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yeah so it looks like the participant.counts slowing down just a little bit a.couple things like we wanted to go ahead.and and go over with everyone in.attendance tonight and thank you again.for joining us.I'll begin by introducing myself my name.is luke vanblarcom I imported the.undergraduate admissions team here at.UCF and the point tonight's program is.to hopefully address some of the.questions that you might have from an.undergraduate admission standpoint or a.first year experience slash orientation.standpoint so we have gathered a group.of subject area experts from both my.undergraduate admissions office and our.first year experience office to be able.to answer your questions that you have.tonight now just be clear about the.intent of tonight's program it actually.did will not replace attending an actual.orientation so while we're here and glad.to help answer questions about what to.expect if you still need to register and.attend for an orientation you do so have.to sign up for that separately and this.webinar does not replace attending an.actual virtual orientation over the.summer then we just wanted to be very.clear and upfront about that we expect.the the zoom session to probably last.about 60 minutes or so tonight we'll do.our best to address as many questions as.we receive we'll begin by having.first-year experience and orientation.answer and do or do a brief PowerPoint.with you guys to go over how the process.will work and again what to expect when.you attend one thing about the webinar.format so obviously you don't have the.ability to turn on your audio or video.down below you'll see that functionality.called Q&A and that is your opportunity.if you have questions to be able to ask.them through that that Q&A button down.at the bottom then so if you have any.specific questions about undergrad.missions or orientation it's.place to enter those questions down.below a few other things about that if.you have questions that maybe pertain to.other areas of the university financial.aid housing academic advising questions.we may not be experts in those areas.we'll do our best to see if we can.answer those but just be aware that very.specific personalized individual.questions you may have to refer you back.to those individual departments to seek.out the best information is as weak I.know a little bit about everything but.we don't know everything about.everything that use yes um also if you.have a question and you post it next you.a button we just ask that you go ahead.and just list at one time I will be.going through and trying to field as.many questions as we can get to we may.not be able to get to them all tonight.but we'll certainly do our best to do.that but we just ask you to be not to.keep copying and pasting the same.question over and over and over because.we're gonna do our best to get to as.many as we can tonight.also the questions that we feel will try.to be questions are most relevant to the.group so if we end up having to skip.over your question it may just be.because it is something very.individualized that we feel like we.can't answer and this kind of.interactive group format then so without.further ado I will go ahead and start.the introduction so I have already.introduced myself how about we have our.first year experienced staff go through.and introduce themselves.hi everyone I am Elizabeth Manuel I'm.the interim director for a first year.experience and so I'm super excited to.be here with you all this evening how do.y'all my name is James Kelly I am the.interim associate director with first.year experience excited to be talking a.little more about orientation tonight hi.y'all my name is Hannah Ward and I'm the.graduate assistant for orientation and.Pegasus parent programs.and then how about we have our staff.members from Undergraduate Admissions.introduce themselves good evening.everyone my name is Francesco mijos I'm.an assistant director for the office of.undergraduate mission I'm so happy you.all have joined us tonight and we're.looking forward to answering any.questions that you may have all right so.at this point I think it will be best if.I hand it over to James and James will.let you go ahead and ensure a little bit.of information about first your.experience with all of our guests we are.gonna get a presentation pulled up so.we're gonna talk to you a little bit to.start about the new night experience so.this is our 2020 remote orientation.process coming out of first-year.experience.the new night experience has three.different sort of tears that are a part.of it so we'll go to the next slide.you.there you go so when you're getting.ready for orientation here UCF there are.three steps to sort of sort of take into.account so the first is you'll need to.register for an orientation even though.none of our sessions are on campus there.still is a registration process for that.talk more about that in just a minute.once you've registered you'll be.enrolled in some web courses which is.our online learning platform here at UCF.and then on the last the last step is.actually attending your orientation.session for advising course registration.this is a three step approach and we're.going to break down each of these a.little more on the next few slides.this is Elizabeth again and so like.James mentioned the first part is to.register for orientation and so you can.do that by going to orientation UCF Dai.edu then at the top of that page you'll.see that you can select your student.type and then the campus we have some.information there that we want y'all to.review and read through but then at the.bottom you'll have the opportunity to.select to register and then ultimately.select your date and that's the key you.will still register for a specific.orientation date so throughout the.summer we will have orientations every.week almost every day and so you'll want.to make sure that you're selecting a.date that you're available for the.entirety of that day so that you can.complete your orientation process all.right so once you have registered for.orientation you'll get an invitation to.if you're an incoming freshman you're.FDIC virtual orientation if you're an.incoming transfer student you'll.actually get access to two different.courses in webcourses so transfer.students will get a virtual orientation.as well as an orientation advising.course I so like I mentioned earlier web.courses are online learning platform.your UCF so when you add yourself thing.you'll see a list of courses for the.summer once you've registered for.orientation we'll see your orientation.courses in the fall and spring and all.time until you graduate from UCF you'll.see the course you're enrolled in for.that semester these courses contain.information about the university.different academic standards policies.all those sorts of things but they also.contain links to specific content for.every academic College in major so as.you're going through the cause you're.going through these web courses you'll.see links to external courses for your.major college