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couple that.had this they decided they wanted to go.bigger so they trade it for a big diesel.I've got a samsung HDTV.up top got a Voyager backup camera.system and it works they've added a boss.navigation touch screen stereo Bluetooth.all that good stuff got a brake.controller if you want to tow something.thirty six thousand seven hundred fifty.eight miles - air is cold and no check.engine lights or warning lights of any.kind got the HWH hydraulic leveling.jacks you can see the control right here.and the floors got the original carpet.that's in very good shape I'm probably.just need to vacuum it up a little bit.leather captains chairs they both swivel.for party seating you can see the vinyl.it looks good on the dash so obviously.they didn't have animals.no smoke no pad owners table doesn't.look bad got a little bit of the little.piece of trim missing right here on the.side of the table I like to point stuff.like a doubt folks goes as nice as this.unit is it's a 2005 model it's a 14 year.old RV it's not going to be nude.and you've got to expend cosmetic.imperfections I mean you used vehicle.you buy it doesn't matter if it's a the.1975 model or 1985 a 2005 2015 it.doesn't matter you got to expect some.cosmetic flaws but the carpet does look.good I'll get my cleaning crew in here.clean it up vacuum it up good for you.sofa makes a bad table makes a bed so it.can sleep six people it's got a queen.Island bed in the back in nothing fancy.just a basic easy to use class a.Motorhome so you've got all the outside.bays a nice outside storage you've got.the bigger tanks over a Class C bigger.fuel tanks water tanks things like that.kitchen area looks good stovetop oven.microwave.I've got both ACS on even I don't need I.just want to make sure they both work.and they do frigerator we got to clean.it up a little bit but looks good now.having had it on long enough to see if.it works but I'm sure it does and we.guarantee that anyway got slide-out.pantry a little trays that slide out so.for extra storage and you got a pretty.fair amount of storage because you have.to realize folks in the world of class a.is 30 feet 31 feet is a relatively small.class aid and this is basically Class C.length and a Class A so definitely you.know you're gonna have to give up a.little bit of storage but you've got.all-in-all this thing's got very.adequate adequate storage for for this.size Motorhome I don't see any wasted.space and these are some nice deep.cabinets and drawers got a little.bulletin board right here Clark.little place to hang your keys or.whatever up there little shelves.it's like they've been to the Florida.Keys been there a few times myself folks.there's a couple of really good.campgrounds down there I can recommend.for those of you all wanting to vacation.down there especially in the wintertime.now I'm currently out of bedspreads I've.got some Mulder from Amazon they'll be.here day or two but I just ordered about.30 of them so I'll definitely have a.bedspread on 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for.the rest of the RV.there's your sticker actually folks this.is the 2006 model this is another one of.those ones that it's titled as a 2005.being though it does not want to make.much difference but it is a no.6 as you.can see from the sticker this is what.happens folks is here's the thing all.RVs are built on your old chassés other.words yeah this was sold new as a 2006.advertised and priced as a 2006 back.when it was new probably what happened.when the original owner bought this RV.the dealer the original selling dealer.sends a title to their that customers.state DMV office they sent them in bulk.by mail title clerk and you got to.realize most title clerks know.absolutely nothing about RVs what they.do is they type in the VIN number that's.on the certificate of origin to make the.original title the VIN number automatic.and they're in their computer system.Auto populates it as a 2005 forward to.chassis instead of a 2006 coachmen.mirada and then they print out a title.customer doesn't see it because chances.are they financed it and it's several.years if they if they ever pay it off.before they see the title and by then.they probably couldn't correct it anyway.so that's what happens that's why these.titles get like this on these RVs folks.are all built on your old chassis.because coachman will buy them in bulk.at the end of the year from Ford or.Chevrolet and to get a better deal if.I'm at the end of the year and they buy.them for the next.year's production model class a motor.homes and that's what happens but it is.a 2006 however I have to sell it by.what's listed on the title and that is a.2005 Ford chassis so I'm selling as a.no.5 on paper and in all practical terms.India's a no 6 and it's priced for a no.5 so bonus for y'all you get a year.you're getting a year newer motor home.than you're paying for but like I