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[Applause].[Music].[Music].so everybody from Rupp Arena in.Lexington we get sent to the.championship game in 1987 moist a high.school basketball tournament between the.Tigers of play Kelly and the Bruins of.Ballard Ballard the seventh region 30.and 5 to coach Scotty Davenport they.last appear in the championship game in.1977 defeated rival alley 68 to 59.Richard Schmitz was a coach of that team.that time he later coached at Vayner.Brook University and several players you.may remember on the team include Jeff.lamp and leave record.[Applause].we went on to bigger and better things.in their collegiate career this check.the line up for the boards in the.backcourt they're there with mark.palette 5-8 150 freshman and Alan.Houston a six for 175 sophomore the.center will be crisp.Rison burg a six six to five senior the.forwards at Leonard Cato is 6 6 205.senior and Kenneth Martin of 63 180.pound junior Clay County making their.fourth straight appearance here the boys.sweet 16 last play in the championship.game two years of.now 6556.[Applause].Shambala 511 142 junior forward to.Charlie Robinson 6 to 170 cm and Kevin.Jackson a 6 even 174 pounds.Junior.[Applause].well as the lines continued to be.introduced they're going to introduce.every player on both teams for the state.championship game and how these teams.got here ballard had to survive to.cliffhangers in the first round they.defeated Marshall County 7471 in a game.in which they were at one point 18 down.in the first half made a great rally and.came back and beat the Marshall 7471.yesterday with seven seconds left.everyone in bars for Mason County he.made the first throw Mason County shot.the second would have missed it.Allan Houston with the rebound went down.before shot up Oliver partially.deflected went straight up into the.hands of Chris Heisenberg and rising.Bergen for fuzzy hit the shot for the.Grayson County 64-62 and this morning.Fowler was a 61-54 one overpaid school.Clay County got here defeating Highlands.at the first round 1986 7:30.and region 13 Bob Keith in the Clay.County Tigers 34 and to.we're not ready to get this game.underway this production authorized by.the Kentucky High School Athletic.Association solely for the entertainment.of our audience any reproduction or redo.plication without the express written.consent of the Kentucky High School.Athletic Association is prohibited the.announcer chosen with the approval.associations.a championship game at Boise State High.School basketball tournament assembly at.Daniel about to get underway here in.Rupp Arena in Lexington.the home team wearing the white uniform.for the first time in this tournament.and wearing the dark uniforms Clay.County Italy Richie farmer staying in.against Leonard Taylor.we'll work to the light and Clay County.to the left here in the first half.and here we go.we get everybody situated we're about.ready to get it underway.the ball is in the air and the tip is.controlled by Ballard.a great crowd in here for Rupp Arena.could be another record ground like we.had last night when 24,000 41 watched.quarterfinal play Allan Houston the five.sophomore gone with him all four Ballard.after mark pal.at the top of the keyhole works on the.right side he great deliverer for the.ball now Leonard tailor off the Bell he.looks down to Cochise County Davenport.will call the play on the bench.bounce pass to Martin under bike wing.outside to Allan Houston and Ballard.being much more deliberate in this game.than they have the other three here's.the right side jumpers on their ball.[Applause].representation from Mallard down to our.left.here's Richie farmer down low.which he photo with his first field goal.now 25 and a 56 in the three games he.played the tournament.do not think Lake County leads it were.one minute into the contest.[Applause].driving.a layup and we're tied at two apiece.6:50 in the first quarter as we play for.the Moy State High School basketball.championship here in Kentucky.Richie farmer has a basketball or Clay.County.Farmar inside the key works down the.lane puts a jump shot up it's a short.and Weisenberger rebound for ballard.here's Alan or bow the long lead past.left side mark now the corner puts it up.no good rebound West farmers for Clay.County with it now to Richie farmer.Ritchie heads into the forecourt Russ in.the right-side 50-footer beauty.with his first formats for to play.County after their longest lead and the.longest for either team introduced 609.in the first quarter.here's mark Bell with the basketball.looking for help.got Alan Houston on the left way down on.the corner of Eisenberg now off with it.now to Houston top of key here's Bell.Clay County Adam for what appears to be.a 1-3-1 zone here Shushan on the left.side Houston works the baseline putting.the shot up no good rebound up no good.foul against Layla Mallory miserable.recharge.[Applause].first of the team's first coming into.the tournament game tonight Clay County.announced Ballard in the previous three.games to 27.[Music].lake county average is about 74 game the.tournament now at about 62 in the first.quarter the four courts top left side.jumper up no good rebound fought for tip.that's loose.[Applause].golly.[Applause].off with it now to Richie farmer.follow the basketball breaks it up over.the timeline patiently comes around the.screen use my Robinson get go with it.much so chat go right side a rush farmer.his jumpers up and no good rebound.fought for we've got a whistle.[Applause].balasana listen bird or Eisenberg his.second team second there's Jamie trowel.in for 6195 senior and Eugene are always.a six to two thirty sophomore in for.Clay County replacing Kevin Jackson.my County basketball on the end zone.left of the bucket here's a lob pass.inbounds left side Richie farmer drives.puts it up no good rebound play down the.left side it'll be played by coach.Martin Martin off the bell in the.forecourt here's belch up shooting from.the line.[Music].and the bronze will put in playing the.endzone if I'm out of the bucket and the.inbounds pass comes in to Taylor here.soon right corner over the mark no good.we've got a foul pushing foul charged to.Richie farmer.first and the first team foul what so.the chance to play Cali here in the.first half of play.Pike County leads the game for 44 in the.first quarter championship game the boys.sweet 16 at Rupp Arena in Lexington.marquel with the ball here's Houston now.the left corner jump shooting an affair.Houston coming into action tonight that.scored 80 points in three games.that averages out to about 26 and 26 and.a half cause we're tied again the second.time in a ball game for 20 to go armor.down the left side each channel in the.corner except for girl.his first go at six four.and Clay County after a two point lead.down.mark bell into the forecourt left side.to Kenneth Martin up top now to mark.Bell.bounce passing at the top of key now.bounces the left side he penetrates goes.to the baseline knocks it down to there.here's a shot put up and no good by.Martin rebound into the hands of mark.knee goes back up and put today and.Martin ties the game again for the third.time at 6 apiece 343 in the first.quarter.now balance can apply little two to one.trap but Clay County has no problem with.it as Rawlings gets it over the timeline.and Richie farmer farmer from way out on.the right side.and both teams just being very patient.for the basketball here I think little.sets of butterflies here at the early.stages of this game.there's Kevin Jackson in the lineup now.for Clay County.