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since you may not have been here when we.started our E minor pounds council if.you like to reserve time for about a let.me net please yes judge may have leaves.for five minutes.certainly we're ready counsel if you are.thank you good morning and may it please.the court my name is Adam Knight and I.represent the appellant mr. Roberto.Andrade Gonzales in this matter the.trial court incorrectly entered final.judgment of foreclosure for three.reasons first the appellee failed to.prove its standing to foreclose at the.time of filing and Ocwen specifically.failed to prove its authority to act as.the loan servicer the second reason is.that the appellee failed to prove.compliance with conditions proceeding to.acceleration and foreclosure the third.failure of proof is on damages they.failed to approve the amounts do it.knowing with admissible evidence the.bacteria's question has the debt been.discharged in bankruptcy at this point.yes judge it is mine this debt was that.was a deficiency judgment that was.listed as a dead in the bankruptcy.proceeding my understanding and the.record does not go into this other than.I believe exhibit five was the.bankruptcy petition the discharge was.never tendered as an exhibit my.understanding is that yes there was an.actual discharge entered in 2008 okay.and.so there and there was an admission on.the part of your client that that there.that he stopped paying as to ask the.default yes I believe that there is.admission so he admitted that he wasn't.paying then then filed for bankruptcy.listed it as a debt which has been.discharged what what is it that you're.after.well the to the extent that the court is.concerned about whether or not the.bankruptcy discharge has any impact on.the ability to defend against the.mortgage foreclosure the Korea case I.think speaks to that and in Korea the.borrower had similarly discharged the.indebtedness in the bankruptcy and this.court in considering a an appeal of a.trial decision on a foreclosure case.reversed with instructions for a.voluntary dismissal so our position is.that the bankruptcy has no impact on.these proceedings or the ability to.challenge the foreclosure other than the.fact that a deficiency judgment would be.unavailable I'm just puzzled because if.there's no if there's if your client is.not subject to any deficiency and the.property's been sold.are we just here on an academic exercise.I mean is he trying to get the property.back or because we've worked.foreclosures an equitable proceeding.correct yes so if he stopped paying he.listed the debt it's been discharged the.property sold what do you want what are.you asking for what we're asking for is.that the judgment be reversed and that.could potentially include reversing the.sale the problem with going down that.path is concerns due process mr. Andrade.has a due process right to defend.against the foreclosure irrespective of.whether or not he listed it in a.bankruptcy Ocwen in this case still had.the burden of proving that it was.entitled to foreclose does he live does.the record tell us if in the bankruptcy.proceedings he listed anyone else who.would possibly be the holder of that.note to my knowledge no and the.bankruptcy petition is was admitted I do.not know if it was or was not I'm sorry.I the answer to your question is I do.not believe that he.that he said anyone else was the owner.and holder but but I still think that.when we look at the issues they had to.prove standing when they went to trial.they didn't seek so they didn't get.summary judgment so at trial the burden.is on them to prove standing one of the.affirmative defenses was that the.plaintiff lack standing to foreclose and.they didn't do it for two reasons first.of all there's absolutely no evidence.presented at the trial court level that.Taylor beam and Whittaker was the owner.and holder at the time of filing now.when they initiated their complaint in.2008 they attached a copy of a note but.they also had a loss note counts so what.they were essentially saying is we're.not the holder we're entitled to enforce.a loss note meaning they needed to prove.up the elements of that that they didn't.they subsequently file the original note.mortgage in 2009.that's correct judge but the filing of.the notice in 2009 speaks nothing at all.to the issue of whether or not they were.the holder at the time of filing in May.it was a lasagna excuse me does it was.in blank it was endorsed in blank when.filed in 2009 but there was no.accompanying affidavit and there was no.testimony at trial to the extent that.they were saying we held the note prior.to the filing the only date on which.this court could conclude that the.Taylor bean and Whitaker held the note.and mortgage was on May I believe it was.May 19th of 2009 is there any evidence.of record that they did not record yes.yes there is there is trial testimony.that Freddie Freddie Mac in this case.held the note and mortgage as early as.December 27th of OSes that did that was.offered by the defendant wasn't there an.objection it was sustained I do not.believe there was an objection to that.piece of material and I'd be happy to.check that's better and what there was a.mention that the appellant was tempted.to put in evidence that on this