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I do this likely good Commission the.Commissioner just emailed us and he's.having issues getting into the meeting.okay I'll see if we can get back we good.morning everyone morning we're trying to.get Commissioner layman into the meeting.I'm Eric can you hear me.yes is that the Commissioner right this.is David yep yep.hey welcome sorry I for some reason zoom.is not working if you could let Mike.know I'm not sure if he's next to you.he's just gotten back to his desk the.Commissioner is on the line.warning great thank you what am I so can.I kick this off and then maybe hands it.over to the team there'll be great.things maybe great thank you thanks for.everyone for thanks to everyone for.joining and I apologize I can't stay on.for the whole call because we have our.our morning staff meeting coming up.pretty soon but just just wanted to.start off by saying that today we're our.goal here is to talk about economic.development and some of the work going.on to support our business community and.in particular the small and medium-sized.businesses in New Haven and arts and.creative culture and communities and.storefront retail I think it's been.pretty clear that we're all going.through some serious challenges and our.team is starting to do work under the.umbrella of together.New Haven it's all about supporting one.another.buying local where possible and also.staying connected um towards that end.we've created this economic resiliency.task force and the goal is to share.resources expert.cheese and create effective strategies.that will bolster the ability of.businesses and workers to adapt to the.very unique challenging situations that.that they're facing and the goal of the.task force is to help the business.community survive today with innovative.and collaborative strategies and rebound.from this crisis even stronger um we.have a great team on the line here we've.got Mike piscatella economic development.administrator for the city and Adrian.Jefferson who's our new director of.cultural affairs and then we have a lot.of other key partners and I'm when I.turn the meeting over to Mike he's going.to introduce them but I did want to.underscore just my thanks not only to.our economic development department and.the arts and culture and tourism.department but a lot of the local.regional business experts and that's EDC.the Economic Development Corporation of.New Haven Rex development Chamber of.Commerce visit New Haven a town green.New Haven town Green Market New Haven.and the Greater New Haven Arts Council.and I also wanted to to give a special.thanks to Commissioner layman I'm deeply.appreciative of the state's recognition.of just how much our community and our.businesses need to survive during this.period it is clear that we will get out.of this at some point and making sure.that we can bridge this gap and support.many of the businesses that have almost.in an instant lost nearly all of their.income stream your recognition and.support of that at the state level is.deeply appreciated in New Haven and I'm.sure in many many other communities in.Connecticut so thanks everyone.and I'll turn it over to Mike great well.good morning everyone first and foremost.want to say thank you to mayor he'll.occur commissioner layman all of our.partners on the call and to our media.partners who made some time today it's.hard to to even take a minute away from.the magnitude of the cope at 19 pandemic.and across our team I think we want to.first by starting to extend our thoughts.and best wishes to.many of the people in our community who.are directly affected by the crisis and.may be going through health care or.other specific personal issues and then.on the economic side of course we are.working with any number of businesses.and there are employees who are also.affected through economic injury to give.you a sense as to why the mayor.mentioned brick-and-mortar in particular.and small business it bears noting how.our economy is structured in Greater New.Haven we have approximately 300,000 jobs.in the region we have some steady.anchors in Ed's and meds there are 31.thousand jobs directly related to higher.education in our region and you could.follow the cascade from higher education.right through to the support services.hospitality brick-and-mortar store.fronts hotels events so you can see why.the significance and and how was so.important for many of these partners to.come together to support people.throughout a very large supply chain.supporting that economic base we're.going to go through it a short.presentation debt today the deck is.mainly just to anchor our conversation.to give you a sense for some early and.very important starting points as the.mayor had said staying connected buying.local are key aspects to what everyone.on the team is working on and also the.fact that we do not see one front door.or one consolidated portal or a Clearing.House associated with this crisis the.challenges are everywhere so one thing.we're working very hard on as a group.partners is to make sure that we put the.customer in the middle of the.conversation and regardless of which.front door you pick we're going to be.able to serve them as best we can and an.ever-changing and fast-moving.environment so with that as an opening.comment let me share the screen and I'm.going to pop open a just a brief.presentation deck that we are going to.walk through and then this will be made.available to you as we go follow.well lower just some of the partners.that have come together I would add to.this list strong support from our.neighborhood commercial districts.Westville not