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I am Brooklyn Borough President Eric.Adams it's it's a little chilly out here.but trust me it's colder in NYCHA and.we're joined here today by many of the.members of the tech community NYCHA.residents but most importantly a person.I believe was part of the main architect.and thoughtfulness behind the CompStat.era and technology retired chief animal.Lou Lou Anna mone and 25 years later we.have never had another increase in crime.we were in the city where we were.experiencing close to 2,000 homicides a.year almost ninety eight thousand.robberies and grand larceny it was a.city out of control where we were unable.to put our hands around the problem but.with the introduction of a willingness.from the men and women on patrol and a.marriage with the technology identified.as ComStat we went from monitoring crime.weekly and monthly to monitoring crime.in real time it is time for NYCHA to.embrace real time and no longer living.in the dark ages in the 21st century you.cannot continue to use a trap technology.in the iPhone age they must give with it.and understand that when you do it when.you introduce technology you're able to.inspect what you expect.is no longer suspect living with the.secrecy of this agency you are unable to.track repairs you're under unable to.track the cost involved you are unable.to track the number of hours the men and.women who are repairing services are.actually providing to doing the services.tenants are unable to track when they.put in calls for services we're walking.into apartments with a pad and a piece.of paper to write down complaints when.all over the globe people are using a.device like this that can centralize.information that everyone could have.readily accessible that is what we're.calling for today and so I want to thank.a chief Lewis an imam who you'll hear.from in a moment we want to thank the.members from ESRI one of the companies.that you hear from Devin heard and Dave.Leslie Chou we want to thank Joelle nity.father from OpenGov another tech company.Isabella.lead from Whitman houses the tenant.Association de Rio Burgas Linga saw.houses tenant Association and our.various men and women who are part of.nature and I want to thank the media for.not allowing this issue to go away.hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers.living in the Silicon Valley of the East.should not be starving for a technology.to improve their condition and because.of your attention to this it is.compelling NYCHA for the first time to.acknowledge that there is a serious.problem not only in leadership but all.the way down to the basic level of.employees who are here and responsible.for carrying out the function nitrogen.crisis it doesn't stop here just in Fort.Greene or English or went men.all over this the entire city you see.this cat crisis being lived out everyday.just look around you some of this.scaffolding has have been in place for.over 18 years some of the scaffold have.been has been up as long as children who.have lived here they believed that the.scaffold is part of the living condition.because they were born into it and they.still into it and I remember being at a.press conference a few years ago when we.were talking about the dismantling of.scaffolding.well Nitra did not get the memo because.the scaffolding is still up and it needs.to be removed and English saw houses.just a few blocks away from here.residents are facing incomplete.construction that has been going on for.15 months with no incinerators the.residents office also have no heat or.hot water for three days no notices.posted and then when they post a notice.stating that it's coming back on just to.find out it's not coming back on just.continuously playing the game of making.announcements that that fails to turn.into reality at lafayette houses in.belfast iverson there's a major rat.infestation not only in the Bronx but.also here in the barrel of Brooklyn due.to the digging that's taking place in.the area residents across the agency did.developments are facing maintenance.block backlogs rodent infestation water.shortages molding heating problems.broken boilers and just go on and on and.on New York City has become the poster.child of slum Lords and we cannot have a.slumlord list in this city without.having New York City NYCHA on the top of.that list this is a public housing in.New York City the richest city in.America is treated as tenants in this.residence in this fashion these problems.are a major threat to the health and.safety of all the night residents that.are living here and we.cannot allow another winter with broken.boilers I don't know if they realized.there was no surprise that winter was.coming to not resolve this issue in the.summertime and now start having a.conversation about boilers and the.repairs of boilers if you had.accomplished that system it could tell.you the date of the boilers when they.install the maintenance who's doing the.maintenance how much was spent on it.this is a centralized way of documenting.and ensuring you're getting the right.services for what you're supposed to.give when resin reports these problems.they're faced with an archaic 20 century.system of tracking and reporting that.does not do the job correctly.nitrous staff will come into the.apartments as I stated with