that you'll be able to.access to learn more about what you need.to do to be successful for your advising.at orientation.so there what does it look like to.actually attend the remote orientation.session and so that's what will take.place the day of orientation.that you've registered for and you'll.have the opportunity to work with your.individual colleges and major they will.work with you on schedule planning and.highlight some specific advising.information specific to you most of the.academic colleges will start their.content at 9:00 a.m. but we do want to.make sure to point out that every.college may do something a little.different so it's very important that.you all have your nights email set up so.that you can get that communication so.you know exactly what you need to be.doing on the day of then in the.afternoon is when you'll actually.register for classes so you'll have.reviewed schedules you would have had.idea of what classes you want to.register for and then for our freshmen.your registration will occur the.afternoon of your orientation date at.3:00 and then for our transfer students.you'll register in the afternoon at 2:15.so that's when you actually can enroll.for the classes and then the last piece.here is the Pegasus a preview sessions.and so what this is is on the.orientation dates we're providing a.variety of opportunities for you all to.interact and engage with some faculty.staff and students so whether that be.connecting with an orientation leader an.OT mer that's an experienced student.leader during a small group checking out.some resources we won't have a virtual.resource fair so you can connect with a.variety of campus resources so think.financial aid health and wellness Office.of Student Involvement that way you can.learn more about what all we have to.offer here at the University and then we.also have some Q&A sessions and so these.will be more of a panel format where.we'll have our student leaders our o.teamers there to answer some questions.and make sure you feel like you have a.good you know you're ready to start the.semester so then really with that once.you've registered for your classes.you'll have completed your orientation.session and so like Jean is mentioned.that's a big kind of broad three-step.overview for you all and then the next.slide just highlights our contact.information and we want to emphasize.that we are here to answer your.obviously this evening but just in.general whether you call us or email us.our website has a ton of great.information on it so that's orientation.at UCF dye edu and then we have the.social media platforms we encourage you.to follow us on whether it be Instagram.or Facebook that's where we post really.daily updates daily information that'll.be helpful for you not only leading up.to your orientation but really.throughout the summer and throughout.your first year so encourage you to log.in and connect with us in those ways and.so with that welcome we're excited we're.happy to kind of take some questions.yeah and just be clear on if you guys.look in that Q&A panel we have some of.our additional colleagues that are here.from both first first year experience.and from undergraduate admissions that.will try to also feel more specific.questions and address those that that we.may not be able to ask them to group.then so I'll I'll kick off the first one.by just addressing something I mentioned.earlier we did get the question is this.a complete replacement for orientation.on and just be clear about tonight's.program that no this webinar tonight is.it just give you the best information to.help you prepare for what to expect at.orientation this year but attending.tonight obviously won't replace your.attendance at orientation then one.question maybe Elizabeth your best to.answer this one is virtual orientation.so being offered for parents is there a.separate event for for parents yeah.that's a great question we are super.excited to have a virtual orientation.for our parents and family members and.so we have actually just kind of started.to roll out what that looks like and so.it will be an opportunity to have access.to information online will be hosting.weekly webinars and Q&A sessions on a.variety of information that you would.have received in person we're just.providing it virtually so each week.there will be some theme topics and.we'll be hosting those sessions a couple.times during the week so that parents.and.family members can choose a time that.works best for them but we'll also make.sure it's recorded and then the other.piece is that we will mail the 2020.family handbook and the 2020 calendar.directly to your home and so whenever.you register for that you provide us the.mailing address and we make sure that.gets mailed directly to you even during.this unique time that we're in and so.you can get more information about that.on our orientation website at the top.it'll say family members and we.encourage you to review that and.actually today we just outlined what.each week will be focused on so you know.what to look forward to another great.question we received was um maybe James.you can answer this one.when do the freshmen get to meet their.advisor and select their classes yeah so.that's a great question so like we.mentioned once you register for.orientation you'll be put in those web.courses you'll want to complete those up.to 24 right about 24 hours before your.orientation session if not earlier once.those are completed in your orientation.date comes you'll have an opportunity on.that date to meet academic advisor.through zoom or some other virtual.platform to talk through what courses.should be - what courses should you be.taking what sort of your degree.progression and then later that day.you'll have a chance to actually.register for your first semester of.classes another good question for for.orientation FYE.when registering for orientation this.year are there so fees associated with a.even though is going online yeah so even.though it's an online program there is a.$35 orientation fee that's associated.with that that fee covers a lot of the.overhead costs for staffing support and.just supporting the program in general.even though it is in a virtual platform.one question got maybe I'm Francesca you.can best address this was when will I be.able to see my transfer credits show up.before orientation what's the timeframe.for that yeah that's a great question.so the way that transfer credit works is.that once you're accepted whether you're.a freshman student or a transfer student.we have to receive first the official.transcripts if your transfer student is.how I made your decision so we'll have.those transcripts then for fresh when.you get asked your dual enrollment.transcripts or ap IB ace all those.transcripts then once we have them on.your file we will process them through a.transfer summary port just about a week.or two right after you get us as.official documents and then it will be.populated onto your degree audit what.automatically goes ahead and transfers.over if you're able to get us those.official documents