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The Stepwise Tutorial to Critical Observation Report Rules Regulations And Columbus

youtube video

Instruction of Critical Observation Report Rules Regulations And Columbus

hello everyone and welcome back to my.channel so if you are a new subscriber.to my channel thank you so much for.subscribing or if you're popping in on.this video thank you so much for.clicking on this video so really quick I.want to introduce myself my name is.Bridget Spackman.I was a kindergarten teacher for four.years in Alabama and I am currently a.fourth grade ela teacher in Pennsylvania.I am a blogger and a youtuber for the.letter classroom so you can check out.all of my social media sites using the.letter classroom and you should be able.to find me so today I wanted to talk to.you guys about observations these big.huge scary things that everybody starts.to get really stressed out about during.this time of the year and typically.towards like the beginning of the year.so classroom observations these are.times when either an administrator or.somebody from your central office will.typically come in and they will observe.you for an extended period of time.typically some will range from 15 - all.the way to 45 minutes and in my district.we have them for 45 minutes observations.can also be unannounced and also.announced meaning that your.administration has the ability to say.hey I'm going to be popping into your.room during this time or I'm going to be.coming to see you during your reading.time so just kind of making you aware if.when they're going to be coming into.your room but sometimes they're.unannounced meaning that they come in.just kind of willy-nilly and they just.pop out in and just take a seat and.start watching you so both of these are.very scary because they're coming in.they're observing us we're being.critiqued as teachers and a lot of times.that can hit us in the soft spot but.this is really an opportunity for you to.be able to grow as an educator to figure.out what it is that you're doing.correctly and what are some things that.you can do to improve yourself and.that's what this is about you don't want.to almost do like a hootenanny type you.know shindig every single time you feel.like you're having an observation you do.want to show your principal or your.administration how you are and who you.are as a teacher so that they can help.you grow this isn't a time to say oh I.don't like her I'm going to just kick.her to the you know get her out of here.for next year no they're coming in.trying to help you become a better.educator so think of it that way don't.think of it as them coming in judging.you think of it as they're coming in to.see some of the great things that I'm.doing into my classroom and also to see.what are some things that I can also.improve on we always want to try to.better ourselves there is not one.feature that is absolutely perfect we.can all become better every single day.so I have 10 tips for you when it comes.to observations and when thinking about.these tips these are not just tips to.only consider four observations to be.honest these are just really good.teaching tips these are just good.teaching things that you can start.implementing into your classroom right.away it doesn't require you to create.anything at all and it's just something.that shows good teaching that's all we.want to do is good teaching these are.strategies that you can use in your.classroom every single day start.implementing them right away so that you.can kind of get yourself into that habit.some of them may be some things where.you may have to put in some conscious.efforts to make sure that you're doing.every single day but once you started.getting into the practice into the habit.it becomes just that I have it it.becomes a habit that you just start.doing it every single day during your.lessons and it feels more natural later.on so get that practice in now so that.when observation time does come in.you're ready to go and you don't have to.kind of stress out about it so my very.first tip for you is to have someone.greet your administration or whoever it.is that comes into your classroom now.this is something that we really try to.enforce and get our kids to practice on.we want them to practice greeting adult.giving those firm handshakes telling.them walking them over saying let me.show you what it is that I'm doing right.now.or let me explain to you what it is that.we're doing in our classroom someone who.you feel like you go up and tell or.communicate to that person what it is.that's happening into your in your room.because this is not a time where you as.a teacher can stop your teaching so you.want to put it on one of the kids to be.able to explain what it is that they're.doing so what we do is we have our key.learners go up to our administration or.again whoever it is that comes into our.room and they will go give them a.handshake they will introduce themselves.they.turn will introduce and then they will.start to guide them somewhere and.they'll say let me show you what it is.that we're doing in our classroom right.now and they'll begin to kind of walk.them through what everyone is doing and.this is something that can be extremely.powerful your administration is going to.come in they're going to be greeted by.you know whatever age group it is and.they're going to be extremely impressed.because yours you're teaching them.important life skills that these.students need to know for the rest of.their lives.tip number two and this is something.that you can either really have it ready.or again you can teach a student to show.them exactly where they can sit so when.my students go up and they greet.typically if I know that my.administration is coming in during a.certain time I will have a chair kind of.set off to the side and I will usually.either put my lesson plans on that chair.for that person who is coming in to.observe me or I'll just put kind of a.little nametag.if you don't know that your.administration is coming still you can.teach your kids to guide them to.wherever it is that you were instructing.so I know that I'm in a small group area.I'm going to tell my students hey you.want to have them come sit somewhere.close over here so they can kind of.observe or you can you know if they're.in a whole group you can show them.exactly where the sit or they can come.and sit with you so having your students.actually guide them to where to sit or.if you have a chair already ready if you.do know when they are coming you can.have those lesson plans set right there.for them ready to go so that they can.already kind of look at them and catch.up to where what it is that you're doing.in your group tip number three and this.is not really good teaching it but this.helps me as a teacher