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youtube video

Get Region Halifax Ns Request Guide

[Applause]sososososoi'm gonna record some of my driving soyou're okay if your voice will be in myvideono problem okayall right so this is nova scotia no nomecamera is me my voice doesn't bother meyeah i'm just gonna record you know alittle bit of driving here with myhead camso we're gonna so i have oneone escort in the front one escort inthe backand we had a police escortfor about 50 kilometers to 30 milesout of halifax because the municipalityof halifax requiresuh you only can leave at night beforesixand you need to have a police escortand so now we've we made it to thefreeway because that part was super slowbecause the cop was too cautious he wasdriving likeonce my engine actually stalled becausei had to go into first gearon a supersteep hill there on local roads when wewere gettingtowards uh highway 102 and just the cupwasway too slow and of course the cop wasin front of thefront uh pilot so and i i talked to himon the radio say hey can we go a bitfaster he says i can't because the copis right in front of meso of course the cop has you knowflashing lights you cannot pass himand then then eventually wegot to 102 so he started driving a bitfaster butnow it's much better so we just uh wentthrough thetall portion we have to pay the tollhereuh it's three dollars per axlefor trucks but for some reason they onlycharge me 24 dollarswhich is what six axles nouh seven righteight three times eight twenty four yeahbut that's still not correct rightshould be ninei got three axles on thetruck on the ground the tandem jeep fiveand four in the back nineso it should have been 27 so i saved thethree bucks so it helps when yourtrailer is blackand it's rainingthey cannot see all the tiresand the plan for today is uh so we'regonna be out ofnova scotia in about i think140 kilometers which is uh 90 milesand then that's new brunswickand i think it's going to take us wholedayto get to the border between newbrunswick and quebec which is the nextuh next province after new brunswickand they told me i probably i will needone one of these guys in quebec as wellso i need yeah i needtwo escorts in nova scotia two in newbrunswickand possibly just one in quebecbut it's onlyuh 5 36 eastern time so 6 36local time1so our buddy chris1at the permit company probably is still1sleeping dreaming the big dreams1and with a heavy load i find1i find that i find that the truck1likes the slightly higher rpm of course1because this is1oh1i think it's my pilots pilots are1talking to each other1in french because because they're from1quebec1yeah see 11.50 i'm still not shifting1i'm still in eight high and it's still1pulling pretty good1it just slows down because of this heal1but1is it 11701my rpm it keeps and it keeps going1comments11180 we're doing good111901so yes it was not the the permits was1not1were not too bad you know because like1three four days that's normal1i loaded the monday and i asked for1permits monday afternoon1it was already after like two o'clock1and so tuesday wednesday i think i got1them1thursday first i got the um1nova scotia the new bronze week but it1took like one day1to get the city of halifax permit1because they wanted a copy of my1certificate of insurance and usually1they just1ask that that certificate is kind of1like customized at the bottom it says1certificate holder1and then in this case uh let's say would1say1you know halifax municipality but1they also wanted to be additional1insured1not just certificate holder but1additional insured1and so that took longer1uh my my insurance broker says uh like1it's two hours when i request a1certificate of insurance1they guarantee uh1that certificate within two business1hours as long as it's not on the weekend1and here it was like three hours and i1still don't have it so1i finally called them i said what's can1you guys1tell me what's going on oh we sent it to1you 10 minutes ago1i said which email did you use and she1tells me something with the word1with the word tracking in the email1address i said that's not my email1address i said i have either this one or1this one1and she says hold on but that comes back1on the line it says oh1i'm sorry actually we have another1customer1with a very similar name to yours1which i highly doubt that somebody has a1last name similar to mine a russian name1so anyway so she she sent the1certificate of it1of insurance to the wrong guy1so of course i think she used his his1account his certificate of insurance1and so eventually i got it uh like 4130 yesterday and the permit broker was1saying hey they're closing in like 101minutes1if we don't have that certificate we1cannot get the halifax city permit we1cannot1get the cop to his quarters1and so i just got it like with five1minutes to go i got1the certificate of insurance we we1booked the police escort we got1we got the um the city permit1and then about a couple of hours later1my phone rang1and it was a cop calling me to confirm1he says yes1we're doing an escort right i said yeah1and he says so what time do you want me1there1i said well uh my escorts2are gonna be there at 3 30 but2we was thinking like leaving at four2and he said well i can be there at 3 30.2and i'm like son oh again because you2know i was sitting in that super store2two minutes away but still for me to be2ready to roll2rock and roll at 3 30 atlantic time2which is 2 30 my time2i would have to get up at like 2 302local time right because2usually it takes like at least 10-152minutes to get going2and uh and so yeah at first i set up my2alarm for 2 452local time and then i'm i'm2lying in bed and i'm thinking no that's2not2that's not enough so i grab my phone2reset the alarm to 2 30.2imagine so i had to wake up at 1230 eastern time which is what my body is2used to2it's crazy so that's why you know today2i