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the following is a presentation from.pokerstars.com.last night on the big game loose cannon.Andre capella was staked a hundred grand.to sit with some of the best in the biz.that's how I play this game but a series.of fighting barbs between young guns are.you hiding under there are you going.bald and the old guard took center stage.seems a little different in person bill.help me stack took a hit and he took.offense today I'm gonna get him dead.bill set into motion his plan for.revenge.Wow have you really dead here see how it.plays out next.[Music].big game welcome to Las Vegas Nevada.where we played the big game alongside.Joe Stapleton I'm Chris Rose and tonight.we have nearly 3/4 of a million dollars.on the table as some of the world's best.face off for bragging rights and big.bucks in our state-of-the-art poker room.Phil Hellmuth juniors been mixing it up.with everyone he's only down 7k so we.still in good spirits Eugene cachalot.was born in the Ukraine raised in New.York and he is getting it done up nearly.40 grand per lot Friedman the rapper.from Malibu has been spitting some game.he's up almost 13,000 it looks like.Danny's Stern it's actually Donny Stern.and if it looks like he's taking the.worst of it he has he's stuck 42 grand.and we have our loose cannon Andre.capella an amateur has been staked.$100,000 he's from Tennessee to playing.poker for 38 years used to be a racecar.driver.he's currently down almost 11,000 the.empty spot at the table belongs to.Daniel Negreanu he had a solid first day.up a little over seven grand right now.he's with Amanda Leatherman Daniel this.has been a good week so far you guys are.having fun yeah I feel hungry cousin in.jovial mood he's not stuck yet so we'll.see what happens if he moves a few.blocks yeah you guys haven't even fought.yet no we'll fight.I mean it's early in the week it'll.happen it's inevitable all right good.luck here the loose cannon rules each.one's been staked 100 grand and keeps.all profits above the initial hundred K.at season's end the loose cannon who's.won the most money earns a North.American Poker Tour passport worth.50,000 right now Nadia Magnus is our.leading loose cannon she walked away.from the big game up over 60,000 that's.who Andre is trying to run down in this.race this is hand 30 out of the 150 we.will play this week it's a new day boys.you dawn a new day a new life and I'm.feeling good happy to hear that Joe Phil.sits out the first hand of the night 65.offsuit for Andre capela.Andres thinking of playing this hand he.must be bored he limps here we go.let's get him Andre I'd love to that's a.pretty loose limb from the loose cannon.for LOD Friedman Jack seven offsuit.anyone else noticing how nonchalant.plods trying to be about playing a pot.with a loose cannon.he lives in Eugene calls Daniel and the.big blind raises to 2600 that's how I.start every day every day I wake up in.the morning people limp in and I just go.raise the cannon calls very loose call.Friedman and Eugene are out what do you.know it's kind of white boy that was.kind of my plan to be honest with you.get rid of them and me and you go.mano-a-mano to a flop Phil Miller may.the best man win or whatever luckiest.man yeah how about that the flop.deuce for deuce okay I don't think you.have one of those little ones cuz you.wouldn't played those but you know I.play all kinds.no professionals I mean I knew what the.flop was coming I don't need to be that.much I just need to bet 2,800 that's all.I don't need to even bet more than that.I was thinking 32 it doesn't matter.twenty eighths plenty right papa sure.he's folding on this flop Daniel's got.the best hand but Andre has flopped a.gut shot and makes the call what are you.going for.what are you trying to make you don't.reduce everyone knows that the race car.driver is chasing through eight of.diamonds.oh there you go no habla okay this time.we're just gonna put well this is enough.for thousands right you don't have a.pair you're gonna fold now give a pair.you're gonna call me or raise me or do.your stuff Andres now got a double.gutter if he called the flop he should.call again now oh no oh this is not.working out well Andre.there's the call expecting you to follow.the ages ago this is quick miserably bad.the river the queen of diamonds.oh gosh Andre missed all right I guess I.have to try to buff it one more time.when you think Andre.this because if I don't bad I can't win.so I got a bet 5,500 bucks I wish a good.song.you can't call too bad dude yeah you.were drawing was straight or something.or something Hugh you scared me there.Andre you really did it I thought I was.gonna get caught.Andres got some gamble in him but he.might want to pick some spots to draw or.he's got a little more equity decent pot.to start the night for Daniel as we.refresh your memory on the rules of the.big game each table lasts exactly 150.hands the action preflop is pot limit.then No Limit