before your.orientation the orientation advisors and.offices should be able to see those.transfer credits as well just populated.on your degree audit if you continue to.have issues where you're not seeing it.on there you can contact undergraduate.admissions and we can make sure that we.just update your transfer credit or just.check your mind hit my ACF portal just.to ensure that you are sending us the.official ap IB dual enrollment a scores.so we can properly go ahead and process.our transfer credit one question we got.was we were registered for an.orientation on a specific date does the.virtual orientation replace that event.or do we have to sign up for a new event.yeah so just to kind of highlight there.so if you've already registered for an.orientation for a specific date that is.your dedicated orientation date that is.the day that our students will want to.make sure that they're available to.connect with their academic advisor and.ultimately register for classes that.being said like James mentioned we want.to make sure that you're completing that.web course content prior to the.orientation date at least 24 hours if.not further in advance but if you've.already registered for an orientation.date that's coming up the summer that is.your scheduled date you can double check.that either through your confirmation.email we would have sent you or back.through our orientation registration.system to double-check what that data is.another great question we received was.how do I meet with my academic adviser.when does that occur.yeah so you'll actually meet with your.academic advisor during the orientation.session you've registered with or you've.registered for so every academic unit at.the University is doing something a.little different and so you'll hear from.your college or your department a few.days before your orientation some will.be up so we can advance some will be.through two or three days in advance.you should have some sort of.notification about when you'll be.meeting with your advisor on your.orientation day prior to your.orientation session so when you log in.your orientation session on the day for.advising and course registration you'll.know who to meet with what link to.follow and all those things in advance.another good question we received for.somebody from the orientation office is.what happens if I come to orientation.and I don't have my immunization.documentation complete.so that's important the immunization.documentation is our requirement so.you'll need to make sure that you get.those submitted in advance you'll want.to make sure that you're submitting that.online they can't take them through.email because of privacy concerns so.make sure you're submitting that through.their website getting that done in.advance of your orientation otherwise.would you would have a hold on your.account and therefore wouldn't be able.to register for classes so definitely.make sure you're getting that taken care.of we also recognize this is kind of a.unique time right and may be a little.difficult to access those records so we.do encourage you if you have some.concerns go ahead and reach out to.student health services contact their.immunizations team hopefully in the chat.we can post that exact contact.information that way you can get it.cleared up if you have some concerns.about accessing your records.Francesca here's a good question for you.when do we need to submit our final.transcripts body as soon as possible so.I know that your freshmen probably some.of your high schools may be closed and.you might be able to access it but as.soon as your high schools are able to.send us the final transcript go ahead.and do that if you don't go ahead and.send us your final documents your final.transcripts or test scores there will be.eventually a whole piece in your account.once classes do begin so you don't have.to do it by orientation but definitely.before your semester starts as soon as.you're able to request those documents.from your high school or if you're a.transfer student from the college that.you're transferring from in the follow.up for you Francesca how do I send in my.residency information yeah that's a.great question as well for a residency.you can actually email in your documents.directly you can you take a photo get a.PDF scan it in an email email over to us.you can send it directly to residency.one word on UCF edu if you go in the.undergraduate missions page as well we.do have a contact there so residency at.UCF edu go ahead and email of your.documents we'll be able to review your.file and let you know what other items.they'd be missing also if your residency.is still pending you may have received a.letter in the.for my residency Department so go ahead.and be sure that you check that letter.to see if we've mailed you and/or we've.emailed you and let you know that you're.missing any type of residency documents.and here's a great question for an FYE.we get this question a lot is how does.the math placement test work for.first-year students do I need to have.that completed prior to orientation.yes that's a great question so with that.math placement test that is something.that you're going to want to take care.of but prior to orientation you're able.to register to complete that online it.does and it is part of that $10 fee for.our freshman students so there's the.cost for orientation which is $35 and.then you are required to pay the $10 for.the math placement test so you're paying.for it so you want to take care of it.that way ultimately when it's time for.you to meet with your advisor do your.schedule plan register for classes they.can take that into consideration and.making sure you're getting into the.right courses so you will want to take.care of that in advance.um we took a question so far and maybe.Elizabeth you can address this one as.well.what is happening with fall classes do.we know if they will be moved online as.well.yeah at this time the university hasn't.made a decision about the fall classes.obviously really taking into a lot of.consideration everything going on the.health and safety of faculty staff.students campus as a whole and so I.think right now it's a little too far in.advance for that decision to be made so.right now no decision but obviously.hopefully that will be shared as soon as.it's able and will be shared widely I'm.sure and Hannah maybe you can take this.the next question for it FYE what is.nice mail and when do I need to set it.up and actually use it.so night's mail is your official UCF.student email account and you should set.it up as soon as possible so that's how.you will interact with all your.professors and also interact with.orientation staff so first year.experience I'll be sending you all your.information regarding signing up for.orientation joining web courses all.those things to your nights email so it.is very very important to set those.things up immediately all campus news.once your student will go to your.night's email so to stay updated about.things happening on campus when classes.will start all those things really.important to have