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early spring 1820 a 14 year old farm boy.looks for a quiet place to pray it would.be his first uttered prayer and that.prayer would change the world.[Music].1978 dr. John see left grin an economics.PhD employed by the State Department.spends a free afternoon in the National.Archives he's pursuing a passion and.he's just unearthed the first systematic.national weather report ever made in the.history of the world at the same time in.Layton Utah dr. John P Pratt a senior.aerospace engineer with a doctorate in.astronomy takes time during his lunch.break to study in early text dr. Pratt.has become one of the world's foremost.experts on ancient astronomical.calendars and as he examines this.particular record a thought suddenly.occurs to him two men with vastly.different backgrounds and fields of.study two men pursuing different.interests with different methodologies.in different parts of the country two.separate unique paths that three decades.later would converge unknown to them at.the time these two men had begun a.single journey.[Music].John P Pratt is not your typical.astrophysicist armed with undergraduate.degrees in physics and math young John.Pratt sought a PhD in astronomy from the.University of Arizona well when it came.time for me to do my dissertation I was.somewhat at odds with the department.because they were all out doing modern.astronomy deep sky objects of super.distant galaxies I wanted to do a.dissertation on the moon and exactly.what was its position in ancient times.because all of the ancient calendars.worldwide were based on the position of.the moon throughout history and across.all cultures mankind has used calendars.to predict coming events particularly.the rise of seasons vital for.determining crop planting times and.sustaining life all of these ancient.calendars had one thing in common.they're based on the moon the phases of.the Moon which is a twenty nine and a.half day cycle so they all had to come.up with some sort of system to make the.days come out even like alternating 29.and 30 days and that was something that.really interested to me but apparently.it didn't interest anybody else in the.department but John did eventually.earned that doctorate he went on to.teach astronomy at a State College and.write computer code for the US.military's Minuteman missile program you.know people say you don't have to be a.rocket scientist but there's some times.when it's hard enough that you do have.to be a rocket scientist and he was a.good rocket scientist through his career.dr. John Pratt was a successful.scientist professor and computer.programmer but he never lost his passion.for ancient calendars particularly.religious calendars there was usually.the priests that had did the calendars.and I wanted to know all of the ones.that were held sacred whether they were.Mayan in Hebrew you know Chinese I.wanted to study these ancient calendars.and the calendar of Enoch is one of.those one of the most intriguing.calendars to reveal itself was found.embedded in a book of ancient scripture.known as the Book of Enoch.one of the lost books Enoch was not.included for canonization by the Council.of Nicaea in 325 AD despite the.reverence many had for it all who are in.the heavens know what is transacted.there they know that the heavenly.luminaries changed not their paths that.each rises and sets regularly everyone.had its proper period without.transgressing the commands which they.have received they behold the earth and.understand what is there transacted from.the beginning to the end of it the Book.of Enoch chapter 3 verses 1 & 2 in the.Book of Enoch there's seven or eight.chapters that detail exactly how to to.actually implement the calendar of Enoch.it was that important for the signs.the seasons years the days biryeo showed.me the angel whom the Lord of glory.appointed over all the luminaries of.heaven in heaven and in the world that.they might rule in the face of the sky.and appearing over the earth become.conductors of the days and nights the.Sun the Moon the stars and all the.ministers of heaven which make their.circuit with all the chariots of heaven.the Book of Enoch chapter 74 verses 4.through 9 well when you when you study.these chapters you find out the main.feature as every year has exactly 364.days.that comes out to be exactly four.quarters of 13 weeks each every quarter.starts on a Sunday it's a very practical.calendar the it's arranged with every.quarter has three months and then one.extra day a holy day which is either one.of the equinoxes or solstices and the.way extra days are put in it comes out.actually more accurate than the calendar.we use so it's accurate it's very.practical and it's sacred dr. John C.left-green received his PhD in economics.attending the University of Helsinki is.a Fulbright Scholar after serving for a.number of years as a foreign service.officer for the US State Department he.became an officer with a major bank in.New York I've always been interested in.puzzles and numbers and I became.involved in a calculation that I thought.was interesting and that it could be.maybe an article I worked on it and it.evolved and before I knew it it turned.into a book the book April 6th was.published in 1980 to coincide with the.150th anniversary of the founding of the.Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day.saints.it focuses on April 6th 1830 and gives.compelling reasons for the selection of.that particular sacred date in my.research I found some primary sources in.the in the church record which indicated.that April 6 1830 was a beautiful day I.found that interesting I thought well is.there another source which will give me.the weather report for that day and that.year in 1978 doctor left Rijn living in.the Washington DC area was able to visit.the National Archives after examining.roll after roll of microfilm he.eventually found just what he was.looking for.in 1818 dr. Joseph Lovell was appointed.the 8th Surgeon General of the United.States Army two years later in 1820 dr..Lovell became the first Surgeon General.to require regular weather reports from.the medical officers of all army posts.these reports included temperature.readings precipitation wind reports and.sky conditions and medical officers were.also required to note the concurrent.incidents of disease among the troops.dr. Lovell intended to discover the.correlation between weather and sickness.so as to better prepare the Armed Forces.what he didn't know was that his order.for these weather reports was to be the.beginning of the United States weather.bureau now known as the National Weather.Service found a record in Sacketts.harborin and a barracks kept by dr..Wheaton and in that record I found in.1830 that April 6 was a beautiful day.which confirmed the accounts that.members of the church gave on that day.but as dr. left-green was finishing at.the National Archives he got a thought.as I was looking at the weather records.for April 6 1830.I knew that other people had suggested.that April 6 1820 was a likely date for.the first vision.I knew that Joseph had said that the.weather was clear and beautiful and I.says I can check that with these records.to see if April 6 18 25th.did go back to 1820 and doctor left.grant found the reports from Sacketts.Harbor just 80 miles from Palmyra New.York the site of the first vision.excited doctor left-green reviewed the.records 7:00 a.m. on Thursday April 6th.1820 cloudy skies with winds from the.Northeast and a chilly morning.temperature of just 32 degrees in 1820.April 6 was not a good day the day.before it snowed the day after.sleet and rain miserable winds this is.not a good setting for the first vision.I came to that conclusion and I says.okay fine my pirate research is on April.6 1830 and this doesn't concern my book.Lindsey stores is a member of the.American Meteorological Society and.holds their certified broadcast.meteorologists seal her work in the.field of weather has been recognized by.The Associated Press well the National.Weather Service actually got its.primitive start with the army back in.1820 now prior to that you have people.noting weather conditions here and there.in their journals but these are just.scattered and not always reliable data.then Joseph Lovell comes along with.standardized mercury thermometers on.every army base in the country and a.strict protocol for recording.observations three times a day in 1820.alone the first year this system was.implemented we suddenly have more than.10,000 reliable weather observations on.each military post officers are.observing conditions every day 7 a.m. 2.p.m. and 6 p.m. they write down the.temperature the sky conditions clear.skies cloudy skies whatever the weather.may be they mark down the direction of.the wind and any general remarks like.noting rain or snow or especially strong.winds so you've got this very clear line.of demarcation in 1819 and before we.have maybe a few hundred.scattered weather reports here and there.then in 1820 we have this explosion of.data for the first time in world history.we actually have a national reporting.system for temperatures and conditions.morning afternoon.evening so I guess the point is if.you're looking for the weather in a.particular place in 1819 good luck but.if you're looking for the weather in.1820 now you've got the data because.1820 is the first time in history when.we have reliable and comprehensive.weather reports.Susan eastern black is a professor.emeritus of church history and doctrine.at Brigham Young University she is also.an author of several books related to.Joseph Smith Jr and the early history of.the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day.saints well in actuality we we don't.know the date of the first vision so the.clue that we probably have is elder.Bruce our McConkey in General Conference.in April 1978 gave a magnificent address.titled the morning breaks as shadows.flee and in his address he talked about.this morning of the first vision and.then he says quote the traditional date.being April 6 and so we can look at what.he says but if you were to look at.historical documents we have at this.point we would not be able to nail that.date so specific of the four accounts.published or recounted by Joseph