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The Information Guidance for GRADUATION CLEARANCE DIRECTIONS Policy Umn

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A Complete Manual with respect toGRADUATION CLEARANCE DIRECTIONS Policy Umn

[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].and the world's alright.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Applause].[Music].you can all sit down now is that just.about the best pomp and circumstance.you've ever heard let's hear for this.girl.so welcome families friends department.chairs associate Dean's faculty staff.and distinguished guests and of course a.very special welcome to the College of.Education and human development class of.2019.[Applause].I'm Jean quam the Dean of the college.and together today we are going to.celebrate the most important event of.the year for us for you we of course.hope for a sunny day but this year I.think we can be glad that there's just.no snow.this was the day we've been anxiously.awaiting for all of us this is the day.we honor our graduates wish them well as.they embark on their careers and I'm.very proud of all of our graduates and I.know those of you in the audience are as.well I want to give thanks today to.everyone who helped make this day.possible we need to start with the.students who work so hard to get here.and their family and friends who.supported them every step of the way.and I want to thank our faculty who.shared their knowledge and expertise.donors who invested in the college and.our students futures with scholarships.and our staff who have been here since.early this morning making sure that.everything was just right for today's.ceremony so thank you all now I just ask.you to sit but now I'm going to ask you.to stand again wave to any family and.friends blow Makia say thank you.[Applause].so if there's others that couldn't be.here with you today please be sure to.let them know how important they've been.to you in this journey I'd also like to.thank our special guests who are with us.today Regent Thomas Anderson vice.provost and Dean of graduate education.Scott Lanyon associate vice president.for public engagement and efer Co and.vice provost for faculty and academic.affairs rebecca ropers and we're.particularly proud of the fact that andy.fercho and rebecca ropers are also.faculty in our college i'd also like to.thank our musical performers i will say.not only do we have the best students.but by far we have the best music at a.graduation.I want you to particularly know that we.have fought iwasa Hebo who is the.percussionist on the drums Jeff Jones.vocalist Thomasina petrus vocalist.Thomas West on the piano and Larry Sims.on the trumpet and finally I'd like to.thank there's a there's a college.commencement committee who planned every.detail of this event and all of the.student services and college staff who.took today to be here with you and to.make everything run smoothly now I also.want to give you some advice.my aunt Ida used to always say that.there was a right way to do things now.this was a lot of years ago she taught.me to do thank-you notes written thank.you know it's not emails she taught me.how to wear white gloves which I don't.wear anymore.she used to her husband was the Dean of.Students and so she also taught me she.took me to a couple of graduations when.I was a very young kid and taught me.what to do at graduation how you would.can't clap very politely when someone.went around across the stage I just want.you to know we don't do that anymore.we don't do that in CEHD what we do is.when somebody is coming across the stage.whether or not you know them we want to.hear a hoop a holler a whistle applause.cheering let me could you practice and a.little music to go with it Hey.so that's the CEHD etiquette so if you.see somebody coming across any of you up.here and you and this will also make the.time go a lot faster if you can just.applaud for them so let them know that.you're here in a few minutes we're going.to confer the meed the MA the MS the MSW.the EDD and PhD degrees graduates your.diplomas represent hours and hours of.reading researching writing listening to.lectures studying and taking exams and.hopefully creating some fond memories I.hope you pause a minute to reflect on.what it took for you to achieve this.important milestone although many of you.have reached the end of your formal.education we hope that we have prepared.you to be lifelong learners we also hope.that you will stay connected with our.College as alumni and most of all we.hope that you go on to use the knowledge.and skills you have gained to make a.real difference in the world so now.before we begin with the ceremony I'd.like to indulge in one of my favorite.perks as Dean it's my privilege to be.the very first one to say.congratulations class of 2019.I just thought of one more thing that's.really important somewhere in the.program it tells you to turn off your.phones don't do that what I want you to.do is to make sure they're on silent but.we're trying to trend today and I'm.doing my part this is very serious.business we're a hashtag CEHD 