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you.who are participating.in our Basic Guide.to Exporting Resources.You Should Know Webinar..This Webinar is being brought to.you in cooperation by the U.S..and Foreign Commercial Service,.the U.S. Small Business.Administration.and Overseas Private.Investment Corporation..My name is Linda Abbruzzese.and I'm an International.Trade Specialist.for the Trade Information Center.for the U.S. Commercial Service.at the Department of Commerce..I will be today's moderator..Our main speakers for this.Webinar are Program Manager.of the Trade Information Center.for the U.S. Commercial Service.for the U.S. Department.of Commerce Kam Shah;.Senior International Trade.Specialist of Public Affairs.for the Office of.International Trade.for the U.S. Small Business.Administration Richard Ginsburg;.and Director Corporate.Development of the Small.and Mid-Sized Enterprise Finance.for the Overseas Private.Investment Corporation.Alison Gatchev..All speakers will be available.at the end of this presentation.to answer your specific.questions.and contact information.will also be provided.at the end of the presentation..This Webinar will provide.you the basic information.and export assistance.available for small.and mid-sized companies..This interactive Webinar.will help you find the right.assistance for your.company including federal.and state government, industry.association, and non-profits..Examples will be provided.of all small companies.that have used these resources.to increase their.international sales and profits..Now in order to view.this Webinar,.we do have a few.housekeeping details.to make sure everyone.gets the most benefit.from today's Webinar..You will be able to hear this.presentation via your telephone.and view it simultaneously.via your computer.so if you are not.hooked-up to both,.please take a moment to do this..If you are experiencing.any technical difficulties,.please press star 0 anytime.during this presentation..We will be taking voice.questions during this question..To ask a voice question, please.press star 1 on your telephone..We also do invite you to.type-in questions on your screen.as they occur to you.during this presentation..There is a Q&A icon on.the upper left-hand side.of your computer screen.where you can click on it.and type-in your.questions anytime during.this presentation..We will compile the questions.and answer them after.this Webinar..We will also send you a copy.of any answers to the questions.that we were able to answer.for today's Webinar and now I'd.like to introduce live online.from the Trade Information.Center in Washington, D.C.,.Program Manager from the Trade.Information Center Kam Shah..Kam, thank you very much..Kam Shah: Thank you Linda.and good afternoon.everyone on the call..Welcome to the Webinar series.Basic Guide to Exporting,.Resources You Should Know..It is a very open topic..It was very difficult.to kind of summarize.in 15 minutes what we can offer..We are going to try to.give you some basic leads..Of course it'll require a lot of.time on your part to follow-up.and read more on.what we are going.to talk about this afternoon..I have some distinguished.speakers with me this afternoon.as well and let me start.with broad objective.U.S. government agencies.which is National Export.Initiative, the initiative.of the Obama administration.to double the U.S..exports in five years..A very ambitious.goal and multiple,.multiple government agencies.are working towards achieving.this goal..For all of you in.attendance this afternoon,.you will be happy to.hear that the beginning.for this initiative they.year 2010 we have definitely.surpassed our goal..Our goal is to around 15%.per year increase in exports..In 2010 we achieved nearly 17%.increased in exports thanks.to all of you who have.been working diligently.to achieve this goal from.the business community..In terms of what it involves,.National Export Initiative.involved creation.of an Export Promotion Cabinet.which has the Secretaries.of multiple federal.agencies reporting directly.to the President..Also there is an.export promotion council.which has top executives.of private-sector firms.so government and business.together are working towards.achieving this goal and we.are hoping that at the end.of five years, we.do achieve our goal.of doubling the U.S. exports..Now in terms of how we have.done in the first year itself,.traditionally our GDP in 2009 -.export as a percentage.of GDP - was 11.4%..From there we have jumped.to 12.7% of U.S. GDP.in 2010 is based on exports..Total exports $1.83 trillion.in 2010, a remarkable number.for U.S. exports and of.course we're going to try.to achieve more and more with.your help and all the businesses.which are trying to export..Let's move on to who.is working together?.There is a central trade.promotion coordination committee.that's comprised of 20 different.federal agencies which is TPCC..Out of those 20 agencies,.there are seven core agencies.and I'll just name and most.people in the government.as you know, we are all acronyms.so that's how we all know each.other in terms of agencies..Department of Commerce.popularly known as DOC;.Overseas Private Insurance.Corporation known as OPIC;.Export-Import Bank, XM; U.S..Trade and Development Agency,.USTDA; Small Business.Administration, SBA;.Department of State and.Department of Agriculture, USDA..Each of these agencies.have the specific goals.and specific areas.they are helping small.and medium-sized companies..During the presentation I.have brief slides on some.of the agencies and this.afternoon representatives.from SBA and OPIC.also will be talking.about their specific.programs so you have a lot.of information available.this afternoon..Okay. Part of the.Commerce Department many.of you are aware there.are multiple subagencies.which includes Patent.and Trademark Office,.NOAA and one other.agency which is involved.in this national trade subagency.which is International Trade.Administration or known as ITA..What is ITA's mission?.ITA is charged with a mission.of strengthening.the competitiveness.of U.S. industry, promoting.trade