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The Stepwise Tutorial to Flrt 3111

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Find out How to Write Down the Flrt 3111

what's up guys Matt Laidlaw here coming.to from laidlaw harley-davidson LA.area's oldest largest and finest Harley.Davidson dealership so today I'm going.to be doing a review and a test ride on.the free wheeler this is the support of.your version of the Tri Glide it's like.first debuted in 2015 so you want.something a little bit more sleek.minimalist this is kind of the trike.that you want to go with.[Music].all right guys let's jump right into.this thing so this is a 20-17 trike free.wheeler not to be mistaken with the.three wheeler but a free wheeler kind of.clever play on words there holiday.weekend due to the name I like it so.here I roll up first gear kill the.engine I'm rolling backwards by just.holding the clutch in I just release it.so the leg just sits there first gear.obviously no kickstand you don't need it.the bike does have a parking brake.though so this is the first year the.free wheeler has had the Milwaukee eight.engine of course the Milwaukee eight is.brand new for the 2017 model year right.off I'll just say that this engine.powers the free wheeler significantly.better than the twin cam 103 did you can.definitely tell the power increase that.extra torque really helps moving this.real heavy just over a thousand pound.machine here so here's a shot of the.Milwaukee eight I'll put a link to my.video detailing the new Milwaukee eight.basically you're looking at four valves.per cylinder 107 cubic inches up four.cubic cubic inches from the previous.model year so the engine I think is.probably one of the best things about.this bike it just towers this heavy.motorcycle really well so the thing that.the free wheeler does that the the tri.glide does not and I'll put a link to my.my full try buy video as well there's.two trikes that hardly makes right now.the tripod which is a full dresser with.everything on it and this is your slim.down minimalist real sleek trike so you.can put a windshield very easily on this.bike the docking hardware is already on.there for you you literally just buy the.windshield and snap it on this is a big.19-inch front wheel guys this is the.same probability you're going to see.like on the street glides and the row.glides called the enforcer these brakes.are really good the front brakes are six.piston caliper brakes the braking on.this bike is pretty much all in the.front so I'll go more into that in my.writing portion of the video here is the.parking brake guys so they just change.this I want to say in a 2014 model year.you spend the right-hand-side used to be.like a little handbrake that looked like.an umbrella I used to tell everybody.that it was an umbrella when they asked.me what it was but you know the.handbrake used to be on the right-hand.side you use it with your hand now it's.on the left you use it with your your.foot so the bikes in neutral you're.going to want to click that down and put.it into park or turn the parking brake.on so this is a real slim low-profile.seat everything about the free wheeler.is all about the sportiness and making.it look real sleek obviously the stealth.sections all new these wheels are unique.to the free wheeler a really nice wheel.that matches the front rim as well so.you've got these chops rear fenders.you've got this real cool storage.compartment in the back that opens up.from the top I'll show you that in a.minute the dual exhaust coming out the.back of it looks kind like a hot rod.style look pretty nice this is a great.bike for guys that need three wheels for.whatever reason there's there's a bunch.of different reasons maybe you have some.type of a physical element where you.can't ride a two-wheel bike or maybe you.just like the trikes now I know some.guys are going to ride two wheels no.problem and they have two wheelers and.they have three wheelers and they just.enjoy the feel of a three wheeler and.the novelty of a three wheeler other.people just feel more safe on a three.wheeler some people's wives or whatever.feel more comfortable in the back coats.with three wheels so you'll see two.little cutouts there in back of the.passenger's seat there those are two.little plastic plugs that plug up holes.where you can actually install a.passenger backrest.so passenger back roads can be installed.very easily on this as well as a rider.backrest there's a slit in the seat it.acts just like the limited's and the.full dress robotics in any of the.touring bikes for that matter you can.slide in a.a writer backrest so here's a steering.stabilizer so without this guy's just.because of this three-wheeled design and.this can be said for any trike that the.front wheel is going to shimmy back and.forth if it doesn't have a stabilizer in.there I've ridden these strikes before.without the stabilizer and going on the.freeway on that front wheel