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greetings everybody this is Brian Terry.in here today with Barbara Mountain how.are you barb I'm doing great thank you.good thanks for coming out and spending.some time with us I'm glad that we're.going to be able to do this the thing.that really intrigues me.barb about your experience that will be.a value to our members is that unlike.anybody I know in the industry you've.worked in different aspects that's been.pretty cool you spent time working with.the Social Security Administration then.you've worked with long term disability.carriers and now you're working with the.Daugherty Kella and cane as a direct.consumer social security disability.representation group in the Boston area.so you you've seen a different angles of.disability applicants going through the.approval process you've seen the.mistakes you've seen what works and what.doesn't work and so we're going to see.if we can get you to spill your guts and.tell us all today good.so anyway congratulations on a nice.well-rounded career and so let's let's.get into it.what we're going to cover today for.those of you listening this we're going.to we're going to cover really the.common causes of why claims get denied.you know hi 70% of initial applications.get get denied and there's some steps.that you can do to avoid that we're.going to talk about disability.representatives different types of them.how you find good ones you weed out the.ones that likely would not be of your.best interest to to hire for your claim.really how representatives can increase.their odds of getting approved and.I'm also going to talk about today the.value they add does a representative.have to be local got a whole list of.questions here so how do we just dig.right into it and and get started all.right okay the first thing I want to go.through with you is this term that we've.kind of coined here a full-service.disability representative barb which is.really there's two different types for.the audience that are listening out.there what a full service representative.does is they really do all of the.paperwork for you and the initial.application phase there's what is it a.hundred and something forms somebody's.going to fill out there's a good number.of pieces of paperwork and questions.that have to be answered.yeah so a first service representative.will do that for you of course you could.do it on your own but let's talk about.full service representation and unlike.small firms that if you go to them say I.haven't applied yet you know they might.say I won't go ahead and apply do it on.your own see if you get approve you.don't come back so what can you share.with us about the difference and why.have representatives gone this way it.seems like a whole lot of extra work.well a lot of the smaller companies or.local companies you're talking about.that will tell you to go file on your.own and come back you've been denied you.know they're looking at it from a.perspective of saying you know we want.to deal with it when you're getting to.that hearings level when we're going to.go represent you in front of a judge and.once you get awarded we're going to get.a piece of the battery benefits that.you're paid they're thinking if you file.on your own and your Awards on your own.you know that's great less work for me I.wasn't going to get paid much anyways.what a full service rep though is is.thinking is and knows if they help you.with that initial application they're.going to increase your chances of.getting awarded it's not at the initial.level later on because they're going to.start the claim off on the right foot.when you're answering all of those.questions.it's it's really important to answer.them the right way vocabulary is very.important and you know to a lay person.or a person who's just you know kind of.talking about their disability they.don't really know what Social Security.is looking for and what Social Security.is really looking for is for you to say.how your disability is affecting your.ability to work so it's you can talk all.about the pain and and and how much pain.you're in an everyday basis but if.you're not kind of correlating that back.to how is that pain affecting your.ability to go to the office everyday or.you know to talk on the phone or or to.sit or your attention span it's not.helping the case so having a full.service rep who's willing to start from.day one make it to award at the initial.level certainly will increase your.chances but will also increase your.chances even later on if you have to go.that farings level because they're going.to start it off that claim the right way.with the questions being answered.appropriately mm-hmm okay so it's really.the wording is what I'm hearing and I.gather you learned that from seven years.you spent with Social Security if you.saw claims that would fly through that.they likely met that criteria.absolutely okay you know people just.they aren't understanding or trying.they're talking and as you know as you.would expect they're talking so much.about the disability they're forgetting.the parts you kind of got to correlate.how that's affecting ability to do to do.work to in the national economy you know.it's a subtle thing but it's an.important thing and people can say.things that they didn't intend they.might say you know my doctor says I can.do light duty well what a doctor.interprets as light duty and what Social.Security according to vocational grits.interpretive light duty are very.different so you have to be really.careful with how you throw out those.terms because that could dramatically.affect your decision mmm you know it's.interesting it's really I guess the best.way to put it is it's not natural for.people to explain why they can't work.because we are built and trained