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[Music].all right everyone.we are back get back on the screen.let's get this rolling.all right let's do a quick sound check.just want to make sure.thumbs up can you hear me screen is good.awesome.all right.gifts or gifts you're trying to redeem.yourself from going somewhere else.is that what it is heather i see what.you're doing.[Music].thank you thank you i appreciate it i'll.check him out in a little bit thank you.so much.all right uh let's rock and roll i know.we're.we're late let's rock and roll.i'm looking at my phone so okay.all right peter you're fired whatever.you're doing you're fired.that's it all right guys.so chapter 20. this is a really short.chapter in fact i'm just going to focus.on a few things andrea don't stress so.much because you haven't done this.chapter yet what i'm going to address.now.so i'm going to talk about chapter 5 6.and 7 a little bit.here so again if you don't know the.stress.you're going to learn that tomorrow.starting tomorrow okay.so transfer of title guys i already have.it highlighted here.obviously if you have the physical book.this is all you need to highlight but.focus more on the ebook and then you can.highlight if you want.what i'm addressing here is very simple.alienation of title.is transfer of titles so it's when it's.it goes from.the seller to the buyer there's a new.owner so there's an.alien on the land so brand new person on.land right.so that's alienation transfer now.there's voluntary.and there's involuntary alienation.voluntary alienation or voluntary.transfer.we have a few different ones that you.guys might remember usually i ask you.guys i'm just going to go straight.forward.we have gift sale or exchange.right and gift could be in the form of a.deed or it could be.in the will right it's willing right you.want to so it's a gift it could be a.sale where you're selling somebody else.or exchange with somebody else as you.guys know.these are voluntary that means you want.to do it this way.the involuntary transfers or involuntary.alienation.are the ones you're being forced to do.for instance.we have involuntary alienation we will.have.is cheat is one of them okay.what else we have uh we have foreclosure.so when there's.a delinquent tax or mortgage lien they.will foreclose on you.when somebody dies interstate that means.without having a will.you will have his cheat as i was saying.we have eminent domain which is where.the government takes the property for.public good.and they compensate you for that.supposedly right at least a fair.compensation.but they're forcing you out of your.property and they have their right.through.again eminent domain foreclosure we.already talked about that.you also have partition when there's.two or more people that own a property.as ticks.or so tenants in common or as jts or.anything like that you have the right to.partition the right to divide if you can.divide.the property or the land then it's a.physical partition if you guys remember.right.but if there's no way to divide the land.then they'll force the property to be.sold.and that becomes a judicial partition.you remember that.all right andrea are you playing the.harmonica.or is she beatboxing andrea what are you.doing you're scaring me.sorry just kidding.all right she's putting a beat behind.what i'm saying right now with a.partition that's what it was.all right uh.next thing we got is one more.um involuntary transfer.right it's called erosion.now erosion means nature is.taking property away from you there's.accretion which is.gaining or adding property right and.erosion is.losing property so accretion is addition.or increase of property.erosion they take the property away from.you.okay.you were reading a voluntary alienation.out loud.while beatboxing got it hey whatever.works.adverse possession this is another type.of.involuntary alienation if you guys.remember adverse possession.is when somebody steals your property.legally.right when somebody takes over so um.easement.by prescription or squatters rights it.means exactly the same.okay you guys remember this thumbs up if.you remember the stuff.okay great so it's a quick summary.that's what it is.something to remember about adverse.possessions that.because you've been there for 20 years.doesn't give you the title or the rights.to the property.right you've been there for 20 years.then it gives you a right.to claim the right does that make sense.so you've been there for 20 years using.the property now you can go in front of.a judge and say your honor i've been.here for 20 years nobody showed up to.claim it.could you please allow me to have the.rights to use the property.judge will say yes no problem but now.you're like hmm.well if i got the right to use the.property nobody claimed it.can i also take over the title meaning.can i be the actual.owner of the property now or the section.that i'm using.and the answer is yes you can file a.suit to quiet title.okay this is one of the ways to take.over.the actual property.uh so lewis there's just got to say.that as far as 30 years or 20 years.adverse possession is.20 years for regular properties 30 years.for.land but anyway either.different states have different laws for.new jersey's 20 and.30 years okay we just address.the 20 years for regular properties.all right next and this is where we're.going to slow down and focus.we have transfer of a deceased.pro person's property all right so we.talked about.regular transfers right voluntary.involuntary.right but when somebody