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The Key Elements of Writing Professional Fund Raiserprofessional Fund Raising Counsel Professional Fund Raising Consultant Permit Application Form Utah on the Website

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How to put to use The Professional Fund Raiserprofessional Fund Raising Counsel Professional Fund Raising Consultant Permit Application Form Utah ?

welcome to the professional fundraiser.webinar presented by the California.Attorney General's registry of.Charitable Trusts or the registry for.short the registry administers the.registration and reporting requirements.for professional fundraisers that.provide charitable fundraising services.in California this webinar is divided.into two parts first we will cover the.steps the charity should take before.hiring fundraisers and in the second.part of the webinar we will cover the.registration and reporting obligations.of fundraisers so let's get started.before hiring a fund raiser charities.should take certain steps to protect.their interest first before you hire a.professional fundraiser check and.confirm that the fundraiser is.registered with the California Attorney.General's registry and in good standing.second charity should research how well.the fundraiser did in past fundraising.events for other charities to check the.fundraisers registration status visit.the Attorney General's website at oag.see a govt / charities and click on the.registries verification search tool a.shortcut to the verification search tool.is our CT dot DOJ CA govt to search for.a professional fundraiser using the.registry verification search tool you.can use the state charity registration.number which is the number the registry.gave to the professional fundraiser or.it's FBI n if either of these numbers.are not available you can search using.the fundraisers name to search by name.select professional fundraiser in the.drop down program menu if you know the.registration type of the fundraiser.select either commercial co Venturer.commercial fundraiser or fundraising.counsel if you want to search for a.specific fundraising event select fun.amazing event after you hit the Search.tab you will see the status of the.professional fundraiser if you see a.status of registered this means the.fundraiser has submitted a registration.form and is registered with the Attorney.General for the current registration.period if you see a status of expired.this means a professional fundraiser has.not submitted a registration form for.the current registration period and its.last registration certificate has.expired when a fundraiser has finished a.specific fundraising event you will see.a status of completed this means that.the fundraiser has submitted a financial.report for that event if you see a.status of awaiting reporting this means.a commercial fundraiser has submitted a.Notice of Intent but has not submitted a.financial report now that you have.searched for and have confirmed that.your fundraiser is registered and up to.date with its reporting requirements.with the Attorney General the next step.before you decide to hire the fundraiser.is to research how well it performed for.other charities to search how well your.fundraiser did in raising charitable.assets for other charities go to the.Attorney General's website oag CA govt.slash charities in the professional.fundraiser section of the website the.Attorney General publishes a report.called summary of charitable.solicitation campaigns conducted by.professional fundraisers this summary.lists the fundraisers that had brought.in very little money for charities and.also those fundraisers that were more.successful in their solicitation.campaigns the report lists the.percentage page charities in descending.order and covers thrift store and.vehicle donation operations as well as.commercial co venturers the summer.is based on the financial reports the.commercial fundraisers and commercial co.venturers filed with the registry the.preceding year now let's discuss the.different types of professional.fundraisers that are required to.register and report to the Attorney.General then we will discuss the.contractual requirements or terms that.must be included in any agreement.between a charity and its professional.fundraiser there are three types of.professional fundraisers that are.required to registered with the Attorney.General's registry a commercial.fundraiser fundraising council and.commercial co-venture er a commercial.fundraiser is an organization or an.individual that is paid by a charity to.solicit on its behalf.commercial fundraisers typically receive.or control charitable assets because of.their solicitation work commercial.fundraisers may solicit donations by.phone mail email by crowd funding.through website charity auctions and.entertainment events commercial.fundraisers may also solicit and sell.used property by clothing in cars.commercial fundraisers are typically.paid a percentage of donations that they.collect but they may also be paid a flat.fee an example of a commercial.fundraiser would be a telemarketer.if fundraising council is an.organization or an individual that are.paid by charities to plan manage consult.or prepare solicitation materials for.charitable purposes but unlike.commercial fundraisers a fundraising.council does not control or receive the.donation fundraising council are.typically paid a flat fee for their.services examples of a fundraising.council include grant writers or a.company that prepares written materials.for a charity but does not actually mail.the materials or receive donations a.commercial co-venture is an organization.that typically raises.money for charities by giving the.charity a percentage of the revenue from.the sale of the goods or services an.example would be a wine company that.offers to donate to a charity a.percentage of its sales now that we have.discussed the three types of fundraisers.that may operate in California let's now.go over the contract requirements there.must be a written contract between a.charity and a fundraiser and the.contract must contain certain terms and.these terms are required by law to.protect charities every contract that a.charity enters into with a fundraiser.must contain these terms you may want to.look at a model contract that is posted.on the Attorney General's website at OAG.ca.gov slash charities slash.publications we will now go through the.specific information that