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for digital copies like why.why would you abandon a physical copy.and i was like okay.yeah just just do it just do it.hey those are the dudes from the first.game they are but now i can zap.oh no they're the tiny ones nevermind.it's all right actually.that's good no worries oh no there's a.big one okay.um how do you switch weapons again oh.god [ __ ] it.oh my god okay oh god oh what a pain.oh you need to heal shot him.out of juice uh.i can't remember how to switch to my.pistol okay now i'm almost dead.okay.oh i actually don't have any bullets.anyway to be honest.oh.i'm smacking oh yes that was good he's.black and he's cracking he's smacking.okay did we get him i think we got him.these guys seem unnaturally difficult.yeah there's a little bit of heart there.oh.there's something wrong with you.yeah she looks sick.yeah she does not look good does she.okay.yeah that was tough is there really no.way we can focus the flashlight.yeah i know right it seems really weird.that was such a big thing 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just get better at.like.knowing when we're uh overwhelmed.yeah just using the flare gun much.resources yeah.okay nothing yeah it's like in resident.evil games there are some enemies where.it's like use the shotgun on this.yeah you'll make your life a lot easier.i'll put that one aside.oh thank god pistol bullets finally.oh i hear enemies.or someone was breaking something.well it looks like this is just a goodie.room which i am totally fine with.there's nothing left for us here oh how.i miss him.yeah that was so nice.okay upstairs.what about down here yeah upstairs seems.like progression.let's check air first um.let's see if this is where we came from.no oh let's see.yeah okay this feels very different paid.a huge price for having sniffed this.stupid flower.oh hands oh i found daddy he was badly.hurt.i'm taking care of him he dreams with.the flowers now no one will touch him.his.father well the son looks like that.what's he going to be like.what are these hands holding oh nice.defensive prisoner in this dump.oh my god wait can we hit this.no so we need to put something in these.hands.yeah we're getting quite a lot of.flashbangs we should really use them.better.i think he could fit something on the.top oh i don't like that rabbit creepy.oh i didn't like that at all nothing.interesting here.okay cinna your voiceover was not.convincing and then another person says.a plus voice acting duality of chat.oh god isn't that the story of our lives.right.you can't win them all okay.that's where we can definitely came from.right let's just check.yeah okay okay i still have that [ __ ].injury from earlier injury oh my god.oh yeah [ __ ] metal pole that went.through me.okay so we need to find some items for.those hands i think.okay this little dude in the corner here.yeah i know right there's some kind of.cool little.furnishings here i like it a little.creepy that's all right.wait wait i can't follow you oh we can't.do anything here oh.what's the [ __ ] point that's not what.i expected go back down to the basement.there must be a character that.can do something that we haven't seen.yeah.so yeah there's got to be something.if we could like [ __ ] oh.you can do it i'm going to read you like.no counting on us.he'll die don't do anything do you want.to use right trigger so.it's kind of centered on you um.i could there oh yeah that's better.do i need to try and grab that oh i can.see now.so it's like here.oh we need to put it oh the whole.pedestal moves.hmm but where do we want to move it to.yeah there's nothing that really.suggests what the order is yeah unless.it was that note about daddy.are the tiles on the floor different.there looks to be something some image.on them.you think so i feel like some of them.just have a bit of blood on them and.that's it oh that's like the old person.there's like a like a.person yeah on the bottom row on the.bottom row anyway.oh another zapro i feel like.we are missing a note from somewhere.that has just like.the fishes now the order on it.the fireplace we yeah i did break that.open.oh yes oh look at that.very much is the fireplace.so that's the second one oh can you.climb across.yeah it kind of looks like i should be.oh no because the camera moved up even.further and i was like.maybe no there's only a prompt for go.down.wrong way every racing game.makes me think of um makes always makes.me think of jurassic park.didn't say the magic word.yeah okay so we got one cross in this.room so.by the laws of game.there should be one in this room.or in that other one this one.let's see he does locks.sven oh sven isn't here so he can't move.[ __ ].yeah cause i feel like he got one now so.he's probably done.i feel like every hat like the three.hands will all get something in them.i mean yeah like we're missing the third.thing we could try to put it in a minute.if there's nothing else in this room but.yeah trying to think what everyone's.abilities are already we have to suck to.get in here.oh yeah and i had to lock pick to get in.here or not spin um stan.um and her thing is decryption which was.in the graveyard although it could be.again.yeah but there's nothing that she's.looking at yeah.like it's not like with um him that his.face like.looks up when he can climb and my.character just climbed inside the.fireplace so the.abilities have all been used quite.recently.i love her we're just trying to like.meta game this.do something oh what yep.that's rubbish every other time it's.been like this looks like a lockpickable.door.all right whatever ah [ __ ] inconsistent.video game design.okay this is gonna be a hard one how do.i.um.god it's like living in my previous.house with my flatmates.one of my flatmates i love her but oh my.god.you know how some people are just really.like heavy on their feet even though.like she's not big she's actually quite.trim.but she just like she walks with like.the ball of her foot so it like.thuds through the house my god i could.just always hear her.old times yeah.okay so now i can.push that one up and then this one down.and then.mini game like really took a.turn for yeah because before it was just.like i don't know just.go i just did something i was like oh.that works.the women in my family are like.notoriously lead footage.they like blaze through shoes.so [ __ ] fast.nice yes stan jones locksmith of the.year.stan when you refresh yourself from the.same person like that.well door number one what's behind door.number one oh look it's the answer.oh that does not look good that's.shocking.oh the cross is in the background and.there you go that's the locations.okay good do we have that in our.inventory i think so.should we just check quickly okay we do.that.nice i don't think there's anything here.this freak seems to like.photos and children nope.i'm leaving.