that night's email.setup all right in James I think this.next one maybe for you is on our.scheduled orientation day how does it.work with registration do we meet with.an advisor one-on-one are we broken down.into majors by groups how exactly does.that work yeah so again that'll look.different for every academic College.some will do one-on-one meetings with.students some will do group advising um.regardless of what your advising session.looks like you'll register for classes.later that afternoon and that is an.individual process that you'll do if you.need at it support FYE will have a line.running where you can zoom in and get.some help also many of the academic.colleges and departments will have a.similar line where you can contact their.advising staff so if you have struggle.if you have trouble getting into a class.or need a little extra help someone from.your academic advising team can look at.look you up kind of see what's going on.and help either get you in that class or.find another class you can take so you.off support throughout the day.regardless of your major department or.anything like that.so another common question and probably.a follow-up to one that was addressed.earlier would be maybe Elizabeth you can.answer this one I if my student is a.chemistry major coming in does she also.need to take the chemistry assessment.test what does that use for yes so that.is a thing the chemistry placement exam.and so that is something that they also.recommend taking care of especially if.they're exploring a science major stem.major to that effect I don't want to go.too into the details of what it's used.for what it looks like and speak.incorrectly but if you go to our.orientation website or perhaps in the.chat box they can post that link that.will direct you to a little bit more.information about how to access that and.make sure your students prepared to take.care of it prior to orientation well.here's one maybe Francesca can answer.when is the start date for moving into.on-campus housing for the fall semester.so for on-campus housing the start date.typically I know that housing would go.ahead and release the official date as.far as when you'll be able to move in.and what that's going to look like they.the official date I'm not certain if has.been released yet but definitely would.be updated on housings website housing.would be able to let all students know.officially when that date will be.available here's another really good.question actually maybe Elizabeth you.can take this one.how will we actually be getting our.student IDs since we won't be on campus.to receive them.yes the official ID how you know you're.an official night so first your.experience has been working really.closely with the UCF ID card services to.work through what that's going to look.like and so we are working through a.process on how can we have our students.submit pictures in advance but also.making sure that they can be verified.and make sure their appropriate pictures.for the appropriate student and then.hopefully by sending those in advance.they can then be printed and ready to be.striven when it's time to return to.campus and start classes so we are.working through those details because we.know that is a very important part about.coming becoming a UCF Knight and we'll.be sure to share the step-by-step once.we have that outlined Francesca here's.one for you how is it working for my.student they are accepted for the summer.B term as a freshman are is summer B.also going to be online yes the.university has announced that summer B.will be online so with that online.format they'll just go ahead and do the.online virtual orientation and then the.classes as well in an online format so.then they'll just at orientation of.course as our answer the questions.you'll see that during orientation we'll.be able to also connected with signing.it for classes and then their class.start date would be like their online.class start date and then of course as.the situation progresses we'll be.announcing later on the university.announced that they're going to move the.classes online for fall or what's going.out in the future I did get a question.about the access program I mean I can.I'll try to feel that one really fast is.if you have questions about the access.program we do encourage you to.specifically reach out to their office.then they can be the best people to.facilitate those kinds of questions.since none of us work directly with that.program that another great question we.got was is let's see and trying to.scroll through this.[Music].oh I got a question here maybe Francesca.you can answer this one but how is it I.can apply for scholarships or financial.aid do I have to be enrolled in classes.to be able to apply for those things.yeah that's a great question.so for a freshmen who are applying if.you're a prospective student as a.freshman you'll be automatically.considered for a merit-based all through.admissions once you're accepted to UCF.if your prospective transfer student we.have a merit-based transfer of word as.well.however it's for in-state students.earning their Associate of Arts degree.starting in the fall as transfer.students so it's a little more stringent.with the requirements you look for those.mayor of these awards now as being a.state school of course there are.opportunities to take advantage of.Bright Futures for Laporte or prepaid if.you qualify we also have a scholarship.search engine through our financial aid.office called access to opportunities or.a2 over short so if you go online you.just search a - Oh UCF you can find that.scholarship search listing page once.you're admitted to unit - UCF that is a.really great resource for you to use.because it lists internal scholarships.available to the departments at UCF as.well as external scholarship listing.pages so it'll take you to places and.make it easier for you to find ways to.help fund your education I did get a.couple questions about the orientation.hold when does that actually get lifted.and that will allow me to register maybe.James you can you can feel about one.yeah so for our FDIC students you'll.complete a form to let us say you've.completed your virtual orientation and.have done your pre advising requirements.transfer student and that'll happen.prior to orientation transfer students.you'll do a similar thing it's two forms.one to confirm you've completed the.virtual orientation one to confirm that.you've done free advising that'll.notifies that you're ready for your.orientation day and then on your.orientation day after meeting with your.adviser and doing your scheduling and.advising process you'll actually submit.a form that notifies us that you've.attend.orientation and that's when your.orientation hole will be removed I got.one for Francesca a couple of people.have asked about that they were offered.admission for the summer semester how.does that work if now we want to request.to be moved to the fall semester that's.a great question.so if you'd like to go ahead and be.requested to move the fall semester you.have to contact the