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Oh.yeah the crowd all set unless you made.one already the crossroad rich is not in.the state bridge.you.schedule required for fresco road bridge.will not be required for crossroads yes.however the top wishes to have a.department review cross road submissions.in an advisory capacity which I would be.able to assist with this.happy last 26 meetings if you look on.the internet you will find that there.are 26 meetings online they have not.been designed by any board members there.are other such cases also I don't have.knowledge what they are in my head but.that's the oldest one I think there's a.couple of December that are online but.not signed by the selectmen as well what.I plan to do without the meeting.planners to stay here and work on ok so.I can look at those at that time if you.won't they won't cop you better this no.our timeline funny Mike so don't worry.about it.if you would take that you're gonna stay.here back it up go and drive me to and.drop it off at my house on you where do.as you see fit either drop it off when.you get done or all time to get it.tomorrow sometime I got it cardiac rehab.I suggested a couple of conditions okay.yes.and there's coffee here the changes are.made okay so.the minutes are slowly getting online in.their assignment and polish fashion so.is it appropriate mr. Popham students.the times good chance to read the.January 28 minutes last week yes okay.this is chairman is it appropriate that.I make the motion at this time I think.might up again I don't want to be.outside the okay this is private.ministry okay all right so the design.check mr. Chairman I make a motion that.we approve the slightly amended January.28 2020 meeting minutes of the Wentworth.Board of Selectmen a second yes yes okay.all right so that we can be we have 200.of the same date these were gone public.there's half a day long.although ever had to do with personnel.tell you that much.you were if you were here you had to do.with if it's appropriate mr. chairman.I'll make a motion to approve as.submitted the non-public session number.one from the meeting of January twenty.eighth twenty twenty second motion.yes.and then I had a chance to review the.non public session as well for the.second non public session work by name.you won't see two of these on the.internet so simple reasons and.non-public did you sign that I'm sorry.[Applause].[Music].okay so even though the meeting minutes.my current online I they still have.current available to the public all the.years worth of meeting minutes I'm going.to say yes okay because I say that I'm.thinking of one but that may not even be.the case I don't have at my house and I.thought they were all sent to me.December 30th but that may be I just.don't have it there might have to may be.here it should be I think I've seen.Paul is telling me that there was a.northern public on June 4th and I.haven't seen that either but I did find.something that you gave to me that was.signed by you that would have been not a.public on that particular thing you know.sometime today.no I don't think I probably ought to.talk about it you see that yes my son.yes what first time names in there are.on you want to make sure I was reading.them I'm gonna give that back to you but.I'll just set it right there following.so stupid.what the.[Music].and it says on here wait for tax payment.updated it's been going off saying all.the taxes were paid yes.this is mine Renault kill 25 make a lot.of which they intend to cut 25 ages does.that mean it cuts of retreat just.because something to their advantage.just for my education maybe proposes.wall that don't know if I were to cut 4.acres land on my property or however.many they're coming is it really just to.notify the town or can the time.ultimately say that you can't cut that.okay as far as I've ever been told an.industry is that as long as the form is.filled out correctly and the taxes are.paid the selectmen have to sign the.intent to cut and you only have 14 days.to do it even if that means coming in.not during the meeting you have 14 days.of receipt let me have you another.question because if I wanted to kind of.treat you on my property I have a right.to do that route even figure out any.there's some exemptions for small.personal use or hazard trees and your.buildings but if it's any type of.commercial in any way they want accident.more than that way like you may still.have to file the intent to cut but if.you're cutting a certain number of feet.for firewood yeah they're personally.your personal you you saw it out for.your own buildings that you sell any of.the dinner you have to pay that so then.how much could you cut to clear a lot to.build a house I think this I think.that's also another exemption label.conversion exempt.from the basal area in the wet some of.the wetlands laws or these little eyes.around the wetlands but it still does.not accept you from the different acts.you can cut make ten boards and 20,000.board feet for your own purposes for.firewood making syrup if you saw it in.your own article fire Lords whatever but.if you sell any of it you got to be back.so these artists ages are out of a there.are two kinds of rules and government.one is work reading the IRSA and certain.branches of government I was signed to.capability to make their own rules for.example current news board makes their.move and all the knowledge that I'm.giving you is straight from New.Hampshire DRA and Rick Evans who does.the training with all the times I.couldn't point you to the exact RSA but.that's how it's handled there's also a.committee and the legislature called gel.car that approves all of the rules and.regulations to make sure.supposedly to make sure that the rules.and regulations are in accordance with.the intent of the statute you know.supposedly generally speaking there's.some small towns are trying to put their.own restrictions on intent of cuts and.things like that because they want to.try to have more oversight and power on.it but they just really can't if the.taxes are paid and the more correctly.you have to sign it but other towns we.had chuckling deeper into the past which.they don't do anymore is Rick Evans give.them hell for it but if you had more.than one taxman lot filed on an intent.they would make you file too intense.with the same owner and two reports.which is