computer.screen that is correct Jeff that was the.state so this is a different test this.is this is different testimony that was.a proffer what you're speaking to with.the computer that was intended to be.used with the bank representative miss.Gina Johnson mr. Andrade separately.testified under direct examination that.the Freddie Mac owned and held the note.on December 27th of oh seven and there.was.no objection to that specific piece of.testimony and getting passed while in it.Denton done what we're really most these.cases come to us in a summary judgment.crack context but here apparently I have.conflicting evidence that would be a.piece of conflicting evidence with the.judge resolved against your client.pursuant to the final judgment in the.bench and even to the extent that we.could say there was conflicting evidence.on the date at which Freddie Mac on the.loan the question is this is there any.testimony in the record or any document.in the record proving the Taylor Beane.and Whitaker had the note and mortgage.at the time of filing the complaint and.the answer to that question is.absolutely not.course this judge Alton print said in a.recent concurring opinion at this point.may not be the best result at the end of.the day the person who held the note.held the note at and I am aware I was.before this court a couple weeks ago and.I am aware of the decision in the Fox.case where this this court certified the.question on standing it's a Supreme.Court my position is this the state of.the law as it exists right now is you.need to first standing at the time of.filing this court in every court in.Florida has been extremely consistent on.that and the Supreme Court has not ruled.so in this case we have the law out as.it is and the wall is you need to first.and at the time of filing and that.simply wasn't done here and even if we.get past that point the trial testimony.is unequivocal that Ocwen was not the.owner and holder of the note when it.went to trial and last year Ocwen.specifically testified or the witness.testified that they were the servicer.for Freddie Mac now that's problematic.in and of itself because they did not.tender any evidence establishing their.authority to pursue the foreclosure.action and courts have addressed this.several times in the past the elston.Leetsdale case specifically said rule.1.2 I know may permit you to bring and.maintain a cause of action but that does.not obviate the need for proof that you.have authority to act and then the other.day rise of those cases arise where.someone is the agent for one of these.trust marine situations I'll hold you.securitized melts.Elston Leetsdale involved in security.realization yes Elson Leetsdale did.involve a securitized loan our position.is this is no different in that case we.have someone saying I'm the servicer.acting on behalf of X Y Z securitized.Trust in this case it's the same thing.Ocwen is saying I'm the servicer only.they're acting on behalf of Freddie Mac.rather than X Y Z securitized Trust the.result is the same you have a person or.entity claiming to act on behalf of.another and you have a trial transcript.without any evidence of authority to act.that is problematic the courts have been.consistent in saying that yes you may.act but only if you present some.evidence of authority or ratification.the Kumar case cited in our brief as.well as the waygu versus Davidson case.both cited in our brief the court in.those two decisions allowed the.plaintiff to proceed but only because.there were specific affidavits on file.authorizing that party to act in other.words they had the ratification.necessary to proceed here it's not the.same thing this is exactly like Elston.all they're relying upon is their own.allegations and their own app in this.case not even their own affidavit to.support the claim that they have.Authority the Internet is starting to.establish agency the agent can establish.its own agency it needs some action from.the principle that is our position judge.and the cases bear that out.and in this case she specifically admits.it's an on and it's on page 59 of the.transcript but even if the court has.sustained my objection on these hearsay.grounds they did not have the servicing.agreement in court that afternoon in.order to present that as admissible.evidence of their authority to act and.for that reason it's our position that.they didn't prove the authority as they.needed to under the state of law as it.exists and because of that an order of.involuntary dismissal would have and.should have been entered and that's what.we're seeking from this court is a.reversal with instructions to enter that.order of involuntary dismissal and the.the second failure that they have is.regarding the conditions proceeding now.case after case in Florida again has.said paragraph 22 is a mandatory.provision that you must comply with.prior to accelerating the debt and for.closing on the note and mortgage excuse.me.so in order at trial to prove that they.did so they need to do and with.admissible evidence here what they.submitted was a letter not from Ocwen.who is the only entity to testified at.trial but from Taylor beam and Whittaker.there was no testimony from the witness.they're establishing that they did any.effort whatsoever to verify that.particular