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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling in Ocs Enrollment Guide Nebraska National Guard Ne Ng Online

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The Definite Guide to Ocs Enrollment Guide Nebraska National Guard Ne Ng

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Instruction of Ocs Enrollment Guide Nebraska National Guard Ne Ng

ocs officer candidate school.i just got back from phase one of ocs.and here is what you need to know so.basically there's a couple different.types of ocs.there's the federal one at binning that.everybody knows about that's the one.if you get the chance to you should.probably just do that because it's way.quicker.it's not easier but it's quicker and.you'll promote up to second lieutenant.faster.and then on the other side on the.national guard side where i am there.is state ocs there is an accelerated.program however you have to have a.pretty special circumstance.to get that that one takes place in.alabama and i think they run that twice.a year.then the other option is the regular.slowest option.possible and that is the state ocs.it's about an 18-month program so as an.o9 sierra i went to basic training.directly after basic training you get.you start your state ocs.whenever that class starts up so there's.about a two month gap.from when i graduated basic training in.march.to july or it was supposed to be in may.then because of code it got kicked back.even farther end up being.from july 17th through july 31st that's.phase one it's a two-week program.uh sounds pretty easy it is not easy at.all most of these guys in ocs i would.say.more than half are people that have been.in the army for.at least five years some 10 we had a guy.that was in there for like 13 years.and now they're going back through ocs.and it's hard for a lot of these guys.because you get treated.just like you do in basic every time you.want to speak you have to say.sir officer candidate your name uh.permission to speak.and it's it's really breaking you back.down.to that basic training level and me.coming straight out of basic it wasn't.that big of a difference for me it.wasn't that big of an adjustment.however if you've already been in the.army you're not used to getting treated.like this.it is kind of rough we started with 103.people.and we ended with around 85 so that.shows you some people failed and then.other people.just quit so with phase one a lot of.states come together.so i'm from kansas and phase one happens.to be in kansas.people from oklahoma texas nebraska.new mexico uh maybe a couple other.states all come to kansas.uh for this event you get mixed up into.squads so you'll see a couple people a.couple familiar faces from your home.state.but you'll get mixed up with all these.other squads and you don't get to choose.you just show up and they've already.picked for you.so you get thrown right into the mix.you'll have attack.from another state more than likely.attack is basically your drill sergeant.and their job.is to make your life suck and they are.very good at it.in basic training you're allowed to kind.of fly under the radar they won't.pull you out for things if you don't.volunteer sometimes ocs.is the opposite if you try to stay under.the radar they'll recognize that.and then they'll expose you and they'll.put you in a leadership position just.because you are trying to avoid it.everybody will get put into one.eventually well 95 percent of people.fail.uh phase one leadership however that's.how it's designed to be so later on in.phase two and three.you show improvement and that's what.they're looking for out of my whole.platoon we started with 31 people and we.ended with 29.and not a single one of us i gotta go on.our leadership.evaluation similar to basic training you.get a blue book.however in ocs at least in my state it's.just paper.so as you can see it gets pretty beat up.because it's a.inspectable i it's in the spectacle item.it goes in your left cargo pocket at all.times the best thing you can do.is have it in a ziploc baggie to protect.it because you will sweat through your.uniform.so the nice thing about your oc guide.not your ocs guide your oc guide is what.this thing is called is in the back.there's a schedule.so all your time hacks are back here.um the tax will give you additional time.hacks to meet all the time however.your basic time hacks such as ciao or.when your class is supposed to start.they're all back here.so on page 44 of my oc guide is where my.required knowledge.section starts and this is the stuff.that you're going to get quizzed on.while you're in line for ciao.so if you are unable to answer some of.these questions they're just going to.embarrass you.they might send you to the back of the.line it's nothing too crazy but.this is the stuff you need to know.preferably before you get there.because they will start quizzing you on.day one however.most people will kind of start getting.this stuff down by like.the end of the first week from the