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I want to go...Let me just see him once..Let me.. oh my God..'An Accident on Mumbai-Pen Highway.'.Former deputy commissioner.and RTI activist.....Joe D'Souza....'This incident..'.- Guys! Guys, he killed him..Joe D'Souza!.- Who?.The RTI activist. Kabir shot him..Shit, he killed him..Shit..I was watching this and suddenly the...- What happened?.Look at this grandpa..This is a breaking news..- See, who's the culprit..Raj Bansal..And that's Kaka Sahib,.that's the home minister. - Shit..I am going to blog this right now.No, Zoya..- Why?.It will take only two seconds.to trace its IP address..Exactly..- Shit..We should give it to the police..Have you lost your mind?.The home minister himself.is involved in this..Ajay Mehra..We need to take this to Ajay Mehra..- No!.No Ajay Mehra..No!.No one will tell anything to anyone..You guys don't know anything..Come with me..This is the biggest ever road.accident on Mumbai-Pen Highway so far..8-10 people are believed.to have died in it..What?.You saw that? - Former deputy.commissioner and RTI activist...Are you getting it?.They turned a murder into an accident..They killed 8-10 people..These images might disturb you..- Rohan, call up your father..And ask him to come here immediately..Yeah, my dad..It's clear that the Pen Highway.accident in which our founder.......and other 10 people died.....happened due to the.mistake of the tanker driver.....and road department's.mismanagement. - Very good..Satyakam family prays.for Joe D'Souza and...Mr. Bansal.. good riddance..Troy is just great..He killed 11 people.along with D'Souza..That made the accident.quite convincing..And the way Satyakam confirmed it...Now I am relaxed..I am relaxed..- Good night..'You socialist rats!'.'Bloody anarchists!'.'What is your contribution.in this country's growth?.'We are the ones who create wealth.'.'We are the ones.who provide employment.'.'We are the ones who.are feeling you all.'.'You always create hurdles for us.'.'All of you should die.'.'And I will kill all of you.'.Where is papa?.Over there..Ananya!.- Ananya!.Slow down, dear..Papa!.Look at this, papa..Mom got an award..I, too, went on the stage..Why didn't you come here?.Dear, I was.. 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I surely will!.- Please try to understand..I am shocked by the rage.with which he killed that man..His attitude, his thoughts...How will he run such a.big empire with so much anger?.We have failed as parents..What kind of an upbringing.have you given him?.Me?.- Yes, you..I...- You are his mother..You never let me be a mother, Raj..I was just a nanny to your prince..I gave birth to him,.but he got all his values from you..You didn't stop him when he.insulted his elders or the servants..You gave him everything he wanted..You made such a big.Bansal world for prince.....that he thought that he has.a right to anything and everything..You are responsible for it..You have made him a...You have made him a murderer..This is everything?.- Yes. - Yes, dad..There is nothing left behind with you?.- No..You sure?.- Yes, sir..Let's go..- Uncle...But what are you going to do?.Dear, you know that.I am a lawyer, right?.Yes..I will do what you want to do..But in my own way..Another thing:.You won't mention this to anyone..Promise?.- Yes, uncle..Yes, uncle..- Let's go. - Okay..Doomed. Oh damn...What a piece of crap!.This makes it look as if.we are killing him on purpose..But it was not so..Well done, Kaka Sahib..You invited the very person.I came here to complain about..Mr. D'Souza...You've made a good name for.yourself with your RTI applications..It's time to call it quits..Now it's time to join.hands and move ahead..Kaka Sahib,.how many times do I have to tell you...I don't wear a uniform anymore..I am retired..Hence, I am no longer.forced to follow your orders..I have instead gotten.into a habit of following up..Look at this..3452 families which you have ruined..Rehabilitate their homes, farms.and animals and the problem is solved..Mr. D'Souza...We have given them the compensation.government has ordered us to..You haven't given them anything,.you have fooled them..In exchange of a mere compensation,.you've stolen the lands of those.illiterate poor people..Come on, Mr. D'Souza..People will get employment.because of the project..If they don't die due.to starvation by then..Everything that we did was.done with government approval..Which government.are you talking about?.The government that.dances naked to your tunes?.How dare you talk to my father.like that, you rotten slave?.What did you say?.Leave me. - This is what.your father wants to make us..Mr. D'Souza..- Leave me..The government too is your slave..- Leave me..Water, electricity, phone network...- Leave me...Everything belongs to you..- Leave me or I'll kill you..Everything belongs to your father..The only thing left is.his image on the currency..You are making this country...Now do you understand?.Yes. I completely understand..You are not at fault, son..It is justified. Justified, he is..Joe D'Souza is such a man that.this was bound to happen eventually..Hence, I brought everything over here..Mr. Kriplani, what do you mean to say?.That you have not.made any copies of it?.What? What are you saying?.You must have kept.one for safety sake..You are accusing me..You are a lawyer..You are getting me wrong. I...Look Mr. Raj, I am a corporate lawyer..You know me. I did all this...Kaka Sahib is making.an accusation on me..Relax Kriplani..