and investment,.and of ensuring fair.trade in compliance.with trade laws and agreements..Of course we'll go into specific.details of each of these units.of ITA and their.functions as well..What is ITA comprised of?.ITA comprised of four.units or offices:.U.S. and Foreign Commercial.Service; Market Access.and Compliance; Manufacturing.and Services;.and Import Administration..Each of these units directly.touch with U.S. exporters,.small and medium-sized.companies..I'll go into great details.of the services by U.S..and Foreign Commercial Service..Market Access and Compliance is.a unit which specifically helps.when a U.S. company feels.there is a trade barrier.to their export efforts..There is a specific unit agency.within part of Market Access.and Compliance where you.can report your compliance.and each complaint is.individually analyzed,.viewed and worked.on so definitely one.of the important units of ITA..Manufacturing and.Services is a unit.which works directly.with industries..They compile data and specific.market research reports off U.S..industries and their.competitiveness overseas..Import Administration.deals with antidumping,.countervailing duties.and specific cases.where U.S. companies feel.- U.S. businesses feel -.the overseas companies are.dumping their products..That's another very.important function of ITA..Let's talk more about the.U.S. Commercial Service..I am part of the U.S..Commercial Service and happy.to let you know that.in your 2010 last year,.U.S. for Foreign.Commercial Service helped.over 5500 U.S. companies in.their export efforts, products.and services worldwide..An additional detail;.out of those 5500,.85% of which were small or.medium-sized companies like many.of you are so feel free.to reach out to us..We are here to help you..What does U.S. Commercial.Service do?.We have a domestic network.of over 100 export.assistance centers.across the United States,.almost in every United States.state so it is not too far..In certain larger states,.we have multiple offices..For example in California,.we have four-five offices..Similarly in many other.states, more than one offices.so please reach out and look.out for the specific details.which I'll show you where to.look for the actual contact.or how to find those.domestic offices..Also we have international.offices in more.than 80 countries so no matter.what your export goals are,.which part of the world.you're trying to export to,.we would have some.assistance available.and we have actually staff.overseas which comprises.of a commercial officer as well.as Foreign Service nationals.who are working on.specific industry sectors..So yes, there is a wide.network of domestic.and international offices..We are more than 1400.professionals working.to help you around the clock..Let's talk a little bit.more about specifics.of Commercial Service products..Many of you might of used or.heard of a very popular service.which is a Gold Key.matching service..This is a service where American.firms when they are trying.to visit overseas country,.they may or may not know.who are the right.partners for them,.which are the companies they.should be talking to in terms.of particular product.or service..We do all the homework.for you beforehand..Give us a notice of.six to eight weeks.and we will find the right.individuals and companies.to meet with so your.one or two days of visit.to a country is definitely.worth..You are not wasting any time..You are meeting specific.individuals or businesses.which are in your sector..So if you are looking for.an agent, receiver, partner,.any of those, definitely.we are available..We are here to help you..In addition, language may.not be an issue as well..If you are going to a country.which is Arabic-speaking country.or a Spanish-speaking country,.we will additionally offer.interpreter services..These are not totally.free services..It's a fee-based service..Definitely come and talk to us.and we'll give you specifics.of the fee structures, etcetera..If you're not ready to.travel overseas yet,.we can produce a report which.will give you specific companies.which you can work with.as your potential partner.which is International.Partner Search or IPS..It's a very popular.service again.where U.S. companies would find.a match especially in terms.of their products or.service which they are trying.to find a partner for..We also provide more.details about the companies.which we are producing on the.company size, sales volume,.number of employee, etcetera..So it gives you a.very clear picture.of who could be potentially.your partner..Again this is a fee-based.service as well..Let's go one step further..Many of the companies nowadays.find a potential partner online.by searching..Now for U.S. firms, they.don't know any detail.of a company they found..You can definitely come to us.and request an international.company profile..This is basically a background.check on a foreign firm..We do keep specific.information on the companies.because we have offices.overseas..We will provide details of.their business activities,.financial data and any.other pertinent information.which you should know.so for U.S. firms it's again.a valuable tool to know.who you're dealing with.before you sign-up a company.as an agent or distributor..You definitely want to.consider doing NICP..One step further..Businesses again based on your.product you would not know.necessarily every country.in the world whether.you have a potential.for expanding into that market..You don't need to put.a lot of resources..You can still just request a.customized market research..We will produce a market.study for you for your product.in your particular market so.definitely look and discuss.that with your sales.or marketing professionals.or officers there..One of the free publications.which some.of you might have already used.which is Country.Commercial Guide..It is a real detailed report.which has all the details.about the particular country.where enter into regulations,.investment, leading.sectors for U.S. export.so it is a volume U.S..businesses definitely should try.to read before expanding.into