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Guide of Opord Annex Format

all right team leaders on me I bring it.in you guys ready just up.a lot of pen and paper.all right time now is zero 800 we are.located at grid alpha zero five one zero.eight eight nine two as fourth squad.therapy to help the company 311 we are.tasked to attack the clear objective.Flagstaff vicinity of Gulf alpha zero.four eight five eight eight eight five.in order to deny enemy ability to.influence objective Kingman task order.for today Alpha Team your task to.provide a sport by fire you'll be the.shape in operation in order to allow.Bravo Team to assault the objective.Bravo Team your task to attacked a clear.objective Flagstaff in order to deny.enemy ability to influence objective.Kingman our mission for squad third.Platoon.Alpha Company three eleven of countries.will attacked a clear objective.Flagstaff in vicinity of golf alpha zero.four eight five eight eight eight five.no later than 9:30 today in order to.deny enemy ability to influence.objective Kenan Alpha Team Leader you're.in charge of the Train model of the.micro also I need you to select a.primary four EPW eight and litter and.then switch those two his alternates.also for you Bravo team leader I need.you to maintain 360 security at all.times during this mission planning I.need you to also select one primary EPW.one primary a two-letter and then switch.them as alternates today P IR s CC IRS.will be enemy on the objective radios.Maps cellphones and anything that will.can provide us information about future.plans future operations Alpha Team.Leader I need you to have the terrain.model constructed no later than zero 815.Bravo team leader go ahead and begin.team rehearsals I want you to hit a PW.and search a tan litter and some.bounding once we're halfway done with.the terrain model kit I want you two to.switch so you can get some rehearsal in.as well.train model completion at zero a 15 is.also the start time of my op order at.this location I will finish the hop.order add 0 840 and conduct squad.rehearsals.step off is no later than 0 850 are.there any questions.good morning I'm the squad leader for.today's operation if you haven't done so.already go ahead and pull out your.notepad and pen we are fourth squad or.platoon off the company 311 infantry.battalion our squad is can brought.comprised of two teams we have Alpha.Team here on my right I brought a team.here on my left.Alpha Team for today's operation you're.going to be the shaping operation your.task provides for my fire in order to.allow Bravo Team to assault and clear.across the objective Bravo Team today.you're going to be the decisive.operation your task to attack and clear.objective Flagstaff in order to deny the.enemy right now for you bring you to the.map now this is broken into two red.squares we have oh four and eight eight.and five eight eight and over here's the.micro terrain feature the blown-up of.our objective to box you win I have the.the 80 at eight nine northing and the O.4 and O six e steam our right boundary.is route to here running.Southeast to Northwest and over here I.have the you put a creek to our south.running east to west and the northern.89th or north and the East Ino Corps to.the west.familiarize you around to again.EBIT o Creek this is an unimproved road.that is just south of our primary route.and also the closest linear danger area.there's our start point our checkpoint.or P release points for my fire assault.objective here's the legend nor seeking.arrow a map to reference this is our.Alpha Team and Bravo Team and the.objective for when I brief actions on.and these here are the TRPs.all right four areas of interest Cass be.advised there are two sorties of hind DS.in the vicinity of Lawson airfield there.triggers a company-sized element on.objective rock whoa.the response time is 30 minutes I.understand we are not a company size.element but it's key to keep that in.mind in case they are called patellar.eight there is one 82 millimeter mortar.located within objective McBride their.triggers the detection of one Scott one.squad size element and the key note.there is that they can range the entire.objective we are a squad size element so.definitely keep that in mind we're going.to use our noise discipline to move.throughout the terrain so we do not be.compromised reserve reinforcements.there's one sapper squad that will.deploy from Selby village from the south.located just south of eupatoria river.there triggers the loss of one south of.squad within the entire AO and their.response time is 10 to 15 minutes so.it's really important and that limits.our time on the objective so we have to.be out within 10 minutes they do not.have UAS assets at this time now to go.over the terrain existing we have the.eupatoria Creek to the South should not.affect us but should we need to egress.south it will restrict our movement and.limit us to the bridge crossings.reinforced throughout the AO there is.sea wire and wood obstacles that's.designed by the enemy to channel us in.to their advantage such as ambushes and.kill zones.avenues of approach unrestricted since.we are dismounted the advise of the.dense vegetation will restrict our.movement through draws and creeks.unfortunately since this operation is.during the day the enemy does have the.advantage because they are most likely.going to be in place while where we are.maneuvering to the objective so it's dry.we're gonna make noise and there in.fixed position so be cognizant of that.each rain it's not within our grid but.something to be aware of k2 is a hilltop.at grid alpha zero four one six eight.eight nine one why it's important is.because whoever owns it will have up to.600 meters of direct fire capability and.up to 4700 ma metres of indirect fire.capability observations