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and would like to welcome everyone to.this week's Wednesday webinar we record.these and they're posted there in the.blue link extension dot u and V dot edu.backslash women and AG you can see the.upcoming webinars we've just announced.2019 as well as archived webinars from.previously we do have a conference save.the date February 13th 2019 for the.conference women and AG we also have.Annie's projects classes that will be.happening after the first of the year as.always the big thanks to the sponsors of.the women in agriculture program as well.as our collaborators so with that I'm.going to go ahead and turn today's.webinar over to Paul he's going to be.talking about farm lease agreement.something he's talked about ever since.he arrived here in Maryland a big topic.that we have so thank you for being with.us today Paul thank you for inviting me.today and having just done this.yesterday one thing I could remember how.to do it you share your screen yep I'll.shoot my powerpoint perfect and.hopefully that pops up and then please.let me know if when I go to fullscreen.[Music].that's right you're a Mac user yeah you.yeah we're seeing presenter view okay so.yesterday everybody saw presenter view.as well so that's what I try to get them.to tell me there we go perfect so okay.so that works for me okay so yes the.chan invention i'm gonna talk about i.listening today as I looked back I.hadn't talked about this in about two.years so this is a good time properly to.talk about it and try it again.and sadly you know I have 44 slides so.I'm also part of the AG logic ation.initiative it's collaboration between.the Franciscan Carey School of Law at.the University of Maryland Baltimore.College Park where I'm located at in the.College of Ag and natural resources and.then um es School of Agriculture of.Natural Sciences or funded by empower.we're on we have a link to our website.their Facebook social media so if you.have questions you can email us at that.email address as well I'll skip the.empower slide but we're funded through.empower which is a collaboration to get.to bring Baltimore and College Park.together for work on issues none of this.is legal advice so hopefully now it's.being recorded everyone will remember.that I will skip to the next slide in my.department we do the Maryland risk.management education blog you can find.it at address um d dot edu you can sign.up there or you can text into that.number and I think I sent these.powerpoints to you right Shannon to post.online.yes even though in your commute isn't it.perfect and if you like the sound of my.voice and enjoy listening to me talk you.can listen to me read my blog post to.you and I do that about two times a.month every other week there should be.one coming out so it'll be one next week.and always on Wednesday afternoons.around ten o'clock they come out there.on iTunes Google Play tune in and today.we're going to talk about the a leasing.book that I put together when I first.got here that is where you can find it.at it and should take you to the website.to download the book it is a very large.file I think it's about a 40 to 50 page.PDF it has four Melisa's in it that you.can use to kind of guide yourself in.your operation there fillable there also.on the gray marketing website which is.extension dot um d dot edu slash gray.marketing if I remember correctly I.don't think I have a link to it in my.slides we can find those there there are.other videos talking about some of the.issues that we're going to talk about.today be kind of do more in-depth on.them I'm just going to kind of hit a.broad overview today so to kind of give.a little bit of an overview of the topic.forty-two percent of all land in.Maryland is in some way rented farmland.specifically I've looked at Delaware.it's about 53 percent if there's anybody.in Virginia or Pennsylvania hi forgot to.look that up my apologies for that but.we're dealing with a large percentage of.land and my guess is if I looked at.Pennsylvania in Virginia it would still.be a high number somewhere near 50.percent but we're dealing with a large.number of land that's rented and there.are a lot of issues that come up when.this farmland is rented the biggest.issue that typically comes up is when.we're looking at this we may have no.real written lease and then there may be.communication issues that pop up between.the landlord and the tenant.over the life of the leaf with no.written leaf we may have AG leases that.started you know 20 30 years ago and it.continued on parties involved in the.lease may have passed away and it may be.really hard to figure out you know who.is doing what and Elise and what should.be going on specifically in that case.especially when the next generation.takes over and memories become faulty.over time communication can just speed.the issues if we're trying to do.something with the land and the.landlord's not aware the landlord wants.to do something with the land and.they're not the tenants not aware of.what's happening if the landlord is.trying to sell this lack of.communication can then lead to disputes.as well so to be a valid lease as we.look at this we really need to have four.things we need to have a valid contract.when we look at leases they're just a.contract and with that we can really.write these things really any way we.want to to kind of reflect what we need.to