after the flop wives are 2.and 400 with $100 an e all of which is.paid by the player on the button every.player begins with at least a hundred.grand it can reload up to a half-million.dollars the loose cannon lived up to his.name on that last hand that we may want.to add a little aggression to his gamble.capella looking at jack 9 no gamble here.Don Eastern coming off a tough first.evening Queen Jack suited races to 1,200.suited connectors for Prahlada Friedman.suited connectors in position are the.kinds of hands that can be very.profitable.oh he calls Eugene sits same with Daniel.bill calls Hill's gonna defend his big.blind three to the flop five King ace.and two hearts Phil check second pair.which is also the best hand but a.monster draw force turn that's right.Donny's got a draw to a royal flush and.that's three thousand that gets Friedman.out of the way Phil calls by betting.Donny maybe gets Phil a fold and if not.he built himself a nice pot if his draws.come in queen of clubs on the turn.Hellmuth checks not a very good card for.Donny sure the Queen improves his hand.but not enough to catch Phil and now if.he hits any of his draws the board is.that much scarier for Phil a fall out of.love with second pair Stern does check.the river the ace of diamonds yeah it's.a pretty good card for Phil it doesn't.change anything about whether he's ahead.or behind.bill makes it four thousand to go this.is sort of a blocker bet an attempt to.not be put to a decision by a big value.bet from Donny if you just checked Donny.folds and Phil picks up a pot worth more.than 14 grand pretty frustrating to have.a huge draw and then have it come banana.banana arts I can't comment on some hard.should've shouted if it was it was.hearts he should have showed no one ever.questioned my heart of my gut what is.that now this is my this is the Buddha.that I broke out there like found it in.Chinatown like this is your new.signature item you know people give you.stuff like don't people give you stuff.that like they say is lucky for you and.then my whole life I'm usually I don't.accept it and this time I'm like you.know I'm gonna take this your whole life.people give you things that they say is.lucky yeah yeah like when you're in a.tournament people come up the hand just.you don't know you haven't been around.long but Daniel knows what I'm talking.about.we old school man yeah old girls still.see you believing and things like that.Buddha was a big advocate of oh yeah I.think you're moving miss on the point.I'm just saying people hand you know I.understand that you mean just to review.we had a raise a call and a rear A's and.now ace queen for the Canon fills three.bets squeezing pretty light here testing.out the Buddha I heard boot I really.like to throw down a Sawbuck on the.heart eight catch a lot bold you know.what Phil it might be worth trying to.flop a set on you buy the pair here I.figured you'd call good I have a set if.I have a pair a flop a set and I can get.it all right cuz you have a big pair of.something like that.this could be awesome for me if you have.a little pair in this spot good to call.that's what I'm gonna do here okay come.on set put a four out there one time one.time what what for root for a for Amanda.that's what we need to get Phil hung.he's steamin know for but there are.three diamonds no I knew it.Phil's behind but he's got the best draw.with the only diamond help me checks see.if I have a diamond Andre would a flop.top pair.I'm gonna check Daniel checks the turn.the ace of hearts pink pill with top.there now he's way ahead Daniel's only.got one out yuck.still makes it 8,000 Daniel folds and.Phil wins in a laugher I was calling you.on the fluff don't worry yeah you have a.diamond yeah nice pot for Phil he's.playing aggressively at this table he's.three betting a ton thirteen percent of.the time and winning 28% of the hands.table highs in both categories the.aggression here worked out and he's back.in the black the big game is just.heating up more from Las Vegas coming.your way after this.[Music].[Applause].[Music].welcome back to Las Vegas and the big.game where this week's table includes.several young guns including Eugene.cachalot Eugene's a pretty interesting.guy he was born in the Ukraine and.raised in Brooklyn he's got a business.degree from NYU four point four million.in live tournament winnings and so far.this week he's up nearly 34 K.interesting fact that Ukraine bored of.Romania which is where Daniels family's.from and tonight Daniel borders Eugene.and he's looking at Kings raises clean.hi I'm Queen hi this time phil has queen.high and calls action folds around to.Friedman Queen six suited he's out.Eugene.ace 9 offsuit Eugene's in the big blind.so he is in at a discount Daniel's been.running really hot this session you.can't have it every time and he's gonna.play the chrono had aces and kings in.the first three hands last night might.be tough for Eugene to keep giving him.credit for so many