least among them many of.our innovation sector collaborators like.collab and young city innovation.collaborative as well as Yale University.properties all rallying around three.broad mission points supporting and.promoting local business providing the.very best technical assistance and.direct support where possible so that we.have a good measure of economic.resiliency and staying connected and to.the point you hear from the mayor and.the governor quite frequently there are.no borders to this crisis we are New.York and we are one region working on.this together I think it's very.important to recognize that many of our.treasured local businesses the people we.grew up with you know made our lives.special for so many years have been at.the forefront of responding to the.crisis and leading by example and we've.picked out just a couple of those.examples here we did any number of calls.that the first part of this month to.inform and make businesses aware not.only of precautionary measures but the.need to change business practice very.quickly and across the board our.partners received positive and strong.feedback that people will be responsive.and and follow those orders and that's.everything from College Street Music.Hall to the Longworth theatre if you've.seen Ricky Dee's and their and their.Twitter posts in particular incredible.responsiveness to the crisis and and.they're feeling incredible impacts as we.know with that you see a number of.emerging in very strong well resourced.strategies coming together at the.federal level and at the state level at.this point of it handed over to.Commissioner layman who has led us on a.statewide effort to bring all of the.economic development teams locally and.at the region together on both to.understand through survey what the.economic injury looks like.and how to be responsive in both bridge.and other supports to to help our small.businesses and with that I'd like to.open up the conversation to Commissioner.layman for both remarks and a little bit.more detail on these programs I'm glad.to be on you Mike can you all hear me.all right yes you're good.Robert okay so just a quick things a.quick few things as it relates to some.of the funding alternatives that are out.there and I'm sure many have heard some.of this but if not I'd probably.reiterate a little bit of that I will.try to be as concise as possible.first and foremost just last night we.announced at the state level a 25.million dollar what we're calling a.Connecticut Recovery bridge so it's a.zero percent loan with an up to a year.and a half term basically the with the.goal to provide very short-term.liquidity to companies that need it we.understand how difficult the revenue.environment has been with business.basically falling off in many many areas.so this is an alternative to basically.get operating cash flow or a loan for.operating cash flow for up to three.months we are tapping these loans at.75,000 so we expected between five and.seven hundred of these loans here over.the next couple weeks but the thought.was was to provide again flexibility and.liquidity in the short-term alongside.some of the other alternatives that are.out there so that the website is now up.and folks that are interested in this.program can apply we're trying to make.it streamlined as easy as possible but.given there's some remote working we're.still working through some of the.logistics there but we're up and running.and we expect to turn these around very.very quickly some other states have done.some some of this stuff but many states.have not so you know Connecticut is.unique in trying to offer this as.another tool in the toolbox to our small.businesses and businesses who are up to.a hundred employees are eligible that's.where we're drawing the line here I do.want to make a couple comments on what's.referred to as the payroll protection.plan and this is the the 350 billion.dollars in it part of the two trillion.dollar stimulus which is coming out of.Washington and I believe the Senate.passed it.last night or early this morning and.it'll go over to the house but this is.probably the biggest tool in the toolkit.and these are loans that that basically.will convert to grants and the way these.loans are being sized it's two and a.half times monthly payroll for.businesses up to 500 or that meet the.SBA definition of a small business and.their specific industry and you do need.to maintain payroll based on your.February 15th payroll so if businesses.have laid folks off they'll need to.rehire those folks but in it then if you.maintain that payroll for a two-month.period you are eligible for that loan to.be fully forgiven from the federal.government so that is obviously a very.powerful tool in terms of really a grant.for businesses to maintain payroll.through for a two month period and the.way that that is going to be dispersed.it's going to be through our banks here.in Connecticut so look for more details.on this it needs to obviously pass the.house and they get signed into law but.my understanding this Treasury is going.to get that money to banks as quickly as.possible and from the bank's perspective.they're really just the conduit to put.these loans out these are federally.guaranteed loans so there's no credit.risk for the banks we're just using the.banking network at the government level.to get these loans onto the street so.that is probably the most significant.tool that is out there in terms of size.that's going to be helpful to our small.to midsize businesses in addition you.see on the slide here the economic.injury disaster loans from the SBA and.I'm mindful the SBA has been you know.they've