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Steps of Customizing the 21 0960c Form

[Music].you.hello everyone my name is Dewayne.Kimball owner and founder of km d89.consulting leave no vet behind I'm.bringing to you another educational.video as it pertains to the VA.disability compensation claims process.in my last video I know I don't know if.it's the last video a couple of videos I.talked about the VA language and I had.someone to leave a comment on youtube.stating asking me to do a video about.the VA language so today this we're.going to talk about is the VA language.now the very language is not like.English or Spanish or German or anything.like that but it could be confusing.okay so there's some things I feel you.should look out for and that acronym.certain acronyms you should know and how.they pertain to the VA claims process so.the first one acronym I'm going to.series of acronyms and then I'll get.into some VA verbage that I think you'll.find very important.so the first acronym is V s are Victor.Sierra Romeo v sr v sr s primary role is.development and what that means is they.gather information they'll send out.notification letters or any development.letters to the veteran asking for.certain information so nine times out of.10 if you receive a letter in the mail.from the VA it's more than likely coming.from a VSR also when you call the 800.number I know it used to be like this so.I don't know if V s are still are the.ones that answer the phone when you call.the 887 1000 VA call center number when.I worked at the VA those individuals.that were via SARS with man those phones.that still think it's like that.but more so than anything they complete.the development they get all the.information together they request exams.they once the exams comes back they are.responsible for making sure all the.development is needed and they move that.claim to the RV SR which we'll talk.about in a minute as RFD okay and a lot.of you may already know what RFD is an.RF d stands for ready for decision.so once the VSR has compiled all the.information needed to rate that claim.they market RFD and it goes to an R I'm.sorry RVs are so ready for decision is.the r FD is it means are confused r FD.is ready for decision so what that means.is all the development is complete if.you were scheduled for any exams or.anything like that then the vs r make.sure that make sure that all that.information is in the file and then they.market our FD so our RVs are can take it.and make the decision on that claim so R.vs R stands for rating service veteran.representative and RVs R is also known.as rating specialist or greater and they.are the decision makers at the radar.level so when you receive a rain.decision in the mail and if if it's not.a rating decision from the appeals team.it's coming from their rating activity.which is RVs are so they make the.decision on the claims to grant the.claim or deny the claim but if they.grant the claim their sign effective.dates and they're responsible for all.the information that goes into that.rating this rating decision which.includes evidence evidence and reason.for decisions ok and in the rain.decisions.we want to talk about some verbage very.important verbis and I picked this just.because I see or I talk to a lot of.veterans and they miss it okay so the.first thing and the reason for decisions.part of the brain decision that for.hypothetically let's say you claim a bad.condition and the RVs are in this.particular rate decision granted you or.40% evaluation for the back condition.that you claim okay.now normally it's either the first.sentence or the last sentence if the RVs.art doesn't mark this condition as.static meaning is permanent you want to.look for in the narrative section for.that particular condition under reasons.for decision a sentence that states.since there is a likelihood of.improvement okay.what that means is that RVs are is.saying that they do not believe that.that condition is static meaning they.don't believe is permanent so now you.have what they call an RFP for that.particular condition in an RFP is.routine future exam RFP okay so again.that our VSR thinks that that condition.at some time will improve and they.didn't market static okay now the reason.why they're so important is let's just.say you were granted increase or granted.a 40 percent evaluation and your overall.evaluation is a hundred percent if you.have a RFP on one two three conditions.but all for this of what I'm talking.about today we just say one condition.that back condition if you have our Fe.routine future exam.and your overall evaluation is a hundred.percent now you are not going to be.granite P&T permanent and total I'll.talk about that in a few so again look.for the sentence in either narrative for.the condition that you claim since there.is a likelihood of improvement if you.see that that means you have an R Fe for.that particular condition okay and I'll.talk about in another video the manual.reference that that covers when not to.schedule an r fe well we'll just talk.about I'll list it in the description.section but I won't go through all the.bullets but I'll go through - okay which.I've seen vets that they don't know or.they'll get confused about okay so when.an artist's are states that sisters the.likelihood