must be.included in the contract with a.professional fundraiser the contract.must include the legal name and address.of the charity as provided in the.filings with the registry the contract.needs to spell out the charitable.purpose for which the fundraiser is.being hired the contract also needs to.spell out the obligations of both the.fundraiser and the charity for the.fundraising event if the commercial.fundraiser will be paid a fixed fee the.contract must state the amount of the.fee and also a good faith estimate of.what percentage the fixed fee will.represent from the total contributions.received the contract must clearly state.the assumptions on which the good faith.estimate is based if the commercial.fundraiser will be paid a percentage fee.the contract must say the percentage of.the total contributions the charity will.be guaranteed to receive if the.solicitation involves the sale of goods.or services or the sale of an admission.to an event the contract must state the.percentage of the purchase price the.organization will keep the percentage.must be.related by subtracting from the total.contributions in sales receipts not only.the commercial fundraisers fee but also.in the additional fundraising costs the.charity must pay the contract must also.state the start date and the end date.for the solicitation campaign another.important provision in the contract.relates to the charities receipt of.funds the contract needs to state that.within five business days.all funds received by a commercial.fundraiser must be deposited in the.charity's bank account that is.controlled solely by the charity or the.funds must be delivered to the charity.by Express Mail or overnight delivery.this means that the charity gets all of.the donations first and within five days.the charity will then pay the commercial.fundraiser for its share of the work.done the contract also must provide a.statement that the charity will exercise.control and approve the content of the.solicitation language and the frequency.of any solicitation additional contract.requirements for every contract with a.commercial fundraiser include the.charity's cancellation rights and the.authorized signature requirements in.California a charity has a right to.cancel the contract without any.liability or expense within ten days.after the contract is signed after the.initial 10-day cancellation period the.charity may cancel the contract with 30.days notice and payment to the.fundraiser for services provided up to.30 days after the notice is served the.contract also needs to say that the.charity has a right to cancel the.contract for any reason without.liability if the commercial fundraiser.or its agents make material.misrepresentations harm the charities.reputation or is found to have been.convicted of a crime arising from.charitable solicitations.and the contract must be signed by.authorized officials this means that the.contract must be signed by the.commercial fundraisers authorized.officer and an official of the charity.who is authorized to sign the contract.by the governing board of directors.there are other requirements that may.apply please review the model contract.available on the Attorney General's.website or review government code.section 1 to 599 subdivision I now let's.discuss the contract requirement for a.contract with a fundraising council as.mentioned earlier a fundraising council.must also register with the registry but.unlike a commercial fundraiser the.fundraising council does not actually.solicit funds for the charity rather the.fundraising council prepares.solicitation materials for the charity.when the charity is ready to enter into.a contract with a fundraising council.the following requirements must be.included in the contract the legal name.and address of the charity as provided.in the filings with the registry the.charitable purpose for the solicitation.campaign the obligations of both the.fundraising council and the charity.under the contract the contract must.also contain some specific statements.one that the fundraising council will.not solicit funds or property for.charitable purposes or hire anyone else.to do so - that the fundraising council.will not receive or control funds or.property solicited for charitable.purposes or hire anyone else to do so.and three that the charity will be the.one to control and approve the content.and frequency of solicitation now let's.address the fundraising councils fees.that must be stated in the contract like.a contract with a commercial fundraiser.a contract with a fundraising council.must clearly spell out the fees in any.other form of compensation including any.commission that may be paid to the.fundraising council lastly the contract.with a fundraising council must have a.start and an end date the contract must.also have the charity's cancellation.rights the charity has a right to cancel.the contract without any liability.within 10 days of signing the contract.and after that the charity has a right.to cancel the contract by giving a 30.day notice a charity looking to do.business with a commercial CRO Venturer.should also have a written contract the.contract must be signed by two officers.of the charity under the contract the.commercial co Venturer must transfer to.the charity within 90 days all funds or.property that are due to the charity the.contract must also provide for an.accounting every 90 days now that we.have covered what charities should do in.hiring professional fundraisers and have.discussed the different types of.fundraisers that are required to.register with the Attorney General we.will now cover the registration and.reporting requirements for fundraisers.to promote transparency and to protect.charitable assets professional.fundraisers must register and file.annual reports with a registry these.annual financial reports are available.to the public on the Attorney General's.website the financial reports filed by.fundraisers are then used by the.Attorney General to prepare a summary.report called summary of charitable.solicitation campaigns conducted by.professional fundraisers what happens if.a fundraiser does not register with the.Attorney General's registry if a.professional fundraiser fails to.register it faces significant.consequences the fundraiser may be.subject to penalties and/or.administrative action or legal action in.addition that she.that hired an unregistered fundraiser.may be subject to penalties legal action.and/or administrative