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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Oklahoma Corporation Commission Form 1006b Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Oklahoma Corporation Commission Form 1006b

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what's--what libertarian is I hear that.all the time let me tell you a.libertarian is returning someone who.says you can be as liberal or as.conservative as you want to be just.don't force others to be like you god.that's what we are all about we are all.about long-term solutions not short-term.solutions we're all about changing.culture not just changing law law we.have to remember something at the end of.almost every single law is a guy or a.gal with a gun who will put you in a.cage and if you don't want to go in that.cage he or she is going to kill you.that means you only use law when it.really matters not just because I'm.angry not because I don't like you.not because you should do some activity.I think you shouldn't do or whatever.case maybe it's only for important.things like life and liberty and.property and things like that that's.when you use violence that's mean use.force that's what libertarian is all.about.[Music].yes Larry sharp here it is libertarians.drinking coffee live yet again rockin.and rollin trying to bring you more and.more libertarians who are running.showing you that it's not only about the.presidential election this year it is.about that but not only about that there.are lots of people who are running all.across the country locally trying to.make impact if you care about that they.do me a favor.like comment share we cannot grow our.own media if you don't do what you can.to like comment and share it to others.see it again and again and again so I.want to say I have something today I.have a friend of mine someone who is.running right now in Oklahoma for the.Corporation Commission the man himself.tada Gopi and how will you sir Mary good.thank you for having me Larry.of course and I got my coffee to brandy.strong as always but I rust you so I.apologize you couldn't get your coffee.after that's all right I'm trying to get.here quick and and I almost got pulled.over and then a ladder fell off a truck.in front of me and then I got caught.behind a train and it was like the.duopoly just didn't want me to do this.or that it's a conspiracy they're scared.I gotta tell you I got a ticket for the.first time and probably I know 15 years.I hardly ever get a ticket but I got one.and the worst part is I got spoiled when.I ran for governor.we're running across the state if I get.pulled over a lot of the state troopers.Know Who I am so it's completely unfair.and wrong and it's crappy but I'm happy.they do because they really give me a.ticket.so they'll catch me all right whatever.oh yeah yeah yeah go go go go go stop.let me go but I was in Jersey and the.Jersey cops have no idea who I am didn't.work anyway so I gotta ask you Todd yeah.you have thought about running before.now you have you thought about running.for the LNT chair yeah but then you.decided that what you were in the dude.was this Oklahoma.Commission yeah and this year why that.why now yeah that's a great question so.I did start a chair campaign last year.for the national chair and one of the.planks was actually that we had to focus.on local elections not winning local.elections and as I started talking to.people people really wanted a chair that.had some local activism that had been a.part of the state parties and that.wasn't me I had good ideas I think that.write ideas but just wasn't the right.person for the job sigh under Joshua.Smith and then I started looking at what.can I run for next and then I did.actually go after a school board.position and that didn't pan out and as.we were looking at this next election I.wasn't planning on running but a few of.us were trying to take a look at.Corporation Commission and get a.candidate in there and as it became.apparent that a Democrat was not going.to file we knew that we had a chance to.do some real damage in this race.two-person race and so I started looking.at what it does what it entails and and.really it just fit my skill set very.well and I said okay you know what some.guys drafted and put some money together.and we put together a filing fee and and.we jumped in there right at the last.second I'm the filing deadline so they.only have a couple of a deadline in.Oklahoma so you basically had a 72-hour.window and we jumped in I love that you.found a local spot that you can make.some damage and you said that I love.that you said we can do some damage I.love that kind of run a two-person race.amazing which means you're gonna by.default get whatever protest vote there.is by default and then people here who.you are their vote libertarian at least.ones yes by the way is this an actual.partisan race or no yes it's a partisan.race and as a statewide there's gonna be.1.2 plus million voters in this race so.we're talking about getting hundreds of.libertarian voters here and that is on.me yeah so so what is what does it do.like I don't know what it does yeah it's.funny a lot of states do have.corporation commissions not a lot of.states have powerful ones okay powerful.women and the reason is is because these.corporation commissions basically.regulate in this.that are suppose to potentially have an.effect on the public safety that audit.see what it is and