[Music].thank you for the raid thank you oh give.me hello.playing obscure with gab door is locked.you sure you can't.um is it just locked.yeah this one's just locked this time.okay check the opposite way.i'm go just of course i mean she looks.like me of course.just look at the camera hang on look at.me.she's been crying here babe.there we go version of you can eat yeah.oh.hello not sure i like this.is this jedidiah's room i'm having a.great time with this creepy room.fantastic.with the flowers jitter diet doesn't.have bad dreams when.mommy was here other people came they.came to bother me.they will never leave this guy is sick.it's not something that started recently.this reminds me of that movie.with the exorcism which.yeah old toys.clown dog sleep with that in my room me.neither.god that would freak me out.no i think we got it i think any.moderately large thing with a face.is just not a good idea for your child.to go to sleep in the room with.because the face will like haunt you.well not even.even just the face like if it's just.like big enough to be shaped like a.person.i'd be freaked out i i've had enough.times where just like a house plant.freaked me out.oh man i bought this money plant and i.swear it moves.wait do we put the oh no we need to use.it there's a prisoner in this place.okay my favorite not favorite my least.favorite.stories um i listen to a true crime.podcast quite a lot and they've had a.couple of stories of.the child thinks that somebody is coming.into their room at night and the parents.are like no no you're just a child and.then it turns out later on that actually.was somebody going into the house and.like discover it i'm like that is.actually like my worst [ __ ] nightmare.that's just creepy and it's just.horrible to believe.that happened to someone can i.let it okay.helping it works.but there must be a specific combination.i think that was it and then objectives.saves fun okay.yeah it turned out it was like.somebody had been released from.prison early or something and it was.like the mayor's.son or something i can't remember it was.quite a good story i remember when i was.listening to this podcast and like one.of the children thought.somebody was in their house and they.were like no no you're just being.foolish and then one day like the person.[ __ ] up and leaves behind evidence that.they actually did like enter the house.it turns out the child was right all.along um our our inventory is okay.i think so let me reload.calls from my mother by the way my.mother had started to do this thing chat.where when she tries to text me.apparently she accidentally calls me i'm.not 100 sure if i believe that okay i'm.i'm sort of ready i'm kind of hurt.should i heal.yeah yeah you should heal i wonder if.feeling your teammate makes it more.effective.i feel much better i don't know or maybe.it's just something you can do in the.heat the moment.if you're playing one player you have.like an ai partner right.is he dead there can only be one strong.man.no he's just on the hook it's dead by.daylight yeah he still has a chance.take him off oh he's gonna die now isn't.he.damn.yes just stand there don't do anything.yeah there's your chance.[Music].oh he's like you can deal with us bye oh.what i would not be doing that if i was.there i'm holy [ __ ].don't leave me.[Music].you have to stay with me he is really.really dead.i yeah there's very little room for.doubt here.with you.what what great last words.yeah these two bad lads though sven.didn't deserve that.running in too far is that i desperately.need to heal.i'm gonna have to just do it i think.yeah do it.we'll probably find a safe point here.whoa it's little sneaky boy.can you imagine if we had not found that.stun gun.it it doesn't fill to three does it just.makes the serum automatically.i think so.okay battery is fully charged miss me.nice oh can we.no um oops oh zap.oh that's a thing yep.you could find oh they're following.uh sand scary put that aside for later.you do that i'm really bad for getting.through.the little things this looks like the.first game a lot it is.it is isn't it i think it is i think.we're going back to uh we've ended up.like going back under the school or.whatever again.yeah oh that's cool that's such a quick.call i.i recognize it [ __ ] instantly yeah i.was like.hang on a minute hold on oh my god.i'll wait until it's down go go go go in.pretty good.swing down lady smack the booty.smack that all on the floor smack that.give me some more smack that.until he gets or smack that.it's gross but we have to do it.do you want to run back and fill up your.gun again kind of but i still have half.so we can always flee if we need to okay.oh well it's a good thing we didn't miss.the wheel yeah i don't know about that.song in years me neither but.it comes to you sometimes you know.um i have a feeling that i've been here.before.me too dude you don't recognize oh [ __ ].oh god.just you're looking back at me on the.floor like.watch out.does that hurt them or does it just stun.i think it might just stun.okay aim down.thank you there you go oops oh.okay can we get a full central cover of.that song the problem is let's.check this out hang on there's a box.over here oh.are you crazy well and something else i.figured that would be the way ahead but.maybe not yeah you're right.that was where we went last time i think.to progress when we first played it in.the first game.uh so they changed it through this door.perhaps.over here how is he like the boxes this.kind of feels familiar it's like dude do.you not remember that traumatizing life.event.yeah really.yeah the plant growth oh god.it's all coming back oh ooh nice.how i don't uh yes.what were you playing today on kimi's.streaming by the way folks.was there any is there any recharge.points here.no i kind of expect them to give us one.if we needed it right here but let's.just recharge enemy.yeah on a road what is that.that sounds familiar.i still need to play that game kimmy.that's about like translating.my camera what it's called it looks good.though the alien language thing then.pass this way stan not that one that's.also good though make.oh it's like it's got kind of egyptian.vibe to it from what i can see.i've had a ton of people recommend.murder by numbers.because i've been doing monograms and.stuff on stream and apparently played.that before.yeah it's like a newer game for the.switch i think i charged it.oh i got an achievement for that i.charged it heaven's fault you'll play it.with me if you want wow you must really.love it give me okay let's do it.can you make a little play date for each.other.kimmy and i played through all the.missed games together it was a really oh.yeah did you guys see that the mist.there was a remake remastered announced.for vr.oh my god i find that game really creepy.the first one so i think vr would be.like a nightmare for me oh yeah it it.it's coming to the quest i think oculus.i had something i i saw maybe it's just.all vr but um.oh do it dude oh it's not that's not it.it kind of looks like it has a saw point.as well doesn't it.right yeah i thought that was it but.he's not doing it.make a life hmm.oh it must be the one in the back there.see that one oh.okay i see but where do we run to.back here okay so hit it and then.got me coming in here oh you get so much.time.okay and now we can uh oh i see i see i.see.god that took us a long time it really.does yep.we're back at leaf more now you figured.it out now.yeah oh [ __ ].oh that's the um.yeah that's so weird.no hidden items.it's a cool camera angle but i don't.think i'm there's anything in there.no see there kimmy have a good day bye.kimmy hear yourself.yeah sorry cammy that you tuned into.like the most boring part of the game.yeah.it's been really exciting i promised you.this game was actually quite fun.up until that one part she knows kami's.been.in that situation yeah we were on fire.um.before and now it's just like hey.yesterday we were just like.from veron can you reach that door.no no stan jones.average f it's strange i don't feel any.nostalgia for this place.i wonder why a plus and look where it.has gotten us.and look where it has gotten us.what the [ __ ] do we do there must be.something in the bathroom yeah there's.gotta be.something.there we go yes yes.sniff big sniff.[Laughter].sniff okay.we made it through the mausoleum.i suddenly stuffing is so did you see it.too.stuffing is so over what what does it.say after that.something like do.10.[Music].i don't know this place stinks i just.thought it was a display stinky.oh nice why would you write that as.graffiti inside the toilet.because it stinks probably that's stanky.yeah you just wanted everyone to know.i thought you might want to know didn't.the place get trashed in the last game.yeah it's work banned like completely.trashed oh god.jesus um do we need to throw a grenade i.think we're okay.no we're good yeah it's just one big boy.yeah.let's keep smacking okay.give me your heart.