dies there could.also be.voluntary or involuntary transfers right.so we have here.intestate that means you died without.a last will and testament so intestate.is without.a testament right testate that means you.prepared a last will and testament and.you appointed somebody to execute the.will.all right so these are two terms you got.to remember.now let's say you are the.heir to property to money to.whatever you are the heir do you guys.get.the money do you guys get the property.when somebody dies.you will but only after.everything is probated what does that.mean what is probate.that means all claims against the estate.must be satisfied.so if i own.a million dollars worth of property.right.but i owe 999.000 in debt.then guess what my kids my four kids.will inherit.a thousand dollars not each.oh thousand dollars they're not going to.be very happy with me.not at all right so remember i'm not.even talking about taxes steven not even.taxes i'm just talking about all claims.against the estate we're talking about.having debt debt needs to be paid first.before it goes to the.errors why do you guys think life.insurance is so important.hmm it what this is one of the reasons.if you owe.a million dollars worth of property.right i mean worth of debts.then insure yourself 40 million dollars.because if you die.do you think your heirs need to have.that burden to pay all those bills for.you in order to get their.uh the property where they live let's.say right do you think it's fair.it's not right so very very important.because there's probates they don't get.hey here's.this is all yours right no it's.hey this is all yours but let's see if.anybody is going to.claim hey creditors anybody come on.million dollars anybody and if they show.up and say yeah well.here's the bill 900 000 for the mortgage.well that got to be paid first.you guys got it that's how it works.so in probate proceedings.the funeral is enough what i mean.the expense.so yeah lewis everything through court.and that's what we're going to.address right now oh yeah the expense at.least.if you have nothing else at least the.insurance for the for the.funeral absolutely uh mina i'm going to.talk about that in a second.so probate proceedings this goes through.court.right so court determines who gets what.if you have a will then you're going to.have.also an executor.executor is named in the will if you.don't have a will.then the court will name an.administrator.of the estate.okay so you got to remember these terms.executor that means there's a will.you gave your will to somebody to.execute.for you in case you die tonight because.that's what a last one testament is.hey if i die tonight this is how i want.you to distribute.my assets okay that's what it is.if you don't have one then the court.will determine how to distribute.your assets all right or not we're going.to talk about that in a second.all right now.transfer of title by will.a last will and testament is an.instrument made by an owner to.voluntarily convey title.to the owner's property after.his or her death so a will takes effect.only.after the death of the desolate.until that time any property covered by.the will.can be conveyed by the owner so in my.will.my kids get everything okay and my will.my kids get everything.but i'm still alive right right.yeah pulse all right so i'm still alive.can i sell my all my assets right now.can i sell everything i have right now.while i'm alive and the answer is yes.while i'm alive i can do whatever i want.a last will and testament doesn't mean.i'm dying a last willing testament means.hey if something happens because we.don't know tomorrow.actually i don't know the next five.minutes does that make sense.so we don't know be ready that's what it.is okay.so if i die tonight they get the.property.if i don't i'll sell all the property.does that make sense i can do whatever i.want.while i'm alive now.a party who makes a will is known as a.testator or tesla tricks if it's female.and the gift of real property is known.as that device you guys remember this.word.whoever receives the property is called.devisee.do you guys remember the word devise.great so let me know what is a demise.d d-e-m-i-s-e what is a.demise.if you remember devise then you should.remember demise.beautiful louis says devise.is a transfer by will.while a demise is a transfer by lease.gotta remember that okay i've been.saying that over several.um over several uh.chapters to remember demise and divides.and the difference between them.okay ah cool louis i never done that one.but here we go.m close to the l v close to the w.if that works divisive v is close to w.so will.that's probably a nice way to remember.okay.you guys good.vanessa why are you shaking your head.it's very simple.now you guys remember that i said.uh in my will my children.are the heirs you guys remember i said.that.okay cool so.here's another thing in jersey children.can be disinherited.so if they don't behave i already told.them i'm gonna cut you off the wheel.i even told my two-year-old said don't.behave you're going to see what's going.to happen.off the wheel he still doesn't behave.anyway crystal you're about to ask about.my wife.you want to meet her we're talking about.wills.all right so here's the thing uh.in new jersey children can be.disinherited but a surviving spouse.chad beware is entitled to at least one.third of the estate.and the determination of the augmented.estate is a complex calculation.now in case a will just like mine says.zero dollars to the spouse.in all