2019.pretty quick pretty clever huh hashtag.hashtag CEHD 2019 so tweet your hearts.out send pictures I've already started.join us and let's see what we can do now.it's my great pleasure to introduce vice.provost and Dean of graduate education.at the university of minnesota scott.Lanyon scott earned his PhD from.Louisiana State University where his.research was in the field of alien.systematics said right that's right.thank you I didn't take any classes in.avian systematics.using DNA sequence data he and his.colleagues developed an understanding of.the evolutionary relationships among.families and species of birds after.coming to the University of Minnesota he.served for eight years as the head of.the department of ecology evolution and.behavior and 13 years as director of the.Bell Museum of Natural History and I.love it I'm getting tweets one of his.top priorities for graduate education at.the U is to prepare students for a wide.range of career paths not only in.academia but also for positions in.industry government nonprofits and k12.education other priorities include.increasing diversity and graduate.education building communities that.welcome students from underrepresented.groups providing training on how to work.effectively in diverse teams and helping.students communicate effectively with.diverse audience so please join me in.welcoming vice provost and dean of.graduate education scott Lanyon.Thank You Dean qualms for the invitation.to be here Regent Anderson dignitaries.I'll let you know that I'm actually.attending seven commencements this year.and I can tell you this is the best.music I'm honoured and delighted to be.with you here today to celebrate your.great accomplishments earning a graduate.degree is a significant undertaking one.that less than 10 percent of the US.population will achieve everyone has.questions what sets you apart is that.you have the motivation the perseverance.and support to pursue the answers to.those questions in academia you wondered.your passion patience and persistence.help you to arrive at this moment.although it's the Graduate alone who.will receive the degree the path that.each has taken to earn this recognition.has included many others no one does.this alone along the way our graduates.were nurtured and supported by parents.and grandparents aunts and uncles.partners and spouses siblings and.children they were encouraged and.inspired by friends and neighbors.classmates and colleagues faculty and.mentors many of whom travelled long.distances to be here today and some are.here with us in spirit and no less proud.of our graduates accomplishments the.College of Education and human.development has some of the very bright.best and brightest students at the.University of Minnesota the Dean asked.me to say that but it's true as experts.in human learning development and.performance each of you has chosen to.pursue a career that will make a.difference in the world many of you will.contribute to closing the achievement.gap improving outcomes for survivors of.childhood trauma or establishing new.approaches to health and wellness.education others will implement policies.that advance diversity and inclusion.create prevention programs for at-risk.populations or help ensure that people.of all abilities.have access to the same educational.opportunities some of you will develop.frameworks of leadership to help advance.organizations address issues and.experiences a diverse.to promote just and equitable outcomes.or explore new ways to support our aging.populations I believe that in your.chosen professions you will also address.one of the grand challenges of both the.generations before us and arguably of.those that follow us understanding.appreciating and embracing the.differences among us as human beings.decades of research has shown that.socially diverse groups that is those.with a diversity of race ethnicity.gender sexual orientation nationality.educational and socioeconomic background.are more innovative than homogeneous.groups a male and female child.psychologist for example might have.perspectives and insights on a situation.that diverged even more than those.between two male researchers one a child.psychologist and the other ikemen.in some situations a group of ordinary.people who are diverse can out-innovate.a group of like-minded experts diversity.jolts us into cognitive action in ways.that homogeneity does not will not can.not diversity makes us smarter it.produces better results will help us.achieve things we could never do alone.the study published in Scientific.American found that when disagreement.comes from a socially different person.we're prompted to work harder it's being.able to tolerate accept and learn from.those who are different that will propel.you forward as individuals as leaders.and we'll move on all of us toward as a.planet it's accepting that working with.people unlike you is not only the civil.thing to do.it is also the only way that we will.arrive at effective solutions to today's.problems as experts in your disciplines.you're poised to make great.contributions well disciplinary.expertise is necessary