so in Oklahoma you're.talking about oil and gas you're talking.about transportation your big deal.utilities and yeah it's a huge deal over.25 percent of Oklahomans are employed in.oil and gas.so this Gration is extremely powerful in.Oklahoma and typically has you know.entrenched Republicans running for it.and almost never has Democrats even.challenging and so I think the average.age or the average tenure of a Oklahoma.Corporation Commissioner is like 17.years they get it and they you know they.power you know and yeah and so that's.that's what we do is essentially we.figure out what regulations do and do.not be needed in the state and the clear.gonna be scared of you.yeah exactly I mean that the coolest.part is it's the perfect race for a.libertarian to axle when the libertarian.is right right no regulations this is a.commission that's grown 18 percent over.the last six years.I'm surprised only grown five percent.right don't even though that.conservative in charge they're growing.three times as fast as the state and a.great chance for us to show what certain.is what true libertarianism so let me.ask you if you are able to to actually.win this thing do you have a couple of.issues that you're talking about now two.or three that I like really the thing.you want to work on yeah absolutely so.the first one clean right has just cut.the red tape there's two regulations so.let's cut the regulations the second one.is a little more nuanced but is so.important and it is make sure that the.Corporation Commission is not picking.winners and losers yes so every time a.regulation comes in front of us it.doesn't matter if it's the right thing.to do or not it also has to be crafted.in a way that it's not advantaging one.industry over another or one group of.companies over another so that way and.the number three is Cleary also and.that's just put Oklahomans back to work.weird in a bad bad way here after coping.with so much of the oil and gas industry.falling off and.right get those regulations out of the.way and get people back to work.otherwise our state is in big trouble so.your sofa kovat for you it wasn't just.kovat it was also the dropping gas.prices all of that combined that had to.really hit Oklahoma hard how it's.actually the biggest thing so Kovac.didn't hit Oklahoma hard we've we've had.a pretty I'm a pretty reasonable time.with Cove incomparably two other states.but when that oil just collapsed I mean.that that took everybody out we have.tons of unemployment we have tons of.companies doing furloughs we have lots.of little guys are gonna go unemployed.there's people who own farms that are.allowing people to drill on those farms.that you are used to getting royalties.that now won't get Royals mmm a lot of.lot of impact in Oklahoma Wow Wow all.right so I guess the hardest part though.is when people hear dropping regulations.aren't thinking when to assume well now.everyone's gonna die this is horrible.right why why the world which what I.want to do that how do you pitch to the.average Oklahoman yeah that lowering.regulations is gonna help them get a job.back I think the average American.doesn't actually get that if they don't.make the connection obviously the.batarians do but I think the average.American does it well here's the good.thing in Oklahoma you have a very.conservative state to begin with right.everybody is already more Pro.deregulation than not and then on top of.that you have you have 25 percent of the.people are in oil and gas right so.everybody knows somebody that was.affected by gotcha but he has one story.or another where a regulation stopped.them from getting a job or Sarah cause.to layoff of somebody they know so.there's a lot irregular in undercurrent.in Oklahoma and well we're what we need.to do in this race is basically show.people that the Republicans are not.doing what they say they're going to.which is deregulate industry I like the.fact that this commission is growing.five times as fast as the economy which.is huge justification for that you know.and and this was supposed to be an oil.and gas Commission sort of commission.originally and.so many transportations the biggest one.so what are they doing they're going.after the truck drivers.well 92 percent of truck driving outfits.are small businesses.sure oloppor 11 resources to keep up.with these rice to be one your seats.there you go so it means everyone.absolutely you don't know what we passed.last week regular probably know but you.don't know and you get nailed with a.fine so I mean all these regulations go.directly against innovation and and.small businesses and driving new jobs in.Oklahoma got it why I love that this is.the reason why I love it so much is this.is thing you said I care about local.then you know what I'm gonna go do local.and you picked one that fits your skill.set you can actually make some impact.III love so let me ask you got to do it.I don't mean to be crazy but Oklahoma.Tiger King yeah everybody loves that.Tiger King I mean you were there running.right kind of I actually moved to.Oklahoma right during the primary do.that problem yes I reached out to all.three primary contenders including Joe.Cory Anna we had an interesting exchange.a lot of them ulterior motives I'm.making money off of that run any and he.clearly wasn't my candidate but it was.an interesting primary to watch I and of.course I ended up actually latching on.to Chris who you had on the other day.yeah not