said.the paperwork's want to say Oh 5 but you.saw the sticker and there it is and oh 6.and so if you get any questions about.that cause folks anybody's ever dealt.with used RVs with this is this is.common about sixty to sixty percent of.in some cases especially now it's not so.much as common because Lauda computer.systems now that the tag offices they've.updated and corrected them but you got.to realize back in 2006 it that wasn't.the case so I said it shows an O five.title but it is an O six model but we're.gonna sell it as an O five because as a.licensed bonded insured either we have.to list it by this year model listed on.the top so long as you're aware that you.may or may not be able to get that.corrected every state has different laws.about this some station getting.corrected very easily some states you.have to go through an act of Congress.we're going to leave that up to you the.buyer if you want to mess with it it's.probably not it make a little difference.value wise if you ever tried to sell it.or trade it but it's not that much so.it's whatever you want to do if you've.got the time to mess with it hey why not.but anyway this is a beautiful Marauder.for the price twenty four nine.here's something you can get an.affordable payment on and yes we do have.financing available with approved credit.and we've got some great nationwide.lenders and we're and we're more than.happy to go through your own local bank.or credit union or finance good.lot of customers coming here with their.own finance and we're absolutely fine.with that most dealers art because.they've market interest rates up to make.money we don't do that folks if you go.through one of our lenders you're paying.whatever the bank approves you for other.other RV dealerships will mark the.interest rate up one or two percent.costing you thousands of dollars over.the life of an RV loan and higher.payments but we don't do that folks you.know you buy rate and we don't so it's.up to completely up to you whether you.go through our lenders or you want to go.through your own lingers in fact just a.just a little quick tip if you currently.own an RV and you finance through the.dealerships finance department check.with your local bank or credit union.Google or get on the computer Google RV.financing and find banks that will go.directly work directly with consumers to.finance an RV chances are your interest.rates way too high you can refinance it.save money pay it off quicker and save.money per month on a loan don't go.through a broker if you do that Google.search go through the bank directly and.because brokers do the same thing that.market interest rates up over what the.bank depreciate for us how they make.their money that's why they're brokers.and technically most RV dealerships.financed apartments are brokers too.because that's what they do but folks.like I said you can save a lot of money.doing that so it's definitely worth.checking into.but this 290 KS is 24:9 Hackel free and.it's also going to include you get this.beautiful low mileage by saying Marauder.with a complete very extensive checkout.go to my website Parkway RV center calm.click on classes and find this one click.on it and there'll be a link in the item.in the details page that shows you a.four page massive check out list of.everything that we inspect and guarantee.after purchase on this RV and I'm going.to tell you right now folks there's not.another dealer in the country.that's going to take a fourteen-year-old.used RV for 24 nine with 36,000 miles in.this nice condition and put it through.the inspection most RV dealers.especially the ones that sell new and.used that the best they check your.propane system for leaks that's it.everything else is as is we go through.this name folks like we were buying it.ourselves go through that list you'll be.impressed nobody else does that folks.that's what makes us different we've.been doing this for 51 years for a.reason folks and we sell five to six.hundred used RVs a year because of the.way that we check them out and the price.we sell them for you know we don't you.don't say in business over half a.century unless you're doing something.right and that's exactly what we do best.last 10 years we've sold over 5,000 RVs.so definitely a lot of happy customers.out there these are used I'm not saying.they're new there's gonna be cosmetic.imperfections we don't cover cosmetics.we we concentrate on the mechanical.stuff we want to make sure everything.that's important work so the first time.you use it you're enjoying camping with.your family not worrying about not.making a repair list for your RV and.that's why you come to the dealer to buy.you want one that that'll be checked out.ready to go versus a for sale by owner.or the first thing you got to do when.you when you take possession of is take.it to the repair shop and get it and.start getting stuff fixed on it you're.going to worry about that here folks.twenty-four nine