the market..It is a free publication.available through export.gov.and under market research you.can choose a particular industry.or a country and.then find report.as well so we call it CCG..Please make use of.this valuable resource..Just to quickly going over for.small firms which are trying.to market their products, there.is an international magazine.which reaches to more than 145.countries, Commercial News USA..Again yes, that would bring any.and all potential.interested parties..It's then up to U.S. company.to search through and kind.of figure out which.one is right for you..There is a traditional service.of promoting your product online.at a foreign - in.a U.S. government -.Website in overseas country.as well which is views..Additional thing I.definitely want to bring it.to your attention, you.don't necessarily have.to go overseas to find a buyer..Throughout the year,.international buyers.come to United States..You can meet with them in the.U.S. be it Las Vegas, Orlando,.Chicago, Atlanta,.doesn't matter..There are different cities.in which we are holding.international buyer.program events..These are at a particular.trade show.and our offices overseas.recruit foreign buyers.to attend these shows.so please make a point.to consider attending an.international show in the U.S..and let us know if you're.interested in meeting.with these buyers one-on-one..We can schedule the appointments.for you for the meetings.so we are doing everything.possible.to connect buyers and sellers..One additional thing we do -.some of you already used this.service before - trade missions..We take trade missions to many.countries and many regions,.product-specific or a.broad multi-industry..The details of those events.are on our Website, export.gov..Please check that regularly.which is the next trade mission.you might be interested in..Just a caveat: every.company applying.for trade mission may not.necessarily be selected..There is a vetting process.based on your experience.in that market or potential for.your product in that country..We will let you know.if you are selected.but it's definitely worth the.time to be with other businesses.who could be your competition.or at least you get recognition.and important contacts.throughout the entire.mission trip..Let me wrap up pretty soon..Just to give you some.additional reference material,.our prime portal for all.export-related information,.www.export.gov..Every information we compile,.we try to post it here.so please visit this.site regularly..You will find new.information regularly as well..Now as you can see in.the middle of the page,.there is a tab for locations..Please feel free to use.that to find a domestic.or international office.if you're seeking..Okay, many of you in attendance.today might be new to export..For those individuals.and businesses,.this is a very important.page, Export Basics..We have compiled numerous.reports, numerous guides.to help you begin with.the exporting process.so please feel free.to browse through.and really take some time.to click on the blue links..Every link opens-up with a brand.new details and information.so please, I encourage all.of you to spend some time.on this page, Export Basics..There are guides.that are universities.where you can take.courses, multiple things..Many times U.S. businesses.are quite concerned.as to what will be the duty of.my product in other country..For that we have compiled.a few specific resources..You are to use it..There is a third-party outside.vendor, Customs Info, LLC..They give you trial solution but.they do have quite a bit tied.in the middle of the page you.can see online tariff database..Please register and they'll give.you tariff information for most.of the countries of the world..Also there is additional.links in the middle.with country-specific tariff.and tax so use this page for any.of your need for tariff.and tax information..Thank you again.for participating.in today's Webinar..We have conducted quite.a few previous Webinars.and have now posted that as.archived copy of those Webinars.on our Website, export.gov.where you can find.export.gov/webinars..And all of those archived.Webinars are definitely very.tremendous amount of information.we have compiled in the past.so please feel free.to use those..In addition, we do have.region-specific business centers.so export.gov is.our prime portal..We attach suffix to it or.Middle Eastern or North African,.connect to.export.gov/middleeast..For China-related.information, export.gov/china..India-related information,.export.gov/india..I'll again move pretty.fast if I can..A couple of other things which.might be of interest to you..For large businesses many.times when they are competing.with international.tenders or, you know,.projects with the.foreign governments,.we can definitely.come and help you,.advocating your particular case.so definitely come.to us and talk to us..There are specific.forms to fill out.but you could get help from us..I mentioned earlier.about the trade barriers..There is a trade compliance.center, part of Commerce.which compiles information.about a specific trade barrier.you know of or you felt..They can take each case.individually and work on that.to try to resolve that..If you have a specific question.on international.property rights,.again we can counsel.you on that as well..Look to us and we can talk.specific about your product.or service in terms of IPR..Just a few important.links to remember..Most of this as you know is.under the G-O-V for government.so export.gov, that's.our portal;.for Small Business.Administration, sba.gov;.for Export-Import Bank, xm.gov;.for TDA, ustda.gov; then OPIC,.Overseas Private.Investment Corporation..State.gov has multiple country.pages, specific travel warnings.so definitely look towards that.as well if you are traveling.and usda.gov for all.agricultural products..A few telephone numbers.to remember..For commercial export.clients, 1-800-USA-TRADE..For U.S. Customs,.many of the businesses.and freight forwarding are.looking for import duties.and taxes for United States,.item coming into United States,.definitely contact U.S..Customs at 1-877-287-8667..If you are new to exporting,.you do not know your harmonized.codes for your products..There is a U.S. Census Bureau.has an office in Maryland..The phone number.is 1-800-549-0595..They also help you.with automated export.shipment filings as well..For export licensing questions,.