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we've now made our way through a number.of Austrian pistols in this series but.now let's see what hungary has to offer.[Music].hi I'm Matthias and this is very small.this is the Hungarian Frommer stop let's.uh let's get this into a light box so.you can see it weighing in at one point.three pounds and with an overall length.of just six and a half inches this is a.diminutive little handgun it chambers.the 762 Fromer cartridge and it feeds.eight from a detachable box magazine in.order to talk about the stop my first.have to talk about hungary the.independent from austria hungary for.just a moment you see without getting.into the weeds on this one there is a.lot to the very complicated history that.is hungary they suffered through about a.century and a half of ottoman rule and.then they ended up in Austrian rule and.then the Russians ended up kicking.around in their backyard causing general.mayhem as Russians do and so this led to.a lot of unrest and ultimately resulted.in the great compromise of 1867 in which.it formed the Dual Monarchy between.Austria and Hungary making for.austria-hungary under this agreement.both Austria and Hungary would have.their own separate governments ruled.under a single monarch the system should.have been separate but equal' but of.course we know that that would not be.the case and to be a little fair to.history the countries didn't really.start off on equal footing because.austria was much more industrialized and.modernized and hungary tended to be more.of the breadbasket agrarian side of the.equation now still they should have had.a roughly equal experience under the.monarchy and yet it seemed that austria.kept leading the way and they kept.telling the Hungarians what to do and.this would be Henriksen process but.throughout the years together hungary.would do a lot of things to sort of lead.itself down the trail of independence.and part of that would be an emphasis on.its own arms production now that story.too is worth a deeper look but we have.only so much time today let's just say.that it was tumultuous and it was.ultimately slowly and through many.trials and tribulations results in a.company that we recognize today as FEG.[ __ ] for me at the rest of time and in.hungarian a language that i do not speak.it's a garble of vowels and consonants.alright guys I'm going for it.Big Finish you've yet to least think.Isis sag god dang it okay guys I.surrender I am never going to be a good.wizard anyway [ __ ].was popped up as the National arms.factory centered in Budapest and then.immediately thrown into near financial.collapse hooray we almost made it well.actually technically they would because.they were saved.they were saved by the aforementioned.credit Bank of Budapest now those guys.took one of their management types and.sent him over to basically kick.everybody around and get stuff in order.sort of a consulting slash house cleaner.slash seriously I'm going to put this.boot so far up your backside until this.thing runs and that man was one Rudolf.Fromer born in Budapest in August of.1868 he was the son of a Jewish merchant.and grew up to study Business.Administration at the College of.Commerce in 1896 this not at all an.engineer would be employed by the.aforementioned Bank and sent to clean up.the Arms Factory little did anyone know.that Fromer would prove to be a natural.arms designer immediately fascinated by.the factory by 1904 he would become the.director of trade and in 1905 he became.director of the Hungarian armaments and.engineers Association turning back to.1899 he had a patent obviously inspired.by the work of Mauser and Mon liquor.Fromer had sketched out a pistol using a.magazine in front of the trigger guard.and a rotating locking bolt more.importantly this gun works on the long.recoil principle this is something of a.first on our show so let's break that.down.we are customed two very short recoil.systems in which the breech block and.barrel recoil together four.short distance before unlocking and.halting the barrel allowing the.breech-block to carry on alone but in.long recoil we see the breech block and.barrel recoil together all the way to.the rear and then the barrel is released.to go forward while the breech stays.locked once the barrel is home the.breech is allowed to follow there is one.distinct advantage to the long recoil.system that is since both four coil.together and then we come forward that.full-length that means that you have all.that time to reduce pressure to make it.safe to open the breech everything goes.out the front and it can handle some.pretty hot loads the only problem is.it's very sensitive in that regard.because you got to move all that stuff.around I mean it's a lot of mass to get.back and forth just right it can be a.little mo finicky although that doesn't.mean that it wasn't used in the early.1900's because there are a number of.systems that manage to function quite.well with it some of the more well-known.guns include the browning auto-5 shotgun.remington model a trifle the show shaw.machine gun and the mars pistol although.let me tell you it's a weird system to.put in a pistol now 1899 1900 FEG is.looking at mechanically operated.repeating pistols so kind of like the.volcanic you got a you know you're a.little lever or trigger thing they.haven't found a lot of details on it.that's the best thing we're doing for.pistols so they weren't making them.making them they were just sort of like.me that's not high-tech and it's not.what austria-hungary was looking for.because as we know from our previous.episodes a lot of them now we've got