illegal you.as long as the same owner if they have.to be even adjacent as long as it's the.same owner it doesn't matter if they.don't pay their taxes you could put.leaning on both properties or however.many that there are that would be on.them at that time but there are certain.towns to try to invent their own rules.that have more control and that you.can't do it make it so you keep it that.suit is years ago by a longer than they.necessarily help up and I think they pay.for it.there are artists a material laws but.then there are want less than allow.certain boards to make their own laws.the one I know most about is your.current need for they would send out.their own publication of about fifty.pages or so on.it gets updated every so often over here.and you won't find those in the IRS age.but you will define what is called.enabling legislation that allows them to.oh absolutely no some okay hey actually.awesome information and thank you back.to their for assisting its one other.lady expertise what's that it's one of.my few extra pieces.[Music].that you know that intent to cut wood or.timber file by David boria elbow yield.ia under date of December 9th and sign.so that you can go ahead of your taxes.yes that would be our second key number.four and I don't see the supporting.evidence that we asked about.and mr. chairman that we all go yeah yes.yes I made a motion on non public.session number two I made a motion yeah.I don't you second it like that I made I.made both motions I think you're right.now that we voted on oh yes we did we.yes yes yes yes okay well okay yes so.and the motion carries.okay we got the other particular piece.of paper there in my mind.declare the silent person on the front.of that intent to cut the right to.represent the board we're dealing with a.person we always need the owner's name.and if it's husband and wife mail and.need the services of Sioux when dealing.with a company our caller may not be a.comedy boat there's a board that.actually has ownership we need.authorization of the responsible Connie.to sign any of the documentation and.that's what we requested here and I.think we have it did you represent.somebody I need proof that you represent.somebody before I can accept anything.from well mr. chairman.there is a seal on it but there is no.signature by the justice of the peace.and it's not dated it's got the.signatures of the three officers the.chairman vice president secretary and.it's got a seal the stamp and seal but.it does not have the second tip it does.not happen just as a peace signature.it's got her name but it doesn't have a.signature and there is no date it's.under fire.so I consider that certificate in doubt.I did not say that would be interesting.we already ordered.[Applause].can you check something for me can you.check the owner of lot four five five.[Applause].the reason I asked for these checks on.that one there is because I stopped it.with the second owner Owner say this is.a sign man this was a pretty thing I.thought there was a second owner says.the current moment in the wrong order if.you're looking for on there and there.you'd have to 100 alphabetic read on the.typical Hill Road because last I knew.their help the ties by the road that.they were on what's the number one five.five hi not quite okay welcome to order.and looks like no it looks like it is.all medical eyes my arm.the second section that's by Road.location Oh.oh good call okay four five five Tom.Thompson 2005 some typical trust rules.tommy Thompson yeah - Thomas Thompson.2005 revocable trust on this time soon.to Orford yeah trustee so we need this.is where we include for you no.certificate of authority the sign on the.path.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].your father.so there's no problem.this annual facility because I think I.think there needs to be a certificate of.trustee I'm going to do some research on.it but I believe my understanding of the.law if you've got something signed by.the trustee you need to have some.somewhere on the records so if we've.done the town records we do we do unless.they have the people or the trustee yeah.I do the same thing mines in a trustee.and just show my trust papers before.they put it in and they may have a copy.of them and it doesn't it does stay.there I started saying trustee in the.end of the name that I mean anybody I.mean yes you can set up a coral trust.but in New Hampshire but if it's.something goes awry here okay and if the.trust is the true owner of the property.and if Tom Thomson is not the trustee of.that trust will you testify under oath.that he is and signify as a notary.public art you're a notary public not.yet but I hope can I.to me he would have won the penalty of.perjury penalty our jury like I have.Donna Jay King multiple trusts and I.would sign it Dhananjay came trustee I.have to in order to get a bill his tax.bills are sent and to the trust so he.has already shown the paperwork.Kirk me water is actually in heat.on record in April and probably in the.records yet that says that the top.thompson sold the property to Tom.Thompson trustee it was like that.especially there will be a deed for it.any good look at differently yeah but.that would also be within the town.somewhere the side of the trust yet they.may not have about it's right and that's.where advertise you wouldn't be able to.get a tax bill written up that way.without already and providing all that.know and you know obviously he's signing.the current useful.no yes Manstein motion carries why do I.have to annual facility report requiring.two different signatures that you.we haven't got head a little different.license to operate that duck or one one.here back I say 2017 but I'm not sure on.that.I thought speaking to someone about why.we've had to do this one of the tests.that we had a complex well how did the.tests have they require we have been.nice to us and this goes back at least.to Wars I think I was I would just like.to have Randy pfft PDF transfer station.me and I just was just want to make sure.that Randy I have seen this and Randy.definitely should see us into we put him.in charge of facility and I don't see.anything wrong with it but just let him.look at it because he found out of the.judge behind what I think.this was sung on 1210 but we need your.content over was not at the meeting if.you had not fallen listening from home.you'll need to sign there.yes do you want to sign this since you.weren't in the other I don't think that.I should disagree.it doesn't require all three do you need.lecture to sign there and I directed to.recognize the fact let's just.we sign in two places is this better.buzz admission with what.from Konya to window to email confirming.that Tonya would like her letter of.resignation read out loud at a Tuesday.night public public select board meeting.and reflected verbatim in the meeting.minutes while protecting my personal.information so this is it's an email.from Tonya.so mr. chairman you would like me to.read this.yes reading reading from a copy but we.were provided copies of this letter but.