do when you look at the form leases.online they're kind of generic they.reflect generally what we thought people.would want in a lease but you can go.broader than that and kind of be more.creative and I should highlight at the.same time my counterpart Sarah Everhart.has a book on our website that kind of.reflects conservation issues in all of.this as well so if there are.conservation issues you want to take.into account when you're developing the.lease you can put those on there as well.and kind of integrate some of those.lease terms into the form leases online.we also need to know the extent of the.property lease if we're looking at this.properly we really do need to know you.know what's actually being leased and.what isn't being leased we need to know.how long the lease is going to run at.least it may be I'm going to show some.open-ended terms that kind of don't.reflect a definite time but they do at.least in the eyes of the law reflect.something.indefinite and we do need to know how.much the rent is going to be in all of.these cases and you notice I didn't talk.about it being in writing it's a good.idea to put them in writing but at the.same time they really don't have to be.in writing as long as it meets these.four requirements so what happens when.you fail to put it in writing the.failure to put it in writing can lead to.some issues in there by any reasons why.we want to have basically an or release.or verbal lease for assists a bokken and.there is nothing in writing really and.we just trust each other with a.handshake deal the pros are it's really.simple if we go back to my list before.it's really just going to be the rent.the lease term it may have a few other.clauses but it's going to be really like.and what's going on in the lease it does.show trust in the other party we all.like to believe that each other and.ourselves are reputable and honest and.we're all going to live up to what we.kind of say we're going to end up doing.but at the same time we may not there.may be issues just because we heard one.thing we didn't actually understand what.was being conveyed to us so these issues.can pop up and can lead to disputes as.we move through some of these releasing.issues at the same time it may not need.all the legal requirements we're going.to talk about topic and lease is.actually powerful in writing for the.pool of all this water is the period of.time that the law allows for just a.verbal leaves it may end up being a.problem and causes issues down the road.at the same time we have no written.record of what was said.we just have each other's memories to.reflect upon so there is a dispute it.becomes us who say what in what.situation and apparently nothing is.picking up on my computer and I need to.figure out what that is so clean.and use drift and sorry apparently I.left Pandora open and it was causing me.problems so now back to the pathway so.in any legal dispute is going to fall.upon who is more believable than the.other party so these are all issues we.need to be thinking about as we're.developing written leases and why.written leases impart why oral leases.may not be the way to go if we're.looking at written leases there are some.pros that go with those we kind of look.at what the cons were in the oral leases.and we start having a written record.we're allowing parties to negotiate more.fully a lease that works the thought is.with a written lease you take into.account all the issues that have.happened in your past leases and you.kind of make it reflect what you think.will work in the future and work for the.parties involved.you start clearly defining who's.responsible for what so the landlord is.supposed to take care of certain things.becomes clearly reflected in the lease.and you're not taking care of that stuff.make sure the tenant it's just a good.business practice it helps to also.provide proof to your lenders that you.actually have the acreage under lease.that you're claiming they may under.banking rules as they come out not be.able to take just your word for this.anymore and need a written record to.verify this or some sort of.documentation the cons are if we go back.to the pros was written Lee or her.leases it starts becoming some of those.you know it may not show that same level.of trust that we want in other parties.and there may be cases where you don't.want a written record to exist you may.want it to be shown that you're not.leasing the farmland but someone else is.actually doing it the farmland may not.be in compliance with USDA conservation.compliance provisions and you not.actually having records that you rented.that property may help you maintain your.eligibility which I have seen and there.may be other areas where just not having.a written.record would be a good thing so I often.ask this question who is this famous.person and why did I put her picture up.there and you don't have the ability to.respond so I'll let you think about it.for a second you know the long to the.next level it's not on the next slide.anymore.I updated just this is Marilu Henner she.has a condition called hyper by yzma if.I remember correctly she is one of about.20 documented cases in the world people.like this remember everything that ever.happened to them on any given day and.have perfect recall as to details in.their lives as I just pointed out it.only affects 20 or so people in the.entire world if you are one of those.lucky