(unintelligible).security, 202-482-4811..Of course we will make this.presentation available online.and we'll e-mail to you as well.so you don't necessarily have.to write all this down but.these resources are available..Okay, and I just want to show.you every agency has specific.targeted or geared.for small business..USTDA has a specific.page how they can assist.with the small businesses..Export-Import Bank also.has a small business global.access program..Definitely take advantage of it..I will take all the time.away from the other speakers.so I'll wrap-up here and.definitely we are open.for questions after the.presentations are over..Thank you for your time and look.forward to talk to you in Q&A..Linda Abbruzzese:.Okay, Kam, thank you..Our next speaker.is Richard Ginsburg.from the U.S. Small.Business Administration..Richard Ginsburg: Good.afternoon, everyone..By a show of hands, can I.see how many small business.exporters are out there?.Wow, that's about.three-fourths of them..Thank you..Well, I'm here from the SBA and.while my focus is specifically.on small businesses, what I.do talk about is exporting.in particular and happy.to move these slides along.to give you an idea of what SBA.is doing and how we can help you.if you're not exporting.to begin..So we're going to start here.if I can get the slide -.there we go - actually 97%.of all U.S. exporters are small.businesses and for those that,.you know, were listening.to the short presentation.on the National Export.Initiative.when the President told us.last year to double exports.and create two million new jobs,.he didn't exactly.tell us how to do it..So I can tell you.that the 20 agencies.of the federal government.that Kam earlier discussed,.a lot of the silos.that are typically here.in Washington have come down..There is tremendous.collaboration between agencies.so that we do not participate.in either duplicative.or repetitive programs.and again the focus.of SBA is to reach out..For the small business.exporters that are on the line,.the wannabe exporters,.the service providers.and facilitators, thank.you for attending..Hopefully the information.that you're going.to get before the day is over.is going to show you some new.and exciting things.that are happening.in the world of export.promotion..Besides the NEI, the Small.Business Jobs Act has also.considerably enhanced.the programs.of the Small Business.Administration and we're going.to see some of those shortly..Basically SBA while.you're working quickly.to develop relationships with.prospective foreign buyers.and you finally get that.transaction, probably 99.9%.of them are going to.require export financing..And SBA proudly offers those.small business exporters three.very special and unique.trade finance programs,.as you see the Export.Working Capital Program,.the International Trade Loan.Program and the Export Express..The EWCP coincidentally.is the same name.of the major loan program.for the Export-Import Bank..We are the only two agencies.that actually provide working.capital for the most part..It's called the same and we.even share the same application.that are processed by the.banking community where both SBA.and XM offers guarantees..A 90% guarantee on the.working capital loan,.the Jobs Act enhanced SBA's.program from $2 million.to $5 million as.of last September.and the four-and-a-half.million maximum guarantee,.the reason why we say that is.because under the old format.with the $2 million gross.loan, we only had a cap.of $1.5 million on.the guarantee..So it was 75% so the lenders had.to decide whether they wanted.to take an extra 15%.of interest in the loan.or they'd only make.the loan of 1.66..We don't have to worry.about that anymore.because we have a.full 90% guarantee..This working capital.program can be used.for specific transactions..It could be used for again a.specific or a single project.or as a revolving line of credit.and the turnaround time.depending upon whether the.lender has delegated authority,.is processing your loan or one.of our people, in either case.it should never take any more.than five or six days.for you to get approval.which I'm sure all of you will..And you'll be on your way.with your working capital.to either produce the.goods that you're exporting.or to even buy the raw materials.that go into the production.of your finished goods..Eligibility, well the first.eligibility criteria for SBA.of course is to be.a small business.and that is a self-certifying.program.by the small businesses.themselves..The goods that you're being.shipped have to be titled, i.e.,.you must have possession.of them here in the U.S..and one major difference between.SBA's export working capital.loan and XM's working.capital loan is.that we do not a U.S..content requirement..We know that 75% of small.business exporters typically.import something first.from another resource..They do value-added.or they may do nothing.and ship the total foreign.good to buyers overseas,.to another buyer so we do not.have the requirement of 51%.that XM does other than.through if they have cases.of humanitarian that.they can do that.but otherwise the U.S. content.requirement is different.between SBA and XM..Also the sales to military,.XM again for humanitarian.purposes can only sell.to foreign military if it.is humanitarian but SBA.in fact can manifest.export transactions.for a small business.to a foreign military..And the only other criteria.that's particularly noteworthy.is being in business for 12.months or proven expertise.and we can even waive that if.there's a level of competency.on the part of the.U.S.