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Guidelines with regard toHmrc Apss253 Form

hey GP learners do you understand.pensions I don't and for that reason.I've got some expert people here to talk.to us about pensions our current crisis.an absolute nightmare for many people.and in this episode I guarantee you're.gonna learn something about them shall.we begin.[Music].if this is the first time we're meeting.I'm dr. Gandalf of EGP learning where I.look at supporting you with technology.enhance primary care and learning and in.this episode we're going to be looking.at pensions specifically the NHS pension.and we're going to try and answer some.of those complicated questions that some.of you may have had I'm being privileged.to be joined by Rachel Hall who's.effectively the NHS pensions accountant.that's actually her twitter handle.Nikolas Grundy who's head of the GP.survival movements as well as a pensions.leave and pretty much if he doesn't know.it doesn't exist and Christian and.Agarwal who's also the former GPC lead.for pensions again probably knows just.as much as Nikolas if not more all three.of these amazing people gonna be telling.us about pensions and hopefully help you.guys navigate what you need to do to.sort this whole mess out for yourself as.always if you've got any comments or.questions make sure you leave them down.below or you can contact me at dawn or.52 or at EGP learning as always we're on.the edge of people learning platform on.Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Instagram and.the podcasting platforms as ever make.sure you click subscribe to get all of.our future content first and foremost.and as always we're here to try and help.save you and your patients time by tech.enhancing your primary care and learning.shall we begin.hi GP learners so today we're privileged.to be joined by some esteemed guests and.knowledgeable people who definitely know.a lot more about pensions than I do as.you're probably gonna find out.throughout this podcast and stuff so.we've got Rachel Hall Nick Grundy and.Christian Agora.hi guys you got all okay yes oh so I'm.gonna ask them to introduce themselves.because they probably do it far better.than I ever would.so I'm gonna go in order on what I've.got on screen so Rachel do you mind just.briefly introduce yourself yes Rachel.hold an interesting specialist.independent financial adviser and I have.been advising doctors now for what seems.like sentries on this archaic tax system.today so thank you for inviting me no.problem.no next we got neck and also cherry.cheeping survival so I'm here mostly.because of that I've been running a.campaign in the last couple of years.looking at how pictures using to manage.when they leave doctors and employers.and go through caps at their agency me.and the problems the cheapest out.getting over that pension information as.a result okay and just so a lot of IEP.learners know as well and I'm also the.treasurer of GP survivor so Nick and.I've been working together on this.however he's far more knowledgeable in.this area than I am and lastly we've got.Krishna and how we're doing well thank.you my name is Krishna I go well and.their portfolio GP based in London and.I've had a great interest in pensions.for quite some time and I'm here as.myself today but one of my roles is.within the BMA where I meet capita and.PCSC.on a regular basis cool thank you guys.so pensions is a pretty hot topic at the.moment there's been loads in the news.about it it's kind of come to the.forefront of pretty much everything that.GPS is doing now that indemnity seems to.have been sorted and that kind of stuff.and in particular there's been a few.changes and stuff that happened actually.within the past week or so as well so.talk about hot topic and but I guess.what I would like to know because as I.said I know very little about pensions.which is really really bad and I guess.some of the terms first of all so yeah I.it's a defined benefit scheme what.exactly is that.to get a next festival or Rachel whoever.wants to go I can say yes there are two.different types of pension schemes and.and agony we've got a defined benefit.contribution.now the own interest pension scheme is.defined benefit so initially what means.is that you can define your benefits.when they when you get to retirement I.we can calculate what pension income.might be in the future okay.a defined contribution scheme it's like.a stop such as pension so cover fund.just - you will pay it to it and now the.NHS game hasn't underpinned by.government and obviously we have lots of.different fish but basically the reason.why it is the best scheme out of the.tomb is because it gives you a.guaranteed income for life and it's.object to stock market Falls a much.greater benefit with a defined benefit.scheme because you get things like.dependents pensions ill health.retirement pensions that's why when we.come to talk about the annual allowance.it is different and we'll eyes fail you.to a defined contribution schemes I let.it know translates no I think I was spot.on it I think talking to trainees would.become the BTS people often don't know.that don't know that it's defined.benefit students I've had people say.well I see I think it contributed too.much to my pension three or four years.ago but that's good why cuz it'll help.my pension and the answer is no he paid.too much of contributions that's your.money and you should get it back it.doesn't benefit you be patient one bit.which is which is this which