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tonight on real families the childrenthat grow too much scale we asked herwhat she wanted for Christmas and shesaid normal skin and we had to sort ofsit and explain that that wasn't canever be possible for a run two familiesbattling a painful and incurable geneticcondition that strikes one child in amillion when she was born I was guttedeverybody would look once the perfectbaby she looked very oddyouI was actually quite ill all the waythrough the pregnancy not just forsickness but I had lots of infectionsand really not very well and I knew forquite a while that things weren't rightI don't know if I dreamed about it Idon't think I did it was just there inmy head the whole time I just knew thatsomething was going to be very wrongI actually officialized what Lucy wasgonna look like and to me the bestViking but it was I thought it shouldlook like something from outer space nowif I'd have told anybody that theyprobably thought I was crazy and thenshe when she was born she was exactly asI'd seen er that is just the strangestthing to imagine because how couldanybody imagine a child looking the wayLucy didI saw Lucy before Jan did everybody wentquiet it was just a hush and that's whenJan said is there something wrong whatbaby as they lifted her out you couldhave dropped the needle on the floor andheard it and I just said what's wrongwhat's wrong mister there's somethingwrong with her skin so they wrapped herup and showed it to me in Clive and thentook her off to special care a firstreaction oh my god what we done Cliveand Jan's daughter Lucy was born withHarlequin ichthyosis an incurablecondition which causes the body toproduce too much skin a life sentencefor both sufferer and family alikeHarlequin ichthyosis is one of the mostrare type it is a severe expression ofabnormal skin and has a high mortalitythe whole body is completely encased inthis very very thickened scaly hard suitof armor and it causes tightness sothere is restriction of movement of thearms and legs and in particular thefingers and toes the face is verydeformed the eyelids are inverted earsare bound down and the mouth is verytight because of the tight skin aroundit it can be a very scary sight and avery worrying sight particularly forparents immediately loved to write fromthe logo the fact that she looked theway she did didn't change how she feltwell Jen want to do when the baby wasborn when Lucy was born was actually bewhether to hold her and so do mum thingswhether she's our little doll need fightfor her whateverthere wasn't long before we saw throughthe skin and we could see what wasunderneath that didn't take long butthat first initial shot was never talkedto the last ringLucy is now 17 she's the oldestHarlequin sufferer surviving in Britainone time in schoolsomeone is tired is mean we go Manor Iwas gonna die when I was 16 I didn'tknow what where that came from becausemy friend told me said that she'd heardit from someone and she'd asked me if itwas true and I said no no no as far as Iknow her survival is down to alife-saving ritual of scrubbing andbathing every morning Lucy's mother Jangets her up at 4:30 but just loved to beI just get up at like Kortright thatleads to people Dean something was madeany other day I got up at 7:00 and thatand I was thinking well I got up at abus for and I really I didn't sign of inI just sat there and fought itdespite the punishing regime Jan andClive decided to try for a second childthe chances of having another child withHarlequins was exactly 1 in 4 to have a1second child wasn't entirely my decision1I wasn't happy having a second child I1once knew she was born with her problems1German to give me a child who was1perfect I wanted Clive to have that and1experience holding a new born babe with1soft lovely skin Clive was very unsure1about whether he wanted another one and1I'm afraid it probably was well I know1it was my persuasion that we had a1second one so reluctantly I agreed to1have st. child and we have Hannah Angie1oh when Hanna was born that was the1confirmation of the skin condition1reappearing again because it said for a1couple little bits and pieces they're1just like going back to youth Hannah was1born with added complications she has1cerebral palsy and is small for her age1Clive felt very sad and obviously he1must have been angry as well at the time1he used to do karate and I know he just1came and thumped hell out of the punch1bag to get rid of the frustrations took1my knuckles down the wrong blood and1very angry I think if he'd had his1choice we probably wouldn't have had a1second one but having said that Hannah1is the apple of his eye so hopefully I'm1not hopefully we did do the right thing1I think I've never had difficulty1discipline any child at all so did my1reading difficulties accepting Lucy or1Hannah1did my doors overnight Lucy and Hannah1grow as much skin as a normal body would1in 14 days every morning and every night1they have to bathe for up to two hours1the top layers of excess skin have to be1rubbed off and softened to prevent it1cracking and causing infection this1painful process began at birth the night1sister was amazing and we actually used1to have competitions to see who could1peel off the most skin sounds quite sore1but it was a way of getting through it1during the day I'd be doing it and I1would still go through at night but they1insisted that I rest1she'd comes to me in the mall and say1look what I've taken off and when she1came on at night I said how are people1you if this is how much skin I've got1hmm no loads escaped today I try and1avoid this