[ __ ] i'm gonna just i'm gonna drop this.photo in the toilet today i swear to god.okay well we got some goodies.[Music].good these.okay um where did we.come from kind of in the background.there.yeah here we go.excuse me oh these are the guys from the.first game as well.are they i think so.i can't see okay knocked one down.oh okay.it's strange i feel almost.nauseous okay we lost here we're finally.getting a better healing though at least.for that matter yeah we're doing better.these two are like very philosophical.all of a sudden yeah.they went from like dumb teenagers to.like we lost our innocence here it looks.like they can.leave us alone we need to find and kill.him.wow okay maybe not that philosophical.yeah.let's kill the bad but guy it looks like.they.kind of tried to stabilize the building.with all the support beams and stuff.right oh wait wait can we.i feel like we should be able to crawl.yeah that looks like a thing.oh i guess maybe it was from this room.wait let me check.oh yeah i can't do anything with it oh.well.so edens were very broad weren't they.yeah very washed out color palettes old.horror games were very brown.yeah full of images of the past.so stan we can climb this maybe.yep nice oh.oh yeah just so you can get a panty shot.in there yeah right.goodness.um should we check the porn and game.desks there's monsters just now.okay there's three doors if there's such.a.blocked off i want to exchange mine for.a better one.wait wait wait sorry.um let me go through these doors before.i jump down.wait can you actually go through them.well i didn't check all of them.no okay blocked off.look off okay i'm disappointed her.panties aren't black.is that the takeaway here she's not a.real goth.that's right underneath she's faking it.she's a preppy.smack it teacher's staircase.blocking the door oh okay okay.back to the drawing board that was a.weird achievement oh hi everyone.no well the freak that killed sven is.still here.this is his home his playground.oh [ __ ] oh boss fight time.it's silent hill 3. you monster you.didn't.you wouldn't do that to amy would you.constructions.oh no yep oh no relax.you need medical attention i don't care.i want this to be over for all of us.let's go oh no she's gonna have some.kind of demon baby yeah.wait did they come from here.ah okay okay.i stole a high capacity battery from our.psychopath.it's compatible with your equipment.great prize i love it buzz buzz.okay the music.i love how she started having.contractions and then two seconds later.she's just like whatever.no i'm good i'm good drink i should.choose character.i could i have a feeling that like.almost romantic.they're gonna make me use the acrobatic.guy.um yeah because we've been we've been.shannon for a while.i feel like i want to stay with him at.least for lockpicks.and stuff that's a good idea.that was a very quick little bit of.music maybe.dude acrobatic dude can climb up here.actually yeah.um seems low enough for it but.[Music].no you want to come on stay climbing.abandoned wheelbarrow are you stuck.you can switch the camera to you if you.want to.yeah same especially if we're in combat.and things are getting dicey.in the corner yeah feel free to switch.oh.no oh not time should we do it you can.do the honors.[Applause].i love how the sound comes in like.immediately so did you click yes as well.um there's no like lead up to or.anything it's just blindly feel.really tired stan your voice is very.different from our yeah.that was weird.oh there's something on this building.site that can cut this.okay oops.okay well that's one thing to try and.get.guys it's weird to be at the old.building again yeah it is.it's quite clever though because they.already had all these assets right or at.least.so they're kind of just reusing them oh.here we go.oh no you [ __ ] don't.oh we're gonna get some more serum.hopefully you know.you're a real idiot oh wait this is.where we came from.is it oh yeah yep yeah but we do have.different characters now although i.don't think i saw anything that looks.no inaccessible we we still have a.couple doors here to try.uh do we i think we do yeah this one.and this uh parking lot yeah.at least i remember this being a parking.lot what.yeah me too oh god oh god help me help.me.i'm struggling oh [ __ ] oh my god.okay gotta watch out the other things.honestly don't really have a lot.past that one attack though in my.experience.i really can't bring myself to like.these things okay.why would you i'm trying to [ __ ].switch to the okay.oh okay goodness is that an energy drink.yes much better it's like her work is.never done here.okay we can go there.then item yes it is.okay before we try this door maybe we.should.check the other side yeah that's it oh.there's a door there too though.blocked off yep good i always like that.it's like don't give me too many options.just straight where i want to go.we never have to worry about it again.like silent hill where it's like.slack was broken oh thank god.you can't claim that yeah that's.subtitle.for when they have like a face hugger on.their face.that's right maurice let me just get out.here.oh you know okay aquila as well they're.in america.yeah fancy americans.we actually use the matrix system yes.we've been educated to use the metrics.can we not use this to talk.oh and is this um.okay yeah pick up the ball.if you can you can hook it yeah that was.it.okay so what do you want to smash.you oh maybe the.wall on your left yeah.let's see if i have to do it again yeah.i think you can break it more.yep sweet one more time.nope or not let me see if i can get.through.oh.who needs some zap it needs zapping.we're ready oh [ __ ] okay big guys.nice.[Music].look at that teamwork.ah target there we go.[Music].yo mama really to yo.mama another one bites the dust i'm.sorry you're good.we did good yeah that was that was quite.well done.okay library got a chair.a staircase for suicidal individuals all.right.okay all right young man.turn that attitude down right this.instant.yeah okay i was about thinking oh i can.jump ah.hey you think you're some kind of.gangster.[Laughter].yes.can you hmm.maybe wait maybe i can put something.there for you.or you can probably go down and then and.then swing jump.press go down once and then oh okay.crazy yeah.there you go i can tell you've played.this character before yeah.a swing jump man i've been so tired and.stressed that i could sleep for a month.honestly at this point this can cut.through a chair nice.yes good okay.i think i can go back down there yeah.sweet.glad we had this character with us hi.yeah i just had a weird feeling oh my.god phone what.what the [ __ ] now seven missed calls for.mother.in just in this span just now i'd like.to know where sven's murderer is hiding.the thing is though if there's actually.an emergency i won't know now.yeah because like obviously somebody.calls you over and over it's like [ __ ].that's like really bad.because of super text things you can.take a little break if you want and just.call her and check would have texted me.probably still.she would have found the way like my dad.would have called me mm-hmm.okay let me just check there's not a.text no just my dad asking for money the.other day as well.well done that was thanks to your mom.yeah.she had a moment here my mother.she did it how many do we have two.okay one more key.there's got to be a key here somewhere.then no thanks.i got one here.the battery's fully charged maybe wait.we haven't even seen the box yet.actually that the three keys go into.that's a good point i mean i usually.like beside these guys right.yeah it's