says.actually a good thing canteen investment.I think just left on that basic point.this it's not on this per house talked.as well as it should be on BTS because I.had a particular way myself before.starting this work.and I guess with some of those benefits.you mentioned a couple there Rachel and.about dependents pensions but also the.kind of illness cover as such and I know.that I think the NHS pension has this.death in service benefit which is often.orders is one of its big you know.benefits itself Christian you might know.a little bit more about the definitions.of the death in service kind of benefit.and I know that there's been some recent.cases of it being a bit of an issue as.well could you go through that so the.different service essentially means that.if you were to die whilst in the service.I'll define that in a moment you're.entitled to a lump sum payout to your.family members and now if you were for.example a partner and you're in contract.then that death and service is.continuous similarly if you were.salaried whether it be one day a week or.full-time your contract is continuous.and therefore the death and service is.continuous the difficulty arises when we.look at locums so for example if I were.to learn come on on Monday then I'm not.learning until Wednesday if I were to.die on the Tuesday or at that moment in.time I'm not in service and therefore.I'm not eligible for death and service.what I am eligible for is something.called death and benefit and the only.difference between death and service and.death and benefit is the size of the.lump sum now this is a very unfair.regulation so my role is in the BMA we.have raised this and it's currently.sitting in the High Court and we are.waiting to hear the outcome of that.decision okay so definitely worth being.aware of in terms of what your kind of.work role is Nick you wanted to come in.there yeah wait you're you know more.about the details but I think the.difference is pretty significant in.terms of the long summer you get.entities I think it's twice your annual.earnings if you're in services do to.look and still get me there three times.three times sorry right and and it's.twice the accrued pension if you're not.in service.it's an twice year accrued pension yes.that's right.so instead after service in its death in.service.is based upon vegetable income or.pension profits and death after service.is based upon the accrued pension or.would alternatively be a team or ill.health retirement pension and better.human service aren't they the tier 1.tier 2 correct yes that's right there's.often business on something you can't.replace in the open market was actually.with the with the death lump sum you can.pay for life insurance the pain.survivors pension the dependents pension.availab it's that we're really this team.is much yes yes so basically it's very.very difficult to completely replicate.the death benefits that the NHS pension.scheme provide so one of the things that.we can do is if somebody dies you can.take out life cover that's that's.totally fine.and if you think about the other.alternative and insurances that are.available on the open market if you've.already got pre-existing health.conditions medical conditions the.chances are you do try to insure.privately that you have declined and.policy and it also might be that they.apply an exclusion as you will all.understand if you remember of the NHS.Pension Scheme none of that actually.counts or a war matter so that you've.got to obviously separate and private.insurance is from the insurance in the.payouts that you will get from being a.member an active member from the NHS.Pension Scheme there's also a terminal.illness benefits attached to an NHS.pension so essentially what that means.is that if your life expectancy is less.than 12 months it does have to and it.does have to be authorized by the scheme.obviously they may appeal to you and.your I put like a big Life Assurance.lobster and because obviously you will.not be alive as many years to receive.that pension income so there are a lot.of attractive benefits and associated.things like ill-health retirement.pension now if you wanted to replicate.ill-health retirement pension on the.open market.yep ever thought because the only thing.that you can do is take out insurance.policies that will have a set term so.they will generally end a retirement or.they may prepare you an income really.whilst you can insure against an element.of these pension benefits they're.generally much better okay you can never.insure for privately okay so I guess.just to summarize then insert the the.extra benefits it's effectively if.you're gonna die which the reality in.life is the only certain C's in life is.death and taxes hey that's what we're.talking about is that you get.considerably better benefits through the.NHS pension service as well as service.you can actually I mean the thing is the.private insurance you can set your own.level of life so if you want a million.pounds out with it with the life.insurance you can you can set that up as.long as you pay Austria whereas a where.ours are like a death and service.benefit with the pension scheme will.ordinary give you a proportion is that.level of income if you like that I've.told you twice the pension appear yeah.okay cool.so I guess moving on to the next kind of.area that's worth defining and I know.there's terms like annual allowance and.lifetime allowance please educate me.what on earth do they mean I'm confused.already.so there are two different