document and in fact the.witness was was unequivocal that she has.quote/unquote no personal knowledge of.Taylor beam and Whitaker's business.practices and she was never employed.there and that's on page 58 of the.transcript can I pick you off track for.a moment I I I've always had difficulty.trying to figure out how this is going.to play out so if we reverse your.clients now subject to a deficiency.judgment so he didn't don't worry about.a monetary judgment he gets the property.back and he's going to have to make some.payments going forward I said how the.house does happen.well it's gonna play out our position.moving forward is this it if the court.reverses and remands with instructions.to enter an order of and voluntary.dismissal that foreclosure action is.essentially done and the plaintiff can.choose whether or not to refile in the.future at a time of its convenience so.you know our position is they.essentially just have to start over.again to the extent that they're allowed.to which would also entail evicting the.per subsequent purchaser at the.foreclosure sale I apologize Jojo is not.able to hear you my understanding is.that the briefing suggests that this.property was sold so there's an occupant.or an owner following the foreclosure.sale so there would be some sort of how.many to word any fiction that may not be.the correct dirt law term to use but you.know that person as well I.yes judge that that is cited I believe.in our brief in our statement of facts.and that is my understanding I don't.have independent confirmation to that I.apologize if I denied the outside your.the reg I just noticed it in the.briefing to the extent that that person.would be considered enison we had filed.our notice of appeal of this decision.prior to the sale so they were on notice.that there.continuing litigation and that this.could ultimately result in a reversal.but getting back to where I was on.paragraph 22 they just simply didn't.meet the hearsay requirements and the.glare on cases is somewhat instructive.on this and it's also cited in our brief.and in that case the court said very.specifically that the testimony of a.business records custodian was.inadmissible because they were relying.on records from a prior servicer and had.no knowledge as to how those records.were created produced maintained etc.exact same testimony here only more.clear I wasn't employed by Taylor Blaine.and Whittaker and I have absolutely no.personal knowledge of their business.practices that in and of itself creates.the glare of issue and means that they.didn't establish the hearsay exception.for the letter but even going further if.we get past that they still need to.allege each of the four elements of the.business record exception to the hearsay.rule which they don't do the two that.are specifically Mis missing are there's.no testimony that the letter was created.by or from information transmitted by.someone with knowledge and there's no.testimony on the record that that letter.was created at or near the time of the.event.the only arguable testimony presented.along the lines of the exception itself.was relative to whether or not it was.made in the ordinary course of business.and whether or not it was a practice to.make that but then we get back to she.can't testify as to what Taylor beam and.Whitaker's practices were so we have.that problem as well the last issue on.paragraph 22 is where it was sent mr..Andrade's testimony was pretty clear he.had designated a notice address with the.prior servicer taylor beam and Whittaker.that notice address was at 2028 shadow.Pine Drive in Brandon Florida despite.the fact that he had provided them with.an alternate address for notice they.simply according to their practices sent.this directly to the property and he.stated that the reason why he gave them.an alternate address was because he was.in and out of the country.I guess dealing with personal or family.issues in any event if you send the.letter to the wrong address and you.hadn't noticed the send it somewhere.where it might actually be received ARP.is.is that you haven't complied with the.conditions proceeded to foreclosure.and that's argued a little more fully in.the brief but I think it's a relatively.simplistic point that if you send the.letter to the wrong address.that's not notice last but not least we.have an issue with the amounts to do a.towing and at trial I know the record.may be a little unclear on on exactly.what was admitted.I think the entirety of exhibit 3 was.sent up to the appellate court the only.three pages that the court led in were.the first three and the problem with.those three pages are that they were.prior service of Records and there's not.enough testimony in the record that they.verified and check the accuracy of those.prior to using them and then the second.problem is the the transcript is again.void of any evidence regarding testimony.as to the four specific requirements of.the hearsay exception and you know what.we have is is essentially if you read.the transcript a lot of documents and.information that was admitted over.objection.specifically hearsay objections and.again I come back to just to briefly.touch on the result particularly excuse.me particularly regarding the standing.argument we have a situation where