dollars in all property to the.children.look there's a minimum statutory.inheritance.and the surviving spouse.has the option of informing the court.that he or she will take.statutory share rather than the lesser.share providing the will.so even though i gave her a big fat zero.on my will right in my will a big fat.zero.she has something called the right of.election.the right of election that she can elect.to take the.minimum statutory inheritance which is.one-third of the estate.okay this is a right that's only.reserved or available to.a surviving spouse uh by the way a key.word is.surviving just saying.right anyway.yeah the kids get everything first she.has to survive that's the first thing.and second she has to know this.easy the plan is made already.can the prenup stop that.uh prenup is for divorce it's not for.death.but good one.uh so yeah uh so the mother of my.children did take this.class so.there are other ways anyway so um.what was i saying.uh daphne is asking what is a static.statutory share.so that's what i was saying right here.she's entitled at least to one-third.this is the statutory.share if she wants to.okay everything goes to the kids great.but if she wants to.um have the option of elise hey what do.you mean he didn't leave me anything.your honor i'm entitled to one third i.want my one third everything else can go.to the kids.but my one-third first right she can do.that it's a right of election.and only a surviving spouse can do that.okay got it.carlos has this look hmm what am i gonna.do.i need to figure this out.hey carlos where there's a will.there's a way yep.daphne question is coming.let's see.so can the will state otherwise like.spouse no that's exactly what i was.saying.look when i started this this section.right here daphne.when i started here i said that in my.will.my kids get everything i never mentioned.the wife.so i left my wife zero dollars.everything goes to the kids right so.that's the example i was giving right.but then i'm showing you guys i do it on.purpose like i prepared the story line.right.because i'm showing you guys even though.i put nothing.to the spouse she has the right to the.minimum statutory inheritance so he she.has the right to say wait a minute he.left me zero no i'm entitled to the.one-third.but this is only available if i put zero.if i put nothing or.even if i put one fourth she's actually.entitled to a little bit more.but it's only a right of election to a.surviving spouse she can either.want it or not you guys got it.uh is this only in new jersey uh so.every state has different rules.you should check out whatever the rules.are in the different state that you're.inquiring but yeah.andrea very smart andre goes.so if you don't want your wife anything.leave to her.to her if anything when you die you.should divorce her first.where there's a will there's a way right.the problem is as soon as you start the.divorce you might die first so yeah.she's still entitled to this.again where there's a wheel there's a.way things do get complicated.anyway.next.all right right on top it says a will.uh a will is different from a deed.why because a deed transfers the.interest in the property.during the lifetime of the grantor so.while you're alive.but a will conveys no interest right.in the property until after the death of.the testator so we already talked about.this.a will only takes effect when you die.and that's a device that's an immediate.transfer to the devices or.beneficiaries of this uh will right.now to be valid.to be valid a.deed must be delivered during the.lifetime of the grantor.let me address this real quick i have to.right here.vanessa.believe it or not in every relationship.that i've had since i was.uh 17 right that was like my first big.16 yeah 17. first big relationship right.since then i've been saying and this is.because of my mom right it's always it's.always stuck to me.i always said hey listen do whatever is.best.for you because tomorrow i might not be.around.it's as simple as that right so i agree.with this.100 right as a man as a person i agree.100.build your empire do not depend on me.because i don't know if i'm going to be.here.you i don't know if you're going to be.here so we shouldn't depend on each.other we should work together.with a common goal but i shouldn't.depend on you the same question i ask my.buyers.hey if you lose your job can you afford.the house can your spouse afford to pay.right the same thing i asked the same.way i asked that i always say.to any relationship that i'm with and.all my friends and family always tell.them the same thing.make sure they have your own just in.case now we're going to work together so.if you if you have your own grade if i.have my own grade.but if you depend on me if i'm the bread.winner.and then i'm not here for whatever.reason divorce death whatever.what's gonna happen how are you gonna.survive then especially now with four.kids how is that going to happen.right so it's definitely but that's.definitely agree.build your own empire so you don't need.anything i know you meant this in a.different way.yeah right is your husband there with.you.yes all right make sure he reads this.okay just saying.tell him yeah yeah bring it bring him to.the camera.he's there.she's building her own empire all right.so whatever monies you guys have it's.hers just letting it i mean.i mean she's building her own.be smart you know you know what you got.to do right i just explained.watch this video and you'll know what.you have to do.oh and yanessa can notarize