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The Implementation Guide for Uscis I 9 Form

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Guide of Uscis I 9 Form

welcome this webinar includes valuable.information for employers and employees.about how to complete form i-9.employment eligibility verification.federal law requires that every employer.hiring an individual for employment in.the United States complete form i-9 form.i-9 helps employers verify their.employees identity and employment.authorization so let's get started today.we will cover many aspects of form i-9.its history why it's used who needs one.and how to complete it we'll explain.form i-9 storage and retention.requirements and what to do if an.employer discovers a mistake on a form.i-9 or that an employee's form i-9 is.missing we will also discuss how form.i-9 and Iver fi work together to benefit.employers and employees for your.convenience you can view this webinar.continuously from start to finish or.watch individual chapters by clicking on.the topic you want please visit I nine.central for more information on any.topic presented in this webinar.form i-9 was created as a result of the.immigration reform and Control Act also.known as ARCA passed by Congress in 1986.this legislation was passed to control.and deter illegal immigration to the.United States burqa places requirements.on employers employers must not hire or.employ workers who are not authorized to.work in the United States employers must.not continue to employ an individual.knowing that he or she is unauthorized.to work employers are also required to.verify the identity and employment.authorization of employees including US.citizens on form i-9 all US employers.must have a form i-9 on file for all.current employees hired after November 6.1986.so who is authorized to work in the.United States.arrghh establishes four categories of.individuals who may legally work in the.United States or form i-9 purposes this.includes all 50 states the District of.Columbia Guam the US Virgin Islands.Puerto Rico and the Commonwealth of the.Northern Mariana Islands the four.categories are US citizens non citizen.nationals of the United States lawful.permanent residents aliens authorized to.work in this chapter we will explain how.the anti-discrimination provisions of.the Immigration and Nationality Act.protect employees employers are.prohibited from engaging in four types.of unlawful conduct citizenship or.immigration status discrimination actual.or perceived national origin.discrimination actual or perceived.document abuse during the form i-9.process and retaliation the Department.of Justice immigrant and employee rights.section can help employees who have.complaints about these types of conduct.you can learn more about.anti-discrimination laws on their.website and see a schedule of upcoming.free webinars for more information visit.you.next let's talk about who needs to.complete form i-9 all US employers must.have a form i-9 on file for all current.employees hired after November 6 1986 US.employers are not required to complete.form i-9 for employees hired before.November 6 1986 employees working.outside the United States independent.contractors or individuals employed for.casual domestic work in a private home.on a sporadic irregular or intermittent.basis for example a handyman babysitter.or cleaning person now we'll discuss how.employees must complete section 1 of the.form employers must use the most current.version of the form which may be.completed on a computer or on paper.employers must ensure that employees.have access to the form instructions and.lists of acceptable documents either by.providing employees with printed copies.or ensuring employees have access to.them online section 1 is completed by.each new employee on or before his or.her first day of employment employees.must provide their name other last names.used address and date of birth employees.only need to provide their social.security number if their employer.participates in a verify in the optional.fields for email address and phone.number employees must enter n/a if they.choose not to provide that information.however if the employer uses Iver fi.employees who enter their email address.will receive an email notification if I.verify indicates that further action is.required on their Iver.my case employees then select whether.they are a US citizen a non citizen.national a lawful permanent resident or.an alien authorized to work in the.United States if they select an alien.authorized to work they should also.include the date their employment.authorization ends if applicable.employees who check alien authorized to.work must enter either their alien.number or their form i-94 admission.number or their foreign passport number.in the fields provided.employees who enter a foreign passport.number must enter the country that.issued the passport employees can have a.preparer or translator help them.complete section one employees who do.not use a preparer or translator must.check the first box in the preparer.translator certification section.otherwise preparers and translators must.check the second box and complete the.certification areas provided even if a.preparer or translator signs this.certification the employee must still.sign his or her name in section 1 also.the employee completes section 1.employers are responsible for ensuring.it was completed properly to avoid.common errors the employer must make.sure the employee completed section 1 by.the first day of work for pay printed.his or her name other last names used.such as a maiden name address and a date.of birth provided an a number or USCIS.number if he or she selected a lawful.permanent resident.provided an a number or USCIS number.form i-94 admission number or foreign.passport information if he or she.selected an alien authorized to work did.not check more than one citizenship or.immigration status and signed and dated.the form completing form i-9 on a.computer may help you avoid some of.these errors the next chapter will show.you how to complete section one using a.computer.