to sell.ourselves why we can't work you know.right exactly.exactly so it's you're talking yourself.out of a job it's really what the deal.is here.what are some of the other steps that.people do in a direct this question in.this area a lot of people members there.that are going through the approval.process certainly they're interested.increasing their odds but people that.are sick and just don't either have the.mental capacity or the energy to do it.are there other key things or heavy.lifting that representatives do that.that you could share with us that make.this process easier well what they.should be doing is filling out all the.paperwork for the person whether they're.doing it by phone it typically it's done.by phone is there you know go ask the.questions and you have the answer but.they're the ones they're going to.complete you know the pages and pages of.information gather it all together send.its the person to you know clearly.marking where they have to sign the idea.behind is they're taking all the work.out of the process while giving that.claim at the best representation.possible they're also going to make sure.you know that they're getting all the.communication station from Social.Security.so if new forms are needed you know if.there's a question that needs to be.answered they're going to make sure.that's done and it's done timely you.know if the claim is did I they're going.to make sure that appeal is filed and.filed within the time frames so they're.kind of staying on top of everything.making sure everything is done.appropriately handling all those.logistics so you really can concentrate.on on getting better or you know.whatever whatever you're going through.in order to help your own personal.situation and not kind of have to deal.with a headache so social security is.you're not giving you a mm-hmm and and.so did you set the expectations for.somebody that is going to be working.with a full service representative they.still do have some obligations correct.like they do need to authorize forms so.they can do the work.Oh factly it was only just you know five.sign a form basically authorizing the.representative become the representative.they still need to sign offers a shion's.release information.social social security thing go get some.medical records so their forms they.definitely need a sign they do need to.you know respond and answer honestly and.straightforward.so the representatives can best.represent them in front of Social.Security if there's any new medical.evidence new doctors new important task.that's happens they make sure they keep.that representative updated on that.that's really the most important thing.is that if there's new evidence or new.information they think to be important.that they are communicating that the.representative has that because they've.got the social security okay so my.understanding is that the the way that a.representative will increase.somebody's odds they're good full.service is really wordsmithing.the application and communicating how.somebody specifically can't work and has.limitations right and ensuring that the.medical records are complete it's really.easy to forget a doctor to forget a.hospital you know to forget some.medication they're going to make sure.you know talking with the individual.that they have all that information and.that they get that medical information.at the initial application Social.Security will go out and get the medical.records however there is no guarantee.that they're getting everything that.they're following up making sure that.they have everything your.representatives going to make sure that.Social Security or they should be making.sure has all that information right from.the beginning and that's extremely.important and also is going to make a.decision a whole lot quicker if Social.Security can start working the claim.immediately and doesn't have to wait.that time to get the information back.from doctors in hospitals that's gonna.increase your chances to and that's the.huge benefit right there.okay let's roll it forward a little bit.for somebody that has already applied so.we've talked about those that haven't.applied we're going to talk about those.that you know have already applied and.they're waiting okay now the wait to get.a poor wait for a decision at the.initial level there.I don't know you have any about three to.six months I'd write three to six months.okay so somebody's on that three to six.months rains and they're just like you.know I'm really considering using a.representative what value could a.representative add at this stage well.once the claim has already been.submitted at the initial level it's up.to social stre to make that medical.decision once they have the application.so if the initial application has.already been filed already supplied you.know the medical information I met about.medical listings for Social Security to.go and collect that there's really not a.whole lot they can do at that point they.could potentially you know ask how to.answer these questions and maybe submit.some supplemental information but for.the most part if you've already.submitted that social security and you.know you think you've answered things.use the best of your ability you've.listed all your doctors and hospitals it.could just be best at that point way.because the decision comes back and then.at that point if it's been denied now.you get a vendor involved there's not.too much that can they can effect once.that initial application is them pending.that it's done correctly no let me let.me also say this a lot of people wonder.if they've done it right so let's say.that they they haven't listed all their.conditions or they don't have all their.medical records or other medications or.or something's happen in that three to.six