[Music].here's the letter it's dated January 16.2020 town Wentworth select board P o box.to seven at will Hill Road went with New.Hampshire Oh three to a - dear Francis.mutzie comma oh mercy and jr. comma and.Palmer Kelly :.I respectfully submit my resignation.from the position of administrative.assistant for the Select board of the.town of Wentworth comma effective.immediately period I am no longer.available to perform the duties of this.position due to the increasingly hostile.work environment created by my.co-workers period new paragraph.on 15 January 2020 comma I was verbally.accosted by my coworker comma accusing.me of not performing duties of which I.had no prior knowledge from the Select.board period she berated me in front of.a select board member who did not defend.me period from the beginning of my.tenure comma I felt unsupported and was.not trained common North avoided with a.description of my duties and have been.subjected to public allegations for more.performance comma due to misinformation.period new paragraph.additionally comma has come to my.attention that despite the lack of.training or mentoring from the Select.board comma when I failed to meet.unspoken expectations comma I learned.that a select board member.was actively recruiting others to take.my place period new paragraph the.extreme lack of professionalism and.cumulative effect of these actions on my.quality of life prompted me to submit.this letter period my only regret is.being unable to continue to work with.the town officials whom I have come to.respect and enjoy working with on a.daily basis period Sincerely Yours and.it's signed Tanya I think she wants as I.understand her email she wants them.verbatim any minutes I don't think it's.I don't think an attachment to their.view the game pretty Sanju.she asked for it to be a beta in the.minutes kind of attachment could get.this place to be lost.generally the reports of counterfeit.said we're taking me on the day out but.while they going on my mind.Randy Ruger passed by and mentioned the.fact that a couple of things here that I.would bring up he said that there were.issues at the transfer station that has.been taken care of but he does have some.concerns he mentioned that he's going to.take cans to dispose of them because he.has such a buildup that that that was a.little more home storage space and the.third thing is he needs her class for.one of the employees I forget which one.now you know which one doesn't which one.doesn't have the class and he would like.that done as soon as possible because it.needs to be done would you have time to.contact DES and get a class schedule.what's the class she needs supervision.transfer station supervision he's not.the operator si but he's a supportive or.call.anybody that operates the transfer.station in any manner whether as the.manager are as a employee under that.manager has to have certain classes one.is about three or four hours long and.lasts about half a day and the other one.is 21 and this one here would be be half.a day class I think I may be wrong on.that length of time it may be a day.dresses two days one day for the broad.net and two days for the managers but.I'm not sure on that I know I attended.one once and give you both the PM.probably there are classes for ten.o'clock tax collector much like them we.have the administrator assistant in.forever.that's a fancy word for I'd say a.secretary to this web minute I like the.word there is another position called.administrator that has to be voted upon.by the town and as.come to itself basically I understand.the position right an administrator has.all the power to select them in their.absence so there's two different things.administrative assistant 90% of the work.that our administrative assistant does.is an administrators job so would it be.wise to spend that person tremendous.grace I don't know if you can they.trying to pick up the scraps one three.or four minutes it's approving nine any.better so many that paper I don't know.why I know I have been to classes on.trustees of the trust fund trustees or.library trustees of the cemeteries even.though I wasn't worried I wasn't many.time I went to the classes if I may just.get them together kind of different.response to your question one of the.problems that I see as a new member of.the board is the lack of institutional.memory of the board.the way the statute describes how select.persons are elected there is an election.each year supposedly so the way the.statute is written for a select person.what happens evidently has happened is.people who are elected select person I.resigned so so each year they should.a selectman he left it for three years.and then the following year the one.selectmen that was finishing up his last.year of a three-year term that seat is.open again whether the that Swetman who.is completing his three-year term wants.to run again or not I mean that's.certainly up did I say celebrity select.person who wants to you know if they.want to running it so you've always got.to experiment that our word experience.select persons on the board that kind of.give you some of that institutional.memory you know there is an awful lot on.the shoulders of the select persons.different than some of the other piece.towards it I have served on like as a.county commissioner in two different.counties and the county has a county.administrator or it does a lot of a lot.of these things and so that wit is.that's with some of these breakdown so I.mean I'm a new selectmen this year as.you know has a barge frances even though.he was a selectman several years ago is.relatively new and potter is relatively.new I don't mean