[Applause].and we're ready to play ball again as.Alan Houston for label Ballard Houston.up over the timeline for sit right side.Taylor out of the corner jump shooting.no good table gets us already.and a ballgame tied again for the fourth.time at 8 3 10 in the first quarter.Richie farmer has a boss owner away.Houston.second team foul play Callie here in the.first half.and that will be ballad basketball.Leonard tailor puts the inbounds pass in.the mark bell 303 in the first quarter.$1 our score top of a key works on the.right side yes without the Houston on.the high post Houston rising late.you should you know had that 34 point.performance against Marshall County in.the first game and a great performance.this morning against Paintsville today.ball game two-point lead.we're down to 240 in the first quarter.here's Richie farmer in Delaney baking.working Jeff shitty good Richie fire.County 10 and we're tied at every even.number two four six eight now ten to.twenty five of the first quarter fell.down the lane feeds at the left side.taylor hitch jumpers up no good ball.batted around and bus farmer off the way.down for Clay County.now off with it to Richie farmer.Ritchie heads it up over the timeline.works on the right side of Russ farmer.inside it goes to Richie farmer down.Lane Ritchie puts it up today.Richie farmer has 8 12 10 2 points.[Applause].here's marshmallow.the quarter goes to Taylor's rock.outside Bell his Shepherd put up no good.down right side playing Martin he puts.up there.[Applause].[Music].Martin has four and we're tied again at.12 135 in the first quarter.Richie farmer brings him up over the.timeline for Clay County on a white side.of us farmer now back to Richie around.the horn chat well left side he's open.put it up no good rebound putt for.chadwell's guy that off corner nice play.off with it now to Richie farmer in the.lane it goes to Jackson he puts it up no.good and Taylor a high for the rebound.for Ballard.here's Bell the break right side Martin.his shepherd girl.[Applause].Martin was 6 14 12 a two point late for.Mallard one minute remaining in the.first quarter.here's Richie farmer over the timeline.the longest lead for either team has.been at a pair we've just traded the.basket back and forth.Clay County looks at ID Chadwell from 19.responders from 19.Thank You party farmer with a field goal.his fourth point 14 oh as we are tied.for the seventh time.in 1/4 here's Houston with 33 seconds.Martin in the left corner eat down the.local working trow puts it up bouncing.no good.[Applause].and I would say Clay County here will go.for the last shot with 20 seconds.remaining in the period.Richie farmer with it now with the time.line - Chad walk.Chad will box it outside now we'll set.up his office Chad ball with the two.Richie farmer.Barbara was seven seconds on the right.side penetrates down the lane stop.shooting good Richie farmer one second.Richie farmer has 16 Lake County and.some Tigers leave.[Applause].Kelly.with the basketball Laden get pi 0.6 are.two points rather 16 to 14 753 remaining.in the period.here's Richey jadwal putting in the.Richey farm for the first shot of the.second quarter up no good rebound comes.off the mallard Allen leads the break.right side to trounce it up no good but.we've got a foul and it's against our.[Applause].his first third we understand in the end.a three point winner over Nevada Las.Vegas 97 and 94.and syracuse won the earlier game today.big over providence in the NCAA.tournament.here's Richie farmer top of the key to.rush at bull auto right side of us.farmer comes up top the Chad Walsh at.bull right side 15 footer up no good.rebound taken off by Allan Houston for.valor Houston heads it into the.forecourt laughlin hi.close up to come off the ballot hit last.by clay County's either Jackson or.Roberts and they were both player when.the ball was deflected.16:14 Clay County leads it by a pair 718.to go in the first half.here's the ball knocked out of bounds by.Clay County and Ballard maintains.possession at the left of the bucket in.the end zone and Allan Houston has.played so well and reminds you of a.smaller version of Purvis Allison on the.floor for inbounds come to the mark Bell.now will the basketball the right side.to Allan Houston around the left side of.Mark Bell no put at rates Tulane max it.out against this two one two zone they.bottle it up down low here's the shot.for stuff from the outside no good.rebound off to.[Applause].and Houston was six here in the first.half ties the ballgame for the eighth.time at 16 all.the way these two teams are playing we.may play basketball on like Richie.farmer Chatwal outside and it's off no.good.any now comes off the Valerie Taylor.long pass in the forecourt Martin left.side he's jumping up no good tipped.outside Allen here since got it nice.fooled by Houston it's up for the.Houston has eight 1816 score six twenty.we're writing in the first or the first.half of play.it's 1816 battered by two this is the.boys sweet 16 back to the action now.1816 Mallard leads it by a pair we're.down to six 20 in the first half of play.it'll be County basketball as we get.ready to play it.Richie farmer all the timeline works.left side his chip shot rolls up to the.end.and Richie farmer ties the ballgame for.lifetime 18-piece 6:03 remaining in the.first half.here's Alan Houston heading into the.forecourt.left side it goes now 200 Taylor down.the way he shot.[Applause].and here's to the basket is 10 point of.the ballgame.[Applause].20:18 our guy a payer Richie farmer down.the left side the ball is kicked away by.Martin and it will stay with Clay County.Russ farmer puts it in play outside the.Richie farmer Richie at the top of the.key thanks works into the lane jump.shoot he put it up no good rebound right.side we played by Jackson Jackson down.the lane Chadwick tries to go inside.Jackson knocked away.both of them committed by Clay County.Houston from outside no good tipped.around.it's was played by Martin he puts it up.no good Martin one more time off now.it's no good.