just want to go2get to a quebec border which is uh2five five five kilometers 555 kilometers2away2but you see like the truck is slowing2down all the time2it's a pretty big load so my gross is2about2178 000 pounds2178 178 000 pounds2and i'm 105 feet long or 32 meters2but it's a regular width regular height2so just heavy and long2yeah i wish i had a load like that you2know2only if it paid what mine is paying2but yeah these three provinces2geez it's gonna cost me two or three2thousand bucks to get out of here2two escorts police2uh new brunswick permit was 500 bucks2of course canadian nova scotia was uh2300 city of halifax was 125.2the cop was 3502and these two guys will cost me probably2like21500 bucks at least for two days because2i need them a new bronze week i need2them uh well i will need one in quebec2uh honestly i did not expect this but i2emailed the2the freight broker i said you know as2usual i made a mistake with the estimate2but i did not ask her for any more money2because2it's that's on me2and that's why2you can never get people low rate2because there's always surprises you2know2yeah because this is my first time i2came here before to know a scorcher to2newfoundland but only when i had a2flatbed step deck2i never did a really big load out of2here like this my first uh2nine axle load out of here so now of2course i will know2next time that you need all these2escorts cops you know2your super load2but you know it's hard to to get all2that from books you know2of course my people learn from other2people's mistakes but you know2if i was smart i would not be a tracker2so2we that are not too smart we learn from2our mistakes2but what do you do that's why they pay2us the big bucks right2and by the way these are guys2uh normally you don't see them uh set up2like this the escorts2they are actually company drivers2most of these guys i know because i like2talking to them right when you're2driving and you're talking2and most of them in the states and2canada the2independent contractors it's like they2they have their own authority you know2they2they register there's like a couple of i2think it's two three courses online you2have to take3uh to be uh to be certified3i think one there's like washington new3york3and that's good like for the entire us3i think there's like three licenses you3need to have in the states and then3i don't know if there's any training in3canada3but anyway so these guys the the permit3company that i got the permits from they3own they own these trucks3and so the guys that are escorting me3they're just kind of like company3drivers3and these are four death 1503and they said they have a six cylinder3terrible i think it's that33.5 liter uh ecoboost3engine on these fords and they're all34x43and i think they have a full like3four-door cab3like nice-looking trucks3but if i if this was me i would probably3get3uh dodge ram 25003with uh with a 3.5 liter diesel3that's what i saw they offer on our3ramtrax.ca3that would be a cool truck you know 4x43uh supercrew whatever crew cab3and diesel engine3so it was raining so yeah so we left the3pool at like33 30 it's dark and i had the camera on3the back of the sleeper of course i have3no idea until i look at it3if you can actually see anything but i3just wanted to show you guys how the3the whole rig you know goes around3corners3and there was a big turn from the port3there was like almost a3180 degree turn3so i'm gonna i'm gonna show that one3and then it was super dark it was3raining on and off3but now looks like the weather is3getting better3at least we are driving towards a a3better3weather3so yeah 120 kilometers to uh3junior bronze week 75 miles3and i set up my cruise at uh 60 miles an3hour397 actually new brunswick border329. oh wow3just 29 kilometers3that's uh what 20 miles3that's pretty good and i know there's a3scale there3so they'll probably send us through the3scale but i'm so long i don't know if3they can scale me or not3i hope not3this is what the border looks like3between3between nova scotia and3new brunswick see they have a special3booth in here33so they're waving us3they're waving they're waving all the3tracks through3but they stop they stop cars3so 514 kilometers to3the border with quebec where there's a3truck stop3a big irving and i want to stop right3there3so 500 kilometers and now it's only3six o'clock eastern or seven local3i think we should make it3by the end of the day3they're right do you remember when we3left that uh truck stop where the cop3left us3no do you remember what time it was3when we left it was uh five o'clock3uh local time right yes local time so3that would have been uh four o'clock at3home okay so a couple of hours all right3yeah i just think uh3maybe the next half an hour if we see3something where i can just3quickly stop and i'll go around check3the chains3no problem if ever we see a3so ryan what was the biggest load uh you4guys ever4escorted like in terms of weight4in terms of weight um4268 000 pounds4wow 268 that was like a gross weight4truck trail a load4yeah that was everything 2684wow i'm 178 right now so it's almost4100 000 pounds more than what i i am now4wow 200 what is it 684yeah i'm trying to remember where i4brought that one to4so that guy probably had uh i don't know4two jeeps two boosters4because even like a 75 or wait 80 ton i4know480 ton uh like fontaine 80 time it's4just4three it's uh try them cheap and the4three axle trailer and three axle uh4booster but i don't think that would be4enough for4268 000 pounds4well we had a we had a special permit4for the weight so he had a4he had a try drive three plus three plus4three4uh no three no three plus four plus4three4wait what do you mean three plus four4you have a four axle tractor or a four4axle trailer4so he had a tridem jeep and then four4axle truck like mine and then he had4four axles on the trailer and tried them4booster