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Bir 2305 Form 2014 2019 : Revise, Finish and forward

all right welcome to your test to review.just like last time the test will be.open from Monday to Friday at 11:59 p.m..so you have the whole week to take it.you have the whole week to review and.watch this watch this review lecture go.over the previous lectures review your.notes and things like that so whatever.you need to do to prepare for the test.I'm sure you guys would do well I was.very impressed with the grades overall.last time so just keep up the good work.and we should have no problems at all so.let's go ahead and begin your test to.review we'll begin with week six it's.been quite a while since week six it's.been a little over a month I believe.with spring break and things like that.so on week six if you remember we talked.about the Texas Legislature we first.began with the Texas Legislature we.talked about what are the functions of.the legislative body and so this is for.all if statement body is Congress the.Texas Legislature or other state.legislatures as well all of state of.bodies serve these four main functions.first of all they are to think the.general demands of the society society.so whatever society needs to take care.of or whatever needs to be done the.demands of society should be articulated.through the legislative body legislative.bodies represent the needs of special.segments of society whether organized or.unorganized so particularly demographics.such as veterans or.a racial or ethnic minority as well.gender issues things like that or maybe.even number particular political issues.such as the greed the environmental.movement things like that organized or.unorganized.however organized or unorganized the.legislative body represents the needs of.that particular special at a particular.special segment of society legislative.bodies also frame and give approval to.laws so they're the ones that will draft.legislation vote on it and debate on it.and things like that.and then finally they allocate the.resources of society through taxing and.spending most legislative bodies are.responsible for revenue and budgets as.well as well as Tax Policy assistance.aid so they're the ones that tax and.spend and allocate money to this.particular project or this particular.need or demand and that all comes.through legislative bodies so those are.the four main functions most cited body.can guarantee that'll be a question in.their tests probably something like.which one of these is not a normal.function of legislative body and that's.whichever one isn't one of these four.when we talk about the legislature we.talk about the different roles of.Representatives as well different.representatives will view themselves in.different ways and they'll also take on.different roles.there's the delegate the trustee the.Advocate and then the Politico the.delegate first of all is a.representative who votes as she or he.believes the district once they will see.themselves as a delegate they'll see.themselves as someone that my.constituents sent me here to represent.their views I should vote as they want.me to I'm simply here just a vote.they're the ones that will tell me what.to do or what I'm or how I should vote.I'm just here to vote in accordance with.what they want the trustee was someone.that will vote consistent with their own.personal beliefs this is much more of a.they voted me here they obviously trust.my judgment and my character I will vote.how how I how I believe I should vote.because they trust me to vote as they as.they see fit.The Advocate on the other hand is one.that votes for the wishes of major.supporters and content contributors so.this is someone who.kind of for lack of a better term I.would say a puppet with a legislature.they're the ones that will listen to.those which support them the most and so.you can kind of see an advocate maybe is.somewhat corrupt but also this major.supporter major country contributor.maybe someone that has a very important.role within say the local economy or.something like that.finally a Politico is someone that has a.combination of all three roles and so.they'll sometimes know about Isabella.gets an autoloader to trustee signs.alone as an advocate and a Politico is.usually a very smart candid politician.to be quite honest with you I guess.that's kind of a definition of a portico.so these are the four main four main.types of roles of a representative and.at different times they may see.themselves in different lights when we.talk about representation in the.legislature we talked about different.theories of representation as well not.only do we talk about roles there's also.different theories of how the.legislature or a legislative body should.be made up and the first one is the.sociological representation and this is.in stark contrast to agency.representation social logical.representation we'll look at the.demographics and say that demographics.matter race gender class similarities.mean represent means representative is.better at representing so if you have a.legislature which is kind of mirrors the.demographics or mirrors the mirrors the.makeup of society that's better at.representing diverse views you know.different cultures different professions.different genders if you have a.legislative body that is similar to.those they're going to they're going to.have at least a voice and let us say too.in the legislative body and they're.going to have therefore the theory would.be that they'd have better.representation because they do have.nice to have some each kind of view is.represented in the legislative body.religious distribution is close to the.population at large however when you.look at the women and the minorities.within the Texas Legislature we're a.little bit off in the Texas Legislature.there's only 37 women and this isn't.this is nowhere near the percentage of.women that are within the Texas.demographics minorities are also under.represented as well it has improved some.minorities make up around 38% of the.Texas Legislature of the Texas.Legislature and this is in contrast to.demographics which remember we talk when.we talk about Texas demographics Texas.is a minority majority state minority.racial and ethnic minorities make up the.majority of the population in Texas but.only make up 38% of the Texas.Legislature also within the Texas.Legislature you have a difference on.types of professions as well typically.you have law or business but then the.Texas Legislature you have a few farmers.and teachers and things like that but.overall the percentage of lawyers and.businessman in the Texas Legislature.know we're nowhere near the makeup of.lot of lawyers that businessmen within.the Texas population was I lost my train.of thought there just a little bit the.percentage of lawyers and businessman in.the Texas Legislature nowhere meant.nowhere had make up the percentage of.lawyers and business spent in the.population at large.so for sociological representation Texas.lacks a little bit behind.however some would say that doesn't.matter and this is where agency records.representation comes in agency.representation says that members should.simply do the best job that they can.legislators are not a socialized corpus.and representatives assembly the best.agencies.the best agents I guess or.representatives are not necessarily.demographically correct what matters is.that they're just doing their job so if.you subscribe to social are logical.representation.demographics matter that a legislative.body should mirror the demographics of.its people.then Texas likes my hunt lags behind in.terms of agency representation in terms.of agency representation I guess it's.kind of up to your judgment how well.they're doing but most people would say.well as long as they're doing their job.than that and that's what really matters.so when you look at the Texas.Legislature itself.it lacks behind sociologically but maybe.doing a fair job in terms of agency.representation all right so let's look.at the structure of the legislature.itself legislature is bicameral meaning.that there's two chambers there's a.Senate and then there's a house the.Senate has 31 members and they're.elected for four-year terms overlapping.terms for senators in the house 150.members elected every 150 members.elected for two-year terms and all.members run at the same time so in the.Senate roughly 15 a little running.rollin for this for this election and.then in two years another 15 then two.years another 15 so they have