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Instruction of Finishing the Us Dod Form Dod Va 1433 Usa Federal Formscom

thank you for joining Jennifer shops and.associates in our twenty nineteen.webinar Wednesday series we are coming.to you live from downtown Washington DC.our webinars are every Wednesday is an.opinion commute scheduled on our website.pass open our normal clinics are also on.our website on our YouTube channel along.with over 160 of recording from federal.contracting topics are complimentary if.you have questions to our speaker today.you can email him directly with the.contest information you'll see on the.last slide all right just this is just a.little bit about us we are Washington DC.based firm and provide services for.federal contractors this rendered some.working analysis reports to propose the.right and also post award compliance.more information is on our website so.please visit us there and these are a.couple of upcoming events so you can.find more information here also on our.website and we do offer advertising so.you can email and commission email if.you would like more information on that.alright let's go ahead and get started.our safe to say is Ryan Bray at all and.he's going to be covering.service-disabled veteran-owned small.business contracting contracting at the.VA vs. DOD vs. other agencies Thank You.Marion for joining us and I'm going to.go ahead and hand it over to you okay.thanks very much good afternoon everyone.thank you for being here I'm excited to.speak to you today this is the the third.in the series of webinars that I've.given today on service civil veteran.owned small businesses or SD vos B's the.first was about understanding the.requirements of becoming an ST BLS be.the next was about the benefits of being.an S us be and then with this session.we're gonna focus in on the unique.program at the VA which I touched on in.my prior webinars but we're going to.really drill down on I'm contracting.with the VA as an SCV OSB and what are.some of the pros and cons of doing that.versus contracting it specifically at.the DoD but but also other agencies so.next slide so high level what we're.going to cover is first of all the.veterans first program which I touched.on in the last webinar but that's the VA.'s.a program for contracting with stos TV.osp's that program has a pre.verification requirement so we're going.to talk about that and then next we're.going to talk about a recent development.in the law as of October of last year.which sort of joined together in certain.ways that the A's SDPO SB program with.the SBA is stos B program then we're.going to talk about contracting at the.DoD how the DoD goes about meeting in.small business contracting goals and.then lastly the advantages and.challenges of STB Osby contracting at.the DoD next slide so for those who are.on my last webinar this is a bit of.review but for those who are new I want.to make sure we we understand the main.grounding of the the vets first program.but the veterans first program at the VA.is a legal requirement that all va.procurements be set aside for.competition among SD vos bees or vos.bees that's better'n on small businesses.if there is a reasonable expectation.that two or more responsible stos bees.will submit an offer and the reward can.be made at a fair and reasonable price.so this is the rule of two that we.covered before but the you know the main.point is is that a CBUs bees have an.absolute priority for contracting at the.VA so for the for the VA requirements.they have as we talked about last time.the Supreme Court has declared that they.have a priority over ordering on the GSA.schedule and this requirement also.applies one another agency contracts to.provide the VA with goods or services so.the the main point to understand is that.the the Veterans Administration is under.a vets first requirement that gives.serve settled veteran owned small.businesses priority in contracting.next slide.now the catch here is is that in order.to be able to contract with the VA and.STP USB has to submit to a pre.verification requirement so any.contractor that wants to do to me.set-aside work as an NCOs before the VA.has to submit an application to the VA.center for verification and evaluation.and receive pre-approval as an STD USB.so the data get approved before you can.bid on any VA contracts this is.different from the SBA's SUV OSB program.which is when i say the SBS bas program.the SBA runs it but it's the program.under which SUV OS B's can contract with.every other agency of the federal.government that program is a self.certification program so no advance.approval is required all that a company.has to do is certify that it is a valid.STP OSB and that's sufficient to be able.to bid on a contract now of course if a.company wins a contract if Nestea POSB.wins a contract they are potentially.subject to protest from other companies.that didn't win the contract and the.protesters can allege that the company.is not a valid STV OSB and at that point.the the SBA will conduct an.investigation to determine what other.you are in fact a valid SCO SB but it's.important to understand the distinction.between the two programs.the VA pre its pre verification you have.to be a verified approved STP OSB to.work for the VA all other agencies it's.a self certification system but that.certification is is subject to protest.okay next slide so you know what does it.take to be certified in advance by the.VA.it is a.it's an online web-based system so I've.listed the website here va.gov /oz abuse.last verification that's where you go it.will provide all of the instructions.that you need to submit your your.application for verification as an s-u-v.USB one important thing to note is that.SD USBs must reapply must you know apply.for rivera fication every three years so.your verification is only good for three.years the the VA z' web-based system.will send you reminders to remind you.that hey your three year period is.coming up it's time to reapply but it's.very important that you get your.application in as early as possible to.avoid any problems because if the three.year period runs before the VA has had a.chance to Rivera feiyu you will be.delisted you will not be listed as a.verified SUV OSB and that could that.will certainly affect your eligibility.to to bid on set aside contracts at the.VA so the point is it's very important.to stay on top of your verification and.make sure that you do the renewal in.advance next slide so I want to talk a.little bit about just a high level of.what they're gonna ask you for in order.to be verified