types of.taxation there is one where you are.entitled to certain amount of tax relief.each year when your contribution to.paycheck so and this is called the.annual allowance the annual allowance is.the amount of tax relief that you can.receive so if you're in a defined.contribution scheme then the amount of.tax relief that you're entitled to is a.100% of your earned income or UK.relevant earnings and that is then.subject and cut which is the 40,000.pound and Marilla notes the NHS pension.scheme does not work like that at all.okay this is where it becomes really.complicated because you've got these.death benefits.it's and you are perceived to have a.value of 60 and time what money can buy.okay so this is where you get the.sixteen times multiplier now if.anybody's in the 95 section of the.scheme you've got 16 times multiplier.plus the lump sum to add to that so I'm.not going to go through the calculation.because it's just you won't get hurt.around it when I start to speak how to.do it okay.that's what the annual allowance is you.could go back three years before your.unused allowances from those three years.to offset against your 14,000 pound.annual allowance limit now over the last.sort of ten years let's just and we've.seen the annual allowance change quite.dramatically now and we we saw in.2016-17 the tapering introduced means.that not everybody will be in this.thought thousand-pound allowance another.layer of complexity will be that they.will then have to and essentially.calculate a reduced annual allowance.this is where they're going to need.advice under good equipment okay yeah I.think he wanted to come in on that.didn't you and then Krishan after that.rescue department if I really define.qualification scheme those easily if I.put more than 14,000 into a passion.another risk attached agent you can plan.for that and you know it's happening.yeah don't and cilium to find continues.to give you arts people instead your.income is is hiring you in that.situation you can just elect to put less.intervention so you're going to taxation.on that on one line the problem that we.have is GPS is that your assessed as.Rachel said on this impenetrable pension.interest amount and what they do they.look at your existing pension accrual.and they multiply by 16 and add CPI and.then you're set on that notional growth.that's naturally figured with the.wiliest part from the air and I know.I've tried to cap in my own one eaten.with retrospect ago I just don't know.how to get those figures to give you a.simple as an example when I first moved.from I knew from BTS aspire ship.tingling sessions so big he come John.and my team pension was the amount which.I was emotionally touched on the last of.those years about wonder half times my.gross annual income it was that I.assumed it was a mistake but that was.just because they use this mechanism of.growth layer the increase in wink and.was multiplied by 16 and they're not.lifted so these numbers just don't make.sense okay Christian I think the point.that members need to understand is that.the growth forty thousand pound doesn't.mean the your pension has grown by that.because of the fact is that Rachel and.Nick have mentioned so even a small.change in your income can actually lead.to a large growth in your pension once.you hit that forty thousand the eligible.for what eligible but to pay HMRC taxes.the difficulties that we have is that.because of other issues such as.character etc many people's pension.records are not up to date and therefore.their liabilities may not become clear.until much later the second issue is.that if your income rises above 110,000.pounds and that's not just from your GP.income this can be all in terms whether.you go income from rental properties etc.your growth is then added and if that.growth is greater than 40 you have.what's called your 110 150 you start.losing parts of that 40,000 for every.pound you are over you start losing it.and very quickly your 40,000 can become.is more less result or more likely to.hit the taper the tax and the whole.purpose of this is to essentially take.away that relief that actually the evil.radio signal 40% unfortunately this is.tax on income you've never had so that's.why it's so unfair.and that's why the BMA are trying to.campaign to scrap the taper.okay so we've effectively annual.allowances and that kind of feeds into.the lifetime allowance which is also.that concept of the multiplier does that.sound about right tax while your.contribution to the pension scheme you.also pay tax and when we decide to draw.your pension Oh some of you may pay tax.depends what level of pot is built or so.and with a defined benefit pension.scheme as value for the purposes of the.lifetime allowance is we apply the.pension 920 and then we've gone along so.okay so technically correct or you can.if you're in the night-night five.section just multiply it by twenty three.whatever the result is you then add to.that the fund value of any pension.contracts that you have so those easily.defined contribution schemes so FS ABC's.ABCs anything stocks and shares based if.you are at or above currently cotton to.2019 2020 tax tables and if you are.above a million in fifty five thousand.pounds in this show you wanted to retire.you potentially would have a lifetime.loans charge however there are lots of.different types of planning options that.you can do to mitigate or completely.reduce this you know to mitigate attacks.or reduce it to a level a more.appropriate level the way that