the.moniker 1905 and staion and the wrost.and gasser and the roth cuenca m7.austria-hungary was taking autoloading.pistols much more seriously than other.nations very early and they had a series.of trials running practically every.other year from like 1897 all the way to.like 1907 now FEG needed to get into.that race and luckily Fromer had enough.idea which he would patent in 1901 much.of our featured gun today can be seen in.this design it is a long recoil locking.action and rotating bolt head which is.set into a bolt body with helical.grooves just like that Mon liquor 1895.long rifle.additionally the magazine is now in the.grip and feeds from a stripper clip and.we have a clear hammer fired system.there are so many elements from both the.early theodoric and cranky guns that it.appears Fromer must have either been.fast friends with or had a business.understanding between him and Georg Roth.otherwise he'd be in danger of tripping.over those patents and it goes even.further than that because the gun was.chambered in a clone of that Roth 1896 8.millimeter short cartridge homeboy as my.fact those stripper clips that are used.again that goes back to that old.Theodore of expands that we've already.seen anyway as far as the trials go well.it appears the FE G's a roll along with.Fromer.was to just wanderin hit the last.possible second or usually once they.were already underway and just try to.spoil it for everybody and slow down the.whole process because the 1901 would be.thrown it late into the 1903 1904 trials.where it would compete against well.we've already seen these episode guys it.would go into those trials of course it.didn't win we've already covered these.other episodes but it did present some.interesting considerations to the people.on the board those considerations.however were how the best insult a.pistol because they complained that it.was overall too heavy complicated in.manufacture and in operation there was.difficult to load it had a heavy trigger.pull uncomfortable recoil despite the.mild cartridge and a tendency to sort of.double up on shots so one pull the.trigger double the bang for your buck.now this is normally the part where.especially in native design would be.given an opportunity to rework the.problems come up with some solutions and.resubmit a design instead the King's.Minister diem said now we're good you.guys can keep it and then the pistol was.shown off in.other countries like Sweden and Great.Britain and Germany and the United.States and it did no better in any of.those sometimes worse sometimes people.like the United States would take a gun.that they were supposed to rust for 24.hours and forget about it entirely.rusting it for 42 hours and then going.well it really don't work now anyway.that did not flow from or down because.in 1906 he was back at it again mostly.this was incremental improvements of the.individual parts of the action and most.notably the addition of a detachable box.magazine plus it's a button release not.a heel it was this design that would.interrupt the showdown between the crank.and the Mon liquor in one of our.previous episodes and this time it went.much better for the Fromer it was.praised for being accurate reliable and.the detachable magazine was very easy to.use but it was still awkward to handle.especially to safety still extremely.complicated much worse than the.competition and well they really wanted.a stripper clip we've talked about that.stripper clip issue before but I feel.like while I have the opening let's talk.about it one more time this comes up a.lot I have questions about it very.frequently why would you prefer a.stripper clip instead of detachable.magazine and not just for pistols but.for rifles here's the thing.austria-hungary was married to the.stripper clip because they were looking.for a readiness plan they wanted to have.all of their ammunition set up.prepackaged ready to go that means no.loose rounds they don't want anybody on.the front line especially where there is.now muck mud dirt whatever that you can.introduce in the magazine they want.magazines or clips or whatever loaded in.sanitized environments okay so it has to.be ready grab unwrapped shove go all.right you can do that with a detachable.magazine that's a realistic thing the.only problem is if you want to do it.with a detachable magazine every.detachable magazine has to have a spring.and follower in it they all have to be.done in such a way that they will feed.perfect from every gun in the Empire now.you guys know if your personal arms.owners.that you've definitely had handguns or.something before in your life or knowing.something that has one that it just.doesn't like this brand of magret.doesn't like when you're talking about.building hundreds of thousands of things.no we're not doing that okay and then.second it's extremely expensive because.you have to put a spring and follower in.every single one of them and it's more.metal all the way around all right and.then third there was concern that when.they went to store these things for.possibly over a decade two decades who.knew it's you know there's time between.wars for a while there well what happens.if it's all piled full rounds in the.springs which by the way aren't you know.as good as modern Springs but still.pretty good what happens when they start.to kind of sag an age or if you want to.worry about rust building up in a moving.action instead of just a clip or if it.has a little rust you just shoved.through the rust so then you gotta oil.it but what if you fill it what's.cosmoline or something equivalent and it.just comes up every action you feed it.into having a stockpile