month period that could influence.the decision is there can I mean can an.impact be made well it can you.definitely can get in touch with that.disability examiner and tell them.there's more medical evidence as you.want to add to it they could write up an.addendum.you know maybe documenting some.additional information about the.condition and then including the new.medical evidence and that that certainly.will supplement the claim and it could.affect it you know as long as you get.there and you get that done in time it's.definitely possible also you know the.person you know if you do hire someone.while that initial claim is pending they.could already start delving into that.case preparing it for appeal you know if.they think.is going to be denied there is that.potential that once it's there that.having a representative come in you know.they could have an impact the most.important thing piece though I say is.that initial application answering the.questions right right off the bat.because if they did say something that.hurts their case that has to be overcome.for example you know mentioning.something about my doctor says I can do.light duty not really understanding what.that means or a claimant that's on.long-term disability saying I'm filing.because my insurance company is making.me that they may not mean I'm still.think I'm disabled and I should file.they were maybe stating a fact that.those are things that have to be.overcome later and having them up front.just makes the case a little more.difficult down the road okay but let's.talk about back benefits maybe you could.first of all just give us a quick.explanation of what one is entitled to.for back benefits and then we can kind.of move on to talking about onset dates.and how those could be properly spotted.sure whenever you file for disability.you're going to allege a date of.disability the date you could no longer.work if Social Security finds you.disabled as of that date you have to.wait five full calendar months before.your date of entitlement and the date of.entitlement would mean the first month.or do a payment so if you are disabled.on March 15 your waiting period would be.April May June July and August September.is the first month you're due at Act.that's your date of entitlement now.Social Security can pay back twelve.months from the date you file so if you.waited to file you were disabled you.wait a little while you want to see if.you were going to get better you.eventually find out if you have to file.you want to be sure that you file at.least within 17 months from the date of.disability and I say 17 months because.that's the twelve months waiting here.excuse me that's the twelve months they.can pay back in retro benefits plus the.five month waiting period if you wait.longer than 17 months from your date of.disability and you're eventually found.to be disabled as of the original date.of onset you will be leaving some money.out there that you won't be allowed to.be paid.because social security can only pay you.back twelve months from the date you.file so if you're over seventeen months.you could be leaving money on the table.exactly okay you want to make sure you.file within 17 months of that initial.date of disability all right now gather.my thoughts here so if somebody has.intermittent work attempts failed work.attempts and they go to apply for.example let's say that they apply today.but they really haven't been able to.work consistently for the last year can.you give us like a general statement of.what might be possible for somebody to.adjust their onset date because it.really it could it could be today but it.might not be right that's a great.question that's that's one of the big.reasons why I'm very Pro getting someone.to help you when you're filing.disability benefits because when you.fill out that application for Social.Security it's going to ask you what was.your date of onset and it's going to say.when was the date you could no longer.work and for a lot of people it's not a.drop-dead date it just didn't all of a.sudden happen occur on this date I never.weren't from this date forward for a lot.of people is that intermittent.disability it came on me slowly it.affected work they were in and out of.work if you don't have somebody telling.you what dates put in you're probably.going to put the most recent date you're.out of work and and that's not always.what you have to do you can sometimes.move that onset date back and the way to.do that is something called an.unsuccessful unsuccessful work attempt.and that's a Social Security term and.basically what it means is if you are.out of work for at least 30 days at one.point on you had to have a break thirty.days you went back to work but it didn't.it wasn't successful and that work.lasted for less than six months if it.ended because of the disability there is.a potential you can move that onset date.back to that original time you went out.so it's the work period it's definitely.you can be moved back at the work period.with less than three months if it's.between three and six months long you.kind of have to do a little evaluation.of how much you were working and what.was going on there it's more paperwork.that needs to be done but it's.definitely can be done and should be.looked at to see if you can move that on.that day that before you went back to.work and try it out for that proof that.meal preliminary period that just didn't.happen okay so I want to make sure I get.this if somebody is working out of work.for 30 or more days and then goes back.to work for less than six months they.could pinpoint their onset date during.at the beginning of that 30-day period.exactly as long as the work ended.because of the disability and that would.be called an unsuccessful work attempt.and there is an