it's not a.sufficient condition for success as.graduates of the College of Education.and human development you bring forward.not just your own knowledge and skills.but also an ability and a desire to.connect with in with and listen to.people who are different than you with.viewpoints and experiences that contrast.with your own.each of you alone is smart but your.collective knowledge expertise.backgrounds and experiences have the.potential to be brilliant to be.brilliant we need to work together and.to work together we need to be able to.get along with each other to understand.each other in authentic ways to respect.each other to value our differences the.easiest path is to work and socialize.with people who look thinking act like.ourselves but it is also the path least.likely to lead to major advancements for.society you've chosen a more demanding.but ultimately more rewarding path to.work with individuals with diverse.disciplines cultures backgrounds.ethnicities nationalities abilities.views opinions and experiences to.challenge your own assumptions and.beliefs to consider alternate points of.view and explore the unknown it is on.this path that you will accomplish great.things congratulations and I wish you.the very best today and in the years.ahead.hello everyone I'm Debra Dillon the.senior associate dean for the College of.Education and Human Development and I.want to welcome you today and also take.this moment to thank vice provost Lanyon.for his fabulous words he is such a.pleasure to work with and we're so.fortunate here at the University of.Minnesota to have his leadership for.graduate and professional education.thank you it's my pleasure today to be.able to present Jeff Jones and Thomasina.Petrus performing unwritten accompanied.by Thomas West and Darryl Boudreau.[Laughter].[Music].[Applause].[Music].I break traditions sometimes my tries.outside the lines yeah.we've been conditioned to dot big.mistakes but I can't live that window at.the bank before you open up the dirty.windows Peppa started open the world but.you cannot find reaching for something.in the distance so close you get almost.[Music].know what.[Music].together like this.[Music].and not finally she put something in all.those.[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].else.[Music].[Applause].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].[Applause].[Music].the rest is still unwritten.congratulations Wow way to inspire us.from a CNN Jeff thank you so much well.today I have the pleasure to introduce.our commencement speaker dr. Michael.Rodriguez Michael Rodriguez is a.professor in the Department of.Educational Psychology and CEHD where he.holds the Campbell leadership chair in.education and human development he is a.fifth-generation Minnesotan and.first-generation college graduate who.received his BA from the Morris campus.he received his PhD in measurement and.quantitative methods from Michigan State.University much of his research is.focused on understanding the.psychometric properties of tests he.spends a great deal of time working with.schools and school districts to develop.methods for improving their use of.large-scale test information for.planning and evaluation he currently.provides advisory support for the.National Board of Professional teaching.standards the National Assessment of.Educational Progress the US Defense.Department on military personnel testing.the Association of American Medical.Colleges and the Burroughs Center for.testing through his role in the Campbell.leadership chair he is a founding.co-director of the educational equity.Resource Center at the University in.fact it is the region's first research.hub and portal dedicated to closing the.opportunity gap among his honors is the.Award for outstanding contributions to.post baccalaureate graduate and.professional education from the.University of Minnesota he's also.received the Robert H Beck faculty.teaching award from CEHD the Alumni.Society he's received the Albert J.Harris research award from the.International Reading Association and.the CEHD Community Service Award.Michael is Anna Mae.using scholar and an even more amazing.human being.help me welcome him to the podium.all right I thought there was a.PowerPoint no just kidding region.Anderson and Dean qualms faculty and.staff family and friends end graduates I.am I am happy to be here this afternoon.and I would like to start with an.observation the world is in these seats.before us and how beautiful it is this.brings me hope that people from around.the world can come together study learn.explore solve problems meet challenges.and build productive relationships and.because the world is here in these seats.in this arena we can be examples of how.the world could be our job is to take.care of ourselves.take care of each other and take care of.this planet with advanced degrees you.are uniquely positioned to do this some.would say we have a responsibility to do.more because of our advanced degrees in.moments like this I reflect on my own.commencement ceremony just 20 years ago.I call on my ancestors ancestors some.ancestors with