orbit yes I'm sorry say it1better so much skin when Hannah was born1thick it was really difficult with Lucy1only being very small and young as well1it was a case of Doom one and then doing1the other one it was incredibly hard1work now there are some parts of it that1are easier but there are a big large1areas to scrub so from that point of1view it's hard and also from my point of1view I'm getting older and also because1I've got arthritis now it makes it quite1difficult by doing it every day stop1testing your skin via satellite doesn't1it yeah anything you get very tight and1you get the loads and those skin skin is1particularly bad I mean we've sat quite1together on we times when when it's1really really sore that's all then we1both get upset when Lucy cries don't1know because like yeah you need to die1when she can't do it1I don't like being here I know you1prefer to be have the way you don't know1when she's getting script yeah in the1early days Iceland was scrubbed the1girls and1and of getting addressed and we had1scaffolders right and I was doing Lucy1and Hannah and and Lucy's crying Oh1daddy don't please daddy don't and I1said to John Gurdon told him scaffold1was all my doors that's what we have to1done and that to me was what the last1Tom's are done throughout their1childhood Jan has had to bathe and scrub1Lucy and Hannah every day the skin is1the largest organ in the body and a1barrier to infection the scrubbing and1creaming is what's kept the girls alive1it's only now they're older that they1can take responsibility for their own1creaming yeah sometimes this yeah it1does make me feel better1Hannah and Lucy used 1/12 kilo tub of1cream between them every five days I2always wonder like how come in this2always what did we have to beat one just2polish skin I'm always wondering that I2never asked mum but I always wonder it's2in the mornings in the afternoons2I'm just before we go to bed2I don't remember when she was small one2Christmas we asked her what she wanted2for Christmas2and she said normal skin which was2incredibly heartbreaking because I2couldn't do it for her2I'm glad that Lisa's got the same2conditions made Lucas the way she didn't2I'd be all alone left out well she'd be2all alone and left out Lucy has had to2learn how to cope with being different2her condition has also affected her2sight leaving her blind in one eye and2with only 10% vision in the other2despite this2she's managed to attend mainstream2school and past eleven GCSEs she's now2in her final year at college if I'm2there at college or die or put cream on2my face with hands all day and then at2lunchtime oh and go and get changed like2change her clothes completely then it's2not clean like my face and hands that in2the afternoon and then when I finish2college I'll go home I should get2creamed and changed again and then like2watch telly do College work or go out on2my bike or whatever I tend to get ready2for bed I have I early and sit upstairs2in my room and that and go to sleep in2half time and then my mum wakes me up2when she goes to bed to put to cream2again like we mentor my clothes again2and then then I get up again in here2other cops of London town hard-working2very even true at the moment Lucy2studying childcare she hopes to be a2play assistant she's on her two-day work2placement working with special needs2children2my little girl has come to me over time2I've got grease and oil and I'm like no2it's cream and another little girl she2says and Lucy you'll be white when you2next year and sorry to say yes because2she she I think if I say no she gets2upset and gets hurt that I won't get2better finish now he finished2the BET's family live in Bradwell near2Great Yarmouth the two daughters have an2incurable skin disorder caring for them2occupies mum Jan's every waking moment2her day starts at 4:30 bathing and2creaming the two girls the lotion they2use means all clothing and bedding must2be laundered daily I strip the girls2BET's off stripping all the shapes what2pillowcases need to come off and then2they all go in pink bags that we get2provided with I hate Monday mornings2because it's rubbish day as well so I've2got all the rubbish saw and then the2sheet man comes as I call him because I2get delivered sheets 5 the hospital or2through social services social services2also provide a carer for 9 hours a week2to help with the girls but the housework2is left to Jon a case of making them up2again which is to draw sheets a bottom2sheet pillows and a top sheet and that's2on each bed and I do that every single2day Lucy and Hannah are two of only2seven Harlequin sufferers in the UK2being so unusual makes living an2ordinary life difficult I like to go2shopping it's my favorite thing I like2to be cinema I tend to tap my niece and2nephew Hannah to cinema you can kiss me2you can hold me baby talk to me my hair2I will kill you2see I'm not going to yell there's a lot2of holidaymakers and I get a lot of2people staring at me when I was truck2backs of my friends this woman came in2and she just suddenly said does your2skin hair and I said yes and then she2said oh it hit we didn't get sunburned2because that happened to me last summer2another woman came in with her child in2the child right now look at her and and2it's not this woman again does Tara I2said oh he got sunburned and my friend2his time at length got sunburned she's2got something wrong with their skin and3she's like oh yes and then I went into3the toilet and I can hear my fin and3they were talking about someone and I3had my friendís yellow and she's like3she hasn't got sunburned who's yoga I3like that yeah I just don't