of magazines is.expensive and complicated and risky and.so you definitely see countries avoid.magazine loading rifles for sure but.with austria-hungary because they were.sort of they found the pistol they're.the opposite of Japanese they found the.pistol to be very important and so they.treated it like they treated their.rifles they wanted lots of ammo readily.available well just for the same reasons.the rifle it goes to the stripper club.so that means the 1906 is also out of.the picture and again from our ears.undeterred because he's going to keep on.pushing and we're going to see another.model in late 1908 he would come up with.another refinement of the system this.was the direct precursor to our gun.today and because it was adopted in 1910.by the hungarian jean-marie it is often.called the model 1910 overall it's.smaller than the 1901 and 1906 and.chambers the 765 Fromer short cartridge.shorter than 32 acp but it was loaded.hot likely nearly equaling its power now.this gun incorporated further small.improvements to the action small.simplifications to the barrel and breech.block catchment system trigger setup and.it includes an automatic grip safety.again something we'll see.carry over now the 1910 had a little bit.better of a time in the market it sold a.little bit commercially and it was.approved for adoption by the gendarmerie.and would see some issue there however.it was not a military cartridge pistol.the army was not interested they were.still married to the m7 even a star hun.could have break that as you recall.there was really nowhere for this gun to.go it could have tried to compete a.little more heavily in the commercial.market but here's the thing it didn't.look right it was a looks like the last.most modern old-school semi-automatic.pistol because as we're going to see the.shape of what is considered a modern.handgun is really defined at that time.looking around by 1911 we're seeing some.really familiar handgun designs and it.seems that people are beginning to.settle into a common form factor.additionally some cartridges were.floating to the top in particular 32 ACP.was now practically universal and so in.1911 Fromer would develop another pistol.and submitted for patent this time he.was going to rework his 1910 to fit the.modern mold here we can see the two.necessary Springs for long recoil action.one for the breech flock and the other.for the barrel are now fitted over top.of the barrel this allowed Fromer to.compact the whole gun as much as.possible designing around the shortest.usable length while still going with a.long recoil system you may recognize.that this is not the plain Fromer stop.as a matter of fact right along with our.pistol today Fromer introduced a baby.model now this was not a military pistol.so it won't be our focus but despite its.size it was offered in the same two.cartridges as the full-sized model the.first was the 32 Fromer cartridge which.was a direct copy of 32 acp although.generally loaded with more powder the.stop could handle this thanks to its.locking action over the common blowback.thirty-two pistol less well-known is the.nine-millimeter fromaround which again.is just another stolen ID.yeah it's 380 guys again loaded up.personally if I recall.I'd tell Frommer to stop the 380 version.is nearly identical to the 32 except for.a magazine count of only seven instead.of eight rounds while not as common.commercially they represented something.like a third of all military contracts.yet remain extremely rare today I have.no idea why let's go ahead and take a.closer look at just what this gun is so.sue me in first of all she is dark and.sleek but here's our over top tube that.has our Springs we'll see more about.that in the animation we have a very.modern-looking right angle design nice.grip angle a automatic grip safety and.hammer fire right back there the.magazine is detachable box with a heel.release one of the easier ones to use.but still I'm sure Mae is going to have.some words about that like she usually.does the bolt does not stay open sadly.which makes this a little bit difficult.to clean or work with there's no holdup.and lock open whatsoever and then we.would have to squeeze pull and let the.hammer down but I'm going to let it down.nice and gentle there we go and that.overall is our stop now of course what.you guys are really curious about is how.the heck to take this thing apart and.believe me I would not recommend an.actual field strip in the field so first.we'll drop our magazine we know we have.no ammo the manual would tell you to use.the magazine tote to press this little.detent right there I'm going to skip.that and just go with a much easier.screwdriver now just for your own.education with the patented plastic.pokey hand I will show you that little.guy is going to get pressed in and then.this overall collar is going to rotate.to the left I cannot really do that.easily on camera without making a mess.of everything so I'm gonna pull this.aside now as I unscrew this this is.still under spring pressure there's a.collar in here underneath underneath the.actual screw on threaded collar there's.a bracket plate whatever you want to.call it in a figure eight.that also can contain the spring.pressure which will fool you because you.will unscrew it thinking that the spring.is contained and then when you least.expect it.haha so be careful keep a thumb on there.keep the pressure up and then get your.thumb out of the way and then flight.with the detent again over and over and.over again until you can get this thing.apart it is a kind of equivalent to.wrestling a squirrel guys it's going to.take me just a moment I'm