an.overlapping terms only 15 of them.roughly are up for election at the same.time the house all 150 members run every.two years the sessions for the Texas.Legislature are 140 days every two years.in an odd year so if it's 2013 2015-2017.they're going to have their regular.session which is 140 days that's not a.whole lot of time not a whole lot can.get done and we talked about that when.we talked about the citizen legislature.we'll talk about it again when we type.up this is some legislature here in just.a little bit there are special sessions.though these are 30 days sessions when.called by the governor so there's.something didn't get resolved within.those 140 days the governor can call a.special session let's say some sort of.emergency arises and there's an issue we.need to address right now the governor.can call special session as as well then.they usually last for 30 days so with.the citizen legislature which is kind of.where we which is kind of a nice segue.talking about the.return the regul regular sessions we.have a citizen low center here in Texas.so we do have those limited session.links we also have low pay Texas you.make seventy seven thousand two hundred.dollars for every for every two years.for every session that you're in and.then also with so slow that you have.limited staffing so Susan loves such a.low pay limited limited length sessions.and also limited staffing you can see.the breakdown of Texas right down here.contrast this with a professional.legislature such as California which you.can see this statistics down here full.professional legislators have full-time.members you have no limits on sessions.and you have adequate staffing as needed.so California have the full-time members.with with good salary nine ninety five.thousand you not about salary you do.have no limits on sessions as well in.California may run from December to.September I'm sure they since they're a.full-time legislature they could run.naked possibly be there even longer an.adequate staffing which is as needed in.California so citizen legislature the.idea is that you have a very.concentrated sort of focused session and.not a lot of pay because you don't want.full-time politicians professional.legislature or however you want a.full-time pause a politician that can.respond immediately to issues that can.be there in case there's there's paged.casework or something that needs to be.done and you can just get a lot more.done you can have a much more open.dialogue and things like that however.you have a professional politician and.that may not they not that may not be.good because you need to pay the salary.and things like that as well.so there's pros and cons to each you.when we did the discussion board for.this you guys did actually a really.really good job of contrasting to the.legislature versus professional.legislature so I have no doubt that you.guys can definitely answer those.questions correctly on your test but if.you have questions be sure to send those.my way and I'll be sure.I'll be happy to adjust those for you as.within the Texas Legislature we talked.about the duties of the legislature.first off their lips late of Duty is.that they pass laws they also propose.amendments to Constitution by two-thirds.of votes of the chambers they serve an.electoral function as well just meaning.they hold regular elections and they.have regular campaigns to informed.voters about the issues directory and.supervisory functions they do audit.committees they do the sunset Commission.they they just directed supervise.particular agencies of government.investigate and Vesta Kotori function.sorry.butchered that word their investigatory.function is just that they explore or.research particularly issues or.particular circumstances that may arise.impeachment they can impeach the.governor and then finally service for.constituents they can provide case work.for the constituents that may be having.a hard time getting a permit or.something like that they provide those.services for constituents to try to.expedite the process that or expedite.the situation that is going on within.their constituents with their.constituents I guess I should say excuse.me all right leadership within the Texas.substation we talked about the house and.within the house you have a speaker.which is elected by the event members.currently Joe Stross yeah the speaker.pro Tim which is appointed by the.speaker this is Dennis bonnet who is.actually a representative for many of.you people before many of you guys in my.class and then you have different.officers which are appointed by the.speaker as well eat in the Senate you.have the Lieutenant Governor this is.this someone who is elected by voters.currently it's Dan Patrick you have the.President Pro Tim who is elected by the.Senate usually it's the most senior.member of the Senate and this is.currently Juan Hinojosa and also sorry.butchered that name as well and then you.have different sets and offers as well.so for the purpose theory test just know.that the speaker and the.lieutenant-governor are the main two.officials in the house and the senate.respectively.that should get you through the test.right there types of committees them.Texas Legislature I'll probably just ask.a question about a few of these all mix.and match them I guess you have the.standing committees which our membership.is established at the beginning of the.session standing committees usually deal.with an issue that is permanent and kind.of it's going to blast there for a long.time is there issues such as agriculture.transportation you have special.committees which are created with a.special mandate they there you serve -.they serve to investigate a particular.situation anteroom committees study.study committees they operate during the.interval only so when cotton when the.legislature is not in session and then.finally statutory committees which are.established by law these are actually in.the Constitution of Texas and these.three are the Legislative Budget board.the Legislative Council and the.legislative audit committee all three of.those committees are established by the.Constitution put into law and will be.there until the law changes I guess so.for the purpose of your test just know.at least the definition of a few of.these and that way when one of them.appears on your test you can be prepared.before that answer we also talked about.the main steps of the website of process.we'll just kind of run through these.briefly these are the the main seven or.so steps that a bill or a resolution.usually goes through and the Texas.Legislature first off it must be drafted.drafting the proposals introduction and.referral is introduced to go to the.floor for debate it's also assigned to a.committee at this time committee action.decides whether it's worthy of for.debate or for consideration I guess or.some saying and then if it does pass.through committee most bills will.actually die.maybe not many actually do escape.committee but if it does pass committee.and committee deems it worthy to be on.the floor for consideration then it goes.to the floor for consideration you have.a conference committee a conference.committee is just if there are twos to.bills if there's a bill in the house and.a bill in the Senate that addressed the.same issue but don't have the same.wording they'll have a conference.committee to kind of hash out those.differences then also if it passes.through the conference committee its.passed through the floor then it goes to.the governor's action in which she can.veto it or approve it if he vetoes it.there can be a seventh step here with.the override of the veto in which the.legislature needs to vote to override.that veto as I mentioned in the lecture.this is very rare it's only happened two.times in 50 years and that's because.Texas is typically a one-party state and.so since they are one-party state.whatever passes through the legislature.will usually get accepted by the by the.governor if the governor does veto it.though but it is deemed really important.by the same party then they'll go ahead.and override the veto but very very rare.the governor's action is usually where.most of this stops it's either it's.usually approved since the governor and.the legislature tend to be of the same.party so just a brief overview of the.main steps of legislative process I.wouldn't expect too many troubles with.test questions in terms of the main.steps with legislative process so you.guys should be good to go.all right so talking about governor's.approval