like the3label because I scratch me Helen is3coming a lot more where now she's3realizing that she is different to other3people3I told her story of that I used to think3I'd get better and she's a but aren't we3gonna get better and I had to sit down3it's fine to her no no no we're not3getting better and that confused a3little bit oh I like the fluffy yeah I3know if I'm out somewhere sometimes3there's some other children a spare you3see so I if it was like little children3but big children shouldn't stare I like3it3they always go as a regular three smell3of Britney's new person3why he : it's naked bare hand whole3sentence3yes huh % oh no we have got holes in3Lucy and Hannah's condition is inherited3it's only triggered when both parents3have the same defective gene the chances3of that happening are one in a million3the girls have only ever met one other3Harlequin in their lives we had a phone3call one day from somebody who had given3birth to a family Roy still giving birth3to a little girl and that little girl3was Dana Bowen she's eight now for3babies when she was born I was gutted3she looked very odd obviously I tried to3follow all the procedures when you first3pregnant if not doing these not doing3that eating the right things and stuff3and I was like okay well what what's3happened where have I gone wrong one of3the ways we're describing it one of the3doctors is used is the word grotesque3and to be honest in some ways he's3actually quite fitting well then no one3wants to think of their cuddly pink3little baby as grotesque but in some way3she was I mean her skin was extremely3thick across the chest and stomach it3was split the eyelids were inverted the3the mouth was very wide it actually3looked like she had no ears because they3were actually skinned over her hands and3feet were clawed it did look very very3serious and it was we've literally saw3Dana for a couple of minutes and then3they like whisper away out to the3neonatal unit and then Dana was like3blue lighted the next day up to Great3Ormond Street because there's a one in3four chance of any child Sam and I have3of having3Harlequin ichthyosis I think we thought3yeah quite a few years ago that yes we3would like a second child but we3wouldn't try for a second child until3Dana was an age where she could do some3of her own skin care and where Sam3wouldn't be left with two babies so it3was it was only stopped when Dana was3seven that we thought okay let's it's3time to time to maybe have another one3and roll the dice I think in your heart3of hearts you do think oh please let it3be okay not have the condition again but3like I said to have it was a risk we3were going to take which at the end of3the day they're our girls and love them3to bits no matter what so we do the3facial today the bones are in Great3Ormond Street having medical photos3taken from the moment the girls were3born they've lived their life under the3microscope3the condition is so rare the doctors3don't get to see a real-life case3studies many offers33it's interesting because Harlequin3babies are very different what generally3one from the others very very different3these two can only similar dr. Atherton3has followed the children's progress3since birth because it's incurable he3will continue to monitor them throughout3their lives what changes from day to day3everything amount flakiness the redness3readiness can change in most children4with this Harlequin ichthyosis die4within a few days of birth the first4kind of big problem that it causes is4his massive fluid loss in our skin the4main purpose of skin is to keep liquid4in the body so many of them actually4about in the past died of renal failure4in infancy and that is part of the4purpose of applying oil to the skin4infection is another issue because just4as this skin is not able to keep water4in it it's not able to keep bacteria out4and it's very very easy for bacteria to4gain entry through the skin I see your4hands before I know Dana was unfortunate4because the skin on her fingers and toes4was extremely tight early on and the4tightness of the skin interfered with4the flow of blood so she's lost several4of the tips of her fingers the disease4that Dana and her sister have is an4extremely rare one and there are very4few survivors4I suppose it's fair to say that we don't4exactly know what the future will throw4up in terms of problems for them4I used to think a long wait for day and4was born everything mapped out I even4danced in the retirement nao-san will4tell you I'm lucky if I think a week4ahead4we almost live for the moment yeah every4day's a bonus I do I do master I do4still think about the future and more4think about it the more difficulty it4will be from birth the risk of infection4and complication never leaves these4children's over the last year4Hannah's health has been a constant4worry she's physically exhausted has4lost her appetite and has had a seizure4this last year has been extremely hard4because there's been lots of times when4I actually haven't known myself had to4do with Hannah she kept complaining4every softn of heavy hands and heavy4feet and we put it down to the way she4was lying or because of the cerebral4palsy and she really was struggling too4she just wasn't our Hannah and that came4to a head when she had the seizure my4legs I however had them crossed and I4was really stiff and I was in the bath4at that point my mum can't dress me shut4flow for the ambulance and then I went4straight up the James Paget Hospital4even though she has signs of having a4seizure her chest feels like it did4before her hands are heavy she knows she4starts worrying and panic