indigenous roots who.lived and died that I could be here in.this moment all of their lives and their.work brings us here today in this space.in this time we are here because of them.I am the great grandson the great great.grandson and grandson of immigrants I.grew up in a house with four generations.listening to stories about immigrant.experiences on both sides of the family.I may be a fifth generation Minnesotan.but I am the first in my family to go to.college.and I am not an immigrant but I know the.challenges my ancestors faced to support.the family to support me I have achieved.much more success than I ever imagined.and I did not do this alone none of us.did for many of us we can point to.family members a teacher a counselor a.coach a religious leader who supported.and guided us when we in turn take on.the support role we will be better.equipped to take care of each other.ourselves and our planet and I'm really.happy to address you today I'm.especially happy because in those seats.are two of my advisees and a family.member so I'm just gonna say a few.things about my two graduating advisees.and my nephew this is my speech after.all so let's start with Jose Jose's out.there Jose finished high school in.Mexico and after arriving in Minnesota.he learned English he worked his way.through college I first met Jose at a.coffee shop at that time he was working.with immigrant students and families in.st. Paul schools now as a graduate.student Jose has contributed to several.innovative measurement projects.including the measurement of early.language development of four in.five-year-olds in Spanish and in English.and more recently exploring how graduate.programs at the University of Minnesota.assess graduate student learning.outcomes he is an award-winning scholar.and already contributed to our knowledge.base in important ways confronting.persistent challenges to promote.educational equity next there's Corey.Curry's out there when curry was.exploring graduate school he sent me an.email asking me what kind of.opportunities exist in educational.measurement he knew he wanted to work in.education but in a way that would.involve his interest in statistics and.research and would allow him to remain.connected to his community knowing.firsthand of the challenges his family.endured as Hmong refugees in America he.set forth a path to achieve advanced.academic credentials he has already.published on the topic of positive.development for among youth empirically.studying the assets and the supports.that produce success among among youth.Cory is an award-winning researcher and.is now the first Hmong psychometrician.in the history of the field.then there's Troy my nephew Troy's out.there this makes him a sixth-generation.Minnesotan one day when Troy was in.second grade.his teacher sent a note home.I think I'm quoting Troy spends his free.time in the school library he should be.outside playing with the other kids his.teacher was concerned because he's.reading too much several years later.when he was in high school.Troy spent a couple of weeks with me in.Guatemala and his grandfather where I.was working on a USA project there he.observed a level of poverty that we.don't really see in Minnesota created by.politically sanctioned segregation in a.deeply bifurcated society he is now.looking forward to being a high school.English teacher a high school English.teacher bless his heart.an avid reader with global awareness he.is ready to make a difference Troy thank.you for your service.we should all thank a teacher today for.their service and of course teaching is.a profession but it is also so much more.as you take on roles as teachers school.counselors school psychologists social.workers school leaders early childhood.educators future faculty and many other.roles the world will be with you just as.it is here today there are many Jose's.and Cory's and Troy's in those seats.each of you with a unique and important.story finally I know that some of you.still have work to do to complete your.degree requirements complete those final.papers those theses those dissertations.because your work has just begun we look.forward to watching how you take care of.yourselves.how you take care of each other and how.you take care of our planet on behalf of.your faculty we look forward to all the.great work that you will do good luck.and congratulations buena suerte eat.ELISA daddy's.Michael thank you so much for inspiring.us and for reminding us of the potential.for all of our lives and our.contributions you know I knew this talk.was going to be amazing and we had an.amazing talk last year too and I want to.remind myself of the amazing individual.who gave that talk Michael go who is our.vice president for equity and diversity.and he's with us today Michael.and at this moment I would like to.introduce to you our CEHD alumni.president Chris Dixon who would like to.say a few words.how are you guys doing out there I'm.emotional right now because it was 14.years ago that I walked across the stage.receiving my immediate applied.kinesiology so I'm very proud of each of.you and I'm just excited hi my name