seen a lot of inquiry over the.past week and a half since the crisis.really hit home but that's that tool is.still out there those are loans that are.up to two million dollars and that's up.up to three point seven five percent.interest rate for businesses and 2.75.for nonprofits and those loans have a.longer term so up to a thirty year term.so the Connecticut bridge that we're.offering is a year and a half our.thought is we will be refinanced by.either revenues or one of these other.loan programs or the private market.candidly when the when the economy comes.back here hopefully sooner rather than.later so those are really the three main.tools on the loan side that are out.there I do want to mention just a couple.other things before I turn it back to.Mike in terms of the state's response so.first and foremost we've greatly.expanded you know the ability for.folks to get unemployment benefits and.we're still looking for ways to further.expand that the federal bill looks like.it's addressing that as well to include.potentially folks that are part of the.gig economy which I know has been a.significant topic of discussion.so unemployment benefits really the.first order we've seen you know 20 to 25.times kind of our normal rate and it.continues to accelerate in terms of.who's getting benefits but for folks.that have utilized that or furloughed.workers you know that is the front line.and will continue to be the front line.and providing a safety net to folks that.are being furloughed or temporarily laid.off in addition on the what we're.calling payment relief and forbearance.side of things we continue to look for.ways to basically defer payments you.know we with a state loan portfolio we.have put forth a free month payment.holiday for our small business loan.portfolio and you know we and the.banking regulator have been encouraging.banks to basically work with our clients.on similar programs most of the banks.are doing it on a one-off or negotiated.basis but really encouraging banks and.then encouraging the small business.owners and individuals to work with your.lenders to work with your landlords and.ask for payment relief if you're being.really impacted by the virus or your.impact your business is being very.impacted by the virus so continuing to.push payments into the future we're.practical and where possible is a big.tool and the state's trying to lead by.example air and our regulators are.providing guidance to companies to.encourage them to do this where we're.appropriate in the last point I just.mentioned is is tax relief you know we.we have tried to push out all of the the.corporate income tax filings for a.period of up to three months or at least.when the payments are due to mirror the.federal program the federal programs so.for us I think the business taxes are.due mid-june at this point in time and.we are mirror in the federal program as.it relates to the July 15th date as.opposed to April 15 thing so effectively.a zero interest loan for those that no.incremental money to the state.government to provide a bit more.liquidity in this time we do continue to.basically think about other taxes that.are coming down the pike and if there's.other ways for us to encourage more of.that you know we have had several.requests for sales tax deferrals that's.not something we've done yet but we.we continue to have conversations on.what what more can the state be doing to.provide more liquidity in the short-term.and folks try to navigate this last.comment on the utility front folks have.probably seen this but there is a.moratorium on utility shutoffs of water.gas electricity not just at the.residential level but at the commercial.level and there's conversations about.further reducing some of the late fees.and penalties I know some of the.utilities themselves have led by example.and said they're not going to charge.this but another example of trying to.reduce the payment burden now knowing.what's happening on the revenue side so.Mike I'll stop there and pass it back to.you but happy to take any questions now.or later really appreciate it.commissioner and for our media partners.on the call just to put you know a.company perspective on these programs.they were be incredibly well received.and very much appreciated both.recognizing the emergent need of working.capital and staying afloat through this.period I'd ask before this is ever.quoted or used a company like Miss Foley.miss Foley is a shell manufacturer they.do rowing shells here in New Haven and.they filled out our economic injury.forum and talked to us about what their.needs are they have a big component of.academic work with high schools and.colleges and they took advantage of DOL.shared work program as a way to retain.the 37 high-quality technically skilled.employees that they have they make you.know Olympic level world-class rowing.shells right here in New Haven and then.it will give you just kind of one.example of the cascading impacts and.potential advantages of these strategies.if you will but I think this is a good.point to pause there if there any quick.questions for the Commissioner I'd open.it up to our media partners for that.right now and then we'll go back to the.rest of the crystal tape like this is.Justin I just got to hop off the call.but just want to thank everyone for all.the work on this thank you Mary okay.let's keep going as I mentioned earlier.there's going to be many front doors.right this is a crisis that does not.merit a clearinghouse or a one stop.we're gonna need to all be on message.and support our customer in the middle.of the conversation whatever those needs.are these are just a handful