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so good afternoon thank you so much for.joining us my name is attend sim Tony.I'm the editorial director at the real.deal and we're here to talk about a.topic that people generally try to avoid.because it doesn't make for pleasant.conversation but I'm here to talk about.sea level rise and the implications for.the market and we have a stack panel.here to describe and talk about some of.these issues so Miami is a city that.really is what it is today because of.its relationship with water right you.have the art and the culture and the.museums but it really flows from the Sun.the beach the sad the surf and that's.really how Miami took off and became a.global destination however that is also.a major risk right Miami in South.Florida in general is seeing some of the.fastest sea level rise in the country.and financially it has the most to lose.from these events it is the most exposed.in terms of development in terms of.projects to sea-level rise so we've got.a pretty stacked panel here all-star.panel to talk about this my immediate.left is Francis Suarez he's the miami.city commissioner and if you google.Francis's name in the last two weeks the.top hits are locked for mayor.you know shoe-in for mayor so as.something he says today could really.well become policy tomorrow so Francis.welcome thank you.on his left is someone who's worked with.him for a long time.Bruce Malory was the city engineer for.Miami Beach he is our voice of reason on.this panel I hope everyone will be but.he really is like I'm gonna be pretty.outspoken I said absolutely this is a.place to do it so welcome Bruce thank.you for being with us we don't know.about reason or not to his left is.Patrick Murphy Patrick is a principal at.coastal construction some one of the.largest general contractors in the South.Florida area they've worked on Miami.Beach addition they're doing the.paramount world center and Patrick knows.a thing or two about politics he served.in Congress in the 18th district Florida.for four years Patrick welcome and thank.you.and the only man not wearing a tie here.so you can tell he's the architect in.the crowd is Kobi Karp Kobe is one of.the pioneers in bringing sustainable and.adaptive design to South Florida he has.seen the market when it was a nothing.market and he's seen the market when it.was a ridiculous market he's been.through it all and he's thrived and Kobe.welcome Sir Francis I'd like to start.with you and uh you know in two weeks I.can't call you Francis anymore so I'm.relishing this opportunity but we just.went through a major disaster in in.South Florida and there is a tendency.after a big event like this happens to.kind of push it out of mind the worst is.gone and you know we can just focus on.going the way we've gone why is that.such a dangerous way of thinking well.first of all thank you so much for the.invitation people often ask me why are.you running for mayor look around this.room that's where I'm running from here.I mean the people who create this this.new Miami this vibe and this buzz that.we have here in the city of Miami make.it exciting to be an elected official.here in the city and potentially serve.as your mayor it's important to learn.from what I call short-term shocks to.the system like hurricanes we're living.already in a post.irma world where we saw regardless of.what you want to call it but what you.want to call the phenomenon we saw.forefoot storm surges in downtown Miami.and we had water all the way to second.Avenue and I know that because I went.out in the middle of Hurricane in a SWAT.vehicle and we literally had four feet.of water up to up to you about your knee.about four and a half blocks into the.city so we those images were out there.and I know many of you who are in the.real estate business that worries you.and so I think it's incumbent on us as.leaders to first of all learn from the.experiences that we engage in and not.forget them I think part of preparation.is not forgetting what just happened and.I think the second part is we have to.understand that from an engineering.perspective we have to have.as resilient climatically a city as we.possibly can have why because all of you.and your clients are making investment.decisions and most of your investment.decisions are long-term decisions when.you buy a property most of the time it's.a long-term decision and so what we want.to avoid is people who are scared or.skeptical of the long-term prospects of.the city so we got to do a good job and.I have to do a great job as an elected.official of making you feel secure that.we're doing everything in our power so.that we're gonna be here for a very very.long time and very dry Bruce I want to.bring you in as well.what are developers doing wrong at this.point from what you've seen in your.experience working through many many.administrations and what are developers.doing wrong when it comes to designing.the project Scobie I'd like you to jump.in as well but there is there is a.tendency to avoid the difficult work.because it's not paying off and a higher.price per foot so what do you think they.could do different thank you.the key issue is that I think some.developers are still not fully realizing.and and even architects what the impact.of climate change are and sea level rise.it's real and as but we shouldn't be.scared of it we should be actually.understand that this is a change it's.occurring your life has changed through.your life we never had emails before and.I was just talking to Kobe I said we.should be no more fearful of sea level.rise and climate change than we are.emails so the question is you take care.of them and you do it and