of improvement you have an r.fe okay now the regulation is clear it.states when not to schedule an r fe okay.and three I think out of eight reasons.and I'll put all those I'll put the.entire regulation in the description.section so you can see it but the top.three I think that's the top three if.the doctor considers your condition to.be permanent the RVs are is not to.schedule in our feet the second one if.the veteran is 55 or older the RVs are.is not to schedule in our feet now with.that being said well that's good third.one if you're service-connected at 10%.in our FE it the 10% for any condition.and our Fe is not to be scheduled ten.percent or below or which means zero or.ten percent and our Fe is not to be.scheduled okay now let's go back to the.criteria as it pertains to our fe with.age.the regulation states 55 or higher or.older that doesn't mean that every vet.has to be in 55 years old to receive a.PA a permanent and total evaluation okay.it just means that once they've turned.55 and they're old and 55 don't have.them coming back and over and over for a.routine future okay now when I used to.be a reading specialist I've granted pnt.to soldiers that were a hundred percent.over 27 28 I saw some things that I felt.that was justified that made them PT.permanent in total so just don't think.since our VSR gave you a routine future.and you're not 55 doesn't mean that.you're permanent and total you can.definitely you can fight that but again.like I said I'm gonna leave that full.regulation down in the description.section so you can review it so if I.confused anybody please reach out to me.and so I can get some clarification.because I don't want anybody to look at.my videos and be totally confused if so.if I'm saying something you not really.understand it feel free to leave me a.comment and I can explain that okay but.again I'll leave that particular.regulation in the in the description.section another thing to look out for is.if you are PMT you won't seeing the.reason reasons for decisions is I going.to say the topic is not going to be P.and T it's going to state basic.eligibility educational assistance is.established and then it'll give an.effective date now in that narrative.it'll say all your service connected all.your service connecting service.connected conditions are considered.permanent okay so again if you receive a.rain decision.it states and there a reason for the.citizens section basic eligibility.educational assistance is established.that means you are permanent and total.and you don't have any are FES or.routine future exams scheduled so.definitely look at that talk to so many.veterans and they don't take the time to.go through the notification letter and.the rating decision when they receive.that from the VA so you want to you know.sit down take you know other videos that.said when you get a read decision you.want to sit down take an hour hour and a.half and discuss or not discuss but to.review that rating decision if you don't.understand something or sentence I like.it.highlight it and then go to the VA.website start going through the.regulations and do a search for a.particular word or phrase or something.and see what comes up and you can get.educated that way or reach out to.someone that you know that familiar with.the process so they can provide an.explanation okay because the language.the very language is not always clear.it's clear to a lot of VA employees but.not to veterans that a lot of veterans.that receive you know no notification.letters or rain decisions in the mail.another one is drone dro decision review.officers these individuals they worked.in the department we used to call.appeals now's the Appeals Modernization.Act as of February 19th 2019 and what.falls under that is supplemental claims.however review and be VA okay those.three it's a high-level review so if you.disagree with something or you asking.for a reconsideration or reopening which.is called supplemental claim now more.than likely these are the individuals.that will be reviewing the decision.review officers.decision review officers they'll step up.from the radiant activity so they're.looking a little bit more sometimes then.the rating activity RVs ours are but.that's what they're called decision.review offices and also you have V SRS.that worked alongside of them that.completes certain development to send it.to the droll and like I said earlier.yeah vs ours at complete certain.development and send it to the rain.activity or rater or RVs are okay and.some other acronyms that I won't discuss.is if you're talking to a VA employee a.VA employee calls you the first thing.you want to do is ask them their name.okay.second ask them a job title you know.what do you do for the VA what.department you work in your PSR or your.RVs are or your decision review officer.you want to know that but more so you.want to know what they do and mainly the.reason for their call so definitely you.want to ask that question some other.acronyms STRs also known as service.treatment records I was in the Army so.whenever you got sick you went to sit.call think Navy they made me call it.sick bay but you go to sit call and.that's where everything is supposedly.gets documented okay so those records.some people call them medical records.but