monsters five deuce.ace catch a lot hits top pair Gina's.just run down to King's and checks.Daniel checks Phil's got by far the.worst of it looks like he's the only one.considering a bet he's got 1200 in his.hand right now that's what he makes it.to go Eugene might be worried about a.bigger ace but if you're calling with.ace 9 and an ace hitch you can't really.just fold to 1 bet especially one this.small he's listening Joe he calls see if.Daniel listens he can't like the ace but.he might not be ready to fold as kings.yet you to Daniel yeah my god.didn't expect to cause what I think I.was expecting one call no the turn the.eight of hearts this is about as big a.blank as can hit Eugene checks Daniel.checks.Phil checks no one improved or picked up.additional drawers King on the river.giving Daniel a set Daniel over called.way behind on the flop though it did get.him a free card and it paid off for him.big time here on the river.catch Hill off leads out 4200 it's gonna.be tough for Eugene and no that card.hurt him he's just made a value bet as.soon as Eugene bets here Daniel's pretty.sure Eugene's got an ace Daniels trying.to figure out how good his ace is and.how big of a raise he'll call Daniel.raises to 14 to think Phil's.hollywooding a bit here since he bet out.on the flop I've got nothing but Queen.high and there's the fold this is a good.raise from Daniel there aren't a lot of.hands Daniel would play this way that.aren't Bluffs so in Eugene's mind he may.decide Daniels bluffing more often in.this spot than he has it.Daniel opened under the gun over called.the flop now he's raising the river goes.all indicate strength and Eugene folds.Daniel picks up a nice meaty pot now I.had at least that King ate his face no.no I don't think you'd raise alone King.of Spades no you're right I wouldn't.good block it now Daniel is up over 25.grand I think you didn't have anything.Nina Hammond ace wait a minute no nice.you have an ace hey never nice oh my.pills not giving up any information.about that hand but he did tell us how.excited he is to be playing the loose.cannon sitting just across the table.from him it's actually a really fun show.it's a fun concept because whoever the.loose cannon is I think their best.strategy is to play very patiently and.then late to start to gamble a lot more.to most people that are watching the.show if they win 6070 thousand dollars.that's a lot of money if you can get to.60 or 70 or $100,000 win you might make.sense for some of these guys just to.actually walk away because it's only.gonna cost them $300.and to walk away they walk away from 40.hands they only lose 12,000 back only.Phil Hellmuth would suggest sitting out.tips from the nits they should call that.segment right now Andres in the red but.he's got some chips to play with still.and he can't walk away just yet if he's.not up over a hundred dives by the end.of 150 hands he gets a big fat bagel.actually begins with Phil Jack eight all.right twelve twelve twelve twelve twelve.I didn't catch that Joe what did he.raised it to I think it was twelve.twelve twelve twelve twelve Oh Jack's.for the cannon I'm a big fan of two.jacks in the whole re-raises the four.thousand Andres picked a good spot to.re-raise he's got Phil drawing very thin.Stern folds Friedman's out catch al off.pocket tens even if you think Andres got.a better hand Eugene still got pretty.good implied odds to try to flop a set.wow he lays it down quite a read from.Eugene Phil calls hmm can't believe I.just hold in my hands well Phil Hellmuth.can't believe pops just reap opt him.five Queen nine Phil checks he's whipped.but he's got a gut shot for Andre makes.it four thousand Phil quickly calls.Eugene did fold half of Phil's outs to.the straight go Andre eight of clubs on.the turn pills now got a pair to go with.his gut shot he checks it's a good card.for Andre because it's gonna keep Phil.in the hand drawing very thin Andre bets.5,000 Phil calls Phil doesn't seem to be.deterred by the fact that Andres not.deterred the river trip eights for.Hellmuth runner-runner suck out 25,000.Phil bets 25 grand.Phil's made a nearly pot size bet here.to make it look like he's trying to buy.it in a spot like this a hand that will.call 15k will also call 25 most of the.time so he figures he might as well go.for the gusto.and keep in mind if Andre capella makes.this call it is for more than a third of.his remaining chip stack huh call three.eighths creates Phil Hellmuth wins the.biggest pot of the week against Jack.eight he'll help you.lucky guy Andres taking that run and.runner lost pretty well.the tables returned we'd be hearing a.lot of bleeps right now bad beat there.Phil's trip aces tripped up the loose.cannon can Andre get up off the mat find.out when we come back.[Music].[Applause].