being her nominee in then Chris.and I had lunch when I was in Oklahoma I.went there and I raised money yeah I had.lunch with him there so yeah yeah he.actually got me into the Oklahoma party.right now the Tulsa regional chair so.well it's amazing so let me now look at.you now have hindsight right yeah yeah.you can look back and say okay now with.hindsight overall was was Joe exotics.run good for Oklahoma libertarians not.good did it not matter what what's the.balance in your mind I mean obviously it.gave us press right that's obvious.yeah now that you're there yeah so I.think two things I would say one people.don't realize as much as we think they.do that he was a libertarian.ah okay I've met people that are.watching this series that aren't.libertarians that's not popping out of.them like it's the number-one thing.about it about him so that's the first.thing it's not it's not the thing that.everyone gets out of that Ben it's.actually bigger within a libertarian.circles it really is yeah I'm like not.but he loves them everybody loves the.show they're just that not what they're.taking from the show right now that.being said there are some people that do.and do I think that's a positive.absolutely.it's absolutely a possible guys for.example one of the very first articles.that was written on my life was.something along lines of he's running in.Oklahoma but he's no Tiger king wow.that's great right there in the in the.headline from libertarian Republican.right self and essentially what they.what the beginning of the article was as.hey this guy is you know American father.for suburban president of a company you.know he's not at all like Joe exotic.right guess what we can be in the same.party because I don't care how many.husbands Joe exotic add-ons in our.Tigers he owns you know and and we're in.the same party and and even though he.you know arguably had very few.libertarian views and that can be you.know set aside but he arguably had very.few libertarian views we look he's.willing to be in the party and he's fine.to be in the party and we'll take all.the publicity he wants to give us but.yeah is is that you know we can have.somebody like me we can have somebody.like him we're voting for the same thing.and that's deregulation I like that.so overall was a positive if you had to.go back right if you now again having.hindsight you didn't know then yeah.having hi you go back in time and talk.to Joe before he started running what.advice would you give him or would you.have you many we just you know what go.on you find or we get them some advice I.mean that very first we said why should.I give any libertarian who wants to run.for anything is let let's go through the.platform my my line right it is a.hundred percent okay to disagree with.portions of the platform but you need to.understand when you're disagreeing right.I mean it's them and when you're not and.that be clear about why right and and so.and how hard you're gonna disagree about.this Joe kind of came into the.primary and just had his own thing going.and his own ideas and I don't think he.ever knew when he was being literature.heard as a libertarian you know I mean.it and so that could have been better.because he when he did get fresh.sometimes looked at on the libertarian.you know Spanish ones that shadow lesson.got it I see that's good that's actually.good advice that's good advice.I like that so all right so I'm glad.that that overall tired King was a good.thing I'm very happy because I was.concerned I didn't know how that was.gonna work right whether it was gonna.help someone who's you know now running.in the in this case down take it from.him.yeah right and then a year or two after.so do you have an opinion on him do you.think is gonna get out yeah I think I.think you know Donald Trump loves his.high profile person and not the he would.be good but I think that he'll end up he.instead will find a way to get him out.plus I'm not sure you know I think he'll.find a way to get out he's not gonna be.in there for very long do you think he.comes back to our party or not yeah I've.got to tell you he danced I bet she does.I think you know I gotta tell you I know.a lot of people say his views aren't.libertarian and I think some of them.aren't that's obvious but I do think to.give him credit.the closest party time is probably still.libertarian yeah and I'll tell you that.probably and I don't have experience.with it bun-chan 18 months in that.prison will make you a little more yeah.absolutely right exactly going through.that will probably change exactly so.good all right so let me ask you now.with that in mind how do you make impact.right I mean this this is gonna be tough.right I know um Oklahoma is it shut down.the same as New York little different.how are you guys doing.yeah we had a pretty light shutdown so.I've been in the office every day the.entire time um but there are industries.that shut down obviously restaurants you.can go in and stuff like that we started.open enough a couple of weeks ago in a.phased open and we're pretty much open I.think by today or next Friday or.something like that just about.everybody's open okay so it's gonna be.people who are afraid to come out shared.um people who literally have of the over.eighty or you know.have a pre-existing condition they're.not gonna want to go to events and such.so how do you I mean this is statewide.brace for you right yeah statewide that.means you got