stuff.that is required knowledge.is your chain of command that's all the.way from the president.down to your company so all the way from.the top bottom they can ask you who the.secretary of the army is they can ask.any of that stuff and you at least need.to know their last name.if not their full title for example the.secretary of the army.currently is ryan mccarthy um if you can.just say mccarthy you're gonna be good.but for extra points you would say the.honorable writing part.you need to know your general orders you.need to know the ocs honor code the ocs.on the code.is an officer candidate will not lie.cheat steal nor.tolerate those who do again no cs.candidate will not lie.cheat steal nor tolerate those who do.you need to know the risk management.process so that's.five steps the steps are identify.hazards.assess hazards to determine risks.develop controls and make risk.decisions implement controls and then.supervise and evaluate.those your five risk management steps to.the risk management process.you need to know the five paragraph off.order that's your situation your mission.your execution your statement and then.your command and signal.another big one is the nine line medevac.this is something they.handed us on in basic and they're back.at it at ocs phase one.there are one or two tac breaks in which.you actually do have to call in.the nine line medevac if you're the pl.or the platoon sergeant one of the two.has to call those in.and i'll go more on tag breaks here in a.minute you need to know your tlps that's.your eight step.uh process for tripling procedures.receive the mission.issue the warning order or the warno.make a tentative plan.initiate movement conduct recon.complete the plan issue the complete.order.and then supervise this one is pretty.heavily touched on at ocs phase one so.make sure you have that memorized before.you go.another thing they asked a lot about.were the principles of patrolling.they're super easy it's planning.recon security control and common sense.those are.five principles of patrolling and the.main one they ask you.what's the most important one is number.five common sense.there were a couple times where i had to.say the soldiers creed.every time i said it though it was as a.group they never individually made me.say it.but of course you should know your.soldier's creed if you've been to basic.training so.that was not too bad the army song is.kind of on the same note it's in there.as well we just seen the army song quite.a bit.uh again it was as a group though so.not a big deal so that's it for the.required knowledge.they teach you a lot more while you're.there they kind of touch on these while.you're there.however you're kind of expected to know.them just from.reading this or if you didn't already.know prior so now with that out of the.way i kind of want to read to you guys.the schedule and some of the things we.did so you guys can know what to expect.in your two weeks that you're there so.the first day you show up.it's basically in processing you have a.lot of paperwork to do.and then they give you quite a bit of.time to set up your barracks and your.wall locker and make your bed and all.that stuff.don't expect a whole lot you don't.really get yelled at that much.it's pretty chill the second day is the.day you need to stay focused on.so you'll have an introductory ceremony.where the commander is going to come out.and speak.he's going to give a big welcome it's.going to be on facebook live.and the very end of it you'll hear a.canon.in kansas they usually a real cannon and.then once that can goes off.the facebook live feed stops i went back.and checked.they did not post this to facebook.nobody's allowed to have a phone.and they have one person like the pio.that goes around and takes pictures.during this.process after that cannon goes off you.get.absolutely destroyed i have not.gotten smoked like that ever in my life.basic training was nothing compared.to the smoking on here on the schedule.it's one hour of leadership development.and sounds listed on here it's it's.horrible.they have medics out there we had a few.people wait a bunch of people throwing.up we had a few people.fall out i know in years past they've.had people quit in the first like 20.minutes of this.so as soon as that cannon goes off be.ready because the attacks are all gonna.swarm you.at one time and they're gonna be up in.your face yelling.uh to get down to start doing doing.push-ups flutter kicks to go run around.the tree and.run back everybody's just going to be.all confused on what's going on.uh it only lasts for an hour but it is.it's definitely an experience soon after.this they're going to assign your first.platoon leader platoon sergeant.basically these two are the guinea pigs.so the platoon sergeant will be the one.that marches people everywhere.they're the ones that directly they're.the direct supervisors of everybody else.in the platoon.and then the pl is over the platoon.sergeant so what they're looking for.is for you guys to work well together.the