[Music].welcome back to Las Vegas Nevada.home of the big game quick reminder the.stats for every hand of the big game as.well as bonus footage and uncensored.clips deemed too hot for TV can be found.on the website nothing on the flop and.two runners play with the pros give.speeches like the pros oh that's right I.forgot your professional little more if.he would have bet a little bit more I.would have folded on the flop yeah well.you know his second pair is really worth.it much more than what I bet and the.turn it was an easy call make five times.yeah pretty lucky though there might be.a bad loser but he's a pretty good.winner Eugene on the button raises with.Qinghai Daniel folds gene thinks king.high is good enough to raise on the.button well he's dominating Phil that's.right Phil's a three-to-one dog but he.makes the call.pretty loose defender Phil's big blinds.that check Phil checks in the dark eight.King five catch a loft top pair Eugene's.got top pair and Phil's drawing almost.dead Eugene checks another King on the.turn and now he is drawing dead.nine hundred.now you allowed to laugh when you vet.bills made a really small bet here even.he doesn't take it seriously.it was a giggly 900 yeah but Eugene's.all business trying to figure out how to.get the most amount of money out of.Hellmuth cachalot raises to 4,000 that's.the way it's gonna be huh billfolds.cachalot picks up a pot of nearly nine.gray that's the way it's gonna be Eugene.already Phil might think he got bluffed.but Eugene saved him from firing off any.more money well despite that loss Phil.still has his fill of good news he's.actually one the most dough so far.remember they're gonna play a hundred.fifty hands this week our loose cannon.has got to get it going if Andre doesn't.turn a profit he's gonna walk away.empty-handed.we're only done with 40 hands he's.already stuck over 60 K I'd say he's in.pretty dire straits already you know if.you were the big winner in this game.that's gonna make headlines.USA Today front page Oh beats online.Punk's probably not since most of.America will be reading it online I'm.gonna straddle one time see what happens.you're gonna straddle you like the big.pots right yeah let's gamble how you.like the way live straddle live straddle.is a blind raise that affords the.straddle our last action preflop so that.means action will begin with Phil.Hellmuth the headline maker looking at.Jack Trey folding ace 10 off suit for.the loose cannon calls Phil my friend.come on over Donny's raised the three.thousand thanks Donny's attempting to.isolate Andre action folds to the cannon.who calls what's up girl you know I.think I'm sapping good energy your way.because you're up I'm doing well I mean.I got lucky there and and and hit a hand.I had three eights and I've been working.really hard on my game I played like you.know a ton this year in 2010 right.I'm back as a professional poker player.Andre checks the best hand.Donnie fires 4,000 Donnie's got the.worst of it but he's got position and.aggression on his side handle win get.out there all right girl.Donnie Stern finally takes one down but.Joe he is still in the red.Donnie's been getting pretty unlucky so.far despite playing 27% of hands and.raising 22% preflop he's only winning 7%.of the pots this is a pretty classic.case I'm running bad let's see if he can.parlay this last pot into a bit of a.heater.[Music].speaking of somebody needing to make a.run action begins on 76 year old Andre.capella the loose cannon he's got less.than half a tank left in his racecar.Chris he pulled suited one gaffer Ford.on Easter what's the wallpaper on your.computer let me picture your face god.yeah how old are you 23 it the wallpaper.on my computer is is actually is.actually yeah it's my beer can do why my.beer he's actually got a picture his.face on his wall I don't yeah yeah.actually I do.I mean it's super joking you were joking.but it's true no but I mean until if you.look if you if you get lucky and have.them you know make 12 million beer cans.with your face on name on it then you.can use it as wallpaper - how many of.them were actually bought twelve million.really yeah I made you shotgun a beer.once see the head I did board of the.flop which is tracings na yeah we were.doing shots with my beer yeah with my.beer my beer goes check check over to.stern Donnie's got nothing but a gut.shot but he did have the preflop lead.bets 4400 my beer pan.[Laughter].no six-pack for catching off just top.two pair calls Daniel and Phil fold.Donnie's bed into three players is a.strong move but he's not gonna get you.Gina lay down top two four of hearts on.the turn doesn't help Stern the 23 year.old kid called what was on my laptop.jokey assumed I was an egomaniac.well not assumed just knew.I assumed I was an egomaniac and said.you have your own picture on your laptop.on your screen not a lot of people do.that.Donny looks like he's gonna continue to.rep a big hand.fires thirteen and a half grand Eugene's.trying to figure out if there's any way.he can be beat the way it went down.Donny is repping an overpair so he can't.just call and let a bad card hit on the.river for free since Donny's repping an.overpair Eugene might think he'd be.willing to call a pretty big raise here.so like a forest there are mountains or.something like that.Prahlada yeah cloud formations cachalot.raises to 70 grand and that gets a fold.Eugene's having a great session so far.he's up over 50 grand.on the flip side it's been a frustrating.session so far for Donny Stern he's.losing over 60,000 Donny's not winning.any pots see if Donny can turn it around.that's when we come back to Las Vegas.for more of the big game.