of the.people that are coming together in this.regard and we're gonna walk through some.of the more specific action steps that.they are taking individually and then.collaboratively as a group so first why.don't we start with market New Haven.Bruno vachetta if you're on the Hoff you.can unmute and talk a little bit about.the work that market avaible is doing.sure hi everyone and thanks Mike for.pulling this together communication is.essential to the success of any.initiative and M&H i is taking a multi.tactical approach to both sharing and.amplifying partner and constituent.information specifically we're.leveraging our info New Haven digital.properties through web social media and.a newsletter as we all know even is one.of the state's greatest culinary.destinations and we want folks to know.that food and the food industry is open.for business and available through.takeout and delivery and the info you.Haven website features a list of.eateries grocery stores and markets that.are open throughout the city thanks to.our partners for sharing information.with us to keep this list is up-to-date.and accurate as possible as you can.imagine it to bear with all the.information changing and ours changing.etc we also know it's important for.people to still feel connected to you.even and entertained at home that's why.it's through both our digital properties.and PR efforts were providing.information on resources such as online.virtual tours as museums virtual art and.even fitness classes you know it's.important that folks exercise their.brains and their bodies while at home.looking ahead on we know that there.they'll be punt up demand for folks who.want to get back out and we're working.on a strategic plan to relaunch.marketing and communications efforts to.help fulfill our role in bolstering.business and you even when this is over.and behind us.and then back in my report great thanks.Bruno really incredible support for many.of our brick and mortars right here in.the downtown we'll talk more about the.list of updates in a minute when we get.to EDC reps but next let's trip to the.chamber of commerce the chamber as you.may have heard and picked up on the.various webinars and technical support.that has been made available to everyone.here in our community Garret if you're.on the line and might appreciate it at.the chamber we've just been trying to.support all of the businesses across the.region as many you probably know we're a.membership organization but a time like.this we're here for all of the.businesses across our entire County and.region that we cover we've just been.trying to be an information hub a source.of information to support businesses.we've turned our website into a regular.update of all the different resources.that are out there we've done a sterol.webinars to this point so we did one on.the SBA loans the picture you're seeing.here was our HR counsel or we had a few.different attorneys on line speaking.about ways that employers can handle.their issues with employment yesterday.we had a webinar with senator Blumenthal.and all of these have just blown out our.expectations of number of people getting.on the line and have received a lot of.positive feedback because our businesses.are just really looking for information.right now there's an avalanche of.resources so we're trying to cut through.that and also promote businesses that.are open we have a team of seven.business support specialists that we've.turned loose to support all these.businesses and we are serving as an.assistance point and been working.closely with the city and appreciate the.partnership great thank you so much.Karen and these webinars have been so.well received many have already been.over subscribed so they're opening up.more portals to navigate quite frankly.businesses that have never had to take.advantage of a government program to.figure it out to the point of organizing.ourselves and making sure that we have a.resource portal so that.what can reach our contact information.and to recognize beyond any one.particular border but the region as a.whole our team at the Economic.Development Corporation and Rex which is.the Regional Economic Development Agency.for all of our towns in South Central.Connecticut has built out the most.comprehensive resource portal to respond.to cope in nineteen and we want to.highlight that for you and then you.could point to it to get a better sense.of a depth of resources so I'll turn it.over to Ginny Kozlowski you can talk a.little bit more about Thank You Mike and.thank you till all the partners on the.call this morning and it is amazing what.we've been able to accomplish in two.short weeks in terms of pulling all the.resources together as Mike indicated we.have launched together New Haven which.is a comprehensive website that has a.resources for all of our 15 towns from.Milford to Madison to Meriden and we.will be continuing to add more.components as time goes on and I want to.thank the businesses who have stepped up.to our numerous emails we've had a great.response from businesses donating.equipment to our hospitals and our first.responders which there is still a great.lead for these materials and for.manufacturers that have reached out that.want to get into the supply pipeline and.we are working with them to make that a.reality our other challenges that we.need volunteers and United Way has been.the focal point for people who are.looking to help out during this period.so if you have time to volunteer please.contact them and then the other major.needs at the region eight is we need.blood donors and contact the Red Cross.and they'll arrange time and.transportation