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How to Customize the Fire Hydrant Meter For Temporary Water Tmr Form City Of Austin Austintexas in Detailed Guide on Mobile?

CocoSign gives assistance to each user to simplify the workflow and raise work productivity by having a better management of the files. Read the below steps to have a better understanding of how to fill out Fire Hydrant Meter For Temporary Water Tmr Form City Of Austin Austintexas more rapidly.

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By working with CocoSign, you can fill in Fire Hydrant Meter For Temporary Water Tmr Form City Of Austin Austintexas and place your digital signature instantly. It will definetely raise your productivity and make your life much easier.

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How CocoSign Can Aids to You finish Fire Hydrant Meter For Temporary Water Tmr Form City Of Austin Austintexas

youtube video

Steps of Customizing the Fire Hydrant Meter For Temporary Water Tmr Form City Of Austin Austintexas

hello I'm Jeremy Brooks I'm with the.city of Asheville water resources.department we're here today to go over.the proper use of a hydrant meter prior.to doing that though I'm going to let.Jason Hyatt go over the proper operation.and location of a hydrant you want to.make sure that you choose the route.hydrant.the color of a hydrant indicates the.flow on that hotter so we're gonna make.sure that you use a hydrant that is.green or blue those are good hydrants to.use however you don't want to use a red.hydrant like this one here at the.fireman training center those can.indicate that it's a private hydrant or.that it's got it would cause low flow in.the area the second thing you want to.make sure of is that you check the.hydrant before you use you want to make.sure that all the caps are tightened and.snug before use and then the cap that.you're going to use you want to go ahead.and remove that hotter that cap it's.always important that you stand behind.the hotter this is going to be the.safest place to operate this hotter the.next thing you want to make sure is that.you have the proper tool the hydrants.here Nashville have a house shape and.you need to have a hydrant wrench that.has that same shape you don't wanna use.a pipe wrench because it could damage.the hydrant and prevent usage you don't.you know damage that operate nut if.there was a fire we want to make sure.that they can use the hotter the second.thing that that you want to keep in in.mind is when you're opening the hydrant.you want to make sure that you open it.slowly when you open the hotter a good.rule of thumb is to about 10 seconds a.turn and we're going to go ahead before.we open this hotter before we put the.hydrometer on we're gonna flush this.hydrant to make sure that there's any.debris or anything that might have got.put into the hydrant comes out and then.if there's any sediment in the line we.want to clear that out.so you can hear the water and we're just.going to flush this hydrant to make sure.that it runs clear and once you see that.the water is clear you can go ahead and.turn the hydrant back off slowly if it.helps you can count out by one one.thousand two one thousand three one.thousand four one thousand five one.thousand six one thousand seven one.thousand eight one thousand nine one.thousand ten one thousand one so.hydrants off then we can get back to.attaching our hydrometer as you notice.there's water on the ground that's one.thing you want to keep in mind is.where's this water going to go it's.getting close to winter time you want to.avoid anything that could call it cause.freezing or ice we don't want to do that.so if you need to you can hook a hose up.to this and run it to a drain okay now.we're going to begin with the.introduction of the hydrometer which.most of you of you I would assume are.familiar with that is probably the.reason you are watching this video but.we need to show you how to connect both.of the ones that we have available we.have a 5/8 inch which is typically used.for garden hose attachment and we also.have a three inch which is available we.will hook up both of these so you have.an idea of how they're connected one key.thing with these is to be very gentle.with this equipment this is very.expensive and can also be damaged with.brute force just throwing it into a.truck make sure that you're very gentle.with this also when you're connecting.these you want to make sure that you.have everything oriented correctly the.meter can actually be in any orientation.there's no concern with that it will.operate in any position however the RP.must be located directly like this this.has to be horizontal of course hopefully.that'll be your hydrant direction and.this relief valve on the bottom you can.see the valve here must be pointed.toward the ground it operates basically.with gravity so if it's not pointing.downwards it will not operate correctly.now to begin the installation of this.you can simply thread this on and if no.Campbell would like to assist me here.with this we can get the stand put on.this is a two-person job this is the.second use of the hydrant wrench it can.actually allow you to attach this.securely and without damaging the little.nut on the side of this and this will.make sure that you don't have any.serious leaks on this once it's attached.the stand is put here to make sure that.this is supported properly it is a long.extension from the hydrant itself these.can Bend cause damage to the thread so.we want to make sure that it's supported.in all aspects there and you do not want.to leave these hooked up overnight once.water starts freezing if these are.attached to converse the meter the.backflow itself and damage the hydrant.so the water must be turned off and.these must be removed as soon as you.finished you staring the day now we're.going to go ahead and turn some water.onto this one so you can see the proper.operation.another important thing to note while.we're turning this hider on is that if.you happen to