[Music].employers must complete form i-9 to.verify the identity and employment.authorization of new employees both US.citizens and non-citizens employees.complete section 1 and employers.complete sections 2 & 3 this video shows.how employees fill out section 1 when.using a computer to complete a form i-9.obtained from the USCIS website first.employers must ensure that employees.have access to the form instructions and.lists of acceptable documents employers.must either provide employees with.printed copies or ensure employees have.access to them online anyone can access.the instructions from the form i-9 web.page when connected to the internet you.can access these instructions directly.from the form i-9 by clicking the.instructions button at the top of each.page even without internet access.employers and employees using a computer.can move the cursor over fields or click.on the question marks to see.instructions let's see how employees.must complete section 1 employees must.complete section 1 on or before their.first day of employment they first enter.their biographical information employees.only need to provide their social.security number if their employer uses a.verify entering an email address and.telephone number are optional but.employees must enter n/a if they choose.to skip those fields next employees.enter their citizenship or immigration.status by checking one of the boxes once.a selection is made fields related to a.different selection will contain an a.lawful permanent residents must enter.their a number or USCIS number then.select alien number or USCIS number from.the drop down menu.aliens authorized to work must enter.either their a number I 94 number or.form passport number as well as the date.their work authorization expires if.employees enter a foreign passport.number they also must choose the country.that issued the passport from the.drop-down menu employees must check the.first box if they don't use a preparer.or translator after that option is.selected all fields in the section are.locked.employees may use a preparer or.translator to help them complete the.form the preparer or translator must.check the second box in this section.then choose from the drop-down menu the.number of preparers and translators used.if the employee uses more than one.preparer or translator the form.generates an extra page for them to.enter their information if completing.the form on paper extra preparers and.translators must enter their information.on an additional sheet that can be.downloaded from the form i-9 web page.once the employee completes all the.fields and presses click to finish.fields completed incorrectly turn red.and are highlighted with a bold box the.form also provides pop-up messages with.instructions on how to resolve problems.you may edit each field separately or.clear all fields by clicking start over.the print button at the top of the page.activates your computer's print function.employees should only print page one and.extra pages with multiple preparers or.translators information if completing.the forms separately from their employer.the form may take a few seconds to print.as it generates a QR code after the form.is printed the signature and date fields.must be completed by hand by the.employee and any translators or.preparers those fields cannot be filled.on a computer we hope this video helped.you understand how to complete section 1.of a form i-9 obtained from the USCIS.website you can find instructional.videos for sections 2 & 3 also on this.page if you still have questions visit.the i9 central thank you for watching.[Music].now we'll discuss how employers must.complete section 2 of the form at the.top of page 2 employers must enter the.employee's name and the citizenship.immigration status box the employee.chose in section 1 in case the pages are.separated employers or their authorized.representatives must complete section 2.no later than three business days after.a newly hired employees first day of.employment for example if a new employee.starts work on a Monday form i-9 must be.completed by Thursday if an employee.will work fewer than three days.employers must complete section two on.the employees first day of employment in.this section employers verify and record.the list a or list B and list C.documents the employee presented to.establish identity and employment.authorization list a documents establish.both identity and employment.authorization list B documents.established just identity and list C.documents establish just employment.authorization if an employee presents a.single document from list a such as a US.passport you should record it in the.first area in the list a column however.if an employee presents a selection from.list a that consists of multiple.documents record each of them in a.separate area in the list a column list.B and C documents must always be.presented together.refer to the forum instructions for more.information on accepting and entering.acceptable documents although not.required the US Immigration and Customs.Enforcement the agency that enforces a.nine requirements recommends that.employers choose to keep copies of.documents employees present when.completing form i-9.however employers who choose to.photocopy documents must do so for all.employees regardless of their national.origin or immigration or citizenship.status employers who use e-verify must.photocopy documents in addition if an.employee presents an employment.authorization document form i-765 five.one US passport and US passport card.Iver Fi employers must make a photocopy.and keep it on file with form i-9 the.additional information field provides.space to add notations to form i-9 as.necessary for more information see page.11 of the form instructions in the.certification field employers enter the.employee's first day of employment then.employers enter their information in the.remaining fields authorized.representatives must enter their own.name and title then the employers.business information next the employer.or the authorized representative signs.and dates the form to a test that they.have examined the documents the employee.presented the person who examines the.documents must be the same person who.signs the form completing form i-9 on a.computer may help you enter this.information more easily.however after completing the form on the.computer remember to print and sign it.the next chapter will show you how to.complete section 2 using a computer.