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How to Fill in the Rd 3560 1 Form by Following Guidlines on the Website?

CocoSign lends a hand to each user to simplify the workflow and improve work productivity by having a better management of the files. Follow the below steps to have a better understanding of how to edit Rd 3560 1 Form more professional.

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  3. Write your personal background in the blank form.
  4. Select a form field and put a check mark if you see a demanded blue box.
  5. View the whole form once again to see if there's anything you miss.
  6. Select the sign tools to put your signature or initial at the end of the form.
  7. Save the document by clicking "Done" button.
  8. After edit the document, you are free to print, download, and send the form.
  9. If you have any inquires, please send an email to the support team to get more data.

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youtube video

Key Elements of Writing the Rd 3560 1 Form

hey what is up everybody its Rader.bounded here with another video and.presumably if I don't know which I don't.think any of you would unless you guys.know me in real life I'm actually.pursuing the Cisco certification exams.I'm starting off with a CC ent and maybe.about two or three weeks later I'm going.to go ahead and attempt the CCNA I'm.going to be graduating from college in.about a month from right now and I want.to have at least the CCNA certification.added on my resume.considering that I actually want to go.into networking as as what I want to.pursue and that's what I want to.specialize in when I enter the market so.I figured to help myself and also help.you guys as an audience to go ahead and.give you guys some basic tutorials on.how switching and routing works so I'm.not going to go super into detail CBT.Nuggets has a really good really good.tutorials by Jeremy as well as Chris.Bryant advantage which I've used as well.as well as the todd lammle study guide.for the CCNA is excellent and I mean all.of those books that that book and those.training courses are really good I would.recommend to do it in this order to try.to do the CBT Nuggets first.right now there are about $99 a month.and I think that's really good and so.nine dollars you know you could probably.go through all of Jeremy's videos in.about two weeks if you dedicate about a.video a day so do that for two weeks.during that time order the book the Tom.Langley book every time you go through.a section with Jeremy go ahead and read.the chapter on it and reinforce that.knowledge then I would recommend doing.the Chris Brian advantage dance.forty-four dollars as well I'm not as.well it's forty four dollars for the.entire package and it's a study guide.and it's a whole bunch of videos on.udemy calm and he goes more into detail.about certain things the way it's a good.he's a good instructor is just more.fast-paced it's a bootcamp it's just.kind of a more of a refresher to be.honest with you so that's what I use him.for so right now as you can see have a.program called putty you can download it.for free and that's I'm going to access.my my switch so let me show you how to.get to that first what I want to show.you though here I'm connected to a a.Cisco switch the one that I recommend.for for routing is the Cisco 2950 switch.so let me go ahead and pull out of a.video another video so a picture of one.images and it looks something like this.like that it's a twenty nine fifty it's.a it's like 25 maybe 30 dollars on.Amazon I'm sorry on eBay be sure that.you buy from a good company that doesn't.charge you a lot of shipping I have a.rollover cable running from the back of.a console running from the back of a.switch from the console port to a.adapter on like my computer with the.serial port and that's that.communication the comm port that you see.I'm connecting to what do I mean by the.rollover cable rollover cable let me.look that up for you it's a cable that.looks something like.let's see if I could find a good image.here.yeah it looks something like this and.this rj45 connector goes to the back of.the console port in the back of my.switch and this goes to my computer but.since my computer doesn't have a serial.port on it I had to buy a USB to serial.port adapter and yeah that's it so now.that I get that out of the way I'm going.to show you guys how to find out what.comm port that you're using here let me.bring up putty here so go to your.libraries right click on my computer and.go to properties.then you go to device manager and here.under the port's you'll have your comm.port so usb-to-serial its comport seven.for me so that's what I'm going to.connect to so I'm going to bring a putty.it's a serial interface as comfort seven.so that's all I need to do in order to.get in and then should there you go.so let me go ahead and log in here and.what I'm going to do is I'm going to go.ahead and do a free terminal.do a right a righty race command yes.are you load save no all right so here.I'm going to go ahead and show you the.the start up there.ignore what I just did but pretty much.all I did there was just kind of delete.everything I have on the the switch at.this point all right so here is a boot.up it starts up the boot loader as you.can see it's a Cisco 2950 router with a.version 12.1 has a MAC address right now.it's a going to the flash and it's.opening up the image I have which is the.one 6k image has some stuff here that.it's telling you about Cisco and now.that all the the post has passed it.should go to initialize and we should be.good to go pretty soon okay so once a.router I'm sorry the switch is.completely up and going you're going to.be asked here whether you want ignore.this here this is a some more stuff that.came up afterwards.that'll will take care of that at a.later time but it asks would you like to.enter the initial configuration dialog.because I'm doing the CCENT pretty much.every Cisco exam you're not going to be.asked to go through this initial.configuration the short answers to why.is because it's going to ask you.sometimes for some things that are basic.and you want to go more into into depth.about one of the things that you want.configured and what you don't want.configured so I'm just going to type N.or you can just type N or no so.returned to get started