see anything wrong with.the hider such as water starts coming.out of the ground or there are leaks.you'd want to discontinue the use of.that ha turning and contact the water.department let them know that there's an.issue with that Heydrich so we can get.it repaired that is also true with the.back flows themselves if there's any.issue any leak contact the office we can.replace that with a properly working.device and also come out and make sure.that the one that you have is working.correctly.and what we're waiting for now is for.the air to get out of the hydrant and.out of the meter and once that's.complete we'll turn it off and then.we're going to continue to open the.hydrant it takes 15 complete turns to.open this ha turn all the way.the hydrat itself is designed to drain.at the base and so if you don't open the.hydrant completely what could happen is.the water could be coming out of those.holes and then cause an issue in the.ground.okay now the hydrant is fully charged.ready to go so the backflow and the.meter itself are ready one important.thing about these is these are metered.devices and once you have this thing.operating make sure that the meter is.actually turning and operating and.important part about that also is at the.end of every month you have to call in.your meter reading there are white dials.on these meters there are also two black.dials at the end we don't need the two.black dials read only the numbers in.white at the beginning so you call those.in at the last day of each month you can.leave a voicemail that way you won't.have to worry about actually speaking to.a living person you can just leave that.message we will get it and you will be.covered the email address to send this.to if you would like to would be back.Flo mailbox at Asheville NC gov or at n.Campbell in CA MPB e ll at Asheville NC.gov there's also a telephone number for.this eight to eight to five nine five.nine seven seven any of those ways would.be a great way to get the meter reading.to us now this has been connected.properly everything appears to be.working correctly so at this point you.could attach your hose to it and go.ahead and begin operation anything that.you're going to be using it for now.we're going to switch over to the larger.three inch just so you have an idea of.how those work as well we'll have to.shut this down and then switch.everything over what Jason's going to be.doing here as he slowly shuts this he's.going to be attempting to avoid any type.of water hammer and a water hammer is.basically when you have water flowing.through something of this size and you.slam it shut quickly that water can.destroy whatever's at the end of it so.if we're very careful and shut these.things off very slowly then there should.never be an issue with that.as you can see Jason has slowly and.gradually shut the water off and is.slowly starting to die here but one.comment I would like to make the smaller.devices all have quarter turn ball.valves these can be shut off and turned.on very quickly you want to avoid using.these whenever possible our larger.devices I actually have a globe valve on.them which takes time to open and shut.always use those the ball valves.actually open and shut a little too.quickly so if you're going to be.operating these operate with this nut.here and leave these open so you can use.it that way that way you don't actually.slam one of these shut with a ball valve.and you just want to turn this out until.it stops you don't have to force the.hydrant shut it kind of gets free and.then it bump stops and that's that's how.you know that it's completely closed we.will now remove this and attach the.3-inch.most of these actually have a swivel.connection so these are a little easier.to attach and we can make sure that.they're oriented in the correct.direction.and again we have to make proper use of.the stand this is much heavier these.probably weigh close to a hundred pounds.in some cases so we have to make sure.that we've got to stand properly.positioned again we don't want to put.too much force or strain on any of these.connections right here the oil is.properly locating that again you notice.the orientation of the rpe the valve is.pointed down toward the ground and we're.going to operate this with this globe.valve we're going to avoid these ball.valves at any point that we can because.these are very quick close and quick.open which can create a serious water.hammer this one takes time.and as you can see even for a red topped.private hydrant ease carry a tremendous.amount of pressure and a lot of flows so.make sure that you're very careful with.these that you're standing off to the.side when you activate them and this one.is now ready for operation typically.these we use a two and a half inch hose.and these can be used for any type of.thing filling trucks watering large.areas large types of irrigation or large.types of watering that is for the most.part everything we need for the.three-inch so I guess you can go ahead.and shut that down.an important thing to keep in mind when.you return the caps to their proper.places to make sure to look in the.hotter and see that the water has.receded we have drop-top hydrants and.that way the water that's in that's in.the hydrant drain so it doesn't freeze.and cause the hot earth to break.all right hopefully this has been a.useful video to help you when operating.the Hydra meters and how to locate a.hydrant when you're out if you have any.questions feel free to contact our.office we'll be more than happy to go.over any of this information with you in.person thank.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Fire Hydrant Meter For Temporary Water Tmr Form City Of Austin Austintexas online

You must into a adaptable solution to electronic signatures for Fire Hydrant Meter For Temporary Water Tmr Form City Of Austin Austintexas . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Finding, a single online app that does not need any other installation.

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