additional some.additional paperwork that needs to be.done to document that unsuccessful work.yep so if sometime within the last 17.months this happened it would really.make sense for somebody to target that.correct onset date because every month.they could pick up is extra money.absolutely absolutely huge not only to.add extra money but it also the earlier.your date of entitlement the earlier.your Medicare will start you get a.Medicare two years after your date of.entitlement so if you can get that date.of entitlement to move back by four or.five months that's going to move up your.Medicare entitlement oh great point.that's a great point so it's the date of.disability is extremely important it's.probably the most important question on.the application is to get that date of.disability right because you want to get.benefits as early as possible okay I.want to make sure this I get this part.right so your your 24 months that you.have to wait for Medicare is 24 months.from the onset date of your disability.know it from your date of entitlement.from your date of entitlement right.which is going to be five full calendar.months from your data disability so that.person who is disabled in March 15th is.date of entitlements going to be.September of 2010 so Medicare starts in.December or excuse me September of 2012.not the March when they were actually.disabled okay I have been led to believe.and thank you for clarifying this that.it was 24 months after you were approved.no no no actually you could have been.approved you might have taken them two.years to approve your claim your.Medicare may start right up as soon as.this is the proof you're eligible for.Medicare immediately wow this is great.news yeah not the approval date it's all.based on the date of entitlement okay so.you got to get that date of entitlement.correct you got to lock it in right okay.awesome.all right yeah and you know so 17 months.minus 512 my mean that's 12 there's some.people I've known that I've gotten back.benefit checks for over $20,000 exactly.you know sometimes you know you don't.want it to be the largest you don't.really want a large retro because what.that means is it took Social Security a.long time to approve you for the most.part you know to take 2-3 years to get.awarded and they find you disabled right.back to the beginning well then your own.about you know two and a half years of.fast benefits and that's why I have a.large retro ideally as you get awarded.you know quickly so the benefits can.come in right away and you don't have.all those years of you when you're.waiting for this income or you've waited.to apply exactly or you wait to kill.five yeah yeah okay so let's see if you.can as best you can from your from your.position your professional position if.you could provide us with some some.questions I guess where I'm going as.attorneys auction courses we get an idea.why to look for a full service.representative and what some of the.value of it is but you know I guess I'm.going to start with this if somebody is.hasn't applied most people are of the.mindset to say well I want to find.somebody that's local.and so can you give us your take on that.do they need to be local you absolutely.don't need to have somebody local.because the process with Social Security.isn't something where you need to be.face to face when you're dealing with.Social Security you're always dealing.either phone or email it's not a face to.face process unless it gets that.hearings level and when you're dealing.with a representative everything can.again be done by phone as long as you.can communicate with that attorney.that's fine so it definitely you don't.have to have a legal precedent they want.it but you don't have to have it the.most important thing I believe in ed.this sense you know I worked for Social.Security day one is that you hire.someone that only does Social Security.law it really is a niche market and you.want someone where that's their full.attention and you know they've seen a.little bit of everything and they know.what they need to do another point that.I might make about using a local.representative versus somebody you know.just somebody like who who represents.people nationally is a company that.represents nationally will tend to you.know work with judges all over the.country wherever you happen to be and.the judge your assigned they're going to.work with that judge when you work with.a local attorney they tend to work with.the same judges over and over again now.you may think on the plus side well they.know that judge you know maybe they know.how to present a case to them and.there's absolutely truth to that but.there's also the truth to the fact that.the local attorney works for this judge.so often on so many cases they.understand good terms with that judge.they're not necessarily going to press.the envelope or push something or be.confrontational and in situations where.maybe they need to be because they have.to stay in good standing they have to.see this judge every single day that's.their livelihood when you deal with a.representative who representationally.they don't have that fear you know.they're going to challenge a judge if it.judge if they need to and they're going.to push every case as far as they.possibly can to get that claim awarded.so there's pros and cons to both but I.don't think you should limit your search.to thinking you just need local I don't.think there's any real benefit in doing.that I think any as long as you get the.right representatives they can do.located anywhere that's a good point.never thought of that yeah made me think.of the Joe Pesci movie where he came in.from out of town and he's defending the.to use yeah yeah a very good point so as.far as a representative being specific.in this area do they need