the only.interest pensions gaining covers the.lifetime allowance charge actually can.make it and vary in terms of cash flow.side of things that.might not eat into your annualized.income at all really I dedicate.yesterday where somebody had a lifetime.allowance charge in the difference was.between paying 500 pounds in earnest.which you're not really good in order to.salvage the aid scheme will will satisfy.that life at the direct and with HMRC so.you won't get an invoice you won't have.to do a self-assessment you might do.with the annual allowance here that tax.liability okay Nick any thoughts on the.lights on my rounds yeah and the it.creates some perverse incentives the GP.because once you restart to reach the.life of allowance it's probably worth.then reducing the amount of work for you.do them and that's the situation that.being the angular allowance charges are.doing where the le-let's it's attracted.and some attention to asked you know six.months years has been the people cutting.back on worked with tax charges and if.you hit 55 your pensions at or around.the last time allowance there's less.incentive to work as hard I think okay.so I guess the question that I'm often.asked and I see on all those forums and.all that kind of stuff is should I stay.in the NHS pension now I guess I'm going.to ask that question to you all but with.a slight caveat that our listeners and.our viewers need to know that obviously.it needs to be personal information this.is based on your own accounts and that.kind of stuff so we're clearly not going.to give you a yes for you as an.individual but yeah I guess more asking.about the themes about what does that.mean in terms of should I stay or should.I not stay in the NHS pension sure we.start with Christian the oldest pension.scheme is ritual admission offers many.benefits it's not only the pension you.have the tier 1 tier 2 health and death.benefits as an overall package it is a.fantastic pension scheme that is.available to NHS workers and the.difficulties are which are currently.arising are due to the way it's managed.due to the annual allowance charges and.due to the lifetime and how its charges.and as a result people are choosing to.come out of the.came for various reasons so my personal.view is that if you are able to manage.the pension scheme in a way that you.don't essentially come I have to pay.these annual allowance on the lifetime.allowance charges the energist pension.scheme is a very good scheme and it is.unlikely or very difficult to find a.scheme or policies that would match.something on your open market I never.degrade us I agree that comment I think.that you've got to say if a retirement I.can think how am I going to provide for.myself when I retire and I'm not working.and you will have to save ire I said.things like that which is fine however.youth you're sat on scheme which.increases at a rate of inflation for a.lot of GP partners they are receiving.benefits and that of one and a half.percent of it because that's the the way.the dynamiting works now another thing.that I would add is that these the.reason why some people are coming out of.this game to do these acts charges it.does apart everybody's even outside of.the NHS pension scheme even what people.like myself who are working to the.private sector we still are subject to.this level of Taxation so if you were to.say to me.should I contribute to the NHS Pension.Scheme contributes to stocks and shares.pension the young user would definitely.be at NHS every single time however.everybody's situation is unique the one.thing that is very important ask.yourself the question how much income do.I want to try on and you from there with.the help of people like PMA ad financial.advisers and with your accountant cool.I'll go to Nick in a second but uh no.Christian wants to come back in I just.wanted to add one another point and all.the Facebook groups at the moment we see.individual.who are very unhappy because of the way.the scheme is being processed and it's.causing them a lot of stress and they're.coming out of the scheme as a result and.all the members that I speak to I say to.them please do not do this because.essentially you're cutting off your nose.to spite your face I recognize that.there are problems and individuals like.myself and Nick and others are working.through me hard to try and resolve these.issues you have to realize that this is.a blip in the in in the grand scheme of.things in two three four years time.hopefully these issues will be resolved.and individual like Nick and I are.working hard to resolve it please if you.are thinking about coming out of scheme.take some professional advice.there's lots of wire on these groups but.really consider take some professional.advice to make sure that the decision.I'm making is right for you.definitely so we'll come back to that in.a second but Nick you know I wanted to.ask you the questions I know you've been.doing a lot of work on this you know NHS.pension yes or no kind of thing so yes.but I came out by six months this year.because we're in your land stretch.lodges and I did that because it's.really painful thing with less money.when you hadn't spent yeah and I think.that comes back the point to be made.about what you William who's doing that.and what worried me doing that was the.loss the debt and service benefits you.know if I've dropped dead a month ago.then my wife and my children wouldn't.have got anything from you very much.nature's pension scheme whereas I'm 42.now if I dropped