usually like hq.hmm that's that's lots lots.stand the man.the chain falls to pieces no luck is.match for me.elegant it's kind of like a pole oh.music intense music time usually both of.us are like guns.already flowers seem to be following a.path.i feel like this is where the third.little key would be.yeah yeah a really.instinct health kit first take it let's.go.can i drive this probably yeah.okay find your ball.i don't see it where's my ball this.machine is useless.maybe a wrecking ball is it like a.platform that i use to get up somewhere.though.this time no no i think we.wait wait exit out.i thought i saw something here but my.wall.there's probably some oh.um shenanigans we'll have to turn the.crank together.otherwise we won't get very far oh my.god do we have to go the whole.way up i was going down sorry.this is so much work this was fun with.the.boss though that you had to do that.together as well right.okay too much.now i think we need to just keep going.until it like registers us.done right there we go sure i stopped.you already.small three okay.anything here no.oh here we go okay let's see here we go.box special blocks.stitching christ.wow here didn't like it when i smacked.him there huh no.smack that all on the floor at the rest.of signing repetitive.i'm just going to keep zapping it keep.it chair.cool god this battery is nice.yeah right oh i've got a weird.in a second sleepy time sleepy time.spending sleep on top of each other just.your bro is having a good sleep this.[Applause].i'm clipping through your waist you're.cuddling my stomach.cool great all right let me do my.nonsense.don't worry i'll keep you warm.i'm sorry okay and you were fine there.by the way what the [ __ ].my character's like ugh.jesus oh god this part of the game is.apparently a little jump scary.okay get lost.yeah damn.dynamite holy [ __ ] i'm glad i did that.oh we need to do that on the wall.this little wall here yeah i'm assuming.okay here we go here we go here we go.what happens if you mess this up though.please throw it.please throw it through.take care he's gonna whoa why didn't he.throw over there.it still worked.just as i was like what happens if you.mess it up though here they come.there's too many of them i don't like it.nice.i still haven't found that freak from.the forest.i'm sorry oh you're good well i wish oh.you're hurt.and just let us know.that did the trick okay.yeah i wasn't having that chat pistol.time door is closed and it's not luck.a lockpick apparently.oh wait wait we had you had some yellow.here.yeah oh you can pick that oh i can oh i.feel like we brought the two best.characters for this segment just like.a sixth sense a gamer sense.i don't know.oh [ __ ].yeah okay wait i need to.um yeah so like you go under the fourth.one on.from the right.like that there you go oh that's right.just barely oh flesh bang oh that was.after flashbang that was actually worth.it.my brain oh here's your ball oh but we.need fuel.and the machines shovel ah.wow.[Music].okay right there yeah now we can switch.the channel really quickly.good good good good good good.uh i'll change okay just in case.just in case we won't stand a man stand.the man.we have three small keys we just don't.know where the box is.i haven't even seen it that's weird.oh maybe it's in here yeah.this is the sound effect from when you.shine the light on the enemies in the.first game.wow yeah.damn this door really is secure.wait so we can use the flashlight.no this is a special one yeah that's a.special thing.i'm coming i'm like wow that must be a.really heavy flashlight goddamn.is that a lock pick oh look at us the.sound it makes when you charge it up.oh what the [ __ ] oh so it's like a.batteries.the battery's gone i need something to.cut the chain oh do we still have the.thing.oh my god really.so when there's multiple enemies the.flashes are probably really nice.exactly if you wish if you're so.inclined.wait what did we just get oh the.gasoline okay a jerry can.full of gasoline.jerry cans anyway who's jerry it's a war.thing i think.no probably.so probably a war thing yeah i think it.was something they did in.world war one.chuck it over there's your ball.yeah nice.jerry made the can my monster's just.been jerry's can.um there must be a oh yeah there was a.recharge point here wait wait wait wait.let's go guess what.juice juice juice i was gonna tell you.something earlier.well that was it yeah i had a youtube.comment recently i.wonder how many times you've gotten this.in particular as a woman that was like.you've gone wait recently they said as.if they were like doing me a favor.i don't i actually don't really get that.but.i feel like whenever i eat beautiful.whenever i.gain or lose weight it's never really in.my face that much it's always on my ass.so people don't really notice.hey let me see how many people are.important.that's the entire [ __ ] okay i just.wanted to.test that to make sure.okay so this is a emergency thing yeah.yeah.which means okay okay i charged it i can.use it even if i only have like 10.percent of juice.so yeah save it for like the last like.the end of it.okay um i we probably won't need shannon.anymore let me switch back.um yeah you a strong boy i want.acrobatics boy the.acrobatics gets used a lot in this game.yeah because it's fun.that's right uh excuse me where was the.thing.when we have the ball for it uh i think.this way.jerrycan is designed in germany 1930s.head.heady jerry slang term for german.oh i see so it's a german can yeah.german ken.jerry huh i see.we're on a building yeah i remembered it.was a war thing but i just don't enjoy.this wall.i didn't remember isn't it the thing on.the side yeah there.you go.you got i got my ball.and.i'm bush oh i'm getting some good swings.now.nice breeze.here you go sorry this is [ __ ] die.yeah yeah i was actually expecting you.to instantly die there i'm not gonna lie.oh do you see that up there i see a.health kit down there.oh safeway healthcare up there though.look at the top of the screen.i think oh maybe.we can boost each other settle with mr.psycho face.for sven maybe i have to like.glue down to get up if you know what i.mean oh he's looking at something.yeah he's looking what are you looking.at.yeah what is it i'm not looking at it.oh he's probably looking at the hell.else kit that you can climb to.there we go maybe it's from.this other way oh 1903.1903 i'll read the first page please.read the second one okay i'm stuck here.at leaf more my body can no longer.tolerate.light after i injected myself with.mortophilia cells there he is.it's changing i can no longer move.undoubtedly i won't be able to ride.anymore soon i failed.instead of giving me eternity.mortophilia is going to kill me.how ironic i leave behind me my young.son jedi oh it's actually.i thought it was a spelling error yeah i.thought the song was just an idiot.yeah the genes i transmitted to him.during conception were already mutating.oh.even so his mother and i wanted him to.live he is strong but his psychological.state is troubling.at times he can be very aggressive.mordophilia has powers that exceed my.predictions.my emotions are changing anger rises in.me more and more.it's frequently it's the yeah.so that means it's the final boss's son.yeah i think so maybe we can smack this.no boost.oh i had a green thing just now oh no.that's you.me yeah you're just coming back up i.want the healthcare.maybe if you stand here you can like.jump over to it.hmm mother.