a drive for hours right.almost any States not Rhode Island right.right I mean it's not Lhasa variety that.means you've got to get out there and.drive around and meet people and all.that kind of stuff.how you gonna make impact well and I.think part of that is gonna play into my.strengths which is social media right.social media is something that I I think.that I'm decent and and with this race.people aren't gonna want to go out and.stuff and that makes press even more.that makes SEO more important that makes.Twitter ads more important makes radio.more important yep we've already gotten.a list of over a hundred you know media.outlet Oklahoma we have emails we have.phone numbers we've got a press packet.that we put together we're gonna reach.those folks where we're working on a.nationwide undertaken campaign with.libertarians saying hey listen this is a.win embrace yeah you've you've always.given twenty-five fifty dollars to races.we're gonna get two or three percent.this is a winnable race in a year where.there's not that many so come on out.help us out by some merch get some sun.bucks here and there and let us reach X.number of Oklahomans so for ten bucks I.can reach 2500 Oklahomans you know what.I mean so how many Oklahomans can you.help me reach I'm sure we're gonna get.at it is social media through there.through the traditional press because.also they're going to be interested in.this story it's like nice little making.a real run a one-on-one run against a.Republican you know so I think we're.gonna I think we're gonna do it I am.actually not planning on the foot.traffic although I'm putting together a.foot traffic team mm-hmm so foot.soldiers that will be out there knocking.on doors and we already have 10,000.libertarian addresses and we're going to.go out and get that there's actually.three hundred thousand independents in.Oklahoma registered at the bow and the.reason we only have ten thousand.libertarians is cuz we haven't been able.to be registered just nobody really.exactly climbin them there are a lot of.folks who consider themselves.independents and those are going to be.people that we really target with our.foot traffic nice oh that sounds amazing.I love it.so how do you handle the fear the fear.right now that you see that polarizes.people right that says if I lean right I.got a vote the other Republicans I got a.vote Trump if I lean left I got about.Democrats got a vote you know Biden.what's the Democrat one um vote blue no.matter who yeah right I mean that that's.I mean I'm using the Democrat one with.Republicans in the same way right they.don't believe that you got a vote red or.blue if you don't the world's gonna end.right that's it it's a it's a great.question there's a lot of states and.this is kind of how I look at it there's.a lot of states that Wow one party.always dominates okay I know I'm the.opposite of you yeah and people like to.ignore those states but that idea hold.on something you wear the red shirt on.with a blue shirt that's right.people like to they like to ignore these.things right like it's impossible to win.this this other guy is always gonna win.yeah these are mistakes we actually need.to be focused on especially when you can.get down to a two-person race okay.Democrats they're not gonna go out and.vote for the Republican okay so how do I.get some Democrats to endorse me so.that's with thee we're not gonna pick.winners and losers message you go after.the compulsions with cut red tape put.and then you go after everybody with the.put Oklahomans back to work so you have.different strategies for different types.of people and you go after them with.different messages um and and and.essentially one of the underlying.messages is this is a protest vote this.is a none of them but you know and and.you don't actually have to go out and.say I'm gonna go out and get fifty one.for some of this and you're gonna elect.a libertarian that might stare a.Democrat right it's possible that I go.out there and just say listen you need.to stick it to the Republican mm-hmm.or Trumper you need to stick it to the.Republican and the independence you know.hey forget about the two major parties.we need to get a third party vote in.Oklahoma is two hundred seventy-one.thousand votes forth.party run we are gonna crush that record.this year we're gonna beat the third.party record so thanks to the.Independence's come on board let's stick.it to the duopoly you know and and so.the idea is is you have a different.message for each of them and kind of.come over that fear on this is what you.this is like a good idea to join this.team this year this is what I was.thinking you know in New York State.specifically right New York State.obviously with the opposite of you.Democrats want everything right we.didn't just run everything in New York.City I think there are 51 people on our.council I think three Republican.everyone else Democrat right and it just.it's dominated by Democrats in New York.State we don't wear the the an hour week.what we have in our state Democrats.dominate the Senate and the assembly and.of course for that 12 years you're gonna.have the governorship so I mean we just.we we have a totally blue state right.but my point then is why would you vote.blue or red in a statewide election and.this state what election blue always.wins right so it's not like if you vote.libertarian it's gonna all of a sudden.have the out of nowhere now we become a.gold