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The Information Guidance for Transcript For Cosmetology School Form

The effective way to write Transcript For Cosmetology School Form online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the easiest tool online. To use the tool, follow the steps given below.

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youtube video

Guide of Transcript For Cosmetology School Form

hey guys welcome back to my channel or.welcome if you're new so my name is Sam.I am a professional cosmetologist it.still feels weird to say but I am those.of you who are already subscribed to me.know that I have been a hairstylist for.like exactly a year now and I have been.sharing and documenting my whole journey.from the very beginning like looking.into schools going to school and.afterwards and I legitimately get DM s.every single day from people asking.questions like you have any tips for me.I'm about to start school or how do you.gain clients lots of questions like that.so I thought why not just start a series.on my channel and just do a bunch of.videos answering all of those kinds of.questions and just share some of the.knowledge that I've gained over the last.two years throughout this journey so.today's video I jumped off from the.title I'm gonna share some tips for.cosmetology students so whether you are.currently in school now or you're.planning on going in the future so tip.number one is get as many fuck-ups out.of the way now while you're in school.like this is your time to try new things.step out of your comfort zone if there's.something that you're really really.terrified of doing or you just feel and.you don't trust yourself you're like oh.my god what if I screw up that person's.hair just do it try it go for it it's so.much better to just conquer everything.while you're still in school while.you're still student like your teachers.there to help you then to put it off and.then possibly be faced with having to do.that thing once you're in a salon and.you have like a real full priced paying.client you know there were a lot of.times in school where there were certain.things that I was just scared to do.especially once I was on the floor and.actually taking clients short haircuts.was a big one men's haircuts terrified.me and I was just I didn't want to take.any of those clients because I didn't.feel confident but I forced myself to.just do it anyway and I'm glad that I.did because then I realized it's really.not that scary and now at least I feel.like there isn't any.thing that I've never tried my next tip.kind of goes hand in hand with the first.one but it's don't be afraid to ask for.help your teachers are there to help you.and if you're working on a client.there's no reason to feel embarrassed or.feel like I am a very prideful person.and I like to know what I'm doing and.what I'm talking about.and if I don't I feel like I look like a.fool I don't know but you have to.understand that the clients that are.there getting their hair done are paying.really really cheap prices because.they're getting their hair done in a.beauty school and they realize that.you're a student and that you're still.learning they volunteered for that and I.think honestly even once you still are.in a salon like even to this day like a.year into it there's still certain times.where like I'm a little unsure about.something and I'll stop and I'll ask.like another stylist or my boss for.either help or advice my next tip is to.start building your portfolio as soon as.possible.so if you are already in school and you.don't have a separate Instagram or.social media page featuring your work.you need to make one literally today.like pause this video right now and go.set one up and I do think that it is a.good idea to have a separate page like.if you already have an Instagram account.make a separate one specifically for.your professional work not only is this.huge for getting clients I'm gonna do a.whole separate video on how I gain.clients and social media is a big like.it's the main thing so huge for getting.clients but also when you're going to.apply for jobs a lot of salons are gonna.want to see your work they were gonna.want to know you know okay what does.your work look like what are you capable.of doing the next tip again kind of goes.along with the one I just said but don't.wait till the last minute the program.that I did was like anywhere from nine.months to a year long and in my mind you.know when you first start you think oh.my god that's so long I have so much.time know it goes by so quickly so don't.wait to the last minute don't put things.off and just think oh I saw the tire.I'll worry about that when I get closer.to graduation as far as like signing up.to take your.board tests and taking them I know.people that graduate it and then still.waited months and months and months.until like the last possible minute to.go and take their State Board tests you.forget that stuff so quickly so take it.as soon as possible get it out of the.way the more prepared you are come.graduation the quicker you can get into.a salon and start doing hair and start.your career and to go along with that.assist while you're in school.this is a huge one so when you're.assisting this line you get to see like.what it actually is like in the real.world like in an actual salon and you.get to watch all of the different.techniques all the different ways of.doing things like you're getting your.foot in the door early you're gonna be.one step ahead from everyone else also.it's something that you're gonna have on.your resume now so you're gonna be.graduating school and rather than being.like hey yep I'm just a fresh graduate.with no experience at least you'll have.something on your resume and you'll be.able to say yes I worked in the salon I.have some experience this is what I did.you're not gonna feel like a total.newbie right out of school my next tip.is don't get caught up in the drama