there.is an absolute failure of proof I I know.that the court is considering sending a.case up but here we we have a situation.where Taylor beam and Whittaker did or.bakwan presented no evidence the Taylor.vinum Whittaker was the owner and holder.of the node mortgage at the time of.filing presented no evidence the Taylor.vinum Whittaker was a servicing agent.authorized to bring a foreclosure at the.time of filing presented no evidence.that Taylor beam and Whittaker was.trying to enforce a loss note and was.entitled to do it that way none.rather they proceeded on a holder ship.theory but as I explained earlier the.only date that we know Taylor beam and.Whittaker held the no mortgage was in.May of 2009 11 months after their.foreclosure was filed and because of.that failure of who we get this case.becomes more.like the Korea case where this court.said look you don't prove your case we.reversed with instructions to dismiss.not to have a new trial and the reason.for that is because we're not engaging.in and trying to extend or Petrak.litigation litigation should be.efficient and effective and the cases.cited in there are the Carlow versus.nationwide case and again that was where.the the attorney you know showed up and.tried to use court documents in order to.prove what the point he was trying to.prove at an evidentiary hearing and this.course our back court said no you can't.do that you needed to present admissible.evidence so our position is this Court.should reverse for three reasons.lack of standing lack of evidence on.paragraph 22 compliance and failure to.prove the amounts to annoying with.admissible evidence thank you thank you.may it please the court my name is.Michael Larsen on behalf of Auckland.Loan Servicing and at first I'd like to.address some of the points raised by.opposing counsel Taylor being head.standing at commencement of this action.it filed a complaint in which it allege.that it held the note it attached a copy.of the of the original note to the.complaint the original note was made out.in favor of Taylor Beane and Whitaker.and it was also endorsed in blank so.Taylor Taylor Beane had two grounds that.supported standing at commencement of.the action and the case law supports.that where a complaint attaches a copy.of the note that is sufficient to.support for us support standing at the.commencement of an action so Taylor.being had ket's standing when this.action began and further Ocwen had.standing to enforce the note after its.substitution Ocwen Taylor being filed a.motion to substitute in 2009 so the.trial court decided this issue of.substitution four years ago so you you.would view that as an expression by the.principle that allows the agent to.proceed.well we view this as as Taylor as we.view this as Taylor being yes in the.motion it essentially asserted that the.loan had been transferred to Taylor.being for servicing and that Taylor.being could enforce the notes terms the.trial court found Taylor does an.assertion by Taylor being Whitaker yes.an assertion by Taylor being Whitaker an.even independent of whether an agent can.enforce an action on behalf of a.principal Ocwen is the servicer in this.case Ocwen has its own interest in this.litigation Ocwen collected payments aqua.and manages default issues Ocwen.interfaces with the borrower and we cite.several cases in our brief one cases the.Azizi case which cites a case from the.Eleventh Circuit agree versus O'Dell in.that case the Eleventh Circuit found.that the loan servicer has is a real.party in interest in proceedings.involving loans in which it services so.the trial court here found that Oakland.is a real party in interest Ocwen as a.loan servicer can foreclose upon the.node as an addition but absent the.motion to substitute filed by Taylor.being Whitaker in order for Ocwen to.assert its position as a party in.interest wouldn't I need some evidence.I would need the servicing agreement at.a minimum would I not well shows that.Ocwen is indeed authorized to do all.these things on behalf of the no bowen.in our position is evidence was provided.that evidence was provided to the.testimony of Miss Gina Johnson who was.an aqua and senior loan analyst and had.been since 2004 she testified based on.her personal knowledge that.Ocwen couldn't force the note the Loan.Servicing Agreement was not admitted.into evidence but her testimony serves.to support Ocwen status as a loan.servicer entitled to enforce this note.so the evidence of mo'ne rebutting that.what's that was there any testimony.contrary to that to establish a talking.well it's not a loan servicer no in in.fact mr. Andrade gonzales testified that.he believed that he owed Ocwen money he.believed he testified that he is only.spoken with two entities regarding the.snow the first a Taylor beam and.Whittaker.the second is Ocwen both of those.entities were plaintiffs in this case.Ocwen is the current plaintiff Taylor.beam was the plaintiff that originated.this action and mr. Andrade admitted.that the loan is in default he admitted.that money is owed and he admitted that.he believes he owes money to Ocwen so if.anything his testimony supports Ocwen.status as a servicer entitled to.foreclose this note did he testify.before or after the motion for judgment.of involuntary dismissal.he took I believe