fields of fire.if you look around we can see that it's.pretty dense here with vegetation so.it'll be 50 to 100 meters met TC however.on lDA's it'll be up to 250 meters so.keep in mind that there's rolling.terrain here and the dense vegetation is.really going to limit our fields of fire.here cover and concealment.it's good concealment for cover a lot of.these trees are very thin so should we.do a Holt or receive contact take the.time to find a tree that will actually.stop some rounds whether in light as you.can see it's clear today there's low.wind how that will affect us should we.use smoke it'll be great for signaling.but poor for masking is should we need.to break contact it's not gonna work.very well it's gonna go straight up.that's also how it will affect the enemy.precipitation none it hasn't rained for.about a week so be cognizant of while.you're walking there you're not breaking.sticks or pushing around too many of.these dry leaves to take your time.temperature today it's expected to get.up into triple digits again and the.humidity is going to be between 60 to 90.percent so make sure you guys have the.proper loadouts four quarts of water and.that you're eating your MREs all right.enemy forces general SF cell with staff.of forces conducting an extensive IO.campaign to assist their efforts and.preparing for an offensive operations.there have been an increase in sporadic.attacks throughout the AO and it's a.squad size and team size elements.conducting those attacks composition of.the forces that we will be facing.enemies squad h9 packs there's a mortar.team 2 to four-man and they're capable.of indirect fire and each team is armed.with at least one RPG one PKM and.several a cage disposition of the enemy.that we will be facing enemy squads we.were facing there's a shaping operation.one their task to disrupt us and.coalition forces to prevent the build-up.of u.s. combat power the decisive.operation is a team located object avait.met their shape in operation two is a.mortar team we don't know where they're.located and their shape in operation.three is sapper reinforcements located.south of you patrol Creek most probable.course of action how I see it playing.out will be once contact is contact is.initiated we will receive small arms.fires and return the enemy is most.likely to break contact preserve their.assets and draw bring over here to the.micro there's an IV line that runs south.of the objective so when they break.contact they should break contact to the.southwest.utilizing the IV line for covering.concealment so that they can master.egress and then link up with their.direct operation most dangerous course.of action as I see you play now as the.enemy is aware of our movement in the AO.they have dug in fighting positions.engages with crew-served weapons and.they're able to find and fix us with.their 82 millimeter mortar and provide.accurate.all right friendly forces to levels up.mission Alpha Company 311 infantry.attacks to clear objective annex pride.and vicinity of Gulf alpha zero four.four three eight eight seven - no later.than zero nine thirty today in order to.allow Bravo Company 311 of a tree to.clear objective Rockwell vicinity of.golf alpha zero seven one zero eight.seven three zero expand a person purpose.maintain a trophy is territorial.integrity and prevent enemy forces from.influencing the local population key.tasks deny the enemy ability to operate.in the a conduct hasty defense fast.follow-on forces preserve civilian.population structure many commanders in.state enemy unable to conduct ops within.the AO terrain is seized civilian.population infrastructure preserved and.friendly 311 is poised to conduct.follow-on operations one level one alpha.3 eleven infantry attacks to clear.objective bayonet basiago alpha zero.four five eight eight eight nine six no.later than zero nine thirty today in.order to pass dhurpa tune on to.objective machete and vicinity of gulf.alpha zero three five seven eight eight.seven two four your awareness.there are three other spots today or.adjacent units we have shaping operation.one first block their task to establish.score by fire and staff repaired alpha.zero five zero nine eight eight eight.two and their purpose is to suppress the.enemy on objective flagstaff we have.shape an operation to which is second.squad there tell us to attack initially.strong point Phoenix the purpose of that.is to deny the enemy the ability to.influence objectives Kingman and then.our decisive operation one-third squad.will attack to cease Kingman in order to.pass on third Platoon to objective.machete now while we're out today from.the star point moving to the objective.we need to keep in mind that there are.locals living around here and they could.be out here hunting.and they're most likely to have small.arms with them now if that were to.happen ensure positive ID of enemy and a.hostile intent prior to any engagement.and if we can we'll move around them.undetected and continue on with their.mission all right prepare to copy our.mission force one through two now alpha.company free 11 infantry will attack the.clear objective Flagstaff of vicinity of.zero four eight five eight eight eight.five no later than zero nine thirty.today in order to deny enemy ability to.influence objective Kingdom I say again.our mission force law third Platoon.Alpha Company three eleven infantry will.attack to clear objective Flagstaff and.vicinity of zero four eight five eight.eight eight five no later than zero nine.thirty today in order to deny enemy.ability to influence objective Kingman.concept the purpose of this operation is.to deny the enemy the ability to.influence objective Kingman and we will.accomplish this by conducting a Klink.attack the decisive point of this.operation will be when we recede achieve.fire