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How Do You Get Raffle Logs Ca Attorney General 2012 2019 Form and Sign It Online?

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G's works for killer design and.again he also got.which you can see here we've got three.people who charted this year and who.also took the course and you see some.more evidence of that later on on.session sixes myself and there's the.Mount.you also got childhood this year so you.see there we've got a good balance of.people who've got charted a long time.ago when the dinosaurs like me.then through the ages to the point where.we've got four people here we've got.artificially okay now most of you there.are online the 50-odd that are online.will live will know that we have a.youtube channel put up online so to cut.down on some of the lettering time i.pre-recorded a bunch of videos here on.our youtube channel and it's imperative.that on this course you look at these of.flying before you do the workshops to.give you more background knowledge in.tackling the actual workshops and then.ultimately the paper so this one on a.time management now and that's your own.personal time management there are.people online here that know and have.done the course last year so the likes.of kelan kelan Cristina's popped in to.the course before I go on and on about.time manikin okay it's will come on to.the slides about time management later.on but just imperative that you have.your own time management there's.something there on steel tips and this.year we've done a geotechnical lecture.but we do have the slides it will take.you about 90 minutes to actually go.through this but again it's important.that you do stop them as well and.drawings method statements and program.that your part to the exam you need to.look at these before you give those.material on our workshops so there you.go and check it out also were.broadcasting live tonight on YouTube as.well so look your regional group we're.in the 21st century.okay so I see before me talking for a.bit we're gonna have a little poll okay.so I'm just going to pop this up simple.question.simple answer so let's launch this app.like everyone just to think about when.they're doing it some of your online.have already booked.so yes interesting results so let's say.we've got 55 people in the room 60.include us.so I've got 8 of you taking minutes in.September I know some of you January.quite a lot of people do I not sure and.someone who doesn't want to take it at.the moment now get to the end of this.and you will rethink about that okay so.I'm going to end the poll out and you.should see the results can someone just.put the thumbs up jr. here can you see.the results share the results okay yeah.so there you go we've got 10 people.taking it in September okay now if you.view and then 17 taking it in January.okay so it's important the long I know.what some of you are already doing US.papers or only taking in September I'm.just writing okay but that's interesting.to know are you doing in January.maybe feed back to us in a few months if.you'd like us to run anything closer to.the time as a refresher because usually.when you're hold it once a year but.obviously we're in on certain times at.the moment and we're here to help.whenever we can so if you want something.to be run again December feedback to us.and let me know okay that's move on.let's move on so that's interesting to.know so uh what's this course been.indeed for you it's going to clarify the.purpose of the sea.okay so those hopefully they're doing in.September no it's good outline the key.aspects gadget learn into your time well.and draw your attention to pitfalls.we'll try and guide you in time and that.to find the key components of the.question will indicate what the.examiners are looking for and of course.give you the opportunity participating.workshops please participate okay please.what consciousness photographs about.that later and it's going to be.interesting for us as well because we've.not done online before so let's keep.going so just on that point about.indicating why examiner's look for we do.have an examiner on the committee okay.so we do have someone who knows what the.examiners are looking for so I feel the.committee that you have that's running.this en preparation course is probably.one of the best you'll ever get so maybe.use those hello.this course will not do the following.things for it's not going to teach you.to design if you if you've come to see.how to design then this isn't the.costing you and you're not okay I do.know someone who went to one of these.and then no maybe I'll do it again next.year and they did we're going to teach.you how to take an exam.we can't tell parents for you a pass.because the pass rate is low and again.I've got under the slide lay it wrong.for that there's no magic bullet there's.no form into passing this is just.out-and-out hard work okay you know from.your personal lives and your.professional lives but it's engineering.hard work this is no different okay.because as it says there it cannot.replace your experience your preparation.and your hard work okay so what you will.be examined by your understanding of.engineering principles very high level.your ability is a structure engineer you.want me testing on the detailed design.elements we.you will be tested on your ability.concepts with his line okay which is the.whole point of a drumming workshop based.cause we've got to get you thinking.about conceptual design because it's a.big issue not here.globally for engineers okay and remember.that