is.Chris Dixon president of the College of.Education and Human Development Alumni.Society on behalf of the CEHD Alumni.Society and the University of Minnesota.Alumni Association it is my honor to.congratulate you on earning your degree.today as CEHD graduates you are now.among the ranks of 75,000 fellow alumni.nearly 30,000 of them live here in.Minnesota and 1,200 of them work here on.campus at the U the University of.Minnesota has roughly four hundred and.seventy seven thousand alumni globally.that group is now your network tap into.it as you begin your career preparations.many of you will be relocating to other.cities it is a sure thing wherever you.go you're bound to be in close proximity.to you graduates we make it easy for you.to stay in touch you can find us on.Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn read about.our latest achievements in the CEHD.connect magazine and through various.newsletters and take part in various.alumni chapter and volunteer.opportunities as you embark on the next.stage of your journey there are three.things I encourage you to do one display.your diploma be proud of your.accomplishments and let your friends.family and co-workers know all about.your alma mater to keep us informed.about your professional progress and.share your accomplishments with us it's.easy and a great way to stay in touch.see the back page of your commencement.program for more details on how you can.update your contact information and.three explore and take advantage of.alumni programs offered by CEHD and the.university as a member of the you know.Percy of Minnesota Alumni Association.you can help support the important work.of the University one of the EU's key.strengths is our network of alumni who.care deeply about our future.the coaster you received today is a gift.from the CEHD Alumni Society let it be a.reminder that the alumni community is.extremely proud of you welcome new alums.and congratulations on your achievements.thank you Chris for your remarks and now.on behalf of Dean Jean quam associate.dean Naima Dewan associate dean Frank.Simons and me we will begin presenting.the candidates representing the.University in the official conferring of.the degrees is Regent Thomas Anderson.and I want to take a moment to tell you.a little bit about Regent Anderson he is.a licensed funeral director who owned.and operated the Anderson funeral home.in Alexandria Minnesota for more than 30.years an active community member he has.served on the board of the Alexandria.Area Chamber of Commerce and the.Alexander Alexandria area Economic.Development Commission he is also a.board member of ethos home care.healthcare in fargo-moorhead and a.former board of chair of the Newt Nelson.healthcare and Alexandria region.Anderson is a graduate of the University.of Minnesota with a bachelor's degree in.mortuary science and he and his wife.Angie have two adult children Craig and.Jack we really appreciate him spending.time with us in celebrating graduation.here in CEHD I also would like to.recognize CEHD Student Services Director.Amy Camp Tsin and director of the trio.student services Support Program Minerva.Munez who will read graduate names this.afternoon and now I would like to offer.instructions for you as we proceed.forward before we begin I want to.introduce the candidates by department.and degree graduates you should watch.the marshals and Usher's at the end of.the rows and they will lead you up to.the stage RAM or queue you as to when to.come to the stage Ram when you walk up.the ramp your name will be read and as.dean qualm stated earlier we know that.this is a very special day for each one.of you so as you walk across the stage.if we inadvertently pronounce your name.please feel free to tell the reader the.correct pronunciation and your name will.be read again you should then proceed.across the stage to greet region.Anderson Dean qualm and your advisor or.department chair we are a diverse.community and we respect and honor.students who do not wish to shake hands.due to personal cultural or religious.beliefs we ask that students extend the.hand first to express their wish to.shake hands a photographer will be.present to take your picture as you.greet Dean qualm you should then.continue down the ramp and return to.your seat now as Dean qualm reminded us.despite what you might have heard about.sitting politely at graduation.ceremonies remember at the CEHD ceremony.we allow and in fact we encourage you to.cheer yell whistle and make lots of.noise for your fellow graduates let them.know you're out there.and now region Anderson I have the honor.of presenting to you those students in.the College of Education and human.development who have completed the.requirements for their degrees.as we begin today we have a very special.opening to our ceremony I want to.introduce to you a wonderful human being.a wonderful professor dr. Neil Nickerson.dr. Nickerson is a professor in the.organizational policy leadership and.policy department he has been in olp D.for 50 years and he has helped support.and prepare the most PhD students in the.nation a hundred and sixty five at the.closure of today's ceremony.I am so pleased that he will join us.here on stage and help us with the.hooding of number 164 and number 165 at.this time I would like to ask Paul our.ramza to come to the stage.