a pad in.their hand.is this as unimaginable when you write a.summons that summons is put in a.centralized and computerized system so.if we can find people using technology.we can find the way to improve the.system by using technology it is will.you put your money and your f in your.technology and stating where your.interests are and right now the interest.is not in a residence that are in nature.there's no integrated digitally a system.in place and many of the complaints are.lost in the shuffle complaints go on.address and request our backlogged.currently nature data collection on.complaints and work orders is in.internal and non transparent they are.not part of 3-1-1 there's no.transparency for tracking even on a open.data in New York City after the fact we.have to demand that NYCHA become more.transparent it's time that night.rejoinder 21st century and modernize.their maintenance request collection.system and sharing so we can fix modern.problems with modern solutions the goal.is to fix modern problems with modern.solutions in the age of Alexa and iPad.we.cannot be operating off a pen and piece.of paper this is this is insidious that.this is still taking place in nature not.just a prime example of an agency we can.turn around if we mobilize and activate.the power of real-time data tracking and.analysis to triage resources this can.turn around no matter how much people.are saying the problem is too big and.not controllable that's exactly what.they told chief animal during the mid.90s they told them it was not possible.and we did it we did it by maintaining.control and probably analyzing what the.problem was at the time we have failed.to properly analyze and get our hands.around the nitric rices we can do this.with the power the latest smart.technologies that is why I'm extremely.proud over and over again in my.communications for the last few a few.months well chief animal we did a joint.op ed together talking about this issue.and what is very important here.NYCHA cannot develop the system to.monitor their system we need to ask.chief animal and some of the architects.of the original ComStat model and back.in the 90s they made the call that comes.that should have been a system that we.should have used throughout all of our.agencies because not just only one of.the many agencies that is failing to.adapt the new technology of today and so.we need to ask chief animal and those.others who were part of the original.pilot product product product project.that started over 25 years ago to come.back and sit down and analyze NYCHA and.use it as a second example of how you.move government out of crisis we don't.have to live in crises and too many.people in management and high management.and city agencies but.the only way you can maintain the city.is to live in crises that is untrue we.prove it in the police department and.now it's time to prove it in NYCHA as.well and so when we look at the fed a.system of this magnitude it comes that.system would accurately and efficiently.track all building repairs across the.NYCHA developments monitor and evaluate.Nitra funding to ensure that the housing.agency spending is appropriate to tenant.and facility needs monitor the money.hole employees is supervisors.accountable to ensure maintenance.complaints and requests are handed.accordingly so they won't be having sex.orgies up in the Bronx that be inside to.build and repair in the buildings and.you don't keep track of them and know.how many hours they're spending.repairing a particular service you'll.never get what you're supposed to get.and that's what's happening in nights.you prioritize Tenace needs put them on.a system and prioritize their needs.which one should we do first it's.unimaginable that a an employee will.walk into a building to fix a toilet and.see that a life switch is not operated.or a hole in the wall and you come back.day after day after day weeks after.weeks after weeks this is this must be.the Keystone Cops of repairs it's.unbelievable that we're operating this.way provide transparency for residents.in the form of real-time digitized data.that can easily access and track it's.time for NYCHA to embrace technology and.real time technology so I'm joined today.with chief animal and as I stated a.brilliant administrator of a system that.ice unimaginable it took us 25 years to.recognize the success of ComStat and.real-time data retrieving he understands.the power of real-time data.because through constant policing was.revolutionized in the city by providing.with the necessary tools and information.to move the city forward the tools were.used to bring down crime and understand.what's happening on the ground on every.street corner data is power and the tech.innovators that are here today also.understand the power of using smart.technologies to address long-standing.prior problems in New York City public.housing these innovators have expressed.and helping to create a ComStat system.for NYCHA that would address the.problems and maintenance back.maintenance backlogs we have been.talking about this for months and.they're ready and willing to move.forward with this conversation back in.February I joined residents I go on as.housings during the boiler crisis across.NYCHA to demand and comps that like.system for the housing agency but it has.yet to be implemented