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is.which is all right it's not a bad laugh.at all to be honest I will definitely.take that anyways next up we have we go.from a rental 5 turbo I believe this was.requested by me I already said it was.requested by Muller actually nevermind.our next car though is a Lamborghini and.not just any Lamborghini the.ever-so-popular Diablo SV the cover.slash hero car of me for speed 3 Hot.Pursuit and that replaces the Lotus.Elise for a very weird particular reason.at least is this one does there are like.multiple different Diablos but I'm using.this this one because it was the best.one I could find on NFS car so this one.will I believe it was actually requested.by these dare inspect or is that dese I.mean I think he's I don't know actually.I think they're inspect is a different.person I think this just I believe this.also was technically also in a way.requested by Q um there's a very.interesting thing about this car it.comes with H a striae vile option for.putting the SV lettering on it but you.have to do that manually you have to get.like TextEdit or whatnot yourself and.you got to replace like one of the.stripes it recommends to use like this.the first stripe thing so you know you.can you can you can get your car to.have that iconic sv lettering but why.the motto just couldn't do that himself.and just provide it like why it.basically had to be done by you I don't.know it's kind of strange that the.person just couldn't go through the.effort of just giving you a vinyl thing.that already had that done for you but I.guess maybe it was just a case of.because you know if you use the SV on is.SV was designed to replace like a an.actually vinyl thing rather than one of.the unique things because as you can see.the SV is actually paintable but you.know nevertheless so whilst this does.replace the Lotus Elise it does have a.different engine sound it's actually.quite a nice engine sound it's got a.very Diablo ish sound too it's not.obviously perfect for obvious reasons.but it's but it's but it's pretty.reasonable enough.there's also it's also firstly is he.very very excellent Diablo has to be.moderate it I believe this is converted.from Forza Motorsport 3 so that probably.has a lot to explain about it but you.know it's got all the it's got all the.right lines it's got you know the SV is.optional things you have like the lights.it it looks really good and clean it's a.very very well done mod so and I believe.this is from 2010 so I mean by 2010 we.and whatnot some of these ladies mods.that we were seeing for Most Wanted.after a couple years it really started.to take off which is how good some of.these look so the the work that some.that is gone to some of these is just.absolutely spectacular in the Diablo SV.is very notable proof of that so how.does the Diablo SV Drive probably like.you would expect it to it's quick it's.got some decent speed on it but the.handling it's not exactly anything to.write home about then again it is a.Diablo SV and in the car it was 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by it I do really like the event.the merchant logo was pretty cool though.I I did like the rich logo and I really.do like the Aventador has always been.talking about the Aventador that's.always struck home with me well but the.Diablo to me was I always look at it is.the last true special Lamborghini it.really it was the last true Raging Bull.to say at least the others have all just.been become relaxed ball this was more.like the bull chasing after a waving red.flag or well a waving flag in general.doesn't actually matter what color it is.as proven on Mythbusters.it's the waving motion that triggers the.Bulls not the colour especially since.the Bulls can only see so many certain.colors so but to say the least you can.definitely tell though that this car.dries fairly pretty competently with the.rental these cooking the cars are pretty.much for the most part on somewhat equal.grounds the dabble is a little bit.better but you know the it's it's just.that little slide bent over the rental.five in terms of how it drives so but.nevertheless it's you know if you want a.car that you know can give you a little.bit to deal with and but but it's also.still kind of controllable and and quite.quick tits just Diablos personally a.really good mod that I do believe.there's a even newer one that was on GTR.cars now driving fast.and I do remember having driven it.before but as far as I remember the car.was kind of poor and I forgot to check.the last lap oh well but I'll probably.just do that watching back the footage.which is fine I do imagine that the.third lap was better anyways so I'm also.acting as if I have like vsync on which.I don't believe I do but again I'll be.checking all that after I'm done here.but anyways next up we have or last if I.should be saying is a Subaru it's the.Subaru Impreza 22b STI or just super.points of 22p in most cases this is I.don't know why it replaces the Mercedes.CLK 500 which is a bit of alarm because.you know usually they don't most see.okay 500 replacements don't usually do.particularly well but who knows maybe.the impressing here will do good who was.this requested by me I requested it I.love the impress of 22b it is my.all-time favorite variant of the.empresas so I had and once I'd realize.once I had found out that a mod of it.exists I had to put it in because cuz.that's just how much I enjoy the car.doesn't have a blue already put on it so.I just got to do that but I and I just.thought I'd show off those body kits.which are all nice but I'm just gonna.leave the stock thing on here personally.cuz like I'm much like the stock styling.whoops