and witness4audio gooky tell Hannah very much wears4a heart on a sleeve and you can always4tell when something's bothering her and4suffers upset4tonight Hannah's in Great Ormond Street4tests at her local hospital showed that4the seizure and her tiredness are due to4her gut leaking vital minerals further4tests will be done to see if the problem4is linked to her skin condition yeah I4got a thing on my hand yeah yeah yeah4that they like to love them just bite my4toes she's had quite a few major4setbacks but has come out through them4remarkably well I love you it's just4this time this has been a long time4she's not being my Hannah for ages so4we're hoping that maybe you know this4little result didn't get my little girl4back all right love you all right4bye-bye daddy4I feel a bit mad first but older I just4can't wait wait wait because I fell B oh4I'll be able to find out what's wrong4with me I'm suggesting nothing4love you like I don't want to leave that4one yeah for the someone you can see44Hanna Beth's is a great ormond street4hospital for a week of tests4she's been unwell for the last 12 months4and doctors are trying to find out why4dr. Lindley is Hannah's consultant and4it's clearly very unusual even for a4hospital like this though clearly we4have investigated large numbers of4children with other it coz form so I4think one has to go into this with an4open mind knowing that we might turn up4a complication of Harlequin ichthyosis5or indeed we might find a problem with5another Jean perhaps adjacent to or5linked to Harlequin ichthyosis they're5gonna do a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy5which is a case of going up through her5bottom into the bowel that way and down5through a mouth to have a looking at5tummy in the bowel5I never do some biopsies as well in the5next five days Hanna will be seen by5numerous experts as well as the problem5with her gut she's failing to grow5properly more tests will be done to5detect why I think this time we may get5some balances because there again so5many people to see her from every faith5but it's the most that's ever been so5looked into so it's all very encouraging5Hanna and her mom now have to wait until5the results of all the tests come back5this could take a few months in a family5with Harlequin children the life-saving5skin care regime dominates every5Sam has no help with the children and5the prospect of a family holiday is5daunting the family choose to stay close5to home Sam's day starts at 6:00 with5Dana soaking in a special bath lotion5donors in the bath for at least half an5hour then we get a washed hair washed5out of the bath and she's creamed5dressed hair dried eyedrops and then she5goes off to school when Laura came along5Clive changed his job in order to be5around as much as possible Sam had5already given up work I used to work on5a thoroughbred stud farm used to do the5mares and foals it being a dirty job had5to give up people move on and their5families still found it a bit different5after baby Lara has been bathed and5creamed Sam has to Hoover the entire5house this has to be done every day5sometimes twice a day because of the5girls skin flaking they're two separate5washing machines one from clothes5clothes and more I have two to three5loads a day I've just there's my washing5machine needs its pump done quite5regularly and the door seal is wrecked5men a cream when Dana gets back from5school the creaming cycle starts again5bring Dana home nice goal cream diner up5and redress her saw arty out and then5after Tate's run the baths5Dana soaked my bath Lara and then I took5do Lara cream Lara dress ready for bed5and then I redo the girls again about a5half 11 12 o'clock at night they both5get creamed5Dana might have another drink then but5Laura definitely has a another bottle5before she sailed for the night ready5five six again later in an effort to5keep Dana's life as ordinary as possible5the Bowen center to a mainstream school5we've never kept anything secret from5Dana she understands about a skin5condition we try not to go on about it5too much to her but be blunt and just5honest5you're different you've got a skin5condition but a lot of other people have5got other things wrong a day for blind5you're special but you're special to us5and these other people are special to5their families5with disfigurement I mean huge amount5depends on the child's personality5assumption are just better able to cope5than others for the families it depends5really on them treating the child5absolutely as normal I think their main5problems are esthetic coping with the5appearance of their skin the impact that5has on other people and of course one5would anticipate that that will be a5very particular problem during5adolescence and famous biggest challenge5I guess is being accepted by a lot of5people children generally aren't a5problem because they're so honest5they'll just walk up say Matt how are5you why is your face red Georgia said5what poorly skin that's it they'll go up5and play together but she's now starting5to notice that a Dobson Astari whispery5in Anna I think I've just told her to5ignore him or just stick the tongue out56Lucy and Hannah have survived and even6thrive despite the odds today Lucy's6taking part in a 10-mile charity bike6ride but it's not without its hazards6her eye condition is caused by the6flaking of the skin behind the eyelid6which scratches the cornea as has left6her blind in one eye and with only 10%6vision in the other it's important for6her to do it because I think you know6she's overcome so many things and this6is another thing - you know that she's6you know my