you're going to get a.fully functional two thousand six two.thousand five coachmen mirada 290 KS.cleaned up checked out ready to go after.purchases the unit goes in line to get.checked out contact my sales team for a.current lead time on a Class A check out.we're going to go through that four page.inspection sheet make sure everything on.it works but doesn't we repair it we.replace the part whatever it takes no.matter what the cost to make sure this.unit passes that inspection with flying.colors and even if we lose money on the.deal folks we do what we say we're going.to do for 24 nine doesn't go up because.we spend extra on it is 24 and.and for all of those with all those.systems in that check sheet guaranteed.to work and can't get any easier than.that folks also this unit comes with a.90-day nationwide limited warranty that.we purchase on your behalf to give you.peace of mind it's accepted at a network.of dealers nationwide y'all pardon me.for just one second.well it's coming sorry about that folks.pollens real bad and you ever get that.feeling you got a sneeze and you don't.so I'm sure it'll hit me here in just a.little bit but anyway you get the 90 day.nationwide limited warranty so you don't.have to worry about it in the rare.occasion that you do have a warranty.claim in the first three months because.I know of most of you buying from us.you're going to be traveling a long.distance to buy from us that's normal.that's several buyers a week travel.thousands of miles to buy from us so we.know when the rare occasions you have.something break on it the first 90 days.you don't want to have to take it all.the way back here while you certainly.can we have no problem doing warranty.repairs you have options a lot of times.you can find a dealer it's closer in the.network that can help you out and do the.same thing we can do and save you having.to travel all the way back here to.Georgia to get a warranty repair and and.of course we do the same thing for their.customers that's what being a networks.all about folks.but anyway 24 9 you get all those.benefits you get a 21 nights of free.camping up to 7 nights at a time.let's select RV resorts nationwide.that's included for that 24 9 price we.used in club month period you get a.start RV starter kit with all your.camping essentials new sewer hose and.water hose pressure reducer chemicals.toilet paper washing wax and much more.included for that 24 9 price all brand.new most dealerships you have to buy.that stuff extra after you buy used RV.you don't get anything that's included.oh gosh what else of course you get.instructional DVDs and more so if you.have any questions at all give us a call.706 9 6 5 7 9 to 9 please call before.coming to look because I never delete my.youtube videos I don't want you making a.long trip for a unit that's already got.a deposit on it already sold so please.call ahead make sure it's available for.travelling down here to look at it and.keep in mind I have a 150 plus used RVs.and stop more driving.every day fact I was coming out here to.shoot this one they just pulled up in a.van and another camper van and another.class a Motorhome I'll be shooting soon.so my drivers did so we've got units.coming in every day and going out every.day which said we sell five to six.hundred used RVs a year and got over 150.in stock thank you for watching my video.folks I think you're going to be.impressed for this motorhome for 24 and.on and if you don't if you're not.impressed with it I've got a few others.in that price range too that you can.look at so you would not be a wet.factious Perez freezers already starting.to get cold cool well cold cool so thank.you for watching my video and if you.have any questions call us seven of six.nine six five seven nine to nine visit.my website folks please I've got so much.more information than what's on this.video on on our website Parkway RV.center comm yeah I'll have a factory.sales brochure a floor plan I'll have.detailed specs exact measurements tank.sizes all the important technical.information you could ever want.will be on my website as well as.pictures finance applications if you.want to try to get approved for.financing we do have financing available.with approved credit minimum ten percent.down payment plus your applicable sales.tax banks are now requiring us to.consider the self to add the sales tax.on top of the down payment so you know.RV and is financing some tricky folks.it's not like car financing it's closer.to home financing more closer to home.financing than a then auto finance but.thank you for watching go to my website.Parkway RV center calm subscribe to my.youtube channel go to the video.description below if you're watching.this on youtube there'll be a link you.can click on to go to my used five safe.page on my website thank you again and.look forward to seeing you here and.beautiful Ringgold short.

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