you work.forward what we have to do is we need to.work towards that direction the key.issue that I see is that many people are.not giving the respect to it in their.new developments they have to understand.they're putting an investment and even.though they may get a return and pay off.that investment maybe in a 20 or 30 year.period or less that building is probably.gonna be there for close to 100 years we.need to design that building to think.about what will be the conditions 100.years from now so let's say we have a.home flipper who's looking for a quick.pay out then then I guess the.responsibility falls on the city to.create some sort of codes that don't.allow them to get away with their.responsible building right.that is correct and I think to a certain.spot you know to do the right thing.sometimes it's better if you go ahead.and go into like your building code and.actually make a change and some of the.things in the building code I think.really don't really address climate.change or sea level rise and Kobe and.I've had this conversation before the.ability to allow a flood panel to me is.not an acceptable practice most people.do not put a flood panel up once they.build their building so what it is it's.almost a gimmick is what I call it many.people criticize you for using that.statement but as I told you I'm vocal.and honest about everything but the.question is and you also think I see a.flood panel will protect them against.sea-level rise neither one of those.statements are true and so the question.is we need to go back and go to our.decision-makers our elected officials.our mayors our representatives our.governor and so forth and push for the.issue of let's make a change the.building code so everybody basically.understands a standard a lot of.Architects will say give us what the.criteria is and we'll design to it well.they only want to do what's an accepted.approved because they don't want a.competitive disadvantage that somebody.says I'll design something lesser so we.need to bring a bar up and so I think.changing the building code is one of the.key issues we need to address this.Koby given where the bar is now let's.say things hopefully will change and.more rigid systems will be put in place.but given where the bar is now how do.you have that conversation with those.developer clients saying look this is.gonna cost maybe I don't know 200 grand.more or half a million more but this is.something you're going to want in your.buildings and and then how do you push.back if they if they don't go where you.need to them to go so number one Bruce.is 100% correct we are right now where.we were with hurricane impact class.after Hurricane Andrew we did we had.shutters that we would put on glass.today that is superfluous we design our.glazing systems to accommodate the wind.loads that are coming through here and.that has put Florida in the forefront of.design innovation and code the same.thing should and will happen when it.comes to flood as Bruce has just.mentioned.the flood panels are not where you need.to be for example I met with Bruce we.did a basement in Miami Beach in a.low-lying area he said to me ramp up.meet the base flood elevation and then.ramp down therefore you have solved your.issue that is one solution there are.many solutions that we need to implement.and I believe that Bruce I know mayor.sitting next to me this is on the same.thought process and that is where we are.when we had Hurricane Andrew came in.1992 when you count the years believe it.or not I'm 55 that was very recent it.was 25 years ago hopefully we can.accommodate the flood in a much faster.way now to be specific to your.development question every developer.wants to be on the cutting edge of that.whether it's Bruno who I did a basement.for in Coconut Grove or whether it's the.courthouse it was built in 1929 on.Flagler has a basement the surf club we.just finished with coastal has a lower.level that has been the standard since.more sloppiness built seacoast hours in.the 50s on Millionaire's Row we always.had those we need to accommodate that in.our code immediately and I believe that.we are doing so right now Patrick I just.wanted to bring you in as you know a lot.of these issues are at the city level.but some of them have to you know go to.the state level and the federal level.are you are you guys getting you know in.your businesses are you getting the the.level of education the level of.financial support that you need to bring.these changes in yeah and thank you for.the question because the way I look at.it this is much bigger than one building.or just one of us up here one engineer.this is something that goes well beyond.any of this and in order to make that.educated you know decision for where to.build the building where that floodplain.should be where we should be living you.need a certain amount of information.well who funds that information.typically that's the federal government.and that should be I believe their role.too.give that information on to the mayor's.and the local officials the governor's.perhaps to then start setting up the.codes what they should be and when they.don't do that.we are all on the hook for it you see.you look at a city like Houston you look.at the damage that was caused there and.write a city with basically no.regulations right no flood codes only.evacuation routes it's somewhat of a.free-for-all where you can build Stern.was kind of the most aggressive and.building right and sort of the danger.area and you see the damage that happens.we have a storm well guess what when the.federal government goes in to help out.and all that money that's being spent.that's your money.all right that's taxpayer