the policy design is one that has a.problem conceive design so as long as a.simple structural arrangement keep it.simple I've gone through my life trying.to keep it simple and okay for me so.candidates that prepare themselves to be.competent attorneys will pass the exam.you've got career competent you will.pass those who don't prove those though.people who prepare ourselves to try and.pass the exam will not okay you've got.to be a competent structure engineer if.you're an incompetent structure engineer.to try and pass just won't do it.okay so let's go a canvas see in.the exam okay well you will be examined.done okay.so let's just look at this first members.are very proud of being charted a number.of years years structure engineers okay.and there's a handful there's one or two.online list in it and there's one or two.listening from committee as well and you.know the law raise their hand if I say.than you proud to be a chartered member.teacher super-stretch engineer I have.been for the last two decades and I'm.just shows you how important it is okay.so for the world the exams taken on the.same day so from working from left to.right from Hong Kong Australia New.Zealand.North America Canada UK Europe South.Africa UAE India same day okay.you are required to attempt just one.question and you got fire to choose fun.the questions are visually I tend to.cook and context predictable okay a lot.of look at paper as the girls rear just.a high level um I'll smear on the exams.seven hours you can't leave the really.only for the toilet you have 15 minutes.to read the paper you put pen to paper.and then 15 minutes you'll fail 30.minutes to break for lunch and you go do.it in the room you know okay and the.invention Alexa's as far as you're.concerned of not experts okay the.volunteers and their hand just to make.sure that you are there for the exam and.you're dear to the rules okay they will.not answer any questions the night to it.let's move on to the structure of the.exam itself so for those I apologize to.those who didn't pass papers and then.we'll just come on to the second and two.parts so pylons a lot conceptual and.part two is all about detail under marks.50 marks you need to pass parts 100 but.you don't need passing all of the.constituents or something you need to.attempt also sections to stand a chance.for passing the pass mark is 40 okay.it's very low there only a few people.get before it's marked the designer.called broad ranges took two old times.okay so much stay on obviously so not.obviously concrete so it could be even.some could be other materials and you've.got a good chance of finding a question.within the realm of your experience and.you speak to anyone that we've got.online that took the course recently or.took the course.decades ago you'll find they've got.something that they can design for me is.question one.a historic straightaway gave you 15.minutes and went on with that because.I'm stealing specialist the first.question the steelwork it's my question.so that you'll find something okay.and the questions are evolved over the.years to include even complex geometries.these are not made up questions these.are all projects that have hit the.drawing board have been built it so.they're not made oh okay so still on the.structure of the exam question it's an.open book exam okay do you keep taking.what you want if you look at that image.there if you take in that many books.you'll fail okay you've had no time and.to look through books taking three.taking four taking a concrete block.taking steel take a foundation book take.it no more okay say that many good to be.fair there's an international exam okay.and it avoids regional or language bias.despite one or two people that I've come.across over the years and say it's all.UK centric is okay it doesn't matter.whether you're in the UK the Middle East.North America the Far East.okay you can design these wherever you.are but not code specific you can use.whatever code you want as long as you.stated so everyone strives to answer.questions in a similar way the chief.examined the marketing channel from all.over the world like I say we've got one.in our committee no usually no mark by.two examiner's and if there's a issue in.case there's no bias there no trick.questions there no hidden agendas it's.just you being an engineer.so the pelvis is tough but a fat system.engineering ability and the questions.will contain aspects of the following.they're there to scare you okay.large complex pans hi world's difficult.science discontinuity spongy things.missing complex geometries is there to.test you okay you're basically doing one.week's work in one day okay so yeah tip.difficult side conditions.heavy loads so expect picking numbers.don't be afraid of using big numbers.okay so there you need to produce an.economic and a viable unstable solution.okay it's not viable and then it's not.stable you will fail virtually instantly.okay it has to be economic okay you need.to demonstrate your understanding of.engineering principles spanning.different structural materials or forms.engineering judgment me to demonstrate.importantly your ability conceptual.design as I mentioned at the beginning.keep it simple.use simple analysis to solve a complex.problem you don't have a computer you.don't have a printer you need to use.your pencil okay.I run this course must be three years.ago and someone said where do I put my.computer I nicely and generally show.them where the door was because there.clearly when you're not ready to take.this sort of exam okay and thinking of.uncertainty