[Applause].turnovers are now to the one.[Applause].Wake County will have the basketball to.bring the Polie traveling at 20 to 18.low scoring game in the sweet 16.championship game chat roll on the break.right side.Kevin Jackson with two and we're tied.at 20 can you believe we've had 10 ties.in his first half of action hard.statistics Emily.[Applause].left side Kenneth Martin for Ballards.Bruins.now to Alan Houston 19-footer partially.deflected little short into the hands of.it's in the play County.Clay County here it seems to take the.lead this trip down the floor 435 in the.first half 20 all us our score.[Applause].works left-side he stopped up shitty.good.Richie farmer has 14 22 22 point lead.Clay County down the lane know what.she's gonna be.[Applause].six in the lineup for.Charlie Robinson.Clay County this trip down a chance to.extend their lead out to four which.would be the longest held for either.team.more generally in the first half of play.Richie farmer down the lane he's at left.side chat wall.I'll tell you their most valuable player.in a state tournament it's going to be.tough to the side it'll be mark bell.down low a jump shooting.[Applause].and extended after 6:00 this trip down.the floor.Richie farmer up over the time line.that's right he stopped separately.bouncing high over the blackboard in.Alabama.and oh come off too.whatever Mallory.founded a chance to cut the lead to two.with a basketball now is mark now.l need selfie cheerson out on the high.Houston on the right side it goes to.Taylor Taylor back to Houston used to.down a wage up should he put it up no.good.and we've got a foul against Clay County.houston they go to the line for a pair.I was on Jackson his first he's third as.we said this is the line for two Houston.14 out of 15 from the line.3250.good he now has 11 for the game 91.points divided by three.oh that's about 30 in the half an ally.Houston ifs insensate archway it's good.twelve points for Houston 24 22 Clay.County buy a pair.3:12 remaining in the first half of play.West farmer over the time line with it.off down to Richie farmer that is I get.some Allen man-to-man.here's Richie farmer penetrating the.sore 40 left side ball stripped away.[Applause].and we're trying again.24:11 ties in the game is down the lane.right side Jackson but they get up no.good we have our legs up no good.and Ballard went to 33 in the corner a.chance to take a leave of to Gibson down.the lane stop 14-footer County.and Clay County this trip down the floor.a chance to take the lead.Richie farmer into the forecourt works.on the right side comes across the lane.left to chat well he's open jumpers.there.jeonhwa 626 24 two-point lead for Clay.County August levy the team's hat is for.now let's play County just a few moments.ago and Ballard down with a but at 55.wants to spread things out just a little.bit Martin on the light side off the.Bell well the basketball but at 45 and a.half Whiteside tomorrow now to pal lob.down inside I try to go inside the mark.for the slam the ball got loose by.Leonard Taylor his fourth point and.we're tied again for the 12th time at 26.[Applause].less than 90 seconds remaining and a.half Richie farmer on the right side and.a Russ farmer in the corner.[Applause].Plus that is backup to Ritchie Ritchie.on the right side works against mark.Bell behind the back dribble bounce pass.left side chat will open 12 footer.beauty.Chadwell has eight 2826 new point lead.for Clay County down to him at three.remaining in the first half left side.now for this Bell down the way did he.get up then good is trowel the basket.Houston what the late pass.twenty-eight all as we are tied for the.13th time there's channel down the lane.sitting it off nice play through Jackson.for the layup.30:28 two point lead for Clay County.we're down to 35 seconds in the corner.and I say Ballard we'll spread it out.here play it for one and try to go in at.the half with a pie.if all possible.here's Bell on the left side.[Applause].looking sets up his offense works.against from Russ farmer Houston on the.left side down to 13 seconds cattle mark.Bell battle right side mark now the.corner up rebound six seconds in the.hands of Richie farmer behind the back.dribble three seconds works down the.lane fires a shot buzzer oh good and.that's the end of the first half at the.end of the first half its 30 28 good.point lead for Clay County Richie farmer.leads the way with 14 for County Allan.Houston Astros lead the way for valor 30.28 Clay County at the half this at the.boys sweet 16.Rago second half.30:28.like and leads it by two.[Applause].the balls we start the third quarter and.trailing it by a pair.longest leaf or either he's been to here.soon will lose of course that's the.third quarter.and on the turnover it comes off to Clay.County.[Applause].it's like County ladies at 30 28.farmer down the left side Chad wall.cross-court the rust farmer now he.throws one away.[Applause].quite guy that's their fourth.[Applause].surprisingly in the first half.neither team made a lot of turnovers.valour will hide a basketball now mark.bell.Allan Houston on the right side Kenneth.Martin.comes outside to Houston here's his jump.shot up and good for the outside.there's a fan here blowing a whistle.that sounds just like an official's.whistle we can pick it up here and now.the business doesn't need to be going on.Chadwell on the left corner for clay.shouting uphill.[Applause].Chadwell has 10 30 to 30.Lake County legit my pair 703 to go of.our game third quarter.my sidekick Martin for Balor's.top of the key rise in Berghof corner.here stood his jumper up no good.Heisenberg chips no good tipped up it in.by Kenneth mark.[Music].Martinez 10 were tied again at 32 apiece.15 ties this basketball game.[Applause].Richie farmer Whiteside Russ farmer his.Jeffers a beard a.[Applause].[Music].farmer has 634 32 Clay County buy a pair.[Applause].6:25 in the third quarter.and male' was law.on the right side feedback to bail his.jumpers up no good rebound left side.played by rising bird outside Houston.his super good.Houston has 16.the pace Louisville Mallard and we're.tied again at 34 16 ties in this.basketball game so far here's chapel on.the left side fitting right right to.farmer here's a jumper Russ farmer it's.up very good.the farmer has eight points in the game.36 34 Clay County.[Applause].now over the timeline for Balor right.side laughing away trying to get a rise.in bird.and on the fourth turn over to game for.power it'll come off to Clay County.[Music].[Applause].Richie farmer into the forecourt works.right side for Clay County his jumper.off the lift is no good rebound played.by Alan Houston Louisville Ballard.Houston another the forecourt works the.right side stop 12 footer good.