it with being in the.pension scheme they think of the.survivors pension.I think the spouse get something for.their whole life and it's 30 percent of.what your pension would have been at.retirement times two-thirds so for me.there with another 27 years of growth.and that's the bit you can't buy on the.open market my children were thought.that until they're 25 they get something.like 17% and those benefits here that.that worried me coming out from being.knocked down by car something that.massively financially disadvantaged them.to avoid what set against that would be.able to be small tax charge now but I.did come out I'm now back in I think.that's the BMA visit by Tony Goldstone I.haven't met because he's done incredible.work as efficient as on bottom pensions.of particular amounts I think he turned.out the Hokie code.when you go out for six months and then.back in for six months we'll try and.minimize the tax charges that you get.and that's not perfect but I think.coming back the question my advice to.most people be certainly if you're not.keep lugging your allowance there is.absolutely no way you should be out the.image of that they're just pension.scheme you will not get a better scheme.on your market and you came back with.basically groups that push I mentioned.my heart slightly sinks in there when I.see people saying well I'm going to come.out and buy property or invest in stocks.and shares or he seems really out there.things been promising ludicrous and.lines of growth and that just puts you.at risk it just puts a pension at risk.and the problem with that is that as.push and said people do that not for.financial reasons behind the book is.their best sick advance and so much time.just managing their pension and worrying.about it the Christmas season bill in.place the holidays pension system.problem the money leads will your pocket.will employ that whole city the colossal.mess and people just get sick of it and.so for those that are think of leading.the NHS pension scheme in a forestry is.a really great way of spending your.money and income and that kind of stuff.and if you want I've got some trees out.back that people are welcome to invest.in more than happy for you to do that.and I'll send you the link to the.payment details however we've talked.about the challenges that people have.had in terms of processing things so.we've talked about the annual allowance.the LTA and all that kind of stuff the.elephant in the room sometimes it is.catheter and the processing of payments.which has particularly hit locums in.particular sorry doctors and even.partners and so you know one of the.things I know that Nick's and Chris have.spent a load of time trying to do is.just tackle this beast that is trying to.find out how much you've actually stuck.in to the NHS pension and we don't have.time to go through that in complete.detail and I'm hoping that we'll be able.to give you guys another episode that.goes into a lot more detail later down.the line and but just in brief I'd.really like an idea from you guys what.do people need to do just to figure out.what on earth they have paid into the.scheme so think slightly flippant answer.is unless you're really close to.retirement don't worry about it.exactly there's apps no ways and also.the amount of payments eventually is by.and large completely irrelevant.unless you overpay them there is some.money back or less you aliens and.friends and money we don't worry about.it it's defined benefits mean what.message about annual earnings in the NHS.those aren't go change because capture.loose and money so unless you're coming.out to the time don't worry about it.there are people with medical attention.to get a lot longer than I have they're.working to try and get the system sorted.down so I think part of the problem of.doing what we do and trying to fix this.system is it creates awareness of just.how broken it is and that again drives.people asking promotional reasons but.but the kind of one list would be unless.you're queer at the time and do nothing.and it'll get there at some point and.Krishna.so capita took over the system in 2015.and prior to character taking over NHS.England we're running the pension scheme.and it's become quite evident that.different areas of England were doing.remarkably different things and even.whales which is part of the England the.worst pot scheme we're doing things.differently again so there were problems.before all that has happened is that.since capita como come along number one.they've highlighted those concerns but.then they made it worse now the with PwC.for example they're the management.consultants that are working with.Katherine HS semen to help resolve these.issues now I agree with with Nick.entirely my view is that they're in a.process of trying to fix this and.individuals like Nick myself are holding.them to account to ensure that they get.to a point where people's records are.correct and people can rely that the.person that they will receive is correct.so um I agree with Nick entirely that if.you're coming up to retirement then you.need to put some pressure on them to.make sure that your records are correct.if you're not coming in towards coming.anytime soon then it should be.relatively resolved by the time you get.there and my only point is that I'd like.to add is to make sure that you keep.records of everything make sure that you.keep records of how much your pension.all payers and how much your.contributions are your your pension is.based on your pensionable