right4yeah just on his truck it wasn't the4lift axles4oh i see okay as we had the4four axles on the tractor then he had4the three axle jeep4four axle trailer and three axle booster4oh wow so well that's definitely bigger4than 80 tonne because like i said 80 ton4is three plus three plus three so that4was probably4uh 100 ton or something4yeah because of the length of the thing4he had4his deck was stretched too oh it was a4stretch trailer4like extendable yeah it was a trombone4but4uh i think he was4a total of 150 feet4oh wow like a media train4yeah but now it costs a lot to escort4that's for sure4all right we're coming up on uh another4scale4yeah they should all be closed for this4stuff4yeah that would be nice4apparently4yeah they sent us all uh a message i got4a message from minis4ministry of transportation of ontario4saying that you know we are welcome to4uh walk overnight at all scales but you4see they're still4open for inspection uh during the day4yeah exactly4now here's a typical new brunswick4scenery right first you go down4and then check this out the road goes4like this and now it's been4we're gonna have a super4uh steep hill over there4so i just wanna show you guys how the4truck pulls so498 000 pounds4or 44.9 metric tons4is the load so 1784roughly 178 000 pounds is my gross4weight4i'm just watching the rpm so4as soon as it hits 1200 i'm gonna4downshift but4for now i'm still an eight high4all right eight low4fan on4now i'm shifting at 1300 because the4heel is pretty steep4so4well far in the distance over there4that's a white and blue flag4that means that that's the quebec4border new brunswick4quebec so uh4from 3 305when we left the port it took us from 3530 to 1 30 pm5to reach the quebec new brunswick line5and my permit has been issued for quebec5and new brunswick nova scotia i needed5two escorts now in quebec i only need5one5and so the guy's coming to pick me up5but we set5five and then that became confusing5because if i look at my cell phone5it still shows atlantic time which is5one hour forward whereas5uh this is uh digitally digitally quebec5it should be already quebec time or5eastern time right that's what you5saying i just sent an email to uh5to the permit broker i said could you5please uh pass this info5to uh to the pilot because i don't have5his phone number that we are meeting5at five o'clock quebec time5not atlantic time because five5uh eastern is six atlantic right so i5don't wanna get up but5i don't want him to come over at five5atlantic which is four eastern right5like i'm i'm done with these early early5rises you know5but anyway we did good we did good um5one thing i did notice uh i still see5the end of the trailer5slightly tracking like off tracking you5know5um i think it's because of that little5incident in the new work5and i don't think it's actually the5trailer i think5uh maybe just the spreader like the5spreader5shifted a little bit you know the5spreader bar between5xl2 and xl3 maybe just a little bit5shifted5because i again i crawled underneath i5don't see any anything suspicious over5there everything looks the same on both5sides5but i'll definitely once i'm empty i'll5definitely have to uh5um find like an alignment shop or some5kind of a body shop and5let her figure out why why the rear of5the trailer is just5you know going slightly slightly5sideways you know5and i thought it was my imagination but5then when i was driving5i had two pilots right and i asked the5guy in the back i said can you please5look at5my trailers we're driving can you please5look at my trail is5is it side tracking or is it a straight5line and he said yeah i can see5just a little bit to the left like5driver's side he says5no actually the rear was a little bit to5the shoulder5because yeah in my mirror i see more of5a trail in here anyway it's weird so5not critical you know we'll figure it5we'll figure it out because5i have so many components and all of5them are modular you know5there's so many uh pivoting points5um somehow i think it's not the trail i5think it's the5the spreader bar you know anyway that's5it so now i am5uploading the518 gigabytes 18 gigabytes that5got recorded while uh we were driving5with the cop5because you know i put that thing in5there behind the sleeper5uh this one over here i put this thing5behind the sleeper and of course i5didn't have time to5take it off and then we stopped where5the cop left us there's a truck stop5there so i5stopped i grabbed coffee checked my load5and i was able to climb5to the top and take it off and i was5surprised actually that5the camera was still recording so it was5like recording for an hour5and now i see so much so much5uh so many files on there but it was6dark it was6night and the camera was uh pointed6backwards6but we're gonna see i have not seen it6myself yet right so i just wanted to6do this little commentary at the very6end of the video6but very happy with the pilots uh very6nice guys you know6um very helpful um6great communication skills no issues6with with the lane no language barrier6because they're from quebec and from6ontario so everything is fine so one of6them is6coming tomorrow to pick me up and6take me to ontario line which is about6uh 600 kilometers6so that's pretty much all i want to do6tomorrow i want to do6600 kilometers to ant ontario6where i can use my annual permit where i6don't need any escorts6so it's going to be much much easier and6tomorrow's saturday so6traffic should not be too bad and you6can see like here6like my windshield is all covered in6bugs but like the track stop is empty6like this guy over here and then two6guys over there6and there's one guy over there in the6back6and i parked like this and in the6morning i'll try to get some fuel6so it's 80 83 cents canadian6per liter and oh and my fuel mileage6just in case anybody's wondering was uh666 liters per 100 kilometers6ciao