to get up there pew.donate one and a big great big thank you.to our employers and have been able to.maintain their payroll through the last.two weeks and hopefully even longer with.what Commissioner Lehman shared this.morning with the federal bill that we.are hoping to see passed today with that.extra opportunity for a loan that can be.converted into a grant if you maintain.your payroll this is a great opportunity.for businesses to keep their employees.so when we get back to work we're all.still working together one of the.subsets that we work on is hotels and.hospitality and as many of you know many.of our hotels have scaled back their.operation many of our restaurants are.only doing delivery or takeout and if.you have the opportunity to support any.of those businesses please do they will.appreciate it and we will appreciate it.is there anything else Mike you like.that let's hold on for Q&A because I.think we should come back to that point.of how we can support and also the.together New Haven brand it's.conceivable we'll see together hand in.and together West Haven and so we build.this thing out across the region thank.you thank you a key part of our overall.effort is to go online and to support.local and one of the things I think we.realized in early discovery and to.Jenny's point early discovery was just a.few weeks ago is that we can help.dramatically expand and shine a light on.the incredible talent and the creative.class here in New Haven so any one of.the small businesses or arts community.would have one two thousand three.thousand people that follow them on.social media you know their core support.through the partner Network we can.expand that reach to almost a hundred.thousand just by using the power of.collaboration and and marketing if you.will on the screen is one example a kid.from New Haven there are many more and.Adrian Jefferson and Dan Fitzmaurice.from the Arts Council they're gonna talk.you through the logic rationale and how.people can participate in this together.New Haven social media campaign Adrian.thank you Mike so much for the.opportunity to speak about this today so.as a component of the together New Haven.umbrella we have launched a series of.social media campaign to help promote.New Haven based businesses this is.included but not limited to small.businesses artists creative businesses.nonprofit.organizations freelancers and this.campaign is intended to encourage people.to buy local and invest their money in.New Haven businesses as they convert to.virtual offerings so what that means in.a tangible sense is although you may not.be able to go to the physical space of a.business right now there are still ways.you can support our local businesses.many people right now are offering gift.cards for purchase online that can be.used at a later date you can also do.delivery pick purchases and takeout.purchases from restaurants you can also.do master classes from artists and.creatives and there's so many offerings.right now online that you can tap into.as our business community is having to.adapt and move over to virtual offerings.we thought a lot of people participate.so far I would say we just launched a.few days ago and we have a multitude of.people and businesses coming in sending.us their personal messages um you see.here a kid from New Haven he has a.personal message on the slide about.being born raised in New Haven and how.he started his business here and he.wants to win here in New Haven and to.please happen to his online offerings so.those are the messages that we're.getting from many businesses throughout.New Haven they're sending us a personal.picture or a picture of them in their.team sometimes a picture of their logo.of their business for us to put under.together New Haven and in addition.they're sending us links and those links.go directly to their virtual offerings.we are using the hashtag together.New Haven on every social media platform.that we're on twitter facebook instagram.anybody can participate in this by.contacting the cultural affairs.department and they can email me.directly and we are putting these Flyers.together we're banging them out every.day and putting them up as soon as.possible to help support our local.businesses with that said I'm gonna.segue to talk a little bit about what.we're doing specifically for the.creative sector community we have put.together a number of different.resiliency.programs for our creative sector one of.the programs is the New Haven creative.sector Relief Fund this fund was.designed to support and assist with.low-income individual artists in the.gigging community as well as small.nonprofit organizations whose operating.budget is $500,000 or less I'm going to.ask them our partner Daniel fist Maurice.from the Arts Council of Greater New.Haven to chime in.thanks Adrian yeah so this is gonna.gonna launch today between the Cultural.Affairs and the Arts Council and what I.think is really exciting about this is.this puts New Haven area up with a lot.of our other much larger cities who have.jumped in across the country to provide.immediate fast relief to those who need.it the most in our sector so what this.means is that if you are an individual.creative who's lost gigs you can apply.to get this gift if you have if you're.an arts worker meaning you work in one.of our organizations or even if you make.your regular paycheck in a different.type of line of work but you identify as.an artist you can also apply to receive.resources the last lane of funding is.actually for a kind of unique setup and.I always credit Mike this Vitelli for.somewhat inventing this one but the idea.that your business