you know.wobbles and she means a lot without the.stabilizer but the stabilizer definitely.does its job and this seems pretty solid.ride so yeah it's it's a definitely.different than a two-wheeled bike and.I'll kind of comment on that more when I.do my writing portion of the video but.yeah it's a real sleek low-profile.minimalist design here so here's your.nods open up your storage compartment so.opens up from the top kind of a cool.design as opposed to you know a trapdoor.coming directly off the back like the.Tri buy it opens up from the top plenty.of storage space in there you have more.storage space in here than you do with.the saddlebags on a regular touring bike.so both the saddlebags combined don't.have as much storage space is this.storage area here so here's some of the.contents you get with the bike they have.a specific owners manual for the trike.models which looks like this here and.you can get and has a DVD in there for.you know the braking system its.hydraulically linked brakes on these a.little bit different than regular.touring bikes you get this bike with or.without the security this bike does have.the security so it has the two fobs.there that are proximity sensors that.cut the ignition when you're beyond.about three feet from the bike you got.two barrel keys much like any other.Harley I think that's when the Sportster.sorcerer's so this has a regular key.so yeah you can lock this back storage.compartment here turn the knots from 12.o'clock to 3 o'clock locks it up so this.is a lockable storage area and.everything is done with the same barrel.key so the barrel key goes through 3.different locks on the bike this back.storage compartment here and then the.ignition and then the fork lock as well.which I'll show you in just a minute so.two taillights back there above the rear.fenders you've got a hydraulic clutch on.this blank as well which is nice so.here's your ignition so the same barrel.key will lock your ignition as well.got the nice free wheeler insignia on.the center console there you've also got.your little readout of your turn signals.in your neutral indicator there so you.can fork lock this bike turn the bars.all the way to the left just like most.of the Harley's and turn it much like.this is kinda like the road king style.where the fork locks right there as.opposed to having it on a fob like the.ferry models so there I've lost the fork.pretty important to do that because.people can just put your biking gear and.push your bike no problem.much like any other motorcycle so we're.going to be you're definitely gonna want.to fork lock it so the trigger switch.I'm pressing here toggles the digital.area of your speedometer so you get your.odometer you have a trip a and a trip B.hold down the trigger switch to zero.those out the R is how many miles you.have before you run out of gas you have.a clock there and you also have a rpm.and gear readout as well which is nice.so you have a six gallon fuel tank all.fuel goes in the right here 91 octane is.what this takes which is premium your.octane level or rating will change.depending on where you live and what.state you live in and whatever in this.is Southern California Los Angeles area.so 91 octane is considered premium here.so here's the little grommets here that.allows you to mount a windshield on this.bike so let me demo the parking brake.here for a minute so I'm going to put.the bike in neutral here and I'm on a.little bit of a slope so you can see the.bike is rolling now and here's your foot.brake just click that down and walk the.wheels into place now I'm going to go.ahead and start this thing up now.[Music].all right so let's jump into some of the.details on this thing so the bike starts.at twenty six thousand three hundred and.thirty nine bucks for about eight.thousand dollars less than the full.trial I'd here's a shot of that.passenger background that I was.mentioning earlier and here's the.speaker pods upon the handlebars these.are just parts of accessories that you.can put on this bike so in 2017 on.touring bike started thinking about the.new suspension this year and this bike.is no exception it got the new.suspension as well this technology is.called the dual bending valve and it.really helps not not only with the.compression but with the rebound of the.front end as well which definitely.smoothes out the ride so here's some.colors here so vivid black is the first.one that I have in this video this one.is called the brilliant silver and nice.nice deep silver color there this color.here is called black quartz it's like a.really really dark grey or almost like a.light black that has like a pearl flake.in it color of quartz you know basically.but it's got like some sparkle to it it.looks it looks vivid black in at night.and without the Sun but you said as you.put in the sunlight it comes to life.this is called laguna orange this is a.brand new color this year this is what's.considered a custom color so you do