- I did all this for you..Relax..He is just reassuring..And I trust you..And I appreciate your gesture..- Thank you..Very shortly, you will receive.a call from my accounts department..No..Why are you taking it the wrong way?.Look, you are getting it all wrong..I didn't do all this for the money..Mr. Kriplani, control yourself..No, no. Mr. Kriplani, please..This is the reason I brought.all these things with me. - Calm down..I spoke about the money just.as a good gesture on our part..No, I don't want any money..You don't have to.worry about anything..Please relax..- Mr. Kriplani...I hope you don't mind sharing a few.details of those four kids with us..They won't utter a word.about this to anyone, sir..Mr. Kriplani,.Troy is our security chief. - Okay..It's just a regular security drill..You don't need to feel scared..Like you said, my son is.just like your own son.. - Absolutely..Similarly,.your son is my life my own son..Okay, relax..Yeah?.Thank you..Thank you very much..Thank you..This guy...He is too funny..Kabir...I'm damned...Stop worrying about your son..We will have to stay alert now..You know why no one.has ever touched D'Souza?.Because he had Ajay Mehra's support..He is very stubborn. You don't know.what kind of a person Ajay Mehra is..Balwant Rai was once.where you are now..He killed Ajay Mehra's brother..The entire Mumbai police, D'Souza.and his men provided him security..But no one was able.to stop Ajay Mehra..He gave him 24 hours..He went inside Balwant.Rai's house and shot him..And he also killed all.those who were with him..He killed all of them..He is a crazy stubborn guy..Mr. Bansal, he killed everyone..Did you hear me?.You don't know what Ajay Mehra is..Who is this Ajay Mehra?.I am thinking about my son.and you are talking about Ajay Mehra..Who the hell is this Ajay Mehra?.'Why are you staring?'.'Honesty never dies.'.'When a corrupt person dies,.his rein ends.'.'But when an honest man dies,.his rein begins.'.'Satyakams never dies.'.Morning, mom. Morning, dad..- Good morning..See you in court..- Sure, sir..Morning..Dad, what did you do with that video?.I mean what's the progress?.My friends were asking.....as we haven't heard any.news about them getting arrested so...Eat this..- Yes, I'll eat it..So what's the progress, dad?.Rohan, the progress is.that I have made all of you safe..Safe? - And I am sure, this.is what other parents wanted as well..Aren't you getting late?.- Yes. Let's go..Dad?.Dad! Dad, wait!.Rohan.. - But what.does making us safe mean?.I gave the video to the.ones to whom it belonged..Kabir Bansal murdered Mr. D'Souza..And you gave the evidence to him?.Rohan, it's...- Dad.. dad, he is wrong..What is wrong?.Is it wrong to be a father?.Is it wrong to save your family?.No, dad. But it wrong to.be scared of the wrong people..And you are a lawyer!.You stand for truth and justice..Truth and justice?.You know what is.truth and justice today?.Today truth and justice is Raj Bansal..Raj Bansal,.today, is truth and justice!.He must be having.his own reasons, Rohan..He must be genuinely.afraid of Mr. Bansal..He's a powerful man..Anushka is right, Rohan..How is she right?.If a lawyer of his stature.cannot bring justice to someone.....then how can a common man.hope for anything in this country?.And our parents are so duplicitous..They teach us one thing and.they do something just the opposite..Pretending parents..- What?.Pretending parents..You are right, Zoya..Pretending parents..That day we should have.given that video to Ajay Mehra..Then what are you waiting for?.I have taken a backup of that video..Zoya? When? How did you do it?.What are we waiting for? Let's go..He will now stay in the.military academy, mother..I'm the one who spoilt him, so I'll be.the one who will get him back on track..No..- Call him again..You have a problem bending.before your elders as well?.Touch her feet properly..Go on..Your manners help you.win the world and not your ego..He is not answering it?.Yes, Zoya?.Hello, Alnoor sir...Can I please speak to Ajay Mehra?.Any emergency?.Sir, Joe D'Souza didn't die.in an accident. He was murdered..What?.And we have the evidence..- Are you sure?.Yes, sir..Can we please talk to Ajay Mehra?.Troy, kids have a copy of the evidence..And they are going to Ajay Mehra..Copy that..Mr. Bansal, the kids.have the copy of the evidence..And they have made.contact with Ajay Mehra..Ajay...There is an emergency..Hello, Zoya...- Sir! Ajay sir!.Raj Bansal's son,.Kabir Bansal murdered him..We have the proof, sir..What? Whose murder?.We went to Karnala bird.sanctuary to make a documentary..One of our cameras captured.Kabir Bansal shooting at Joe D'Souza..Our home minister Kaka Sahib and.Raj Bansal were also present there..Do you know what you are saying?.Are you sure about it?.Yes, sir. We have the proof..This incident took place.in a farmhouse in Karnala..Where are you?.In college, sir..Hello, sir, I am Rohan..Rohan, do you know where my office is?.Yes, sir..- Go there. I'm coming here..Okay..Let's go. Let's go, guys..Call Kaka Sahib and Kriplani as well..- Yes, sir..What's happening, Raj?.You had said that.everything would be fine..What's going on? Tell me something..Sheetal, please. - Ajay Mehra.is at Mt. Mary Church, Bandra..Do whatever you have to do. - Just.make sure that Kabir stays unharmed..Stop bothering me..