superiority and are able to bound.our saltine element through the.objective we will mitigate risk by.conducting squad rehearsals pcc's PCI's.and utilizing key terrain such as the IV.line south of the objective to mask our.movement by specifically utilizing the.terrain scheming oeuvre I've broken it.down into four phases first phase begins.with planning and preparations.it begins with briefing this off border.and ends with stepping off critical.tasks supply draw supply issue which.we've already done we're going to do.squad rehearsals after this brief pcc's.PCI's touch up our camo and then a.sitrep prior to step off formation that.we have is 360 degrees security control.fire measures we're going to be weapons.tight throughout this entire.operation phase 2 will be movement it'll.begin with step off and with the leaders.recon critical task there is movement to.the opie ORP establish the ORP.conduct a leaders recon call up a salute.report issue gamma and a sitrep.formation will be met TC on how we have.our 360-degree security for the ORP.formation from here to the RP we'll be.traveling over watching a fire team.wedge met TC dependent we may move into.a stagger column or a file so the.vegetation get so dense order March will.be housed a team myself.followed by Bravo team as a trillion.element the route will take will be.generally west at approximately 256.degrees for 80 metres phase 3 execution.begins with leaders recon complete ends.with the objective Flagstaff cleared key.tasks their score by fire assaults.poised for the attack initiation and the.attack formation RP again 360 degrees.security event TC or as Mark will be the.same alpha myself.followed by Bravo we traveling overwatch.as much as we can to each other at least.point and will break off our elements.and the route will be generally west.approximately 256 degrees or 200 meters.this time to the objective and again.weapons tight well and with phase for.realization reconsolidation so it begins.with the objective flag step being.cleared and ends at our Loa key toss.here with a lace report the EPW a to.litter battle damage assessment in the.sitrep formation will have the LOA and.then our battle drills moving to the.elevator order march again will be Alpha.Team myself Bravo Team on the objective.will be alpha team setting support by.fire and Bravo Team B assaulting.elements and again movement from the ORP.will be generally west 256 series for.200 meters traveling overwatch piece.contact is likely and our.rules and weapons tight once we're Loa.and we do not receive a follow-on.mission we'll pick up and move generally.north 360 degrees for approximately 300.metres until we reach a draw and we'll.set up a hasty patrol base there until.we get our comms back up and really.receive follow-on mission our in state.will be to deny the enemy the ability to.influence objective Kingman friendly.conducted hasty defense terrain Katrina.seas and civilian preserve civilian.population and infrastructure.all right fourth squad I'm gonna walk.you through our movement to the.objective we're located here at the.start point prior to step off I will.contact higher and let them know that we.are ready to move out we'll be stepping.off generally west at approximately 256.degrees.480 meters to our tentative ORP we'll be.moving in a traveling over watch because.enemy contact is likely Alpha Team.you'll be leading it followed by myself.and probably will be the trailing.element once we reach the ORP Alpha Team.Leader find a location that meets the.criteria for a no RP even if it's pushed.off to the left or the right.once the RP is established Bravo team.leader you're in charge of security I.need 360 once that's complete our radio.to higher let them know the RP is.established and then alpha and Bravo.Team Leaders I need you to come in along.with the Alpha saw and now for rifleman.once we are in the center of the ORP I.will give the Bravo Team Leader the gawa.that you know he's going with me when.we're back and what to do should you.lose contact or don't arrive on time.once that's complete I will call it to.higher again let them know that we are.ready to kick off leaders recon from the.ORP again we'll continue to travel.generally west at approximately 256.degrees or 200 meters to recon the.support by fire position and we'll move.up to the last position to cover and.concealment I will take the Alpha Team.Leader and the saw and I will recon the.solids position first the left side of.this south side of the support by fire.from there I will.the tentative TRPs and give him hard.locations on the ground so remarkable.terrain features notable trees things.like that to give him his hard left and.right limits and then the outfit team.leader myself after him placing the saw.will continue to recon the next four.positions from the south to the north to.the right limit of our support by fire.giving confirming the TRPs along the way.from that point I will leave the saw and.the rifleman will move back find a.release point and then re-enter the ORP.using the number combination once we're.back at the ORP should there be a frag.oh I will issue it to the Bravo team.leader at that time if there's not we'll.go ahead and call up higher and I will.give them my salute report and let them.know that we're ready to step off from.the ORP.understood from the RP Alpha Team Leader.you're going to pick up you're gonna.lead this movement followed by myself.with the Bravo team and met to see.dependent we're gonna adjust our.formation might be staggered column or a.wedge so we can move quickly to the ORP.from the ORP is when we're going to.break off four elements alpha team.leader you're gonna move by yourself.you're gonna finish establishing your.support by fire with the guidance that I.gave you during our recon.Bravo team leader I'm going