your honor he.testified before but I'm not so I wasn't.called by your client and so you're.saying yes further I'd like to address.opposing counsels arguments regarding.conditions proceeding there's nothing in.the record disputing the right of Ocwen.as a servicer yeah no your honor there.is nothing in the record.perhaps your opponent will cite me.something that requires that the.agreement be put into evidence if she's.giving testimony that this is what she's.doing and nobody contests it it is our.position that we do not need the.document and I do not believe any cases.were cited by opposing counsel that.require the document itself be.introduced into evidence.delineators the duties between the.parties we believe that your honor that.her testimony is sufficient whether I'm.not sure whether it would be the best.evidence but it would be we believe her.testimony was sufficient evidence she's.testifying from what somebody else told.her that they're their agents that would.make it here say if she is publishing.from the document would that make that.her testimony also hearsay if properly.objected to.our position is no your honor here the.we side the way it's not we sat at home.centroid we said a case in our brief in.race Sagamore partners that says review.of business records is sufficient to.form personal knowledge in order to.testify and here miss Johnson reviewed.the records she could testify based upon.those records she had personal knowledge.that an agreement existed and she had.she was able to assert that Ocwen his.servicer for Freddie Mac and can.foreclose upon this alone so now I'd.like to discuss the conditions preceding.issue Ocwen all conditions proceeding.have been satisfied in this in this.matter paragraph 22 of the mortgage.requires that a default notice be sent.and here a default notice was sent it.was a letter dated February 4th 2008.Taylor beam and Whittaker sent this.letter and mr. Andrade Gonzalez disputes.whether the letter was sent to the.correct address but paragraph 15 of the.mortgage requires that in order to check.the it requires in order to change a.default notice address such mr. Andrade.Gonzales must give notice in writing.here there is no evidence that mr..Andrade Gonzales gave notice in writing.to Ocwen or to Te'o beam and Whittaker.regarding the default notice and if in.fact he testified that notice was only.given orally it was given over the phone.that is insufficient under the mortgage.which he executed and therefore that the.the notice that was sent was sent to the.mortgage property address and that is.sufficient under paragraph 22 and.paragraph 15 of the mortgage further the.loan payment history and the default.letter the trial court did not abuse its.discretion admitting the loan payment.history or the default letter into.evidence this court in Wham Co discussed.a similar issue in wham Co the WIMP.CoBank brought loans from Bank of.America Bank of America.for sir transferred records to wham Co.Medco verified those records for.accuracy those records were admissible.at trial and here the same thing.happened taylor beam and Winokur.transferred records to Auckland.miss Gina Johnson testified in detail.regarding the types of Records received.the collateral files the servicing files.the data files she testified that it was.a priority of Ocwen to verify those.records for accuracy and only after.those records were verified for accuracy.were they put into service in Ocwen and.Ocwen could rely upon those records and.she testified that these documents were.verified those records were relied upon.by Ocwen and the trial court did not.abuse its discretion and mitting those.documents into evidence at trial if the.court has no further questions we.respectfully request that this court.affirm the final judgment of foreclosure.because it was supported by competent.substantial evidence.I'd like to first come back to the.standing argument the position is from a.police seemingly because the complaint.attached a copy of a note that was.unendorsed that in and of itself is.sufficient to prove standing it may be.sufficient to survive a motion to.dismiss it does not constitute proof of.trial and that's the distinction that.makes a difference on the ability of.Ocwen to and for the plaintiff asks the.court to take judicial notice of that.document to deme admitted into evidence.never I believe your honor asked whether.or not the substitution motion could.constitute ratification and it doesn't.and it can't and the reason why is.because Taylor beam and Whittaker.similarly cannot authorize Ocwen to act.on behalf of a third party entity.Freddie Mac the only entity that can.ratify the conduct of Ocwen in this case.is Freddie Mac and that wasn't done her.testimony also you don't review the writ.the records and get personal knowledge.say for instance the appellee just.argued she reviewed the records for.testimony is sufficient we don't need.the document yes you do what if it had.been the amounts do it knowing they.can't prove the amounts to do a knowing.through the testimony of a witness based.solely upon a review of the records they.have to have the records in evidence the.Israel versus state says this you cannot.testify as to the contents of a business.record unless you admit them as evidence.this court just