action.professional fundraisers are required to.register and renew their registration.with a registry by January 15th of every.year if they intend to provide.fundraising services in California once.the registration documents are filed it.is assigned a registration number which.is the organization's reference number.with the registry the fundraiser will.also get a confirmation of registration.letter along with a registration.certificate the certificate represents.that the professional fundraiser is.register for the registration year the.certificate is effective January 15th or.the date after the registration form is.received by the registry and expires on.January 15th of the following year the.forms needed to start the registration.process depends on the type of the.professional fundraiser let's first.discuss the registration requirement for.a commercial fundraiser to start the.registration process the commercial.fundraiser.must submit two forms the annual.registration form which is the ct1 CF.and the surety bond form the ct4 CF form.the name and address on both the.registration form and the surety bond.form must match the commercial.fundraiser.she stayed it's registration number that.was assigned by the registry if known.and it's F ein the commercial fundraiser.must state all other names it is known.by or has operated under the C T 1 CF.registration form asks other questions.that are related to the corporate for.nation in the state in which it was.formed.lastly the commercial fundraiser must.enter the name the individuals address.and the relationship of each officer and.director if it is a corporation or an.unincorporated association or list each.partner if it is a partnership or the.name of the owner if it is a sole.proprietorship on page 2 of the.registration form the commercial.fundraiser must state the activities.they will be performing for the.charities the second page of the form.also asks whether there are any.directors officers or employees in.common between the commercial fundraiser.and the charity the form asks about past.enforcement actions that have been taken.against the commercial fundraiser the.form asks whether the fundraiser has had.its license registration or permit.denied cancelled suspended or revoked.and whether it was subject to any.official disciplinary action or legal.action if the fundraiser answers yes to.any of these questions it needs to.provide additional information on a.separate sheet of paper.lastly the form must be signed and dated.by an authorized official of the.commercial fundraiser a commercial.fundraisers registration with the.Attorney General's registry is not.complete without also filing the surety.bond the form CT for CF the commercial.fundraiser must obtain a bond in the.amount of $25,000 the CT for CF form.must be completed and endorsed by an.insurance company the original surety.bond form is then filed with the.registry along with the annual.registration form the purpose of the.surety bond is to protect the charity.from any unlawful fundraising activity.by the commercial fundraiser that it.hired remember the registration and.surety bond must be renewed each year.once registered a commercial fundraiser.is also required to submit annually.financial reports to the registry for.each solicitation campaign also the.commercial fundraiser must file a notice.of intent form the ct-10 cf form each.year this form serves to alert the.registry that a solicitation campaign.will start in California a notice of.intent form must be filed with the.registry 10 working days before the.start of each solicitation campaign.event or service this form contains the.commercial fundraisers contact.information as well as the contact.information of the charity for which it.provides services the commercial.fundraiser must select the fundraising.method or activity it will be performing.under the contract and fill in the.projected start and end dates of the.contract at the end of the form the.commercial fundraiser should state the.name address and telephone number of the.person responsible for directing and.supervising the work of the commercial.fundraiser under the contract with a.charity finally an authorized official.of the commercial fundraiser must sign.and date the Notice of Intent form in.addition to the Notice of Intent form a.commercial fundraiser must file its.annual financial report the registry has.three different types of financial.reports and the one that the commercial.fundraiser will file would depend on the.solicitation campaign conducted the form.most used by commercial fundraisers is.the CT - CF form if a commercial.fundraiser operated a vehicle donation.program it must file the CT.- v CF form the third form the CT - t CF.form is filed by fundraisers that.operate thrift stores each financial.report is due by January 30th as.mentioned of the three types of.financial reports the one most.frequently filed by fundraisers is the.CT - CF form so let's discuss the.requirements for this form first the.commercial fundraiser must state the.reporting year on top of CT - CF form.this form requires the commercial.fundraisers contact information and the.contact information of the charity the.commercial fundraiser must state whether.the dollar figures on the report are.from a national campaign or the campaign.that only occurred in California and the.type of activity conducted the.commercial fundraiser must state whether.it is paid a flat fee or a percentage of.the revenue under its contract with a.charity after these fields are completed.the commercial fundraiser must break.down the revenue generated and the.expenses incurred on page 2 of the.financial report the CT - CF form the.commercial fundraiser will report the.amount that was given to the charity and.any other expenses that it may have.incurred during the campaign and there.is one question that the commercial.fundraiser must answer and it is whether.any director officer or employee of the.commercial fundraiser is also a director.officer or employee of a charity listed.in the report if the answer is yes the.commercial fundraiser must report the.person's name address and the.relationship of the officer director or.employee to the chair.finally the report must be signed by the.commercial fundraiser and by two.authorized officers of the charity all.of whom declare that the report is true.and correct to sum it up the timing of.the filings for commercial fundraiser is.as follows the registration