[ __ ] [ __ ].kids oh here we go there you go.oh there's a flower there as well but.we'll do that in a minute hmm i saw that.one but.there's more important things to do.um because maybe i can help you jump or.something.i don't know hmm.maybe we're just trying to do it too.quickly and we'll get to like through.this door in a sec.maybe yeah maybe it's just a hint or you.could pick it as well.the door but do you want me to touch it.let's touch it.okay i'll let you do it it's it might be.just a thing that's like um.a hint for like see there's a health kit.up there and then if you go around.then you can get it yeah.i'm sorry please don't be too hard i.feel like you're about to admit to.murder there you're like i killed.something really bad is about to happen.don't say that yeah okay this one needs.to be up.much easier i think it's just the ones.for optional items are harder.why did they have to say that hmm.it's so big is that the dude from the.original.game slap.oh s good dad is that jedediah.old tree oh tree.it's friedman friedman i thought we.killed him two years he's still alive.this jerk who injected us with the black.spores.i need to take daily medication because.of this jerk.what did you do oh.that's why the other dude was like my.medication and then he was like yeah.whatever.so they're all taking meds to make sure.they don't transform.right so he managed to spread his plague.through the flowers.oh and may.and enjoy and june.oh nice there's a charge point here okay.um oh god.i don't know what to do can i zap him.[Music].it doesn't stun him though yeah.i don't know if i want to get too close.to him yeah i can't.stun him so.oh what is he doing.wait did we get him oh.jesus oh my god.ow okay we have still have a couple.things.oh there oh no.that's cool.okay here we go.oh [ __ ] i wonder if i can flash him with.the flashlight because there's a bag.so we need to shoot him enough and then.the tentacle will drop.yeah that's music.though you got a lot of shotgun bullets.yeah i'm trying to use them but i keep.getting hit.that's quite hard.[Music].much better okay.you're dead friedman oh.[Music].keep my distance the music in this oh my.god that was a really bad time for me to.do.that sorry music and this game slaps.i feel like i need to reiterate that.soundtrack is 10 minutes.all right do you want to use the.crossbow sorry was that don't you want.to use the crossbow.i'll say the crossbow i mean they're all.good.but i feel like it's more powerful yeah.i want to save the flash bangs for big.rooms.yeah yeah and they're better for like a.clearing room okay you ready yeah.let's go.oh weird oh i ran there he goes like.that did he.[ __ ].[Music].okay uh what happened to me.no why oh i'm struggling oh [ __ ].i got caught by a root.you wrecked okay.nice wait this wasn't the final boss was.it.no.but you can still he looks really happy.about it.a little insensitive nice fire going.dude don't rub it in hey that guy does.have a chainsaw.why would you just do that when it's you.could have like taken him easily oh god.oh god is this what i'm fighting tap tap.tap.oh.i played a lot of international track.and field when i was a kid i've got this.yeah you got it nice.[Applause].wow.no don't don't trample his head.don't do it.are we the bad guys nightmares and.trolls and then this.oh this feels so final.but no wait the dude that fell down with.the big arms.yeah chainsaw versus chainsaw yeah.and wait no no no they're still flash.forward with the girl on the pedals.[Applause].so he did oh i get it.the threat like we took care of it but.she still has the baby inside of her.right so that's now the last thing.that's still alive.right no that's.it no don't tell me were they planning.on an obscure three.that's it no that's so random.okay i'm checking the guide what did we.like miss something.what okay but she's pregnant she's.peggers.she's gregnant pregnant.so there's only three more chapters left.yeah.so each time we save is one chapter so.it can't be that long.we we did one two three four five six we.did seven chapters.just now in an hour and a half wow jesus.yeah.still the last chapters might be a bit.more chunky maybe yeah it could be.or not expecting at least one boss fight.and if i don't get a boss fight.zero out of ten i think it's what we.said like kenny.is not really finished yet and the.pregnant lady.still needs to something just kind of.like.is he dead for real no no i don't think.so.because he just fell down and normally.in this in these games when they die.they like.just don't die oh oh she's.mega preggers yeah cops.what's your problem oh [ __ ].responsibility now.oh no evil been calling it since the.start.right two years ago oh that belly.oh this is the ultimate evolution that.escalated quickly.only just failed don't rub the belly.please yeah.gross dude this evening.nature has helped us well nature.not likely friedman was still alive.was oh.at least he will have completed his work.your friend has brought us new hope.you pig god poor amy i know right all.those people.die without doing anything my colleagues.were late to arrive.i'm sorry could things just stretch.pants on that's me.after i make myself a big plate of pasta.i just can't stop eating it and that.works it's like i'm so sick.we go in our own car okay.oh i if i were acrobat dude i would not.want to be in the car with her.right oh is he like not taking the pills.anymore.oh because he wants to be stronger yeah.oh damn i'm weirdly into this.uh excuse me.they're [ __ ] dead.[Laughter].oh my [ __ ] god she [ __ ] dead.miss keisha miss keisha.what's that oh it's not from the first.game is it.not medallion i feel like i've seen it.before.oh hold on there we go.i'm excited i'm glad there's more i.would have been very.unsatisfied with that rubbish ending.then.next up is it flower time.more flowers oh yeah.wait that means that there's still more.flowers growing around.so they still need to be.um what's the word.god there's a word for that pesticide.yeah germinated no that's not good.is there a word with pesticides.pesticide pesticided.pesticides excellent.we're in a bit of trouble here i managed.to escape they took amy.i'm gonna try to get her back don't do.anything stupid corey i can get them.corey wait corey wasn't the ball dude.wait wait dude i kept calling him corey.cory is the acrobatics guy oh you don't.even know.corey cap nope surprising no.amy oh god um.do we just run if we have to we ha what.are we gonna do box it to death.we lost all of our weapons.okay at least nothing new responding.fall creek's middle class dungeon i.always hated this place.middle class duncan gamma i didn't think.i would ever set foot in here.it's always about delta theta gamma.isn't it yeah.dylan thank you for the rain oh yay.hello hello.oh wait hang on hang on they're they're.getting a horizon commercial.oh really he says i can't see anything.because i have to stare at this horizon.commercial.um yeah there we go.i was i was scared i was thought you i.thought you were missed talking about.like the new mid real ad stuff.oh god i was like have they started.doing it.is it over it's gonna be so shitty when.you're in the middle of a good.point in a game and randomly it's snoop.dogg talking about [ __ ].yeah keep the rules or whatever soccer.team.oh we're here again and we're back here.again okay.oh there's a box here oh the one from.before gap parties.you have them right that's great.isaac and yourself are planning on.playing this at some point i think you.guys will enjoy it.um yeah for crying.excuse me where are we gonna get any.guns.oh oh if only if i was smart.um okay i need much for the raid by the.way though i hope you guys are well.much love.excuse me very chill also ss flag.thank you for the subscription earlier.can't bite you i'm working my magic.oh come on jesus oh come on chill.this is so annoying gab have you ever.played fahrenheit.uh no indigo prophecy oh my god you have.to play it the funny thing is that last.time you played obscure you asked me the.same thing.did i did i really yeah this game.reminds me of it a lot sorry for being.so repetitive.i'm probably having like three topics of.conversation ever but i.i have definitely