-based business.with foreign markets overseas..This is a particularly.significant term.in indirect exports and.I frequently tout this.to large businesses as.well as small businesses.and that the term indirect.exports and, you know,.from the small business.exporters' perspective as well.as for a large business who was.using a small business supplier.chain, there might not be.even any particular concern.because the small.business makes a small.and the large business gets.what they're looking for..However, we term as an indirect.export goods or services sold.by a small business.to a large firm.that in fact are using.those goods to become part.of an exported commodity.and I'll give you just.a real brief example..If you make certain electronic.equipment, light bulbs or such.that might go into.a Boeing aircraft.that has no military.significance and you're selling.as a supplier to Boeing.when in fact the ship -.the plane that you're.supplying these goods -.are being shipped.overseas as an export,.then what you're selling is.considered an indirect export..The significance of this is.that because we treat.indirect exports much.as a direct export is that.again when you're looking.for bank financing,.you would be entitled.or the lender I should.say would be entitled.to a 90% government.guarantee versus a 75%.on a domestic loan basis..And well, from a.banking perspective,.what would you think.they'd rather have,.a 90% or a 75% guarantee and.we're looking for way to improve.on calculating and developing.the data on indirect exports.versus the direct exports.which both Commerce.and the Census Bureau.do collect..The use of proceeds, again.to acquire or produce goods.or service and I must tell you.that the service sector accounts.for about a third.of all U.S. exports.so if you've got an.architectural firm.or a medical firm or.legal firm or IPR firm.where you've got foreign buyers.that want to buy your expertise.and you can do a lot of.consulting businesses..Those are also considered.exports.so the EWCP can also be.used for such services..You can also finance standby.letters of credit and letters.of credit which is simply.terms for international methods.of payment and you can.see that we can take care.of both preshipment.guarantees as well.as postshipment guarantees..And finally for those of you on.the EWCP that are being wooed.by foreign large businesses,.foreign governments.to perform contracting on their.behalf, you may often be asked.to provide either a bid.or a performance bond.and the working capital loan.proceeds can be used in fact.to secure those bonds..And by and large.the transaction,.the EWCP is simply evidenced.by the purchase order,.the letter of credit or the.contract and what you see here.in the acceptable payment.by the foreign buyer,.cash in advance is certainly.the exporter's preference..You'll basically tell your buyer.if you send me my.million dollars.for this particular order, as.soon as I get it I really swear.that I will send you your goods..Well, the buyer's going to.say I got a better idea..Why don't you send me the.goods and as soon as I get it.in my warehouse, I swear.I'll send you your money.so neither one are particularly.attractive unless you know each.other extremely well..So therefore we need the.letters of credit and, you know,.export insurance, keeping in.mind that export insurance.which is a principal forte of.the XM Bank is the mitigation.of risk - the insurance is.the mitigation of risk -.for you the exporter.and the loan guarantees.that you hear us talking about.both SBA and XM is a mitigation.of risk for the lenders..Obviously you are the indirect.beneficiary of the guarantees.because the arrangement with.the lenders - the contract.between SBA, XM and some of,.you know, the same lenders -.is that they may not do the loan.unless their loan is mitigated.of risk through the.loan guarantees.so you are the beneficiary.of that process..And on the open account.again you're only going to do.that with somebody that.you've come to know very well.where you will ship.your goods in advance..They'll pay you when they get.it and this is from people.that you've been doing.business with, you know,.for an extremely long time..And just to let you know.that Export-Import Banks.as I said one of.their main programs is.in fact their exporter insurance.programs and they extend.to SBA's small business.borrowers/exporters the same 25%.discount that they offer.to their transactions.and the collateral, well we say.that EWCP loans are.self-liquidating..It simply means that when.you make your shipment.and through the letters of.credit or payment in advance,.you're going to pay back.that working capital loan.and then it'll start over.again with the next transaction.and the bank takes.the lien on the assets.that are being financed through.this working capital program..The fees to you, one-quarter of.1% of the guaranteed portion..The lender pays 55.5.basis points..It's the lesser amount.on both sides.so for the SBA guarantee.loans but we find.that this is both.reasonable and prudent.and enables the small business.to gain access to capital even.in these tight economic times.for their export transactions..The next product I want to talk.about is the international.trade loan..This too was impacted.by the Jobs Act..It was increased from.$2 million to $5 million.and again full 90% guarantee..The eligibility requirements.are virtually the same..However, this loan program can.also help significantly expand.an export market or.develop new export markets.and it's typically used.for upgrading facilities.or equipment, i.e., capital.equipment, capital expenditures.that will improve the.applicant's competitive position.in the global marketplace..The uses of proceeds, it can be.to buy real estate, buildings,.facilities, equipment..It also can be used.for debt refinancing.and as well as working capital..The business plan application.must document the eligibility.requirements to determine.that you are.in fact being adversely.impacted by imports..And then we come to the.third and final loan program..Some people say.that I particularly tout the.Export Express as my favorite..I mean, they're all excellent.programs but the Export Express.like the other two were.significantly enhanced.by the Jobs Act..The lending amount went from.