and is don't look.up don't look up at your administration.don't look up and say hi don't look up.and make eye contact ignore them.completely ignore them put your mind and.body in the moment of what's happening.in front of you put it in those kids.because those kids are the ones that.they're the most important at that time.your administration does not matter when.they walk into that room your kids are.the only things that should matter to.you so keep your mind and body on your.kids and don't look up I feel like what.that does is it takes away the nerves.you're not as nervous anymore you have.it you can still relax and if you focus.on them you're not worried about what's.what your administration is doing their.facial expressions what they're writing.down because you're so busy focusing on.your kids that you're in that moment.teachers like we all know we get into.the moment and we get started teaching.and we're good to go but if you're so.busy worrying about what else somebody.else's like saying or their facial.expressions or what they're doing you're.going to end up stressing yourself out.and you're going to miss a beat tip.number four this is really good teaching.I feel like this is something that us as.all as teachers really need to be very.conscientious of whenever we are.planning our lessons and that is to.create a very well scaffolded lesson so.typically what I will do is I will plan.out for the entire week or I'll play an.entire lesson let's say by skill and.that's kind of how I do it in the upper.grades and the lower agrees it would.have looked a little bit different but.in the upper greens I plan it by skill.and I said you know what if this week I.really want to focus on a text-dependent.analysis well then that's what I'm going.to do I'm going to create a lesson that.is scaffolded where I'm doing the.modeling I kind of give them some of.that we're going to do it together as a.group and then I'm going to slowly.scaffold them using different passages.to give them multiple opportunities to.be able to apply this skill that we're.learning so I plan out for the entire.thing and then what that does is it when.they come in they're starting to see.that oh the kids are actually getting it.because if you scaffold your lesson your.kids are really going to understand it.they're going to understand what you're.doing because you'reyou're really.supporting everything that you're.teaching you're supporting them out.learners as well you're setting them up.for success.by scaffolding out a lesson so one of.the things that I have to kind of really.kind of give kudos to my partner teacher.is that she has a quote and the quote is.you can't plan for tomorrow until you.know what your kids can do today and.that is so true so you really want to.make sure that your scaffolding them and.you don't want to push them too hard.guys sometimes we have to throw our.lessons out the window because sometimes.those lessons don't work and we have to.kind of pull it back a little bit and.make sure that our kids are.understanding what it is that they're.doing so planning it out based on that.skill and really making sure that you're.setting your kids up for success and.you're giving them plenty opportunities.and scaffold.that that skill itself were really.benefiting you whenever you're sitting.down with your principal and they're.saying we'll tell me about your lesson.and you can tell them all the different.steps that you're doing in order to help.your kids be successful tip number five.is to give plenty of opportunities for.your kids to interact your principal or.administration does not want to come.into this room and see that you are the.only person that is talking gives plenty.of opportunities for your kids to talk.this is where you're allowing them to.partner talk you're allowing them to.work in little groups you're allowing.them to turn and talk before they answer.you're allowing them to have that.thinking time in that wait time and then.being able to share it and then having.them give you the answer typically if.it's a question that does not have a.right there type of answer so if I said.what color is my wall and they said blue.like that's a right there kind of.question that's the minute this should.be you don't need to get partner talk.for that but if it's a question where.you want them to have every answer is.going to be a little bit differentiated.or you want to kind of give them that.support again that scaffolding that.support of being able to learn from.another students that's the opportunity.where you want to give them that that.partner taught so how your kids interact.your principal again just doesn't want.to see you talk the entire time they.want to know what the kids are getting.from it they want to see the kids.talking and interacting with each other.about the content that they learn they.are learning about fifth or sixth kind.of goes along with tip number five but.you want the kids to have discussions.and again this is something that you can.already start implementing into your.classroom right away but you don't want.to be the only one that's up there.talking have your kids stand up get them.into the habit of standing up and really.explaining themselves and saying well.this is what I believe and this is how I.believe this and being able to you know.have those discussions with one another.and be able to share their thinking with.one another and say you know Johnny how.did you get to that answer why did you.think that it was this help them stand.up and have that discussion and being.able to kind of explain their thought.process and then have other kids be able.learn how to comment this is not.something that is easy having kids to be.able to comment on to what other kids.are doing but I promise you the more and.more you do it in the more and more you.practice it.extremely powerful and your principle.will be extremely impressed with what it.is that you were doing with your.children tip number seven is again I.goes along with five and six ask some of.those higher-level thinking questions.guys higher-level.always always always think about the.house and the wife always ask well how.did you know that well why do you.believe that this is happening instead.of asking those right there type of.questions stick to the house and the.wife because that is higher-level.thinking and that is where we're wanting.our kids to go we're wanting them to.think higher level and stop thinking so.basic all of the time so focus on some.of those higher level thinking questions.and guys again how and why are like my.to go twos like if I don't have my.questions written out right there in.front of me I simply say well how did.you realize that or why did you believe.that this happened and it always helps.me it helps me out every single time.step number