remembered glass rose.though i'm gonna do that one.oh you would love that yeah for sure 100.it's the game you don't love that game.i don't know you i don't know who you.are.then we're over yeah that's it i'm done.that's.it it's like a japanese murder mystery.oh damn hello okay.should i leave it like this go for it.you had it wait did that yeah i think.you had it oh yeah it did oh.i thought i had to redo it okay.if you say so dude yeah i thought it was.a hard.three.did you forget about the weapons video.game.oh can we climb this oh yeah yeah.whatever happened to ladies first gab.oh i might actually be [ __ ] here is it.eighth.okay you could be good i'm.i'm sure they kind of like uh oh we have.health items by the way.well that's wonderful and i'll feel like.that really big gun though.call me spoiled.it's weird to be here again it is what.are we doing.back here even they said they were.regrouping at the stadium so i think.we're trying to get to that but we're.trying to.calibrate a bit you take it nobody's.going to open it oh there's more.actually.medallions and knock later a flare gun.do you want the gun.i feel better doing melee oh really okay.yeah sure um let me give me.yeah thanks.okay.good uh okay.wait where do we go then where are they.oh.now all the medallions get put in here.wonder if they went through that large.gate okay.oh oh uh.internal and external oh god.wait which so.alpha beta what the [ __ ] was it it was.triangle circle.l yeah so i guess we need we need them.to point to both.terms.let me go back to mine and see.because that means.oh i don't have triangle at will.oh wait wait i have triangle so i do.this one yeah.yeah um.oh my god whatever happened to just a.[ __ ] key.no nice okay so that's definitely solved.that one yeah.did you have to press something or did.it just do that by itself it just yeah.it just shifted in.as soon as it was in place so.yeah there there okay.okay good call can we do some sniffing.please.oh this is your call take a deep breath.this thing is going to give me a huge.headache.that's kind of cool that they've all.been like um.oh god here we go.they've all been kind of like altered by.the first game and they have to take.meds.yeah yeah i quite like that actually.damaged.here like actually damaged.oh can we still sear him oh smokey.where'd you find that.no we can't we don't know this one just.had it disc with a symbol.nothing there yeah the hearts that's.really annoying.[Laughter].yeah i want it.okay oh.i like this big fan of churches and.games.fraternity buildings this is a.fraternity building what the [ __ ].why do frats have so much money in.america maniacs or they have something.they're trying to compensate for.i don't want to know what happened here.hmm.okay let's not take the doors just yet.see if there's items on the ground floor.all over we'll have time for romance oh.what's up okay.you mean a date without guns a number on.the pillar strange.and we can't use this right yeah.it was a good idea yeah i already forgot.we picked it up.we need the code okay.it means he's still hiding something i.know this is stressful.we need the code this is key oh.how many do we have two keys.um the pillars must be the code so two.three five two yeah oh there's a sniffer.there.oh wait there's a one here though uh oh.so we need the right pillars we need to.know which ones.oh there's like little desks on the.floor sorry i got distracted.if.yeah we don't really have like the frat.system in.i don't think all of europe actually.yeah definitely not in the netherlands.well.there are like student groups.like clubs and stuff but the trip and.they try to mimic the american thing.but not successfully our ones are much.more like.wait wait a minute hey do you like this.pastime here's a club.does that mean we have to go all the way.back to that box that we passed in the.beginning.if we want that item yeah.back away when we first came into the.campus where the.the dude was cut in half and now i find.it oh no.that's where the box was just because.some idiots sniffed some flowers.we sneak flowers something interesting.to tell your children.oh it's this one oh you just saw it.there and he's like.if you have to go back to that box i.want to do it because it'll have goodies.yeah.um there was a door here as well right.yeah.maybe one of the doors leads back yeah.it'll be like a short cut.i don't feel safe in this room ooh april.16 1903.theodore village current president of.the united states what.today pledge allegiance before the high.brothers with delta theta gamma.as an honorary member of the fraternity.i pledge to open the doors blah blah.blah blah blah blah.blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.will be trained and thrown in this way.it will be always a virtuous soul at the.heart of the country the president of.the united states.was part of this fraternity of.ah this one's for you may 6th.paris.hi brothers have unanimously voted to.inscribe the recent works of leonard and.herbert friedman.in the fraternity's codices ah.their discoveries considering the.possibility of eternal life promised.delta theta gamma a paramount place.among the prominent powers of this.planet fraternity weirdos.weirdos oh box box box black box.yes oh my god.well that's for you have fun.i love how the game just assigns it to.me and i'm like no please no.i'm lara croft now i just want my my.super flash.light back yeah i want you to get that.back i haven't even used it.you know at one point we will get all of.our stuff back as well i hope so yeah.jesus oh [ __ ].nah no struggle parasite.yeah take that all the rest of these.things.hey okay.let us have the serum thing yeah.wait this museum has the monsters.it seems that the freedmen's yeah right.here they're like.um exhibits yeah these guys yeah yeah so.then here.they knew what they did oh what's that.health kit that'll happen always.always help wait is that it okay.good area we got some good stuff i might.have to use that first aid kit.oh yeah do it.yes saved me yes quite.okay so we need to know which pillars to.use.which pillar street screams alpha to you.oh wait wait wait the disc the disc we.can put the disc on the upper floor.thing.yeah that's a good point that'll.probably point it out for us.oh did we go to the store that's where.we came in i think.okay i think yeah yeah i swear there's.no music in this part of the game.yeah they kind of gave up oh my god.so.yeah there must be.a light yeah or is it that specific part.of the floor.oh is it that location let me see what.this one does.how do i how do i do it is it not.letting it only not only i may do it.that one's top middle oh.look at that oh that's it.now you can see yeah it's the middle one.ah okay so top middle.okay next one so middle left.cool okay left one and then the last one.corey will die stan unless we talk left.with him.right yeah okay okay.cool that's cool yeah that was a funny.little thing.they're escaping with amy hey.what is this no not you.it's kenny possible so four.yeah it's definitely four five one.let's do it.you wanna do it yeah okay um.yes smooth.very smooth.knowledge excellence platonic.pillager i couldn't read it.yes okay.this superstition what.whoa i think somebody was just coming up.with uh something that sounded a bit.loud in there.hey what's the matter with you.any minute now the latin masters of chat.are going to crawl out the woodworks and.be like actually.was the word first coined in three at.least 1 000 pages.yeah anything here no.wait look the bounce of the elements a.fitness book perhaps.really give a boost health care.oh this is the expedition ending for.william james.1902 dear leonard from william.we can no longer deny that the.incredible plant you brought back from.afrocrush slows down the cellular aging.process in fact it stops it completely.we shall cure