okay we're talking high.level engineering skills that precede.detail his arm and keep components to.good design okay you don't need.computers of this.so what are your notes faces producing.things a lot so we will go through a lot.of this in the workshops.indeed you need to understand the brief.okay if you don't understand that really.for you change the clients brief you.will fail.it's automatic okay you need to produce.two distinct and viable solutions now.this is going to come out in the.workshops.what's distinct and viable you can't be.doing still work for two of them and.just vary the column centers by one or.two meters okay that's not gonna work.you need to be able to produce a.workable and stable solution if there's.instability immediate and automatic.failure don't go sticking a movement.joint on one side of the bracing element.when you expect to hold the building on.fail produce good drawings this is.another big one.you've got no cat here start practicing.your sketching skills now okay one of.the things that people get very few from.Arcturians develop tribes of Atlanta.Noah Mattie gives his introduction he.always says that English isn't your.first language and make sure you give.this more time and evil statements.himself isn't his first language isn't.English so he gave plenty of time for.his latter.okay make sure you go faster in other.areas do you have time to do a good okay.Jesus detail method statement and.construction program now this is where.it's important that you look at the.YouTube programs that we've done they're.going to a great detail of how to do.this because you've seen the examiners.remarks later on where people fall down.on these literally because they can't.produce them and you need every much you.can get you need to find I manage you.the exam taking a clock I'm not joking.taking a clock what will gets better to.reduce okay.again the workshops you've got a lot of.this you need to use simple sketch into.demonstrates where the loads could run.what the logs go and describe and.demonstrate are the stability is.achieved at all times make sure that so.many moments are zeros there are a lot.of forces is zero okay so just on these.sketches are now now online there's two.or three people that I mentor or ever.see my lectures before we use color when.I did it 20 years ago and they told me.to use color Julie I'll start nodding as.well you know just used color make it.pop out from the exam paper the.examiners only got a short space of time.maybe an hour if that to mark your paper.I mean they can see clearly where your.loans coming from and your forces then.it shows them and you as an engineer now.to communicate and Canyon calculator.okay so the marking process let us say.that it's rigorous good or blind.so there are two examiner's poles apart.usually and then adjudicated by the.chief examiner okay it takes half an.hour to Grandma and that means probably.it's picked up some failure marks oh.yeah they can get a good idea after.paper very quickly is good okay the.markups moderate eats consider the.character of traits of Marcus so you may.have someone who's really really hard at.marking and we'll mark apart and then.someone who's a probably lenient and.I'll know this.from the from the tests that they do of.the examiners so then they'll moderate.them somewhere in between.okay description we judge on whether.it's appropriate and there's no.prescribed correct set of answers to the.questions okay all of the model answers.video scene and just someone's.interpretation online I'm out showing.the links later off is not the answer.it's an answer okay.the marking system is a peer judgment.okay so it's just like gymnastics or.figure skating so someone might give you.an eight someone might give you a ten.you'll get a nine okay so that's what I.was talking about before it'll get.moderated okay and there are lots mental.failure points like I said you can.change the brief instability and a few.others you'll get automatically failure.points it's just straighten the bit okay.the exam paper okay so now getting used.to this let's see how many of you have.actually seen an exam paper.so let me just launch launch the poll.exam paper okay so let's see let's see.in the audience's that's the same means.okay that's good so we've got a good.range of people and 250 of you voted so.far and eighty percent of you've.actually seen a paper that's a good.start that's because I sell well they.need to educate the nose and those that.didn't vote okay share the results there.so as you can see there.when we've got 63 people online just.over under 50 39 40 odd voted okay son.so should mr. practice end to see that.okay I think that was Reza that was July.last year okay so that's what a paper.looks like at the front really okay if.you didn't pass papers a lot still read.this when you go into the exam okay.it has important notices on there and.reminders okay as soon as you walk in.that door you start to forget things.okay so read these two pieces of paper.very carefully when you learn that snap.is in front of an exam but it's just a.typical representation of the exam you.can sketch some dimensions on the other.sides you get the question I'm going to.get the clients requirements they will.give you the loadings and the site.conditions what to have meant from the.considerations okay usually is the call.usually it's a staircase but read it and.then it says omit it don't do it.you're wasting your own time okay and.then this is where the still similarity.to the questions comes in okay so what.you forget is part 1 part 2 