pay.a premium for this color and you got.some additional graphics on here as well.that's striping this color is called.velocity red kind of a nice egg hotrod.red suits the bike this is kind of like.the hot rod trike alright so let's go to.the stat sheet here so I'm going to.compare the free wheeler to the tri.glide side-by-side so start off with the.price so twenty-six thousand three.hundred thirty nine dollars for the.three wheeler and thirty-four three.thirty-nine for the full dresser try.Glide so you're saving about eight grand.by going with the free wheeler which is.considerable and there's some other.prices of coloring so the security.option is an option on the free wheeler.but its standard on the Tri Glide you.pay eight hundred fifty six dollars as a.freight charge on these bikes as well as.opposed to like four hundred and thirty.five lines for.they're touring bike so there is a.larger freight charge associated with.this motorcycle so you got six gallon.fuel tank on both and the running order.weight is a thousand 96 pounds on the.freewill er and 12:30 on the tribe ID so.more weight obviously the tribe ID about.114 pounds.so obviously a big difference here is.you've got the infotainment system on.the try Glide and you have no radio.whatsoever on the free wheeler so.everything that comes along with that.that's fairing in that radio at the GPS.the option to put like Sirius XM radio.on there the Bluetooth capabilities all.that stuff you have on the try glide and.obviously you have none of that.on the free wheeler so free wheeler is.43 miles of the gallon and one less for.the tri glide at 3500 rpm this thing.puts out a 110 foot pounds of torque and.on the Tri wide it puts out 113.foot-pounds of torque and i'm tributing.that to the fact that it's water-cooled.on the try glide so that's a big.difference guys the tri glide has the.twin cooled engine as opposed to just a.regular air oil cooled engine Milwaukee.eight on the free wheeler so as you can.see here the Milwaukee eight 107 on the.free wheeler and the twin cooled.Milwaukee eight 107 cubic inch on the.tri Glide I thought they were able to.squeeze that extra power out of a more.aggressive compression ratio on the Tri.by but I was wrong they both tend to one.compression ratios so you got cast.aluminum wheels on both bikes a little.bit different design in the wheels l you.got a 19-inch front wheel and the.freewheel er a little bit bigger sporty.or lookin wheel the front wheel on the.tripod it moves a 17 inch so you got six.six piston front calipers and you had a.single piston floating rear braking on.this bike guys if when you hit the rear.brakes like it doesn't hardly do.anything everything is all in the front.but you got to hit the front brakes and.you got the parking brake on there as.well that I pointed out earlier alright.so I'm going to take this thing out now.the first few minutes I think.let it run and you guys hear the engine.sound a little bit got a couple comments.recently about people slend here's an.engine more as I'm running down the.highway so if you get bored just double.tap the right side of the screen and.it's giving it a little bit.[Music].so when I first bought this bike I.noticed the clues control switches broke.in and then when I'm sitting here at the.light I was pumping the clutch and the.cruise control button just sell off I.had tried to push it back on their.thinking it would stay was already.broken.so anyway I'm going to replace that but.a little little spot switch so when they.hit it with their knee or something and.broke it off.so let me take a minute and just point.out some of the unique characteristics.about a trike that I think people should.know about before they buy one either.they're good or bad but definitely some.real big considerable differences.between a trike and tubular so first of.all the front end is right now.considerably more the steering and.handling on these completely different.the two-wheel motorcycle on a to a.motorcycle you're pretty much just.leaning to turn the bike so you no.longer have that leaning on these it's.all just done through the steering.there's no counter steering in these.bikes whatsoever the turn to the right.you go right turn to the Lots you go.left on these bikes holidays I'm excited.to use a straight axle design as opposed.to independent left and right suspension.there's pros and cons with this the cons.are is a lot of the impacts and road.imperfections you can feel on the left.you flow on the right when you go up.driveways like I'm doing here you.definitely get the back-and-forth jolt.you're going over like big bumps and.uneven pavement things like that because.once again you don't have an independent.left and right like on a car and so the.ride is a little bit rougher than it.would be had hardly they've been gone.with independent love - right.however reason they didn't is because.well there's a couple reasons for one.the cost and the maintenance is a