I'm happy to hear.that there's a whisper of this now in.NYCHA but we want to turn that whisper.today into a shout let's get this done.and let's make it happen.we cannot allow time to go by while.these problems go on address we cannot.allow our night residents to be silenced.and to suffering through these.deplorable conditions with their calls.being unanswered or massively delayed in.response instead let us move forward.thinking and let us be forward thinking.and progressive by using the power of.smart technologies too so that an.inspector that comes in to impart an.apartment to file a maintenance request.can immediately use it tablet a small.smartphone or some other smart device.digitize the complaint and have it go.directly into a central database the.database will be easily accessible.online for both the agency and its.residents and across all devices.maintenance employees will use we can.use this.system to also track progress of.addressing the capital and operation.needs of NYCHA we can also make progress.in addressing outstanding projects that.have been in the pipeline for a long.time you have projects that have been in.a pipeline for years and by using a.proper ComStat system online that.everyone would have accessible to we.would no longer allow this system to.live in a dog where the Silicon Valley.of the East and we have some of the most.innovative companies based here and many.of them called Brooklyn home let's think.outside the box.let's move night into the 21st century.and I urge NYCHA to bring tech leaders.and residents into the room and develop.a row our FP proposal now low-cost.high-impact system to transform.management and upkeep of nitrous.development across the city and so again.I am really excited about having with us.of the architect of what made our city a.safe place and we prospered because of.his leadership and its continued country.contribution to the greatness of this.city and I want to now bring to the.microphone or the chief we call him the.Chiefs of Chiefs.chief blue M animal thank you thank you.president adams and thank the residents.who were here with us today let's not.forget them by the way one thing the.borough president didn't mention I'm a.product of Nitra housing myself.Marlborough houses in Brooklyn spent my.teenage years growing up there so.CompStat is a management system and it.helped the police department over the.last 25 years reduce crime number one.but also make the agency more.transparent visible to the people in the.community and this sounds like a perfect.opportunity to bring this tonight you.you have problems in nature you have.lack of transparency to the residents.bring in CompStat and let's fix this it.works it's been proven it can work here.and we can all take some satisfaction in.looking forward to that.thank you again borough president for.bringing this issue front and center I.know they're gonna have some questions.for you you know so we want to bring in.some about our text thank god guys we're.gonna bring on Devin herd and Dave from.ESRI Thank You borough press.you to the residents for having us here.today I'm here to speak on behalf of.ESRI which is of course just one company.based here in New York who's ready and.willing to make a measurable impact on.this noble initiative interim chairman.and CEO of NYCHA Stanley brezin OGG.present presented recently at the.citizens Budget commission and described.these four top frog priorities to.improve NYCHA transparency.accountability prioritizing work and.specifically overhauling their work.order management system all four points.are major reasons why most all large.city departments use GIS technology.including the NYPD CompStat Department.of Environmental Protection work order.management FDNY sanitation health and.most recently the MTA decided to spread.GIS agency-wide to help turn around.their asset management and work.management challenges these departments.are as large or larger and their needs.and operations are arguably as complex.as NYCHA's managing very large.workforces spread across the entire city.DEP is a great example of adopting GIS.to conquer a massive assets and work.management challenge of the city's.critical water infrastructure NYPD and.the FDNY and other great examples of.using data analysis and location.awareness that GIS provides to manage.their performance reducing crime.significantly since the CompStat program.began an FDNY reducing and maintaining.high perform.ambulance and fire apparatus response.times we're excited to get involved in.this initiative we believe that we owe.it to the residents to have real-time.location awareness a performance.management platform that allows not only.those that need to complete the work.orders access to real-time priorities.but also to the public so that they may.have a vision and insight into where the.problems are and how the city will be.addressing these so thank you very much.we look forward to playing a role in.this project and also from OpenGov my.good friend Joel 95v died.thank you once again for having your.president chief of Chiefs I can still.remember three years seven months ago.when we first had our first meeting at.the borough presidents Adams office.where he was asking for this cop stuff.and it's been a long journey and we're.so excited that we're making this.innovation now