whatever i.said right now all right next.carl says i say just to really upset her.to leave.to the.carlos i'm sorry x oh.ex-wife got it.i see a monkey at the end i don't know.yeah ex-monkey i was trying to figure.out i got it ex-wife got it.you can leave it to whoever you want.that's the beauty of a of a will.and that's why you need to know about.this chapter guys right here.i'm gonna start talking about the power.of a will.versus not having one right.so legal requirements of making will.something you got to remember you have.to be.an adult so 18 years old right or older.right.and you have to be of sound mind when.you do this.all wills must be in writing and it must.be the voluntary.free act of the person signing it okay.next i don't know if you guys remind.uh remember this but.there's a chapter where we talked about.dour.and courtesy does anybody remember what.darwin courtesy means.let me know in the chat tower and.courtesy.men and women guilt thanks.dollar courtesy men and women the hour.goes to the y.courtesy goes to the husband right so.uh d is for the w and c is for the h.right the d is for.the wife and c is for the husband yep.okay.anyway um.so if you remember darwin courtesy if.you remember darwin courtesy.uh you like that and it's a lot easier.man it's a lot easier.for those of you that got it it's a lot.easier i kept it.pg but it's a lot easier to remember.that way.so lewis is laughing so dower's the.benefit that the wife gets and courtesy.is the benefit the husband gets yep.d is for the wife and c is for the.husband.all right so if you guys remember darwin.courtesy this is prior to may 28 of.1980 correct and prior to that.any property that we own while married.that we acquired while married.right we would divide 50 50..that means if you die i get your 50. if.i die you get my 50. so that means that.one.once there's a death right the other.party the surviving party becomes a.hundred percent owner.so you're entitled to one half interest.so why do i stop here because we just.talked about the right of election.in new jersey right the right of.election is one-third.now but for property that was acquired.before may 28 1980 while married.okay it's one half so whatever was.acquired.after that one third before that one.half.okay.courtesy of you know what heather i like.yours.courtesy for the chat.d is for the damsel a lot simpler a lot.cleaner.got it.uh lewis you want me to say again what.about the one third and uh.and the one half let me know if that's.if that's it or if you want me to.show you what heather.just said right here courtesy.for the chap d is for.the damsel okay.okay all right uh so one third oh what i.was saying is.we just talked right here look we just.talk right here at the bottom.about the right of election right so if.i say zero dollars.uh in the will write zero property then.the surviving spouse has.the right to claim one-third as the.minimum statutory inheritance.but this is after may 28 1980 because.any property that was acquired before.may 28 1980.the surviving spouse is still entitled.to one half of that interest.that's what i was saying okay so if it's.a property we acquired while married.before this date.then one half for the surviving spouse.any property after.this date because darwin courtesy was.abolished.on may 28 1980 right any property.acquired after that then it's.uh one third unless it's the main.marital residence if you guys remember.that.if it's the main marital residence if.it's the house where we live.no matter what it's 50 50. whether it's.before or after.50 50. it's a house where we live okay.have to remember that.all right almost done final run this is.where you guys should re.realize the power of having a will.and the power of having insurance.transfer of title by descent.so title to real estate and personal.property of a person who dies.intestate without having a will passes.to the heirs.under the descent statutes the primary.heirs are.the deceased of the deceased are his or.her spouse civil partner domestic.partner.or close blood relatives.intestate real property is distributed.according to where the property.so the state where the property is.located.all right lose says that i froze.am i frozen no it was her it was her.internet okay cool.no can't repeat it i'm done i don't know.i don't know where i froze let me know.what is the last thing that you.heard or saw.you guys do know like there's a replay.in the student portal i'm just saying.right.she wants me to go over the whole thing.uh louise you're talking about here.this is where i froze for you before.chapter one you said.after what here.i feel like she's frozen.right here.lose hello.imagine i started explaining and she.comes back hey you were frozen could you.repeat again.that'll be really messed up.right when i said i was almost done i.was here this is when i said that that's.the final run.that's what i said right here okay.so what i was saying is that are you.there right.okay cool so what i'm saying is that.title ii real estate and personal.property.of a person who dies intestate meaning.without a will passes to the heirs.in other descent statutes the primary.heirs of the deceased person are his or.her spouse.civil partner domestic partner and.closed blood relatives.all right then i came down here and this.is where i stopped are you still there.wave okay wax on wax off okay great.so intestate real property is.distributed according to the law.of the state in which the property is.located this is very very important.if you don't have a will