50 marks.each so these as from early 2000 are the.same and these always say the same thing.prepare a design appraisal a bar being.Afton's anslee completes the client.explains he wants to change the sort of.descriptor some heart so write a letter.okay.section to prepare sufficient design.counts including the Foundation's their.general arrangements detail method.statement construction program well.these are going to be in sufficient.detail for a quantity surveyor.to produce a silicon city's okay so.that's what that looks like.and these are some sketches I purposely.made them blurry because you need to do.your own sketches okay you need to be.able to produce two distinct and viable.schemes like sharing okay well these in.the workshops the moderators in the.workshops will go through all of this.this is just a sample of what you would.need to produce okay so what do we need.this thing okay so when you guilty one.of my time management modules okay.you'll see this slide okay but it's an.important slide you need to communicate.with the marker okay B means I'm scruffy.I have to spend time being means okay.because you're trying to communicate.your ideas across by paper so you must.be able to stand at the bottom and easy.to follow.okay if you can't communicate you won't.get marks okay so there's the breakdown.what did your part consist of and how.long you've got to do is use this as.time management tool okay you've got 160.minutes to do part one which is the.concept okay if you can't finish it move.on to the next question come back if you.make what time okay so there you go.seven hours four hundred twenty minutes.hundred marks so every four minutes you.need to make a mark okay so that allows.twenty-one minutes to choose the.question and check it over at the end so.this is you're on the clock okay my.advice as always is to take a clock do a.program it's your own personal time.management but we'll go through that in.the other lectures okay and there's a.pretty pie diagram just to indicate that.so uh the pass rates must have a look at.the year and ye what it is worldwide and.what is it new changes so from 2009.tables mean nothing really to me some.pictures of okay well the good news is.in the past.apart from 2018 locally and we've done.really well okay and the advice is and.this is global and you can see this here.we started tracking this at headquarters.in 2019.haven't you some preparation troughs and.past okay did you see there that thirty.seven point seven percent of people have.taken a course and they passed.whereas twenty six percent didn't take.across so you have got a better chance.of passing the exam if you do a course.okay so whether that's our course we do.it locally whether it's one that's done.online and I'll come up to that later on.you've got an advantage by doing the.course.okay so there's the pre diagram okay so.the blue line is the UAE the orange is.will blind and the gray is UK so I'm.through a trend lying on that so over.the past ten years there are less people.passing the exam pass rate doesn't.change the exam doesn't change it.doesn't get any easier doesn't get any.harder but there are fewer people.passing and it's because people are not.prepared for the exam let me take you.the first time okay.these are first-time hustles okay people.are not preparing people are not doing.closest well there you can see the.worldwide in the UK one is fairly steady.the UAE line goes up and down up and.down up and down okay so it's there is.from year to year so for example I could.say in 2000.sixteen let's just go back say in 2018.only one person passed and out those 15.people no one sat our cause.so there's a moral sit across but.chances possible.so the rather the course was get to know.how to tackle the exam in various ways.okay and I'll say now and whenever you.see me I'll always say you need to know.and have your own time management you.need to have your own program and you.need to stick to it okay so there's a.sample one part one part two.okay stick to it if you can't finish it.some writing paper I can't finish this.but I did this this this and this move.on to the next question.you've not got time to spend two hours.on Steam on one hour on Steam too.because you'll never finish the rest.okay I know people have changed question.one hour into the exam but they fail.because they don't have time okay use.the first ten minutes.to make sure the paper that you have and.the question you take is the one that.you want to do okay so a lot of the.causes of failure I never really like.talking about failure talk about how to.pass but know where the cord is up so.for the candidates there are alternative.schemes are not sufficiently distinct.enough and the workshops will help you.to work through that okay here we go.again import time management comes up.all the time this is about your own time.management as an engineer so the.examiners what they say is is a lack of.ability in conceptual engineering so.there you go again contract okay some of.the biggest areas that we come across.where people have not got it.is in conceptualization okay so you need.to do lots of papers one or two courses.and attend our workshop okay.poor drawings dealers okay yeah I hear.everyone shouting what we use read that.we used then we use chat Mac you need to.know okay.sketchy drawing is an important part of.that okay one day that may change you.know one day we might be doing this in.3d visualization but that's that's a.long time it's not the normal map it's.becoming the normal and there's Vince.that you were looking on how to you I'm.not