months ago followed that.decision again in the sauce versus.federal National Mortgage Association.case in sauce the witness testified from.handwritten notes at trial that were.based upon her review of the records.again this court said you can't do that.you have to have the records it's that.simple.but if we were analogized to a situation.where she was presenting a summary you.would have to have some advanced demand.or.request by your client to have the.actual business records there before.summary was used yes judge but I believe.it's ninety point nine five six governs.summaries and and you have to provide.the opposing party with notice you.actually have to file a notice of using.a summary with the trial court which was.not done and you would also have to.provide opposing counsel or opposing.party with access to the underlying.there's nothing akin to that that.happened here I mean either not.summaries but no one made a demand to.let's make sure the actual records are.here I don't view this as a summary.issue this is just a straight up here.sake problem she she can't testify as to.the contents of the servicing agreement.that authorizes Ocwen to act without.producing a servicing agreement and the.cases made clear Elston Kumar and waygu.make very clear that a real party in.interest can't Ocwen can be a real party.in interest I do not argue with that.proposition but if it goes to trial they.have to prove that and part of proving.that is proving that they were that the.principal or person above them ratified.or authorized their conduct that simply.wasn't done in this case would tell me.what I'm missing here I'm looking at.footnote 11 in Kumar and I believe this.was brought out by your opponent and the.the note says it's long been the rule in.admiralty cases that an agent may sue on.behalf of the principal as long as the.agents action is ratified because.Florida's real party and interest rule.is permissive no joinder or ratification.language is found in the roll I I agree.with that statement entirely but that's.as to stating a cause of action I have.absolutely no qualms agreeing with with.opposing counsel in the court that Ocwen.could state a cause of action is a loan.servicer your focus is on proof at trial.proof at trial is the difference.I well I don't mess I'm not necessarily.clear that he was admitting that he owes.Ocwen his bankruptcy petition in the.briefing so if he doesn't then somebody.told us wrong because that's what it.says.yeah I do realize it says that in the.briefing its I can tell you where in the.transcript it would be it would be under.cross-examination by counsel at trial.for plaintiff but long story short I'm.not even sure that that is an admission.full of awkward ability you say it was.like cross-examination by the plaintiff.yes does that mean you called your.client yes.would that have been after the motion.for judgment of involuntary dismissal my.motion for a judgment of involuntary.dismissal was made after the conclusion.of all evidence okay so yeah we didn't.we we opened the basin and then at the.end so getting back to it I the notice.of change have addressed the last thing.I want to touch on and appellee argues.that it had to be in writing and that's.not what the mortgage says the mortgage.specifically says in paragraph 15 and.I'm reading directly from it if the.lender specifies a procedure for.reporting borrowers change of address.then borrowers shall only report a.change of address through that specified.procedure there are many instances in.which loan servicers permit you or allow.you or require you to do an online phone.whatever just because he didn't send a.writing doesn't mean that it was an.invalid notice a change of address.especially if the notice of change of.address was acknowledged and we know.that it was because.Ocwen zone records reflect that the.mailing address was twenty twenty eight.shadow pine drive and that's the third.page of exhibit three you'll see the top.it has property address and then.underneath that it says mailing address.2028 shadow pine drive so if their own.records a lot show that they adopted.that address I don't see why the lack of.a writing would be problematic.especially when the mortgage permits the.lender to specify other procedures to.report that change of address and unless.the court has any further conclusions we.ask that y'all dismiss and voluntarily.thank you thank you thank you both.officially in recess.

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How do I declare a short term capital gain tax in the ITR in India? I want to know about the ITR form number and where and what to fill in the details. This is my first time to pay a short term capital gain tax on an equity sale.

If you have no business income you may filed Form No.2 for declaration of short term capital gains in of equity/shares. This form must fe filed through e-filing. In e-filing return the profit or loss as the case may be on all individually share have to be computed and filled separately. When you fill these separately,there are coloum of name of share, date of sale amount of sale,date of purchase, cost of acquisition and number of shares to be filed. It is also to be mentioned that the STT duly have Bern paid.

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