for the year.starts on January 15th and the annual.financial reports are due by January.30th of the following year.now let's go over the fundraising.councils registration and reporting.requirements to register as a.fundraising council it must submit the.annual registration form the CTE 3cf.form on the first page of the form the.fundraising council must state its name.and address its registration number that.was issued by the registry if known and.its f ein the fundraising council must.stayed all names it has used or operated.under the form asks other questions.related to the corporate formation in.the state in which it was formed the.form asks for the identity and contact.information of the fundraising councils.directors officers and partners on page.2 of the registration form the.fundraising council must provide the.name and address of each individual.corporation unincorporated association.or other legal entity for whom it.provided services for charitable.purposes in the preceding year a.separate sheet can be attached to the.registration form to provide the.requested information the form also.explores whether there are any common.directors officers or employees between.the fundraising council and the charity.the form asks for any past or current.enforcement or licensing actions taken.against a fundraising council if the.fundraising council answers yes to any.of the questions it must provide the.requested information.lastly the fundraising council must.attest that its contract with charities.comply with the government code section.1 to 5 99.1 subdivision F and an.authorized official must sign the form a.fundraising.and counsel must renew its registration.each year it must also submit the Notice.of Intent form form CT 11 CF 10 working.days before the start of any service for.a charity the Notice of Intent form.requests the fundraising councils.contact information and the contact.information of the charity the form.requires the fundraising council to.state the name address and telephone.number of the person responsible for.directing and supervising the work of.the fundraising council under the.contract finally an authorized official.of the fundraising council must sign and.date the form next we will discuss the.registration and reporting requirements.for a commercial co Venturer commercial.co venturers are required to register.and file annual reports with a registry.unless they enter until written contract.with a charity and agreed to disburse.funds and provide an accounting to the.charity every 90 days if the commercial.co Venturer does not have a written.contract or is unwilling to both.disperse payments and provide an.accounting every 90 days to the charity.it must register and file annual reports.with the registry to register as a.commercial co Venturer it must use the.annual registration form CT v CF this.form asks the commercial co Venturer its.official name and address and asks for.its registration number and the f ein.the commercial co Venturer must identify.all other business names used in the.past the form asks questions about its.management and its business type on page.2 of the registration form the.commercial co Venturer must state the.type of activity it will be performing.and there are two questions that it must.answer 1 whether there are any common.directors off.or employees with a charity and to.whether there are any prior or current.enforcement or licensing actions taken.against it if the commercial co-venture.is license registration or permit has.been denied cancelled suspended or.revoked or if there has been any.official disciplinary or legal action.taken against it that it must supply.additional information on a separate.sheet of paper lastly an authorized.official of the commercial co-venture.must sign and date the form in addition.to the registration requirement annual.reports must be filed by commercial co.ventures similar to the financial.reports filed by commercial fundraisers.each financial report is due by January.30th for the activities of the preceding.year the commercial co Venturer should.use the annual financial report form ct6.CF that is available on the Attorney.General's website let's take a look at.Form.ct6 CF this form asks for the contact.information for the commercial.co-venture and the charity and whether.the results of the campaign were from a.national campaign or from a campaign.that occurred in California the form.asks about the types of solicitation.campaign conducted the form also asks.about the funds given to the charity.whether it was paid a set fee or a.percentage of the revenue after these.fields are completed the commercial co.Venturer must break down the revenue.generated and the expenses incurred on.page 2 of the financial report the.commercial co Venturer will report the.amount that was given to the charity and.the expenses that it incurred during the.campaign the form also asks about any.common directors officers or employees.between the commercial co Venturer and.the charity if this question is answered.yes.the commercial co-venture er must report.on the form the name address and the.relationship of its officer director or.employee to the charity finally the.report must be signed by the commercial.co-venture and also by two authorised.officers of the charity all of whom.declared that the report is true and.correct this concludes our webinar we.hope this presentation was useful and.informative additional information on.fundraising can be found on the Attorney.General's website oag CA govt /.charities /pf police also review the.Attorney General's guide for charities.located on the publication's portion of.the Attorney General's website thank you.for listening to this webinar.

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Professional Fund Raiserprofessional Fund Raising Counsel Professional Fund Raising Consultant Permit Application Form Utah FAQs

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You should have two other great personal trusted advisors. One is your attorney and the other your financial advisor. Both of these should have an extended network of people that they can introduce you to. If you have a long standing relationship both personally and professionally they can the most valuable allies for anything you want to do in life. If you don’t have these in your circle of influence, you should begin to develop these relationships.

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