going to pull.it back into my lap all right to prove.what I'm talking about let me show you a.terrifying magic trick.Oh God okay see it's being contained.ever so barely and yeah it could go at.any moment so let's just go ahead and.wiggle that out okay whoo hoo doggy.this little guy this is the guy that.will fool you into a false sense of.security and he's got our little bead in.there don't lose him because he's going.to fall out really good I don't know why.anybody was ever expected to take this.thing apart without losing everything so.I'm gonna set him aside oh by the way.this is meant to be a tool as well.there's a notch right here that's going.to be used in the next portion so only.get this first spring out all right and.now what I can do is at the very end.here can I see that there is a lifted.blade like the end of a screwdriver you.can take this knotch.put it on there give her a push and a.twist 90 degrees and what that's going.to do is you see in the back we've now.released the breech block see no longer.attached to its spring so the breech.block can now be pulled to the rear and.over the hammer and now with the breech.block out of there you can turn this.back the other way and careful it's.under some spring tension but not a lot.turn it back the other way and now she.comes out the front with her spring now.if all this looks like a confusing mess.don't worry it's better to see it in the.animation anyway we'll make a lot more.sense at this point the ferrule is also.free to come loose so we've got our.barrel and we've got our breech block.and this is basically a miniaturized.version of the 1895.because it is a helical groove fit.inside of a bolt body in order to rotate.and lock the bolt absolutely insanely.complicated for a handgun let alone an.overcharge 32 ACP and we're not talking.about a super big significant overcharge.all right now thankfully I have not.committed to reassembling things on the.show and honestly this looks like it.needs a little bit of cleaning anyway so.let's just kick you guys over to that.animation see you can hopefully.understand how all this actually.interplays with each other all right.guys this is a long recoil pistol so.this is going to get kind of weird first.let's notice that both the barrel and.the breech block recoil together and.then the barrel goes forward on its own.and then the breech block follows now.when that barrel goes forward it goes.along with an ejector that's going to.press the cartridge out to the right as.the breech blocks extractor simply holds.on to it it's inverted from the normal.relationship with ejector.sits there and extractor.[Music].the safety is fairly simple that simply.blocks the path of the trigger bar.[Music].the response itself is held in the rear.by a lever that flips up advocates into.position when the barrel goes forwards.the back rear of it is going to press.down on that lever freeing the breech.block then go forward as well the.forward motion of the barrel also unlost.the breech block which don't forget has.its own separate bolt head and walking.log alright guys I think that's.everything so let's get it over to May.first up I'm going to load it with 32.ATP.[Music].[Music].all in all not bad but let's try.something else.this is 32 Frommer.[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].so not a huge difference.yeah neat alright so uh by the way this.pistol was loaned to us by our own Susie.this is from her personal collection.back when I was doing only World War two.stuff she fell in love with this sitting.in a pawn shop and you'll all be.sickened to know that she spent $100 on.it and they called us three days later.and say you forgot your holster and then.we went to pick up the holster and there.was an original spare magazine with it.as well some people are just jerks.anyway neat little gun now these things.talk really good commercial sales they.were the first commercially successful.designed for FEG the only thing is they.still weren't luring in military sales.there's a lot of sources that will tell.you that they were adopted by the.general military in 1912 but I'm going.to put my faith more and must enjoy on.this one and say that it looks like at.best these were approved for jhand.armory use before the war but of course.as we all know history tends to change.when war were declared.it seems almost right away the Hungarian.home zig-zig sorry guys.the Hungarians version of the land where.their domestic army they would go ahead.and buy up a large pile of the.commercial nine-millimeter Frommer's I'm.unsure of how many now this is a lot.like Austria going for the sky runs to.the put them in their land we're so by.the middle somewhere ish of 1915 the NS.starting to feel the pinch over on their.side they need some more pistols and the.authorities in Budapest they decide to.be nice and say hey s e-g has these.things do you need them and the.Austrians of course go no we're fine.those look Hungarian and also to be fair.to them they're a little bit concerned.about introducing yet another pistol.cartridge into their supply chain now.that part made sense I'm looking at one.two three four five six native designs.all using a different cartridge at this.point they would reconsider that opinion.just one month later and go ahead and.buy up one thousand nine millimeter from.er stops and then while they had adopted.the Steyr piper 1909 like we have seen.before.so good times they need to go ahead and.load up on 32 as well so they'd put in a.contract for eleven thousand of exactly.this guy now in August of 1916 they.would turn around and say you know what.we've been ordering these 32 by the