governor's veto things like.that that leads us very nicely into week.seven which were in which we talked.about the governor and the plural.executive first off before we get into.the actual Texas governor and the floral.executive when you talk about the.functions of an any executive branch.function of executive branch is first of.all first on the first all first of all.well I'm really mixing my words today.first of all is the administration of.laws they execute the laws as written by.written by the legislature and carry out.those laws elaboration of laws.policymaking if.governor doesn't quite or if the.governor or the executive branch needs.to kind of overthink a law or need seems.to address something that has arisen.bill to consider the elaboration of laws.or policy maintain political leadership.policy initiate initiation the executive.branch also has certain judicial powers.in terms of clemency they can grant.pardons reprieves commutations or.paroles it simply means that as soon as.a decision isn't reached by the court.and the governor may not agree with the.court then they can issue a pardon or.pre very commutation the executive.branch is also symbolic and ceremonial.often the the head of the executive.branch whether that be the president or.governor.they're obvious it's often a symbolic or.ceremonial system they'll ten balls.they'll attend banquets they'll.recognize outstanding citizens and.things like that so it's also it's a.very symbolic and ceremonial position as.well for the Texas governor there is.written there's written qualifications.within the Constitution first of all you.must be thirty years of age you must.have been a US citizen and you must have.been in the resident he must have been a.resident of Texas for at least five.years.so three qualifications and they.generally they be generally kind of.mirrored the qualifications for US.president as well.nice little compensation for the.governor there's a hundred and fifty.thousand dollar salary this is actually.above the national average so it is a.pretty nice salary there's also housing.and transportation perks as well they.are elected to sit to four-year terms.and there's no no limit on there's no.limit on the amount of times and can run.there's no limits on your terms.basically so you have the most recent.governor most recent ex Kevin target.system say Rick Perry who was governor.for 14 years he was liked into four-year.terms and saw that there was no no limit.on his terms so he decided.run again so he was come there for 14.years and currently it is in his great.gap so we'll see Greg Abbott was.lieutenant governor under Rick Perry so.we'll see how long he stays in office as.well.comparatively though the Texas governor.is actually one of the weakest.institutional powers granted by the.Constitution are actually really limited.now we'd like to think of the Texas.governor as someone that's really.powerful really with Rick Perry being in.office so long but the main reason for.that is the idea of personality politics.usually have strong mandates usually the.governor gets its elected by an.overwhelming majority and so he has a.strong mandate meaning that the people.voted for me at a high rate so clearly.the people want me to carry out the.policies in which I laid out my campaign.and because he has this strong mandate.he can you can actually kind of bully.the legislature just a little bit to get.things passed that he wants passed also.Texas governors are usually seen as.having a lot of political ambition.you know people such as george w bush.who ran for president as soon as as soon.as his term as governor was over also.rick perry is talking about a.presidential election in 2016 and he.also ran in 2012 so I think Texas.governors are seen as strong because.they have a high political ambition.there's also a lack of term limits so.they can stick around they can they can.kind of establish themselves in Texas.politics but also kind of going along.with the political ambition is the idea.that they have a huge national spotlight.and many many many people will turn.their eyes to Texas and Tennessee what's.going on in Texas and so therefore the.governor gets a lot of the national.spotlight so that's why the Texas.governor seems very very powerful but in.terms of actual powers granted to it by.the Constitution it's actually very very.weak institutional powers it gets just.it's a very weak and this is where that.bail he gave he gave the Texas.governorship a rating of 2.8 out of 5.and there are 36 other governors that on.this scale have more power than the.Texas government so on the face it seems.like the Texas governor is very very.strong because of their personality and.their national spotlight attention.but in reality institutionally speaking.they're not very not very strong and so.that it will probably the question on.your test is how does the Texas.governorship compared to other.governorships nationwide now.classifications of powers within the.Texas governorship you have the.legislative power in which they they can.veto legislative bills they can call.special sessions of the legislature they.can address the legislature in the State.of the State address and they can also.declare legislative emergencies as well.they have judicial power going through.the three branches going they have.traditional power in terms of clemency.powers which we are talking about in the.form of pardons we pre use in stays of.execution and then they have their.obviously their own executive powers.being part of the executive branch.obviously they have appointment and.removal powers of particular officers.there's budgetary concerns that the.executive the executive can can consider.often they will submit an own version.they will spit their own version of a.budget.there's directory and supervisory they.oversee a lot of the bureaucracy and.then there's military law enforcement.powers as well the executive controls.the National Guard as well as many of.these Texas Rangers and state law.officers as well so those are all within.the executive powers really the.governorship kind of has a hand in each.of in each branch of government more or.less and that's because of the system of.checks and balances which is very very.common within the United States so.that's the Texas governorship let's go.ahead and talk a little bit about the.plural executive Texas is unique most.the time people that most the time.states do not have separate agencies.that are independent of the governor.Texas does Texas wanted to make the.governor really really weak they didn't.like the executive power they don't want.the government telling them what to do.they don't want to create this kind of.sort of king or tyrant as they saw so.they sent the plough executive to take.powers away from the governorship in.most states these agencies are included.under the governorship and seven Texas.you have the plugs.which establishes these agencies.independent of the governor which take.on some of the responsibilities of a.normal governor it's established to make.the governor weaker and they may even be.of a different political party normally.they're not Texas being such a.Republican state well then not of a.different political party and often.you'll have a clean sweep of the.Republicans nowadays it used to be you'd.have a queen clean sweep of the.Democrats as well so the agencies.included under the ploy executive are.the lieutenant governor the Attorney.General the Comptroller of Public.Accounts the Commissioner of General.Land Office and the Commissioner of.Agriculture the question on your test.might be something like which one of.these does not belong in the plural.executive and you'll answer whichever.one is not one of these five right here.so that's the idea that the purl.executive and during the lecture we went.through each of these and kind of what.they did I don't really feel like it's.important for you to know what each of.these do just know that the pull.executive is something very very unique.to Texas and know which of these offices.can comprise the plural executive or.make up the particular by definition the.same so hopefully for your test you'll.be good to go on to pro executive and.now we'll move in to week eight we can.we talk about campaigns buildings and.elections and so there's a lot kind of a.lot to cover here but it'll be good to.go through this again in a week eight we.talked about how much money is really in.politics and how much money is even in.Texas politics I mean it's on a greater.scale nationwide but in