humanity of its greatest.affliction we will kill death itself.still need to refine the process so that.in it will be compatible with the human.body i understand the passion you put.into your quest but as.none of your guinea pigs have survived.it would be suicidal to try it on.yourself.oh my goodness you want this one yeah.from william james 1903.dear herbert we know that the news is.drawing tighter using your students as.guinea pigs was the height of.foolishness.fortunately the complaints from the.parents will have no consequences.the fraternity has already called upon.highly placed former members in the.government.the case will soon be hushed research.must continue we must save your brother.leonard and this project to this end we.will regularly send you new test.subjects through unofficial channels.that's great good job thanks.oh oh more that's not like knowledge.requires on our members.um actually absolute knowledge my.absolute knowledge is what i present.honor nature and reveal to men gifts.they cannot see.sorry ladies you get nothing you the.spiritual leave this world must.sacrifice everything for the.humanity including of necessary humans.themselves.medicus curat natura sanat the doctor.treats but it is nature that heals wow.jared crowley finding father.cool sacrificing others is not a sacred.thing.i thought he was going to say is not.cool not cool.not bodacious.that is whack the lantern scared me wait.was he looking at.uh oh it's a dude.okay let's see there we go there we go.spikes club what excuse me oh.you got a little extra bye bat i'll take.the shotgun again i guess.i like how we're just like yep this one.this one this one this one.there and then the dynamite.oh we lost all of our flashbangs are you.kidding me yeah why the [ __ ] does it.take away the flashbangs of all things.maybe the other characters will get.those.if we had known we were we were crazy.and the flashlight's gone.though that's pretty cool yeah.oh i no one no one likes.days gone but when i saw that it was.coming to ps5 plus i was like oh.am i really entire thing again yeah i.100.completed it oh my god.did you play in your channel a lot yeah.but like did people not watch it very.much no no it was great.it didn't do well um it was just that.the start is really boring so i was like.if i play it again.then like the first 40 hours are.basically kind of like ah.40 yeah oh my god but you say it gets.better after four errors.it's like the end game stuff is really.cool so you fight these hordes of.zombies right.but right they start out with really.small groups so it's like a horde of.like 20.a horde of 30. but then end game [ __ ] is.like hordes of 500.and that's what it's like [ __ ] cool.to take them all out but it's like.that's end game [ __ ] so you need to get.there.so it takes really long it like scales.very slowly.i'm perpetually trying to convince.people that final fantasy 13's battle.system does actually get quite fun once.you.get like three party members and stuff.yeah.new beginning.someone skipped leg day i'm not pointing.any fingers but.now you too are pregnant.[Laughter].and i will be the same.you know what kenny there's only one.person that was me or what was her name.is he killing himself whatever don't.kill yourself oh that's sweet no.dude why he's like cool.oh his ice shifted yeah oh [ __ ].whoa this game was very colorful all of.a sudden yeah.okay uh okay shotgun.ouch what am i shooting.i'm shooting something else wait what is.he doing where's the music.till i catch i don't know what we're.doing we need to oh over here.i saw it yeah i was like ah hurry up.get a taste of my gun it's so quiet.teamwork.yeah where's the music um.yes yeah okay i think we just need to do.that.oh god i need to heal he's doing some.sort of range attack we have.six healthcare calm down.oh being afraid is a sign that i'm still.human i can't i can't hit him at all dan.he is hurting me a lot yeah he's like.kind of.non-stop his name i'm too old maybe we.should move away when he does this there.we go.there we go ouch.did you see that thing oh yeah he.revealed it.full what an idiot foolish boy.oh that one oh that one on the left you.need to open it with your powers.oh it's just so stupid it's gonna just.say.drop some lights on them and that's it.that's dumb.okay wait wait wait wait run around.first here let's get some distance.until he stops doing this god stop.spamming.it's like we were playing a fighting.game and here we go they just spam.all right i'm breathing yeah you do that.oh god really weird minigame for me to.have to play right now.yeah i can't i can't see anything okay.okay.where is he wait where am i oh uh.i'm here okay yeah we need to just knock.him down first and then you can do that.that was a little much.okay oh god stop yeah you can't do it no.it's so quiet the music really is.a glitch no it might be actually a thing.they just removed so apparently the.steam release of the first game also had.a different.opening song and when i put it on.youtube so many people were like what.happened to blink 182 ah.they lost the rights there or something.okay.i'll just go smack this box i did it.nice try just do this oh yeah.seems like we have time for it oh god.okay oh good.oh so close so close one more one more.yeah.the one he's standing next to right now.he's gonna probably open it.damn that's a real shame that would have.been really cool to hear that i i think.it must be something like that like they.just muted it.oh i switched back to my oh god i need.to reload and heal.i wish we had to pick the laser light.beam for this.yeah that would be cool you may have a.second phase though.come on dude oh god.i sure reloaded earlier that was sloppy.well we couldn't really we had to keep.moving ah.wait but this corner we already did he's.done there's a lot but he hasn't.he hasn't exposed the thing yet.weak can we hit it oh lockpick oh [ __ ].oh my god you gotta be [ __ ] you're.kidding me.hopefully it's an easy one yes go go.yeah oh my god.that was the quickest lock i picked in.my life here let me give you.let me give this some music in the.background chat.i'm playing a sonic car music right now.i healed just in time.he trampled me.ooh big swipe.oops i totally fired that you for some.reason okay.we almost got it we just need to down.him one more time.weak biscuit ouch i think that's.supposed to be a play on limp biscuit.that might that might have been the song.that played then.maybe ah [ __ ] oh i'm being a dumbass.he's done okay i can't see okay there.your little leg up i'm a little leggy.come on come on come on dude.oh it's over achievement unlocked really.you just clumped him on the head once i.wish that we had this kind of music for.the final boss.right oh.don't touch him you might get pregnant.i'm not kidding.see you did it.my please no.absolutely not dumbass.yeah he was so weird he was just like i.need my meds and then he ran off and.he's like no.you know what i don't need my meds and.then he just went evil.i won't allow it to live.but he said take care of it let it live.oh that belly though gross.oh [ __ ].did she just explode.oh is that is that fog gonna affect the.whole town.maybe she was like a time bomb they're.like.[ __ ] wait how did they even know.that they were in that helicopter did.they say that.you know this is making me really horny.no no.oh no they're gonna have sex and have.another explosive baby.no no but it's.yeah why does that sound like natalie.and brulia for a minute there.king is me.do you think these are real credits yeah.another free cut.let me check it's the same credits isn't.it.we're just we're just we just have to.watch it twice oh my god.we wanted to make sure everybody knew if.we made this game.