undergraduate.admissions office directly so we can go.ahead and have the committee potentially.marry Vader file we do suggest.submitting to us as well additional.documentation currently with the.situation we know that you might not.have any but send us an email letting us.know that you'd like to be reconsidered.the email that you would send to us.essentially would just explain situation.why you would like to be reconsidered.and from there we tickets the committee.and work with you in a case by case.basis reviewing you for fall I don't.know if you mentioned this earlier.friendship is good but could you remind.people again if they have questions.about residency the email address that.they can melt for that yes the residency.email is very simple straightforward.it's residency all one word at UCF to do.so again residency one word at UCF dot.edu and you can email your residency.documents there as well.I did want to mention this while the.admissions email I did fail to mention.that so if you want to do that summer.fall change email out to admission at.UCF to do so we try and keep it simple.to emails residency at UCF not you to.you admission at UCF you to you.Francesca here's another one maybe you.might be best able to answer um we.submitted some of our documentation like.immunization the FAFSA and requested tax.forms more than a week ago but the hold.is still present when will we see those.removed so typically with those type of.documents we of course have to receive.the documents and process one student.file sometimes it can take maybe.seven to 14 business days I'm sure.longer depending on when we were able to.the document get it processed with the.immunizations they go to the health.center so the health center has to let.us know that they've received the.documents to remove that hold some tax.forms might be more really it's a.financial aid unless it's residency we.would update that really what you could.do is you could go possibly on your my.UCF portal and on your my UCF portal it.will tell you what whole do you have and.what offices they're held in so if it's.truly something in the admissions office.will definitely need what's look in that.into that for you if you contact us and.possibly see if we can update and remove.that hold if the hold is with other.offices like your mutations or financial.aid you can contact those respective.offices and then go ahead and get those.documentation to those offices directly.so they can go ahead and update and if.your hold here's another great question.we got and maybe James you can take this.one on my son had already scheduled an.orientation later in this summer but.with the moving of orientations to.virtual orientations can have you opened.up more capacity for him to pick an.earlier date so we have open more.capacity in sessions but if a student.would want to change their orientation.session they can always go back into the.orientation registration system and.they'll see any available date so.there's no charge to change your session.they would just log back in swap.sessions but unfortunately we have an.open more capacity because we want to.make sure that our students are having.the best experience especially when it.comes to advising and course.registrations you want to keep those as.personal as possible.and just again on to clarify if you have.already asked your question we're up to.over 2,000 questions at this point so.we're trying to get through as many as.possible we just ask you to be patient.and not post the same question multiple.time so we appreciate your patience you.guys have a really great question so far.hopefully this is helping to answer some.of your questions one maybe.Francesca can address my son was.accepted or want to major in legal.studies does that require him to begin.his freshman year at UCF downtown that's.a great question.as well so for all majors at UCF of.course of your general education.requirements to complete if the major is.held in the downtown campus their major.classes will be required to get the.downtown campus so if the general.education requirement classes are.offered out downtown they can take them.at the downtown campus and so if they.want you there if they want that.experience of being in our main campus.they can take their general education.classes I don't mean campus at UCF and.then once they're ready to move on to.their major classes that are only.offered downtown then they will have to.launch the downtown campus so ultimately.the student does have those options.depending on which campuses are offering.the classes they will need.starting their freshman sophomore years.to knock out those general education.requirements I have seen a couple.questions about the honors orientation.and maybe Elizabeth you can address that.one um some people asked how they can.sign up for that but and why it would.not be available in their my UCF account.to pick the Honors orientation date.yeah so through the orientation.registration system we have the dates.listed there that you're available to.see and we do have a specific honors.orientation but as James mentioned we.try to be super mindful of the capacity.of those sessions so that we're.prioritizing the student experience and.so if you're having a concern getting.into that honors orientation date.definitely reach out to us at Yee at ucf.a edu so that we can make sure that.you're seeing those options or that.there's some alternate orientation dates.that we can get you set up in that.you'll still receive that honors content.during that orientation session another.question we got is every time I go and.try to sign up for orientation it looks.like many of the slots are available I.think maybe James you kind of addressed.this one earlier but are there going to.be any more additional dates added or.are you going to keep the existing dates.of rescheduled yes so right now we are.not adding any additional orientation.dates again we want to make sure we're.keeping sizing kind of consistent make.sure prioritizing the experience so.there are any additional orientation.dates right now besides what's posted on.the on the orientation registration page.if that changes we would post on social.media posts to our website and we do.everything we could to get the word out.about but right now we don't have a plan.to add any more dates so I'm seeing also.a good number of questions pertaining to.very specific financial aid and housing.questions and obviously we don't have.any subject area subject area experts.from either of those areas in this panel.tonight so if you do have specific.questions about financial aid or for.housing I just encourage you to to go.and reach out to those offices.specifically just be aware many of them.because we are working remotely right.now probably email is your best way to.try to communicate to them it's now.all offices on campus are able to take.telephone calls right now here's a.question maybe Francesca you can answer.is I know that UCF tours are not being.offered right now but is it so possible.for us to visit the campus on our own.can we just come to campus and explore.so