[Applause].isn't as 1836 all is our score as the.seesaw continues here at Rupp Arena in.Lexington at the boy State High School.basketball championship here's Chad ma.left side for Clay County his supper.squad neither team can miss.[Applause].dirty 38:36 Lake County buy a pair.for 15 the third quarter here is Val.now outside lopped it down the right.corner this is Martin Martin penetrate.to may slide supper good and neither.team can miss in this half we have had.six ties already in this half.to complement the 13 we've had in the.first 19 times this ball game has been.tied friends here's Richie farmer Javel.left side again this one won't fall.rebound Jackson up with a hook shot.won't go no good but we've got a foul.I guess Louisville Mallory.Kenneth Martin his second first team.foul against Mallard here in the second.half and a basketball on the lawn to.Clay County endzone run in the bucket.here we go chattable looks to get it in.a rather farmer in to Richie farmer.here's a shot put up no good rebound.played by Martin and he is fouled by.Kevin Jackson.Jackson golf the foul his second.and the first team Wow whistled in the.second half.against Clay County.[Applause].and in the lineup you seen Rawlings for.lake county a six to sophomore he saw.actions in the first half.Charlie Robinson will take a seat over.on mob keys bench here we go Louisville.Ballard will have a basketball.Bell stop the keyhole right Sonny goes.down to coach Martin top to mark now now.on the high post it goes to Taylor has a.ball knocked away Bell regains control.fakes now takes a 17-footer up no good.tip the round and Ritchie farmers got.the rebound for Clay County.heads into the forecourt works on the.right side bounces down the white corner.Russ farmer Tom Pataki here's Russ.Shadwell white cider Richie or Russ.farmer his shut up no good Riley's got.the brief aches and puts it in a nice.play by.for his first goal 40:38 a two-point.lead for Clay County has been a long dry.spell since anybody hit scored we're.down to three 23 in the third quarter.well top of the key right corner shot on.the outside get e4 cut Marquis has 14.Houston has 18 Richie farmer for Clay.County has not scored this half and.we're tied again at 40 20 ties in the.ball game on the outside my gentle is no.good we've got a foul.I guess Bowery.balus on Allan Houston will be his first.suck a team foul and Chapel will step to.the line or a pair this is the first.time Clay County has been to the line.Ballard is 2 for 2 from that point and.shovel and the turn with 18 out of 25.Chadwell what's the first one up he.missed it $40 our score.[Applause].nineteen times we've had in the ballgame.here's Eric McDuffie of 510 160 junior.replace Rosenberg in the lineup it is.risen merge the correct pronunciation.we've heard the PA announcers use two.different uncie Asians for John ponts.pronunciation correct chad wall hits the.free throw good Chad well now with 13 41.41 point lead for Clay County we're down.to 303 in the third quarter with the.ball over the time line Bell stops the.noise that's good we've got a foul.[Applause].[Music].and the Clay County pow.[Applause].farmers will be his second theme first.team palette now we'll go to the line.for one full ballard down three of six.of the line to the tournament 39 points.coming in and now give him 43 for the.tournament in three games that averages.out to about 14.pointing out a free throw up and rolling.no good so Ballard has a one-point lead.at 42 41 to 50 to go in the third period.farmer will take a timeout a slate.County will use their second of the game.42 41 as I score a run point lead for.labor Ballard over Clay County this is.the boys sweet 16 back to the action now.40 to 41 a one-point lead for Louisville.Ballard over Clay County.there we go Clay County they had a.basketball inbounds pass comes in to.Richie farmer.sets it up outside thought it rates down.the lane heads into the forecourt it.gets this Ballard man-to-man here farmer.stoppage up shitty good.[Applause].4342 one-point lead for Clay County over.valor left side as we spread them out.and look at it here man-to-man defense.put up by Clay County.here's bail around the right side.McDuffie McDuffie top of the key here's.Martin jump shoot he put it up no good.rebound played by Clay County.Richie farmer all the timeline is it.knocked away but Shadwell gets a dish.pass off to farmer his supper no rebound.comes off to Louisville Ballard.here comes Houston on the run Houston up.the left side penetrates a lane works.left side nice movie thanks puts it up.and in 28 and it's 44 43 with a.one-point lead 115 third quarter.we're chief farmer for Clay County works.around the rawlings screen we've got a.whistle and a blocking foul.yes.McDuffie and what's up he ran over the.top of Eugene.McDuffie if we said his first 13 foul it.gets Louisville Ballard here in the.second a half.Clay County basketball the midcourt.strike.[Applause].West farmer puts it in play that said of.Richie farmer.and rich he'll bring up over the time.line.Ricci top of the keyhole fakes Forks the.right side now deals to the left here's.a tough shot both short wrong laces guys.in off corner for Clay County not a.farmer around a light side chat roll his.Shepherd no good rebound chase to the.left quarter under Taylor off Balor.Allan Houston and now Mallory can't go.for their longest lead it 3 if they can.connect on this trip here's Houston left.side they get off the Martin Martin.works late supper nope rebound.for County now to Richie farmer within.five seconds Clay County will be patient.bringing them all up but Macduff he's.going to stay back and pick up on Richie.farmer.here's Russ farmer on the right side.he'll pop an 18-footer no good off the.back of the iron grave out take it off.my dollars here compel the rod he works.in the lane ten footer cut we've got a.foul.[Applause].now we'll be charged here either to.Richie or us farmer ID will check a.selfie on Jackson Italy his third team's.third here in the second half remaining.at the line.one missed a three-point play earlier in.the quarter but is good on this one and.Ballard goes up by their longest lead at.4:47 43 Chad wolf quickly quickly the.other way Malaya finished God 27:45.two-point lead for Ballard down to 40.seconds in the third quarter over the.timeline Bell in the lane he's up shitty.no good rebound right side Martin.whistle.[Applause].against farmer.[Music].his third and a fourth team foul wasn't.against clay he coward yeah kids Clay.County here in the second half and.batters will ship the bonus from this.point on as they put in play in the end.zone at the right of the bucket here.comes the in towns and they trying to go.to Bell knocked out of bounds it comes.off the Clay County.