Texas a very.serious campaign for a statewide office.is very very expensive we talked about.the 2012 GOP Senate primary this was the.primary this was the primary I mean this.was just to get the nomination of the.Republican Party we talked about the.Senate primary in which Ted Cruz spent.seven million dollars david Dewhurst.spent almost nearly double there almost.nearly triple of that and lost he spent.19 million dollars in loss Cruz Fenton.who spent far less money than his.Democratic Party opponent and the.general election but just to win the.primary just to win the nomination.and to spend seven million dollars also.compared to david Dewhurst 19 million.dollars it's really not all that much so.I feel bad a little bad for David.Dewhurst I guess or something.but that's because Texas is such a.serious state in such a big state so.when you know winning a prestigious seat.such as the Senate and bodes very well.for your political career I guess I.should say there's also a lot of outside.money in Texas politics as well in the.governor election there was a lot of.outside money and also for those two.primary you can see here that outside.PACs poured millions directly into.advertising for this race above and.beyond the actual campaign spending so.lots of money going into campaigns and.elections here in Texas let's go ahead.and talk about why they're so costly.first of all you have extensive travel.by airplane often by everybody it's just.that but you have extensive travel it.Texas is a big state you can travel 12.hours in one direction and still be in.the so beyond the state there's also a.large number of media markets you have.to compete in at least five different.main media markets maybe even more I can.think of Houston Dallas San Antonio lost.in El Paso those are often the main.media markets that people will point to.they probably even probably even further.south probably Brownsville and things.like that as well you also require.experienced campaign professionals to.run them so you have to hire a.professional campaign staff to run your.campaign can be quite expensive and then.also pulling the large electorate is.very expensive.polling cost money you need to pay firms.to to conduct these polls and things.like that so in order to pay for those.sorts of polling numbers can get very.expensive so it's travel media campaign.professionals and also pulling pulling.agencies can get quite expensive and.that's that's the main reason why Texas.campaigns are so costly Texas campaign.strategies overall they mirror national.campaigns you want to focus on.battleground areas you want to be sure.to go into battleground areas.Duke it out with your opponents try to.sway more votes in your favor.similar to national elections which will.focus on battleground states such as.Ohio.in Florida fundraising you need to.conduct a lot of fundraising meet.strongly support debates debates are.very important statewide debates here in.Texas I've noticed have gotten a lot.more attention than say a statewide.debate my home state of Kansas debates.are very important and they're often.televised don't screw it up.easiest of advice to give a give a.politician don't screw it up same way.with a national campaign as well and in.Texas campaigns as most political.campaigns do features stump speeches as.well stump speeches are just simple.20-minute versions of speeches often.well rehearsed and well written that.give the candidates views on particular.issues but they're not off-the-cuff or.things like that they're just well we.heard they'll go into a place and give.this speech and hopefully garner more.support or getting more votes in that.way and so some speeches you see a lot.of politicians doing those as well.so moving on I'm sorry going back one.time moving on here the three basic.strategies within campaigning here in.Texas.like I said mirror the national.campaigns as well so mister campaigns.near the national campaigns but also the.strategies the three main strategies.that we're talking about other party.centered strategy which is sometimes.called the contract of America I guess.for better use here I just call it the.contract with Texas and it's just.focusing on what can what can we as a.republicans off for the electorate what.can we as Democrats off the electorate.it's basically trying to garner more.votes for the party and and the.candidate being part of the party will.highlight what the party can do for.America I guess or since a or for Texas.the issue oriented strategy the common.phrase here is it's the economy stupid.and that will focus on a particular.issue usually the economy because the.economy matters to so many voters but if.there's a particular issue that needs to.be addressed or is a hot-button issue at.the time often campaigns will will.implement the issue boria tragically.they focus on that particular issue and.then tried to show why they're the.better candidate to tackle that issue.there's the image oriented tragedy as.well some campaigns are starting to use.this one most famously was the Obama.campaign in 2008 it kind of resents this.post partisan idea that we're beyond.politics what we need to simply do.be bipartisan we need to focus on what.we can do if we work together sort of.things so it kind of provides this hope.and this change kind of attitude that.yes we can London which was popularized.by the 2008 Obama campaign and focuses.on the candidate himself or herself and.what they can what they can do to end.the partisan bickering and provide.change within within the within the say.the nation or Tabas State so those are.the three basic strategies that most.campaigns will implement election.campaigns sorry I'm trying to read to.the side real quick election campaigns.are contests by opposing candidates and.elections in which candidates debate.issues of Public Policy rather than.personal insults and negative campaigns.so these would I guess would be the.ideal campaign campaign or election.settings I guess they had talked about.this originally in my lecture I forgot.that I had this site in here so forgive.me a little off right now but remember.when I talked about in the regular.lecture I talked about what the ideal.campaign or ideal conditions for.democracy were ideally you would like an.election campaign in which candidates.actually debate issues of policy rather.than personal insult something they've.campaigned you'd also like that voters.are well informed and that voters would.vote on the basis of policy issues and.you would also like to have virtually.universal partake participation which.remember when we talked about in the.regular election and the regular lecture.we talked about how Texas has very low.voter turnout we're going to address.that here in just a little bit public.elections are our elections that are.held by a governmental body and they are.used to decide the issues or elect.public officials the type of public.elections here that we have here in.Texas are the partisan elections which.happened on the first Tuesday after the.first Monday in November.even yet I know that's a little wordy.and defusing but that's the way it's.written into law partisan elections or.general elections happen the first.Tuesday after the first Monday in.November of an even-numbered year.so if November first falls on that.Tuesday then it can no longer be that it.can men cannot be the election date now.you could have November 2nd because that.falls after November 1st.so simply this is just simply to target.November 1st I guess more or less but.that's the way it's written into the law.you also have nonpartisan elections and.this is just all other public elections.in Texas these usually sometimes happen.in mace and hens March as well so they.happen that they're pretty much any.election that is not on the first.Tuesday after the first Monday in.November all right I know I got a little.wordy and confusing so if you're.confused by this point I don't blame you.but if you do have questions send them.I'll and I'll try to address them all.right Texas voters select officials and.all three branches I remember talking.about this I remember how I kind of.mentioned that in Kansas we don't really.elect judges so that's very unique to.Texas how Texas will elect particular.judges because the idea is that you.would want traditional officers to be.nonpartisan and non biased you want them.to simply apply the law as they see fit.rather than having it tied to a.political agenda so Texas is kind of.unique in that Texas voters like them.just like you know officials