style I can still do it I6can still get on a bike and that's why6it's really nice that I mean there's6always somebody with it and this young6lad that's like you know he's ever so6good and each other but all the bikes6are and be careful you know this sort of6thing so yes that's really nice but it's6a bit worried I use Tel Aviv for them to6be accepted by everyone I used to get me6upset when we take make out me at school6and be nasty to manage to get really6really upset I've come to him cry and6stuff I kind of got over it and6eventually got to the stage where I just6thought if I like me they like me I do6believe that probably it's gonna take6somebody very special but I'm sure she6would love to have a boyfriend she6probably tell you different do you have6a boyfriend6no I don't have a boyfriend would you6like a boyfriend today if I hope there6is somebody there who can see through6the cream and the skin and see the girl6underneath I do think it's gonna be a6very difficult time for her I think she6does want to go clubbing and leave the6boys and everything and I think she's6holding us off back there's no reason6the white Lucy shouldn't have a normal6relationship and have have children and6there's no reason why she shouldn't have6normal babies she would have to meet6somebody that's holding the recessive6gene to actually have Harlequins I self6there was absolutely no reason why she6shouldn't have healthy normal babies6it's been three months since Hannah6Betts went to Great Ormond Street for6tests today's the day she gets the6results I'm hoping that we'll say my6results would be really good6she's me going on about it for weeks as6soon as may hit I'm gonna get my results6this month I'm gonna get my results this6month and so she's been it's cheating up6paramount always she always worried6every little thicket ever should be fine6and I think it was just nice to get over6done with now particularly for Hannah6Hannah's consultant from Great Ormond6Street6dr. Lindley has traveled to their local6hospital for the clinic and he has some6surprising news you want some answers6from Aden it would be very nice yes6there are easy answers and there are6less easy answers all those those tests6of absorption we did were actually all6quite normal but she's actually leaking6much more magnesium from the kidneys6it's easy to treat if that's all it is6absolutely easy to treat it couldn't be6easier the other thing we turned up6which is fascinating might actually6explain the growth problem in that for6growth hormone to work it has to bind6approaching the blood and for several6reason that protein is missing and no6one's ever come across anyone richer6happy really strange after and a whole6new forever yeah we'll send you a copy6of momentum which over here at the you6dog that's incredibly rare anyway6something rare is6you know quite a lot to take on board6but I'll be something to celebrate in6the Bowen household - its Lara's first6birthday today6but despite the excitement there's no6let-up in the skincare routine in Laurel6till the age of one without having to go6back into a spit or since the birth is a6major milestone there's always the6initial fear that some they're not going6to survive because they are extremely6prone to picking up infections keeping7both girls fully lathered up with cream7really is key to their health be nice7just to like get them dressed in their7party stuff and let them enjoy the the7dice for obviously I've got the cream so7you try and make it as easy as possible7for them7daddy do face yeah he's married you777in the last 12 months there have been7many milestones in the Harlequin sisters7lives but most important of all the four7girls have been involved in a worldwide7research project last year they provided7DNA samples for analysis allow the7results are to be released eight years7on Dana meet Hannah and Lucy again it's7really nice to see it and see that she's7doing well as well see if they were7family well I feel excited and7interested and I watch Dana get creamed7as well I put it all right yes same but7different cream I think it's where our7downlod pose7STG on the field and welcome to our into7the Institute the research program is7being led by Professor David Council of7London University and the news he has7for the families is better than any of7them could have hoped the breakthrough7came about eight or nine months ago with7a new piece of DNA technology called a7gene chip you'll be working on they7stood like people working for 10 or 207years then suddenly in this technology7we have the result in two or three days7it's very exciting7so that identifies the Harlequin gene7yes at the moment I can see two possible7areas of improved therapy one is gene7therapy I would not hold I wouldn't hold7my breath about the attacks along7looking longer to longer term but there7are the possibilities to actually work7out which factor the protein is actually7involved in transporting from within the7cell to outside and if we can do that I7see no reason why those bats could not7be added to your creams sort of a23 that7would cut down the skin problem I hope7hope I would leave I would thought it7would alleviate of you it might mean7that they'd be able to find something to7add to your cream but hopefully will7mean that your skin no that your skin7will improve good my skin tone like that7ever again I'm not sure it'll turn7exactly like that it'll be like I get7really close to looking like that it7takes a long time to get this far and7the fact that we know these active it's7just one defective protein in all the7children with Harlequin means that you7know we're all sort