[Applause].so Clay County a chance this trip down.the floor to tie it up.left-side driving all the way Chad won't.hide his shop.here comes Delhi in a way to unbreak.what side McGuffey up whistle travel.call against McDuffy.this turnover in the ballgame for.Mallard Lake County is made for it Clay.County with 24 seconds a chance to tie.the ballgame for the 20th time this trip.down the floor and I say.most certainly will say they'll go from.the last shot and tie it if they can.chat ball on the left side hold it up.outside now put this dribble on the.floor with it now to Richie farmer.once against McDuffie five seconds.farmer down the lane right side stop two.seconds puts it up there no good and.that's the end of the third quarter at.the end of third quarter your score.powered 47 the Clay County 45 back to.the final period of the basketball.season in a moment this is the boys.sweet 16.start the final period of the 1987 boys.high school basketball season here at.Rupp Arena 4745 Louisville mounted.league's Raleigh's on the inside for.we are tied for the 20th time at 47.el brazo foul to be his first and the.14th pala gets Ballard and listen.one shot coming for Alex here is a.tournament.Rawlings up the line.- what's it up good.Rawlings with 548 47 Clay County by 0.7.45 remains in regulation time.mark fell with it outside high for.Louisville Ballard penetrates the circle.box he's living for double dribbling.turn over Ballard and will come off the.Clay County and the Tigers have chance.to take a three-point lead they've led.by as many as four in the first half.we're twenty seconds into the fourth.quarter 48:47 Clay County by a point.man-to-man defense put up by Louisville.here is farmer left sign as it's all the.way by del Del Rey see the other way he.lost the ball farmer knocks it out of.bounds and it will stay with Royal.dollars.and a good play there by Richie farmer.who saved the easy two.[Applause].okay here we go Bauer put some more on.playing the endzone Taylor all right.side comes top of the key to Belle right.side it goes to Houston he's jumper is.up and no good and the rebound taken off.by Jackson but easterly called for.traveling was he.six turnover for Clay County and.turnovers even at 6 apiece.you should raise put his employ them.onto the bucket Houston calls break gets.it in the tailor outside top of the key.to mark down from 19 out it's up it's no.good tip no good rebound and a foul.[Applause].number three on Martin.[Music].[Applause].and we struggle the other end of the.floor and let's see who's gonna be.shooting yep.motus tell me go Alex.live as all five bits points here in the.second half of fly.here's the throw up and going.[Applause].6:49 47.please for Clay County.one more try coming here to Eugene.Rawlings.now we're gonna have an official come.over to.[Music].apparently some debris beats on the.floor.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].that's what being made by the public.address announcer to refrain from joy.outfits on the floor and it's a good.point.well they suck at throw up and no good.so 49:47 play county by two here's Belle.the other way from Balor trying to.respond both God gets his own rebound.drives who puts it in.[Applause].49 always been tied 21 times in a.basketball game inside of seven minutes.ago.there's Richie farmer one he gets bail.left-side he'll stop and take a.19-footer over the walk no good.it comes off to Allan Houston.Houston into the forecourt some for the.light side Erica Cuffy outside the.Houston Houston tops of all down the.right side looking inside the lane that.goes to Martin he puts it up today.that's 16 and here's a steal on the.inbounds by Eric Kripke feed off down a.barrel now sets it up for valor down.with a 2-point lead if they want four to.nine.here's another left wing in the Derby.bounce pass down in the corner it goes.to Kenneth Martin lots on the right side.here's McDuffie shot cut up no good tip.no good and a foul charged against.fourth.the 16-pound so it gets Ballard here in.the second I am.the reading 20 County will shoot the one.in bonus.we Eugene Rawlings again I believe do.the honors.yep Rawlings over at the line he is two.for three at the line and has a total.six points in the game.[Music].[Applause].there's Chris Weisenberger agree to the.Martin will take a seat after picking up.this point 613 in the game 5149 powered.by adduce Lake County of Wally's can.make both those two tie it right back up.here's the first row.breakdown.now this effect pronunciation risen Berg.here's Bell up the right side on the.right wing now spins it up top of the.key gets the diamond is one it looks.like it's actually back to a two three.so now down the lane stop pops the ball.jumper up no good rebound risen bird.follows.[Applause].now charts on the wall legs it'll be his.first.and if the line of tongue will say risin.Berg and the other PA announcer says.risen Berg so we don't know which one.that's correct.keeps the both of the ballgame and will.stay with.[Applause].5149.two point lead.[Applause].ballard free throw up in rolling off no.good play County's got the rebound and a.chance to tie it up this trip down the.floor.here comes Richie farmer up over the.time line.why one left side to rush at wall.Chatwal back outside down deep to Richie.farmer bar with the basketball at the.top the key hold the of right side ruff.farmer he's open jump shooting bounces.it up no good fathers has his own charge.the dowel second.and the seventh team foul whistle.against Ballard in the second half Russ.farmer here in the tournament from the.line gene out of 16 43 points coming in.the night.now has 51 in four games.what bus coming for us farmer write us.in the first one up and go.my points for Russ farmer 51 51 point.lead.[Applause].and it seems here to tie the game up.Chadwell sends it our rather farmers.said to exploit.ten points for us farmer tied again at.51.22 times this basketball game 523 to go.in it.left side here's mark bell for valor.penetrating the lane Houston Whiteside.Bob.so no travel fault Houston puts it up no.good marches the rebound okay totally.benefit in.a little bit ago 5351 Ballard five.minutes to go in the ballgame.here's farmer into the forecourt Richey.down the lane stop beat up shitty gets.up no good rebound and a pushing foul.against Allan Houston.Houston Sukkot.[Music].boy to the wine.we Jackson.Jackson here in the tournament is eight.of nine.free throw up in no good rebound wave.are rolling to the right side.outside with it now farmer down the lane.Ritchie loses the ball with regains.control the Florence County down once a.travel though call chapel down the lane.for shop go good as bodies go everywhere.and we have.[Applause].in the second half and here's Jed wall.to the line.[Music].[Applause].one of two in the line in the game has a.total of 15 points.[Applause].chat wall ready to send it he'll have to.tries to settle on the bonus beg your.pardon free-throw is good.