state now could we get a golden.victory yeah but it's still Tuesday so.if you're a Republican.why vote Republican you throw on your.boat away oh they hate hearing that.right right I'll be voting on Democrat.you're throwing away anyway so I do see.what you're going it does make sense.the sad part is though in our in my case.the the Republicans rarely allowed to.person races Democrats to it's rare in.myself it happens but if you're I've.heard in many other states there's two.nurseries is when it comes up there in.my state really our Democrat Republican.parties still fight for almost.everything even if they shouldn't they.fight for almost everything in fact when.I ran it was a five person race oh wow.when I ran for governor.couple of different little parties - yes.so just it's really it's it's a.different world but I get what you're.saying completely so that's how you you.get past past that pond I love it are.there any.I mean you mentioned you know people who.are gas oil right.are they niches for you or are they.gonna say let's go Republican because.we're scared no we are we are gonna get.to talk to those folks obviously not not.Lobby with them and and whatnot but.we're gonna talk to them and listen to.them and let them know what we're all.about it I mean the folks who are.looking for a politician that can be.bought and that can you know implement.policy that helps their industry then.then those are the folks some guy you.know the folks you know feel like small.business is a natural connection for you.am I wrong with that no that's the one.so the folks that are used to getting.the people who pay off politicians and.lobby and have that those are gonna be.the people that are on my side and the.small businesses are a huge contingent.in Oklahoma so I used to be a small.business just to be okay there we go now.right now I run a company that's owned.by Berkshire Hathaway who's no you know.their business right so I run a business.but it's not my own gotcha.so so you but you've been there so you.know what that's like so that's a.natural connection for you also I think.yes I've run big businesses 700 million.number on small businesses very small I.understand how regulations can actually.impact the different businesses.different ways and I understand the.advantage that the big businesses have.and how they use that to then listen so.I'll be able to make that connection.here in Oklahoma good so I hope you win.that'd be amazing um what if you don't.win do you have a do you have I guess a.consolation prize or a second wind that.you would say I mean for me I was very.lucky in New York State I don't win I.get ballot access easy consolation prize.for me about you well our three goals.from the campaign from that perspective.our one ballot access so we need two and.a half percent obviously we're gonna get.that because we signed up for a.statewide race without the Democrats not.that one's gonna be good.270 1000 votes is next one let's keep.and the third party record until we get.to 51% you know I mean and then.obviously 50.1% is the third and that's.what I love that's amazing you.you act you actually can measure each.one of those for whatever your wins are.and I gotta tell you a lot of people who.run they don't have it that Chris not.that clear-cut that crystallised yeah I.love that is it okay if I ask you and an.LNC question sure someone actually asked.have you changed your mind on a video.endorsement of Josh Smith because now.Joe Bishop henchman is in Luke Weinke is.in have you changed and your endorsement.at all or you still have the same.endorsement as the past no I have the.same endorsement and I like both of.those folks I know bishop henchman and I.message back and forth when I was.running.Weinke helped me actually put together a.a chat with the New York libertarians at.one point in time so I know both of.those gentlemen but Josh Smith he's he's.matured and growth and grown so much.over the last two years and just I.really appreciated how he's handled all.the nonsense that's going on right now.about what to do with the convention I.mean he's just he's been very mature.very straightforward about it and you.know any of those for you guys to do.would be fine Josh's camp yeah no no I.know that Mel - I'm good I'm great um do.you have a view one might Shipley give.him also running oh yeah I like Mike a.lot we had a debate together obviously.he's probably not my cup of tea from a.libertarian perspective but I am I like.Michael I he's done some amazing things.at the local level and I think one of.the debates I you know they they gave me.a chance to challenge him with the.question and I said I'm not gonna.challenge you how about you just tell us.how you accomplish that because that's.pretty awesome you know I'm in shock.with that we need to do more of that you.know in instead of at your crappy.candidate I'm better than you.it's you know as how did you triple your.membership how do you do that because if.everyone across the country did that.that would be incredible so much other.even if we disagree this is the thing.that I tell at all time right at the end.of you notice but I put a lot of people.in my show who in theory running against.me but I've stand alone anyway I don't.get there.because I want to have a conversation.right the worst part is for anybody.who's you know running now if you're.running against each other in the party.a month or two from now you're gonna.have to be