$250,000 up to $350,000 -.up to $500,000, excuse me - the.guarantee went up to 90% from 75.but you can see it's.not a tiered guarantee..For a loan up to 350,.the guarantee is 90%.and for a loan greater.than 350 then the guarantee.on the total loan is 75% and.the lenders are producing these.very quickly..They're turning these things.around in less than 48 hours.and they can be used again much.as the EWCP that can be used.for not only specific.export transactions.but it can also be used.to enable you to get.into new markets, develop.your strategy for exporting,.for virtually any activity.that will enhance.your export success..Such as it could be used for.translating your Website,.translating your.brochures, participating.in a Gold Key trade mission.with the Department of Commerce.and the Secretary of Commerce.that's leading a delegation.and anything to develop or.expand your export markets.or your export activity..And here you are, you see.the list that we have here.for financing of export.transactions with letters.of credit, virtually anything.that's related to your ability.and enhancement of your.exporting activities..We have here a map of the U.S..where you see these capitals..These are where SBA is.currently participating in 20.of the 109 U.S. export.assistance centers..Our folks happen to be.senior trade and finance..These actually are.credit officers.that if we're not working.with a delegated lender -.delegated authority lender -.that our people actually.underwrite these working capital.loans with the Export Express.and the international.trade loans..And I just wanted to add a.couple of things that we've come.up with since I made this last.presentation with two new tools.that should help.you significantly..First is for those that are.just starting out or trying.to get ahead into the export.programs and getting into,.you know, international sales is.that we've developed a.small business exporter.business planner..It's an exceptional tool..It's a PDF file that.you're welcome to download..You can customize it as.you deem appropriate..It could be used for each and.all of your current markets.where you're exporting or.for developing the strategy.to export for your first market..So you can customize that.export business planner tool.and we also came out with.the U.S. trade representative.and Kam talked about it was.something called the FTA tool..Is it countries that we.currently have free trade.agreements, this FTA tool can.be useful to you to let you know.in advance what current.Customs and duties.and maybe value-added.taxes will be levied.against your imported.good in the foreign port..And all of these.interesting tools can be found.at www.sba.gov/international.which is our office monitor.and I think that's.about the end..I just had a couple.of things to tell you..If there's representatives on.the line from state offices.of economic development and.trade is that SBA is now.through the Jobs Act managing.the STEP, that's the State Trade.and Export Promotion program.where it's a grant program.that we have funds that we're.granting to the state offices.who then can enhance.their programs as well.to deliver trade promotion.and finance programs.to small business exporters.and new-to-export companies..So with that, I think I have.concluded my little piece here.and will be taking questions.I believe after the call.and now it's my pleasure.to introduce Alison Gatchev.from the Overseas Private.Investment Corporation..Alison Gatchev: Thank.you, Richard..Good afternoon, everyone..I'd like to begin by thanking.the U.S. Commercial Service.and in particular Kam Shah for.the invitation to participate..Certainly opportunities like.these Webinars are so important.for us as agencies to get out.the information about what we do.to small business owners.and reps like yourself.so you are aware of the great.programs and resources that are.out there that the U.S..government makes available..I am just going to give a very.brief overview of our agency,.the Overseas Private Investment.Corporation also known as OPIC.and I'm of course happy to.take questions at the end.of the presentation.as time permits.or follow-up individually.by e-mail.with anyone who has questions..So OPIC to begin, we are.an independent agency.of the U.S. government despite.the silly-sounding name..We have been around since 1971.so we are now celebrating.our 40th year anniversary.and our mission very.simply is to facilitate.and support U.S..private investments.into developing countries..So more specifically what we.do, we offer financial products.to U.S. companies to help them.enter international markets.where private capital may.be limited or unavailable.so that there are two.products that we offer.to help small businesses.address some.of the key challenges they face.when pursuing international.business opportunities..One, for investors who.are concerned about how.to manage political risk, we.offer political risk insurance.which you can think of as an.insurance policy you would take.out from the U.S. government.that would protect any.assets you place overseas.against losses resulting.from political events.so that might be equipment.that you place overseas.to perform under a contract..It could be an investment.you make in property or land.for your business but.it's an insurance policy.that protects your assets abroad.and then secondly for investors.who have concerns about.access to capital,.we provide long-term financing.in the form of those loans.and loan guarantees to.overseas business centers.with U.S. participation..And so in the subsequent.slides I'll walk.through very briefly the.parameters of each product.but first to give you a little.insight into how OPIC decides.which types of investments.to support.or as we call them projects,.how we prioritize our resources.to support various.projects abroad..When we look at a proposal.from a U.S. company.to support an investment abroad,.we're asking them to be able.to explain to us how they can.achieve really four objectives..The first we want to.understand how we're going.to help their U.S. business,.be that help their.business access new markets,.generate more revenue,.create more jobs.for their personnel here in.the U.S. But often times -.and this is where we link into.the National Export Initiative -.often times our projects.also result in the creation.of substantial U.S. exports so.sometimes it's in obvious ways.like say a U.S. exporter of.frozen food products who wants.to setup a cold storage.facility abroad.so that they can maintain.an overseas inventory..That's an investment.overseas that certainly leads.to a direct increase.in U.S. exports.but sometimes it also.happens in less obvious ways,.for example a solar development.that's putting together a solar.project overseas.and it's importing.into the foreign country.U.S.