- Zoya is at Pedar Road..I don't let any harm come to my son..And we are here..Joshi, what are you waiting for?.You didn't call Kaka saheb?.Zoya has left ?.You can catch them here..At Senapati Bapat Road..Keep me posted..- Yes, sir..I'll get the kids..- Get them..Yes, Mr. Bansal?.Income tax, service tax,.IT cell, narcotics department...Use all the departments.and seize Ajay Mehra's office.....his press and all his properties,.Immediately..Why? What happened?.Another copy of that.video has showed up..The kids are going.to give it to Ajay Mehra..Why are you putting me in a fix?.Just shut up..Just do as I say..Kriplani,.if you had given me all the copies.....then which copy are the.kids going to give to Ajay Mehra?.There is no other copy of it,.Mr. Bansal..Are you playing with me?.- No, not at all..Stop your son,.or else I will kill him..No!.Sir. Jai Hind, sir..Yes, Jai Hind..Income tax,.service tax, narcotics department.....has raided Ajay Mehra's Satyakam..Ajay Mehra?.Yes, he has messed up big time..Sir, Rohan is not.taking Kriplani's call..I need your personal supervision..Put surveillance on Ajay.Mehra and all his men right away..Troy, you need to be faster..Your dad is calling..- Don't answer it..Sir, there is only a distance of.800 yards between Troy and the kids..Yes, Kriplani?.Hello, Kulkarni?.- Yes..Call up Anushka right away..Rohan is not answering my phone..- What happened?.They have made a copy of that video..The kids are going to give.it to Ajay Mehra. - A copy?.To Ajay Mehra?.Call her up right away,.or all of them will die..They have taken a left.to Senapati Bapat Road..Grandpa?.Hello, grandpa?.- What have you done!.From where did you get that copy?.You are going to give.that copy to Ajay Mehra?.You won't give that.copy to Ajay Mehra..You will instead go straight.to Kriplani's house..Okay, grandpa..400 yards..What happened?.- He is furious..He has told me not to go.to Ajay Mehra with the hard drive..200 yards...I don't get one thing,.how did he learn that.....we are going to Ajay.Mehra with the hard disk?.Obviously,.Bansal is tapping our phones..What?.- How else would he know?.100 yards...Troy, where are you going?.You have just crossed them..- Stop them..Now what?.- Who are they?.Guys, they are Bansal's men..- Oh shit..No!.- Rohan!.Call Ajay Mehra, now!.Yes, Zoya?.Ajay sir...Bansal's men are attacking us..Sir, our phones are being tapped..What should we do?.Where are you?.Where are we?.Hang on!.Guys! Where are we, guys?.Phoenix Mall..Phoenix Mall's parking lot, sir..Don't worry, Zoya..First of all, destroy your SIM cards..I'll come there as soon as possible..Destroy your SIM cards..Give me your phones..Destroy your SIM cards..Akshay, there's an.emergency at Phoenix Mall..Four kids are in trouble..Send help immediately..Okay, sir..Bansal has foreign militants.in his security, right?.Highly trained foreigners..We're going to die, Rohan..I can't do anything..Do something..- It's stuck...it's stuck..Rohan, the car. Rohan..Rohan...- It's not starting..Skype...Let's get out. Let's go..- Skype...Come on..Oh no!.They are coming..- Oh shit!.We need to go..- Come on. Let's go..Not that way..Up...- Run..Guys, I am bleeding..Guys, I am bleeding..- We are trapped..Shit...What now?.Oh my God!.No, Rohan!.- No, Rohan!.No!.- No, Rohan!.If we are going to support the truth.....we aren't going.to give up until we win..If we are going to support the truth.....we aren't going.to give up until we win..If we are going to support the truth.....we aren't going.to give up until we win..Come on. Let's go..My leg!.Varun, hurry up. They are coming..Come on! Come on! Come on!.- Let's go guys, come on..Rohan come!.Have you got them, Troy?.I'll get the kids, sir..Get the car down..You two, you go straight..- Okay sir..You go up..Yes, sir..Give me the live feed of Phoenix Mall..- Yes, sir..Come, come on..- Troy, go to the security room..Don't worry. I am on it..What's wrong?.Stop..- We have reached the mall, sir..These guys are here too..We need to keep going, guys..Let's go. Let's go..Come on guys let's go.- I'm coming..Let's go. Let's go..Who are you?.- Don't worry..I am Satyakam..Ajay Mehra had called..He is on his way..Come with me..It's okay, guys. Come..- It's okay, guys..Come. Come on..Boys, they have gone.into Mother Earth..You think we are safe here?.Yes. Ajay Mehra will soon be here..You are bleeding too much..- Water..Uncle, do you have.the first-aid box? - Yes..Get some tissues, please..- You all right? - Yeah..Close the shutter..- Yes, sir..Close the shutter..Hurry up..Close the shutter..Shit..- Get up we need to move..Let's go. Come on!.Come on. Come on..Run. Run;.- Go out the back door..Hey you!.Faster!.- Come on, guys..Go, go, go..Hurry up..They are coming. Let's go..Hurry up, Rohan!.- Go!.Go..- Let's go..Run, run, run..Rohan..Let's go..- Go, go, go!.Come on, let's go..- Rohan come on. Rohan..Come on, faster..Come on..- Go..Whoa, whoa, whoa!.What happened?.- Get back!.Cameras..- Cameras?.They are watching us..- What?.That's how they knew.we were in that shop..Then what should we do?.If we are together,.then we are one target. - Yes..I think we should spilt up..They won't be able to track us..- That makes sense, guys..Boys. They are all splitting up..She is getting away. Faster..No. No...Leave me...Leave me!.Leave me! Leave me!.Anushka!.Joshi, jam all the.signals from this mall. - Yes, sir..No videos should.get uploaded from there..Sachin, you missed him..He's near the food court..Leave me!.Let go of me!.Leave me!.Imran, she is right above you..Leave me!.Oh shit!.Rohan!.Rohan!.Rohan!.Rohan, be careful..Come on. Move!.