[Music].Doctor of Philosophy in organizational.leadership policy and development.education policy and leadership.Amy II handbook.[Music].[Applause].doctor of Education organizational.leadership policy and development.and let's all recognize dr. Neil.Nickerson our amazing colleague.[Laughter].we will now begin with the Department of.Educational Psychology the Master of.Education in special education.Lisa Vega.Abigail Meyers Jenna Montgomery Emma.Chapman Jessica Lynne Berg Laura Hobart.Elizabeth Kalinowski.Alvin seed Johnson Jessica Wilson.Stephanie who now mong-joon Shahrukh.Tian who are you saying.[Music].Laura hon car Conger.Catherine Augustine.Zackary Gibson and Elizabeth Ritter.Madison M Gaeta Tiffany K Petrie.Shannon Rosenberg Carlie & purtz.Christina.Wilkin the Department of Educational.Psychology Master of Arts degree.alexandria mul drew Jenna McGinnis.Sidney Pauling Heather Taylor.Sydney McCaslin Amelia Rudy Annie.Kristensen.Annie Gert.the Department of Educational Psychology.counseling and student personnel.psychology Z been Lynn Keaton cash are.smart jingming Theodore Wang hola Leo.Devon and Reese.Tory Rogers Jessica LaChance lawn King.Kong.Anastasia press Andrew Jacobson Michelle.Anderson Shelby and McCabe Briana.Christian Alison Nicole Beasley.Brianna ruff.Stephanie sin Jim.Katie O'Dowd Madison sour.[Music].Cassandra Rickles marrin shall go.Gabriela Rayleigh Imani Yassin Rebecca.angle lighter.Gretchen clefts dead Anastasia Oz Beck.Briana Sabri.Abbey Maxfield Nicholas Iverson Daniel.Hoffman Caitlin Cunningham.Sasha waste Rebecca.Mendoza and now we would like to present.the Doctor of Philosophy degree the.Department of Educational Psychology.Brittany Pennington.Branagh Rudolph.John Manu - ah.Elena Shawn.[Applause].Hikari.boo.[Music].Bohun leo.Jose Paul mala Samara.mah haah Jacobsen.Kevin demon.[Music].Ethan Brown.Stephanie Brunner.Chlo web.Victoria Earhart.Alisa chart.we're going to transition now and allow.the faculty from the department of.family social science to come down and.be ready to greet their students and we.will begin this afternoon by presenting.the Master of Education degree.Katie Sorensen Catherine Dickinson.Adelina would.Lisa Adrienne Pervez.Elizabeth plugs hers.Farah Wald Alcock.[Music].Kaley more.[Music].Kelly Tron's dad.Brooke.Lauren Swift.Kimberly thoraseal.Fatiha for a the Department of Family.Social Science Master of Arts degree a.LaVey Roth honey.Dimitri McGee the Department of Family.social science Doctor of Philosophy.movie Chan.pooja bra.Emily.Jordan Jensen.Eugene ha.[Music].Daniel Cooper.Noah Gagner.and now we'll take a moment for a.transition for our faculty in the School.of kinesiology to be able to move into.the position of greeting their students.and we will begin with the school of.kinesiology x' Master of Education.degree.Rebecca trip Andreea house Abigail.foul.Chang leo.Pablo he mana dominga.Michael Kelly.hate in fear.Paige Peschel.Richard Anthony Alberto Christopher.Murad.Chadwicks me.Madeline time.Robert Alexander Cruz.Nicole Shamu Catherine Alger Brandon.hunter Anna green.[Music].the school of kinesiology Master of.Science McKinsey fellow Francesca.Principi Courtney Boucher.Therese Catherine Wickman Saurav Dube.[Music].and now we'd like to present the school.of kinesiology Doctor of Philosophy.degree students ID Noel Cramer.Kristiana joy.Raymond Pope.ana faith.Kristen Noel would.gee whoa.honey and Savola.Alexander Cassatt.Hannah Walter.dong-gook year.Jessica hosts wolf.[Applause].and now we'll take another moment for.transition so that our faculty and.organizational leadership policy and.development may go to their place to.greet their students.and we'll begin with our LPD master of.education students Helen.Dorothy Wakeman.mohammed sheikh abdul-rahman.ahna Peters.Lee Danielson.Todd Leafman.Brandon Rudy.Greta tink.Nathaniel Hart Anderson long bang.zhang ziyi show Todd Mulder.the organizational leadership policy and.development higher education degree of.Doctor of Education mr. George e French.the Department of organizational.leadership and policy development Master.of Education degree the law Khateeb like.a team Nancy Chang.Anna.capito Megan cycle.a beef average.Clark Chamberlin Wellman Hinda Abdi.Mechele Hughes Foshay Jacquelyn birth.[Music].Sara Jackson.Angela Olson.zennith Petzl Casey Walt elephant ears.Maria della Rosa Haley Elizabeth.Clark.[Music].boffin Ning Jun Li Lin Ning Jun Lin Lin.Yutang.li Jing Jing.see Owen won yeah cool son.key thing.the Department of organizational.leadership policy and development Master.of Arts degree Alexander the guy Abraha.Stephanie Morrison Gandy.[Music].Christopher Stoltenberg Jessica Patrese.Cameron.Sara.Santiago Carly Derwin Matthew Kennedy.Chimay John.jaian Quinn.[Music].pan-pan Deng.and jenkin Kaitlyn bro back.[Music].Carrie.mellerup Elizabeth Winkelman.