from all.three branches Texas voters also vote on.many more local offices than any other.state they vote on more offices than any.other state that I that I've really ever.seen you know they'll vote on things.such as community college districts.public school districts Hospital.histories you know it's a really.extensive list dog catchers sometimes I.think it's I think it's.that Texans can vote on that stuff as.well so state constitutional amendments.and and local tax policies as well.that's another thing that Texas types of.voters vote on that is unique to Texas.so Texas this slide is basically trying.to highlight that Texas is very unique.because they vote on officials and all.three branches they vote on a lot more.local offices than any other state and.they also get the right to vote on.constitutional amendments and also their.local tax policies as well so very very.unique for Texas moving from the.campaigns and campaigns elections.themselves we talk about the different.type of elections first of all was the.general election and then second of all.was the primary election and then.actually the primary elections happens.before the general elections so I'll go.ahead and talk about the bottom of half.of this slide here first the primary.elections are held by the major parties.you have two candidates from the same.party seeking the same nomination so you.have Republican versus Republican and.you have Democrat versus Democrat.primary elections are held on the first.Tuesday and mark so the first Tuesday in.March every first Tuesday in March on an.even number year usually you'll have a.primary election if there needs to be a.runoff say someone did not get the.majority vote then you'll have a runoff.on the second Tuesday in April so you.have a month to conduct your runoff.campaigning the winners of primary.elections so they were the Republican.that beat out the other Republican gets.the nomination and the Democrat that.beat up the other Democrat gets the.nomination the winner of the primary.elections goes on to face the other.party's nomination in the general.election so let's flip up to the top the.top half of this line here governor and.other major statewide contest coincide.with the midterm elections the midterm.elections meaning elections that are not.on a presidential year so president.elections happen on 2012 2016 2020.midterm elections will happen 2014 to.18 2002 the general elections feature.that winners the primary election so.your Republican versus Democrat and it's.deliberately scheduled this way to not.coincide with the presidential race you.want to diminish the national partisan.kotel effect I mean you don't want to.simply ride on the coattails of a very.popular president or a popular national.nation national candidate you also want.to diminish the positive impact state.candidate could offer national campaign.so you have a really popular state.candidate say you have a really popular.Democrat governor candidate you don't.want that to turn Texas blue anyway so.you don't want the popularity of a state.candidate to look like the popularity of.a nationwide Canada so general elections.feature party versus party and they.happen on midterm years so hopefully.that makes sense that there are two.primary elections and general elections.if you need anything if you need me to.clarify anything I'd be more than happy.to be sure to send those questions my.way how does determine winners this is.very important we like to think that we.vote and whoever gets the most votes.wins and you that doesn't happen but.there are different rules and.particularly here in Texas it's very odd.to hear Texas that in Texas you need to.have them insured you need to have a.majority winner and this is just like I.said this is the primary election so.this is why you'll sometimes have a.runoff election in the primary majority.winner rules basically say that the.candidate must receive more votes than.all other opponents can combine meaning.you must win at least 50% plus one you.must win a majority of the vote more.than half you have to win more.half of the votes contrast is with the.plurality plurality is used in the.general election and ferrati simply.states the candidates that receive the.most votes wins so it doesn't have to be.more than half it could be 40 percent.and just as long as the other candidate.does not get more votes than you or the.other candidates do not get more votes.than you then you win if there are more.than two a candidate may win without an.absolute majority so like I said you can.win with 40 percent let's say the winner.gets 40 percent to lose the second.runner or the runner-up gets 30 percent.of the vote and then the second.runner-up gets 10 percent so you have 40.30 plus 10 plus a certain percentage to.other candidates as well so you don't.actually have to win a majority of the.votes you have to get more votes than.the other majority you have to win at.least 50 when at least more than half of.the votes cloudy is just as long as you.get the most votes awfully that makes.sense.but it is used here in Texas the.majority you to win a primary you have.to get more than half to win a general.election though you just need to get.more votes than the other opponent so.hopefully that makes sense I can.guarantee they'll be what will be a.question on tests about the difference.between plurality and majority so but.you're sure to be aware of that.voting in Texas we talked about the.requirements for voting in Texas you.must be a US citizen you must be over 18.years of age or older you must have had.residency in the state and county for 30.days prior to voting you have to present.proper state identification when voting.and also the other thing that I would.add to here is that you must not be a.current felon I mean if you're a felon.and you've served your sentence than.you're fighting to vote he also must not.be declared mentally incompetent by a.court of law so as long as you don't.declare mentally incompetent by a court.of law you are allowed to vote in the.state of Texas so I actually should have.added these on here but there are.actually about six requirements about.Texas US citizenship over 18 years of.age or older residency within the state.and county for 30 days prior to voting.proper state identification must not be.a current file.you must not be must have must not have.been declared mentally incompetent by a.court of law so when I upload these.slides later on I'll be sure to add.those and you can go ahead and review as.yourself we talked about suffrage.provisions just a little bit i won't go.all these these probably actually won't.be on your test just know that we have.expanded through the US constitution we.have expanded suffrage within the united.states you can no longer a bar voting.based on race due to the 15th amendment.you can't bar race or you cannot bar.voting based on sex to the 19th.amendment.you cannot require poll taxes the.twenty-fourth amendment and you can now.vote if you're greater than 18 years.thanks to the 26th amendment.it was previously 21 years or older but.due to 26 men we lowered the voting age.to 18 because if you could sign up for.the military and die for your country.and you should be able to vote in your.country as well the Texas Constitution.bars voting like I said by the mentally.incompetent and current felons so going.back to the previous slide let's go.ahead and add these bottom two onto that.previous slide all right finally we.talked about Texas voter turnout.compared to other states Texas has very.low voter turnout I can guarantee that.would be a question on your test it's.basically something like compared.nationally how does Texas voter turnout.seem to be or something like that.Texas has a very low voter turnout due.to low socioeconomic status people that.have a low income or low education they.don't typically don't tend to vote Texas.has a lot of people that are low.socioeconomic status Texas is a very.poverty ridden state and there's a lot.of poverty within Texas there's a lot of.people that don't.a lot of income there's also a lot of.people that don't receive a lot of.education and so that's kind of the.second reason here is due to the poor.education system now a lot of people are.aware of the issues or a lot of people.don't know how to vote or things like.that and so that's one reason why Texas.has a very low voter turnout third of.all it's a one-party dominant state.Republicans are probably going to win.regardless of other people vote or not.and so it kind of discourages