you.hear all the time that in beauty school.it's a whole bunch of girls and so they.can get really catty and it can be.really competitive and all that stuff.and just don't you are in school for a.reason you are there to learn and to.become an amazing hair stylist makeup.artist nail tech aesthetician whatever.it is that you're there for that should.be your main focus if you're getting.caught up in drama and you're worried.about what this person is doing and then.what that person says it's just gonna.hold you back next tip don't compare.yourself to other people I know it's.very easy to do that but keep in mind.everyone learns at a different pace and.some people come in to beauty school.already having a little bit of.experience and knowledge and then some.people come in and they don't know.anything so everyone starts out at a.different point and everyone learns.differently in my class for example.there were some girls that were amazing.at color me I'm great with color really.strong with that but awful at updos.hated updos and was like in with cutting.and then there were some girls that were.amazing enough to do is amazing at.makeup but like color wasn't really.there.sooo and you know when you look at.season silence who have been in this.industry for like 20 years some people.specialize in certain things and then.they're like weaker and other things and.that's totally fine so don't get caught.up and worried about comparing yourself.and looking at what everyone else is.doing if you feel like you are taking.longer to kind of learn certain things.it's totally fine you're gonna be okay.just focus on yourself and just doing.the best job that you can do my next tip.is to take advantage of your school's.resources people ask me a lot about like.finding jobs and all that kind of stuff.your school should have someone there.that can help you with those things I.know in my school we had a specific.person that was just there to help.people find jobs and we had a wall in.the back room where they would put job.postings and I feel like every school.has that and even after you graduate you.should still have access to those.resources so just ask someone at your.school like is there someone here that.can help me find a job or who can help.me like work on my resume or something.like that next tip I think this is tip.number 9 get comfortable shoes.especially if you're not used to being.on your feet all day and standing around.a lot it is gonna be a shock to your.system.luckily the first few months or so.you're still in the classroom a lot and.so you are sitting but once you get out.on the floor and you start taking.clients and I mean once you graduate and.you are working in a slot a full time.you're gonna be on your feet all day and.it can get very uncomfortable so I.highly suggest get some comfortable.sneakers maybe get some insoles for your.shoes and then my last tip is keep in.mind you are going to learn so much more.once you are actually in a salon this is.one of those industries where you can.constantly keep learning and I mean you.should you should constantly be going.every year and taking classes and.learning new techniques and I know you.might feel like well I'm in school and.I'm supposed to learn all these things.and by the time I graduate and I get a.position as a hair stylist I should know.how to do everything and I should feel.confident in everything and that's not.usually going to be the case you.only in school for like a year you still.have the whole rest of your life and the.whole rest of your career to keep.learning and keep growing and keep.getting better and better so if you feel.like oh my god I only have a month left.of school and I still feel like I not.confident with short haircuts or I still.kind of struggle with color or you know.there's things that you don't feel.totally comfortable with that's okay.don't stress out about it and feel like.oh my god I'm gonna be a terrible.hairstylist you know like you will learn.so much more I promise you like that.even just that first year that you're in.a salon you are gonna grow so much and.learn so so much so that is it for this.video those are all of my tips for.beauty school I really hope that this.video was helpful for you guys like I.said I will be doing a whole series umm.so let me see actually I have a whole.list of videos that I want to do so I.want to do a video talking all about my.first year like give you a full overview.of it like what jobs I did what I did.right after I graduated things that I've.learned how much money I've been making.how I get paid just anything that you.would want to know as a new stylist like.what to expect once you graduate I'm.gonna share with you guys how I gained.clientele how to find the right type of.salon for you I'm gonna share what's in.my hair kit like what stuff I use on a.regular basis in the salon no and if you.have any other suggestions for other.videos to go in this series leave it.down below let me know what questions.you have what you want to see because.really this is all for you guys I want.it to be as informative and helpful as.possible because I know when I was.considering getting into this field.I was nervous like I didn't really know.what to expect I didn't know any hair.stylist so I want to just share it all.if you are not already subscribed to my.channel please subscribe I would really.appreciate it and hit the little.notification button so you'll get to.notified whenever I upload feel free to.also go follow me over on Instagram I.have my personal page that you can go.follow and I also have my hair page if.you want to see my work and.we'll see you all in my next video bye.you.

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Transcript For Cosmetology School Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common confusions regarding Transcript For Cosmetology School Form . Let us know if you have any other requests.

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