or your individual.passion might work great online or it.might work great in this new upside-down.world we live in if you had a little bit.of money to purchase equipment or to.invest in some extra kind of support to.make that possible so this investment in.solutions is a really interesting Lane.to discover as well the thing that is.important is to apply and what we're.going to be doing on our side is making.sure we're turning around.these this resource as quickly as we can.so within two days of receiving your.notice you will by paypal or by other.digital means have that have that money.in your pocket we're also accepting.donations to keep this fund alive.because this.situation for the creative economy will.probably be with us for more than the.initial amount of money we have so you.can go to the New Haven our website and.you can make a gift to keep this fund.growing and supporting more low income.folks and small organizations so in.addition to that we have a number of.different resiliency programs we are.releasing for the creative community.again my department is working closely.with the Arts Council of Greater New.Haven on creating a virtual community.through arts and culture shifting to.what does culture look like and feel.like from a totally virtual perspective.so we're looking at how we can engage.through arts education how we can create.an aggregated list of different virtual.offerings from our creative community.right now online and have a schedule.that people can actually follow to tap.into these different offerings we are.going to be working on a virtual show.highlighting different creatives during.this time in a more curated capacity via.its Instagram YouTube Facebook we're.also going to be doing some challenges.like hashtag arts challenge we're seeing.that challenges during this time it's.becoming a very popular thing so we want.to tap into that to hopefully engage.people in participating in the arts and.keeping people's spirits high we're.going to be hosting a number of.different professional development.opportunities during this time as well.we've already rolled out our wild one.creative sector sessions where you can.brainstorm with us different ways that.you can convert your business into.virtual off brains we're also going to.continue to work closely with the Arts.Council of Greater New Haven they have.released an arts impact survey to assess.the damage of copán 19 to the arts.community and we're going to continue to.utilize that as a tool to see different.ways we can be fluid and adapting and.assisting during this time Adrienne and.thank you so much for your leadership on.this this topic and also shining a light.on the quality and the.in the creative class here in our.community I know my nephew is gonna love.his new sweatshirt from a kid from New.Haven and those are products that are.not typically known and you can't get.them on Amazon but it's an excellent way.to support the local here in New Haven.and I think we recognized as well that.not everyone in the creative class or a.brick and mortars was ready to go online.it was a brick and mortar business.weren't necessarily selling gift cards.didn't have a digital presence so we.need an opportunity to catch up and.we've talked extensively with the town.green special services district one of.our key leaders in this space and it's.helped businesses go online in the past.and wins going to talk to you a little.bit about on an emerging program called.the digital marketplace win-win Dave is.he here hey Mike can you hear me now.hear you I win I wonderful Michael thank.you so very much.once again I'm Winn Davis the town green.special Services District executive.director we represent over 350 property.owners in downtown New Haven and we have.been working really hard to help get.some of our longtime brick and mortars.into the digital marketplace and to.Mike's point some businesses prior to.this health emergency and economic.shutdown we're not really focused on any.digital marketplace now is the time to.focus on that so town green is looking.to work with all of our partners in the.city or other special service districts.and neighborhood champions to help our.business community in our district but.also New Haven wise get online and begin.to sell eat gift cards that is one way.that.the community can immediately support.the local businesses by gift card you.know pay for services or products now.and when things get back to normal.come on down to New Haven and and you.can spend that money or you can spend it.online.the second piece of what town green is.working on with our partners is sort of.an online community marketplace that.would dovetail with the together New.Haven initiative and offer our small.businesses all over the city an.opportunity to put a select number of.products online at a common marketplace.that town green will work to create over.the next week or two so we're very very.excited about these these initial.programs to to answer some of the really.deep issues affecting our our community.here so with that we will be getting the.word out through Chapel West really.Avenue special services districts the.West Village Renaissance Alliance Grand.Avenue special services district and.then we will be looking at our other.commercial corridors like Upper State.Street and dixwell Avenue to to make.sure that we are getting a as many.businesses that want to participate into.the first the e-gift card program so.getting businesses online to to sell.gift cards and then on the second track.helping to create sort of a together New.Haven kind of marketplace so we are.still in the building phases of these.programs