I'm much like the stock styling.of the Impreza as is so anyways let's we.can take this car and this will be the.last one to go through you know despite.the fact that this is replace the CLK.500 the monitor did make it sound just.like the impressive WX STI that already.exists in game so that's one good thing.I also notice that during that little.opening with the wheels all four wheels.were moving which was kind of cool and.Wow oh wow this thing does not like.jumps apparently which is weird because.the 22b if you're really considered but.it's kind of like a it was kind of like.made for like a celebration Subaru kind.of like 'memory Subarus like.back-to-back constructors championships.in 96 and 97.top-end why is it's a little on the.short side at 197 it's not too bad the.handling is actually very is actually.very interesting its kind of it's got.this like gradual sudden more and more.grip and it actually and to be perfectly.fair it actually does handle very well.it's a very good handling car I just.kind of wish it was a little bit more.into a higher top-end territory I mean I.don't think the 20 to be ever really was.that high of a top-end car to begin with.most games I played it doesn't it does.it seems to have a lower top-end which.must mean that it was it does actually.do have a lower top-end in real life but.I needed this to say though the car does.dry fairly excellently so that's.perfectly fine with me it's it's just.weird looking at the way looking in at.the wave just grips on the corners it's.it's very strange just kind of staring.in it when it goes around the corners.but it but again it's it drives very.well so I I guess I can't really.complain that much and the fact that it.doesn't really for some reason this car.doesn't really get any much airtime you.can see it just doesn't really leave off.much it doesn't mean it can keep its car.it can keep its wheels on the ground.more which does you know kind of help.with keeping the speed up in a way so so.it won't get off balance by any jumps.cuz it won't have to worry about that.now this wasn't exactly the best laugh I.could have a better run so here's hoping.that this lap is better well well that.was a bit wide so that's not really.gonna win too many favors for that but.it's.oh and not exactly perfect there but oh.well just I can't just looking at the.way it turns it's so oddly interesting.to me it's because it's it's weird it's.different but it but you know it I mean.the fact this car handles as well is.very nice to see I just got a hope that.I can you know get the oh I didn't.want that.alright let's this laughs kind of pretty.Nolen dated anyways so we're gonna have.to we're gonna have to make sure every.door don't have any mistakes for this.last lap here cuz if I can get a clean.lap this thing will probably be the.fastest of the three there you go that.was a little better it still got kind of.close but not nothing too crazy oh very.close again but kept it off the wall.this time so that's gonna help a little.bits in try to go through here nicely.done alright this is so far the pace of.this lap so far is looking to be the.best again reaching that top end of 197.so it's a shame cuz I get so close to.200 but it just can't make it it's so.it's really teasing it away alright this.is gonna be good I can tell it already.so long as I don't make any kind of.stupid mistake we're good alright so.what was that final lap time what did we.get we got ourselves a fifty five point.four so pretty much every car went from.it went up as we went on through the.cars that's pretty cool but you know.they're not all too far off from one.another which is kind of which i think.is the best part I mean the impressive.have got the wind simply do it down to.its really good handling and decent.acceleration but you know every car has.their swings and roundabouts but they're.all really worth using to be honest so.just pick what you find you find the.most interesting and you should do fine.anyways over to the leader board so over.now on to the leader board and of course.the fastest cars a day.is the subaru impreza 22b STI going into.69th place hahaha.at the time of fifty five point four.seconds.interestingly enough though because it.replaces Mercedes Benz CLK 500 as far as.I'm aware that makes it the fastest CLK.500 mod we've had so far which is nice.because usually COK 500 mods don't.usually do all too well and this finally.kind of broke that trend so that's nice.to see it just beats out the lights of.the Gallardo's Super Trofeo the Corvette.and Toyota Yaris it's just a little bit.off though of the 911 gt2 and the Ford.GT further down into 89th place I was.able to determine the final lap time for.the Diablo and it was actually in fact.the fastest a fifty six point four nine.seconds puts it into 89th place just.edging out the likes of the m1 Pro car.Colin McRae Motorsports escort and the.alpha-male 4c just a little bit off.though on the Mazda rx-7 and the Hyundai.Veloster Turbo this requested by Jerry.inspect and q96 finally we have down in.a hundred and first place the e Renault.5 turbo 2 with a 50 7.26 requested by.Muller just a little bit off of of.another car he requested Alonso.serrano's H F as well as the e36 bmw m3.and Dodge Viper but edges out the likes.of the Evo 8 Renault Clio v6 so it is a.slightly better rental and the ascari.kz1 so that's gonna do it for today's.episode guys as always you can follow.them if you want to follow me on Twitch.on Twitter donate to patreon or join my.farm boards all the links for that are.in the description box down below so.thank you guys very much for watching.and take care.

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