[Music].employers must complete form i-9 to.verify the identity and employment.authorization of new employees both US.citizens and non-citizens employees.complete section 1 and employers.complete sections 2 & 3.[Music].this video shows how employers fill out.section two when using a computer to.complete a form i-9 obtained from the.USCIS website first employers must.ensure that employees have access to the.form instructions and lists of.acceptable documents employers must.either provide employees with printed.copies or ensure employees have access.to them online anyone can access the.instructions from the form i-9 webpage.when connected to the internet you can.access these instructions directly from.the form i-9 by clicking the.instructions button at the top of each.page even without internet access.employers and employees using a computer.can move the cursor over fields or click.on the question marks to see.instructions let's see how employers or.their authorized representatives must.complete section 2 first employers.should review section 1 to ensure.employees completed it properly once the.employee presents identity and.employment authorization documents the.employer must ensure they are acceptable.for form i-9 employers must enter.information from the employee's.documents in section 2 employers must.complete and sign section 2 within 3.business days of the employee's first.day of employment if the employer and.employee complete the form together the.citizenship or immigration status the.employee selected and the name entered.in section 1 are automatically available.in the fields at the top of section 2 if.the employer and employee do not.complete the form together the employer.must open a blank form go to the top of.section 2 and enter the employee's name.and the number next to the citizenship.or immigration status box the employee.checked and section 1 completing the.citizenship and immigration status box.activates the drop down menus in the.list a B and C columns the columns.relate to the citizenship or immigration.status the employee checked in section 1.for example the employee checks box 1 in.section 1 and presents a u.s. passport.the employer selects one in the.Citizenship and Immigration status in.section 2 when the employer clicks.document title under list a the employer.can select the u.s. passport from the.drop down menu employers must always.sure that section one and any extra page.is generated from multiple preparers and.translators are properly completed.printed and signed if an employee.presents documents from list a select.the documents from the first drop-down.list in the first column entering.documents in the list a column.automatically fills lists P and C with.n/a to reopen list B and C choose n/a.from the first list a drop-down if an.employee presents list B and C documents.select the list speed document from the.first drop-down in the second column and.the list C document from the first.drop-down in the third column entering.documents in list B or C automatically.fills list a with n/a to reopen list a.choose n/a from the first list B.drop-down employers must enter an.issuing authority document number and.expiration date for documents if the.document does not contain that.information enter n/a the form may.automatically provide information for.certain documents the form also has a.space to enter additional information.check the form instructions for more.information on this feature next enter.the employees first day of employment.authorized representatives completing.these fields must enter their own name.and title and fill in the employers.business name and address information.once the employer or authorized.representative completes all the fields.and presses click to finish fields.completed incorrectly turn red and are.highlighted with a bold box the form.also provides pop-up messages with.instructions on how to resolve problems.you may edit each field separately or.clear all fields by clicking start over.the print button at the top of the page.activates your computer's print function.the form prints as two pages plus the.lists of acceptable documents the form.may take a few seconds to print as it.generates of QR code the signature and.date fields in section two must be.signed and dated by hand by the person.who physically examined the employees.documents and completed section two.those fields cannot be filled on a.computer we hope this video helped you.understand how to complete section two.of a form i-9 obtained from the USCIS.website you can find instructional.videos for sections 1 & 3 also on this.page if you still have questions visit.the i9 central thank you for watching.[Music].now we'll discuss how employers complete.section 3 of form i-9 - Rivera Phi or.rehire an employee employers must use.section 3 - Rivera Phi and employees.work authorization if the employee.presented an employment authorization.document that contained an expiration.date when it was originally verified.employers should never Rivera Phi US.citizens non citizen nationals or lawful.permanent residents who presented a.permanent resident card form I five five.one also employers should never Rivera.Phi list B documents however employers.may need to Rivera Phi a lawful.permanent resident who presented either.a receipt or a form i-94 a rival.departure record or a foreign passport.with a temporary form I five five one.stamp or machine readable immigrant visa.employers may also use section three to.update name changes or when they rehire.someone within three years of the date.of initial completion of form i-9.employers may also choose to complete a.new four.I nine enter the employees name at the.top of page two in case the pages are.separated completing form i-9 on a.computer may help you enter this.information more easily the next chapter.will show you how to complete section 3.using a computer.