people to.vote from both Republicans and Democrats.Republicans don't want to vote because.well they already know that their party.is going to win so why would I turn out.to vote if my party's already going to.win why would I take the time to go down.to the courthouse cast my vote when I.have already been assured that that my.party is going to win and on the flip.side for Democrats Democrats don't want.to vote either because what's the use my.voice my vote really isn't going to.change the election in any way.Republicans are gonna win regardless so.why would I take the time to go and vote.so this one-party dominance in Texas has.really kind of discouraged many people.from getting out me voting as well.registration difficulty Texas is pretty.difficult to register I mean it's not.it's not super difficult but once again.it's just kind of the time factor and.taking the times to do it and then.finally the identification requirement.in Texas has discouraged some people.from voting particularly me being from.out of state I guess you know it's it's.difficult to go get a new drivers.license it's particularly with doors.your driver's license is still valid and.another stage or something like that and.then also just just the fact that the.applications and things like that before.a proper identification is is.time-consuming as well and so.identification requirement I was like.just a.identification Cartman I always found it.odd in Texas that a concealed concealed.carry license is valid but a student ID.is not valid it's also another thing.that has kind of discouraged younger.people cortically those people that rely.on their student identification.discourage your people from executing on.your motive as well all right this is a.national chart to how Texas compared to.nationally you see Minnesota over here.number one they're very proud of that.fact Wisconsin as well but you have.Texas down here in leaf 48 yeah 48th.overall with in terms of voter turnout.so it's actually very very low here in.Texas all right finally finally on the.last week here week 10 political parties.I'll try to get through this pretty.quickly so that way you guys can go.study for your test even though by.watching this video we show you free.testing yes.but you have better things to do than.listen to YouTube videos and I'm sure.your attention span for YouTube videos.is pretty short to begin with anyways so.let's finish up with week 10 here.political parties we talked about the.definition of political party it is.simply just organized groups that seek.to gain office and exercise political.power through legislation executive.action and control over government.agencies so parties are usually.organized they can't be loosely.organized but to be an effective party.you need to be highly organized you need.to be an organized group all political.parties seek to gain an office and then.all of them also seem to exercise.political power they want to seek power.they wanted to seek power and gain.office and the legislative branch in the.executive branch and they also want to.control government agencies as well.meaning the bureaucracy parties are not.actually in the Constitution but parties.do have a place in society they feature.a large network of supporters including.think tanks individual supporters.corporations trade unions things like.that so parties are actually highly.organized and they're kind of an.important part in the fabric of society.even though they're not in the.Constitution we talked about different.models of party we talked about the.rational party model the responsible.party model and we also talked about.meanings of parties as well let's go.ahead first and top tackle these models.here you first have the rational party.model and this one is the one that is.used in the United States whereas in.most of the world particularly.parliamentary systems you have what is.called a responsible party model the.United States be a rational party model.and which parties will sponsor.candidates for political office so if a.candidate seeks the political office.they want to gain the sponsorship of.that political party that way they can.declare themselves part of that.political party and can usually raise.funds and things like that for the.clinical party as well the party and a.rational party model once simple.government cut someone simple control of.the government they don't care that much.about the platform they just care that.people under their banner got elected to.a political office now this disregard.for for political platforms contrasts.the responsible party model instead of a.sponsor a responsible party model you.have parties that actually really care.about the platform's you have.distinctive platforms from each party.and they carry out that platform when.elected this assumes clear ideological.philosophical differences between.parties and it assumes that people that.are elected to office are actually going.to adhere to the political platform.where the party platform itself so.responsible for tomorrow model is much.more focused on the party and not.necessarily just sponsoring an electable.candidate it's trying to gain government.control and then carry out their goals.now that's why it's usually popular in a.parliamentary system to do this because.in a parliamentary system the party can.expedite legislation whereas in a.rational party model or a non.parliamentary system it's hard to get.things done you just want solid people.in office to promote your party and look.good for the party banner now parties.have different meanings as well so the.national party model responsible.tend to focus on the party and.government but let's first talk about.the party organization in the party.organization is just the party as a kind.of organized unit it's the national.headquarters it's the people that are.overseen everything that's going on.that's the party organization the party.of government is the people that are.elected into government that identify.themselves as democrat or republican.that ran on the democratic or republican.ticket and then finally the party in the.electorate is all the card card card.carrying members the a party identifier.or sense that you would mean if we.identify as democrat or republican where.the party in the electric we're the ones.that elect the party in government and.we're the ones that support the party.organization and so we booked this down.just a little bit further in lecture in.terms of pig pie and po will begin here.at the top of the pig.these are officials elected under one.party banner so these are the people.that are in Congress in the Texas.Legislature the governorships the.presidency things like that that say.that they are Democrats only that they.are Republicans because they were.elected as a democrat or republican is.the party in government the pie is the.party the electorate these are just all.the citizens who attach themselves to a.political party and the PO is the party.has an organization this is the formal.apparatus the party like I said the.committee that sorry the chairs and the.national headquarters intended like that.so pig pie and remember that for your.test you guys should be good to go if.you need any clarification about the.distinct differences between the three.hopefully you guys don't this makes a.little bit of sense but if you do feel.free to send me your questions all right.we talked about the different functions.of political party we would generally.laid out seven different functions of a.political party first of all first of.all particle parties are in some way.intermediaries between the electorate.and government political parties can.inform the electorate about what's going.on in government you can provide.a kind of channel for dialogue and.channels to fit your concerns and.demands and things like that from the.electorate to the government and to the.government to the electorate as well.political parties recruit candidates.they want to recruit candidates that.they feel can win they can test.elections and mobilize voters they.organize and manage government they are.accountable to the voters they also.partake in conflict resolution political.parties will be a mechanism to talk to.other parties and resolve conflicts.within government and then finally.agenda-setting political parties will.set the agenda and they will kind of set.forth what issues they want to attack to.want to tackle in the next legislative.session when the next term or things.like that as well so the agenda is also.very important all right