to look for.like it's a certain size a.representative or case volume or or you.know that is important if somebody.specializes in this and they do five.cases a month is that enough to be good.or is twenty five or thirty better or.any-any take on that you know I don't.think that volume necessarily is a good.judge I think it is all they do is.social security law and this is their.livelihood you can assume that you know.they've seen a good number of cases you.might want to ask how many years they've.been in practice I mean how many years.have they been doing this you know that.that can certainly be helpful you know.I'd ask some questions about your case.specifically you know what do you think.the most important facts about my case.in order to get it awarded what do you.think potentially could hurt my case I'd.ask questions like that I think are more.important evaluating a representative.you know other things you should ask is.you know what is my role in this what do.you expect from me and what should I.expect from you I think communication is.the most important tool in everything.and when there's no exception of that.when selecting a representative so you.want to be very clear from the front.what do they expect from you what do you.expect from them you know how will the.communication go that can always be a.sticking point with attorneys and making.sure that you're update as often as you.feel you should be and that you can get.in touch with that attorney those are.really important things to know I think.those are probably just as important as.everything else when you're having that.initial conversation deciding who you're.going to use the that's one of the the.number one complaints that we get as.related to that.that we say is that they're really most.I'll make a very general statement here.a lot of attorneys that do practice this.work you don't have to be be a.non-attorney but a lot of tourneys are.attorneys and their their business.practices aren't always in tune with.people's expectations and that people.think that they can always be in touch.with their attorney and that's not the.case so your point that you brought up.which is a great one is you're.suggesting that they establish an.understanding of what an appropriate.communication plan would be correct.definitely definitely no ask them you.know how often you get update me on.what's going on you know when do you.expect I should fear something once I.expect you know you'll be doing.something because that's up a lot of it.I think when you're sitting back on the.other end you're wondering what are they.doing are they working on my face right.now what's happening is it just sitting.out there so you should be prepped.upfront you know at the initial level.you should be told once you submit that.application and we submitted that.medical evidence if there's no new.medical evidence that comes down the.road all we can do is sit and wait.there's really nothing your.representative can be doing at that.point and they see it also give you.guidelines on how long you should expect.away when will they follow up because.there should be a follow up plan I mean.you don't just allow Social Security to.stay out there forever there should be a.point in time whether that be at three.months they're going to do a check-in to.see what's going on and then get back to.you those are important things for you.to know because obviously this is your.life and so you you want to know and.have some assurance that everything is.progressing the way it should and that.you're going to be updated so you're not.just sitting out there wondering what's.happening mm-hmm there are there are.people that that certainly believe that.once they retain a representative that.they have the right to call in.frequently and I have my opinion about.that but I think people that are going.to call too much they're going to create.challenges in their working relationship.but I was curious what your what you.could share with us for advice in that.area.well that's again I think that contact.communicating you know how often makes.sense because you're right if you're.calling every day you know there's no.new information to give you and all.you're doing is really taking away the.time you know some other cases that.representative might need to work on.however at the same time I think it's.important if you're able to get in touch.with who you want to you know if you.have something important to share you.know one thing another question to ask.when you're looking for who is going to.represent you is do you use voicemail a.lot of companies use voicemail out there.might be hard to find any that don't but.some don't you know I can tell you that.the company I work for it they already.tell a team we don't use voicemail and.we don't use it for a reason because we.don't like it we want you to reach a.person so anytime you call our office.you're going to have a person who's.going to get to the answer that you need.that's a good question that you can ask.but you do on the other side you have to.have some perspective and recognize that.there are certain times when you're just.waiting for Social Security to act and.Social Security is not speedy.they're very slow and and sadly they're.getting slower right now you know the.expended hearing level is where.everything is just slowed down to a.crawl and spend that way for years and.years and years but unfortunately given.the economy social security is being.inundated with new claims at the initial.level last year they had 3.3 million.people file for disability benefits at.the initial level they don't are not.staffed appropriately for that and so.what we're going to start seeing is that.initial level claims are going to start.taking longer and longer because more.claims are coming in