Smith.himself the one most familiar to LDS.church members is the 1838 account found.in the pearl of great price and known as.Joseph Smith history in this passage of.Scripture the Prophet describes his.confusion regarding the right church to.join and his reading of James 1:5 at.length I came to the conclusion that I.must either remain in darkness and.confusion or else I must do as James.directs that is ask of God so in.accordance with this my determination to.ask of God I retired to the woods to.make the attempt he was on the morning.of a beautiful clear day early in the.spring of 1820.Joseph Smith history verses 13 and 14.there are several accounts of Joseph.Smith's first vision some of the.accounts were dictated by him there's.only one account that actually mentions.it's a beautiful clear day it's you know.in this early spring as I looked at the.weather record for Sacketts Harbor on.April 6th 1820 I found that there was.nothing there that was beautiful it was.cold it was wet the day before it snowed.the day after they were asleep.it's not the day of the first vision so.I moved on.[Music].I've written over 150 papers about half.of which are on ancient calendars and.ancient chronology and for 10 years I.was the first science and medicine.editor for Meridian magazine working.full-time and filling his nights and.weekends with writing and editing dr..Pratt still found time to devote to.research and found the enoch calendar to.be of particular interest.well this enoch calendar is really.ingenious now it only has 364 days so at.first blush you say wait a minute that's.not so clever.we know there's 365 and a quarter days.in a year well we have to correct it.with leap days in our calendar they.corrected it with a leap weeks after.about 5 years you put in an entire extra.week so that every year starts on a.Sunday you have all that practicality.and usefulness and it's every bit as.accurate as the calendar we have 364 is.a pleasing number it equals 52 weeks.exactly it allows for four seasons of.precisely 13 weeks but what about that.extra day and a quarter every year how.does the enoch calendar align with the.true time it takes the earth to circle.the Sun the key to any calendar is inter.collation because the year does not have.an exact number of days so in our.calendar we have to add a leap day every.four years or sometimes even skip that.in the Enoch calendar they intercalate.this whole week and Enoch was actually.shown by an angel exactly how to do that.the moon brings on all the years exactly.that their sessions may come neither two.forwards nor two backwards a single day.but that the years may be changed with.correct precision in 364 days.here then becomes truly complete.according to the station of the moon and.the station of the summon the Book of.Enoch chapter 73 verses 13 and 16 he's.telling you that it's the moon that.really governs to end those extra seven.days of put in that's super clever.because it ties it to the Hebrew.calendar the Hebrew calendar emphasizes.the moon with every month starting on a.new moon.Enoch emphasizes the week with every.quarter starting on a Sunday that method.of intercalating helps tie those two.calendars together so they agree more.often dr. Pratt's understanding of the.Enoch calendar is unparalleled but it.was when he applied that colander to a.prophecy found in the later chapters of.The Book of Enoch that he discovered.something truly remarkable later in the.Book of Enoch he gives this prophecy.where the entire history of the world is.divided into ten periods which he calls.weeks this is a prophecy of the whole.history of the earth and if he talks.about weeks we should pay attention the.Enoch calendar year begins on the first.Sunday of spring that is the first.Sunday after the vernal equinox which.falls on March 20th or 21st by our.modern calendar because the year is 364.days and each season is exactly 13 weeks.the first day of each year and each.season falls on a Sunday if as the Old.Testament tells us the Lord sometimes.counts years as days we have a period of.time known as an Enoch great year 364.calendar years if you combine two of.those great years of 364 years you get a.728 year period it really looks like.that is what Enoch was talking about as.a week because if you start from Adam.and go on it comes out perfectly and you.can match what he prophesied with what.we know happened in history I have been.born the seventh in the first week while.judgment and righteousness wait with.patience.the Book of Enoch chapter 92 verse poor.Enoch tells you his own birthdate in.this prophecy and I had already.calculated his birth date from other.factors and it falls exactly where it.says so that was the date to check he.talks about the day the flood the date.of the Exodus the Ministry of Christ all.of those line up exactly using the 712.28-year week it turns out that the.eighth week of the tannin history ended.in the year 1819 afterwards there shall.be another week the eighth of.righteousness to which shall be given a.sword to execute judgment and justice.upon all oppressors sinners shall be.delivered up into the hands of the.righteous who during its