[Music].[Applause].[Music].welcome back to Las Vegas alongside Joe.Stapleton I am Chris Rose and while we.were away Don Eastern dug into his.pocket and added fifty eight grand to.his stack action begins on Phil Hellmuth.Wow I think the strongest move of the.day here is to limper to make it eight.why would a strong that would be like so.strong just so strong just to limit both.Kings here first but you should the.cannon calls so this is so strong to.limp so strong with this and then you.know Wow.genius this was a genius slip are you.impressed so far matted with this hand.he decided to limp woo I'm probably just.gonna race for fun just cuz I'm annoyed.you hope I do hope you do hope I do yeah.okay check haha they're all making fun.of Phil but somehow he managed to see a.multi-way flop with a suitor days--and.only paid the minimum for deuce five and.he completely bricked the flop.Eugene checks Daniel with middle pair.fire 1600 dang it off it may have.backfired.Phil Bolton backfired that play Andres.got bottom pair Nicole the cannon calls.there's always a bright side earth.Friedman's out those Eugene good luck my.man you deserve some luck you haven't.hadn't yet I didn't maybe your cards.come in maybe that threes coming you.make that straight huh.I'll be good for you the turn the nine.of diamonds okay I'm gonna go ahead I'm.gonna bet again all right nothing crazy.crazy cuz there's no reason to get crazy.just yet so we'll just do 2500 the nine.missed Andre and it didn't give him any.more outs you needs a three right no no.that limp didn't work out the greatest.play ever watched this first position.min razor limp I'm going to limp was.ready to peel on again and let me guess.he probably would have won the pot she.would have raised cuz I had a hand I.wouldn't call the race with maybe.not Andre King 10 under the gun.and the best move is to limp Andres hand.selections decent but I'd love to see.him start raising a little more preflop.for LOD Freedman calls Eugene catch a.loft pocket jacks.Eugene's probably gonna want to isolate.a bit with a big pocket pair especially.in position Wow.raises recive Blair at the table by far.where's the ROI ratings ROI hey guys.he's the most aggressive player by far.word so what's his ROI and that's not.even like a poker term ROI that's a real.term yeah you should know that that is.you know what that means right ROI yeah.what does it mean not invest there you.go so what the hell was that question.then I mean it was clearly a mistake it.was a mess you showed your internet.poker ignorant there that statement.Andre and pearl odd invest as well yeah.what is my vep I'd like to see his vti.what's that just stop for a week.everyone the table everyone watch say.hey I liked it.Andre out flops Jax and fires four.thousand Friedman folds your your did.your new odd to VIP you can wear a hat.in a club.jay-z can't wear no hat in the club.Eugene folds Audrey picks up a win there.you go don't care what you say about me.these guys want to see the table vpip.there it is Eugene catch LOF is playing.the most pots over half the hands that.are being dealt meanwhile Phil Hellmuth.over there he's playing over 40% of his.hands and both Eugene and Phil are also.numbers 1 & 2 respectively on the profit.board action begins with Don Eastern.who's stuck over 65 they look good with.three bulbs everyone.he's been making a living for years and.Alderon around her lads out so sue Jean.the old 1815 Daniel raises extra points.from the Russian judge for not splashing.the pot six thousand fill over the top.Queen Queen for the loose cannon 55.Hellmuth is making a move in the small.blind hoping Daniel was raising with a.wider range than usual wasn't counting.on Andre waking up with a legit hand.capella call yeah go get him Andre yeah.I'll just duck out gonna suck out on me.again weed in the window capella flops a.set a sec out yet.III think so Thanks I'm gonna I'm gonna.have to bet this 3,900 maybe you'll call.me with ace king.this time I'm betting I'm not called Oh.looks like someone's filing in a punch.fit I'm all-in.he's always hand up check it out.stick it in all right you got it yeah.nice hand sir he had the real it yeah.Andre may have missed some value raising.that much but he took it down without.letting a scare card hit Saturn.back-to-back pots for our online.qualifier see if that gets him going.when we come back.[Music].