and they actually.have less bodies to do the work than.they did before so there's got to be a.recognition there that once everything.has been submitted and everything's in.there that it is a waiting game and you.are going to have to wait and there is.going to be an appropriate time to.follow up but there are going to be.months in which nothing is happening so.that's an interesting figure the last I.heard it was around 2.6 million so it's.up 700,000 exactly it's gone up.dramatically that's huge.yeah.okay well you've shared some really good.some good tips here let's let's talk.about fees for a minute you know the.there's a pretty general understanding.of the fee structure that's out there.for Social Security can you shower the.audience barb what one can expect to pay.for a Social Security representative.right you always have so representative.what is your fee.95% of everybody in this business if.they have the same fee and it's called.the standard fee agreement and the.reason why everyone has the same amount.is because Social Security must approve.any C charge by representative to.represent a claimant for Social Security.they're not allowed to go out and just.dictate whatever they want it has to be.approved by Social Security and so that.standard C is 25% of past due benefits.up to a cap of $6,000 so the most they.can charge of six thousand otherwise 25%.of whatever your past due benefits are.the other type when I say it's 95.percent the other potential 5 percent is.some attorneys laugh for a fee petition.and what that means is they're going to.petition Social Security so whatever.they think the cost should be and what.they have to do is they have to document.how many hours they worked in the work.that they did and they're really asking.for more than that the agreement and.Social Security must approve that you.would get a copy of all that paperwork.and and you'd be able to submit.paperwork Social Security if you.disagreed with what the attorney was.asking for but you'd want to know up.front is it going to be that standard.fee agreement the other things you you.would want to look for because you could.say other hidden fees well there really.shouldn't be any hidden fees because.everything should be upfront but for.most is just that standard agreement.however there's some attorneys that will.charge you for medical records or that.will charge you for travel if they have.to travel to a hearing those would be.considered out-of-pocket expenses and.they tend for those separately than that.standard fee agreement so you would want.to know if those are going to be.additional charges that you're going to.be responsible for or if that's included.yeah good point so I have been informed.that there are some that classify a fee.as an administrative fee that was any.varies but so they're allowed to charge.an administrative fee I I I expect.correct you know what not I'm not really.familiar with a term of administrative.fee I think I guess I guess they.probably could I have not seen companies.that have done that but those are.definitely the questions to ask if it's.not if it's a C that's not the actual.represented claimant to get them awarded.then I guess they can charge for that.because that is separate than what.Social Security says their fee is for.the actual representation mm-hmm so I.actually I think that they could do.something like that I'm just not.familiar with companies that do that.okay well this all has to be certainly.wade into the into the process of what's.best for the the claimant the applicant.whether representation is the way to go.or pursuing and advancing or claim on.their own so you shared some some really.great information with us today I want.to kind of go through and and recap and.see if you could maybe pinpoint some of.the key benefits that somebody would.have if they're not represented now to.what it what I would refer to is.interview with a representative what.what in your mind would be some of the.key benefits that somebody would walk.away from from a free interview and you.know you've given them some of the.questions to ask but.but I will share with us well I think.that what you gain is maybe some.somebody with experience and knowing.what Social Security needs to see to get.you awarded of telling you an honest.opinion of what kind of case you have.you know is it a good case is it going.to be a tough case and I think that's.good for you to know the expectations.going in for you to have an idea to say.you know what it sounds like I have a.pretty good case that might be is.probably any war I'll be awarded and.also give you that perspective if you.hear you know what this is going to be a.pretty tough one and this is why so I.think it can give you some good.understanding into what social series.looking for and what you can expect is.something that you certainly can gain.because they could say listen no we.can't help you we were not able to.accept your case right right you hear.that then you're probably probably.thinking you probably don't have a.pretty good chance being a ward in there.or not willing to even spend the time on.it that that can be a tough thing to.hear but it also can be an eye-opener.and help you set your expectations sure.because if you file you have to be below.thousand dollars a month in earnings so.if you're going to drop your income to.file and wait around for a decision and.you don't have a good crack at if that.big but in my opinion that'd be very.valuable information right right.and actually substantial gainful.activity which is the amount of work.that Social Security is considered.substantial you're not disabled right.now and this year is $1,000 a month so.if this year you can work there is a job.that you can do that would allow you to.earn more than one thousand dollars