pay not your.contributions and you must make sure.that these records are clear and airy.any correspondence you have with these.individuals you keep a copy of because.if in the future your.record comes up and it's incorrect you.need to be able to prove how it is.incorrect and why can I just add.something to this conversation and and a.lot of other were many years ago that.when we stopped when we first put upon.the cycle allowance calculations I think.it was Ireland and ended up missing.about four five years of pension records.and we couldn't get to the bottom of our.metal claims and we'll allowance charges.because I work with vegetable P records.I work to to try and keep these.substitute in as accurate as possible in.there's definitely an issue there in the.system so but also this also has a.knock-on effect with planning when.you're making decisions about the future.we can't be working on date and we could.be driven by data that is is incorrect.and that's what I'm seeing from then.this is the fallout from these issues.with cancer okay Nick I think we only.add there is the desert vegetables.differentially plant your kingship.although I'm saying do nothing now to.get sorted out and there's a problem in.terms of lifetime allowance and.obviously many lands need to think about.it now I think going back to the.problems with with record-keeping.although I'm saying do you not know.there is a problem if you are come out.to the time and you know we know if it's.on the case when we've done but are.people who had information given to them.by Theseus the environment his pensions.which is just wrong going so years.like people have such taxes come back it.flows through that PwC have been looked.in detail of their cases and still.haven't been able to produce actual.information when he found out because.the individual doctor has gone back.through 20 or 30 years of month by month.faceless gentleman and one thing that we.do to sort out with PCC infectious.England is how that world gets funded I.think one of the main problem for me.with PCC of the moment is that the.equation system where I think there are.probably thousands or tens of thousands.of doctors who this information isn't.accurate and where the system had no way.of getting their information absolute.and there needs to be a way of if you're.gonna ask the doctors to do that work.themselves which effect.is what I think it's be asked for the.moment that what needs to be paid for by.annexing or buying by for people make a.mistake and that think is the big driver.can I have more the point 4 million and.so the TRS is what's called a total.rewards sister's statement and that is.released normally annually so we.negotiate while the BMA my role there.negotiator that is done at the moment by.annually Estonian August and December.and now I don't have the date off that.top my head of a moment but if normally.the last week of August that TRS will be.updated I would ask that all members.have a look.log on see what state their pension is.currently in if if records are missing.or they're incorrect except try and get.them getting contact and get them up to.date as soon as possible because the.nests that they will be in the first.week of December.and it's not over the first week or the.second week it's last year's on the.lines of December but it kind of is in.that time period so that you can start.getting your record in place and I think.this is a really important first step.there are some caveats to that number.one if for example you have added years.your TRS will be blank and so there's no.reason to panic but it's very difficult.to get that data and if you love TR s is.blank as a result of that you will need.to write to NHS pensions and this year.I've asked when the TRS is updated and.if it is blank it will give you a reason.or reasons why your TRS is is blank I.haven't seen any screenshots of that as.yet but hopefully that will be there so.if we don't want my record I've got.added year as so hopefully when my TRS.comes up this jury will stay it's not.available because I have had it yet but.we'll have to wait and see he starts on.deck and I'm against divorce I think.you've had a CTV in the divorced I think.there's another reason to go it doesn't.automatically okay so that is so much.information in my head I think is going.to explode hopefully our listeners not.viewers haven't done so.but there's really useful information.there so so we've cut just in some of.what the pension scheme is definitely.some of the more complicated terms.around it we've covered about whether.you should or shouldn't stay in NHS.pension scheme it sounds like the.resounding answer is yes but keep an eye.on your data because that's the thing.that's going to matter the most and when.it comes to the data we've got psee.a capita and hopefully that situation.will be resolved I know that Nick and.Kristian and others are working.tirelessly to try and sort this out for.people what I would say is that if you.want to help support them that they.would be more than happy I'm pretty sure.for further information in a sensible.format so I know general practice.survival has a methods of collecting.that and all the links for those kind of.methods of communication stuff I'll put.the show notes and people can access.them and if you've got any questions.I'll see these groups like GP survival.and others are around to try and capture.some of that data and clearly the BMA as.well you know our union our heads try.and helpers and supporters and