[Music].next we will explain the acceptable.documents employees may present to.establish identity and work.authorization employers must allow.employees to choose which document or.documents they wish to present from the.list of acceptable documents on page.three the documents must reasonably.appear to be genuine and relate to the.individual presenting it in most cases.documents presented must be unexpired.and original ci9 central for more.information on presenting expired.documents except for certified copies of.birth certificates no photocopies are.acceptable in some cases employees can.present an acceptable receipt in place.of an actual list a list B or list C.document including one a receipt showing.that they have applied to replace a.required document that has been lost.stolen or damaged the employee must.present the actual replacement document.within 90 days of their hire date - if.the individual is a lawful permanent.resident the arrival portion of the form.i-94 or form i-94 a that includes an.unexpired temporary I five five one.stamp and his or her photo this receipt.is valid until the expiration date of.the temporary I five five one stamp or.if no expiration date one year from date.of issue three the departure portion of.form i-94 or form i-94 a with a refugee.admission stamp if the employee.indicated he or she is an alien.authorized to work the employee must.present an unexpired EAD or.I 766 or a combination of a valid list B.document and an unrestricted social.security card within 90 days of their.hire date employers may not accept a.receipt that shows that an employee has.applied for an initial employment.authorization document employers must.not accept receipts of employment will.last less than three business days once.completed employers will need to store.all forms I nine they may be stored.on-site off-site at a storage facility.or electronically employers must keep.forms I nine and document copies.together employers are also required to.store form i-9 pages that contain.employee or employer information as well.as related preparer or translator.information and signatures employers.should ensure that all forms and any.documents are stored securely so that.only authorized personnel have access to.them make sure they are easily.retrievable in case you need to make.them available for inspection by.officials.in this chapter we'll cover requirements.for retaining form i-9 employers must.have a form i-9 on file for all current.employees however even after an employee.leaves the employer must retain the.employees form i-9 for a certain period.of time employers must continue to keep.forms I nine four three years after the.date of hire or one year after the date.employment terminated whichever is later.use this formula to calculate the.retention date.let's discuss what to do if a form i-9.needs to be corrected or is missing if.an employer discovers a mistake on a.form i-9 the employer or employee must.correct the existing form the employer.must also decide to complete a new form.i-9 to correct an existing form i-9 draw.a line through the incorrect information.do not white out or blacken out any of.the information then enter the correct.information and initial and date the.correction if the employer decides to.complete a new form i-9 instead the.employer should use the most current.version of form i-9 keep it with the old.form and attach a short memo to both the.new and old forms eye 9 stating the.reason for completing the new form it's.a good idea to conduct regular internal.audits employers who discover they are.missing a form i-9 for an employee.should one immediately provide the.employee with the most current version.of form i-9 to not backdate form i-9.when signing it 3 attach a memo to the.new form to document their actions for.proof of compliance to show good faith.[Music].using e-verify.after completing form i-9 lets employers.take the employment verification process.a step further to ensure they are hiring.a legal workforce Iver fi is an.internet-based system that.electronically verifies form i-9.information using government records to.confirm employment eligibility for newly.hired employees to enroll go to USCIS.gov /e verify under start here click.enroll in Iver fi we've covered a lot of.information if you still have questions.please visit I 9 central a very helpful.resource for completing form i-9.available in English and Spanish you can.also email us at I 9 central at DHS gov.and be sure to subscribe to our emus.letter the e-verify connection by.emailing a verified outreach at DHS gov.and typing subscribe in the subject line.here are your main points to remember.employers must complete form i-9 for all.employees regardless of citizenship or.immigration status employees must.complete and sign section 1 no later.than the first day of work for pay.employers must complete section 2 within.3 business days of the employees first.day of work for pay employers or their.authorized representatives must.physically examine the documents the.employee chooses to present from the.list of acceptable documents on page 3 a.form i-9 this person is the one whose.information and signature appear in.section 2.employers must accept documents.employees present as long as they.reasonably appear to be genuine and to.relate to the person presenting them.employers must have a form i-9 on file.for each current employee once the.employee is terminated forms must be.stored for 3 years from the first day of.employment or one year from the date of.termination whichever is later employers.must securely store forms I 9 along with.any document copies Eve Arif I lets.employers take the employment.verification process one step further to.help ensure that they're hiring a legal.workforce to enroll go to DHS gov /e.verify under start here click enroll and.Avera Phi.this concludes the webinar thank you for.your interest.

How to generate an electronic signature for the Uscis I 9 Form online

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Uscis I 9 Form FAQs

Here are the answers to some common problems regarding Uscis I 9 Form. Let us know if you have any other problems.

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