then the.distribution of your assets will go.according.to whatever the laws are in the state.where the property is located so if you.have.property in a different state and you.don't have a will.it's whatever they say if you have.property in new jersey and you don't.have a will then it's whatever the.jersey says.okay so they have their own laws of.descent.and distribution all right.now this law of the center distribution.only applies to the to the estate.that remains after payment of.all debts so after.probate so remember the distribution is.only going to happen.after we pay all the debts that are.against the estate.okay now the laws of descent and.distribution.only come into effect if you have.no will okay.now who's first number one surviving.spouse.next page surviving spouse or partner.becomes the sole heir.if the destiny leaves no parents or.children.okay if there's a child or.children who are also children of the.surviving spouse.the spouse or partner receives the first.fifty thousand.and then it's half and half uh with the.children okay.if the destiny leaves uh parents and a.spouse but no children then.first 50 to the spouse and then half and.half of parents and.the spouse and so on so what i'm trying.to show you guys here is that.every state has a one two three four.five step.of who gets what okay depending on who's.available.you guys got it so far let's go to step.number six.in default so you're asking me i mean i.think you're asking before what happens.to the property.if you don't have a will right in the.fault of any other natural heirs.grandparents.uncles and first cousins may be.considered.heirs beyond that point.beyond that point the entire estate.goes to the state of new jersey or.whatever state it might be.buy is cheats what does cheat mean.they're cheating you out of your.property because.you are too lazy to prepare oh sorry you.did not want to prepare.a will okay okay.very important.go get a will that's what i'm telling.you you know why because of this.that i'm about to read right now ready.gil if you hate everyone listen.let me be your heir.okay not not not jordan sparks type of.air.let me be your h-e-i-r air okay.so i'll i'll.get your property don't worry about it.i'll take care of it your whole dj.equipment i got it.all right but check this out guys right.here very important.the state treasurer will sell.such property at a public sale giving.notice by publication in the newspaper.in trenton so capital right and in the.newspaper.in the county where the property is.located.not bad right so they put in the.newspaper so you should be aware that.the sale is happening right.the proceeds of the sale are held for.one year.but this is not what matters to me what.do you guys need to pay attention and.why you need to have a will.is this right here.if nobody claims the property.or the money the proceeds of the sale.if nobody claims it within one year.after that if nobody claims within the.year.the funds belong to the state.all because you do not have a will.prepared see if i have.a will i'm telling you how to handle the.assets if you don't have a will.the state determines who gets it.you guys got it that's why i'm always.focused.on people getting a will.and obviously life insurance as well.yep it goes into abandoned property.absolutely.you guys got it any questions.let me know if you have questions drop.them in the chat right now before i.proceed.daphne all right so while daphne is.typing i have a question.who's going to prepare a will tomorrow.all right who's going to get life.insurance tomorrow.i mean if you want to if you guys want.to give everything you have to the state.of new jersey i mean go ahead or.whatever state you're in.go ahead no problem.tidy says i've got a lot of debt can i.leave it to my heirs.listen just make sure.you get insurance life insurance and.they don't get your heirs don't get the.debt.nope.um gil says.on time i have a hot date.hot pockets do not qualify for hot date.okay.anyway any questions besides daphne's.question coming through.louis if you have questions let me know.we're about to be over with.the session.gil says she's blind so it's a hot date.or a blind date or both.yamily says the insurance company has.been calling me for life insurance.well you know if you don't have it let.me know i can give you.a no cost obligation uh financial needs.analysis if you have one.i'll review it for as well so we we do.have the insurance.company and we'll do all this uh.for free we're not looking for you to.change we're just trying to educate.people just like i'm doing here in the.class.educate people about the power of having.those things.and i'll tell you that because i've.suffered from the same thing my.grandfather passed away unfortunately.no will no insurance and i got stuck.with debt right my uncle was alive.so we were getting funds to pay for the.property because he was the other heir.right but then he died a couple a couple.of years later.and now i'm stuck with the debt so now i.have to worry about property in portugal.and i have to worry about my properties.here.and i have to worry about everything.else so it's a lot of stress.all right and that's why you should have.life insurance right that's why you.should have a will and have everything.prepared.right my mom before she died she had.everything so she even called me and i.ignored it completely she goes like hey.bro.all right uh just let you know when you.come home if anything happens to me when.you come home it's.right here right there that drawer