that.working tirelessly to try and sort out.this perhaps the chaotic mess that is.pensions and I'd like to thank all three.of you for joining us today I know it's.a very meaty complicated topic and you.definitely help demystify some of it for.me at least at the way and yeah that's.good I guess I'd like to just give you.just a quick play second so anything.else you want to capture before we sign.off so if it's not Rachel and one of.them is about 50/50 and what annual.sorry is worth to announce well recently.Phnom Penh complete flexibility might.come in from next year one of the big.question is on everybody's minds next.year will be what is the optimum level.of pension contribution that is going to.be very much dependent upon outcomes so.I every driver needs to be outcome based.then just to go take a step back and to.what we were talking about before in.terms of due diligence.make sure they start together you tax.returns to 16 17 17 18 tax returns.ordinal people membership.I've been really very very useful and.there can be requested diamond from NHS.pensions and then try and do this.and we'll sort of housekeep and exercise.to keep on top of all your pension.records and altered it as possible.perfect Nick yeah I think doing all that.going back and allowance as well all of.that in some ways you're shooting the.dark but if you've been hit by O'Neill.and set charges which is get all the.information can purchase pensions and.try and predict or guess what your.income will be for the current year and.reduce that accordingly so if you're if.you're a partner might need to do what I.didn't coming in now for spell if you do.different jobs you can actually pension.some income and not others think if you.you can only do it in blocks if you do.salary download and work the pension for.instance the salary work but not local.work and if you are hit by any last test.charge that's the sensible thing to do.um but I think it's trying to make the.best defense situation and hoping that.won't be moved on to get an allowance.table and the taper on the agenda to get.it changed.well I'm Christian and firstly thank you.saying for organizing this webinar and.all I like to say to members is that I.recognize that for many that they do not.understand the pension scheme and I.recognize that many find this remarkably.stressful and and difficult and and I.think the thing I'm about to focus on.number one unit is pressure scheme is.still a great opportunity of NHS workers.and try and keep hold of your records.and if you do get stuck there are people.like Nick and myself out there who are.willing to help and if you need some.financial advice get a good pension.expert who knows what they're doing to.help you support you I'll completely.recognize that this can be a complete.minefield it can be a new language to.some people but it really is something.to try and get head around try and do it.in small chunks and you will come out.either side in a better position okay.thank you.so again guys thank you for joining us.as I said I found this really useful and.I hope our GP learners have done so as.well I'll put all the links that people.have mentioned about so how to access.the NHS pensions the the canal and stuff.and all that kind of thing and if ok.with you our speakers you know the.contact details if you need to contact.them and stuff in the show notes so have.a look down there and as always guys.we're here to try and help save you and.your patients time by taking on some.primary care and learning catch you guys.in the next episode and thank you thank.you thank you hey GP learners I hope you.found that episode useful as always if.you've got any questions make sure you.contact me more than happy to shrine.answer things and if you've got any.questions for our guests as well more.than happy to try and pass those on for.you make sure you click subscribe to get.all of our content first and foremost.and please please please leave a review.really appreciate it as always we're on.Facebook Twitter Linkedin Instagram.YouTube and all the podcasting platforms.and EGP learning is here to help save.you and your patients time by taking.hansung your primary care and learning.catch you in the next episode.[Music].you.

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Hmrc Apss253 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common misunderstandings regarding Hmrc Apss253 Form . Let us know if you have any other doubt.

Need help? Contact support

How long does HMRC take to process a self-assessment form?

Self assessment forms are usually processed within a week or two of being received providing all the required information accompanies the form, and of course depending on the volume of work at the time of receipt. Having said that taxes and tax laws change at an alarming rate. To make sure that you are up to date with current legislation check out Personal tax: Self Assessment

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

Can I transfer qrops back to UK?

This is something for an independent financial adviser. Your pension is not something to be trifled with in the advice of random people from the Internet. Good advice will cost you, but it will be money well-spent.

Can I transfer my qrops back to UK?

This is something for an independent financial adviser. Your pension is not something to be trifled with in the advice of random people from the Internet. Good advice will cost you, but it will be money well-spent.

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