at the VA and you know.how to eat your documents or I mean.first and foremost they're going to ask.for your corporate documents so your.articles of incorporation or your.articles of organization if you're an.LLC operating agreement and by law is.any shareholder agreements voting.agreements basically all of the.documents that legally govern the the.structure and operations of your.business and you know of course the main.purpose there most of the controversy.surrounding whether a company is a valid.STP OSB you know it doesn't have to do.with whether the owner is truly a better.it's very rare that we have anybody you.know committing.and saying they're a veteran when.they're gone most of the controversy.surrounds the structure of the company.and whether the the veteran has full.ownership and control a company and if.you were on my first webinar I want to.do a lot of detail as to what ownership.and control looks like but but the VA is.going to conduct an intense examination.and and you know comb your your.corporate documents with a fine-tooth.comb to make sure that the sort of.stable veteran has full ownership and.control of the company they're also.going to a part of that analysis also.involves looking at the resumes of all.the owners directors partners and key.employees so that's going to be part of.the part of what the VA is going to.request when you apply tax returns are.important that that goes to the issue of.the size of the company and whether it's.a small company and they're also going.to look at if the tax returns reveal you.know any any payment arrangements that.might undermine the ownership and.control of the service if with veteran.they're also you know look at your last.five contracts or proposals they're.gonna examine those to understand how.the company operates and make sure that.the SDV controls the company they'll.want to look at payroll for large the.same reason make sure that the SDV is.the highest paid employee at the company.that's one of the core requirements.banks signature cards if there's a.person other than the SDV who has that.has signatory authority with the.company's bank that's going to be.something that the VA is going to be.concerned about is showing that the.source old veteran doesn't have control.required licenses you know so any sort.of government license required often.these are state government requirements.you know if you're a construction.company having your contractor's license.that license has to be in the name of.the service civil veteran so that the a.is going to examine that there are going.to examine your leases and your.management agreements and any other sort.of a rain.changements that you have with other.companies too that are part of you know.the day-to-day operation of your.business they're gonna look at that to.make sure that everything's in order and.the veteran and that the company is not.over overly reliant on another company.for to stay alive at the same point with.the joint venture agreements and the.mentor Protege agreements they want to.make sure that this company is standing.on its own and it's not just a front for.for another company but the bottom line.here the point is is that this is a very.thorough examination by the VA so if you.want to become a VA verified SDB OSB you.have to be prepared for a very intense.examination by the VA the same thing.doesn't happen at the SBA the SBA you.self represent this examination would.happen if you are protested so it's a.back-end verification or the VA is on.the front end but you got to be prepared.for it next slide please.and to that point it's it's very.important to make sure that all of your.Ducks are in a row and then all of your.documents are in order before you file.the application so I strongly encourage.review by a consulting company or a law.firm to ensure that there's no you know.hidden issues into corporate documents.that you might not be aware could could.prevent you from becoming a verified SDV.OSB and the reason why it's important.that's because you know if the VA finds.a problem you have to wait six months.before you can reapply so that could.have a profound effect on your company.if there's an opportunity a contracting.opportunity coming down the pike and you.have to wait six months that would be a.not not a very good turn of events so.it's important to everything that have.everything in order before there can be.a lot of hidden issues that could affect.a company's eligibility alright next.next slide now it was the case for a.long time that.VA and the SBA had different standards.for what constituted an SD vos B they.weren't drastically different the the.differences were pretty small and minut.at least at first glance but they did.have some different views on what.constituted ownership and control and so.you know it led to a situation where you.know a company could be a verified SWS.be under the VA s program but if the SBA.took a look at it they would determine.the company was not a valid SD POS be.because of you know slight distinctions.on what ownership and control meant.needless to say this led to a lot of.confusion and consternation for a lot of.companies and so as of last year they.they unify the requirements so they're.operating on the same sheet of music now.the requirements are the same for both.programs now the VA still administers.its own program and it still conducts.the the pre verification the SBA.administers its own program but the.point is is the requirements are the.same there's no longer any differences.and the other point is is that if the VA.denies an application that can then be.appealed to the SBA so that the.precedents are being unified before the.SBA didn't touch the VA aids program but.now the SBA is is bringing some.uniformity to to the two programs next.slide and I just covered this topic but.it's just basically the point that that.the SBA is handling the appeals and and.so the you know there's no longer going.to be any disparity between whether a.company is eligible under the da's.program of the SBA's program but they do.remain two distinct programs.all right next slide you know a few.points that I want to highlight in this.new rule because it's very important.it's it's less than a year old.a lot of companies may have been you.know eligible under one program and not.the other and now they unified so it's.important to understand the distinctions.so the the the recent changes is that.they made consistency in in the few.exceptions to the requirements for.absolute control I cover those in.greater detail in the last webinar but.essentially they've they've enumerated.the