to speak for you.gentlemen but we don't have that recent.information and you know certainly.George Marlow has a lot of knowledge and.mrs. King has a lot of knowledge and.certainly Linda the chief chief of.police and the fire chief you know they.have a lot of knowledge about things.they have their own individual.departments to handle so that where I.see a big big breakdown is when people.who agree to service the selectmen and.run for selectmen resign.during the term of office that creates.problems challenges excuse me that.creates challenges.anytime that needs to be established so.prone agent Paul Manson is watching live.online indicated that there were some.unique teach you classes and he sent me.a link there's all kinds of different.workshops that are related to town.official respect.UNH opera not sure if that's a anyway.we're talking about I got a whole list.of training that they offer and I've.said this before there's no overlap from.one assistant admin to the next is know.all that from one select one number to.the next we don't know from one thing to.this.a 2018 present a minute announced that.they were in the process but it didn't.translate to this particular board.because there was no continuity I'm on.the agenda for something that's related.to that but until after because it.release but.[Music].all right East are going to be disposing.of the cans that have built up down.there because there's so many of those.that place to put more that comes in.when you have them in you do anything.with it you have to keep them under.cover and we don't have a super huge.place to keep them undercover so she yes.sir okay so I do have a couple of things.that I want to report on and after this.election we're having some previous.readings some of this pertains to last.week as well but I we did get an.opportunity to talk so first I'm one of.us want to let the selectmen know that.Linda and I did take care of the.paperwork with the Grafton County.Attorney's Office went into the Victim.Witness advocate program that needed to.be filled out you test that with us.company weeks ago yeah that's been taken.care of we also took care of the release.on the information from COAS the former.crane and bowel which you addressed last.week as well that was sent to me.initially I also took care that's what.we do above again.I want a comment on that because I think.it's important that the town regardless.of who does your finances from this.point forward it's imperative that we.tried let me rephrase I think it's.imperative that the town have an audit.done of each one of these funds so that.we don't run into this problem in the.future this is a service that was.offered to the town but has never ever.in the five years that I've been here.taken advantage of so I would recommend.that whoever it is that you decide to.stay with whether it's Tomas or another.even sees that that town do that on a.newly basis so that you and the town can.more closely monitor those times and.it needs to be done I agree I'm huge.I've been done I don't know why they.stopped it okay I don't know either but.that's my recommendation that's your.chief questions in this whole thing as.far as addressing all of it from this.day forward it becomes a new issue and.not I don't think that an audit in its.entirety has been done regarding while.order they all have forensic.investigation well that's a that's a.just an annual other so annual audit of.the town bucks yeah so that should be.make us clean up to this point no I.would not go by that at all no as having.done study why isn't that that's gonna.get this Melbourne no it doesn't pertain.to everything that the town that may.pretend to you're talking about all the.town budget yes yes yes and we're in a.new year as well and the second question.if you recall I asked the ladies excuse.me I forget the name you know what the.graphic how many interests yes what what.to do with the $84,000 when we get it.back yes I haven't heard yet okay well.I'm under the understanding that she's.still trying to find out for you but I.almost think that Rumble Z as a.municipality you should be looking into.that because she is a criminal attorney.in our best interest exactly to our work.without sleep now I've been tempted to.call tra.[Music].so they're consultants that's not my.understanding or mine yeah that's not my.understanding when the chief read the.weather run cause it looked like there.was some opportunity for the town if.you're to go o'clock with them because.of the other services that they do offer.such as in the audience it's just at the.town for whatever reason hadn't taken.advantage of that but they do other.things and I agree with the chief 100%.that we need if we haven't been doing.audits of the town works on an annual.basis then that's not right that needs.to be done to protect the people's money.the beginning but I thought there was.some wiggle room at the end of that they.say they had to finish some some stuff.from 2019 but it's still I that was one.of the things I want to bring up tonight.was except we go back to them and say.you know if we wish to use all of your.services as you suggest keep the mic.might off the bass on that a lot no that.is correct the last conversation I had.with them which was after January 14 to.them.and the letter that they said the reason.that they sent the letter was because.the town is paying them for services.that the town is not taking advantage of.so what they suggested was that you find.a new company and it would cost you less.because you're not utilizing all this.services such as the audits which they.would have been willing to do but in any.visa comps at the end of the year yes my.question is is with all this going on.for a long period of time and you guys.said that a lot to do when they're not.necessarily in public knowledge for a.long period of time is there going to be.some type of presentation or update at.Town Meeting in March to go over what's.been done then without this is not going.to happen again and then discuss the.whole it has been discussed the preps.not with any morning kind of group.present at the time that's your best rep.time to represent.town and to give reported what happened.and how we can stop it from happening.again because I know a lot of people.that are really angry about that being.whistling justifiably I think it would.be good to come