-made solar panels..Or in another example,.a firm that's building.affordable housing in Africa.and is bringing the housing.(tips) from a U.S. supplier.so we certainly see our projects.generating substantial U.S..exports so in addition.to knowing how the project will.benefit the U.S. company that's.involved in the project,.we also want.to understand how the.project will help the host.investment country..Because we're also very.keen on supporting projects.that will provide a benefit to.the host country whether that we.through introducing.a new technology,.supporting environmental best.practices, providing support.for lower-income-serviced areas.or perhaps supporting.women in the workplace..So we focus our support.on the lower.and middle-income countries.which presently number about 150.in Asia, Africa, Middle East,.Latin America and.Eastern Europe..Third, we are looking.for U.S. companies.that are undertaking projects.that support U.S. best practices.so we want to make sure.that these companies.that we're working with adhere.to environmental requirements.that would ensure proper.protections were in place..We want to ensure that our.projects and our sponsors adhere.to internationally-recognized.worker rights.and perhaps very importantly.that the projects we support.will not have any adverse.impacts on the U.S. economy.or U.S. employment meaning.that we won't do.any runaway plant.or support any project.that's in an industry.that has seen a decline in.the U.S. in recent years..And then finally OPIC is.a self-sustaining agency.which means that we do.charge for our services.to cover our costs and so it's.important to note that in order.to access our risk insurance.or our financing program,.we do charge market-based fees..Perhaps an interesting note.given the current tough economic.times we're in, not only.does OPIC cover our costs.but we also generate.enough income every year.to return money to the U.S..Treasury, a little extra profit.so those funds then go and.they pay for other programs.of the U.S. government so.it's a neat little story..A few words on OPIC.political risk insurance..As I said it's an.insurance policy.that would protect any.assets you have overseas.against losses resulting from.various political events..We typically organize.these events.into really three categories,.first being political violence.which would cover losses to your.property or your income caused.by violence undertaken.for political purposes.so that would include.things like war, revolution,.politically-motivated.civil strife.or politically-motivated rioting.as well as acts of terrorism..Second we cover currency.and convertibility.which is basically.conversion and transfer risk.so if you're earning.money in local currency.and you're looking to.convert into U.S. dollars.or transfer U.S. dollars.back to the United States,.this insurance policy would.cover any losses you would incur.because of an unavailability.to convert or transfer..And then finally we.cover expropriation.so that would be the risk.that the government could.nationalize, confiscate.or expropriate your.investment and I made a note.in this presentation that.we also cover creeping.expropriation which would.be gradual incremental.expropriation or in other words.step-by-step expropriation.by the host country government..This policy is available to.U.S. investors as individuals,.U.S. contractors who are.performing work overseas,.U.S. exporters as well as U.S..financial institutions and NGOs.so there's a variety.of different types.of organizations we.work with in the U.S..to protect their assets abroad..We can protect a variety of.different types of investment.so often times the most common.are actual property, buildings,.equipment but sometimes we can.cover other types of investments.that you may have at risk..Some of the more common ones.would be a performance guarantee.or an advance payment guarantee..We could cover certain.contracts you may have.with a foreign government.so if the government were.to basically breach contract,.we would provide some sort.of support and compensation..We cover up to $250.million per project..We have no minimum.policy size so many.of our small business clients.have very small policies with us.but we can cover you for up.to 20 years at a fixed premium.so you're ensured a.certain level of support.through the OPIC insurance.program for quite some time..So in summary, political risk.insurance, it gives you peace.of mind when you have.assets at risk overseas..It's an important tool.to help you raise capital.because political risk insurance.can help provide some comfort.potential financiers that.are looking at your project..And then finally we.can tailor the coverage.to cover different.types of risks depending.on what your concern is.so you may want a coverage.just political violence.or you may want coverage.on all three risks..A few words on OPIC finance..We provide financing based.on a total project cost.so if you're making an.investment you'll have costs.to include land acquisition,.construction,.equipment purchase,.working capital and so on..We can provide support.through either a direct loan.or a loan guarantee..For U.S. small businesses,.we have the authority.to do a direct loan so what that.means is you do not need to go.out and find a U.S. bank.to lend you the money.on which we would guarantee..You can apply to us directly so.that's certainly a timesaver..We would be repaid through.the ongoing project