people and the other party is one.of those lucky people that has this.Total Recall.you have the ability not to put together.a written lease at least with that party.for all the rest of us we have crappy.memories and we need to think about that.when we're developing these things as a.way to sort of develop a lease in.writing that we can at least remember.what happened and develop things that.are happening the other thing we need to.take into account and I don't have a.slide on this here and go to the next.slide is the fact that if you look at.USDA statistics we have a large number.of farmland that will be turning hands.within the next you know starting two.years ago through about 2020 if this.farm land is changing hands and going to.new generations and owners either.through succession planning.and just being handed off as a new.owners or new children take over the.farm or its passing through a will and.someone else is taking over family.farmland that's always been leased out.to someone else we may need that party.who's taking over to understand what was.developed in those leases so they're.able to take over as the landlord and.figure out what mom or dad agreed upon.or grandma or grandpa Bree upon that.they're then able to figure it out.because we're looking at this and we're.seeing generations changes in ownership.and the new generation may expect.something different when they're taking.over the property.it may be thinking that you're supposed.to be doing one thing that you've never.had to do before.so having a written these can help them.understand and then when it's time to.renegotiate that these thing they want.to look at making changes onto it.the other reason having in writing is.there's really no requirement like I.said before that at least be in writing.unless the lease is for a period longer.than one year this is a requirement in.law called the statute of frauds all.states have some version of the statute.of frauds Maryland Delaware Virginia.Pennsylvania and for the most part they.cover different things but one of the.big things I always cover is a lease.that is longer than one year needs to be.in writing but that's not always clear I.have some examples of what that might be.so here we have a lease my kampl one it.rest started January 1 of this year and.runs to December 31st that's pretty much.a year if you could respond with words I.would you could but that's pretty much a.year there's no requirement for that to.be in writing it can be in oral lease.because it's only going to last a year.and we expect it you know to end and.then potentially be renegotiated.annually my other example is the same.lease but it continues to run after.December 31st of this year until.terminated by one of the parties for the.most part this is a standard AG lease we.see them running for one year and then.continuing until terminated.one of the parties after the end of the.lease after the original term of the.lease this is considered a one-year.lease because in theory we could end it.at the end of December 31st and never.continue it in practice.it never is it continues odd we may have.leases like this running for 20 30 40 50.years depending on how long the family.has on the land and the family that's.taken it over to farm it and all the.other issues that come up so this may be.a legit issue we need to focus in on as.to why these leases need to be in.writing there is no requirement they be.in writing but we may actually need to.make sure they're put into writing my.other example is one that clearly is.longer than one year started January 1.of this year goes to December 31st this.one clearly needs to be in writing.longer than one year so to meet the.legal requirements that we need to be in.writing.so yeah so sometimes a writing may not.always be one document it could be a.series of emails or letters depending on.when the series actually happened in.time today we would expect it probably.to be more two series of emails.potentially letters if it was back.before email was prevalent it could also.be a series of text messages between you.and the other party to kind of figure.out who it is it's much safer to put it.in writing at the end just so in the end.we have one document we can reflect upon.this has happened in this state to be at.least in Maryland I'm assuming it's.happened in Delaware in the other states.as well ma'am not happened in an attic.context in every state but it has.happened in the leasing concept for just.general business leases as well so we.should pay attention to the other thing.to go back to slide and I'll skip back a.second is if you do go into this.situation there are legal rules that may.pull you out then where you may not have.it in writing but because you've done.certain actions you started tilling the.land you've started buying it Equipe.there are inputs to put on the land.other things you may have done may show.enough to show there's obese that we can.at least imply at least but it may not.be the least you want so it may in the.end be putting it in writing to make it.something that everyone is comfortable.with and so with that let's think about.you know now how do we set a fair rental.rate and this is a question that I know.Shannon gets asked a lot other County.educators could ask a lot what's a fair.rental rate and it's not a really easy.answer to kind of give you at times.because it really does depend on your.situation