it's.everything is labeled.boom sure enough when she passed away.in 2012 right i went to portugal.everything was there.it was very easy okay four years later.my grandfather passed away nothing.big mess three years after that my uncle.passed away nothing.big mess all right so guys you need to.think about this it's not about you.it's about the survivor all right it's.about the spouse it's about the kids.right that's why we need this stuff it's.not about you it's about.who stays behind they're already.suffering from.the loss right and now having to handle.the paperwork.and having more debt and more stress.right.think about it that's what it is for.okay.uh so immediately guys we would have to.to sit down and.and go over or uh maybe um.schedule a zoom or something for that so.if you don't have it we'll talk about it.if you have it i'll review it.again no cost obligation i really don't.care about that i care about people.being.prepared uh so.just send me a message separately and.we'll talk about it not a problem.all right let's go over questions i got.a question from.okay previous stuff so if anybody wants.to leave.you're welcome to leave we're done with.the session those of you that are.staying behind they have questions i.will address those questions i'll stay.here as well okay.if anything tomorrow 5 30. we start.again.okay.all right we got some good nights there.you go thanks lewis i appreciate it.all right so lewis question the part.that says.to be valid can i guys to be valid.a deed must be delivered during the.lifetime of the grantor.if it means if somebody dies does not.apply because the will.because of the will.so when we're saying that the deeds.unfortunately i cannot show you the.screen.for um for the youtube chat.but when we're saying that to be valid.the deed must be delivered during the.lifetime of the grantor.is because while i'm alive i can grant.the property to somebody and that goes.through a deed right so if i.die and the deed was never delivered.and accepted right so he had there has.to be delivery and acceptance we talked.about this right.then the will supersedes the deed.because the deed was never delivered.therefore never accepted so yes.uh lewis uh if somebody dies then.it would not apply the will would take.over.absolutely so if there's delivery and.acceptance.then guess what the deceased.no longer owned the property because he.or she sold.while alive so it's no longer part of.the will.right but if i died without delivering.that deed.then the will takes over whatever's in.the will or if there's no will.law of descent and distribution okay.you're welcome lewis any other questions.just drop it here i'm going to.go over the other questions i have here.in the chat okay.let's see what we got.okay this is right after gil's hot date.yet he's still here.let's see.right here what does uh descent mean.yep so uh it's so that there's a destiny.the person that dies.uh the descendants right is whoever.receives the property so heirs yeah.who's gonna get.whatever inheritance it is yep.uh adverse possession so we talked about.that in chapter six.adverse possession is squatters rights.it's uh.easement by prescription is when.somebody.takes over somebody else's property.right without their um.their welcoming let's say so it goes.against their will.so it's adverse possession is really.what i call.an abandonment claim so if i don't show.up and see my property for 20 years.clearly i have abandoned the property.so it gives the rights to the person.that's been here they're managing for 20.years.maintaining the property gives them the.right to go in front of a judge and say.hey.your honor i've been looking for bruno.bruno never showed up it's been 20 years.so can i keep the property that's pretty.much what you're doing.okay that's to sum it up that's what it.is.let's see.all right gary yep claim the rights yep.what else what else what else no other.questions.mina wants another example of the.southeast and south southwest thing.slowly.so mina.there's a north.there's a south.there's an east and there's the west all.right so that was slowly.uh the southeast and southwest thing.that's what you want to know.let me go over here uh so you wanted to.know.about this that's right i know uh let me.know here first what is your question.with this what do you want me to.exactly uh explain here.okay as far as this right here yes the.person takes the property.legally yep legally.he's gonna do it on purpose and not put.in different lines just mess up.yep okay i got you all right vanessa.even if you marry.the state can take your property if you.don't have a will.well here's the thing if you're married.it's what i said before if you're.married.then the first thing is it goes to the.surviving spouse.right the law of descent means that.they're going to give uh.like if you're married and you have kids.the first 50 000 goes.to the surviving spouse and then they.split with children.but you have to claim it nobody's going.to come looking for you.that's the thing they'll put in the.newspaper but nobody reads newspapers.right so if your heirs do not claim it.then the state of new jersey or any.other state is the laws are similar.they'll just take it you got it.that's what it is.uh daphne yes there has to be offering.acceptance.and um mina i'm not ignoring you i'm.just addressing.this because it's quick so if um.if somebody dies without a will right.and.the heirs are entitled to reject the.inheritance absolutely there has to be.offer.acceptance it is a contract a will is