from the select button.type of presentation at Town Meeting and.explain what every candidate and what.happened what got taken in what's.happening with it and what's an action.to the next person that does that I.would never have them never happen again.well I think I think what we need to.keep in mind is the fact that I would be.more than happy to do a presentation but.the case has not been adjudicated as is.yeah so we still have restrictions so.the some things if you can't go into.that's as soon as we can I be happy.and wouldn't they tell me they'll be.good to just give as much as you can't.be good absolutely just to let it out.there's a lot of people don't have a.clue anything like that's happening in.they comment it was me you want to know.how it happened and I think threatened.people that are responsible so these.things should know how it happened but I.don't think we want the world to know.how it would be happen because if you'd.a lot more people trying to make it.happen no I'm saying well if you have a.plan in place to make sure that again.matter that should be completely you're.talking about you don't want some of the.more each directs point the issue right.time certain things but let's letter.even reasonably tell the townspeople.yeah I think it's safe to say that we.can.to some extent how it may have happened.and what would be in place at that time.to ensure it doesn't happen again.and that's why I brought up with this.friend as well as she would do if she I.don't want to ever come to the town.meeting all right make sure I know I'm.in Varna fear your knowledge theta.the meeting was recorded attorney twist.women attorney was speaking so can I can.be I don't see why not.you know the last sort of section the.camera died out but the vast majority of.when the attorney was speaking chief so.I have been in contact with the County.yesterday we have there's going to be a.Z in sentencing date that what we said.I'm hoping it's going to be quiet.through the last evening when that's.done at the March meeting I can do a.presentation and then answer any.questions that anybody may have if.there's one day to lose weight this year.you know the water that comes out of the.office up there shows when somebody was.arrested what the deeps are so many yes.one of the Deacons later this year that.would have been in the event that we.didn't have a policeman okay.and what happens on the trial that would.have been what that was for.so done it was something you want to.mention.I've just no I I just was under the.assumption that Greenville is just a.consulting and doesn't do audits that's.what I was because now they did.compilations at the end because we.because of the trusts wasn't but they.think and she also did mentioned cuz I I.spoke when I saw her that there was if.you know they were consulting firm and.they didn't nobody call them when they.went into the office and they introduced.themselves to be administrative.assistants and never got one call never.crane emails the opinion was that it.doesn't matter to me who does it for the.time I just think it's good business for.us to be a good business they have the.same ones continuing it because they.know the history and they don't have to.regenerate.how about administration Francis yes I.think they still have before oh okay I'm.sorry I didn't mean to cut you off.that's okay that's okay let's see the.other thing I wanted to bring up is we.recently have a burglary that took place.in Wentworth very recently actually.fortunately there was a resident who saw.that something was a little out of place.and I was able to start a burglary.investigation.within 24 hours of the burglary.happening this is something that's also.happening to our sister communities we.only had one one victim so far our other.communities around us that had several.so I would just caution everyone to be a.little more conscientious about what may.be happening they seem to be targeting.residences that are seasonal they're.able to see that driveways at my plow as.a result of that they know that people.live there so it's an easy target these.people are obviously opportunists.so they capitalize on situations like.that unfortunately that's what happened.in this case as well but we're still.looking into that I'm gonna bring up the.fact that two weeks ago my cruiser broke.down on me not once not twice but three.times so I had to have some work done on.it which was that across to me of 400.maybe four dollars for a couple.different reasons some electronic issues.with all the electronics that I have in.my cruiser so that's why it cost as much.as it did I bring that up because in the.because if I don't the rest of the year.so that's sure looks like we've at some.point getting an extension to from like.when I'm seeing to the fresh bone bridge.and cross road bridge so we can get all.lemon everything is quite an action.projects state funds the way I.understand it is that bridge was never.in by the state as being a red flag area.or bridge that's my team because that.bridge was washed out then became a mark.by FEMA so right now there's a temporary.culvert so to speak in there femur.recognize that it needs to have a bridge.which is where we came up with that.hydraulic or hydrology study and.and then that study shows that we need.to have a bridge stick so that being.said FEMA right now is the only one that.would be giving towards that project the.state would not be 75% from femur 25%.from the town and let's suppose that's a.$500,000 bridge that's going to be.