and it's something you should.work out to kind of figure out but for.those that are unfamiliar without Ag.leases work we have about three basic.types we have a crop share lease we have.a fixed cash lease may have a flex cash.least the crop share lease and the idea.is you get a percentage of the crop in.return to the landlord in.turn for renting your land you may also.cover a percentage of the input or the.yield increasing inputs that go into.that crop so fertilizer certain you know.herbicides pesticides whatever we can.show and agreed upon increased yield you.may end up getting to have to pay a.portion of those expenses which makes.sense you know it's helping you increase.what you may make in the end six cash.I'm going to show some fixed cash sharps.here in a second from Maryland and.Delaware to kind of highlight but the.average rental rate is per acre per year.in the state so that is just a fixed.payment every year you would take that.number multiply it by the number of.acres and pay it on annually flex cash.is a little more in debt the idea with a.flex cash lease is I come up with a base.rent that may be similar to the fixed.cash ran it may be not different and may.be discounted it's just enough it's a.number we agree upon that starts out.with wise or it could be typically the.floor with the least amount the landlord.could get paid then we'll come up with.what we want to flex it off up so it may.be the gross revenue from the farm it.may be the yield on the farm it can.really be anything that you want to put.and kind of figure out how to provide.incentive to the landlord based on this.so then you would come up with what the.base yield whatever you're flexing and.off of would be then at the end of.harvest would go back we figure out what.actually happened on the farm we divide.what actually happened by whatever we.set as the base whatever we're flexing.off of we multiply that number of times.the base rent and that tells us how much.per acre we're going to.paying slightly more work than fixed.cash slightly more work than crop share.these are growing in sort of prevalence.in the knit knits hum it less mainly.because everybody likes crop share.leases but because of the way inputs are.being bought it's harder to keep track.of inputs that may go into one tract of.farmland and may be easier to keep it as.you know as for the farm as a whole so.people still like flex or crop share.leases but it's just harder to do the.amount of paperwork required to keep.track of everything for every landlord.if you're dealing with multiple.landlords so flex cash is a way to.reduce sort of that burden of the tenant.to be able just to look at certain.things that we can go back and peg real.easy and as you just figured out for my.description at each one of these each.one's going to require at varying level.of record-keeping and monitoring.depending on who the party is so these.are some cash rental rates that USDA.Nass does the statewide average each.year they also do a county average every.other year but for some reason we can't.figure out why the County average for.that was supposed to come out this year.is actually the county average for last.year so we're trying to figure that out.and it County averages don't always come.out for every Maryland in Delaware.County it's all based on respondents and.if they don't get enough respondents.they can't actually release those.numbers and they made it originally so.some of our counties this year didn't.have numbers because not enough.producers responded to make it slightly.harder we're trying to run it so right.here and it got low participation right.this year I'm working to figure out how.to get higher participation right next.year to kind of make it more effective.but looking at the most recent numbers.for 2017 in Delaware we're looking at.all cropland being about 109.as per acre non-irrigated about 88 and.irrigated is about 145 per acre Marilyn.were looking at 103 per acre non.irrigated um flip non irrigated and.irrigated that should be a hundred and.ninety four irrigated and 94 for non.irrigated sorry about that that's on me.I apparently did not pay attention and.pasture is always fairly the cheapest.it's about forty dollars per acre.there was no reported pasture in.Delaware Alice's so I could get that to.you.other things we should think about.during the life of the leases do you.want the landlord coming back on the.property or does the landlord won't come.back on the property.landlords need to think about this.mainly because under the typical view if.it's not for the least they don't have.the right to reenter the lease property.they have to include that right in.release itself so let's have specified.they have no right to come back on the.property until it the lease expires the.thing to think about what that is what.if the LAT property has recreational.value for the landlord should they be.doing something that you know helps them.be able to come back on the property and.utilize our property in some way and.these are seams you have to think about.as you're developing the lease you know.as it says on that they have no right to.come back in at those recreational use.on the property so if they want to go.back on the hunt to fish the height to.do something they need to retain those.rights at the same time if the landlord.wants to lease those rights out to a.third party then we really need to make.that