[Applause].welcome back to Las Vegas alongside Joe.Stapleton I'm Chris Rose and we are.watching Eugene Ketchel ah put on a.clinic so far in the meantime our loose.cannon Andre capella even though he's.won back-to-back pots is still.struggling if Andre finishes above.100,000 he will have the option either.take the profits home with him or he can.come back one more time to try to.increase his stack ace 10 for Pilate.Friedman can't wait let's do it every.time under the gun.raising the 1208 5 suited for Eugene.Ketchel off yeah this would be a pretty.loose call but we just mentioned it.earlier that Eugene is our most active.player he does call suited connectors.for Daniel he's in Wow I wasn't gonna.play one of those hands fills in the.cannons out so Donny in Eugene's case.with active players like Daniel and Phil.to act behind you can sort of.preemptively give yourself better odds.by starting a calling trend the flop.Queen King Queen everybody's missed her.loves got the best hand with ace high.and he's got a gut shot Stern getting a.stretch while the actions on Friedman.who checks catch aloft checks.Negreanu checks and help me with checks.Hellmuth does have a gut shot five of.diamonds on the turn Paula's no longer.ahead but he's picked up the nut flush.draw to go with his gut shot and as you.can see he's the statistical favored to.win the hand.Friedman fires 3,000 cachalot folds so.does Daniel and Phil for LOD semi Bluffs.and forces out to better hands and won a.pot of 9 grand so even though Friedman.may be best known for his work at the.computer he's not scared of human poker.interaction I don't really get.intimidated by any poker player because.I have a lot of experience I've seen so.many flops and turns and rib.made so many decisions over the years.that I'm real confident in my decision.making ability my hand reading skills.and the way that I'd add to other.players that I'm not really fearful of.anyone.there's certainly players that I respect.a lot and the players today that I'm.playing with are all tough players.they're good players so you know I'm.mindful of someone being a good player.but I'm not afraid I'm not afraid to.anyone pelada vegan from Malibu who.performs a political raps clearly he's.not afraid of anyone or anything oh now.it's Eugene cachalot under the gun ace.Jack a raise to 1500 to five-speed lemon.baby Phil re-raises pills just.repopulate it's not my usual guy get to.re-raise now back over to Freedman 10 9.offsuit he folds.Hellmuth his rear a's with a risky hand.that gives bad reverse implied odds when.you get college usually by a hand that.has you dominated Eugene hasn't.dominated now but Eugene folds and Phil.will scoop that up thank you very much.another 3 bet from Phil and he takes.down the pot with a weaker ace Phil is.really expanding a starting range while.staying aggressive and consistent if we.look here we can see that he's ranked.number 1 for 3 bet percentage number one.for flop seen any second an aggression.factor this has confused his opponents.through the first 52 hands help me is.unusually aggressive approach has earned.him a profit of nearly 35 case so far.who says Phil Hellmuth's in it anyway.sure why you chose 55 isn't at the max.really you want to raise the max yeah.how come you do that why'd he do that I.want to charge him okay Casey s fours.and he's gonna try to hit us up yeah you.think that's the right amount I'm just.curious well I mean it depends on my.hand right yeah so when you have a good.hand you braise the max when you're.bluffing you just raise a little less.okay cool.sweet I'm just trying to figure out I'm.a very complex person I'm gonna bet.1,200 bucks I'm gonna make it 2,800.bucks.whoa look at this now.and just after your speech telling me.how you only raise funny thing about us.and you you said if I rear a minimum.that I'm weak right no yeah yeah I said.that's very possible that's the case.what I owe 16 might be time for you to.rearrange me with like the a6 buddy yes.that's one that's something right a six.off suit because I like that a six off.rate I'm just gonna go like this.re-raise to 7800 bill calls insta called.me well yeah we got a pot me and.Hellmuth Hellmuth has posizione wait.wait I want a dark bet no I don't never.mind I want to see a flop first cuz I.might check hey never mind go ahead I.was considering it but want to look.first it's been a grow versus a grow so.far oh boy yeah good thing I looked at.the flop first cuz I definitely want to.check this one for sure you can't ever.bet in this spot I don't percent I'll.show you automatic check feel like maybe.I should be checking here as well yeah.smart move.thank you both players check their.respective pairs okay now it's my turn.to bet make 8585 yep wowie daniels.picked up a gut shot to go with this.pair Phil's got top pair as well as the.only heart how'd you do with Ace King of.Hearts if you had it here if you were me.I'm saying was that 85 sound good Oh.what would you do if you had a skin.hurts I guess I'd probably raise it a.little fill with the min raise can