to lead the.Bravo team on a bounding maneuver and.establish the assault position now if.you'll bring your attention over here to.the micro I will begin from the release.point so from the release point alpha.team leader as I previously briefed.you're going to in place the rest of the.support by fire element at the last.position of cover and concealment my.guidance to you and to the saw gunner.starting from the south side of the.sport met fire line saw gunner I want.you to provide a cyclic rate of fire for.one minute from the south side to the.north and back so from left to right and.back and then move to a sustained rate.of fire targets of opportunity same.thing with the far north riflemen.one-minute cyclic rate of fire.time from north to south right to left.for one minute and then bring it down to.sustained rate of fire for targets of.opportunity and that will achieve.maximum coverage of our kill zone the.three riflemen in the middle I want you.guys to be on a sustained rate of fire.and taking targets of opportunity from.the center and outwards and back and.till the LOA is called by the assaulting.element then while your altimeter while.you're moving your guys into position I.will lead the Bravo Team to the left and.a flanking maneuver and we will bound.our way up to the last position of cover.and concealment.once that is established that's when I.will contact you on the radio.let you know that we're poised and ready.and you'll also let me know when you're.ready once it's time to initiate the.assault.I will radio to you and you're gonna.start with the saga and once that begins.I want your whole line achieving fire.superiority and then myself at the Bravo.team we are not going to fire but we're.going to continue to bound until our.very last position of cover and.concealment we have highs on the enemy.and that's when we'll start firing so.once it's initiated we're going to bound.up to our leftmost TRP at 256 degree out.of tentatively 256 degrees once I reach.that point alpha team leader I'm gonna.hit you up on comms and let you know -.ship fire at this time once I get.confirmation that you have shifted fire.probably a team we're going to make one.last bound onto the south edge of the.objective Alpha Team Leader I'm going to.contact you again and at this time I.will give you the call of the lift fire.wants to receive confirmation of lift.fire.Bravo Team we're going to continue to.assault through the objective and a.bounding maneuver until we reach an loa.once the LOA is reached I will call Loa.if you don't hear us I'll say it over.the radio and Alpha Team later I need.you to get up and get your guys on line.and do one final cross of the objective.and then once you reach your Loa I will.be located in the apex of our formation.and alpha T alpha and Bravo Team Leaders.I need you to admit immediately start.your lace reports working your way out.from the outside of our formation and.bring it in to me hitting each person I.want you to be checking their health.their ammo and their water and their.equipment once that report is to me I.will call for EPW ATP w-2 form on me.I'll give you instructions to clear out.and search back and I want full coverage.of the objective not just the obstacle.that we assault it through once you.clear through an a-team then you can.break up and search back as individuals.once you reach it enemy ki a go ahead.get everything first pile it on top of.them and start calling it out Alpha Team.Leader you're gonna record this.information for me and once that is.complete I will call up the higher.mission complete give them the battle -.battle damage assessment and then.standing by for follow-on operation are.there any questions why that completes.actions on the objective task -.subordinate units Alpha Team in addition.to shaping operation I need you to have.your EPW a to later identified and great.job on the sand table.Bravo Team in addition to decisive.operation I need a VP w8 and litter.identified I need you to lead the PCCs.and PCI's check our weapon systems.ensure that our camel is good.coordinated struction CCI ours things.were looking for and trying to identify.on the objective weapons caches sizes.location cell phones masts radios FF IR.s that I'm going to be reporting should.they have been loss of crew-served.weapon loss of one squad and loss of.tune leader ship or higher e fi location.of any enemy forces water assets things.like that.rules of engagement we were to follow.the land of warfare law and must have.positive ID and establish intent to harm.or kill prior to any engagement reports.sitreps.I will be providing a sitrep at the.start point for our kickoff once the ORP.is established and then prior to leaders.recon once leaders recon is complete.I'll issue a salute report and also from.the ORP I'll be issuing Ogawa once.that's complete another sitrep for step.off once the score by fire and assault.is established another sitrep that we.are poised prior to the assault one.subjective is cleared I will issue will.do a lace report EPW a to litter battle.damage assessment and a Luke 9 line at.need if needed and then a mission.complete timeline this OP order will be.finished at zero 8:40 today and.rehearsals will begin at the squad level.I plan to step off at zero 8:50 our RP.will be established at zero nine hundred.VOC at ductile leaders recon and will be.complete.by zero nine fifteen but initiate the.attack at zero nine twenty and the.objective will be cleared no later than.zero nine thirty and I will report to.higher sustainment this is already.complete however we'll ensure that our.class one MREs everyone should have two.each and four quarts of water prior to.this step off class three CLP everyone.should have it class five I want to.ensure that everybody has at least 210.rounds for the m4 and a thousand