clear in the lease this is why we.need to you know work on written leases.so we can have a little bit more ability.to you large property potentially better.the other thing they're going to work.out is how old is hunting take place on.the property you know how you know how.will be done so it doesn't impact what.the tenant is already doing on the.property if the tenant has livestock on.there do the livestock need to be moved.off that property during certain times.of the year while hunting is going on so.these are things we may need to think.about and it may not needing to be other.things depending on what that actual.recreational value is in that property.we also need to think about you know.what how they agree agree to contribute.during the life of the leads you know.what's the landlord contributing is it.just land.what's a tenant covering is they.covering everything else you know are.they going to cover part of the.production expenses like we would see in.a crop shear arrangement so farm has.irrigation on it a pump breaks who pays.for the cost of that irrigation that's.on the next line that's not so with.urination other expenses it may end up.being just do practice it may not have.to be in the lease we may end up you.know with pumps and other equipment.depending on where it's located on the.property and in the irrigation system it.may actually fall on the landlord to fix.just based on practice other things may.fall on the tenant with irrigation.effects so typically it's every I.believe Department regulates everything.from the pump down to the to the aquifer.that the landlord takes care of and the.tenant takes care of everything else.we're about a general liability.insurance.you know the tenant will typically need.to make sure that their equipment on the.property is insured but if there's.buildings other permanent structures.other things that are happening on the.property the landlord may want to take.out some type of general liability.insurance or the tourniquet the.landlord's taking on recreational uses.on the property they may want to make.sure that they have that covered and in.some way the tenant may want to make.sure that they're covered under that.policy.you take somebody gets hurt on the.property while they're involved in the.recreational use and then decide to sue.the landlord.crop insurance tenant typically cover.has a burden to pay for crop insurance.it is crop share or flex cash and cash.rent if the landlord is involved in a.crop share process then they typically.would split crop insurance proceeds in.the costs of those as well.typically in flex cash and cash rent the.landlord has no risk of loss so they.actually can't take any crop insurance.out and they only have risk of loss when.it comes to cross share rental agreement.yes.slides in the wrong spot for some reason.traditionally we look at this the.landlord will typically cover everything.below the ground plus any major expenses.with the well up to $500 landlord would.also supply a center pivot system if.that's the type of irrigation mainly.because that potentially would be the.one that's supposed to stay there if you.give up the property tenant.typically furnishes fuel power plant and.even minor expenses so by earlier.comment on the pump please forget it.typically would potentially fall on the.tenant good husbandry practices so we.talked earlier there is a book on our.website related to kind of conservation.issues but typically within almost all.these leases we need to think about the.fact that even if it's not addressed.which is potentially just implied in all.ahead leases that you're going to use.some form of good husbandry practices.and this and this typically means that.we want to conserve fertility usefulness.and value of the soil if we think about.the property as an asset for the.landlord.you know conserving fertility usefulness.and that value of that soil that's.maintaining their investment in the.property and if we allow tenants just to.come in do whatever they wanted to do.the property you know risk use it.missing.in some way that it reduces all this.there would be huge value loss to the /.to the owner of the property and they.wouldn't be may potentially not be able.to reclaim that so in a lot of these.cases we just imply this is existing in.most a glaces I say that it's never been.actually proven in Maryland this exists.but it has been implied in Delaware but.it seems like something that if we took.it to court it seems easy to get a court.to view this as something potentially.that should exist so it seems like.something we should just address early.on in the lease so we understand what.we're actually meaning so then we don't.have a core kind of figuring out what.this annuity actually means to us that.we should just address it early on in.the lease.other things to think about are we.really need to set a rental payment date.when do you traditionally pay this rent.things you should think about then think.about five ten fifteen how many years.down the future you're willing to think.and you know if we're looking at an.issue where we could have succession and.a new owner take over or someone's going.to buy the property and take it over.does that owner have enough background.and AG to understand what tradition is.the firt donor you're dealing with maybe.something that was raised on the farm.understand just based off what mom or.dad did down in a