completion.shall acquire habitations by their.righteousness the Book of Enoch chapter.92 verses 13 and 14 when you look at.Part II prophesized for the eighth week.the righteous people are going to found.an entirely new home the sword will be.used to free them from the injustice and.from oppression what is that in the late.1700s that's the founding of America.which was a huge event in all of world.history it's a country unlike any other.so that's a match now the eighth week.ends in 1819 so what do we know that.happened in 1820 after this in the ninth.week shall the judgment of righteousness.be revealed to the whole world the Book.of Enoch chapter 92 verse 14 when you.looked at the prophecy for the ninth.week it's that the judgment of.righteousness will be revealed to the.whole world judgment of righteousness.that sounds like the restoration of.truth and righteousness and it's going.to be revealed to the whole world I.asked myself.use the Enoch calendar - maybe pinpoint.it down to very the very day of the.first vision in the pattern of Enoch.each great year of 364 calendar years.would be divided into great seasons.great weeks and great days that meant.that 1820 the beginning of a new great.year would be a Sunday year the first.day of the great season of spring but.drilling down to the original Enoch year.of 364 days dr. Pratt calculated the.date more precisely the ninth week.prophecy of Enoch would begin on the.first day of the calendar year that is.the first Sunday after the vernal.equinox - Enoch it would be the first.day of spring in a year that was itself.the first great day of a great year.Sunday the 26th of March 1820.that's the date of first vision it makes.it's a perfect fit it's the first day of.the Enoch Year and that whole year of.1820 was the first year of the great.year of 364 years dr. Pratt wrote an.article describing his conclusions about.the date of the first vision and.published it to the world but half a.continent away dr. John left Crenn.wasn't so sure I called him up and I.said I'm very impressed I know who you.are I know that you calculate in a very.careful way and that Enoch had a lot to.say about ancient and future things I.know how to test that date I know where.to get the weather record I heard that.and I thought whoa I had no idea that.there were weather records then and that.I could be proven wrong.and I had this little feeling in the pit.of my stomach like what if it's wrong.after all those things lined up but I.had to wait what he found his he had.access to real hard data there's the.weather record from Sacketts Harbor and.there is the weather account found in.the first-hand account of Joseph Smith.and the test is whether or not these two.primary sources.matchup on March 26 there are four.first-hand accounts of the first vision.each of them dictated by the prophet.Joseph and then there are several.contemporary accounts and you eventually.get newspaper accounts and no doubt the.list will go on and on but of those.there's only one account in 1838 that.speaks anything about whether it was on.the morning of a beautiful clear day.early in the spring of 1820 Joseph Smith.history.verse 14 there's actually a lot of.information in just that short passage.one it was morning - the day was.beautiful which I take to mean for that.time of year meant that it wasn't too.cold three the skies were clear and four.it was early spring so you have to ask.what does early spring mean I know that.we often consider spring to start with.vernal equinox but in North America from.a purely meteorological standpoint.spring consists of March April and May.early spring would be sometime in the.first half of the season so I would say.anywhere from March 1st through April.15th John left Grenda termined to search.dr. lovell's weather reports for.Sacketts Harvard and focus on morning.observations those taken at 7:00 a.m. he.would look for moderate temperatures.above 40 degrees he would make sure no.clouds rain snow or sleet were recorded.and he would confine his search to the.first half of spring John told me that.the weather data he had access to was.taken at Sacketts Harbor on Lake Ontario.which is about 80 miles away.well how do we know that the weather was.the same over in seconds Harper as it.was in Palmyra Sacketts Harbor is in.upstate New York on the shores of Lake.Ontario Palmyra is about 80 miles to the.southwest and generally shares the same.weather and climate Lake Ontario is huge.and it tends to homogenize the whole.area in terms of weather so there's a.fair certainty that the weather and.Sacketts Harbor would align pretty.closely with the weather in Palmyra.I found an 1820 newspaper which had the.first weather report ever printed in.history.it included weather conditions from 17.military posts around the country I.created a chart showing the weather in.the morning over a period of 45 days the.clear days are yellow the overcast days.are gray the chart shows that there are.five days in early spring of 1820 that.satisfy the selection criteria and of.those days there is one that stands out.Sunday March 26 1820 so when he called.and told me that March 26 1820 