- Let's go!.Get them! Faster!.Hurry up, Rohan. Hurry up..Boys, bring in the bikes..Watch it..Rohan!.Leave him, I say leave him..Zoya!.Rohan, go, go, go..Leave me!.Don't think, Rohan. Go!.Go, Rohan!.Get her to the parking lot..Yes!.Rohan!.Rohan!.- Rohan!.Rohan!.- Rohan!.Rohan!.Can you hear me?.Rohan...Rohan...Rohan, get up..Mr. Bansal, I have sealed.Satyakam and trammeled Ajay Mehra..Good..Ajay sir...Ajay sir...- Sir...Come on kids, let's go..- No, I can't get up..Troy!.Where are they?.Where did he go?.Where did they disappear?.They are outside the mall, sir..There are no cameras outside..Joshi..- Yes, sir..I want to talk to.the defense secretary. - Okay, sir..Faster, Joshi..- Just connecting, sir..Akshay, call Riya..Hello?.I want immediate access.to the satellite images of Mumbai!.What are you talking?.I am Raj Bansal here!.So what?.You could be anybody..It's a matter of national security..Ravi, now!.Ashok, now!.Troy, have you got them?.Troy!.Have you got them?.No, sir..How can they be so good?.They are the mercenaries.of truth, sir..Truth fanatics..Ajay Mehra's soldiers, his A-team...Your paid mercenaries can.never match these mercenaries..What did you say?.Come again?.I've been doing cooperate.....espionage and hacking.for you since the past five years..That was fine..We weren't harming any innocent being..But what we are doing.with these kids today...Sorry, sir..I don't want to be a part of all this..I am with those kids..I am a \"Satyakam\"..Kabir! Kabir, stop. Stop..Kabir! Kabir! Kabir!.Anyone else here is a \"Satyakam\"?.Anyone?.Anyone?.Keep it here. Here..Nadim, get me some ice..I think I've broken my leg..Give me the antiseptic..It's just a little spirit, that's all..Don't worry..Ajay sir.. come with me for a minute..- Varun, try to open your eyes..It's urgent, sir. Please..- It's paining..It's urgent. Please..- You'll be fine don't worry..Open your eyes..Many departments have raided together..It department, central vigilance...- What?.There is too much panic..Have a look, sir..They have seized the whole office..They have arrested our people..And look over here, sir..Look what the news.channels are telecasting..'Ajay Mehra exposed.'.'Sudden raids by.all government departments.....have put Ajay Mehra and Satyakam..'.Sir, there is a lot of confusion.among the members of Satyakam..We are getting messages asking us,.what they should do..Tell them not to panic..- Sir...How can you just sit here,.Kaka Sahib?.Call up the police.control room and ask them.....to comb the area from.where Ajay Mehra disappeared..Alert your cyber cell..- Okay..And ensure that that video.shouldn't be uploaded at any cost..Media, judiciary, bureaucracy...Wherever he has sympathizers,.keep them under watch..Issue a red alert against.Ajay Mehra and those four kids..Okay..- Immediately..All of you...Hack into Ajay Mehra's.server and find out where he is..How can he just disappear?.Akshay, where are our friends..Sir, we are trying to contact them,.but we cannot..Ajay sir, Rohan wants to talk to you..Sir....Take it easy son..- Shit..Give me that video..I am sorry, sir..But they cornered me in the shop...So I hid the hard drive over there...It's in the speaker section..So that they cannot.get a hold of it..Look after the kids..Okay..Mr. Bansal don't worry.filters are activated....We won't let any comment video or.data video get uploaded against you..Good..Why are you guys taking so.much of time to hack into his server?.Do it faster..It's been more than half an hour..Look for him in every house..We are almost here..- Search each and every house..If you have need to strip.everyone naked then do it..I want Ajay Mehra. - Namdev,.who is heading the committee?.George Awasthi. - Keep an eye.on George Awasthi as well..Yes, sir..He's a sympathizer of Ajay Mehra..Sir. - Yes, sir..- Hello, control room..Send more men..I don't have any.idea about the location..They took me in a dirty body bag.....and then dumped me inside a tempo or.a truck, because I heard a shutter close..After that it stopped at.a car park and they took me out..Sir, he says it was a car park and.the other person says it was a school..What's your full name?.- Ajay Vithal Gaekwad..You are working in.the accounts department?.Since one year..I don't know, sir..I bloody hell don't want to see this..Do you understand? I want.to see the bloody extortion list!.Where were you before this?.In jail..With Ajay Mehra?.- Yes..We are getting information.that since the past ten years...Yes, sir?.Set up check posts at all.the roads leading out of Mumbai..Ajay Mehra shouldn't leave Mumbai..Sir! Sir!.- He won't. don't worry, sir..What would you like to say?.What did you find.inside Satyakam's office?.I am Satyakam..Ajay Mehra has asked us to keep quiet..What are the court orders?.As you can see...We have also heard that.....Ajay Mehra also makes.juvenile college students.......hack email and bank.accounts of famous people..For not, there's been a look.out notice issued against 4 students..What is she saying about our kids?.Yes, I, too, heard it..Please talk softly..Why should we talk softly?.Everything is happening.because of your son, Rohan..Why are you blaming Rohan? - He loves.to mess around with everyone..I kept saying that you shouldn't.get Ajay Mehra involved..But this was Anushka's project,.wasn't it?.Yes, it is..But Zoya is responsible for this mess..What? - She keeps coming.up with weird ideas..Why are you involving.my daughter into this?.If you had given even a little.attention to your daughter...Have you ever.read your daughter's blogs?.Zoya writes blogs?.