gonna say modernize the exam but the.looking on how to make slightly more.relevant to what could be happening in.maybe a decade there's an inability.field client problems with quality.writing okay so you've designed to build.in the climb of cystic of rollercoaster.three rear all you're interested in is.is how they're not going to work working.across teams they don't hear about those.in the letters they want proactive.positive letters okay people fear fail.on week exam technique so this is where.we we will talk about all the waiting.past papers and do time to pass papers.come on courses like this so people as.you can see they're not life sensitive.people that do not change of course I.know people who said I'll just do one or.two and actually fine you're not fine.okay hmm I know very good engineer so.you've been very blase about it walked.into the exam and come up quivering like.a quivering jelly okay because they're.just not prepared and there's a big one.don't we not really the question.properly okay I just didn't and examine.something completely different and one.of the big problems there for me it was.not reading the question properly it's.not to train yourself to read the.question properly.well there's an interesting one the.inability to design is very rarely cited.as a reason for failure okay.again as I said when we started this.isn't about teaching you how to design.if you've gotten to learn about how to.design you're in the wrong what okay so.how it is way okay so there are other.resources again these slides will be.made available on YouTube I do Chucho so.you can go through them make your own.budget and pick up these links so there.are 30 sample solutions to exam papers.okay there's a light time where okay so.you've got that excuse for finding.papers and then sample solution okay go.on to the Institute's website top tips.for the charts it shipped exam I've gone.through quite a few good I've got a few.more than they've got there but look at.it okay they're on an online preparation.course there and I think I'm not too.sure exactly what it is now but it's I.think it's September I'm just says yeah.so concept design is always a big.problem and then people always come to.me going John John we need more.experience okay well found there and.there are four resources and I think one.of them's across as well on some.conceptual design so grab yourself.YouTube get the link so the workshops.okay so this last year this is what we.try and emulate in the workshops okay so.it's imperative that I come onto this.that you do the word prior to the.workshop so when we share it you may.absolutely maximize the use of the.people's time and the experts that we've.got okay so I'd remember.been in close proximity of people okay.so you're male because the Bucks are.against you but with two or three people.in there that are either on the.committee or helping with this clause.okay so this is so when I was.beginning the saying about these people.the real people and they really did do.this cause okay so there you're going to.see Jesus attachment to those Julia and.you would put on a spot at 15 minutes to.do a concept design high-level and then.you came up and you drew it and it was.like a little bit of a race against.another engineer okay and it worked and.so Jesus is you you're a testament to.that as are one or two wounds in those.in that crowd there were four people.that certainly exam since in the past.because they were held by cause okay now.that was a charted Charles okay so um.Callum still is on the line.so good old Gavin there he was doing his.associate number Charter okay.but he was still attending this exam.okay so we Kate if there are other.people just message me and then we could.help you out.well let it go the good old days these.are different days when please put the.effort in when you do workshops to.prepare okay we don't get paid to doing.this we do it because we love being.engineers and we love teaching okay so.the program okay we've got maybe.steering this over July and August.so could you lie so one week's time we.will issue the paper to people who've.registered so that registration will go.out tomorrow we will issue you your.paper with some instructions then you've.got to do all those instructions but.basically we're looking at sketches make.sure you can scan them in and be ready.to share them on the screen and talk.about them for Session two.on the 14th okay so we're looking for.two distinct solutions and so he's gonna.do his concrete steel tips I'm never.going to do this again I'm going to.issue another painter and then on.session for you to we'll go through the.concept but will also concentrate on.your drawings as well and how to improve.that and then we noticed we've got.workshop 3 where again we will ever see.the paper one week before to give you.time to prepare sketches only sketches.and ideas workshop 3 and then there'll.be an open discussion about method.statements programs and anything else.that you want to discuss basically.anything that's on those YouTube latches.and then we can discuss them there or.contact me directly.ok but it all revolves around use.engineer's put in the effort in from one.we've issued the papers totally not on.them sharing and talking with everyone.else about your ideas can see the whole.idea is to be interactive there are.three people were coming on meet of.course that that works for okay there.are testament to this process if you get.involved we've got a better chance i.bear this in mind i've already asking.one week to do some sketches okay I have.one