and we will be looking to roll.them out the e gift cards.hopefully by early next week and the.website will be hopefully soon after.that so with that I would ask for any.questions great thanks so much when.let's hold questions just for a minute.and we'll wrap up the presentation and.open it to all.one of it thank all of our partners.first for stepping up to the challenge.working together talking to people and.making sure that we were - mentioning.the challenges and the crisis as best we.can.in each conversation and led quite.frankly by our business community there.is a shared passion to flatten the curve.and make sure we solve the immediacy of.the public health crisis and in doing so.we'll be supporting our business.community supporting the local and then.be ready for the rebound New Haven has.strong a strong economic foundation we.have the talent and we have the mission.to be a real leader in the state of.Connecticut and this all of the efforts.you see today and others that we'll roll.out as the crisis involves are all with.an out here and I toured what what is.next and what's the rebound looks like I.want to thank everyone again.open it up to any questions from our.media partners and we've got a couple of.minutes here before the ball wraps up.thank you engage I have no idea how to.do the questions you may need to manage.that with us hi I just wanted to get.some sense of eligibility for the arts.grant that you were talking about on the.from the Arts Council of New Haven like.who is there is cut off income level.that sort of thing and then a similar.thing for the online marketplace that.will happen Hadrian yes I'm going to act.I'm Dan to speak about is the low income.and how we created that based on income.needs so if you can chime in on this.that'd be great.hello everyone so yeah we're using the.United Way's Alice household stability.budget as the threshold so just as a for.instance it you need to make under.$42,000 a year if you're a single adult.if you are a family.- with two school-age children its.injured and $12,000 a year and we've.linked that all up in the application so.folks can kind of learn what that is and.see how they fit and again for.institutions and that could be.nonprofits or businesses in the creative.sector it's a half a million dollars in.annual revenue or less and then when we.work in place yes we are still working.out some of the details for the.marketplace but generally speaking we we.plan to offer this to retail businesses.that are either selling or making things.in New Haven so you know we we don't.want to preclude people from being able.to participate in this but we are.looking for a wide variety of different.retailers to put that not like I think.the number that we're going for is.between five and ten products right now.for each business and then there would.be a portal that would go to their.online business if they had a more.robust online business thank you Michael.Michael hi Michael hi I had a question.for Adrian or Daniel about the creative.sector Relief Fund how much money is.available where did the money come from.and how much is available to individual.creative people yeah so we have a.$60,000 it's coming from New Haven.festivals and from the Arts Council of.Greater New Haven that's how we got that.60,000 like Daniel alluded to earlier we.are going to be continually fundraising.and launching a simultaneous fundraising.campaign that helps people know where.they can navigate their dollars if they.would like to contribute to the fund and.we will be taking this from individual.donors to different funders now as far.as the grant amount you can apply for up.to a thousand dollars per person or per.applicant.thank you I think that's right and I.mean I might add just as a cute hook I.mean the Arts Council has decided to use.some of the resources from a fund we.have called the artist next door fund.which was actually created by our late.friend Cheever Tyler a years ago and.it's a good example of what we might do.even with this he actually created a.book called artists next door lots of.folks have copies of that on their.coffee table and all the proceeds from.that book went into this fund so hats.off to Cheever for that and I think this.is couldn't be a better way to honor.Cheever and celebrate that today not.seeing a hand raised primary high just.maybe talk a little bit about the.program in advance Foley is using the.shared worker program what does that.entail so it's a program for the.Department of Labor and in short form.what it allows people to do is keep the.workforce on but less hours.so you're basically parsing gallery.between DOL and they and the company.itself and it's a great way to recognize.a reduction of business but also to.retain the talent and the workforce we.have heard that repeatedly from.companies who are affected by the crisis.that they have had a workforce with them.many many years you know maybe a.maintenance worker who's been with them.fertility years or high-performing chef.and you know frontlines talent in a.restaurant and the shared worker program.together with what the Commissioner.talked as well with the new programs on.the workers side really really important.just as the state program actually.matched the rest of the salary I mean.it's a split there is a dollar reduction.I would I would encourage I could.connect you with the company to go.through exactly how the mechanics of it.worked because those are that is a DOL.program that one of the city of mister.thank you.it Michael Bingham has another question.is the Commissioner still on the line he.is not then I don't have questions all.right any other