rounds.for the saw in addition to that I want.to double that load because the one.minute of cyclic rate of fire will.expend your first load and I want to be.prepared for a follow-on mission.and classy we all have our eye packs.however I will be the designated medic.should we need to provide at higher.level of care before we can move into.the CP company CP for the Health System.support the CCP we're gonna have a.rolling one throughout our mission right.so there's one located at the compacta.company CP but it's really far away so.here at our start point will be our.first CCP and prior to establishing the.ORP.if anybody were to sustain any sort of.casualty we'll move them back to the.start point prior to moving them back to.the company CP once ORP is established.and we move further west from that.should we receive a casualty we're going.to move him back to the ORP that will be.our next ccp once the actions are.complete on the objective the CCP is.going to be located at the apex but keep.in mind we're only going to be there for.10 minutes but should we sustain a.cavity we're gonna consolidate them.there prior to moving on.as previously great HL Z's we have one.that's only for surgical and it's.located at grid alpha zero three six.seven eight nine one one and it must be.cleared of the enemy prior to their.arrival Casa vac we have 2a XPS there's.a primary located at gulf alpha 0 3 5 7.8 8 8 5 that's a XP 5 as a secondary.located at gulf alpha 0 9 0 3 9 2 for.one that's a xp for location of higher.leaders we have alpha 6 + alpha fires.located at the company CP with 4th.platoon secession of command will be.myself followed by the Bravo team leader.Alpha Team Leader alpha 2 for 9 Bravo 2.for 9 and an alpha rifleman and it'll go.down the rifleman of whoever sees senior.rank radio frequency in call signs will.be primarily operated on 65,000 our.walkies will be for 1 my callsign is 3.for your 3/4 alpha Bravo Team Leader.your 3/4 Bravo and higher will be attack.made communications primarily walkie.alternately radio at 65,000 contingency.radio 55,000 and emergency should we.need for communication back to the CP.will break down to a smaller element and.send that smaller element back to the CP.to establish communications lift and.ship fire pace plan primary will be.walking from myself to the Alpha Team.Leader and my commands will be live fire.he will let me know that he got it by.saying fire has been lifted and the same.thing with the ship fire now the.alternate for this will be a whistle so.when I give my command for shift fire.I'm going to give two blows on the.whistle and then a response that I know.that it's been receiving and completed.will respond with two blows and then for.a lift fire I'll have one long sustained.blow and then I will get that repeated.back to me letting me know that he.understands it and it's complete.contingency will be radio emergency will.be boys for the initiation of this.assault will be my walkie to alpha team.leader because he's gonna have control.in the saw and he'll be right next to.him to kick off this assault should that.fail that communications and I will.initiate this on the assault by my fire.and once that is started Alpha Team.Leader go ahead and get your support by.fire in game.contingency - that will be time so the.no later then the objective needs to be.completed zero nine thirty so ten.minutes prior zero nine twenty four me.and I've already moved out to establish.the assault element I want you to kick.it off at exactly zero nine twenty and.the emergency for that will be indirect.fire.number combination for today is nine.challenge and password is Packers.responses touchdown and running password.is Ranger I prior to completing the.Opera.so Bravo team leader go ahead and walk.me through the actions at the ORP we.will be moving jelly in 256 degrees.about 80 meters.location floral walking my team will be.taking the lead on establishing new.places for security at that point we.will conduct a little clip and you'll be.moving out to Alito's recon with alpha.team whether a soft and a rifleman and I.will be giving the Darwin that point.waiting for you come back all right.sounds good.Alpha Team eater can walk me through the.actions on the ejecting.my element will begin from the east in.the last position of government cover.and concealment the salty element will.start from the south and their last.position of cover and concealment the.initiation will be initiated by.walkie-talkie at which point my saw.gunner will open up on the first TRP to.the second TRP which will be established.as hard terrain features from south to.north and a cyclic rate of fire for one.minute and back after which time you'll.engage targets of opportunity at a.sustained rate of fire once we achieve.fire superiority Bravo Team we found to.the southern limit of the objective at.which point in time the lift fire will.be airship fire will be called and all.of our weapon systems will be firing on.TRP 2 directly north of the objective at.a pre-established terrain dependent hard.point which time Bravo Team will make.one last push onto the objective at.which point in time lift fire will be.called our guns will stop firing Bravo.Team across the objective to Loa when.Loa is called the Alpha Team will get on.line and will push across the objective.clearing any weapon systems that may be.in place in the hands of the enemy when.we establish Loa I will conduct a AC.lace report my men Bravo Team Lee.conducted his delays reported his men.will meet you at the apex and at that.point in time we will send out our EPW.who will clear out and search back and.we'll send a sitrep to higher on our.current equipment men and ammunition.disposition and any requests for 9 line.medevac with a point in time.nice sounds good let's get ready for.squad rehearsals.