moving on we.talked about different bases of party.conflict we talked about ideological.conflict and we talked also about.interest conflict ideological conflict.is just the fact that most parties do.attach themselves to a particular.ideology here in America we tend to.associate the Republicans with.conservative ideology and we tend to.associate the Democrats with liberal.ideology ideology is a huge kind of.basis of conflict they will fight along.ideological grounds ideology is simply.just a system of beliefs and values.about the nature of society the.relationship between government and.economy moral values in the conduct of.government that's the idea that's the.definition of ideology I will probably.put that definition on a test because we.need to think about Allah G and exactly.what it is ideology is different than.party but parties do attach themselves.to a particular ideology this system of.beliefs and values about the nature of.society and the relationship between the.government in the economy as well so you.have conservative versus liberal like I.said generally generally here in America.and they will often fight based on these.ideals.somebody's deeply held beliefs if you.remember way back to week one when you.talked about liberty and equality and.how those kind of form our our if I.accuse about our own ideology it's the.same way with the party as well because.the party is often a reflection of the.party in the electorate and and widely.held ideologies throughout the state or.throughout the nation the parties also.conflict along interest lines as well.interests are just simply something of.value or some some personal.characteristic that people share that is.affected by government activity and this.can be economic social and personal all.these are different types of interests.remember when we talked about ideology.we broke down and we broke it down in.terms of economic interest and social.interest and whether you believe in.liberty or equality on that those inform.interests obviously inform our ideology.but also informs parties and how they.should fight for those particular.interests and so that's another reason.why interests economic social and.personal interests our basis of conflict.for each party as well so they'll find.along ideological grounds which are.deeply held beliefs but they're also.find along interests grounds because.those are something that was very.personal to them and may affect their.livelihood or their quality of living or.things like that as well so when you.think about why parties fight think.about that they fight on particular.interests but they also fight along.particular ideologies as well so moving.on to particular parties here in Texas.we need to realize that we do have.different eras or distinct eras of party.history in Texas the first one is the.one party period this lasted from 1876.to 1952 when strictly Democrats were.elected both on a local and a national.level from 1952 to 1978 though we have.what many will call the modified.one-party system.Democrats were still being elected.locally but Republicans weren't being.elected nationally this is because of.the southern Democrat kind of.idea Southern Democrats were actually.extremely conservative as Texas had.traditionally has been but nationally.the Republicans were becoming the party.of conservatives on a national scale and.so that's why Democrats were elected.locally many because they were still.many Southern Democrats but nationally.Republicans were being elected because.they represented the more conservative.views that many Southern Democrats.attach themselves to so I'd be the.modified one party where you'd still.have voters voting for one party but it.depends on whether it's a national.election or a local election the two.party earth from 1970 to present I would.even say that we have actually moved.into a different era where we're back to.a kind of a one-party period with with.Democrats oh sorry with Republicans.being elected so so frequently here in.Texas both from Lincoln submit to.President you have had a fair amount of.two-party competition you just need to.look at what areas Democrats are.succeeding in urban areas Republicans.are still just receiving more rule or.even kind of suburban areas as well so.that's why this is this is classified as.a two-party era I believe your textbook.also classifies it as a two-party area.because Democrats do have do still have.some success just depending on what area.and where they're located in terms like.that all right we also just we also.discussed there so you know major.political party and a minor political.party major political party the thing he.knows that they received at least 20% of.the vote for governor in the last.general election and then the minority.minor parties are just parties that.received less the 20% of vote for.governor in the last gen election so in.Texas we only have two major parties the.Democrats and the Republicans the minor.parties are the Libertarian Party of the.Green Party and other third parties as.well so those are the minor parties here.in Texas so major party for more than.20% minor party less than whatever so it.should be pretty easy all right.and then finally I believe sorry yep.that is our last night this is our last.on spoiler alert.so finally we talked about party.identification I believe that party.identification.very very important for you to know is.your test particularly the definition I.want you to know that party.identification is very unique because.party identification is something that.is psychologically party identification.is a psychological orientation a.long-term propensity to think positively.of and vote regularly for a political.party but I find that fascinating.because it is a very psychological thing.we as voters attach ourselves to a.project a particular political party and.it's very rare that as soon as we voted.for a party that we're ever gonna vote.for another party again it's a long-term.propensity to think positively up and.vote for that particular party for years.decades to come so as soon as you vote a.Democrat once an election you'll you're.very highly likely to vote Democrat in.subsequent elections same way with.Republicans it says you vote Republican.you're very highly likely to vote.Republican.for subsequent elections as well you.have a very personal identification with.and you generally vote for its.candidates for a long time to come party.our party identification is acquired.through a number of socialization.processes such as your race your.ethnicity your religion your family and.even your gender all of those all of.your personal experiences your.socialization your upbringing inform.your party identification as well as.your ideology remember that ideology is.highly attached to political parties.even though not uniformed it's not the.same as ideology but it doesn't form it.and it does therefore inform your party.identification as well now there still.are liberal Republicans and they're.still large conservative Democrats but.because ideology and your socialization.process and form your party.identification you can generally see you.can make a generalization at least about.the idea of particular ideology.going along with a particular party so.that's party identification I feel it's.very important to know because you as.voters he was young voters and.particularly need to think about how.you're going to identify yourself in the.long term do you see yourself be a.Democrat for the rest your life do you.see yourself becoming a Republican for.the rest your life maybe even you're.independent do you see yourself doing a.particular political party in the future.or do you want to remain independent.that way you're free to vote for the.candidates as you see fit or things like.that.so party identification is very very.important I can guarantee there'll be a.question about it on your test and as.we've already seen this is the last.slide so I'll go ahead and wrap up the.slideshow if you have any questions.about the test maybe the format or what.to expect on it or even having trouble.with a particular concept or you know.you need further understanding of a.particular content feel free to email me.you also have the help discussion board.which not even used yet but feel free to.use it email me got me whatever you need.to do I believe that you guys will do.good on your test I was very like I said.it's very impressed with your grades.last time so it's that I will wish you.good luck on your test and hopefully you.all do well.