way.it wasn't just one set of eleven dollars.and after that they kept going well.August 1916 they're like the 32 they're.doing well but actually we kind of like.the nine-millimeter so we want another.20,000 of those and we understand that.you don't have the ability to run both.assembly lines so open up what you need.to do let's go more Fromer stops all the.way around now by the way while all.these are being bought the price for one.of little puppies would rise ever so.slightly throughout the years but by the.end of the war you're looking at 69.kronor now in terms of quality the.farmer stops got it.in most regards there was some complaint.about extraction although I have not.experienced that they supposedly came.out with an improved extractor and went.into testing I did not find where it was.ever implemented though and honestly I.doubt it was the biggest deal especially.when you're going along with what is a.pocket pistol at this point it's.equivalent to the Austrian side Star.Piper it's not the front line service.pistol like the Steyr Han or that Roth.crank m7 now one thing that did sort of.decline during the war years was the.finish instead of a bright deep blue a.lot of them kind of like grey and worn.out nowadays and that mostly comes the.fact that the blue was so poorly applied.that just sort of rubbed off over the.past 100 or so years whether or not that.actually kicked off some concern is a.little debatable because next thing you.know the artillery is a Depot is going.why are we having these pistols split up.and sent to either Budapest or Vienna.and then inspected for service we should.go ahead and inspect these pistols at.the factory that gives us the best.chance of fixing problems right there we.spend a lot less time and energy on.shipping them back and forth.well this chief the Hungarians just a.little bit but realistically is the.right call now if you're curious those.inspection stamps can be found on the.trigger guard just like so with the.two-digit date honestly it's amazing.that any where accepted because there.are a number of challenges to production.including running out of coal which.resulted in a shutdown in January of.1918 from the 15th to the 28th further.material shortages halted the night.shift production lines forever starting.that February that March increased.conscription hits a plant ripping away.700 able men from a staff of just under.3500 this probably contributed to.another shutdown from March 8th to the.15th overall output would drop like 30%.whoof now with all of that.Vienna demanded more production as a.matter of fact they had been issuing.these to the land where for a while but.short ajuns it was suddenly creeping.into front-line units.from our stop we're starting to be more.and more important and so instead of.just buying little Lots Austria side of.austria-hungary wanted half of all.production as was obviously fair you.guys so from then on they would just.split what they could get out of.production between Vienna and Budapest.an audit in April of 1918 revealed.thirty-nine thousand four hundred fifty.total nine-millimeter and ninety three.thousand four hundred fifty total seven.six five millimeter Fromer stops.delivered to date these numbers combined.to make for one hundred thirty two.thousand nine hundred overall and by the.end of the war it's estimated another.seven thousand three hundred thirty were.delivered but the breakdown between.which caliber is which is unknown by the.way this only includes contracts.delivered the snatched up commercial.pistols would also increase this total.if we just knew how many there could be.as high as two hundred fifty thousand.total alright that's a lot of gets but.does that make them good guess well in.terms of a military pistol I find the.foamer to be a little unusual it's a.little too compact.a little too mild and if we're being.honest an assessment even kind of.containing the cartridge and everything.else this is a ridiculously complex.system and long recoil is not great at.being reliable under pressure and the.benefits of having that locked breech.are really not there in a gun this small.with such a mild cartridge I think it.was just there and convenient it's.definitely interesting it's definitely.fascinating but there's some real.downsides and by the way included in.those are my earlier statement that you.can't lock the action open to clean it.so once it's going dump you kind of have.to fiddle with it and put special tools.in there just to clean it back out and.then to a real problem these guns that I.have actually found personally is that.at the front this sort of metal tube.that used the receiver in this case well.it can get crushed very easily and.there's even a little wear mark on this.one and we were having some jamming.issues until I took this apart.actually spread the metal back out some.and reshape that inner collar so that.would all fit together.much more nicely and smoothly so the.ability to just sort of pinch this.especially when it's in a soft shell.leather holster on your hip and then you.bang up against something it's very.probable and if it's causing jams for us.it could cause chance for them all of.that said the firmer stop is not the.most unusual gun in the war that would.go to this the 17m a cradle mounted pair.of inverted Fromer stops with extended.barrels and extended magazines to form a.crude Villarosa esque micro machine gun.what is it with austria-hungary and.double pistols again this never saw.adoption probably because they were.smart enough to just actually clone the.Villarosa.now the end of World War one did not see.the end of the farmer stop instead it.was