eight is to have a target up.I am so big about having a target up in.my classroom and making sure that my.students understand what is it that I am.expecting them to try to achieve what is.the goal that they are trying to work.towards what is it that we're doing in.our classrooms so on my whiteboard or on.my chart paper whichever one that I'm.using that day I will always have a.learning target up and ready to go for.my students they will always be able to.look up there and read that target and.understand what is it that we are.working on today what is it that we are.focusing on so an example would have.been today was I can organize my.thinking in order to better understand.the text so again they understood oh.we're going to be organizing what are.some things that we've been organizing.oh you've been using Road mapping these.are all things that we've been.incorporating into the classroom and.they're already starting to kind of pull.out their schema and figure out what is.it that some things that we've already.been talking about that attaches to the.learning target that I have for today.and when your administration walks in.and they're looking around the room.trying to figure out what is it that.you're doing because typically they'll.look around the room the room will.always be a huge sign of what is it that.you're learning about what are your kids.doing what are your kids doing at theirs.their area into.attendant Lee because that will tell.your administration what it is that you.are focusing on and working on as a.class and that learning target guys that.is the most powerful piece if you have.that learning target up there and you go.over that learning target with your.students you your administration will.look at that and they will know exactly.where you're where you are and there.will be no need up or that question of.well what are you doing today.what were the whole lesson about well if.I have my learning target up there they.know exactly what I'm doing today you.know exactly what I am teaching and what.my lesson it revolves around they kind.of pick up on it really really quick so.learning targets if you haven't learned.a lot about learning targets please.leave me a comment down below or give.this video a thumbs up let me know if.you want to learn more about learning.targets about how to implement them in.the classroom or how to create those.learning targets and I will definitely.do a video in the near future on that so.number nine tip number nine don't try.anything brand spanking new guys again.this does not have to be a hootenanny.okay you are not trying to put on some.type of dog and pony show for your.administration if you do know the day.that they are coming in don't do that be.who you are be the teacher that you are.because you can't better yourself if.you're always trying to put on a show.for someone else so be the teacher that.you are show them when you are and then.if you have to learn something from it.then learn something from it we can't.grow as teachers if we don't learn from.it but don't try something new don't say.all administrations coming in okay I.have to just I'm going to do this new.stuff because let me tell you what's.going to happen as soon as you just go.to start doing all that new stuff your.kids are gonna be like bullosa Sarah I.don't understand what are we doing and.you don't want that to happen.guys if you know that they're coming.stick to something that is already in.their routine and you're already working.on and just progress from that it's.going to be okay they're not expecting.you to have a dog and pony show they're.not expecting you to do front flips in.your classroom they're expecting you to.they want to see good teaching they want.to see that you're using strategies that.you have learned and you're applying.them in the class.and that your kids are engaged and that.they're learning from one another that.is what they want to see so don't try.anything new don't go out there and say.oh I'm going to do this new game don't.do that.stick to the things that you are already.doing because I guarantee you your kids.are going to make let it be known that.you're doing something new and your.administration is going to be like well.why don't you do this you know don't do.that to yourself.alright so the last tip that I have for.you is tip number ten and is always have.a back-up plan especially if you are.working with technology because let me.tell you.technology will fail every single time.in case like if something really big is.happening and really important it will.end up failing when your principal comes.into the classroom they wouldn't be able.to see that you can adapt to your lesson.that in case something does happen are.you prepared are you able to adapt to.that lesson are you able to adapt to the.problem or the change that is happening.within your lesson and can you just pick.up from that so if you're using.technology always have a backup so.typically what I will do is like because.my kids are on one one and they do have.one-to-one iPads I will always have it.copied I will always have a copy there.because there are always some of those.kids who don't want to use the iPads.that they want to use it on paper and I.give them that option I give them that.choice to be able to do that so if.you're using some sort of technology.always have a backup if you're using it.from a book or if you're using it from.something that you have a picture be.sure to make those copies have them.ready to go just in case so that your.principal or administration can see that.you adapt well and when you're under.pressure into a change that has happened.during your lesson that is extremely.impressive to your administration.those are my ten tips for what are some.things that you can do when observation.time rolls around and really these are.just 10 tips for good teaching these are.things that you can be applying into.your classroom right now to improve.yourself as an educator and really kind.of show yourself you want to sparkle and.shine so I hope that you were able to.get some really good valuable.information from this I want you to be.thinking about one of these that you're.going to try to implement right away.that you are not already doing so leave.that down below.let me know what is one thing that you.really want to try and then I want you.to come back later on and see if you can.tell me how is it going in your.classroom so one thing that you really.want to try or if you have another.really great tip that you want to share.about observations be sure to leave.those down below in the comments I.absolutely love every single one of you.guys thank you so much for supporting my.channel and watching my videos and I.will talk to you all very very soon.

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