a.contract.i don't have to i can reject the.inheritance all day long especially if.it comes with a lot of debt like tidies.tied his um inheritance like she said.i'm like no i don't want that you keep.it all right take it to heaven with you.i don't want it but if you accept one.you accept.well it's not it's not like you could go.there oh uh yeah i want this property.and i want this one but i don't want.that one no no.i don't want that one you cannot pick.and choose it's not cherry pick okay.all right so let's go here and see the.second box.how do you get to the second box.uh.let's see if i understand.mina.one box two box.or one box and uh.where's the other second box.daphne says that the video online is.very helpful.thank you.all right vanessa good night.uh yeah well.uh daphne without a will you can reject.even with a will you don't have to.accept anything.okay i mean.i'm waiting for you i don't know i'm.trying to decide i was really trying to.understand which box you're talking.about how do i get to the second box.what do you mean.you want the mic so you can ask or.do you want the mic so you can ask.oh okay yes.and then the second one how do you get.the second answer.so like southeast west whatever.you're talking about this southeast and.you're asking.and you're asking how i get to this one.yeah how do you get the answer okay so.let me go here it's easier.in the colorful ones all right so here's.what you need to understand.right here so i know the first one is.southwest.yeah so this is southwest but if you see.this is the smaller box of all of them.right.this is part of a bigger box which is.the yellow part.it's a bigger box right and that bigger.box is located so if i were to.erase all this right here.let's say the green does not exist let's.say we have a bigger.lot right.right here then tell me where is this.located.now in this bigger box.no it would boom that's what it is.and now this box is part of.this bigger box right so let's zoom out.where's the bigger box located now if.you look at it.correct so how do you get to the to the.the second box or third box or so on.that's what i was telling you about.starting with the smallest one.right because all you have to do is.always do these.crosses right here for north.south east and west and then you zoom.out.slowly and you get to the next cross.right and you zoom out slowly and you.get to the final cross.does that make sense so always start.with the smallest one which will be a.lot easier.some people start with the largest and.go down.to the smallest but you're you don't.have.so let's look at this one you don't have.the northeast quarter.of the north west quarter right because.it's not a.bigger quarter of a smaller quarter that.doesn't exist.quarters are always smaller right so.starting with the smallest one and.coming out to the biggest one.is a lot easier.good all right good.cool any other question.okay i'm gonna mute you for a second if.you have any other questions drop it.up anybody else guys while we're live.take advantage i'm here.ask questions.wait daphne left early.miracle.all right anybody else no questions.all right guys if there's no questions.then i'm going to end this uh zoom.session and i'll see you guys tomorrow.at 5.30. those of you that are crazy enough.to be there at 10 o'clock in the morning.sarah i will see you all right and.carlos as well.great mean that you're gonna be there.too perfect all right guys.i'll see you in the morning bye.[Music].oh.[Music].coming back coming back there's another.question.what's the other question nina.all right lewis have a great night we.have one more question so let's see what.we got.if you want to stay more than welcome a.few more minutes.mina hurry up i'm getting paid by the.hour man come on type faster faster.um oh you're trying to do the practice.exam but you can't find it okay cool.so you're gonna go to.hold on.you're gonna go to the membership area.student portal.okay you're gonna scroll down.to access course resources.right and then on the right hand side it.says right here look.if you completed 90 of the course at.least 90 percent of the course.then test yourself see where you are so.you click on test yourself and it's.going to take you to my.testing site.right you're going to put your.information you get to test yourself.practice.with a salesperson exam with mine.not with other websites heather right so.she's still there so you can practice.with mine.it should have seen her eyes.[Laughter].but it's all in the student portal okay.so.take advantage advantage and test it out.the only ones showing were the chapter.the chapter quizzes no.right here all the way at the bottom.all right you have access the course.resources recommend the books and all.that stuff it's right there.and then it gives you once you click on.it.it gives you all these options youtube.channel quizlet.and so on.all right waiting for it.there's unlimited tries yeah.if it stops you for any reason if it.says no.let me know and i'll unblock the the.axis.okay but it should be unlimited tries.okay.all right heather wants to give you the.site that she uses the site that it's.not.our site okay so wait a second because.she's about to post the sites.go ahead mina tell her tell her no i.don't want it.thank you mina heather.he says he's loyal.all right cool thank you all right guys.uh if there's no.other questions then i'm finally ending.the session for tonight.i will see you guys at the next session.all right.a good one.you.

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