during this time we are not allowing.people to come to campus campuses shut.down the only items are really open on.campus or essential like UCF PD so.campuses shut down we do encourage you.to go on the admissions website because.we do have virtual options for you to.see our campus that are quite impressive.we've got we got some virtual campus.visit experiences if you follow us on.social media on Instagram we're getting.from your current students actually.right now to go on Instagram every once.in a while and answer questions about.UCF as well and kind of share their.experience some of our current student.ambassadors so it's also a great way to.find out information about the.university if you'd like the honor.admissions landing page we do have a lot.of amazing virtual options right now.with videos and content that you can see.and visit the campus as students were.able to reopen and resume tours as.normal of course we'll be putting.communication out as soon as possible so.y'all can come see campus and really see.what it's like and feel what it's like.to be a UCF here's a good question for.orientation but where can I get.information during orientation about.topics related to me being a veteran.will there be Veterans Affairs people.available during the virtual orientation.so as a part of the Pegasus II preview.program that was mentioned earlier in.the presentation we'll actually have.some virtual resource fairs going on.during orientation I for transfer.students it's and for transfer students.on your orientation day and then for our.freshmen on the first day of your.orientation date from 11:45 to 1:30.there'll be a virtual resource fair.where you can talk to offices like the.veteran.academic Resource Center Fairwinds.credit union dining recreation Wellness.Student Health a variety of offices and.some of the offices that were actually.working with you will find a listing on.our website and then more in the web.courses for your orientation for the.summer but during your day we have tried.to make sure those Reese's resources are.still available as if you were coming to.campus to meet with us they're excited.to talk to you they're excited to get.some student interaction and they're.excited to answer your questions so.they're looking forward to meeting you.at orientation this here's a good.question also for first-year experience.how much flexibility is there during.orientation do we need to be present the.whole time or they're going to be breaks.built into the program do we need to be.physically present in front of our.screen the entire entire event.so not necessarily um we've said this a.couple times but a lot of your process.varies by your academic college for the.most part you'll spend a probably about.an hour and a half or so with your.college the morning of your orientation.session for FDIC students it'll be the.morning of your second day the second.day that you've registered for for.transfer students will be the morning of.that session like I said about an hour.and a half with your academic college.then you'll have a break time they'll be.that resource fair there'll be some.other things Q&A.small groups a lot of other things going.on that you can opt participate in if.you're interested but then that.afternoon is course registration.starting at your designated time um so.you really likely won't spend the entire.day in front of your computer there are.plenty of opportunities step way and get.a break plenty of times where you can.kind of pop in pop out as you need to.but you should still plan to be.available for all the entirety of your.session depending because depending on.what your college has going on you may.need more time in the morning more time.closer lunch it'll really just depend.like I said every college will reach out.to you sometimes in that week of.orientation to give you some more.information about what their process.looks like but otherwise we'll be.hosting things during the session as.well you might want to participate in.and go from there I hear so the.follow-up question for you James if I'm.beginning classes in this summer does.that mean I'll also be able to sign up.for the fall classes at the same time.yeah so when you meet with your academic.adviser you all will plan for both.summer and fall enrollment so when.you're registering for classes you'll.handle both terms at once and they'll be.there to support you along the way.so a good question is if I am NOT ready.to pick my specific major how do you.sign which classes to take when you sign.up for orientation will the advice or.help me even though I'm undecided for my.major.yeah so we actually have a really great.resource it's called the night's major.exploration transition Center and so you.will still complete the web course.content prior to the orientation date.but then when you are really kind of.narrowing down to getting that College.content you will see that you have the.option to select the night's major.equation transition center and they are.focused on supporting undeclared.students kind of working with you all on.really what's going to be your fit.what's going to be your purpose what.major do you want to go ahead and.explore and sign up for those classes.and get settled and knowing that you.have that resource there's really great.Franchesca here's a good question for.you our high school moved our graduation.day to the end of July due to Cove in.nineteen but my summer classes begin at.UCF in June how will that work will.there be any problem with trying to move.that if you're trying to move you know.when you start your classes kind of like.I addressed earlier you'll just have to.email us your situation will take it.case-by-case and see if you can put some.potentially offer you a different start.day if you wanted to start in fall or.possibly in spring email on to our.admissions office and let us know your.situation what's going on we'll look at.your file and have the committee.reassess to see what we can do to.potentially help you out so you do.understand that some high schools now.are editing a lot later going into your.first semester of college which isn't.always ideal so go ahead and content us.admission at UCF edu send us an email at.your situation again we'll review case.by case I here's a good question for.maybe Elizabeth from orientation but if.my internet goes down during orientation.what do I do.I don't do not have good access to.reliable high-speed Internet and I'm.concerned about being disconnected.during virtual orientation that's a.really great question and we definitely.know that transitioning to this virtual.environment has its own unique obstacles.so a few things to share is we.you know that if by chance you do get.disconnected we encourage you to go.ahead and log back on or many of the.academic colleges will have callin.features so with zoom you have the.option to sign in to do like a.videoconference or you can do the callin.feature so maybe an option that you can.utilize your cell phone to call right in.some other tech tricks is you know turn.off your video the video is something.that