click enter and.there now we are on our switch so here.we go so I have this little notepad here.and it's going to show us our order that.we're going to go in that I think is a.good order first we want to set up.security for privilege mode for the.console port and for the v2y ports so if.you don't know what that is I highly.recommend that you that you read that.you read up on it.check out CBT Nuggets I'm just kind of.here to go through it relatively quickly.and if you need something quick so all.right so first we got a right now we're.on user mode you can tell because of.that greater than sign we want to go.into enable mode you can either type en.or type enable another thing you can do.is you can try that you can type enable.and then click on tab so as you type en.a and then tab it completes a command.for you okay so first things first is we.need a password so we want to enable a.secret ah.but before we do that we want to go to.go global config mode and the way you do.that is by typing configure terminal.click enter and you know you're in.global config when you have this there.as that config and from here then you.want to go ahead and click on not click.type in enable secret and then here is.the password Cisco so crappiest password.but if you're in a home lab it's it's.good so you don't forget it so now there.you go you get your enable secret.password you can also type in the enable.password however it's not encrypted so.I'd rather just skip it and not use it.however on older routers you have.- but I'm going to go ahead and go over.what to do in those cases in a little.bit alright so and now we want to secure.the console part so we want to go to.line console and console zero because.the only one we have.and here we want to go ahead and set a.password so password Cisco and then.login okay so that way it asks for a.login every time we go into the console.port okay we also want to go ahead and.now that we're here is to log in.synchronous and what this does is if a.command sometimes we get things messages.like this and sometimes we're in the.middle of a sentence and it kind of.separates what we're typing this kind of.negates that and it allows us to it.pretty much puts a message there and a.copy-paste what you've typed into the.next line so it doesn't bother you so I.like doing that and then I'm going to do.an exec timeout command for 30 minutes.and 0 seconds I think that's pretty fair.so at that point you can go ahead and.escape that and you see what it just did.there it kicked me to the next line.without interrupting me.so into configure terminal so there we.go we got the console port setup so now.we want the line to vty ports i want to.set up ports 1 through 4 I think it's.through not 1 through 4 0 through 4 I.believe it through through 15.I really just need one but I'm just.going to do a 0 through 4 and here the.same things password I'm going to go in.type Cisco and log log in logging.synchronous logging synchronous oh the.way I did that is by clicking the up and.down arrows it shows you all of the.stuff that you've done in the past.though there is the exact timeout go.ahead and click that and that's fine so.exit.and that'll take you back to the little.to the last mode you were in so there we.go we got our security done the last.thing that I want to do but first I want.to show you the show running config and.this is what shows you what your RAM or.right now what we're writing to is RAM.so our configuration is only saved on.the RAM so here is our enable secret.password here is coded by is encrypted.by md5 and that is our password it's.encrypted so that's good however if we.go further down and we go into the line.console we see that password is cisco.and password and cisco for the vty lines.and that's a bad thing we don't want.that to be out there like that so what.we're going to do is go back to the.global config mode and then we want to.go to services our service password pay.encryption and then hit that and go back.again and show running config and then.if we go ahead and show that part again.now we have it encrypted however I.wouldn't take too much comfort in this.kind of encryption because it's not very.good this stuff this kind of encryption.prevents people from looking above your.shoulder or somebody that's not too.experienced to see this and be like well.that's a fake password so or I can't.figure out that encrypted password so.whatever but you could actually go.online and figure out how to unencrypted.this password very easily if somebody.gets ahold of your configuration that.could be very bad all right so all right.so let's go ahead and save our progress.here under the switch you can do two.things you can hit write or you can do.copy running to startup config and.that's a way cisco recommends you do it.that's a proper way to do it.destination filename keep it the same so.just click enter it's going to build the.configuration.and that's it so now if you show the.startup-config it's exactly the same and.when you restart your switch it will.boot up to this so previously if we were.to have Reap rebooted or switch it would.have gone back to exactly the way it was.before so next next on the list is to do.our banner and our host name those are.both very easy if we go back to the.configure terminal mode the global.config mode we can go ahead and type.banner and then MOTD which is message of.the day and then type any character a.light x be the the bracket like that.click enter and then I put a little bit.of space.some stars says unauthorized access is.prohibited go ahead and add the stars.you don't want to make this extremely.large just something very simple because.if not it can greatly impact your switch.performance so you notice at the end I.just put that same delimiting character.and that ended it ended the switch on.the banner so you won't see that you.will only see this without that bracket.at the end when you login initially so.now the host name I want to call this.switch one so sw1 you see that the host.name has changed all right so that.that's good let me go ahead and save our.progress here copy copy run start.okay okay your turn.okay back into global configured next.thing we need to do is to get the VLAN.up and going so we want to set an IP.address to the VLAN right now it's.actually shut down so if I were to going.to show you the