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Hi dear First You have To sign Up Registration On BITSAT official website, and then fill up all of requirement they have to Know after registration successfully you have to fill login detail on the official website to process application form for different course you have to become eligible , for more detail all about you can Click Here

How can I fill out the COMEDK 2019 application form?

Go to homepage of COMEDK go to www. Comedk. org. in. then go register and after getting registered u will get a application number then u can proceed in the application form.

How do I fill out the JEE Main 2019 exam application form?

Hi Folks. Since NTA is about to release the application forms for JEE Main exam to be conducted in the month of January 2019, many of you must be wondering how to fill the application form. As the application process is going to be online, it is advisable to all the aspirants to fill in your details and make the payment carefully. Keep your documents and required details beforehand so as to avoid any kind of delay later. Also, keep your scanned images of photograph and signature ready. All the best!!

How do I fill out the Rai Publication Scholarship Form 2019?

Rai Publication Scholarship Exam 2019- Rai Publication Scholarship Form 5th, 8th, 10th & 12th. Rai Publication Scholarship Examination 2019 is going to held in 2019 for various standards 5th, 8th, 10th & 12th in which interested candidates can apply for the following scholarship examination going to held in 2019. This scholarship exam is organized by the Rai Publication which will held only in Rajasthan in the year 2019. Students can apply for the following scholarship examination 2019 before the last date of application that is 15 January 2019. The exam will be conducted district wise in Rajasthan State by the Rai Publication before June 2019. Students of class 5th, 8th, 10th and 12th can fill online registration for Rai Publication scholarship exam 2019. Exam is held in February in all districts of Rajasthan. Open registration form using link given below. In the scholarship examination, the scholarship will be given to the 20 topper students from each standard of 5th, 8th, 10th & 12th on the basis of lottery which will be equally distributed among all 20 students. The declaration of the prize will be announced by July 2019. राय पब्लिकेशन छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा का आयोजन सत्र 2019 में किया जाएगा कक्षा 5वी , 8वी , 10वी एवं 12वी के लिए, इच्छुक अभ्यार्थी आवेदन कर सकते है इस छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा 2019 के लिए | यह छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा राजस्थान में राइ पब्लिकेशन के दवारा की जयगी सत्र 2019 में | इच्छुक अभ्यार्थी एक परीक्षा कर सकते है आखरी तारीख 15 जनवरी 2019 से पहले | यह परिखा राजस्थान छेत्र में जिला स्तर पर कराई जाएगी राइ पब्लिकेशन के दवारा जून 2019 से पहले | इस छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा में, छात्रव्रत्ति 20 विजेता छात्र छात्राओं दो दी जयेगी जिसमे हर कक्षा के 20 छात्र होंगे जिन्हे बराबरी में बाटा जयेगा। पुरस्कार की घोसणा जुलाई 2019 में की जयेगी | Rai Publication Scholarship Exam 2019 information : This scholarship examination is conducted for 5th, 8th, 10th & 12th standard for which interested candidates can apply which a great opportunity for the students. The exam syllabus will be based according to the standards of their exam which might help them in scoring in the Rai Publication Scholarship Examination 2019. The question in the exam will be multiple choice questions (MCQ’s) and there will be 100 multiple choice questions. To apply for the above scholarship students must have to fill the application form but the 15 January 2019. यह छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा कक्षा कक्षा 5वी , 8वी , 10वी एवं 12वी के लिए आयोजित है जिसमे इच्छुक अभ्यार्थी पंजीकरण करा सकते है जोकि छात्र छात्राओं के लिए एक बड़ा अवसर होगा | राय पब्लिकेशन छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा 2019 परीक्षा का पाठ्यक्रम कक्षा अनुसार ही होगा जोकि उन्हें प्राथम आने में सहयोग प्रदान करेगा | परीक्षा के प्रश्न-पत्र में सारे प्रश्न बहुविकल्पीय प्रश्न होंगे एवं प्रश्न-पत्र में कुल 100 प्रश्न दिए जायेंगे | इस छात्रव्रत्ति परीक्षा को देने क लिए अभयार्थियो को पहले पंजीकरण करना अनिवार्य होगा जोकि ऑनलाइन होगा जिसकी आखरी तारीख 15 जनवरी 2019 है | Distribution of Rai Publication Deskwork Scholarship Exam 2019: 5th Class Topper Prize Money:- 4 Lakh Rupees 8th Class Topper Prize Money:- 11 Lakh Rupees 10th Class Topper Prize Money:- 51 Lakh Rupees 12thClass Topper Prize Money:- 39 Lakh Rupees How to fill Rai Publication Scholarship Form 2019 : Follow the above steps to register for the for Rai Publication Scholarship Examination 2019: Candidates can follow these below given instructions to apply for the scholarship exam of Rai Publication. The Rai Publication Scholarship application form is available in the news paper (Rajasthan Patrika.) You can also download it from this page. It also can be downloaded from the last page of your desk work. Application form is also given on the official website of Rai Publication: Rai Publication - Online Book Store for REET RPSC RAS SSC Constable Patwar 1st 2nd Grade Teacher Now fill the details correctly in the application form. Now send the application form to the head office of Rai Publication. Rai Publication Website Link Click Here Head Office Address of Rai Publication Shop No: -24 & 25, Bhagwan Das Market, Chaura Rasta, Jaipur, Rajasthan PIN Code:- 302003 Contact No.- 0141 232 1136 Source : Rai Publication Scholarship Exam 2019

Who should file BIR Form 2305?

Below is the list of mandatory information required by a client to filea Form 15CA and 15CB. Form 10F dulyfilled by the authorized person of the remittee. Tax residency certificate from the remittee (tax registration of the country in which remittee is registered).

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