eats up a lot of that bandwidth and.so if you least you just have the voice.going back and forth with your adviser.and then of course if you have any.issues or you know concerns the day of.please reach out to us via email.again that's fyu CFI edu and we'll make.sure we get you reconnected with your.adviser so that you don't feel impacted.by technology I'm also seeing a few.questions I know we talked about a night.smell earlier on to questions about that.one is how do I actually set up my.nights now and then I'd received a.separate follow-up question for that of.do parents also have a night's email.address.so night's email addresses are reserved.for students only so family members.would not have a nice email address but.if you want to stay updated on campus.news you can subscribe to the pegasus.parent post that goes out monthly.through first year experience it goes.out the first Wednesday of every month.and if you go to FYE don't you see em.edu you can sign up there as for signing.up for your Knights email when you go to.my dot UCF edu and you log in with your.NID and NID password on the left-hand.side there will be a knight that you.have two edu section that you can click.on and sign up there or you can Google.UCF Knights email and the first link.that pops up will help you get set up.and register all those things a another.question me I've seen a lot is I would.like to change my major I'm worried.about the wrong major reflecting when I.show up for orientation and being.assigned to the wrong advising group how.can I get that corrected prior to.attending virtual orientation maybe.Elizabeth or James yeah so changing your.major is super common and it's also very.common to do at orientation in the.virtual environment one thing to know is.that every academic College will have.their own sort of system for how you you.get their pre advising content so one.thing that we're asking students to do.and there are more instructions about.this in your virtual modules that you'll.get access to later but you'll actually.go through my UCF and change your major.through my UCF once that's approved.you'll want to go back into your.advising modules and make sure your.you've completed the module for your.appropriate College so if you have a.major in the college of arts humanities.now I want to change into the College of.Business you'll want to go through.request that major change and when it.gets approved add yourself into the.business course to make sure you're.covering all that information to be.prepared for advising on the day.your orientation.and I didn't want to clarify I do see.that several of you have raised your.hands just to be aware we're not.necessarily turning on the participants.video feeds for this if you do have.questions again that's what the Q&A.button at the bottom of your screen is.designed to do we just encourage you to.type out your questions in there as that.is where we are fielding these from I.did get a question about the CE o there.it is um what is the Pegasus path and.degree audit well I have access to that.information prior to attending the.virtual orientation yeah so pegasus path.degree audit so that is a way that as.the records are being put in to your.system based on what you've submitted.through admissions and those credits are.getting posted that's how I'll get.connected into your degree audit which.is in my UCF and then Pegasus path is a.really great resource that will.highlight for you your path during your.time here at the University and what.your recommended classes and.co-curricular activities are and so you.should be able to access that through my.UCF but hopefully someone in the chat.can confirm that that way I'm not held.accountable and maybe Francesca you can.explain a little bit we began some.questions about Excel and the compass.program and if that's a good fit maybe.you could give a brief overview of what.the purpose of that program is yeah so.on for excel encompass those are really.programs designed for students who are.in more of the stem track or engineering.tracks so those are good programs that.can be kind of an audition to your.academics if you'd like to do go ahead.and do that and it's something that we.encourage you to look into you have to.apply separately and just kind of see if.that's a good fit for you to add on to.already what you're doing with your.academics and supplement you know.completing your bachelor's work in.completing the completing what you.for your bachelor's degree within the.stem field and I did get a question for.James um people are asking about your.PowerPoint they they want to know if.they'll be able to go back and review.the PowerPoint if you'll be posting that.online or maybe on a social media site.yeah so we'll definitely share that with.our friends over in undergraduate.admissions and they can share when they.share the webinar content I mean we can.also look into sharing it on social.media somehow and we'll investigate but.we'll definitely do our best to make.that accessible I'm after this president.and I'll go ahead and also point out.that we will be posting a recording of.this session on our Facebook and our.undergraduate admissions YouTube pages.available probably sometime maybe.tomorrow afternoon so if if there's.anything you would like to go back and.review or re-review from our webinar.tonight we will have that available for.you to be able to look at through.undergraduate admissions of social media.so we get this question a lot and I will.probably I'm gonna direct this to Hannah.because I think maybe you're a good.person to address this question but can.we bring cars to campus and how does.parking work for students right so you.are allowed to bring cards to campus.when we do return parking and.transportation at UCF does cell parking.passes so they sell semester long.parking passes and year long parking.passes so fall spring and summer and you.can choose to purchase those students.park in specific designated spots for.students there's also faculty spots.their staff spots reserved spots all the.kinds of things they're all clearly.labeled - so no parking tickets when we.get on campus but yeah so you can visit.parking got you CFG you and they'll have.all the information about purchasing.permits and all those things also you.can get a decal that you put on the back.of your car like a sticker or you can.get a hang tag that you put on your.mirror if you want to switch cars you.share cards with anyone.Franchesca maybe this might be a good.question for you but we are seeing about.financial aid and for the prepaid and.where to see those or modern you see if.it comes we can get more information.I'm so sorry loop the end of your.question broke up there t my repeating.it think that might be the Wi-Fi well.where can find more information on our.financial aid and using Florida prepaid.where is that in our my UCF account yes.so if you go on your my ace you have.portal you should be able to see there.should be a good financial aid area we.can go see information about your.financial aid award and what you were.kind of what it