you.make it 17 is that the min race you.mitten it's a min raise right okay I.thought it was not enough 17 yeah.Daniel calls Daniel just doesn't want to.give Phil any credit for having a hand.here.you got any deuces in the duct no but.there's a King of Diamonds Phil's hand.just improved he's got top two pair.Daniel checks smells likely to attempt a.value bet in the spot Daniel into the.folds you win sir.alright good flop for you thank you I.thought so you got lucky I was a little.hurt at a stun hmm I was a little.worried yet a stun you would have made.it I just hit ASIS basis yeah they were.good.oops I guess I folded that bill picks up.another decent pot in the 11th I'm.bracelet winner continues to be all.smiles back after this.welcome back to Las Vegas home of the.big game where we have played 54 out of.the 150 hands I know he was weak but he.knew I was weak and I'm sick of him.knowing in the baby so so this time I.said alright let's just play a pot.there's been like five minutes it's just.completely ass going back and forth they.keep changing your hand no I did time.it's true I had a jack and I thought I.was good and then I thought the King.wasn't good and it was good for him and.I think I was right the king was good.for me but you will already be oh you.had King Jack I can't clean or some.stupid oh my god some stupid race race.race neither once had an ace or a pair.anything and it's so crazy and you still.got lucky you just don't realize this.don't see that that is huh huh he said.that's crazy.Eugene limps look he just limp in.because he knows we're not going.anywhere.Daniel's really terribly while I'm sure.okay Phil Jack's no he knows one of us.my tree raised him anyone else sense the.condescension from Don Eastern tre King.six Daniel checks I have two about 1,400.see if I can get bycatch all off one.time Phil's got middle pair and it's.good catch a loft with a gut shot always.have it it Daniel folds so two to the.turn honestly I'm not sure how to play.this hand this is very interesting she.could have like the four or five right.Queen of Spades I guess I have to bet.3700 Eugene's more likely to win this.with a bluff than he has to make his gut.shot and I probably have to check the.river don't need to Eugene folds that's.what I would have done so Phil picks up.a pot of more than 8,000 adding to his.stash he is the most profitable player.at the table so far winning more than 63.grand on the flip side in more ways than.one Donny Stern these guys couldn't.represent the old and new guard anymore.and we see tonight that age is winning.her beauty phil won his first bracelet.when Donny was a toddler Phil's the one.who acts like he's always wearing.diapers Phil looking at Deus eight so.he's out so is the cannon Don Eastern.10-4 suited looks like he's widening his.range while on the button raises to 2800.per LOD Freedman nine eight off suit.he's gone so is catch a lob daniel.straddled this hand he calls daniel.figures his ace to be ahead of Donny's.button range and in this case he's got.Donny when brushed the flop seven five.nine it's better than starting with the.best and Daniel checks just ace high for.Daniel he's missed completely but he.does have the best hand stern checks as.well eight of diamonds on the turn that.it puts a four card straight on board.Daniel fires 3,500 it's a straight Bluff.from Daniel but Donny's turn and open.ender Donny's wondering what kinds of.Holdings Danny would defend with also.wondering how many of those holdings.contain a six.Donny raises to eleven thousand like the.face you made when you did that at all I.don't like that face did you see the.face he made when you did that.Daniel folds that face he did that he.did it give me that face look at this.poker face from Lady gaga weld on.Easterns win means he's not at the.bottom of the barrel that space is.occupied by the loose cannon Andre.capella remember he needs to turn a.profit to walk away with any cash Phil.Hellmuth and his preflop aggression is.the big winner so far eugene catch.lobbed not far behind her lads got a.little profit but hey it beats.losing alright guys that's it Andre.we're gonna have to see you switch gears.sooner you might be out of here I'm.gonna do it you're a race car driver.yeah you do know it's time to hit it.into high gear.you could have switched gears there and.um broke though Phil Helmuth who said.you couldn't play cash gangs huh.just like most of the people in the.world alright guys until the card spot.tomorrow.I'm Amanda Leatherman saying goodbye for.now and remember if you've got the cash.and the guts there's always a seat open.at the big game for Joe Stapleton I'm.Chris Rhodes.see you tomorrow night sup baby I'm good.today.there's some just sick I haven't won I.don't think I've won a face King in two.days on this but I know one thing they.all call me cuz they think I have.nothing it's just that I got the hook so.far and I'm it's a joke the preceding.was a presentation from pokerstars.com.