exceptions under which a veteran.does not need to have absolute control.for the protection of any minority.shareholders and and minority.shareholders being able to protect it as.an important factor in the company being.able to get equity investment they.eliminated the full time devotion.requirement it used to be that the the.veteran had to devote full time to the.business they limited in that.requirement but they did replace it with.the rebuttable presumption that if the.the veteran is the veteran has to work.during normal business hours and in.close proximity you know in commuting.distance to the to the company's.headquarters.if the veteran does not fill these.requirements there's a presumption that.the veteran is not you know running the.company the the serve civil veteran must.receive a profit distribution is.commensurate the ownership interest it's.a lot of times you know veterans would.own you know ninety percent of the.company but they would not they would.give more of the profits the minority.shareholders that's no longer.permissible so that's an important.change to be aware of next slide I'm.just continuing down this list of.important changes the if there is any.change to the company's bylaws or.operate an agreement that creates new.super majority voting requirements you.have to inform the VA of those in.advance so that's that's an important.change the requirement that we've been.talking about the service level veteran.has to be the most highly compensated.that's new that was not in the VA.I'm sorry in the SBA's rules so that's a.that's a new change and this unified.program there is now it's allowed to.have a right of first refusal in the.event of the death or incapacity of the.veteran so that means that you know if.the veteran were to were to die or.become incapacitated any other.shareholders would have a right of first.refusal to buy the veteran shares that.was not allowed previously so that's.that's a new development and then this.is this is a really big one in order to.qualify the the surface-level veteran.has to be small its primary makes code.as we talked about in the prior webinar.the next code establish size standards.but they vary from Naik's coded makes.code the size standard and so if the.company is not small and its primary.makes code then it's not small at all.and that that's a big change that is.causing a lot of frustration for for SUV.osp's something to be aware of okay next.slide.um so now we've talked about how the.program has been unified I want to talk.about contracting at the DoD and sort of.a busy slide here a lot lot of.information here but this is important.slide that to look at and to understand.and what this shows is that each agency.within the within the DoD has.established its own small business prime.contracting goals which is sensitive to.that sub agencies mission so overall the.DoD has two sub con or she has to.contract 23 percent of its total dollars.to small prime contractors but obviously.that can't apply across every sub agency.so you know it's look at a couple of.outliers here for example the the.defense communications agency which is.in the middle the page over 60 their.goal is to contract 60 percent of their.dollars to small businesses it's a very.high number and the reason why is.because.the work that they need is conducive to.small businesses and so you know so.they're able to contract a lot more the.other outlier if you see at the top of.the page in the right the defense micro.electronics activity that's two percent.their mission is such that they just.can't really contract much to small.businesses and so the point of this.slide is to understand that when you're.contracting with the DoD there's a wide.range of of capabilities of different.the capabilities that different agencies.need and so it's important to do market.research and understand your customer.and understand where to focus your fire.don't spend time trying to get a.contract at the defense microelectronics.activity because they're just not really.interested in contracting with small.business or they're not able to given.their mission next slide you know in the.last point that I want to cover is just.DoD contracting more broadly you know.what are some of the advantages of.contracting with with the DoD as an SCV.OSB and what are some of the challenges.you know the first the biggest and this.is kind of a abstract point but it's.important point and it's that the.Department of Defense for obvious.reasons has really taken its commitment.to contracting with STS TB USB seriously.and they really make a strong effort to.contract with St vos beach and so if.you're an SD vos be it's important to.know that you know you have an ally and.a friend at the DoD and that you're.likely to get a lot of opportunities.there another important point is the DoD.has its own unique mentor Protege.program there's a government-wide mentor.Protege program for other agencies but.the DoD has its own program it's a.program that's that's really helpful to.small businesses and so focusing on the.DoD would allow an SDSU to participate.in that program.the DoD encourages joint venture.contracting a lot of agencies are wary.of joint venture contracting but the DoD.for a variety of reasons like.to joint venture contract and that's a.good way for an STD OSB to develop its.capabilities and to work on contracts.that it might not otherwise be able to.to work on is to joint venture with.another company that offers.complimentary capabilities one drawback.is that the DoD has been very vigilant.in monitoring its contracted STV OSB.it's conducted a number of oh I Qi.inquiries into SD BSB contracting and.has very tight controls in place to.ensure the integrity of the program now.the reason I make that point is not to.dissuade you from contracting with the.DoD but just to help you understand that.the DoD is its very vigilant about this.and so all the more reason to really.have your corporate documents you know.buttoned up and ensure that you are a.valid STV OSB before contracting with.the DoD next slide and that that wraps.up the presentation today I hope it was.helpful and understanding you know how.to contract as an SEO SP with the VA and.with the DoD I'd be happy to answer any.questions by telephone or email thank.you for your time thank you for sharing.your knowledge late today please be.patient and recorders and can be found.on our website YouTube channels in about.28 hours if you have questions about.today's topic please contact Ryan at.this one number email shown on your.screen screen.thank you everybody includes welcome ah.thanks.