really independent Hungary as the.pistol 19 m and it would continue in.service for a number of years now.sometime in the mid 20s commercial.production would finally wrap up hazy on.the details and it's really not our.ballpark today but the gun did great.overall compared to any other product.that was put out by FEG up until that.point and really start to put them into.the market to be a commercial pistol.manufacturer that still somewhat.recognizable today.now militarily this gun was displaced by.the model 29 M turning back to Rudolf.Romer in 1914 he would become CEO of FEG.and was given an honorary engineering.degree plus he was knighted dang he.would go on to serve as an advisory.member of the Hungarian Senate but.remained head of FEG until he retired.due to illness in 1935 he would pass.away of that same illness in September.of 1936 and with all that we're ramped.up so I think it's time to go find may I.put her right there and talk about this.guy here.all right we're down episode 51 so if.you guys don't know what this situation.is I can't help you.we have May we have a gun and we're.going to ask one about the other gun.what do you think about May she's great.then we've got stop doing this.all right so ah here is your handgun why.don't you go through the usual walk us.through the ergonomics of the Fromer.stop all right so before I get super.into the ergonomics of this guy I just.want to point something out this is very.bizarre-looking gun I mean even compared.to some of the standard pistols we've.handled thus far it's still very we're.looking I mean look at this like breech.block setup up here it basically looks.like the shape of the enterprise almost.isn't that weird but no I'm sorry let me.get out of Star Trek and get more into.the gun it's a very small small pistol.like I mean in my hand it doesn't look.too small I'm able to get a full finger.grip but when you put someone's hand.like with diet here yeah he's he's got.like his pinkie hanging off you didn't.get a full finger grip so this is this.is a fairly tiny pistol and it does not.have a lot of weight to it's very light.for me this is actually quite.comfortable like the slope here in the.back is is just kind of contours.naturally to the inside of my palm and.my finger kind of wants to fall straight.parallel to the like barrel set up here.like everything about this just actually.feels fairly comfortable which was.surprising into the magazine.god I hate heel safeties why are they a.saying this one luckily the spring.pressure on here isn't strong into that.strong and there are little grooves like.notched into the actual operation of.this button so like I'm able to grip it.and manipulate it well enough but I.still don't like the fact that I have to.use a he'll release they're just not.that comfortable.luckily the mag for this guy did come.free enough and there's a little bit of.a toe here that I'm able to get a good.solid finger on to kind of hook it out.but still just not my favorite in the.heat of battle I could see that being.kind of a little bit of a snagging thing.the safety on this gun as you guys saw.in the video I had to kind of like.release my grip in order to actually.show the operation of it and you.however that being said and even though.it is awkward to hold in your hand use.its when you let go of the gun you just.know it's safe which that in itself.isn't a bad thing I think that's fine.but the problem is that if I've got it.in my hand I don't want to kind of have.a loose grip with it in order to.definitely know it's in safety mode.that's a little bit awkward and last but.not least operating a breech block on.this guy it's got some grasping grooves.luckily here in the back so that I'm.able to get a good finger grip on here.even though there's not much to grip and.luckily the breech box doesn't have a.lot of weight pulling against it so.you're able to manipulate it fairly.easily in my opinion just make sure when.you're actually cycling rounds with this.when you're actually chambering the.first round you let it snap forward.really try not to ride that because I.had some issues on a range a little bit.here and there we'll get into that later.overall though ergonomics it's a very.strange-looking little pistol but you.know it wasn't too bad it feels Pleasant.in your hand now before anybody gets.confused man now about the statement.about trying to have the safety engage.while the gun is drawn I do believe you.were not talking about combat you were.talking about the fact that on range.every once in a while wind up with a.wide round and you always want to be.able to get in a situation where you.have the gun on safe even though.nobody's crossing in front of you yeah.you know there are times when we do not.want to have to unload reload go through.everything else we want to just sort of.put it on safe muzzle it down and then.everybody behind gets everything ready.or reset and then we tell them it's.clear and they can muzzle back up and.take it off so I hope that what we're.describing is this sort of weird.sensation where you're trying to let the.gun be on safe but not necessarily.anyway but that's actually a fair.assessment yes we're good so we rely on.manual safeties every once in a while.when we're working on a range not with.anybody downrange don't count your life.on a manual safety or automatic safety.for that matter now in a combat setting.though a grip safety if you're going to.have to have a safety and if you're.talking about officers that might shoot.themselves in the wagon occasion grip.safety is not a terrible idea I know a.lot of people hate them for obvious.reasons and certainly you can