interface show you the.interface show IP interface brief the.VLAN is administratively down which.means that we have to power it on if.it's down it just means that the line is.down and it's logically down.administratively means that we've.actually it's actually turned off and we.have to turn it on by manually doing so.so let's go and go to configure terminal.and then go and set up the interface so.what we do is we type interface vlan1.okay so there we're in config interface.we want to do type IP address and we.want to set this up as 10 10.1 dot with.this up as dot 1 if we type the question.mark it'll show you what's next in the.command and we need an IP subnet mask so.for this case render simple slash 24.which is go and do that.and that's that the next thing is to set.up a default gateway I'm sorry I have to.go back to that section here to the.interface VLAN because I forgot to turn.it on and the way you turn it on is by.typing no shutdown and what that does.you're going to see a prompt come up.pretty soon right there that VLAN 1 if.the state has changed to up so that's.good so now this here if we do a show.running config a show IP interface VLAN.up.interface brief I'm sorry it's now now.up and it's down at this point because I.don't have any of the fast ethernet.ports on the on the actual VLAN so we're.not done yet so next we have to set up.the default gateway and the way we do.that is we configure terminal and we go.to default.hmm IP default gateway sorry about that.I was messing up at that point IP.default gateway and we go and type the.gateway and I have a small network.diagram but pretty much the default.gateway is the router that's going to.take you out of this network and that IP.address I have planned to be 10.10 that.10.10 so at this point I have one I'm.sorry that 1.10 has to be on the same.network so because we're on a slash 24.these first three octets have to be the.same so 10 - 10.1 the same is 10 to 10.at 1 but the IP address of this gateway.is going to be dot 10 as a host so.that's good and this point we can go.ahead and copy the starting config to.the running config oh sorry no the.running config to the startup config you.never want to get those messed up.because then you'll be working backwards.alright so now we have all these uh sure.let's go and show IP interface brief is.a really good command to remember by the.way we have all these fast ethernet.ports that we need to assign a VLAN to.so you can do that one by one and I'll.show you how to do both after your.terminal so that's our last thing we got.to do our interface setup so we have an.interface fastethernet so let's say we.wanted to set up 0-1.so well let me just go ahead and do 0-9.because I know that there's a I have a.computer that's connected to it but.first I need a actually reminder myself.I have to activate the the port on that.and I have the men manually set it up so.you can bear with me here ten at this.point if you want to connect it to your.computer you can and you can set the the.network IP address yourself so it's.going to be ten to ten dot 1.54 this one.and the default gateway is going to be.ten ten dot one dot out of ten I think I.said so 10 dot 1 to 10 and then click ok.yep.ok so that should be good enough to to.find it in there all right so that.changed the line protocol of Ethernet 0.9 changed up and the line protocol of.VLAN changed up so there we go so just.by doing that just turning it on I have.the show IP interface brief so now I.have the my host computer here is the.status of it is up and the line.interface the line protocol is up as.well so that means that's going and that.turned on the line protocol for the VLAN.as well so that means that the VLAN is.actually being used so now what if I.want to do it for all of the ports here.so that's really easy it's just one more.thing you have to remember it's a.interface fastethernet it's our.interface range fastethernet 0/1 through.24 so.you got to make sure to put range and.then fastethernet 0/1 through space you.got to put spaces through space 24 so.when you do that you have that and then.because this is a switch all of the the.ports are down but they're not.administratively down you don't actually.have to add them in to anything so at.this point they're actually ready to go.there's more things that you can do in.here as far as the security goes you can.set up the duplex you can set up the.spanning tree protocol the speed of each.of them but that's not important at this.point I think this is a more than enough.that you can also do a switch port here.let me just switch port OOP a little.stick switch port access set the access.mode with characteristics of the.interface you can set up port security.things like that but like I said I'm not.going to go over those things in this.video for now this is actually all I'm.going to do so I'm going to copy the.running config to the startup config and.that should be the end of the.configuration so at this point we got.our entire switch setup in about 25.minutes really 20 minutes considering.that the beginning was kind of a.explanation of what I was going to do.and what equipment I was using and how I.managed to connect to my comm ports.things like that so yeah so these six.easy steps I think are are pretty good.pretty essential for forgetting you to.have your switch up and going so now you.have your little network and the next.thing that we're going to move into is.our default gateway which is going to be.our first router and for that I'm going.to be using a 1721 Cisco router and yeah.so hope you guys enjoyed this video if.you found it helpful.be sure to leave a like it really helps.me out it gives me some feedback in the.comments section if you have any.questions feel free to leave them and.again I know this was really fast and it.was just something you know for those of.you that need a quick setup or if you.guys are interested in this networking.is a really really really awesome topic.when you're talking about IT I find it.really fun and I hope you guys have.found some kind of appreciation in this.so alright good so I hope you guys have.a good day and I'll see you all next.time.

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Rd 3560 1 Form FAQs

Here are some questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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