$125,000 from the count just on that.bridge alone and then if it's $5,000.from the town on the other bridge it has.to $500,000 bridge also that's another.25,000 about track what I just added up.we got to come from the town so in the.past when we've had these issues what.we've done is using the monies from the.general fund is part of your emergency.fund balance your shelf but money so to.speak and introduce that into our.portion I don't know what those numbers.are going to be out thinking but he does.at this point I know what those numbers.are going to be but that was you know.one of the things I'm just trying to.help the board with and you know getting.this underway the good thing is we have.a high unexpended fund loans that is not.the same thing as cash on hand but it.does help the cash on him we in fact.where tra wants us to have 15% and I.think we've got 14.we have a healthy surplus time balance.plus the fact we have a capital reserve.with some money in it the bad thing is.we have to pay all our bills in advance.we'll talk unless we can get a advance.that was published in some cases but you.can't count - - you get it it's going to.be nip and tuck I think paying our bills.upon this matter and also some careful.planning one things get done and I'd.like to see it all done is you.I think another more critical issue is.experience it says yes to both I've done.some of these grants in the past his.emergency management director is down.there pretty strange form and we also.have some engineering firms will work.with you on those grants - even.engineering but in the past.Thomas dropped the ball on this.convenient time.I don't know the town received the.Hamilton field I know so what I'm going.to do my question is because the.mechanism is there it's been utilized.multiple times so much the answer is the.question is so they use in charge.the first looks like words okay then why.okay on what you're discussing I don't.know I didn't realize the ball was drop.on anything that okay the town received.funding from FEMA for flooded roads.washed roads etc I'm not sure what you.know if we had private individuals.supplying time effort and money then.that normally what takes place there is.those who you're wrong apartment from.there to your select login.in the past what was in place the 19.that can always change was the reports.from the emergency services and you.wrote the comments and all that went to.the Select board and the assistant.that's okay that's right yeah I'm Jordan.King Donna and I have put this together.it's a petition for a warrant article.for a meeting.we have signatures it goes back to the.conversation about 15-20 minutes ago.about continuity within the town and the.select the Select board and just.everywhere about this town and how you.know turnover has cost is that money and.the lack of institutional knowledge of.the board as we were just discussing and.to turn over a nut filling you know your.whole term out and how that's cost in.this town so we have gathered signatures.that put up for Town Meeting to increase.the pay for the board which is the.lowest in this area.by quite a bit to somewhere around the.median of what other towns.right and it ends a suitable number of.signatures cubbies 14 or 15 I've got 21.okay.I mean the petition there you all may.just give it a I'm gonna have to read.the actual animal okay.the see if that thing will vote to raise.appropriate to some $12,500 in total to.increase the pay for two selectmen from.two thousand two hundred dollars to four.thousand dollars each and the pay for.the selectmen chair to be taught from.two thousand two hundred to 4500 the.purpose being to gain continuity on the.board and to attract and retain good.candidates this razor remained in effect.until voted on again at the annual Town.Meeting the salaries shall cover all.duties associated with a selected for my.research and other towns in this area at.a three to five thousand dollars for.selectmen this puts you in the middle at.four and at Town Meeting you can shoot.it down lower it whatever you like but.if you're trying to keep people on the.board and develop their terms and to.make it more a job is that a donation we.can keep people to stay on the board.attract new people we have to accept.your conditions as it is worthy I'm.gonna make one a little comment though.on ethical.radical 3 which already has funds for.the slight men in there if we're not.going to be duplicating those figures.which we're not supposed to we won't.have to take those figures this is in.total to increase the pay so your if you.approve your budget here then we're just.you're proving the difference.well I guess I wouldn't know but that's.what the ignition is where you read it.to me which I tell this writing thing.would be fine I don't think the people.on the floor I've gotta serve the money.you know I don't really warm into.something yeah do increase races with if.they're gonna raise the 12,500 in total.yeah because you're already doing 2200.times 3 so what's that 66 noticing that.weren't adequate would go in because you.have the petition people data and you.can't change we can either change dra.can't change position request but it can.we can change anytime yeah yeah yeah we.can amend anything yes and you can.change it to whatever you feel like it.that way in order to avoid doing.duplication the amount of mine has.already been included in article 3.should be removed well that will be up.to you guys.well somebody did somebody just.mentioned that they didn't know you got.paid anyway so by then I ran with the.understanding that I wasn't going to get.paid it's public service you know this.is what to me what small town New.Hampshire feel about is you live in a.town respect the people why help the.people do the best you can and if you.want lower taxes you got to get involved.and I'm trying to help lower the taxes.by increasing unnecessary.they keep on doing and the border all.that turns over we doesn't discuss this.might help attract younger people people.that are closer to retirement just.trying to get more people and fly and.stay well it doesn't sound for us to me.at all considering you said you looked.at other towns as well I come from and.this is still a medium this is so.immediate number yeah we're at we're.below the lowest surrounding areas.because you have the signatures field.very simple.yeah it's then the town can vote on it.absolutely that's where it should be.over done anyways this is the fact they.strike this down all back you put it.back to where was like all right the.dark I see the money no but I understand.that but to make it more attractive to.more people to stay it might help.and for people like me that are younger.and starting out that will assist if it.makes it a little bit more enticing to.come to spend the time and to follow us.here all that time other taxes you know.they didn't raise threatened people they.did serve on the board and they quit it.wasn't it wasn't based on the amount of.money there are no not necessarily.I've been I've been here for 35 years 20.years involved in the politics here and.I.one person served here for the money.only one it's a pain in the neck to be.up here yeah and it takes a lot of