engineer that I mentor who did three.papers this week full the papers okay so.it's possible to do sketch we're all.busy people will put the time in and.you'll be rewarded okay and then you.lock up a ninth of August we will issue.one paper for you to do from start to.finish under a kind condition okay we're.going to wish you it before we can.you have the weekend to do it well make.sure it's tight and seven hours you'll.then email it because we will mark it.and then on Southland session six will.have a review of it and we'll take.individual papers and go through the.good points there's lots of good points.where you can bring now last year we had.four only four people take the market.exam okay to completed it and two people.are doing this course because they.passed so low you know there are 65.people on mine we will start whittling.people away as we go through this but.towards the end you will be rewarded.okay it's all about effort put effort in.and you'll get rewarded for it okay so.our workshops will help you concentrate.on parts where you're likely to fail.okay mmm when we go through this we get.the top three we personally will know.where you'll need improvement you or my.way you need to improve mainly to time.management book as you can see I could.go on about it all the time.if you practice those areas you'll gain.the process literally every point is bad.okay we hope to practice more questions.without how to dedicate seven hours for.each attempt are we encouraging to take.part the whole point of this is it's.two-way it's not me talking to you all.the time it's about being interactive.and again I'm saying again you get on.with what you put in sit down just.listen.you'll get nothing out of it okay and.then we're suggesting you need to spend.three an hour for our course of practice.key aspects of papers okay so your aim.before taking ecstasy exam and these are.bare minimum okay I think you need to do.at least twice and in through times us.we need to attend to questions during.these workshops I'd like to do all four.which includes the exam.practice three full questions from the.whole range of papers like I say I.mentor a group of people now who have.probably done three questions in the.past two or three weeks not a lot more.okay it's all about practice practice.practice.do timed runs he says to tangrams head.before the exam do on that and see where.you're falling down away your good point.start and then do more towards the end.it is imperative to do timed runs and I.really I lock myself up my grandmother's.bathroom okay and then managing your.time and then that's about it okay so.thank you for listening to these 50 up.minutes and thank you for feeding back.good looking at workshops and the mock.exam I'll be popping in and out of some.of these and I'll be at the end for the.mock exam review so I think now take.some Q&A I don't think we've had.anything as we've been going along but.every once five minutes - you actually.time few questions if anyone's got.anything there I see the team has given.me something there for about IPD so.while people are thinking about.questions let me just speak to such a.gene so today's IPD final report which.is not part of this we still need to do.that and G by just contact me directly.and I will bomb is in full we have a.question yeah whose answer isn't it well.no we have a question is in the chat so.what are the requirements to be.qualified for to appear for the exam I'd.say that you just need to prepare and.fill in the forms yeah.I mean you need to be a graduate member.and I think if you're if you're big.remember the instructure engineers for.those that are not I mean inevitably.there is a few people on there there are.not members if he gets if you get to be.a graduate member you have got the.qualifications to exam for anything else.first few workshops do we get fruit.questions paper or just one question to.be attempted by all one question box off.now yeah it's just one question and.we're only gonna do you're only gonna.get a choice so you get a full paper.when your choice is fine to look at so.throughout the whole workshops we're.just gonna give you just one to look at.look it always have a busy people as.well you're busy people so we need to.give you something just to focus on but.the way that I all mentor is we start.off with what and then what we need to.do is then get to a point where if I.give you two you have 15 minutes it's.just one question okay.not a graduate member will I be allowed.to appear for the exam in January 2021.if I registered by this month it depends.on the qualification right yeah you.submit.there is a panel the Paladin committee.sits in London in September because I.assume well I sit on the panel for the.academic qualifications panel so they.sit in September then they will review.it so by October you will know if you.can take the exam or not or if you need.extra learning now where question where.is it it depends on you've got a masters.or BTech or an mtech as well so is there.J Bratton right okay yeah so you've got.a masters okay so and you've got an M.Tech and B Tech which probably means.you've done enough you've got enough.there to be considered for the exam.usually if not you're going to meet that.need to do some additional learning.that's not necessarily getting a.master's or experiential in a varied.subjects but yeah you've got masters.there's a yeah it's possible do the.course and you need to get your.expression of interest in though before.September so to be tight we have few.other questions coming I have passed the.professional review