pl will address issues of the public.sergeant and the.sergeant will address issues with the.platoon so they want you to use your.chain of command.that's one of the things you're graded.on is how well you are able to use your.chain of command.if you're the first platoon sergeant uh.basically you're getting screwed you're.getting hosed because that is one of the.more difficult positions that you can be.assigned and as the first one.you really don't know what you're doing.but as long as you're not the first one.you're good anything after that you can.learn from the people before you.but if you're selected first uh you're.in for.a hell of a time so during your two.weeks at ocs.you have a ton of classroom times the.beginning and then you have.five days out in the field towards the.end so.during your classroom time you have a.total of i believe.two tests uh maybe a third uh depending.on if they test you.do a paper land map test and while.you're on the field you have.your planet practical where you actually.go out and perform land navigation.so your first test is on day three and.then your second test is like on day six.i think.uh there it's over pretty easy stuff.like leadership and things like that.and you also have a study hall uh.directly.right before your test that goes over a.lot of the answers.so the tests aren't too difficult during.the ocs process you're allowed to fail.free tests and each test you fail you.get an opportunity to.retake it you get one opportunity to.retake it so.we had one individual fail one of these.tests.so the next morning had to get up early.go do a second study hall.and basically retest by himself and then.he passed a second time.you have to get a 70 or higher i think.there's like 25 questions on each test.they're all multiple choice no fill in.the blanks so the tests are not that.difficult.most people end up getting like an 85 to.90.or better so the tests are not difficult.make sure you stay awake as long as.you're staying awake and taking notes.they're not going to pick on you in the.classroom.attacks are not allowed to come inside.so inside you'll have.instructors that treat you way.differently.than tax that being said every couple.hours.the instructors will send you outside.for attack break.in which at the beginning the tax just.smoke the crap out of you during these.tax.attack breaks after a few days you start.doing field exercises.uh and feel like exercises aren't bad at.all so you'll get like a 25 minute break.from class get up move around get the.blood flowing a little bit.and then come right back into the.classroom and continue on with your.study.after your tack break is over so every.time you go to chow.warm up you double time over we're.wearing our covered mask.so whenever you double time you remove.your mask you pull it down so you can.breathe.and then as soon as you're back to a.quick time you pull your match back up.that was the procedure we need to follow.once you eat your chow it's kind of nice.because they're not allowed to do any.physical exercise within 30 minutes of.eating.so you won't have to double time back.you'll get a march back at a normal pace.and.you will have any tag breaks for at.least 30 minutes.of finishing lunch there's actually one.more test i forgot about is your six.mile ruck march.that is on day four or five.you have 105 minutes to do six miles.with.a 30 pound ruck they made rsd 35.so just in case you lost a pound or two.you would still beat that requirement.of the hundred people that did it we had.92 pass on the first.try and then at the end the other eight.gonna re-test.and all but one pass on the second time.so the second week is primarily spent.out in the field.uh the big focus is land navigation so.getting out plotting your points.actually getting out into the field.finding your points.getting evaluated on it however the.evaluations don't mean anything.during the practice runs there's a.little bit of nightland navigation.that they put you through as well.because the exam has.two sections to it so you start at 3 am.and you end at 8 am so at 3 am when you.start and you get your 5 points.of course it's dark outside so you have.to find a point or two in the dark.to set your to set yourself up for.success in the daytime.most people completed this successfully.they finished in four to four and a half.hours.uh we had i think seven or eight people.fail land navigation on the first try.they had to go back the next day.and then we had about half of them fail.a second time.so they were sent home so a typical day.out in the field.would be you wake up at 0 4 30..you still have fire guard you still fire.watch while you're out in the field.so be mindful of that you'll wake up.you'll do a quick shave in the field.after.about 15 minutes of personal hygiene.time you'll form up.and you'll start your day with breakfast.then you'll go straight into a land.navigation.practice event how we did it was the.first day we went in a big group of like.ten then the second day we went in.a team or a group of three and