of singing from the7same hymn sheet in terms of7understanding the therapists7being told that there could be something7that might make things easier for the7girls makes the last 18 years even more7worthwhile to think that maybe their7lives might be more normal than we could7ever have expected and so it just saw no7is the icing on the cake I suppose7excuse me just get emotional it's more7like it's like it's just amazing7obviously it's to early days but it's7fantastic finding out how quickly they7discovered the gene how technology's7moving on what the possibilities are7making up with with gentle eyes and the7girls again yes brilliant the professor7has one more surprise for them now as7you know we've looked at your DNA I can7say you've actually got a mutation in7common but what this means is that you7came from the same geographic area some7point way way back generations and7generations back so there is I see7you're not closely related but very7distantly related great-great7great-granddad atta boy it's been an7extraordinary day for both families7although a complete cure is a long way7off there's real hope that within the7next couple of years a supplement could7be added to their cream that would7improve their skin but it's all7dependent on funding78it's the eve of Lucy's 18th birthday she8is the oldest Harlequin survivor in8Britain and she's entering unknown8territory less than a handful of known8sufferers have lived this long we'd been8at one oldest you didn't know where I8was gonna go look when I got an8infection on my skin before no one knew8what it was not to have loads of tests8and stuff and different things on my8skin - I work out what it was and it was8only a normal infection other people get8when something new happens I test me and8me photographs for like medical things8and it's so annoying I just want to be a8girl it took us in them tell me what's8wrong Lizzie's birthday I'm having a8birthday to celebrate and I'm excited8she's always my best friend and I love8her more I think about it the work8they're more mostly I tend to become8because the last couple of days I really8have been very emotional keep thinking8of the day she was born8I mean we didn't think she'd survive at8all she fought hard and she might from8the vodka as you know she'd come into8this world and there was no way she was8gonna do anything but this day8well used to get a candle when you were821 now Lucy's 18 she can legally go to8the pub her dad takes her out for her8first drink I remember when Lucy was a8year about a year old and one of the8doctor said did we do the right thing8and I said look there he can't tell Nana8say we didn't and as far as I was8concerned as long as they've got a good8quality of life that was the most8important thing every brewery wrong8Lucy nearly finished er college cause8she's got a good quality of life yes8it's hard for them at times it must be8very difficult but yeah they just life's8for living and they live it with Hannah8and Lucy reaching teenage years it does8help think that you know our girls are8gonna make it to that age because8obviously quite a few of the children8haven't survived so getting to that8stage is a big plus8that's it so here are some keepsakes8from my favorite boy8Dinah's who she is because of what she's8gone if I could change your skin8brilliant8but if I could 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You must be devoted to a resourceful solution to electronic signatures for Medical Document Form . CocoSign will provide you with what you have been Looking up, a single online system that does not need any further installation.

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Medical Document Form FAQs

Hit on answers to questions about Medical Document Form . Discover the most ordinary topics and more.

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Is it legal in Illinois for a potential employer to ask you to fill out and sign medical health history forms before you are hired? I was under the impression these were documents you filled out with HR after you had the job.

I’m not an attorney or at all familiar with employment laws in Illinois, so my answer is more a comment than a direct answer to the question. At the federal level, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commmission had the following to say on the subject.[1] An employer may not ask a job applicant, for example, if he or she has a disability (or about the nature of an obvious disability). An employer also may not ask a job applicant to answer medical questions or take a medical exam before making a job offer. An employer may ask a job applicant whether they can perform the job and how they would perform the job. The law allows an employer to condition a job offer on the applicant answering certain medical questions or successfully passing a medical exam, but only if all new employees in the same job have to answer the questions or take the exam. Once a person is hired and has started work, an employer generally can only ask medical questions or require a medical exam if the employer needs medical documentation to support an employee’s request for an accommodation or if the employer has reason to believe an employee would not be able to perform a job successfully or safely because of a medical condition. There appears to be a line on exactly what type of medical related questions can or cannot be asked, but I can’t comment on permissible or forbidden questions with any authority. Footnotes [1] Pre-Employment Inquiries and Medical Questions & Examinations

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