time.and not easy but like Homer I serve.because I want to see the town improve I.won't say in the past year I've served a.lot more with one year than probably any.three other years combined because of.issues not be in the paper when you're.cutting the pool of people that go to.the mat for to spend all that time by.quite a bit that can't even afford to do.all that for free position a job.position.Peter you know we are running a business.essentially that's holding millions of.dollars don't you want it to be run like.a business kind of because yes.now right now it must be a job recoding.to supplement your income its.spokespeople the job is it for you love.your community and that's why you're.through and there's a stipend they give.you maybe to pay for gas yeah I don't.think that we need to look at this as.like one extreme to the next I think.this is just an maybe an additional.incentive for folks to you know serve.the town with you know some some type of.I don't know bonus for for actually.doing the job I I honestly I don't think.we really need to continue to discuss.this because I think honestly keep.getting it up to a median you know it.just it sort of it just up to bat for.comparing to surrounding towns I really.don't think that's a big deal at all.it's not saying that people are coming.here to you know for the money I mean.who's going to come to town and you know.say they're coming for the money even if.we upped it even a couple more you know.so I don't think that's the case at all.I think it's maybe an additional.incentive but like you know the other.folks that are going to be running for a.selectman gonna nobody's doing it.further money I know that if I may mr..chairman there could be some people that.would be upset if this amount of money.went in because last year when they.elect to be is a member of the Select.board they elected me under the.impression that I was all going to make.whatever the amount of money wasn't they.may feel that I taken advantage of the.situation and disenfranchised and so to.speak because they did they weren't.given full knowledge of any way.I just again I'm here because I want to.serve my community it's best I can do.the 100-fold going covers to position.this nose to selectmen are four and.there's a chairman because this won't.work be 45 which is now other towns.we're doing it as well okay there's more.work for the Chairman I used to be that.same work we've also had 15 selectmen.and we'll have veneers 34 years so much.very much straighter how much money have.we wasted by turned over $1,000 well.supply goes back ronnie was talking.about as far as your grants night some.of that we probably was overlooked from.one turnover to the next just said.nobody here was here a year ago maybe.I'd like to give some kind of we got a.meeting next Monday night so every.twenty four-hour-a-day post and so on.I'd like to finalize a few of them if I.may and I'll retrievers I I passed out.a thing which showed a different number.of percentage raises on the elderly.exemptions and that's been in.circulation for a while when I.originally wrote the wire articles.fifty percent raise and all of the.figures I did not know what the effect.would be on that and I don't have a way.of knowing so I'm going to drop it down.to a 40 percent line so if you look at.the body to set line across here.I've soon I'm going to recommend those.numbers to be filled in the blanks in.there and they are per person 65 of age.up to seventy-five years fourteen.thousand dollar exemption now keep in.mind the fact this is not my property.the property valuation at fourteen.thousand for this prophesy.they must qualify I'll come to little.qualifying numbers later from 75 to 80.21,000 would be the picture I'm.recommending for person 80 or older.28,000 would be the finger old all the.little figures I just raised a body to.set title but they do to be or to the.term to qualify a single person cannot.earn more than twenty three thousand.eight hundred dollars a married person.cannot earn more than thirty six.thousand four hundred dollars and it had.this resistant can not have assets that.exceed $63,000 most of my.recommendations for increases in the.exemption most of my recommendations are.we prepared to accept those.recommendations I listen to the audience.on next Monday.founder comfort to Tommy who they can.change all these numbers so we up I've.done this on a percentage basis which is.only fair where I could think of it and.if they just go changing all these.numbers and there's six of them to.change and without the same basis I.would think that would be unfair to some.extent so I've tried to use a percentage.phrase for all of these the next one.warning I will 21 to tell ya some time.ago we set up an emergency lane.I'm started draw the left because he.would I think the like bribery wasn't he.he was it was how having here to run him.in here.talking about you so I thought it was.right he animals okay good ago we set up.a dirty lanes yes in order to exercise.the right to improve the length of the.necessarily we had to have some money to.deal with and it was suggested there.should be a capital reserve fund.I wrote a Warren article here the secret.on the wall to establish an emergency.links expendable capital reserve we.don't have one okay under the provisions.of IRS 8:35 : 1 and RSA 231 : 59 eggs.for the purpose of maintenance or.repairs of road so Desmond and his.virtue lanes from otago Wentworth and to.reason appropriate to Samba my original.writing this was put in 10,000 lire.because it took about five or six out.the last time just to include that and.that was some years ago because these.this son.yes budget totals it is so high.I'm suggested maybe what I read all that.down to five thousand for the time being.they have something in there.and then maybe add five thousand or.other years my question would be do you.need to have a different fun just for.that wouldn't it just be part of the.highway budget and then Paul whether the.road agent is could do it on a.year-to-year basis out of the total.budget I'm going to say no because that.would imply the fact we have to raise.the money for this purpose every year on.purpose of the emergency lane is not to.spend a lot of money each year I would.think ten thousand dollars would be more.than enough the purpose was to spend a.little bit of time and a little bit