[Applause].53-52 Jabbar will look to tie them all.game again Ballard holds at one point.lead.and this is the free-throw so we miss.our 22nd tie by a point.5350 to valor down the lane here's bail.jump shooting get it up off the lip no.good now gets the rebound we've got a.whistle.[Applause].Lake County fans.Russ farmer draws the family his fourth.16-pound was it against.hi Kelly.[Applause].we'll have one plus Belle with nine.points in the game is one for two at the.line 53 52 Ballard leads it.like corrective ballots on Kevin Jackson.at a restaurant.the official apparently held at the to.chill said the 2-0.here's the force Cobell looking good.well now with ten in the game.it's 54:52 a two-point lead.[Applause].one more try coming Pharrell it's up.it's good.well we'll 11 in the game 55:52 bauer.down by three their longest lead here in.the second half has been formed.here's chapel in the forecourt off the.farmer bhakta chapel who'll run the show.Chadwell down the lane stop 12 footer is.gone.gentle last 16 55 to 64 one-point lead.for Louisville mountain we're down the.4:30 in the mall game.here's down on the light side Bell top.of the key Derrick McDuffie McDuffie in.the lay stop shooting good.[Applause].[Music].McDuffie with his first field goal of.the game and it's 57 to 54 three-point.lead for Bowers.here's channel rather farmer on the.right side ruff farmer it's up the good.Plus farmer with 12 57 56 one-point lead.as heading into the forecourt now mark.bell now down the right side for the.traits into the lane put it up no good.great down play by Jackson and Jackson.off now with the Richie farmer in the.backcourt comes over the time line three.and a half let's see on the game here's.farmer down the left side to rush Chad.walk back outside with it out of farmer.farmer will be patient setting up the.offense.here's farmer left sides up shooting.good.[Applause].Richie farmer has 18 neck plate County.back to a one-point lead.58 to 57 310 remains of the contest in.regulation time championship game Boise.State High School basketball turtle film.up arena now Pete you sit on the left.side instant stop jumper good.that'll fly at the Clay County croc.quickly as Houston picks up for number.22 it's a one-point lead for Ballard 59.58 250 remains the ballgame farmer works.the top of a key hole he stopped he.shoots obscure.shootout between Richie farmer and Alan.Houston incident 22 for Ballard and.Richie farmer has 24 Clay County here's.a shot fell outside though what's wrong.with the rebound for Clay County Clay.County.Richie farmer in the forecourt Barlow.went to 22 sets up the offense right.wing it goes of us farmer back to Richie.Ritchie top of the key spins in the lane.left side fake 15 no good rebound play.by risin bird four hours off the Bell.here comes out the right side he stuff.will kid foot her off balance will go.and everyday Richie farmer earthquake.alley.sibilance are going to gain 60-59 Clay.County by a point.Richie farmer over the timeline trying.to get a shed wall knocked away by Balor.will stay with Clay County.and now coach.we'll bring us up.they're lazy actually timeout taken by.Clay County their third 155 to go into.game Lake County leads at 6259 / Ballard.to save the boys sweet 16 10 minutes.just for announcer Rupp Arena.17800 for this championship game and an.all-time record for the entire.tournament 149 thousand and eighty eight.that includes at 24,000 plus crowded.here last night for the quarter-final.session and it's a great way to be part.of history if you're here with this.English boys sweet 16.here's Richie farmer with the ball for.Clay County Danville but at 48 the game.60-59.and you almost don't want to see this.basketball season in the kind of play.we've had here the boys state tournament.let's follow with the ball outside sets.up the offense bouncing on the left side.of Richie farmer.Richie farmer down the left side outside.here's lunch adbul Chatwal comes off.with a downer Richie farmer Richie.farmer deals it outside the Russ farmer.now back to Richie out there the.midcourt line.Richie down the lane Pete's Hamill who.almost taken away by Bell.on the right side the farmer Bertini.going to game Houston.[Laughter].oh my goodness.[Applause].6160 Mallard by a point 57 seconds to go.in the game.Lake County was trying to play stall.ball it didn't work.here's Russ farmer now to Ritchie top of.the key.Chad will around the left side.45 seconds play County with one timeout.Ballard has all four days remaining.here's Russ farmer on the right side.nuts cut back to Richie farmer 35.seconds to go.Lake County looking to go for the win.here Richie farmer down.[Applause].[Applause].crazy.Oh picks up the foul.[Applause].all right.we stroll the other end and Richie.farmer the shoots the rooibos.and valid we'll take your time after let.him think about it.eighteen seconds ago it's great County.62 and Ballard 61 back in a moment they.said the boys Sweet sixteen.18 seconds remaining a chance to get.revenge for what happened two years ago.when they played here in this.when Richie farmer was a freshman and.lost to Madison Hopkinsville 6556 right.now Clay County hopes a two-point lead.60 to 61 18 seconds left and Valerie.will take another timeout they lap -.araignee 60 to 61 Clay County leads it.back in a moment this is the boys sweet.16.[Applause].Richie farmer will be at the line for.the 1 and bonus.for Clay County big free throws farmer.14 of 21 in the tournament.what's the first point out it is good.age of 63 61.18 seconds all over me.if farmer mrs. Mallard stood with a.chance to send authority.free throw up good.see 461 there comes pound on the run.incident before court stop free-throw.line jump shot good.we'll take that I'm out here well.seconds to go 6463 Clay County back at.this is Roy sweet 16 back to the action.6463 Clay County by a point 12 seconds.remaining in regulation time.boy what a basketball game we've seen.tonight and what a state tournament we.have had this year here in Lexington.next year of course it moves to.Louisville here's farmer with the nmap.Ritchie muster Ritchie we've got a foul.I see.let's see this will put Richie farmer on.the line and let's see if with the.two-shot foul.one in bonus get a some back into the.ballgame farmer a perfect food for two.[Music].we'll have the presentation of awards.and such as that immediately following.the game.[Applause].time out if we take it here by power.6463 Clay County by a point back in a.moment this is the boys sweet 16 Richie.farmer for the 1 and bonus.Clay County 11 seconds all.in this basketball game.[Applause].get ready to send the first one it is up.it is good can I tell you something.Ritchie farmers got ice water in their.vain.[Applause].put the second one up good 65-63 Ballard.still with a chance no free throw line.no good way down the right side put up.short by Martin ball in the air for one.second.