train.around the grip safety and your.trained around the grip safety but we're.talking about conflict like world war.one the more automatic a safety feature.is probably the better I know people.don't like magazine safeties either and.honestly for a personal gun I would not.want a magazine safety but if we're.talking about issuing them you know on.mass and we don't want any accidents.it's not necessarily a bad idea in sort.of the gross field in the field of we.have barely trained people that are.running up into this conflict and need.to be armed quickly and not have any.stupid misunderstandings with their fire.that's er so um let me give this back to.you okay and let's talk about actually.shooting the Fromer stop and how that.feels.all right guys starting out with the.sights these are interesting so they.made the rear sight really tall it looks.fairly big right I mean maybe you guys.can't see it but it's tall enough take.my word for it yet.T tiny notch tell sight T tiny notch.what you had so much room here to play.with guys I'm going to give me a T tiny.sight what's a look with that like.seriously there was an opportunity.missed there Thanks.the trigger I will say it's very muddy.and then unfortunately the brake was not.clean I knew when this gun was going to.go off there's definitely a lope in that.you can feel and used I don't appreciate.that.seriously they should have taken a.little more time with that trigger now.for the recoil this is interesting.because this gun here it's got a low.bore axis and so that does help with.recoil management don't get me wrong it.didn't feel like it wanted to snap and.of course being 32 ACP in the cartridge.for we did try our heart a load 32.Frommer which both weren't bad however.that being said I've got like all this.mass in the breech fog coming all the.way back which doesn't help with the.recoil that actually adds to it so I.feel like it kind of evens itself out.like it didn't really feel like any.different from any 32 ACP that I shot.previously so it's good and bad in there.I guess mixed with it but overall as a.shooter I drilled a pretty decent like.grouping with this guy I thought it was.fairly accurate with it but we do need.to get into some more details about that.don't we.yep that's right if you saw.our previous video that explains how we.make our videos you probably saw it May.trying to feed a few rounds in this.thing desperately we ran into a couple.problems with this gun the first of.which I can cover quickly which is that.this serial matched magazine did not.like to feed rounds we had another.magazine thankfully and it just locked.in a little bit tighter and it said much.better yeah well I'm saying the.difference yes so that's one thing but.then it felt like there was a couple.other creepy little details that stacked.up against this gun we'd like to talk.about the downside of the Fromer stop.well yeah so first things first when we.took this gun out to the range which by.the way our first time picking out was.not the first time you guys saw the.footage we just kept running into.problems where it was just not wanting.to chamber the next round like we're.going to figure out at first what was.doing it until we just happened to.notice when slowing one of the videos.down but the hammer would come back and.bump the top of my hand on this gun it.actually prefers for you to write it a.little bit low because if you write it.too high that hammer can't possibly.touch the top of your hand and just.basically cause an issue with breech box.with breech block with floating the next.round like it was bizarre how we figured.that out but it took us like a whole day.to kind of assess that problem so this.guy actually does like for you to grip.it low which is a little bit awkward if.you're just trying to grab it quickly.and you know fire it someone I don't.wanna have to think that to hold it low.so that's a little bit weird now like I.said before we shot 32 acp and then 32.from the 32 acp did fine no issues with.jamming or anything that did perfectly.you know aside from loading the first.round like I said you just got to make.sure you snap it back it really doesn't.like your ride the breech at all which.you typically want to do that anyway but.just holding it back too long it just.tended not like that but anyway getting.into the actual cartridges like I said.32 ACP define the 32 Frommer though we'd.noticed like one and every or one or two.and every 30 it just would jam and it.just wouldn't want to cycle that round.which was weird like I mean we don't.really know what to culminate what.actually might have been the reason that.maybe had to do with the handler there's.something we're not entirely sure but we.just happen to notice this guy actually.just preferred that the.to ACP now thinking about those jams how.do you clear a jam on this guy.well there's no hold open so you've got.to fiddle with the heel release to get.the mag out and then you've got to try.to hold back this breech block and.basically like jiggle it around which is.totally not safe on range like clearing.jams on this guy wasn't like just not.comfortable thing to have to do so.seriously I can't imagine being a.soldier on the battlefield having to do.that and then like just imagine trying.to clean your gun what no you've got to.take it apart which this is just a.complicated disassembly in general so.that surely wasn't fun but yeah this.this guy had definitely a couple of.concerning problems yeah and I will.point out one really big problem with.that sort of jam is we had at least one.occasion where we had a partial feed.which means that even with the heal you.have to hold