in the same team aren't you.yeah that's right that's right.it's not going Todd that guy's a jerk I.hate that guy.and had a month later oh you should all.vote for him that is coma jerk last.month we're all on somebody's team right.and and so I trade it back and forth.we're all on somebody's team so so try.and keep it positive you know number.across Republicans how they become so.vitriolic with themselves it's it's a.hard spot to be in for sure so all right.so is there anything that you would like.to bring up and talk about before we.wrap this up ya know the only thing that.I was thinking about before we got on.this call was and I don't even know if.you remember this Larry but in 2016 you.and I had a phone call and it was I even.became a member of the libertarian party.and and first of all I want to thank you.for that cuz that was awesome and then.second of all I just want to say that.that is how we grow this party okay you.Austin Peterson Adam khopesh all reached.out and allowed me to talk to them.before I was ever anybody and and even a.member you know me and and that's how.we're gonna grow this party so I think.that when we're talking on Twitter when.we're talking on social media or even in.the office we just have to be really.conscious about how we're talking about.libertarianism are we trying to pull.people into the party or at least learn.whether they should be in the body are.we just bashing them over the head and.and those single conversations can kind.of butterfly effect all the way to you.know national chair races and statewide.wins and things like that down the road.and and so I just first of all thank you.and then I want everyone listening to.just think about that when they're.having their daily interactions even.with other libertarians but for sure.were people who are kind of on the fence.and don't know if they want to go in.with this party well it's funny he said.you know I I tried hard after the 2016.the VP race to stay involved and I did.and I took a lot of phone calls and I.did I talked a lot of people and I still.do but that was one of the reasons why I.started char kway by the way it was.originally last year when I started it.before this happened I'd go into a.studio and I would take phone calls.because I so many people wanted to get.in the float with me I literally.couldn't have a job and do that so I.said I know what let me create a place.where people can just call me and then.it's a time it's two hours people wonder.why was a tree all - oh it was so I can.put all my calls in one school I was.spot.that was the goal binder right yeah so I.try to get people cuz call me this.first-come first-serve.two hours every Monday night and that.was the whole goal behind it to make.some like it has more of those calls.that you talked about and then it could.it could still work I can still do it.and still have a job it's those about my.family has to do all those things and.this is why by the way now this short.way on Monday night is a two-hour AMA I.can't people just now texting questions.and I try to go back and forth so I'm.still trying to keep it up because I.think you're right the more we have.those one-on-one conversations the more.we came up with the purses individual.and whatever stereotype they thought you.were weren't yeah.we're not that we're actually a human.being just like they are that's the.connection that I love that I think a.smaller party has and I hope as we get.bigger I hope we don't lose that yeah my.word is we might right but I hope we.don't which is reason why I spend so.much time as you know pump in local yeah.because if we become a party where the.only person matters is the god-king at.the top we don't become a party anyway.you become a coal we're no better than.them that's correct.we've got to be to where each local yeah.I tease all the time and I say you know.if you look at me going a little.off-topic but if you look at the the.parties over the past 40 years.if you're old enough to remember there's.a big difference between a trump.republican a push Republican and a.Reagan Republican and Obama Democrat and.a Clinton democrat and a quarter.Democrat there's a big difference.between those even the same party a big.difference happiness because the guy or.gal in this case the only guy at the top.you changed sure when the warlord.changes the tribe changes yeah but when.it comes to the Libertarian Party I can.call myself King and libertarians if I.want to I'll get laughed on the stage.right because we don't have a king.right we have someone who happens gonna.top of our ticket at this given time.right and that's about it.oh yeah whole like cuz Garrett Johnson.went to my 16 we're not Gary Johnson.libertarians I mean I am love Gary.Johnson but the vast majority of us are.still the same guy or gal that we've.always been great no I think it's a it's.a strength that we have that I hope we.keep yeah thank you.absolutely alright so anybody who cares.about that the man himself Todd please.support him head on over to libertarian.in chief calm he needs volunteers.he needs media and he needs money and.he's in the race that for sure will make.impact and he might actually win this is.what we want to be talking about it's.important that we're doing this Todd.thanks for coming I appreciate coming.out Thank You Larry this is great.awesome all right guys thank you I'll.talk to you all very soon.

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