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  4. On the sidebar, you will find the button 'Sign'; click it and generate your personalize e-signature.
  5. Once you select 'Done,' the signature will be completed, and the signed document will be automatically saved in a draft email generated by the CocoSign software.

Saving time was the primary concern behind the efforts made by CocoSign to develop a secure and safe software that can allow you to waive signing docs with pen.

Once you try the software, you will immediately become one of the many satisfied clients who are enjoying the advantages of e-signing their documents right from their Gmail account.

How to create an e-signature for the Opord Annex Format straight from your smartphone?

Smartphones and tablets are so evolved recently, that you can utilize them for anything what you can do on your laptop and PC. That's why more and more people are finishing work task from these mobile devices, saving even more time.

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When you need to sign a Opord Annex Format, and you're not in the office, the CocoSign web application is the answer. Signing and sending a legally binding document will take seconds. Here is what you need to do to sign a document on your phone online:

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  3. Open the document and go to the page to insert your esignature.
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  6. Once you have done, go over it again, select 'Done'.

All these tips won't take long, and once the document is signed, you decide the next step. You can either download it to the device or share it in an email or using a link.

A significant benefit of CocoSign is that you can use it with with any mobile device, regardless of the operating system. It's the ideal method, and it flexibles workflow, it's safe.

How to create an e-signature for the Opord Annex Format on iOS?

Creating an electronic signature on a iPhone is not at all hard. You can sign the Opord Annex Format on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will find the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to search CocoSign.