in the city that.pioneered data-driven policing with.CompStat that passed one of the nation's.first open data laws that created the.first analytics office in this in the.nation it's high time that we bring this.innovation down to the agency level not.just here in Brooklyn but across the.city when I first immigrated to New York.City in 1991 as it happens my first job.was working on comms that I was working.on nitro narcotic investigation tracking.of recidivist offenders back then it was.still mainframes and back even with that.technology we were able to bring all.those innovations that we we have now.that we appreciate now and in the state.as a matter of fact and I can't help but.compare that journey 25 years ago when I.was still young and a brand new.immigrant to New York City and I I feel.blessed that hopefully we can bring some.of those innovations now that we have.the modern tools that we have I'm also a.product of New York City Civic tech.Challenge NYC big apps and I look.forward to working with everybody here.in the board presence Adams office in.the Civic tech community to accelerate.this initiative and bring the government.that we expect and deserve.thank you I think it's so important to.hear I'm from our nitro residents and.we're also joined by 19 residents from.Farragut Farragut houses lafayette.houses Margaret Browns Sarah Jake Jacobs.and Therese stem stem Beck okay and we.we want want to hear from as Isabella.Lee from Whitman houses morning good.morning good morning everyone I want to.thank you for being here today because.we need help here and Whitman houses and.you can look around and see the.situation here.we had contractors here since 2016.nothing has been to my knowledge.now one villain has been finished yet.we're doing the roof it in a brickwork.my residents cannot breathe through this.netting that they have up here we need.help.how I try to get reach out to nature on.deaf ears.I don't know I didn't know what to do so.I'm so happy that the media is here.today to help us out because we do need.help here in Whitman houses so in at the.end if you could just walk around what.means I can just show you.we're fenced in like we live in in.prison just said we're not living in.prison we're in a development and we'd.like to be treated like that so I'm just.asking for help.we had to over the summer every time it.rained and we have pictures arraigned in.my residence apartments it destroyed.their furniture that we reach out to.Nitra deaf ears we need help here.Whitman so please help us thank you.thank you.thank you and from Ingersoll Whitman.Tara burgers thank you for president.thank you all for coming out my name is.Darren Burgess the president of.Ingersoll houses the resident.Association I'm also a resident of.English all houses for over 50 years I.think it's very absurd absolutely absurd.to we just had a three-day horrible.event of no heat and no hot water.so this press conference today was very.much needed I myself as a president and.resident leader put in requests for.repairs for heat hot water to only have.those tickets closed out within a number.of hours I encouraged every resident in.Ingersoll to call up to download the.night report and to request repairs for.heat and hot water again their tickets.were closed out we have a rat population.that's taken over our development you.think the Bronx is something come down.to five free walk and look at the rats.there look at 85 Navy world look at the.rats there look at 16 Fleet walk which.our resident Association office is.there's a big hole with incomplete steam.pipe work we have not had use of our.incinerators for 15 months and the.answers that I get will be finished at.the end of the month we had to go.through our family day weren't horrible.deplorable conditions in which our.children could not enjoy but we make the.best of it I think it's very ludicrous.for NYCHA to just keep passing the buck.to just keep giving us no answer at all.when it comes to heat and hot water they.had all summer to get it together like.the borough president said again we're.faced with another year I shouldn't have.to call the mayor's office the borough.president's office City Council's state.assembly just to get an answer I feel.totally disrespected and my residents.feel totally disrespected the garbage is.piled up in front of the interests of.the building to the point where you.cannot get out of the building we.have scaffolding and we have netting in.front of the building if you walk up to.the development you would think there's.no way of getting inside again we need.help and I thank the borough president.this comm stack will just alleviate the.problems that we suffer every day thank.you very much.