How to generate an electronic signature for the W6 Form online

You must focus on a flexible solution to electronic signatures for W6 Form . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Reaching out, a single online software that does not need any many installation.

You just need to have a efficient internet connection and your preferred platform to use. Follow this tips to e-sign W6 Form easily:

  1. Open the document you want to sign. You can also simply drag the required document into this section.
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  3. Select the types of signatures you need to add. It can be drawn, typed, or uploaded signatures.
  4. Once you have selected the type, select 'Ok' and 'Done'.
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CocoSign makes electronic signatures on your W6 Form more flexible by providing more choices of merging two documents, adding additional fields, invitation to sign by others, etc.

Due to our easy features, CocoSign's eSignature tool can help users to sign your PDF document well on all the electronic devices like mobile android or iOS, laptop, computer, or any other relevant operating system.

How to create an electronic signature for the W6 Form in Chrome

Chrome has gained large popularity as a easy browser due to its comprehensive features, useful tools, and extensions. In this way, you can keep all your tools on your home screen in front of you. You just need to select the one you require without searching for it repetitively.

Using this useful extension feature offered by Chrome, you can add CocoSign extension to your browser and use it whenever you need to generate eSignatures in your documents. With CocoSign extension, you will also get many features like merge PDFs, add multiple eSignatures, share your document, etc.

Here are the basic tips you need to follow:

  1. Discover the CocoSign extension on Chrome Webstore and select the option 'Add'.
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Mailing documents is so popular that many companies have gone paperless. Therefore, it will be a great choice if one can sign document online on Gmail straightly. You can do it by downloading a CocoSign extension on your Chrome. Here is what you need to do:

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The signed file is in the draft folder. You can easily send it to your required mailing address.

Utilizing electronic signatures in Gmail is such a easy and simply tool. It is specifically designed for busy businessmen. With CocoSign, and you will surely be among our hundreds of happy users.

How to create an e-signature for the W6 Form straight from your smartphone?

smartphones are the most convenient electronic devices used at this age. You must be interested in using e-signature from this most used electronic device.

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How to create an e-signature for the W6 Form on iOS?

Many tools have a more complicated setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can sign document online quickly with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

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Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy productively working on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the W6 Form on Android?

Recently, Android gadgets are handy used. Therefore, to help out its customers, CocoSign has developed the software for Android users. You can use the following guides to e-sign your W6 Form from Android:

  1. Download the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
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CocoSign allows you to generate a large number of electronic signatures 24/7. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

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