- Yes..Why is the media saying such things.about our kids.. - So what do I do?.Who is it?.- Kriplani..What is he saying? - He's saying that.the media is calling our kids criminals..Search everyone's houses..I mean everyone..We got him, sir..We are nearly there..Shit!.What happened, sir?.Bansal's cyber cell was.trying to hack our server..If it had succeeded, they would've.found out about this hideout..But now we are safe..Sir...Troy wants to talk to you, sir..Yeah, Troy..Sir, I have tried.my best to break them..But they are not talking..Troy, just kill one of them..Others will speak automatically..- No, Troy..Is this the best solution.you could think of?.That's the Nazi way, dad..Fear of death is worse than death..And next what?.Blow up this whole city with a bomb?.What do you think,.am I some god or godfather?.Are we running.a crime syndicate here?.Why are you shouting at me?.You are behaving as if.you haven't killed anybody..What did you say?.- Raj...What did you say?.- Yes, you heard me right..You are behaving as if.you haven't killed anybody..I didn't kill anyone with my own hands..- What difference does it make?.It makes a difference because.we are running a business here..We are not running a crime syndicate..- Just keep quiet, Kabir..I had got people killed.for tactical reasons..You are a Harvard graduate..- So what?.Don't you understand that.not rage but courage solves problems?.Go and think over this issue..- Yes, I am going..Go..- I am going in my room..Let me talk..Kabir!.Hello?.Papa, food has been served..We are waiting for you..Give the phone to your grandma, dear..Yes?.We got it, sir..Here is the hard drive, sir..See this..Sir, I was scanning the mall's.footage and here's what I found..Good. Very good..Oh, we have got the drive!.My God. Inform Troy..Troy is already in the mall, sir..- Great..Give me the live feed.of the shop. Give me. - Yes, sir..Ask Troy to reach there quickly..I want the hard drive now!.Your papa will come later..We should start eating..Prema?.This is the live feed from the mall..Mr. Bansal, even Ajay Mehra.must be aware about this, right?.Doomed. He is already there..Troy!.Where are you, Troy?.Good..Catch him..Troy!.Hard disk should not.go into Ajay Mehra's hand.....even if you have to shoot him..Kill him..Doomed..Go!.Watch out!.Do you have a death wish?.Hey, are you mad?.Have you gone crazy?.Watch out!.- Are you blind?.Oh, my God! He's got a gun!.Move!.Ajay Mehra..That's Ajay Mehra..Yes, he's wounded..Move..Yes Rakesh..- Yes, sir..What happened?.The news is true, sir..We just found Raj Bansal's security.chief's dead body on the railway tracks..People have also seen.Ajay Mehra fighting with him..This means this issue directly.involves Ajay Mehra and Raj Bansal..This is a very big story..No, hang on..Wait for my instructions..Don't worry. The hospital...- Sir...Who...- Mr. Kaitan..Yes, Kaitan?.Mr. Bansal, we have been.hearing many rumors since morning.....that you and your men are.involved in Ajay Mehra's case today..So?.Nothing. We are not.airing any news against you..Don't worry..We understand that Ajay Mehra.has become a problem for all of us..Good..- We don't...Rakesh, for now we.will only show the truth.....that doesn't affect our.channel's business interest. - Okay..Keep an eye on the situation.and keep me updated..Got it?.Okay, sir..Akshay!.Yes, sir..Sir, this.. - Akshay...Where are the kids and Riya?.Sir, the kids were in a bad condition.so Riya took them to the hospital..But she is on her way back..- What happened over here?.All this...Sir, Bansal was trying.to track our location.....so I had to disconnect everything..Here. Connect this..- We had no other option..Ajay..Riya..What happened?.What happened?.We had taken the kids.to the hospital..Let me go! - Help me!.- How could you just barge in?.Security! Security! Stop them!.Help me!.Security!.- Leave me..Leave me! Let go! Let me go!.Anushka!.- Leave me!.Somebody help us!.Let them go!.Let them go!.Anushka! Rohan!.Anushka!.- Rohan!.Why are you hitting them?.Leave them..Rohan!.Ma'am!.Ma'am, please help us!.Ma'am! - Let them go!.Let them go! Leave me!.- Yes, sir..Let me go!.- Talk to him..Talk to him..I could've killed you as well, doctor..But I am letting you live..- Bansal, they are just kids!.What enmity do you have with them!.Let them go! - Go and reason.it with your mental patient..If he doesn't return the video.....then I'll hang their dead bodies.of them at Ajay Mehra's press..Do you understand that?.I couldn't do anything..I couldn't do anything. Ajay...Satyakam, our years of hard work,.our sacrifices...In just a few hours that man.has brought us back to square one..The entire systems and machineries.....have become a criminal's agent..And people are still just.watching from the sidelines..They will side the one who wins..They don't give a damn.about the truth or lies..Okay, then so be it..Akshay, upload it..I cannot, sir. The server is dead..Fine then make copies of it..Yes. I will personally distribute.it across the city..Make copies of it..- Didn't you hear me?.Make the copies..