[Applause].so so quick we're going to open to any.questions because I'm sure you have some.for chief animal and I say this over and.over again we cannot think you know men.and women of the media particularly a.Monica Lee for just really not allowing.this to just fall into the crack the.request for repairs the backlog this is.a a bottomless endless dark hole that.really we're at the starting point of.turning his agency around I saw it in.the police department I remember leaving.the police academy feeling as though.there was nothing we can do about crime.there was nothing we could do about the.signs I said no radios in the cars there.was nothing we can do about crack and.gun and robberies I remember just.responding to households where people.threw up their hands and surrenders if.you close your eyes and listen to the.complaints that NYCHA residents are.having now this is what we heard across.the city from the South Bronx to South.Jamaica Queens to harlem's the.Brownsville people surrendered they felt.that nothing could be done we turned it.around when you when you reveal what.you're doing every day in real time it.compels every employee every manager.everyone at the beginning of the agency.to the top of the agency it compels them.to state what they're doing daily we.must monitor in real time to turn this.system around we're not doing that now.then they stated they're going to moving.in the right direction we need to make.it happen we have to take.is here in this city who are saying they.want to be a part of making this happen.the head of NYCHA should be on a farm.today calling chief animal and asking.him to come in and give them the.instructions on how we move and.implement a ComStat system we're.fortunate to have leaders like him still.in this city that remember what the city.was like 25 years ago and who and what.we are now because of the implementation.of technology it's time to move forward.we're open to any question.I am saying that this is not going to be.a better winter we we started off with.heating complaints already we started.off with a hot water complaints already.and when you utilize a system that.monitors in real-time you can go to a.computer using GIS mapping or any other.system and see how many boilers are out.how much we spent per boil boiler I.believe that many people who are hired.to repair boilers are learning the it's.more expensive to repair things in an.emergency basis than proper maintenance.if you put the right systems in place.you can prevent the breakdown so this is.not a good this is not a good one -.we're underway we're moving in the wrong.direction already we have the heating.complaints this should have been.monitoring months ago.but it is this is the problem with.nature that many people don't realize we.are spending for the amount of money.we're spending we should be receiving.high-quality services but we can't wrap.our hands around the money that we're.spending and because there's not a clear.analysis of how money is being spent.who's it going to who's the contract.when you look at the water tower Fiasco.who are the repairs who who was in.charge of them all of this information.must be monitored we're spending too.much money to be receiving the lack of.services that we that were receiving.because the money we're spending was.spending is on an emergency basis you.always pay more any homeowner would tell.you that you pay more when you are.responding to emergencies instead of.being proactive instead of reactive.that's a good question we have been.speaking with NYCHA under the the.previous leadership as well as City Hall.we've been calling for this for several.months up back in 2017 was the beginning.of this conversation we continue to call.on this chief and of my own and I we did.an op-ed on this as well so we heard.recently that there's a conversation.about it but if you allow NYCHA to give.us a watered-down version that's a big.mistake we need to bring in the tech.giants and we need to bring in the.person who originated that system in the.city that person is standing here with.us now and so NYCHA must have the expert.we can't allow them to create a nitrous.tile CompStat system that's how we got.in this mess in the first place so we're.not sure where they are but I'm going to.be on the phone today with the head of.NYCHA and say it's time to bring in.chief antimony and others who have.already created this system that we've.benefited from it from now yes.[Music].well we turn to the experts in the data.mining and find out for example how much.of that million dollars is being spent.here at Whitman how much is being spent.at Marlborough.houses or Farragut houses or the.Glenwood houses does anyone know is.anyone tracking any of that how much.does it cost to repair a toilet in this.development as opposed to one in the.Bronx is anyone looking is anyone asking.I had some time and some experience also.at the MTA and one of the things we.discovered there at the MTA was we had.any contractor servicing the plumbing.and on Fridays to the borough.president's point he had people working.for him who would stuff the toilets so.that they would be called in on an.emergency basis to work overtime on.Friday and Saturday and Sunday to build.the MTA and fix the problem that they.themselves created right now there's no.transparency in the organization you.want and need the data and these people.behind us here can get us the data how.many calls to three one one about heat.how many calls to three one one about.water or no water and no hot water where.the calls coming from how long does it.take to fix them what is the average for.this development or for another.development and if they're different why.is someone not doing their job.it's got to be accountability at each.development there ought to be somebody.from NYCHA responsible for this.development living here themselves in.this development so people could see.them on a daily basis and ask them the.questions