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Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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Why should it be so complicated just figuring out how much  tax to pay? (record keeping, software, filling out forms . . .  many times cost much more than the amount of  taxes due)  The cost of compliance makes  the U.S. uncompetitive and costs jobs and lowers our standard of living.

Taxes can be viewed as having 4 uses (or purposes) in our (and most) governments: Revenue generation (to pay for public services). Fiscal policy control (e.g., If the government wishes to reduce the money supply in order to reduce the risk of inflation, they can raise interest rates, sell fewer bonds, burn money, or raise taxes. In the last case, this represents excess tax revenue over the actual spending needs of the government). Wealth re-distribution. One argument for this is that the earnings of a country can be perceived as belonging to all of its citizens since the we all have a stake in the resources of the country (natural resources, and intangibles such as culture, good citizenship, civic duties). Without some tax policy complexity, the free market alone does not re-distribute wealth according to this "shared" resources concept. However, this steps into the boundary of Purpose # 4... A way to implement Social Policy (and similar government mandated policies, such as environmental policy, health policy, savings and debt policy, etc.). As Government spending can be use to implement policies (e.g., spending money on public health care, environmental cleanup, education, etc.), it is equivalent to provide tax breaks (income deductions or tax credits) for the private sector to act in certain ways -- e.g., spend money on R&D, pay for their own education or health care, avoid spending money on polluting cars by having a higher sales tax on these cars or offering a credit for trade-ins [ref: Cash for Clunkers]).Uses # 1 & 2 are rather straight-forward, and do not require a complex tax code to implement. Flat income and/or consumption (sales) taxes can easily be manipulated up or down overall for these top 2 uses. Furthermore, there is clarity when these uses are invoked. For spending, we publish a budget. For fiscal policy manipulation, the official economic agency (The Fed) publishes their outlook and agenda. Use # 3 is controversial because there is no Constitutional definition for the appropriate level of wealth re-distribution, and the very concept of wealth re-distribution is considered by some to be inappropriate and unconstitutional. Thus, the goal of wealth re-distribution is pretty much hidden in with the actions and policies of Use #4 (social policy manipulation). Use # 4, however, is where the complexity enters the Taxation system. Policy implementation through taxation (or through spending) occurs via legislation. Legislation (law making) is inherently complex and subject to gross manipulation by special interests during formation and amendments. Legislation is subject to interpretation, is prone to errors (leading to loopholes) and both unintentional or intentional (criminal / fraudulent) avoidance. The record keeping and forms referred to in the question are partially due to the basic formula for calculating taxes (i.e., percentage of income, cost of property, amount of purchase for a sales tax, ...). However, it is the complexity (and associated opportunities for exploitation) of taxation legislation for Use # 4 (Social Policy implementation) that naturally leads to complexity in the reporting requirements for the tax system.

How can I take my child (16yrs) to the U.S if my immigrant visa is approved? My husband, a US citizen, filled out form I 130 for me and mentioned this child as migrating in future.

Apply for green card and she will get it hopefully before she turns 21. Ask him to apply as citizen. Not sure why he did not apply for both of you at the same time.

How do I apply for VA benefits?

Go to the VA’s website - Education and Training You should also talk to your college to understand what they need from you to apply your GI Bill benefits.

How do I register with the VA?

Go to the county offices. Also, many states have voter registration pamphlets in libraries or city offices. Contact your local party offices, who might be happy to send out someone to you for convenience.

How do I get VA forms?

It is just your award letter from the VA. If you receive disability from them, are rated as service connected with a percentage, you get the letter automatically every February. You can request it by calling 1 800 827 1000. It states your percentage and how much you are being paid.

How do I find out my VA disability rating?

GET YOUR 100% remember don’t lie I don’t think there such a thing as 60% ptsd. I certainly ruined my life get your 100% then you get your SS mine is about $5k a mo. don’t say one word positive “ how are you” “I’m hurting”

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