- They will kill the kids..Let him kills the kids if he wants to!.He is already on a killing spree..He killed Joe D'Souza..He killed so many.innocent people as well..And today,.he killed our friends in front of you..No!.I will destroy Bansal's empire..I will have him begging on streets!.I will expose him!.What are you waiting for?.Make copies of it..Make copies of it..- Stop it..Make copies of it. No!.- What are you doing? Stop it..I want copies..Make copies of it..- Stop it..Copies. Copies.- Stop it..I want copies..- Stop it..Come to your senses!.Stop it! Stop it!.Look at me..They are kids..They are just kids..They are innocent, Ajay..They don't know that this.video could have them killed..What do you want?.You want their photos.on that martyrs' board?.Can you live with that?.Can you?.You didn't see how.they killed Joe D'Souza..Just look at that..- I know..I know, Ajay. I know..But even Joe sir wouldn't.want us to risk the lives of kids..And we have no right.to take such a risk with them..Please Ajay.. try to understand..They are not our kids..You thought that you would.come on news channels, as heroes..Right?.For Ajay Satyakam Mehra,.these four kids were blackmailing.....money laundering.and hacking accounts..The police are yet.to disclose their names..But they say that these kids.will soon be in their custody..Luckily, all of you are just kids..Not you, Rohan..You know what treatment.boys like you get in the jail..Don't drop the soap...No, Rohan..She has you whipped, already..Kabir!.Anushka!.- I will kill you!.Stop, please! No..Leave him!.No!.- Leave him!.Kabir!.- Leave him!.No!.- Kabir!.What?.What were you doing in there?.Teaching these slaves a lesson..Kabir!.Have you lost your mind?.Kabir.. listen to me..Stop..Stop, Kabir!.Listen to me..Listen to me, Kabir!.Listen to me..Kabir.. listen to me..Son...One should hide their children's.mistakes, not their crimes...I heard someone scream..What is happening?.It's nothing, mother..Go to your room..I am not blind or deaf, son..It's nothing, mother. Come..I feel as if something very bad.is going to happen. - Come with me..Why are you hiding it from me?.- Come..I am feeling very scared..- Mother...I am not feeling good...Sir.. - Mother,.you should take care of Ananya..Please take care of Ananya..- I am feeling very scared..Please, mother..I am not feeling good about this..Yes, tell me..- Very good news, sir..Ajay Mehra is going.to Kriplani's house..Kriplani had called..He said that Dr. Riya is coming.over to his house with Ajay Mehra..Good..Good..We have our men there..If you want we could.. - No!.No!.My leg!.My leg!.Grandma.. let's pray..Everything will be fine..Everything will be fine, my child..Where is my daughter?.- Ajay!.Where is my daughter?.- Did you find the kids?.Ajay, give us that evidence video...- Ajay, how dare you..?.Ajay, who has given you the right.to put my daughter's life at risk!.Give that damn thing now!.We too are concerned.about your children's safety..Why would you be concerned?.If you are concerned.then give us the evidence..This is not done..- Let me at least talk..My Varun.. - Please listen to me..Hold on. Please listen to me..Just listen to me. Listen to me!.Once Bansal is exposed,.he will be busy saving himself..You.. - He won't.do anything to the kids..You just need to be patient..He has our kids!.- You don't understand..If anything happens to Rohan....He won't do anything to them!.- How can you say that?.Once he is exposed, he can do nothing!.- I am worried about my kid..He cannot do anything....- Ajay Mehra..You?.- Give them the evidence...Or your daughter will die..Daughter?.- Yes..Anushka is your daughter..- My daughter?!.But you said..Varsha is dead..And her child is also dead..Because of you..During delivery...- No. You are lying!.Both of them...- I spoke to her a few days ago..They are dead because of you..Both of them are dead because of you..It's your fault..- No!.I want to die. I want to die..Let me die..Ajay, drink this water..I want to go to Varsha..My daughter is alive..You kept her hidden?.Why?.Why did you keep my daughter hidden?.Because I wanted to keep her alive..Anyone who was close to you died..Your brother..Your sister-in-law..Your friends..Varsha..D'Souza..All of them..All of them died..Now look, your daughter facing death.....as soon as she came close to you..Why do you want to kill your daughter?.You want Anushka dead..Enough, uncle,.you have said enough..Calm down..- Varun!.My son!.Mother!.My son!.Son...How did this....It's hurting a lot, mother..- Where?.It's hurting a lot..- Where does it hurt, son?.Oh God, they have hurt him so badly..It's hurting. Move aside..Please to listen to me..- Ajay sir...Listen to me, Varun. Listen to me..Sir, they will kill my friends..Sir, they are ruthless..Sir, we can't take it anymore..Please, sir. - Give them the evidence..- Now what else do you want, Ajay?.Please give it..- Give them the hard drive..We can't take it anymore..Sir, please give the hard drive..Please sir..Take this..- Thank you..Thank you, sir..Move aside..Move aside..But you got the hard drive..- I have to save my friends..Varun, stop. Varun...Please go along with my son..Didn't I told you mom,.the kid will return to their home..Zoya!.- Varun!.Zoya!.Rohan!.- Mom!.How are you?.- My child...What happened?.I am so happy..You are back. I don't want anything else..