in 2018 is there a.maximum number of exams I can write.before I need to redo the interview so.speech because if it's 2018 because it.takes the way them to do your chapstick.now so you've got you've got to pass a.PRI and you can suspend your gigs at.different times you can do it at.different times however if you pass the.exam it doesn't matter when you do the.PRI when you pass the PRI you need to do.the exam within three years and then.you've got to do the exam again sorry.good the PRI again.so that's a closed case so please get in.touch with the Institute but I think if.and then when you want to do the exam.you might have to do the PRI again and.we've had cases in the UAE where people.have had to do the PRI again because it.was to be was five years okay okay I've.seen that they so there's not a number.of exams it's a time thing however if.you fail the exam five times you've got.a DPR I again but that's near enough two.and a half three years anyway so yeah is.could you share how to address the.lateral stability I think we covered.that at the beginning that we are not.going to go through design in detail I.mean if you don't have to brace the.structure we cross bracing on longer.brains do the workshops and then you'll.see it's a matthew yeah Matthew's just.come with Ruth about different codes.yeah absolutely.you states at the beginning of your.paper what code you use it could be from.South America it could be from Iceland.okay it could be the is the BS en it.could be whatever would you state it.okay this is a global exam you know.they're not going to be British cones.all the way through to use use whatever.just to add John here there are.different codes for the design.in exam better you recommend one code.whatever you follow instead of fixing.the codes you can but to be honest.you're not doing a lot of design okay.you go back to my slide if I can find my.slide on and time management.okay there you go.stone from approximately 130 to about.three o'clock we didn't design so you.can be designing a pilot a foundation.any raft maybe one column maybe want me.maybe an edge being maybe a bit of a.slob maybe a bit of racing okay so you.really are going to be using than one.code anyway for two cones.yeah maybe one for steel maybe one for.concrete maybe some city foundations.okay so yeah sounds right tracking.consistent and you know this is all.about stating your assumptions and.sticking with me okay oh yes RG about.your IV gauges contact me directly.okay but have a look we've got also.online CG I've got there and I've got a.video on this on how to do all of this.so read it and question from the Q&A.from my trials at looking at techsan.papers it always seems briefs can be.interpreted in more than one way how is.a fade or not compliant decide.the breach is one way there are you know.it's you know it's all about column.spacing it's all about envelopes of.buildings and ceiling heights so they.are it's very definitive okay so I'm.your structural songs definitive eyelets.are me you've done any drawings need to.be to scale yes actually read the paper.because when if you go to I can't zoom.in on it but the two paces rather tell.you what you need to do okay I need any.proportion I think is what the news okay.and the paper that you are giving is a.tree and it's five millimeter blocks so.you can draw the scale you can free.hummus I've been enough sketch in my.works as deal with fabricators but I.didn't need to use a scale oh that's.just my practice okay and this I don't.think it can enlarge this to be honest I.[Music].had this question from the video sort of.changed the words in over the years.so in proportion it is I think the.answer really because they do change.they do change what they say there and.okay yes it easy just go back onto that.brief if you change column spacing or.it's you encountering the structural.zones they're failures so we arrived a.junior and read read and read again you.know I know another version which is.read the completely live questions so.it's all about reading the question.so yeah I'd rather there will be as.coach fill out since these are.superseded by the SVM and what if who.comes on I know one steel code which.hasn't been changed in 50 years.[Music].you know stately code stick to it okay.yeah so regular there yeah you can get.graph paper for the droids a tree and.squirt paper so there's a question here.from Paul Paul top interview so yeah you.attend exams you get a positive result.how long do you have before professional.review interview if you take it depends.we intend the exam does except I say.year when the professional review is.only in November or December okay but.one of the good things about doing the.exams is satisfy some of the core.objectives you know separate.conversation is no matter where you are.in your so there's a little on there.from reveal a so what makes is more.for these structural design skills or.method statements you just gotta look.reveal at the marks okay so for the.design you've got the concept which is.40 marks and then the detail design.which is 20 marks their sentences.there's 60 miles so 60% if design but.when you can really consider that the.past is 40 marks and only 30 to 35.percent of people get that forty percent.you need to have as many marks as.possible okay.