that you're asking us.I'm not sure about the cooperation I.think the only thing that would slow us.down the only thing that would delay any.of this is leadership as a borough.president mentioned in the police.department we had excellent leadership.from the top from the mayor's office.right on down through Commissioner.Bratton and the rest of the people.working for us who were dedicated to.getting it done.if Nitra has those same quality people.we could start about you know in 1994.homicides dropped by here over 400 our.first year counts that over 400.homicides.less in this city the same across the.board and other in other categories I.think we can do it here in nature.quickly effectively and the people who.need it would see the results on a daily.basis.yeah well I mean we did it with wing and.a prayer real cheap computers and that's.how we started technology is advanced.well beyond that now I know that there.are solutions out there probably.off-the-shelf solutions that we could.start using the following day think.about it back as it was indicated there.back and when concept was developed the.cost of the technology was so much more.expensive this technology is is expense.it's not expensive now the biggest.inhibitor is the will is the will the.will to turn this agency into.transparency as in the police department.every command of the precinct had to.come in and talk about the crime in his.community he had to know his community.we don't know who runs Ingersoll Whitman.we don't know the face of the person he.won't know who it is.these invisible people Halloween.everyday is in and in NYCHA the ghost is.never he is always disappearing in this.place we need to bring in on-the-ground.individuals who are responsible and then.as the chief pointed out which is so.important how do you gauge contracted by.contractor because a half a million.dollars to deal repairs here and then.you go to the Bronx and you find out.it's callings course in two million.dollars you have to drill down and find.out why no one is finding out why - the.answer is we're writing the checks.without any deep dive into where the.money is going a system that monitors.that will change that entire.conversation thank you thank you very.much.[Music].[Music].you.

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  1. Check the CocoSign website from your mobile browser. Login to your CocoSign account or sign up with us if you don't have registered before.
  2. Choose the document you need to e-sign from your mobile folder.
  3. Open the document and tick the page where you want to put the electronic signatures.
  4. Pick 'My Signatures'.
  5. Put your electronic signature and include it to the page.
  6. Pick 'Done'.
  7. Check the document or directly share through email.

That's it. You will be done signing your Maintenance Request Form Greennycha Greennycha on your cell phones within minutes. With CocoSign's remote signature facets, you no longer need to worry about the safety of your electronic signatures and use our tool of your choice.

How to create an e-signature for the Maintenance Request Form Greennycha Greennycha on iOS?

Many platforms have a more difficult setup when you start using them on an iOS device like the iPhone or iPad. However, you can write down your signature online effectively with CocoSign, either using the iOS or Android operating system.

Below tips will help you to e-sign your Maintenance Request Form Greennycha Greennycha from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Insert the CocoSign program on your iOS device.
  2. Put your CocoSign account or login if you have a previous one.
  3. You can also sign in through Google and Facebook.
  4. From your internal storage, choose the document you need to e-sign.
  5. Open the document and tick the part you want to include your signatures.
  6. Put your electronic signatures and save them in your desired folder.
  7. Save the changes and fax your Maintenance Request Form Greennycha Greennycha .
  8. You can also share it to other people or upload it to the cloud for future use.

Select CocoSign electronic signature solutions and enjoy boosting your workflow on your iOS devices.

How to create an electronic signature for the Maintenance Request Form Greennycha Greennycha on Android?

At this time, Android gadgets are welcome used. Therefore, to aid its customers, CocoSign has developed the program for Android users. You can use the following tips to e-sign your Maintenance Request Form Greennycha Greennycha from Android:

  1. Insert the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Pick on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to include your electronic signatures.
  4. Pick out the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Customize your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and pick '✓'.
  7. Save changes and fax the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Maintenance Request Form Greennycha Greennycha with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign gives you assistance to to put many electronic signatures no matter when. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

Maintenance Request Form Greennycha Greennycha FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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