situation where.they're how kids are taking over they've.only visited you know periodically when.they went to visit Grandma and Grandpa's.a kid now they may not understand what.tradition means on this just because.they haven't been exposed to it so maybe.we need to just write that into the.lease to kind of take care of problems.and that will help us with other issues.so then we know when rents potentially.late yeah so having it set out clearly.than how many days is considered late.potentially what happens when it's.considered late is an issue we want to.address and originally we need to look.at these written leases as documents.that we can use to sort of answer not.all the questions but lay out a.framework so it's fairly clear as to.what we intended to do and we don't have.to write a very long document to do that.you can be very sure in concise but we.need to think about you know what we.want to address in these documents the.other thing to think about more setting.this rental rate payment date is to.think about with crop Sheriff flex cash.leases you really do need to set it past.that harvest date to give you enough.time to get records in order to recover.from harvest to get ready to where you.want to go in and so it may be you know.first of the year we want to go in and.do this or it may be later in the you.know sometime later in the year we want.to do it but we need to think.what's going to work based on the way.our production cycle usually operates.the other thing to think about is what.happens to Flint rent isn't paid in.Maryland Delaware if I remember.correctly you get no statutory lien in.automatic statutory lien and growing.crops.for unpaid rent.you could add language into the lease to.kind of create the security interest to.get that that is not in the form leases.because you need to make sure you're.working with an attorney to make sure.all the steps are meant to get that with.crop share leases a statutory lien does.exist automatically and if we think.about that that makes sense because you.know if you're growing or renting on a.crop share basis as a landlord you.actually have an interest in a portion.of that crop so you should be able to.have a lead in it.what about lease termination this is.where issues have often popped up your.lease may just terminate on a certain.date if we go back to my examples if it.comes to the end of the year it says it.runs for one year there's no language to.continue it on that lease may end at the.end of this one year can you may not.have to give notice and maybe a good.idea to give notice you don't to really.do anything to end the lease now if you.do put in a termination process you do.need to follow that termination process.whatever it is my typical example is if.it says you know four months prior to.termination we need to provide notice.the a carrier pigeon you better find a.carrier pigeon to deliver your notice of.termination.it's got to be mailed you need to make.sure it's got to be mailed if you've got.to email it make sure you email it the.reason for that is courts are more.likely to force you to follow your own.process that you agreed upon than they.are the process that's in the statute if.you don't have one the statutory process.they will be forgiving on the one you.agreed upon they are not forgiving on.and they like to see those follow.exactly why you agreed upon it you.should be able to follow it if it.doesn't have what I have this also for.Delaware as well the lease doesn't have.one then you follow up Maryland law.says if you're in Maryland it requires.six months notice to terminate the lease.that lease termination should be a.rioting one thing in the sample book or.the leasing book is a sample notice of.termination and in how you can see that.it doesn't have to be sent certified.mail or anything Delaware the lease.doesn't have one then you follow.Delaware law and that requires for no.month's notice to terminate at least.should also pay attention to when that.is required.Delaware does have it spelled out.specifically on some of the days I.believe it's four months before January.1 Maryland if you don't know the exact.date you should just assume to give it.by June 30th and that would be about six.months till the first of the year what.happened to me of growing crops and.determination you know this is an issue.that pops up the common law of view was.if we had a definite termination date.then you are entitled to growing crops.going back to the earlier examples.example one that ran for one year.January 1 to December 31st.that's the lease with a definite.termination date if you were to go in.and say plant something to be harvested.later in the next year you do the day.you shouldn't have planted it you've got.to follow up the process you don't get.prop that said there are exceptions to.this rule I should go back and say if.you're in one of those leases that says.for one year and then continuing on.until terminated by one of the one of.the parties that is an indefinite period.and that something else we'll talk about.hearing except in that one exception is.a doctrine entanglements that we'll talk.about the second is we talk about it now.the doctrine of enablement and.enablement is an equitable doctrine.designed to protect farmland lessee /.tenants the idea is the former tenant.has a right to re-enter and cultivate to.cultivate harvest and remove.there were planted prior to the.termination