so now I.want to draw in my own trim marks.because with the bleed we need to make.sure we have marks to trim so we know.exactly where to cut the paper so if I.come up here I'm just going to hit like.the backslash key in your keyboard and.that activates your line tool over here.you just want to make sure you have I.don't need a fill on this you just want.to make sure you have a stroke and I.usually keep it at the default one point.so it's thick enough for me to see and.don't even worry about it bleeding off.the page you just want to make sure you.come close to this line do not touch.this line though otherwise it will print.on your actual card so I'm going to hold.alt as I'm dragging I'm gonna hold shift.to keep it straight and I'm just going.to set these ones all the way here and.then I can also just select all of these.click hold all hold shift drag these.babies down here and now those are set.and then I'm going to come over here and.do the exact same thing.alright last thing we need to worry.about is our bleed and like we talked.about before we have an eighth of an.inch so we can do the math vertically.and we're going to use our little cheat.for the horizontal areas just because.the math will get really funky if we.don't okay.so right here I need to come back an.eighth of an inch which is half of a.quarter of an inch so that is right.there and this will just help me line up.exactly where my card goes paint them an.inch eighth of an inch.okay so now for this part I'm just going.to use my little cheat I'm hitting em on.a keyboard double clicking and now this.time I want my height to be an eighth of.an inch.I reverse that drop it right here.you.okay so now we have all of our bleed.lines in here and this is our template.so if I come over here to my layers.palette I'm going to label this trim and.guide lines and I'm going to lock this.layer create a new layer and let's give.me my artwork layer and now we're going.to jump back over to our business card.designs and we're going to export each.of these as a high-res jpg so I'm going.to go file export and choose we're going.to put it I'm going to choose jpg down.here use artboards definitely make sure.this is checked and make sure all so.when we save a JPEG that has a bleed the.bleed will be included on that JPEG so.we're going to export this I'm going to.make sure my quality is all the way up.to the maximum ten and that my.resolution is 300 and it's CMYK so I'm.go ahead okay and that's saved so now.I'm going to jump over here make sure.you're on your artwork layer and your.trim and guidelines are locked and I'm.going to get hit file place and choose.the front of my card and I'm just going.to drop this right in here and since we.dragged our guides we know exactly where.it needs to go so I'm going to hold alt.hold shift drag grab both of these and.this parts really fast just dropping.them in okay so now you have an eight up.that's perfectly mathematically correct.and if you want your backs to be created.as well make sure you unlock this.otherwise your trim marks aren't going.to carry over so and then you're going.to hit this little icon over here for.your artboard tool and as your hovered.over you got the crosshairs on your.artboard you're going to hold alt drag.hold shift and this is going to make a.copy you're not going to get those.vertical lines in here because we are.guides we're locked but that's okay.because we've already got our trim marks.drawn so now you can ReWalk your.trimming guidelines come back to your.artwork layer and you're just going to.select all of your cards and then you're.going to come over here to your links.palette you can get to links by going.wind.link's and you're just going to hit this.little link button right here and this.will relink those and you're just going.to have to do this eight times which is.a little knowing but it's pretty quick.selecting the back of your card okay so.there we go.so when this prints out you're going to.have your little trim marks so you're.going to take your ruler and line it up.with this mark in this mark and then.you're going to make your cut same width.down here and they're going to lay your.ruler across this top and the bottom and.you're going to cut so then definitely.do a test run before you use your really.good paper to make sure you're putting.the paper in the right way because.obviously once it spits this out you.want to turn it around and flip it over.the right way so you know when you flip.your actual business card over you don't.have one side that's upside down on one.side that's right side up so just want.to make sure that you do that so do a.test run first make sure you've got your.method all figured out and then you can.print this out as many times as you need.to and you get eight business cards out.of each sheet of paper that you have so.this is how I would bulk print DIY your.own personal business cards and if you.stayed with me through this a little.more boring but very very important.tutorial my gift to you is I'm going to.give you this Illustrator template to.use for yourself so if you go over to my.blog every - Tuesday com I'll also leave.a link here you can go over there and.you can download this and it will open.with any version of Illustrator cs3 or.newer so all of this work will have been.done for you so all you have to do is.drop your business cards in if your.business cards are sized.three-and-a-half inches by two inches.tall so if you enjoyed this tutorial.please subscribe I release a new.tutorial every single Tuesday.and make sure to head over to my blog.every - Tuesday com for even more.tutorials and a bunch of design freebies.including this freebie this week so.thanks so much for watching and I'll see.you next week.

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Sia Card Printing Template Form FAQs

Comply with the below common worries about Sia Card Printing Template Form . Talk to directly if you still have other queries.

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