formally they're known as STRs.service treatment records so if you have.a be srvs or even a drove let me call.you don't be offended if they use a lot.of acronyms I know when I was a rating.specialist and I was talking to another.VA employee we used a lot of acronyms oh.do you have the STRs for this particular.that do you have you know is this claim.RFD for this vet so you know give them a.break when they call you if they use.acronyms but if they use an acronym and.you don't understand that with the.acting them.ask them what it is and explain explain.it to you okay there's nothing wrong.with that because you definitely you.want to get educated as you go along.through this process another acronym I.felt that's important is p.m. our.private medical records okay.in private medical records comes from.the vet the vet will send them in or.they may give permission to the VA to go.out and get those those are private.medical records and I did in my last.video I talked about what was it my.claim file I discuss p.m. Mars and I.think I did say P and Mars instead of.private medical records but that's what.they are another acronym is CMP CMP exam.a lot of veterans don't know what this.is and their service connected seeing P.stands for compensation and pension exam.so when you file a claim and the.condition is verified whether it was.happy it was due to service or whatever.and the VSR needs an exam they will.schedule a CMP exam now CFP exam can be.done at CMP at a VA Medical Center or it.can be outsourced to a third party.contractor like QTC or LHI now a.compensation of piston exam when you.look at it okay and I used to do this I.used to look at the CMP exams when I.worked for the VA I used to look at them.on the internet only the employees can.see it and then I will go out to the.public VA website where they had dbq's.now dbq's are disability benefits.benefit questionnaires that your private.physician can't complete now when you.look at the tool at face value they look.the same.okay it's just one the actual exam at.the VA is called.sation and pitch an exam and when you go.to your proposition you know is just a.regular exam but the paperwork is the.same now some questions on these DBQ is.just really benefit questionnaires they.be a little bit different than the ones.on the public website where veterans can.take to their private physician okay and.one example of that one thing that I've.noticed is on the exams on the internet.that only the employers can see they.have was it an in-person exam on the.public website that's not on there okay.so you're definitely if you're having.your private physician to complete the.DBQ you definitely want the mistake that.it was an in-person exam I might do the.next video might be on see AP exams.versus dbq's and telehealth exams and.all that stuff but I won't get into it.right now so again conversation and.pitching exams and then dbq's disability.benefit questionnaires and I'll leave.the link to from the v---aids website.that has a list of all the dbq's now if.you so chose so choose to use one of.these dbq's keep in mind you have to.check the right hand top of the box.check the expiration date I did a video.and it talks about I was talking about.the migraine DBQ and how that DBQ is on.the VA website and it was outdated it's.been outdated since September 2019 I.don't know if they up if they did a put.the new one out there or or if it's even.been updated I don't know how to check.but if you're going there to pull an.exam to have your private system.complete make sure you check the top.right hand corner for the expiration.date okay.because if this expired then there's no.good okay so I would hate for you to.take off work go see your primary care.physician and the VA kicks the back.saying hey this exam is no good so with.that being said this is only a small.portion of the VA language there's so.much that I could cover but I wanted to.cover a part of it that I felt that was.definitely most important especially as.it became - as it comes to the PMT.permanent in total the RFE routine.future exams how to look for that in the.rain' decision okay so like I say to my.last video make sure you keep a copy of.everything that you said in the VA and.that they send you and you can pop you.can compile your own VA claim okay.so with that being said I like to thank.you for your service thank you for.watching this video please hit the like.button subscribe hit the notification.button so you can be notified when I.upload more videos educational videos.for you also please visit my website.it's KMD kilo Mike Delta 89 calm that's.k md 89 calm I have a Facebook veterans.group I'll leave the link down below.send me an invite and I'll approve you.so you can become part of the group and.in the group I want there to be an.interactive group where we're sharing.stories if you feel comfortable or.different experiences as it pertains to.the VA claims process so we can all.learn from each other so again thank you.for your service.feel free you can contact me in 85 five.seven six five three one three seven.that's eight five five seven six five.three one three seven so if you have any.questions hopefully I can get those.answer for you so thank you and have a.nice day.[Music].

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