the hero release back it.wants to spring forward and then yank.down on that little finger of a magazine.but you have a partial feed so you're.stuck okay so then you want to pull the.bolt back so you can get a pocketknife.or something in there and flick the.cartridge out into the chamber at least.something to get it out of the way but.you can't you gotta you gotta have.somebody hold the gun hold it open point.it in a safe direction and have somebody.else get in there and flip the dang.cartridge hold opens are kind of.important especially with little ports.like this I mean it it really became a.severe headache just for one Jam and we.only had like three well when one takes.ten minutes you start to notice them so.unfortunately I think there's a little.lack of military polish in this highly.polished civilian gun in my mind but we.have our pseudo expert now we have a.video for shooting a bunch of gat so.that makes there some sort of an.authority let's get her on whether or.not she would take the foamer stop into.the Great War guys I absolutely love.this pistol and I don't ever want to see.this leave our collection I really don't.I would not bet my life on this though I.mean this gun is ingenious it's a long.recoil pistol and she just entirely.unnecessary they could.made this some blowback and made it.better but they didn't so I love the.uniqueness of it and I would like the.idea of taking it with me but I sure as.heck what I want to bet my life on her.her with her I guess I would have to.concur I'm fascinated by the Fromer stop.I don't think a few people appreciate.just how weird of a design it is and.honestly go back and look at burners.animation it's brilliant I mean I'm.sorry it's brilliant you get a little.borax it's your Springs you're up top.you got a full long recoil action.compacted into the tiniest tiniest.package possible I don't know that.there's a better way to do a long recoil.pistol why would you do a long recoil.pistol I'm thinking at that yes I mean.maybe one day we'll talk about the March.not for World War one I know that'll.feel one but there are other attempts at.long recoil pistols and things like that.in order to get there's a benefit okay.you have this longer stroke there's more.time to release cash pressure you could.use it to build potentially a hotter.loaded pistol and yes they open up on.the 32 ACP of a bit but you could still.put those cartridges are going to blow.up a ball back either though you could.have gotten away with it he's really.upset about those guys it doesn't make.sense.now the 380 maybe makes a little sense.but not really good 3d is also a.blowback cartridge want the bread 34.anyway I shouldn't complain this much.because I am a man who has done hour and.a half long YouTube shows that have.eaten up 90 hours a week on occasion for.a small number of subscribers in the big.picture things I could do fart jokes for.10 minutes and honestly okay so maybe.chroma and I Fromer is my spirit animal.but that doesn't mean that we're betting.our life on this pistol all right so I.think that wraps us up unless you have.anything else no I just now want to know.what my spirit animal is don't you dare.say the rights arm over I would never.yeah it's not ok if you think you know.what made spirit animal is please place.it in the comments below alright thank.you all and have a good one bye.[Music].all right guys it's time for your update.now it's been a couple weeks since I've.really sat down for one of these and I.need to cover a number of things one we.went over to the NRA annual meeting a.few weeks back in order to catch up with.some you know fellow enthusiast fellow.channel guys and a lot of your fans and.I was frankly surprised at how often we.were recognized if you were one of those.people I'm very happy to have met you.and I'm sure I've already been emailing.you back and forth as it is now on to.more recent news we are continuing.forward in our mission to document all.of what war won as best as possible and.as part of that one of the good and kind.hookups we made out at Atlanta well.we're getting set up in November to film.about eight or nine World War one era.machine guns and then we have another.contact who's offering another eight or.nine different World War one machine.guns hopefully sometime late this year.early next year.that gives us two chances to stock up.and get you guys more informed on the.automatics now this is tricky because I.have to do all the research ahead of.time and in batch so I essentially have.to write eight episodes between now and.November in addition to the regular.episodes just so that I can properly.film what we're going to be doing with.those so forgive me if I'm not as.communicative as normal now I am trying.to do one thing to keep you all more.informed so those of you who are patrons.even at the one-dollar level I'm really.making a concerted effort and starting.now and I'm saying this publicly so that.I will remember it I'm going to make an.effort to actually fill you guys in each.week as to what we've been doing for.that week I'm usually more careful about.behind the scenes stuff and I don't know.why I think it's just a natural thing to.want to be a little secretive when.you're trying to put on a full feature.show like this because you don't want to.give away everything but for those of.you who don't mind spoilers I'm just.going to start sharing them because I.found that when I do well you guys tend.to turn out the resources to help get it.done alright so another reason to maybe.be a patron but otherwise smooth sailing.we'll talk to you guys later.

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