[Music].Khali panthan.the math f sh a mudra edward hacen.Master of Education in olp D Chanel.Tommy.and now the Department of organizational.leadership policy and development Doctor.of Philosophy Elizabeth Abraham.[Music].Stephanie Cisco.saying one young.Jennifer Ridgeway.Sandra AO.Felicia Kara.Kate diamond.[Music].Fernando Rodriguez.Jaqueline Rivard.Michael hibblen.[Music].Heather Naru.[Music].Peter James Burnside.marry slob.[Music].Jennifer freakin.[Music].[Music].Elisheva Cohen.Sarita Heath.[Applause].[Music].Samantha Elizabeth whole quest.hi Yoon Joon Kim.Joel Mixon.Elizabeth soaked tea.William Remer to the second.ko hyun-jung he Anderson I'm Henderson.[Music].and barn.Jennifer Steiner.Andrew Euler.[Music].Richard bomb altri.Maureen McConnell sacani.Millicent's Oh je.[Music].hey Lim Chang.Kevin shot injured.Jeremy Michael Clarke.[Music].Diane colossal Oh.so Ben Jen.Vidia Shanker.and now we'll take a small pause so that.the faculty from the Institute of Child.Development may go into their place to.greet their students.what would you like to do.so we're going to take a moment that.Dean qualms is going to give us a.special message but we'll have to listen.closely.oh yeah okay what's your name.I'm Nora Nora Nora was picked for this.very special honor so you may not have.noticed but we're actually in a hockey.arena we haven't had to worry about any.flying pucks today but one of the.traditions that our CEHD graduation is.that we do the wave in honor of our.students so this is also a good way to.get a little exercise here in the middle.of it so could everybody please stand if.you want to.okay Nora yeah Nora and I are gonna.start over here and we're gonna go.around here we go the way.[Applause].the hardest part is stopping.in honor of her good work we're going to.give Nora a master's degree today and.now we'll begin with our first Institute.of Child Development.Master of Education degree awardee Nora.Warren Amy.marry gorsek.Mackenzie Xuan.Malory Hall Kayla cockerel.Caitlyn Swanson Catherine to lean.Catrina Mitchell.Joseph Bluestein.and now we present the instituted child.development Doctor of Philosophy.Christina Mandy Rajjo.Amanda K Grinnell.Rebecca de Stefano.Catherine Ridge mayor.Josie Ramakrishna.and now we'll take a moment to.transition so our colleagues from the.School of Social Work can go to the.place to be able to greet their students.and now we will begin with the School of.Social Work Master of Education degree.Garry Moore Gabrielle.dear.Emily crumb burger can dance Sanders.Rini karna.justice Murray.[Music].Breanna Fisher Hannah Van Sant.well it Catherine win.the School of Social Work master of.Social Work kathleen molera.Cyrus Michael hair.Henrietta.Oh Lucci coal yard Miranda Barker.Kathleen Joe Peterson Jenna door Schnur.Gloria James.Maria Hewes.[Music].and now we'll transition again to the.department of curriculum and instruction.and we ask.and what a welcome for the faculty to.find their special spot to greet their.students.the Department of curriculum and.instruction Master of Education degree.Scott Raymond coming mundo allene Canali.Rosina jury.mark.Kerber.golly her.and Schroeder.wen 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Baron.[Music].marry head and strum.[Music].Norman ghalichi.Gina weevil men.preethi t2.[Music].Felicia Don liamok de.Stephanie Rollag UHN.Jody Hill Baker.John Berglund.Jame carlosgey.Nathan dearly.Timothy James Morrison.Tracy Hamel.Colleen Roth Bannock.Miranda Shore knack.[Music].[Music].justine Kim.Daniel bored Wow.[Music].Miranda Straub.Jong Kwai Joo.Ezequiel Jubair the third.Lee Fisher.Farah Turner.Kelly Swanson.Sheila gamble.yang Li Ching.and with that we have conferred all of.the degrees today.we have a few concluding activities and.then we will send you on your way here.is region Anderson thank you.so you've all done the hard work and now.we're going to continue the celebration.will all of the graduates please rise.[Applause].it gives me it gives me great pleasure.to complete this ceremony with your.conferral upon recommendation of the.faculty and by authority of the Regents.I now confer upon you the degree for.which you have qualified graduates.please move your tassels to the left.congratulation.puts it down on behalf of the entire.College I want to wish you abundant.opportunities to learn to grow to.connect to celebrate and to build the.life of your dreams congratulations.again now I'd like to ask Jeff Jones.Thomasina Petrus and for a special.surprise we have some of our marching.band members too.[Applause].they're going to join us on stage when I.ask you all to stand as we sing hail.Minnesota afterwards families and.friends please remain seated until all.of the faculty and graduates have.completed the recessional.[Music].[Music].I will proclaim.[Music].[Music].yes please be seated graduates please.remain standing for the recessional and.thank you all again for being here with.us today.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].

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Here are the answers to some common inquiries regarding GRADUATION CLEARANCE DIRECTIONS Policy Umn. Let us know if you have any other confusion.

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