is when you start.however financial aid should have sent.everyone an email I know what their.financial aid package if you ever.receive that contact financial aid.directly so you can get that email and.see your package and open that email up.and they can direct you and kind of walk.you that further if you're a prepaid.student prepaid is actually handled.through student accounts so while that.might be bundled into everything the.student accounts office handles.allocating and prepaid so be sure that.in tandem financial aid or working.student accounts as well to make sure.that your prepaid is getting associated.with your account as well and that can.be counted for when you're looking at.kind of that final Bowl of what you.gotta pay okay so we have just a couple.minutes left we're going to try to wrap.this up a little closer to 7:30 tonight.so we'll try to feel the few more.questions one question I've been seeing.a few things about is picking out.courses on and maybe James you can talk.about this do we have access to go ahead.and look at the course schedule and pick.out classes ahead of virtual orientation.yeah so you can definitely I start.exploring what courses are available one.thing to know is that.you may notice some courses have lower.enrollments at different times like.Elizabeth mentioned earlier we open up.seats throughout the summer so as you're.going through orientation all the seats.are going to be open for every class we.try and pay seats as the summer goes on.so that we can make sure that students.all have a fair chance regardless of.their orientation session but through my.UCF you can go ahead and start looking.at courses and kind of starting to think.about what maybe you're interested in.taking especially when it comes to.electives and those sort of things but.you also have a chance with your advisor.to really talk through it and make sure.that you're selecting the right courses.to be on track for your next four years.and after you move your advisor you off.plenty of time to do some more.exploration before actually registering.for classes on the day of your.orientation so Francesca this is.probably a good question for you but a.guy a question about if I applied for.financial aid for the fall semester but.my student is forgetting in the summer.do I also need to submit a FAFSA for the.summer and so so I believe that on so.the student is going ahead and they're.starting in the summer then they need to.go ahead and contact financial aid about.pointy-head and submitting the FAFSA for.the summer as well so they can get that.FAFSA coverage for all the terms they're.going to go ahead and be at UCF the.office of financial aid can answer more.directly about how what that process.looks like and exactly the documents.you're going to need to submit for that.but whatever term the student begins.that's the terms that they can.definitely go ahead and apply to make.sure their FAFSA is being applied to.those different semesters all right we.have just a couple minutes left and so I.did want to give Elizabeth and Francesca.maybe an opportunity just to pass along.some words of wisdom as we conclude.tonight's program and and again.just to reiterate if you are wanting to.go back and reread you any portion of.our webinar tying you are absolutely.welcome to do so and again we'll be.posting all of this on our undergraduate.admissions social media sites probably.tomorrow afternoon then so I'll start.off with Francesca and just kind of let.you wrap it up on behalf of.undergraduate admissions what kind of.advice would you give to a student's.attendance right now about about things.to expect going into this this new.online environment and the virtual.orientation yeah so first I want to say.thank you everyone for participating.tonight and jumping on in your schedules.to make sure that you're finding this.information the fact that you're here.tonight and get any answers to this.question is probably a really good.service to yourself and to your family.to make sure that you're running through.this transition smoothly we understand.that this is a little bit of difficult.time it's it is a new format as we're.all learning what to do to service you.better and you're learning what you have.to do to make sure you're going to be.the best student possible UCF um so.really the words of wisdom that can give.you just moving forward is just stay on.top of it you know make a document for.yourself kind of write notes for.yourself if your family has some type of.cloud with an email Google format that.you guys can share a spreadsheet just.make sure you're writing everything down.contacting the appropriate offices for.the appropriate questions and making.sure that they're answered that is.really what you can do to prepare.yourself for the next steps and kind of.get set up the early to do when you do.have downtime when you're sitting with.your families that is the best time to.go ahead and start doing it when you've.got a little bit of time just to go and.muddle through the little details that.way once you get start with classes.you're not overwhelmed you're not seeing.a bunch of your Onias things popping up.in your portal and you can have that.ease and starting your first year or.transferring to university and making.sure that your transition is nice and.smooth and know that everyone here is.going to help you every step of the way.as long as you reach out to us and you.asks the questions to get the assistance.that you need alright maybe Elizabeth.well we'll have you kind of.wrap it up on behalf of first year.experience thing now so on behalf of.first year experience an orientation we.are so excited to begin working with you.we look forward to interacting with you.during orientation and getting you.connected to your academic advisors you.can get registered for classes I can't.encourage you enough we have a before.orientation checklist on our website.definitely check through that make sure.you've taken care of everything.we also have a what's happening page.which is a really great summary of.everything we've talked about this.evening that way you know what to expect.and you feel ready to go and we really.look forward to connecting with you and.go nights charge on John there we go.well we appreciate all of you attending.tonight I apologize we weren't able to.get to all 2,500 questions that were.asked we did our best to try to address.some of the questions that we feel like.would be most relevant to our group if.you do have specific follow-up questions.that were not addressed tonight in this.webinar of course you're welcome to.reach out to either our undergraduate.admissions office at admission at ucf.that edu or you can reach out to.orientation at FYE at ucf edu as well.and we appreciate your patience we know.it's a it's a difficult time for.everyone right now we're hoping to be.able to offer the most assistance we can.to help welcome your students to the.fall and summer semesters at ucf this.year so thank you for attending tonight.and all the best of you guys.

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