[Applause].over time I don't believe it.[Applause].time to the air one second left.Leonard Taylor tips it in and we go to.overtime tied at 65 back to the first.three minutes of the moment this is boys.sweet 16 overtime tied at 65 the.championship game 7 the boys high school.basketball tournament here at Rupp Arena.in Lexington.we're ready to go in our first 3-minute.overtime period.Richie farmer will jump up against.Leonard Taylor as we started play County.will work to the right and working to.the left will be Mallard as we get some.players adjusted.and we're ready to go with it.there's Richie farmer and the ball in.the air that's all by Clay County.Raleigh's on the right side takes at the.ball stripped away.McDuffie his second.in Raleigh to the line.[Applause].sixty-five all as we start over time.we're three seconds into the first 40.minute period.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].here's the first robot Rawlings it's up.it's up it's good.you ran up there quite a bit but really.scared to fall 66-65 is our score one.more try for Raleigh's it's good.[Applause].County leads at 67-65 255 to go in the.first overtime period.mark girl with basketball for Wavell.Ballard around the left side it goes to.Taylor Martin I should say top of the.key here's my comfy.McDuffie down the lane puts it in.and McDuffie ties the ballgame again at.67.soon I am density over time whistle.[Applause].Laurie climbed to the floor is Russ.farmer.[Applause].and Russ farmer one of the bonus farmer.is two out of two at the line and has 12.points in the ballgame.67 all valid we'll have one timeout.remaining in the OT period and Clay.County will have to guess last farmer.what's the first one up it is good.13 points for us farmer 68-67 one-point.lead for Clay County 232 to going to.ball game free throw up because.14 points for Russ farmer 69 67 here's.one dictator in the back for the time.line offer this McDuffie McDuffie heads.him up over the timeline works a lot.side.McDuffie off with it now to Allan.Houston to 15 to go 69 67 Lake County.here's Houston 17 footer no good off the.lip rebound mark Bell no sir basket puts.it in.[Applause].with 1369 all is our score.about 25 ties this ballgame or close to.it.1:55 in the overtime Richie farmer on.the right side that it traits into the.lane left side Chad will he's open.doesn't go back to Richie farmer barber.in the lane works against McDuffie turn.around good.[Applause].Richie farmer with 27 71 69 Clay County.buy a pair.Lake County playing a man to the end.ears having Houston on the right side.left side it goes down a pal L.penetrates Elaine.McDuffie on the outside McDuffie down.the left quarter to Taylor Taylor back.outside Bell left up at 15 footer no.good rebound played off by Rawlings of.Clay County and Rowleys gets it off.[Applause].all the time.off the rust farmer one minute to go in.the overtime Shadwell outsider Richie.farmer.here's Richie farmer on the left side 71.69 Clay County Clay County starts their.spread.there's Richie farmer working on the.left side bouncing after Chad will.they tell the trade center the circle.backs it out needs help.leads out Rossiter rocks rocks farmer.dr. Richie farmer 40 seconds remaining.in the overtime 7169 Clay County Maya.pair ears Russ former off the Richie.Richie calls it play it sets up the.offense 30 seconds remaining in the.overtime County Jackson Chad Radwell.well farmer and he goes the ball itself.for bumping into the officials will.break that up.[Applause].[Music].now we'll pick up the foul.[Applause].Plus farmer with.I'll rather Kevin Jackson for one of the.bonus.[Applause].Jackson mr. fun minima wanted bonus and.regulation in the second half 71 69 Clay.County by 225 seconds remaining in the.o2.[Applause].Jaxson.Lake County leaves at 72 to Section I.25 seconds remaining in the game.[Applause].here's Kevin Jackson for one more try.it's up it is no good rebound comes off.the Ballard.with it now the circle in the way he.jump shooting put it up move it off the.myth rebound batted around fells Gandhi.works the baseline up and in and Ballard.will take a timeout with 13 seconds left.Wake County leads in 70 to 71.back in a moment this is the boys sweet.16.7271 Clay County by a point 13 seconds.are winning in overtime the clay Kelly.crowd and are right on their feet.[Applause].we're ready to play ball as Chadwell.takes the inbound pass he's found.immediately the bonus will be coming to.chat well.and let's see it'll either be on LaCie.[Music].yeah we'll be on lace you'll be his.second.and here comes Martin back in playing.with four pounds Chadwell will go to the.line for the one in bonus.Chadwell two out of four with the line.as 1842 the ball game.Richie farmer waits the way for Clay.County he has 27th of March a trocar.[Applause].7371.play County well seconds left in.overtime here at Rupp Arena in Lexington.there's a psychic rocket 7471 held.aveline drives all the way put it up no.good.well eggs has got the rebound.Wow.[Applause].in the first overtime.[Applause].7471 visit the boys sweet 16.[Applause].17800 marina are on their feet.[Applause].and going to the free-throw line of the.Clay County and it'll be Rawlings from a.180 motifs.[Applause].Rawlings has been pretty good from the.line and I four out of six on here in.the second half he has eight points here.in a second.7471 play.in overtime four seconds all that.remains of the game.[Applause].out of timeout Lake County with one left.putting it up it is good.75-71 three-county their longest lead at.four.[Applause].if you take the longest leaving the game.for either team at five as some objects.being thrown onto the floor.one try coming parolees 75-71 clay Kelly.here's my legs up.76 71 lacy down for two seconds.lacy drives all the way lazy.[Applause].seven boys high school basketball tip.with the 76 to 73.[Applause].what a great way.the basketball season and a great win.for Clay County which was in the.championship game two years ago and.musta Hopkinsville 65 66 or 6556 I.should say.[Applause].[Applause].the celebration begins in Rupp Arena.76-73 a three-point overtime win for.Clay County Louisville Ballard let's.check this going first of all for Clay.County Richie farmer led the way with 27.Welsh a bullhead 2014 for us farmer Ted.for Eugene Rawlings and 5 for Kevin.Jackson around after score.Valerie Allan Houston led the way he had.24:16 for Kenneth Martin 15 for mark now.8 for Leonard Taylor.4/4 ft bill AC and 2 for Jamie trial.Chris Rosenberg did not score in a.ballgame.in Clay County celebrating their first.ever state high school basketball.championship to Ballard finishes up the.Year at 30 and six and a great effort by.this Louisville Ballard ballclub they.won a couple of games in all honesty.that they should not have won beauty.Marshall County the first game of the.tournament after being gap 18 on a shot.yesterday by Rosenberg at the buzzer.over Mason County by two points and a.win this morning over Paintsville.