- Ajay sir.. sir...Anushka...She is still there..Sir, they were first.going to keep me back..But as soon as they learnt that she is.your daughter, they kept her instead..Sir, they know everything.that is happening here..Because of my dad..I am sorry..Sir, Bansal has given this for you..Are you my father?.Yes, dear..Then where have you.been all these years?.Why was I kept away from you?.Why did grandpa always.say that my parents are no more?.I am sorry, dear..I am sorry..You didn't know that.you had a daughter?.You didn't know about me?.I will explain everything.when we will meet..You are not my father..No, dear. I am your papa..I will explain everything..What will you explain?.When I was small,.and I used to go to school.....I used to think that all.my friends have parents, but I don't..Since childhood I have been.told that I don't have anyone..I am sorry, dear..I did not have anyone, papa..My child...I thought that I am alone..My child...What will you explain,.that why am I here?.Why they are troubling me?.Why am I facing these problems?.What will you explain?.- Dear...You are not my father..No dear, you shouldn't say that..I hate you!.Dear...Anushka!.My child...Don't worry. I will explain.everything to your daughter..Bansal, I gave you the hard drive..Give me my daughter back..You are a smart journalist, Ajay..- Please send her back..I am sure you must have.made copies of this video..I don't have any copies, Bansal..I don't..This is what was told.to me last time as well..But then copies of.that video cropped up..Hence, this time.I cannot take any risk..Your daughter is the.guarantee of my son's safety..Anyway, what difference.does it make to you?.She has been staying.away from you all this while..Stop your nonsense, Bansal..Give me my daughter back..No!.Give me my daughter back..She will stay with.me till you are alive..And remember,.if you do anything stupid...Anything...Then you know what you will lose..And the discussion ends here..Joshi...- Yes, sir...Joshi, take this.girl back to her father..Mother!.- What are you..?.You will kidnap someone's daughter?.Now this is what you will do?.Then what do you want?.That I should shoot Kabir?.Should I send him to jail?.- Yes, send him to jail..He has committed a crime..He should be punished..What are you saying?.The stock market will crash if.Kabir even gets a scratch on his body..Thousands of investors.will commit suicide..You want to kill thousands.to save a single girl?.You too have a daughter..What if someone does this to her?.Mother!.If someone touches my daughter,.I will kill him!.I am Raj Bansal!.What do you think?.Your daughter is valuable.and his daughter is not?.Raj, anyone's daughter.is always treated like one's own..Let me do my work, mother..Please. Go away from here..I won't leave..- Please leave, mother..I will send this.girl back to her father..Let me do my work..Sheetal, take her away..You keep quiet..You too are just like him..Please leave, mother..- No..Take her away, Sheetal..- Okay...Please. - What you.are doing is not right..Let's go, mother..- Please, mother..Something bad is.going to happen to us..Please leave..- You are not getting it, Raj..Everything will be over..What does he think of himself?.- Calm down, mother..What does he think of himself?.A sin is being committed in my house..- Come with me..He has lost his mind..Come on, sit down..- This is wrong..It is wrong..- Sit down..What happened, grandma? Why are.you crying? What happened, grandma?.It's nothing, dear..It's nothing..Joshi...- Yes, sir..Call the chopper. Take her.to our sea oilrig. - Right sir..Kaka Sahib,.get Ajay Mehra arrested..We are done with him now..- Hello Chetan...Get air clearance right away.and get the chopper to Bansal Mansion..If I go....They will kill her..If I don't go...He will send my daughter.somewhere far away...And I want my daughter..What do I do?.Ajay...Go get your daughter..How could he just run away?.What were you doing?.Why didn't you just shoot him?.Ajay Mehra escaped in a police van..Your mother was right..Why did you kidnap his daughter?.His brother was kidnapped and he had.caused havoc in the entire Mumbai city..You have kidnapped his daughter..His daughter!.He will tear down.the entire Mumbai city..How can he tear down.the entire Mumbai city?.Now what do I tell you?.Set up check posts.all across the city..Check posts...- Issue shoot at sight orders..If I see Ajay Mehra.anywhere near this mansion today...Then your political career will end..I worry more about my.life than my political career..Joshi!.- Yes, sir!.Hello? - Take his.daughter to the helipad..And ask Troy's team.and ground force to be ready..Okay, sir..Ajay Mehra wants to have war..We will give him war!.'Ajay Mehra ran away in Bandra.Pali Hill Beats' police van.....number MH-02-FA-7015.'.We just got the information that.....Mumbai police has issued shoot.at sight orders against Ajay Mehra..'Block all the roads.leading to Worli.'.We have been informed that Ajay.Mehra attacked the police team.....and ran away in a police jeep..Block the roads going towards.the sea-link..Search each and every car..These are the orders from above..Put up tight police security..Patil make sure..Set up the barricades on sea-link.to Bansal mansion road..Yes sir..- Search each and every car..Shoot Ajay Mehra.if he doesn't surrender..Fast. Fast. Fast..Hurry up. Be quick..Hello..Sir, after looking at the way police.are setting up barricades all around.....the Bansal Mansion,.I feel something big about to happen..Now we will have to.expose Bansal in this case..Hang on.