lot.higher on independent left or right.there's a lot more moving parts and.which is the straight axle simple design.less parts and everything the.maintenance is lower it's more of a.bulletproof design and really at the end.of the day it is still pretty being.comfortable for a trike.have no complaints and have no problem.Ryan this team long distances.so I ridden past model year free.wheelers before and they're always kind.of a fun quick agile trike but one of.the things that really struck me about.this one today and this is the first.time I've ever ridden a 2017 free with.her is the Milwaukee eight really does.get up and go on these things I try to.demonstrate that a minute ago but yeah.this thing and I wasn't even close to.you know giving it all it had you know.slack hasn't broken in yet so I wasn't.you know really cranking on it but yeah.plenty of power in these things.the Milwaukee eight is especially that.that low-end torque that is so important.on you know a heavier bike like this the.Milwaukee eight if I didn't know better.I would say that that engine was.specifically designed for the trike so.this trike does have cruise control as I.mentioned earlier the switch broke off.unfortunately right during my test ride.but it works exactly the same as the.other touring bikes in the holidays in.world basically when you push the switch.in towards the handlebars there's a.little green light that looks like a.tachometer on the speedo that turns.orange it illuminates and then when you.put that switch down to set your speed.and activates cruise control the light.will turn green.while it's green by clicking the switch.up and down will increase and decrease.the set speed by one-mile increments.cruise control works very very well it's.electronic it's all right on the money.so yeah I can't say enough good things.about that to the people that might want.to argue eluding the cruise control for.on a long ride that so you're going from.you know LA to Vegas or something like.that it's a nice thing to add to build.rest your hand for a little bit.the lighting on this thing is anywhere.near what the Tri light is on the Tri.guide you've got those three LED day.maker headlamps on this bikes have the.halogen head lamp so the illumination on.the road at night is not nearly as good.as effective as those big nice LED.lighting to try glide so a little bit of.a compromise there on the lighting so.then that definitely takes some getting.used to on a trike first get on one is.when you're turning because it doesn't.mean you get a lot of centrifugal force.especially if you turn sharp at a high.speed on this bike so if you're going.fast and also you crank it to the right.kind of like I've been doing on this.turn and I'm going that fast but your.your body is going to slide real hard to.the left so at first feel really like.wow I feel like well I could fly right.off this thing if I turn too hard enough.this sensation though is something you.get used to really really quickly and as.you ride the trike mores you kind of.become accustom or to how it reacts and.you soon get over this station real.quick.the other thing I should have mentioned.earlier is the fuel economy has gone up.with the Milwaukee data as opposed to.the twin-cam 103 since when cam 103 was.rated at 39 miles to the gallon and this.bike is 43 miles to the gallon so you.got four miles better on the Milwaukee.Cape and more power so and then just to.reiterate the efficiency of this in the.law case you've got more power and.better fuel economy so it said something.that's pretty cool this knife has.passenger floorboards on it so.passengers should be relatively.comfortable there's two handles for the.passenger to hold on to on this bike as.well and they're going to be holding on.to those handles if you start going.through turns and things like that for.that centripetal force that I was kind.of talking about it's definitely a good.idea to keep that backrest that I was.talking about at the beginning of the.video if you plan on having a passenger.it really helps them remain stable and.be well more comfortable back there.without it this thing can be kind of a.bucking bronco back there a little bit.especially if you're going through like.twisties real fast so now on the tripod.you've got that wraparound backrest.attaches to the tour pack to kind of.keep people in place but you don't have.on the free wheeler.so probably good idea come on right in.the passenger at all to get that back.back there so I want to touch on some of.the other pros of this motorcycle and.I'm thinking some of these from a comic.that was left on my try by to review and.the comments are actually made a pretty.good point so this bike is really nice.if you are going on roads that have a.lot of gravel or you know bad like.slippery conditions that would otherwise.you'll be a road that people might not.want to take on a two wheeler.maybe it's icy maybe it has a bunch of.gravel maybe it's a wet you know