was.really a beautiful warm clear day I.breathed the real sigh of relief and I.think I said something like yeah I knew.I'd all looked I knew it all the time.John there are five days one day is the.best day but the four days remaining are.still in the running it turns out that.there is a way to make a selection of.the one day based on the circumstances.of the Smith family hi Joseph Smith.seniors family struggled economically.the Smith family we're very involved in.sugar business some accounts will have.them extracting enough maple sap and.then boiling it down and making it sugar.and coming up with as much.a thousand pounds a year we're talking.not just one or two maple trees but.depending on who tells the story it goes.from 500 to 1500 obviously it's not just.a hobby firm it's not a passing fancy at.just what should we do today it's.something very needed for their economic.stability they've got something to.barter with Gary Cass has a New England.heritage that stretches back generations.intimately acquainted with the process.of maple sugaring he operates a.family-owned maple syrup company in.Vermont I log I saw lumber maple syrup.is the most labor-intensive thing I do.and that's with all the modern.conveniences we have now in the early.1800s it would have been totally.different they would have spent many.more hours making just chopping wood and.preparing and actually making the maple.syrup the trees dictate when the SAP.runs and that dictates your life you.will make syrup when it runs or you'll.make sugar the older groves like the.Smiths would have I would assume would.take 50 to 60 gallons of sap to make a.gallon of syrup which is eight pounds of.sugar if I was trying for a thousand.pounds of maple sugar we're talking.probably fifteen cords of good dry.firewood it's a long process that takes.a lot of wood in a lot of time Joseph's.mother says the family produced 1,000.pounds of maple sugar a year that's a.minimum of 500 trees to tap 60,000.pounds of SAP to collect and 20,000.pounds of firewood to chop long hard.days for every member of the family with.such an arduous process how could a farm.boy of 14 take time off to go to a grove.of trees alone and pray.a maple sap run is highly dependent on.fluctuating temperatures the seesaw of.freezing and thawing with this in mind.the producers showed the 1820 weather.chart to Gary and asked his thoughts.we're looking at the beginning of March.I see a spike up to about 40 degrees.they've probably had a small run then we.don't see much action again it is 20 to.30 we need at least 35 to 40 degrees we.had a few runs in between around the.16th the 21st had a pretty good run and.then we see the Sun come out for about.three days and we see it up to forty to.fifty to sixty degrees what I see there.is some some real runs probably four to.five hundred gallons on that first day.of the temperature may be on a second by.the third day it wouldn't have run we.have to have a cold night probably 20.degrees minimum and then at least 40 to.50 in the day to get a good run at 60 is.an excellent run we rarely see it get.cold that second night we'll see a.couple nights of cold and by the third.day interestingly enough it's 60 degrees.up but you won't get anything it won't.run ok well at that time this is in the.early 1800s and the Smith family was.very religious they would have done.about anything they could do not to work.on that day without the cold night that.third day is one of those they wouldn't.have got to run.so yes they would have taken that day.off there is an 1843 account done by.David Nye white of the Pittsburg Gazette.that talks about Joseph Smith's first.vision but in that account he also.shares that Joseph at one point left an.axe and the stump of a tree couldn't.have been the same week that the family.was working hard out there in those.woods to be able to get the maple ready.and converted into sugar.perhaps it all makes sense the weather.report is clear the Smith family was.working hard for seven days Joseph Smith.takes a day off I called up John Pratt.and I said John Enoch was right and your.calculation is right the date of the.first vision is March 26 it's the first.day of the year that year is the first.year of a great year of 364 years.everything fits perfectly that was the.day that opened the last dispensation.[Music].two men on two different paths but two.men on a single journey dr. John P Pratt.and dr. John C left Greene different.approaches different methodologies but.one incredible conclusion young Joseph.Smith seeking personal forgiveness and.struggling to know his path in life.wanting desperately to understand what.his Lord would have him do a mere boy.working the hardscrabble life of a.farming family just finishing an.exhausting week of intense labor in.maple sugaring and finally he gets a day.off a day when he can be alone the.Lord's Day the Sabbath a beautiful.morning with clear blue skies.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].you.[Music].

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First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

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