cash flow.so as you implement the project.and you begin generating.your revenue stream,.we will be paid back.over that time period..What we require in terms.of a U.S. connection,.the overseas business.center should have.at least 25% ownership by a U.S..investor, be it a U.S. citizen,.a U.S. permanent resident.or a U.S. company..We will finance anywhere from.50 to 75% of the project cost.which requires the sponsors to.raise the remaining percentage.in the form of equity.and sponsors.and management must demonstrate.that they have experience.in the same or similar industry..We can like our insurance policy.provide up to $250 million.in support but we can.lend as small as $100,000.so that certainly enables us.to support a variety.of project sizes..Our tenures like.the insurance side.of the house are.longer in nature..Our tenures are typically.somewhere between five.and 15 years in length to.give the client ample time.to begin generating cash.flow and so in summary.on the OPIC finance product,.basically the product is meant.to fill a niche in the capital.markets of emerging countries..We're providing longer-tenure.loans at a fixed rate.for the life of the loan..We do require a significant.U.S. involvement,.more than simply an export.or a vendor relationship..We would look for actual.U.S. ownership component,.at least 25% and the sponsors.must produce a viable business.plan and financial.model for the project..They need to demonstrate to OPIC.that they have relevant.experience and will be able.to generate a sufficient.cash flow to repay the loan..Finally if you are looking.to get some more information.about OPIC, our Website.opic.gov is quite helpful..We have on the Website.a small business guide.which I certainly.recommend you check out..It's a compilation of a variety.of resources, some from OPIC,.some from sister agencies.like the Small Business.Administration that guide you.as to how to put together.a viable business proposal..We have our online.application forms accessible.from the Website, Form 50 for.insurance, Form 115 for finance..And if you're looking.for assistance.in putting together.a package for OPIC,.the EDN access.com.Website, you'll find a list.of our loan originators.which are organizations.that provide support.to companies.to help them package.viable applications.for OPIC and other lenders..The final slide is my.contact information..As I said I'm quite happy.to speak with any of you.that have an interest in.either of our products or would.like to learn more about what.we can do to help your business.so with that I will pass.it back to the moderator.and if we have time, I.think all of us standby,.happy to answer questions..Linda Abbruzzese:.Thank you, Alison..Yes, now we will.taking voice questions..For those of you who would.like to ask a voice question,.please press star.1 on your telephone.and we'll get the.operator to help you out..Coordinator: And ma'am at this.time I'm showing no questions..However, if there is anyone.wishing to ask a question,.please press star 1 and record.your name when prompted..One moment, please..Linda Abbruzzese: While we're.waiting for a voice question,.I do have a written question.here from (Scott Beranski)..The question is do you.provide a one-page summary.of all the DOC services.offered to help companies move.into the world of exporting?.We would love to be able to.hand these out to our customers.and prospects on.calls in our market..Kam Shah: Excellent suggestion,.this is Kam Shah from Commerce..Please let us know your e-mail.address and we'll be happy.to prepare a one-pager which.definitely you could distribute..We appreciate your help.in getting the word out.and these are all.agencies working together.and our services; definitely.excellent suggestion..We'll work towards that.and get you that one-pager.within the next couple.of weeks or so..Linda Abbruzzese: And also.there's been a lot of questions.about copies of this.presentation,.you like a copy of the slides..What we try to do is.archive these on our Website,.www.export.gov under the.watch archive Webinar section..It's very easy to find..It's like in the.middle of the page..It's a bullet link where you.can look at all of our Webinars.in the Basic Guide to Exporting.Webinar series so we plan.on posting this once again on.our Website, www.export.gov.under the watch archived.Webinar link..Coordinator: And we do have one.audio question at this point..That question comes.from (Betty)..Your line is open..(Betty): Okay..My question is there.any advice on how.to protect intellectual property.when we export some product.with technologies,.advanced research result.to Chinese market because now.our potential clients have.interest to export.things to China; however,.the U.S. patent doesn't.work in China..Kam Shah: Excellent question..Excellent question and very.timely question as well..You might be surprised.to hear that 70%.of patent infringement.violations come from one country.and that is China which.is a fact so it is good.that you are definitely.working towards that..Yes, there is a - of.course we can provide you -.a list of law firms who can.help you either it's patent,.copyright or trademark,.whichever you are trying.to register, we can.definitely help you..I'll give you my mail address.which is on the slide as well.but it's kam.shah, K-A-M.dot S-H-A-H at trade.gov..Please send us your details.and then we'll be happy.to provide you with a referral.of law firms who can help you..(Betty): Great..Thank you so much..Coordinator: And at this.point I'm showing no.further questions..Kam Shah: Okay, I guess from.the panel here, Richard, Alison,.thank you for joining this.afternoon and feel free to reach.out to us if you have.further questions but again.to all the participants,.thank you for joining,.thank you for attending and.thank you for exporting..Happy exporting..Bye bye. Coordinator: This.concludes today's conference..Thank you so much for joining..You may disconnect at this time..END NWX-COMMERCE-ITA-1.Moderator:.Kam Shah 8-10-11/1:00 pm CT.Confirmation # 9865777 Page 2.

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