[Music].let me see.yeah switch boss yep stadium lights fall.on kenny.he will finally die.and incredible same ending credits but.with a new tune.the game is now over no new game plus no.unlockable outfits no.unlockable kenny wow they sound kind of.solid about that.yeah it's like nothing nothing.that's it yeah you don't get anything.wow i mean it's fun in its own way.though.i don't know any type of game that i'd.be like i need to replay this no.right now yeah it was fun but i don't.think it's fun enough for that.right like i would rather go through.outbreak again or something.exactly i can't believe we finished it.really quickly too.took us like two hours who kept saying.that i think this might be a three.trim yeah what do you think we will be.doing.y'all are biscuit heads that's what i'm.saying damn.[Music].yeah that was this was surprisingly easy.actually compared to the first game yeah.the first game was like.quite tough we got stuck.for a little bit like i remember one bit.we got like.stuck for like 45 minutes basically.[Music].going back and forth and just redoing.hallways to get it perfect because we.couldn't lose any health.the first game definitely felt like we.were playing through an old game you.know what i mean where you have to like.redo sections and you have to be really.careful not to.run out of healing items whereas this.time it felt a little bit more like just.an adventure.it was more balanced we like weren't we.just.we always had just enough items healing.items and stuff.i guess that's why some people maybe.don't like this one as much because it.feels like it kind of just.ends a little that's it but i still.don't think it was that i mean obviously.the writing is.bad it's like oh there's one loose end.with the baby yeah let's just blow up.the helicopter done.obscure final exam that's obscure three.final exam isn't the third game though.like i'm still sad they actually were.three.scroller or something oh they were.planning on making three but then.gave up huh [ __ ] it.yeah i probably couldn't get enough.support for it.some of the wording was a little ah i.mean yeah the god.it's aged horribly oh yes absolutely.horribly.but it was it was fun.it was definitely like i i i love these.kind of games even if they're not good.like this is an.outbreak i just love playing these like.classic games.yeah we had a good time overall i would.say yeah as nonsense as it all is really.our favorite thing was to earn a save.point.yeah consistently our favorite thing.about this game.you should play the suffering which one.is that again.it's ps2 i remember but i don't know.what it's about.i'm sure it's all right you should play.glass rows class arrows yeah i need to.buy it.oh have you ever played um.a shadow of memories no i haven't.yes that's the other one it was um it.was in a poll for a patron pick.it was really close um the game is like.four hours isn't it it's not.very long uh i think i did like two.streams of it at least.two three yeah it's actually.the the ending of it is actually.surprisingly clever there's five.different endings so.you'll get oh maybe that's you've.replayed it like a little bit.yeah oh no that's that's a very fun game.i think you'd enjoy that too.hmm yeah shadow memories i've heard a.ton of good things about it but.it's just one of those games where i'm.just like yeah i don't know.the thing with older games is like.some of them are like gems but the.gameplay can always be so clunky.is it just a black screen though wow is.this it.there's nothing it's not even back to.title screen maybe that's what it is.like whatever nothing right.um but yeah like with obscure one or.um i don't know some older games they.can be pretty tough and unforgiving.so i'm always worried when i play a.classic oh there it is.i'm always worried that whenever i play.like a ps2 game or older game that i.haven't played before that i don't.really know the tricks and i can easily.get stuck yeah yeah it's always my.there's definitely some older games.where it's like playing with a guide is.honestly kind of better than.stumbling around what would you say.siren is just impossible without a.god absolutely um.but yeah i'm always kind of reluctant to.really start and i oh yeah parasite eve.too.i got really stuck like i couldn't.finish the.game i couldn't beat the final boss yeah.and then i came back to it like a year.later or something and i just.i i didn't the first time around i.didn't realize that you really have to.like grind out all the enemies.like you have to just beat all the.enemies in the level to kind of like.level up enough and then you're strong.enough towards the end to beat the final.boss.right and i didn't do that when i played.the first time i was just like i'm done.in this area i'm going to move on and.not go out of my way and kill everyone.light for streaming of course you don't.like centers or grinding.yeah so i definitely have had.experiences with games versus like ah.i don't know yes it's not as much fun to.actually play it than people remember.that's a common one.um that's true yeah i think shadow.memories has one or two moments where.you.you might need to consult a guide just.to make sure that you know where you're.going but.it's not too like some of it's like.getting a different ending more than.anything.yeah where it's like okay yeah here.instead at this time yeah or.again older games that have limited.saves that's always a really hard one as.well.for me because i'm like if i want to.make it episodic.it just kills it because you can't.really stop playing when it.suits you because you can't save ugh.playing the old rezzy games like that.was just such a hassle.and you wanna where'd it be you wanna.make sure.that you don't like lose progress and as.a streamer a lot of the time.the way to do that is to save often in.different slots but of course if you do.that and resident evil the game is like.now yeah failed.yeah or just like are you sure about.that you have like three safe levels.and it's like a [ __ ].yeah they're tough fun fun fun but yes.uh i had a good time playing this with.you are you that was great.yeah what what do with the rest of the.night like it's early.i i'm still down to do something for.like an hour i don't know if you want to.play anything but i wouldn't.i was thinking about just ending it.there myself because i came.for nine hours yesterday oh god yeah you.should take it easy then yeah so i'm.like yawning a lot today i think because.i'm really.tired yeah then oh then i'm glad that we.didn't take too long.yeah i think i might just do maybe some.fall guys or something from tetris i.don't know.just some random filler for a little bit.of fall guys.oh yeah yeah um.i guess we can stop the parsec stuff.what i'm gonna do though is i am feeling.a little.sleepy or whatever so what i'm gonna do.is i'll read you.and i'll join you oh yeah just hang out.but not on stream.yeah and then sort of half on stream.just so people aren't like you only play.30 minutes of full guys with the [ __ ].yeah yeah i know i'm planning to do just.a tiny bit.okay um so yeah i'll go read gab.guys over on gap stream for a little bit.apparently you've done a new update.yes all the levels are renewed it's.really nice.but i will be back tomorrow folks with.some more dead by daylight i'll be.playing the new killer.who is like a pinball which is a lot of.fun.a little solo stream because i know i've.been doing part of me quite a lot of.group content this week.yeah among us it's a hard balance.sometimes isn't it.it's a heart balance but yes i'll be.back tomorrow at my usual time of 9 pm.uk.4 pm est we'll get started then for.friday.friday might have a little drink or two.even oh mario tomorrow.i'm excited oh mario is tomorrow as well.yeah.so excited to spend fifty dollars for.mario 64 again is it 50 is it not 60 yes.i think it's 60. oh gab.i'm going to bed bye.[Music].you.

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