a.month then Social Security's going to.say you're not disabled if you can't.find a job.physically or mentally or unable to.perform a job it's going to allow you to.earn a thousand dollars a month then.Social Security should find you disabled.and that's the crux if you want to get.right down to the most basic thing that.social street looking for that's what.they're looking for your ability to earn.a thousand dollars or more a month.mm-hmm if you're earning less than a.thousand you are still working but.you're any less than a thousand then you.absolutely have a right to file for.Social Security even while continuing to.work on it earning that amount okay.great great okay well we've covered some.super information here today is there.anything that you think that maybe I've.left out that would be of value to the.members.our mother than what we've discussed I.think I'd say about you know a.representative is you know what what.they're skilled at is they know how to.communicate medical conditions of social.security they know how to cite y-your.restrictions of limitations prevents.your ability to work so they know the.vocabulary they know what has to be.shown they should take all the work out.of it for you because it can be an.absolutely frustrating process to deal.with Social Security they're going to.make sure nothing falls through the.cracks you know all the forms are.completed all the medical submitted so.the idea behind it is taking the work.out of it is for you and then giving you.the best representation possible so you.have the best chance of being awarded.and being awarded quickly Social.Security is a long arduous process and a.lot of people the best chance of being.awarded is at the hearing level and.sadly by the time you get that hearings.decision you're very likely three years.into the life of your Social Security.claim so anything you can do to try and.get that claim awarded early I think you.should do just knowing that that.potential of having to wait three years.could be out there one other thing we.didn't touch on is if you do go to the.hearings level a lot of Representatives.will try to get what's called an.on-the-record decision and an.on-the-record decision means they're.going to write up a legal brief and.submit it stating all of the reasons why.this claim should be awarded without the.need to have a face-to-face personal.hearing and a lot of claims are awarded.this way and it's much quicker because.you're not waiting for that hearing date.no one has to travel through a hearing.so it's all positive and it's a way you.know to get in the war it's considered a.hearing level award but it's quicker and.you don't have to actually go to a.hearing that's something that only a.representative can do for you and so you.know that that's really important fact.to know and not only to know but to ask.your representative if they're going to.try and write and on the record decision.and get your claim award what's called.on the record.excellent point so sir like a general.time frame that you that this would.reduce the the approval I'm just going.to give you you know nothing official if.you're giving it off the top of my head.does and on the record could shorten.your hearing um.process running from six months to a.year okay so somebody is in the state of.Georgia which is like around two years.for a wait for a hearing it could.potentially cut that time enough yeah.absolutely.absolutely could cut that time in half.right and that's a state where they have.such a backlog with hearings is they.want to award as many claims as possible.on the record mhm they're trying to.eliminate that backlog this is actually.a great time right now for on the.records to be done because of all of the.push right now to eliminate the hearing.backlog there is a great push to if you.have a good case on the record awarded.okay awesome.awesome Bob thank you so much this has.been fantastically valuable information.I've learned a lot so I thank you for.coming out and sharing this with us.great thanks for having me.

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How do I print out my Form 1099 from SSA?

use this link to download that form https://www.ssa.gov/forms/ssa-1724.pdf then open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader DC then print it, or - download the PDF to a thumb drive and visit some hotel or Kinkos and ask for help printing it.

Why would a bank mail me an SSA-89 form to fill out for a new checking account after it's already been opened with money that's already been deposited (and even though I'm already an existing customer)?

I’m assuming they’re not just making a mistake. If it isn’t, then that’s a regulatory requirement. They’re now being forced by regulators to ask you for this info or close the account, even though it wasn’t required of them before. Alternatively, they were supposed to ask you before and… WHOOPS! someone didn’t do their job properly. It slipped through the system, even though they should have a mechanism to keep this mistake from occurring.

What is the best way to receive U.S. SSA benefits in Brazil?

Open a bank account in the US with a Visa or MC debit card and have your SSI direct deposit. Then you can access your funds in cash from ATMs or charge what you need. I did that without incident for 20 years.

Is it normal nowadays for U.S. physicians to charge $100+ to fill out a 2-page form for a patient?

I don't know about normal but it's not unusual for doctors to charge for a number of things that used to be free. This includes things like filling out time-consuming forms. This is a task that is taking time that the physician could instead use to see a paying patient. I’m sorry but I doubt that you have any recourse.

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