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Get Region Halifax Ns FAQs

Some of the confused FAQs related to the Get Region Halifax Ns are:

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Where do we have to fill out the form for a pre-RMO in the Pune region?

go to the official website Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education download the form from there,get it printed,fill it out, get whatever attestation required done, and submit to nearest centre

How often does your power go out in Halifax, NS? It seems to be a frequent issue.

The power in Halifax might flicker a couple of times a year during a severe storm, But the power gets interrupted by more than a couple of hours once every 3 to 5 years or so. I am starting to believe that the power provider… a private company not a public corp is responsible but shortchanging repairs and tree Trimming to avoid branches from breaking power lines.

How do I fill out the SS-4 form for a new Delaware C-Corp to get an EIN?

You indicate this is a Delaware C Corp so check corporation and you will file Form 1120. Check that you are starting a new corporation. Date business started is the date you actually started the business. Typically you would look on the paperwork from Delaware and put the date of incorporation. December is the standard closing month for most corporations. Unless you have a significant business reason to pick a different month use Dec. If you plan to pay yourself wages put one. If you don't know put zero. Unless you are fairly sure you will owe payroll taxes the first year check that you will not have payroll or check that your liability will be less than $1,000. Anything else and the IRS will expect you to file quarterly payroll tax returns. Indicate the type of SaaS services you will offer.

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