it.conditions like that you never have to.worry this bike is never going to tip.over obviously about three wheels so you.know I think a lot of people look at.this bike and be like oh is that a bike.for people that are handicapped and no.it's not at all although I mean it can.suit people that have disabilities as.well obviously but you know I have a lot.of people buy these bikes that are.perfectly physically capable of riding a.two-wheeler.so yeah it's different different.advantages and disadvantages obviously.if you live in California like splitting.lanes you cannot split lanes on this.bike so that's a big turn-off for a lot.of people but you know the other thing.is if you don't know how to ride a.motorcycle.you know the trike as long as you know.how to use the clutch and shift through.the gears pretty much anybody can jump.on one of these trikes and ride and you.don't need a motorcycle license to ride.one in the state of California either I.don't know what all the local laws are.across the country but in California you.don't need em one endorsement to ride.this bike so.you know as long as you know how to.operate the clutch and the gears you.know the a lot of what you need to learn.as far as you know the balancing and.riding on two wheels or the motorcycle.doesn't apply to this bike as much so.maybe some of them wants to ride a.Harley that doesn't have a whole lot of.past motorcycle experience and maybe.there later on in their lives they just.want to bother learning how to ride a.motorcycle.but maybe you drive a manual.transmission car you understand the.premise of a manual transmission.and you probably jump on this and pick.it up pretty quickly and rival one of.these things and enjoy it so there's a.lot of reasons why people do or do not.get a trike and you know I will say as I.was out on the ride today I had several.people give me the token motorcycle.waiver acknowledgement so you know on.this on this vehicle this trike you're.definitely still within the motorcycle.community and in niche of motor vehicles.so if you want to be part of that scene.and have that experience you know the.trike is definitely a really good.alternative to the two-wheel.counterparts.most of the feel sounds and enjoyment.you get out of a two-wheel.harley-davidson you're getting get out.of a trike as well it has significantly.different handling characteristics but.you know overall it's it's still.holidays and it's still a motorbike so.I'm going to go over the reverse with.you guys as well real quick here so this.is an important feature that I almost.forgot about when I was filming this but.to activate the reverse you're going to.want to put it in neutral the bike has.to be running.once the bike is running losing our both.the horn you hold that down till a.yellow are you Ruben aids right there on.the speedometer right above the digital.readout and then you light up and you.press it again and hold it and that will.initiate or activate the electric.reverse and pull down it's a whole.separate little electric motor with a.different sprocket and belt on it and.then he's pulling the clutch drop it.back into first and you ready to take.off again so it works really well you.know pulling out one speed going back.real slow but it's definitely a.lifesaver if you find yourself parts.based down on on a incline.so you know once again by custody and.mutual the bike has to be running the.engine has to be on you hold down that.are above the horn the yellow light will.illuminate on the - you didn't let off.and then press it back again and hold it.the electric universe will kick in so.not part of the same transition of the.bike it's the whole separate electric.motor that kicks into reverse.so guys I hope you enjoyed this review I.hope gee I'll give you a thumbs up on.the video you have any questions feel.free to leave in the comments below as.always if you're looking to buy this or.any other holiday of its in the Southern.California area please reach out to me.you can direct message me here or on.Instagram or send me an email or make an.inquiry into the dealership thanks a lot.guys collect.[Music].

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How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

When do I have to learn how to fill out a W-2 form?

While I did not study physics this is something that relates to my field as well. One thing to remember is the scope of the field which you are talking about. With physics it might seem narrower than History or Archaeology but I suspect that when you boil it down it isn’t. It would be impossible to cover everything in a subject even going all the way through to gaining a doctorate. The answer you got and posted up is very accurate and extremely good advice. What a lot of it boils down to in education (especially nowadays) is not so much teaching specific facts but teaching themes and how to find Continue Reading

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