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].leaders.[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].as mr. Joffe.[Applause].Richie farmer.received the Sanford award.by the courier-journal.[Applause].memory serves me correctly that farmer.also won this award last year as a.sophomore.I should say Terry going to Panthers won.our award last year.- cold.Paintsville will accept their 12a for.making the semifinal round this year's.tournament.[Applause].Batesville of course fell this morning.to Mallard 61-54 and members of the.Paintsville team in a nice hand.17000 not many of them who have left.lake county has won the state.championship for 76-73 overtime win over.Louisville Ballard.[Applause].here's your similarity with the.tournament to get their award Madison.central.a good basketball team they got to the.semifinal round.five Ward's it 15 and dancing on and.losing today the Clay County.[Applause].Matis essential by the way making their.first appearance here it is boys sweet.16 and they have done it in grand style.making it all the way to the semi-final.now.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].and the Bruins of Valor now to take.their runner-up trophy.and a great effort my.their first time in the state tournament.final since 1977.when Richard Smith was the coach of that.team.a great ballclub as they only lose two.players off of this year's starting.News four players off the team.[Applause].Electric chuffy.they.marina for everyone to see great.counties Tigers 1987 State High School.basketball champion.[Applause].each individual player will receive a.trophy in a medallion.[Music].[Applause].those players are richie and chat.Charlie Robinson Kevin Jackson Eugene.Rawlings Anthony Gilbert Robert.Nicholson David hacker William Wilson.Terry cray Bonnie Hickson David player.congratulations to all these.[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Applause].now pates will receive their medallions.[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Racing.[Applause].tailor.[Applause].the Ballard Bruins receiving their.medallions has been the runner-up team.in a state permit Lake County the state.champions is 76-73 winner over.Louisville Ballard in overtime.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].hey Kenny.gotta get their medallions.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].Clay County Tigers accepting their.awards and medallions a state champ.[Applause].now we will have the announcement.momentarily of the.[Applause].and we'll pick up on those here when.they get through that was momentarily.with John Tong.[Applause].it's been a great state tournament here.we go.[Applause].here's your all tournament team and.we'll pick up John talk.[Applause].WestJet well played Kelly.[Applause].there will be 12 selected.[Applause].terry birdsong of Marshall County.[Applause].[Music].Pelphrey a pink stroll here next member.for the all-tournament team.[Applause].[Music].County number for selection to the.all-tournament team.[Applause].[Applause].[Applause].you see the power.the next member to the altar of a team.and boy does he deserve it.34 points the first day against Marshall.County a 25 point performance in this.tournament tonight scoring 24.Shawn evidence.Madison Central is next.[Applause].[Applause].fill house so go right back to this.arena and play for coach Eddie Sutton.next year at UK from Mason County our.next member of the all tournament team.we have named seven we have five more to.go and then the Most Valuable Player.[Applause].[Applause].[Music].that's painful Joey challenge.[Applause].thank you.[Applause].Tom got a little confused there so he.chapters out of Paintsville.witching favor.[Applause].we have named nine.[Music].she.Shane wakes at Madison central.is next that's only when we have missed.so far.Bella Ballard.so we'll run over those for you again.miss Chadwick Lake County birdsong from.Marshall County Pelphrey at Paintsville.Scott poling the room Callie Allen house.Houston a Ballard shot have at the.Madison central along with Shane Lakes.Darren Feldhausen Mason County Joey.couch Paintsville.Jerry Butler Mason County our last.selection to the all-tournament team.and we'll go over those again once we.have the mole five we'll play and we'll.give you all of those young men who have.been named to the team so we'll have our.twelve.and now ready for the most valuable.player in this term is Jerry Butler will.make his way down to the floor here at.Rupp Arena.[Applause].we'll give you those names are they all.to the potato we do the most players.[Applause].last year.regi Hansen a Pulaski County was the.winner last year that all most valuable.player award of course so start his.first year at basketball at UK this year.let's pick up John talk to the MVP.[Applause].Richie Farber.is your Most Valuable Player of the 1987.boys sweet 16 congratulations to Richie.farmer.he's on the all-tournament team along.with teammate rush ed well here the rest.of us all part of a team.terry birdsong of marshall county john.pelphrey of Paintsville Scott Foley of.LaRue County Allan Houston empowered.Sean Evans and Shane Lakes of Madison.central a bell empowered Jerry Butler.Mason County Mason County Joey couch of.Pedro.that's gonna do it from Rupp Arena in.Lexington County a 76-73 winner in.overtime tonight it's been a great.basketball season and a great state.tournament we hope you've enjoyed it.association any reproduction of.rebroadcast up the express written.consent the Kentucky High School.Athletic Association limited it out sirs.chosen with the approval of the Kentucky.High School Athletic Association the.basketball we'll see you next year sweet.16 John Hamilton here thanks for being.with us and good night everybody this is.in the boys sweet 16.

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How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

When do I have to learn how to fill out a W-2 form?

While I did not study physics this is something that relates to my field as well. One thing to remember is the scope of the field which you are talking about. With physics it might seem narrower than History or Archaeology but I suspect that when you boil it down it isn’t. It would be impossible to cover everything in a subject even going all the way through to gaining a doctorate. The answer you got and posted up is very accurate and extremely good advice. What a lot of it boils down to in education (especially nowadays) is not so much teaching specific facts but teaching themes and how to find Continue Reading

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