- Yes, sir..I will let you know.what you need to do..Move the barricades. Hurry up..Jai Hind, sir..- Yes, sir..Sir you don't worry,.I am on the location itself..Police has set up the barricades.around Bansal Mansion..I have also arranged.the Special forces..Do anything you have to do..Just arrest Ajay Mehra!.I will do it, sir. I will do it..This time he has directly.challenged Mumbai police..Now if Ajay Mehra doesn't.surrender then he will die..Don't let the media inside..Move back..Go. Hurry up..- Hurry up..Hello, control room..Sir, we have found the.car Ajay Mehra ran away in..Then why are you informing me,.you idiot?.Are we looking for.Ajay Mehra or the van?.Look for him in the area.where you found the jeep..Find him..Who stopped the traffic?.Clear the traffic..- Come on..Sir, Ajay Mehra has.hijacked our chopper..Send Troy's team to the helipad..- Okay, sir..Are you mad, Ajay Mehra?.Have you lost your mind?.After stealing my.chopper you think you will.....take your daughter.alive from my house?.I say, you should go back..You still have time..He will kill us..- Shut up!.I am warning you..I will bury your daughter alive..Are you listening to me?.- Mr. Bansal, listen to me...Shut up! Shut up!.- He is coming. I had told you...Shut up!.Shut up! Go from here. Get out..He is here..Mom, where is papa going?.Papa!.I am sorry, papa!.I am sorry, papa!.For being so rude..Fire!.Fire!.- Papa!.Fire!.- Shoot him to death..No!.- Papa!.Police is shooting at.Ajay Mehra's chopper..He's dumping fuel..- What do you mean?.It's not safe. We have to go..No way..Sir, we have to go..- How dare he!.We have to get out of here now!.- Leave me..Sir, we need to get.you somewhere safe..No way..- Get him out of here..I'll finish him..I will ruin him..Lord save me..- What does he think of himself?.My family!.My family!.Ajay Mehra has taken the.chopper inside Bansal Mansion..Move it..Move..Put the gun down..Papa...- I said, put the gun down..Now, we are just going to kill you..With our bare hands..Papa...Papa...Papa!.Papa!.Papa!.Papa...Papa!.Papa!.Papa!.Papa!.Papa!.Papa!.Papa!.Papa!.Dear, I am fine..I am coming, my child..Papa!.Don't be scared, Ananya..Don't worry..- Raj!.I am coming!.- Help me Papa!.Raj!.I will be there..Don't worry. I am coming, Ananya..- Raj!.Raj..- Be brave, my child..Papa..- Help! Raj!.Get water..Help!.- I will be there..Help!.Raj! Help!.Move, come on..Come on, don't be scared..Don't be scared, son. Come on..Come on..Don't worry..Come on let's go. Let's go..Move, come..Mom...Papa!.- Raj!.Papa!.Ajay Mehra!.Come out!.If you got the guts, come face me!.How dare you crash.into my house!.My child...You have come to save.your daughter, right?.Come, save her..- Don't touch my daughter..Papa!.No!.Papa...Ajay, it is my fault..Uncle, please don't hurt my brother..Please, don't..Please don't hurt my brother...Please don't...- Please forgive us..Please forgive us..- Please forgive us..Please..- Please forgive us..Please spare him. Please...- Please forgive us..Please..Please spare his life..We apologize..Please forgive us..- Please... sorry..Please..Brother!.- Kabir!.Brother!.I am sorry, dear..I am sorry..I am sorry..I am sorry..Papa...I've been stupid..I am sorry..I am sorry, I didn't know..I had no idea..No....Dear ...Love you papa..Love you dear..Move. Move..Open the gate..Because of you....- Forgive me, son..Because of them...Hi..Hello sir..- Hello..Hello madam..How are you?.- So sweet flowers..How are you feeling?.Ajay..Thank you..God bless you..- Thank you..Skype says, 'Hi'..\"All you need is a spark..\".\"To start a fire.\".\"That spark..\".\"Lies dormant..\".\"In your heart.\".\"The way this world is..\".\"Let it stay that way.\".\"Tell me..\".\"What's the fun in.leading such a life?\".\"All you need is a spark..\".\"To start a fire.\".\"That spark..\".\"Lies dormant..\".\"In your heart.\".\"Why do you complain?\".\"First stop being a pain.\".\"To make an ocean,.every drop helps.\".\"The first step, you take.\".\"An oath, you make.\".\"You don't know in you God dwells.\".\"There are millions.excuses for failure.\".\"Who can you blame?\".\"But it is also our responsibility.\".\"This I can surely claim.\".\"We can see what's happening.\".\"Why should we shy away?\".\"We should be determined..\".\"To change the situation.\".\"Listen, my dear friend, I pray.\".\"To what the heart says.\".\"The truth..\".\"Is close to you.\".\"If you seek..\".\"You shall find them..\".\"In the mirror.\".\"The way this world is..\".\"Let it stay that way.\".\"Tell me, what's the.fun in leading such a life?\".\"Why do you complain?\".\"First stop being a pain.\".\"To make an ocean, every drop helps.\".\"The first step, you take.\".\"An oath, you make.\".\"You don't know in you God dwells.\".\"You don't know in you God dwells.\".\"You don't know in you God dwells.\".

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CocoSign is a browser based software and can be used on any device with an internet connection. CocoSign has provided its customers with the most useful method to e-sign their Form P 50 2012 2019 .

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Nowadays, businesses have altered their mode and evolved to being paperless. This involves the completing tasks through emails. You can easily e-sign the Form P 50 2012 2019 without logging out of your Gmail account.

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