of.money maybe each year until it gets to.be passable a good shade from the fire.department and the police department and.at that point you could go back to just.time you know and kind of play it near.here and let kind of the road agent.decide how much he wants.a year and a tight fiscal year you don't.have to put that much in just do a.little bit more effort the other things.you referred to for the establishment of.this refers to all that mentions the.Catholic reserve funds for the purpose.of executing the improvements if they.become necessary in any given time do.you have a 20 thousand dollar.improvement necessary you don't have.enough money to cover to come out of a.road budget and then we're shocked.change there so it was applied capital.reserve funding he's set up and we want.to set it up this year or cancel it.entirely I had ten thousand I'm thinking.about more get to five thousand I would.think five thousand dollars if you're.not talking about just what he's going.to spend a none time you know five.thousand dollars will be more than.enough I just I am Eric last year we did.fifteen thousand dollars worth of work.to that road anyways that is just a few.sections that just a couple just do a.little bit of work each year start with.the worst section and just keep doing a.little bit and I'll do some and we'll.have it into a good road for the fire.department the police department 3.5.thousand this year and five thousand.tukya that was certainly give us enough.for yet gravel press revel is like three.hundred dollars alone deliver that goes.a lot of ways is going to be one's a.cramming engine you would you ask you.don't want out don't raise any money.five thousand you could put $5,000 in.and he probably wouldn't spend it as.long just sometimes fuel and.maybe a covert or something here and.there at some point put ten thousand the.fun and prefer the designate the.selectmen has agents to expend some fun.does the stays in that hospital truck i.if you could put five in and he probably.wouldn't spend it in the first year or.two anyway so if you wanted to put 10 or.just to stay in this.then there's you don't suspend it run it.over then then don't put it into next.year the only reason I'm considering.Morgan for private because we got such a.hypothesis this year already that would.be completely fine that would satisfy me.because we did a ton of work to that.room for free anyways last year but.there's a few sections the town could.help just help keep it a long term.increases could you just speak or what.Jordan speak briefly is the history as.to why we turn that into me okay the.main reason of Jordan brought this to.our attention quite some time ago the.town has used the Hooper Hill Road as an.emergency lane so to speak when we had.the salmon bridge go out that was the.only way in and out for the residents in.that section of town so that became an.emergency lane at that point we never.had it as they probably pull legal.emergency lane but we just operated with.that for that pretense so now we had a.public hearing it was reverted to an.emergency lane for those purposes so.that we can get those.that area still class 6 class wives here.that says no Kufra Hill Road was the.only Road around with designated an.emergency lane at this time by this is.the expressman.5000 I'm sure language with this point.here but supposedly the amount of money.we're getting back from the insurance.company will be eighty four thousand.three hundred ninety four dollars and.sixty five cents.although I don't usually like to have.money in there but because deductible.sure yes.this is just an opinion there was a.request for a your crepe broom is a.cycle everything and basically I'm the.close of that more adequate for three.reasons number one we've got a huge.budget just at whistles that is a side.delivery drum and I hate to think of the.faculty put all the gravel on the side.of the problem side of a road they go.back and have to dish it out did you.know and also we already have a broom.yeah but they'll be going to two plates.place them what thrust into the dish and.then another time to clean it out and.tell me brushing it again to get some of.the brush comes back Miller oh I want my.preference would be just not doing.anything this year on that mortgage rate.and another year spend with something.with material $31,000 and buy one that.will actually put it right into the.truck and you don't have to go back and.bring out anything the other cost more.but you don't have to do things twice if.you don't like presence effects I.honestly think the Rhodesian to be here.what's the purpose of it.[Music].I mean anymore yeah we already know came.from how much they need to repair I.don't know we already have a yacht great.how much it needs to repair I don't know.but I don't think either one of those.would come close to $16,000 yeah I think.because the community input that came.with the road agent when he presented.all this I think it would be wiser for.the atmosphere of the town is if you.keep the warrant article in and then.allow the town to vote on that warrant.article if they want to add that to the.budget themselves I bought he will be.here next week because that's the whole.purpose of the warrant article for the.town to make that decision and since he.had already made that presentation and.it seemed to go over well at the time I.just think it would smooth leathers the.Waterhouse medica cannot just the.wording cannot just change but I mean.that could also be completely shut down.out of the library still needs to.provide us with the proper numbers for.article I think it's 15.yeah they did.well there's more torque than just a.number they want to party to spend for.the new desk chair in the library that's.not the issue the issue was fine but it.was not - sorry 7000 869 the issue is.the $1400 to come from library hmmm that.was how the last years were catechol and.I don't think it's the same this year as.one out of four and the two thousand.seven hundred and sixty three dollars to.come from the unassigned fund outs.they're unassigned fund balance this.year.3380 $2.13 would be their access so how.much of that they want to use for that.to reduce the taxes so $1,400 is the.question and how much of the 3283 3282.33 82 do they wanna use to reduce it.yeah we have mr. chairman.

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