of the tenancy so once we.know the tendency is terminating you.can't plan anything and expect the right.to harvest it if you did it beforehand.and it just comes out of the blue that.you know it happens when does this.doctrine apply the uncertain duration we.go back to that lease where it continues.on until terminated that's an uncertain.duration because we don't know when it's.going to terminate unless it's in that.first year the termination has to be due.to an act of God or an act by the.landlord if you forget to pay your rent.on time or do something that you know.puts you in breach of the lease that's.not - an act of God or an act of the.landlord that's on your own act and.that's your own fault pen this doctrine.doesn't apply has to be planted during.your right to occupy the tenancy planet.after the termination is given that it's.not really planted during the right to.occupancy typically it only applies to.annual crops so corn soybeans.watermelons we stuff like that a few.states Pennsylvania is one of these.Maryland and Delaware from when I.remember having no reported cases going.down into perennial crop so looking at.grasses hay forage type crops that would.be grown used over a period of time.probably certain trees and other crops.this doctrine doesn't apply to them the.idea is you know every lease is going to.have some termination date and you.should not be able to maintain a lease.and hold it open just because you.decided to plant a crop that could.potentially be harvested over and over.and over and over again if we go out and.this doctrine doesn't apply to you when.you could look at you know what's.practice in the area if practices and.common you know things that have.happened to traditionally you would have.the right to come back in and harvest.crop you may have that.right the simpler thing to do and all of.this is just right in the least that you.know if crops are growing at the end of.the lease you have a reasonable time to.come back on the property and harvest.that crop some of these doctrines may.think this is great there's this.doctrine that will save me but at the.same time it's just easier with a lot of.these doctrines to write it in the least.handle the issue early on and then.there's no guessing that you have to.make sure that the any of these.doctrines apply to you it's just spelled.out in the lease and it's already taken.care of to save you some of those issues.and are there any questions I should.have left a good amount of time for.questions well we had a couple questions.that came in through and then as the.participants are thinking about your.presentation they can type them in the.chat pod but we did have a question.about the rental agreement if the land.owner path of the way how does that.impact a lease or rental situation so if.if if somebody passes away yes but it.won't impact it in any way really the.the estate will take over so at that.point you would be paying rent you'd.have to make sure you make rental.payments to the estate then potentially.whoever inherits that property or gives.our property through the will would then.take over and potentially that next.party to decide to cancel the lease but.initially nothing really will happen it.just changes who you pay for a while and.then eventually things could happen and.they would have to go through the.termination procedures like anything.else is that right yes.yep they would have to follow the.termination process in the lease so if.we look at it whoever owned the property.that you did the lease with originally.we would just substitute out the heirs.for that person they would become the.landlord.and then the land the new landlord could.eventually decide what to do with the.property one of the great questions do.we have yep we've got another one does.good husbandry comply no-till.agriculture no it doesn't imply it.it would mean anything from no-till to.conservation tillage to somewhere as.long as we're doing it in a way that.doesn't promote soil erosion and still.promotes conservation traditional.conservation practices so if somebody.wanted no-till agriculture done that.should be explicitly said yes that.should be exclusively food I mean the.example I would use is I know it's not.here because not many people still till.but where I'm from in Oklahoma you know.good husbandry practices would be you.could still fill that you would need to.maintain terracing and other.conservation practices that are designed.to prevent soil erosion vision and.promote fertility great other questions.from all you have an Ag lawyer at your.crush service it's really good to know.my PowerPoint my webinar yesterday.nobody responded to tell me that they.were seeing that speakers of view and.not the slideshow yeah yeah odd like I.asked four times and nobody ever.responded and said hey Paul we're not.seeing right thing.all right well the the leasing guide.covers I think a lot that's in there and.the sample so this recording will be.posted probably hopefully by this.afternoon if not tomorrow and sent out.to everyone that has registered and then.on the page also will be the slide set.and so you can download those as you.like.all right other thank you well thank you.everyone for tuning in today we have two.webinars that will wrap out 2018 so hope.to see you there Thomas thank you.however today you do I could stop.sharing.

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