[Music].so let's dance tada yeah you need to get.a mark every four minutes okay we got.any more questions if we can take one.more if anyone's got anything Mohammed.there we've got a tip from Nabil he.remind us that there are examiner.reports on the website and a lot of very.useful and people should just go to the.website and have a look after practicing.yeah and your tips go through these tips.here sorry when you go to the tips or.the top tips to charge some exams is all.about getting past papers reading the.examiners reports every year but I can.tell you what they say concept design no.good drawings not clear no good.insufficient details method statement.bad construction program about letter.writing bad so every year it's the same.thing but then they'll just go a little.bit where the question was poorly.attempted so he's done nailing you.drawing your concept design your method.statements and construction programs.you're gonna pass okay so and we've got.some they're anonymous what material.would you carry to the exam pens.colored ones are calculated and a folder.of information that you need and maybe.one or two books and a book on a clock.yes thank you.and a Clark I'm sorry tween.[Music].you know okay yeah yeah can you switch.on your video yeah first of all I should.thanks mr. Abdulla who is brain behind.arranging our webinar on Jim the club -.Abdullah and Julia you are the two.people who made us as possible on this.digital platform again and thank you.audiences for all and we'll meet soon.maybe next session is on protein correct.yeah yes Julia.we'll be midnight yeah go hue Bishop and.man charted quite a few years ago again.it was one of mine.engineer mentor so you see this running.thing the people the the convincing get.involved with a mentor become successful.I can see majority of attendees maybe.may not be a graduates or they are.trying to go for an exam so my request.is everybody who are interested to.progress in charter better go to the.website I understand the memberships and.their qualifications if you have any.questions you can write a mail to.memberships group or a melody which is.they'll reply immediately and if any.further question you can contact us.locally a committee members are anybody.who are interested of any requirement.regarding IPD we are always there to.help you to address any questions and.lastly we have a technical talk on 7th.I request if anybody interested to join.that talk for next 7th we already issued.notification please Easter thank you all.

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How can I change CA firms if I filled out an articleship form in February but did not submit it to the ICAI? Can the principal have restrictions in registration?

If the article ship registration has not been done, the principal can generally not restrict you. However, if there are any serious mis conduct on your end, then he can place his views to the Institute, so that the Institute can take appropriate action in such a way that you are not enrolled as an articled clerk under ICAI rules. But this is very rare, and exceptional circumstances. In general, and if you have conducted yourselves professionally, then there is no need to worry.

Can a nonprofit hold a raffle in California?

In California, raffles (private versions of lotteries) may be conducted for beneficial or charitable purposes. However, applicable laws and regulations are quite stringent. The Office of the Attorney General discusses this issue at State of California - Department of Justice - Kamala D. Harris Attorney General : RAFFLES In California, charities and certain other private nonprofit organizations may conduct raffles to raise funds for beneficial or charitable purposes in the state. This exception to the general constitutional prohibition against lotteries requires that at least 90 percent of the gross receipts from these raffles go directly to beneficial or charitable purposes in California. Unless specifically exempted, a nonprofit organization must register with the Attorney General's Registry of Charitable Trusts prior to conducting the raffle and file an aggregate financial disclosure report for all raffles held during the reporting year. Forms for registering and reporting activities are provided on this web page. Using the Registry’s new search feature, you can now view information regarding raffles held by nonprofits in California. The information available includes registration and raffle report data (such as the amount of money collected), and dates on which a charity intends to hold a raffle. To look at information regarding raffles use the new search feature . What organizations qualify and how the raffles must be conducted are governed by Penal Code section 320.5, which was added by Senate Bill 639 (McPherson, Chapter 778, Stats. of 2000). For details, view the Frequently Asked Questions, Statutes and Regulations. Raffles FAQS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Raffles Laws/Regulations Penal Code Section 320.5. Charitable Raffles, pdf Nonprofit Raffle Program Regulations - Title 11, Division 1, Chapter 4.6, sections 410-426, pdf

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Facebook groups is a good idea of getting people who love an idea ti share their thoughts on it. There before you start sharing your mind, there must be a group created on FB. Check out how to create one here: Open you FB account and down at the footer you can see words like ad, page, group, event. So click on the group word which has a link to the form page of creating the group and fill in the info required and then click create. Or just in you account click the word Home at the top next to your profile image and you will see some groups that you are in. Click on one and just in the middle of t Continue Reading

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