These are the tips you need to sign the form right from your iPhone or iPad:

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How to create an electronic signature for the Opord Annex Format on Android?

iOS has lots of of users, there's no doubt of that, but most phone users have an Android operating system. To fulfill their needs, CocoSign has developed the software, especially for Android users.

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Opord Annex Format FAQs

Here are the answers to some common queries regarding Opord Annex Format. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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What is Smeac USMC?

S=situation M=mission E=execution A=administration C=command and signal which can be shortened to a frag order M and E (see above) submitted by a SGT USMC 1975-1983 0331 Machine Gunner Wpns.Plt.all 3 Divisions

What is the heart of the five paragraph order?

I feel like this question is sort of inspired by movies and doesn't actually reflect reality in the military. First, "briefing" is a loose term. It could mean anything from a mandatory classroom training, to a mandatory explanation of the area of operations, a mandatory meeting to explain the continuum of force and rules of engagement. That said, we have had so many briefings about Iraq upon briefings about Iraq that I am not sure if we ever actually get one that says, "Well boys. You're going to Iraq." The second part is that normally, you've known you're going to Iraq since before the last time you got home from Iraq. The fact is, you've always known when you were going to Iraq because typical units are on a rotation schedule that says something to the effect of, "You will be deploying every two years around the month of August." So when I showed up in March of 2005 I knew I was going in August in 2005 and that I would be going back August of 2007. I also knew that my buddies would be going back in 2009 and their buddies would be heading out in 20011, ext. There is no dude who says that you are going. There is however, an official order that is given. All "mission" orders arrive via the five paragraph order. The order communicates to mission commanders from unit commanders the where, when, what, and how of what will take place. The five paragraph order is always sent from someone higher up the chain of command. In the usual case of a unit being deployed it is usually a Squadron or Battalion level event, so the Unit Commander that might give the order in this case might be the commander of the Group or Regiment. All that to say, he sends an email to your Commanding Officer, which he has been waiting for and the CO communicates the order to the troops, who have been waiting on it for months. If there is anything, it sounds like this. "Well boys, you guessed it. We're going to Iraq and you know what that means. We'll be doing work-ups over the next year, so everyone will need to get their qualifications in for the range and gas chamber. Be getting the shops ready for WTI and Desert Talon because they're coming." And then we all go right back to the regular routine. So, sorry, there are no glorious speeches by commanders which invigorate our hearts and souls. They sort of happen, but that is because the Lt. Col decided to hold yet another all hands formation on the tarmac in 98 degree weather so that he try to motivate us further. We don't really learn anything new. We don't really gain any new insights. It isn't actually a briefing as much as speech by the old man. Years later, you realize just how pointless the whole event was. Sorry if that bursts your bubble on the reality of it all. I've decided to help you get through the depression by adding this really cool, though totally unrealistic pre-battle speech by none other than President Thomas J. Whitmore.

What is the purpose of the five paragraph order leading Marines?

For an essay, the order provides the writer with sufficient room to express thoughts. For instance; the introduction gives an idea of the subject, alongside the thesis statement. The Second, third, and fourth paragraph allows you to incorporate the research materials which indicates your mastery or comprehension of the subject. The concluding paragraph summarizes the essay and incorporates some of your thoughts.

What are the 5 paragraphs of an Opord?

Thanks Korey for a2a. Chris has given a comprehensive reply. Let me be a part of it. I think we use quite often many strategies, without realizing and analyzing our acts from that angle. I will briefly refer to these hereunder: Protectively defensive is a ploy I prefer to use to most of my interactions, even while talking plain and harmless discussion, that may suddenly turn out to be nasty and go out of hand without warning; Limited offensive is a ploy one someone is trying to enter into our territory despite our effort to keep them at arms length; Data gathering is important from the point of vi Continue Reading

How do you write a 5 paragraph order of the Marines?

There is an interesting change that recruits at the two Marine Corps training depots undergo. They call it transformation, once a recruit completes the Crucible, they are a Marine, for the first time their Drill Instructors refer to them as Marines, they’ve earned the EGA and the title. The graduation ceremony is only a formality. In the corps, having endured the hardship (including hazing) of boot camp and the accompanying mental indoctrination is what makes a person a Marine, and ceremonies or discharges are just formalities. The underlying principle is that “once a Marine, always a Marine”, Continue Reading

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