questions for looks okay.yeah go ahead.go for it okay cool I was going to just.I had a quick question reference to the.decd CII stay level potential loan.program visit when it comes to that.particularly how are those businesses.qualify in order to receive some of.those looks from the state so there are.series of pre-qualified serial as the.grid here in this is hoping to British.the larger funding down the road.opportunity for working capital a staff.in our economic and people proper.paperwork and so if you never apply.first you know to be credit reviewed.compliance checks on to make sure that.you need the basic eligibility shal and.then I believe the commissioners that.are talking on post online later today.it's the application and procedure given.there's going to be considerable in it.my last question is will there be like a.order of people who will talk to.anything so we can make sure we get the.correct spelling the title and where.they come from.yeah we should anybody have any other.questions I'm gonna meet you all just in.case.all right here we go and I talked to you.who Sara Blumenthal there's the other.question that's okay someone else was.talking I can wait he wasn't anything he.was on the phone go ahead.um so so obviously we all want this to.be over and but is there some sort of.longer-term plan you know current.epidemiological data is saying this.could be cyclical that was the report.last night and also that this could go.into fall some school districts are.saying that this looks like it may go.into fall and they're even talking about.closures that's in other states and so.what like what would this look like if.it's a long game from an economic.development perspective and Adrian I.would love to have you chime in both on.the one-on-one sessions and also like.$1,000 is fantastic but what is this.like in the long term especially for.folks who are already struggling in the.gig economy well I'll start by saying.that there's no in the forecasting for.something like this is difficult right.it's it's a lot different than even what.we went through with 9/11 or the Great.Recession so we're finding our way.together can't give you a any accuracy.on a forecast which is why I think all.of our messaging with the business.community is to follow the lead of.public health right now and do make our.very very best efforts to flat and occur.so that some of the cascading mario's.that you just described come to fruition.but I think you even saw I mean.yesterday's bill that came out of.Congress was like pact with federal.budget so it gives you a sense for the.magnitude and scale of the assistance.forecast and I'll let Adrian talk a.little bit more about the incremental.nature of this step and there will be.more steps based on how the needs evolve.yeah so I'm thank you for that question.Lucy we understand that you know 60,000.dollarz is not a lot right everybody's.hurting right now we understand that.$1,000 is very little but we're trying.our best to assist where we can for.right now in the long run though we're.looking at the gig economy and and how.they're going to probably be being able.to tap into the resources once we're.through there's through this there are.going to be so many people doing events.hiring freelancers and contractors and.different people who are from the gig.economy so we are trying to measure that.now because when we come out of this.they will be able to benefit from the.resources that are available and from.the different opportunities through.event companies arts institutions Arts.in cultural nonprofit organizations who.are looking to hire them.so I'm actually feeling very positive.about where we will be once we're.through this also I would add that as.we've suggested this this crisis has no.boundary it's very porous and I guess.what I mean by that is that it's an.economic issue it's a social justice.issue it's a mental health issue like.that's gonna permeate all his work in.the next year plus but also it literally.has no bounds like and especially true.for artists in the gig economy they're.gonna lose work in Bridgeport and.Hartford and New London and Torrington.and all over so I think this fund will.certainly set the stage for more things.like this to spring up across the state.the bill last night or this morning that.passed appropriated 75 million dollars.for the National Endowment for the Arts.and the National Endowment for the.Humanities so I think there's a ripple.effect that we have a responsibility to.create in the creative capital so that.the entirety of our creative ecosystem.in this state can begin to heal and come.out on the other side actually stronger.I think the rebound is on everyone's.mind and the rebound will be different.than the world we left right so all of.our partners are tasked to keep a lens.to that but not lose focus on the.immediate challenge.keep up in the workspace interestingly.we have a conversation about our Co.workspaces and what it's like the best.practices - Lucy's point what we need to.do going forward to get everyone great.confidence to work in collaborative.environments those are some of the great.groundwork efforts that we need to work.on in order to get ready for the you.know for the bounce-back.any other questions folks Lucy does that.answer I should yes thank you all right.if you are in no can you just raise your.hand if you have any questions if not we.will uh and this we've got a pretty busy.day today gods going twice thanks.everything really appreciate time today.and thank you gage for helping us.organize it anytime thanks everyone have.a good day.

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