the next.day with a team of two.then everything after that was just all.individual stuff.so you have plenty of practice on land.navigation after breakfast.till lunch was a you were out in the.field doing land nav when you got back.if you got back early you just got to.rest you gotta hang out get a.d blouse take your boots off because.your feet are soaking wet they want you.to air out your boots and air your feet.change your socks.all that good stuff once everybody's.back you have lunch.and then from about noon to five.so 1200 to 1700 hours you will have.classroom trainings.out in the field so they have a bunch of.different areas set up.and you'll get a shoot different weapons.you'll get a practice throwing grenades.you do some fun stuff you'll also do.some boring stuff like pretend to do.bandages.the tourniquet section some of that's.good some of that's pretty dry.so make sure you stay awake because uh.they'll punish you if you're not staying.awake.once 1700 rolls around you'll have your.dinner chow.and then you'll get to go back out and.do more land nav until about nine.o'clock in the evening.or 2100 hours at which time you'll have.a final formation.and then you'll get put into your patrol.base.in which it's time for bed and this.cycle continues.basically the whole time you're out.there they will mess with you overnight.and there's actually a really good story.that happened from my ocs.at about 22 45 we heard.mortars going off which they're just.shooting off fireworks and flares.to mess with you to make you wake up to.put your uniform all back on.so basically they're messing with you.while you're trying to sleep one of.these.flares flew over in the wind to the.field next to us and caught the fuel on.fire.so at first it was a drill to evacuate.the patrol base because you were under.attack which turned into a real.evacuation.because there was a fire in the field.over.that was uncontrolled that they didn't.plan for at first we were all like.what's going on and then we realized.that they're fighting a fire that the.attacks were trying to put out this fire.that they started.while they were messing with us after.that night they didn't mess with us.again they didn't worry about shooting.off any more fireworks.and on the last day they let us the.officer candidates.shoot off all the rest of the fireworks.they had which was really pretty fun.on the same day you shoot off the.fireworks we also got to take a ride at.blackhawk everybody got like a 10 minute.ride or so.which is definitely a highlight once you.get back from the field you have another.day or two left before you graduate.phase one.uh it's another classroom setting.there's no evaluations or exams.they told us the big thing was that we.stay awake that we can show.that we were sleep deprived and still.fight through and make sure.we're cognitive and taking notes staying.awake all that good stuff.so as long as you stay awake then you.pass the very.last day is the ceremony and the out.processing day.the commander will get back up again say.some jokes talk about how.tough ocs phase one was how they smoked.you he'll give you the numbers on how.many people quit.how many people failed uh basically give.you a pound on the back.the cannon goes off again ceremony's.over with.you bust the butt back to your bay to.make sure everything's cleaned up and.you get out of there as quick as.possible.on the last day the tax really are.pretty cool as well.they kind of step back from that tack.roll and step more into a supportive.role.and a mentorship role so they ask if you.have any questions for them.they talk about what they do and their.civilian life they'll ask.they're answering any questions about.either the army or a career or just life.in general.and they're all so experienced i would.definitely recommend reaching out to one.of them and asking any questions you may.have.pretty much sums up phase one of ocs it.feels a lot longer than it is it's only.two weeks.you're allowed to get mail you're.allowed to do all the same stuff in.basic training however i didn't even.give anybody the address.because there's really no reason it's.only two weeks.you don't get your phones you don't get.coffee you're kind of off the grid a.little bit but you meet a lot of good.people from other states that you can.keep in contact with.and then you'll all meet back together.for phase three.later on uh next year so if you have any.questions for me feel free to put them.down below.i'll answer any questions that are down.there i read in response to every single.comment and also if you want any scans.of this book.this is my blue book from ocs phase one.and it's required throughout the whole.ocs process so if you want any.screenshots or images or pictures of.this uh just let me know i'll give us an.overview.as always i hope you enjoyed the video.and please consider subscribing it.helped me out quite a bit.and if it did help you out give this.video a like and as always i'll see you.next time.

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