money so all.of a sudden we're all on the hook for.people that are irresponsible not.thinking ahead so the way I look at it.we should want the best information.right we should want the best research.let's come up with exactly how much sea.level will be rise in the next 15 next.30 next 50 years so we are building.resilient buildings that we have the.pumps we have the roads we have the.infrastructure necessary because if you.invest on the front end you're most.likely gonna save a lot of money in the.tail end but you have a guy and whoever.would like to jump in Francis I love.your opinion you have a guy in charge of.the EPA whose life's mission before he.became head of the EPA was to get rid of.the EPA so you tell me how that.translates into government I'll skip.that part but I will I'll just say that.I feel better I think yeah I think we.have some of the best architects in the.world right now in the city I think we.don't we're ground zero for sea level.rise and for climate change I mean when.we have king tides we have flooding.without rain so we this is an issue that.we can no longer ignore we have to face.it head-on.the city of Miami Co applied with Miami.Dade County and with the city of Miami.Beach to become one of the 100 resilient.cities from the Rockefeller Foundation.and they gave us a grant we hired a.resiliency officer I helped set up a sea.level rise committee a blue-ribbon.committee that we have in the city of.Miami and we now have the possibility of.passing a four hundred million dollar.bond 200 million of which will go in.part to address sea level rise and.and climate change in the city of Miami.but we all know that we have to do a lot.more and we have a lot of growth left in.us we were growing at an unprecedented.rate we've grown our tax base has grown.37 percent in the last three years alone.that's double digit growth for three.consecutive years and so we know that if.we don't invest in our infrastructure.whether it's transportation.infrastructure or whether it's climatic.infrastructure resiliency we know that.people are gonna make other investment.decisions.so our livelihood literally depends on.the decisions that we make today and the.investments that we make today Bruce.you're not running for election I take.it anytime soon.could you could you answer two questions.one one is I'd like you to address the.federal thing about the EPA and then.support the other is we had had a.conversation last week about and some of.my colleagues experienced this.personally where during the storm they.drove for hours and hours only to be you.know hit another essentially they went.from a milder storm to a more severe.storm and and my question is are we in a.place where we should be thinking about.having these disaster preparedness in.houses and sorry locally as opposed to.evacuations yeah I agree.first thing is that strong leadership is.necessary and having a strong mayor I.can tell you from experience in Miami.Beach mayor Levine made the difference.four years ago Miami Beach wasn't what.it is today and a strong mayor strong.leaders you need to make sure you're.putting the strong leaders in there that.have the right basis or platform of.understanding addressing the issues.rather than saying let's ignore them.because it may be politically on an.undesirable but the question comes is.also is when we do have it.are we getting proper leadership FEMA.itself doesn't even look at projections.of what's happening.there based on the day's criteria so it.puts our technical people all at a.disadvantage to saying what numbers we.use so I think we don't have that at the.federal level like we do the other thing.that we're doing is again is what.happens when you have a storm and the.question comes back is yes mass transit.needs to be imposed we need to be.looking at reducing the number of cars.we need to be improving our ability to.be able to get from place place even.during these inclement weather times but.we also need to be looking at.other things concerning are we going to.actually evacuate and I can tell you I.go out and meet hundreds and hundreds.and thousands of people in Miami Beach.and most of them tell me we're not.leaving and that's a key issue here we.need to be looking at our standards.because if our people aren't really.going to leave and they aren't going to.do it then aren't we would be designing.our facilities to accommodate them not.only during the storm.but following after it and giving those.resources so these are all good.questions and there's a lot of ways of.addressing things public participation.is a key for anybody whether it's an.engineer a politician a realtor a.developer or so forth you need to know.who the people they're your customers.out there they're the ones we're trying.to represent and that's the reason it's.very important that we get the pulse of.what's going out there because if I.don't have the support of this people.sitting out here and willing to.basically put the money necessary.funding when Vice President Al Gore came.to my a beach he looked at me and said.Bruce how did you do all this and I.looked at him and I said not one thing.could have been done in a city there's a.lot of smart people a lot of good.solutions but if we don't have the.leadership putting the funding necessary.making the standards and placing them in.place then we're never going to.basically achieve and and address this.sea-level rise is not something to be.scared of.we should embrace it and basically use.it as a benefit it's coming don't ignore.it use it as a benefit design.Kobi has designed multiple beatings.buildings where he's looked and.addressed the issue of how sea level.rise and how that building can.accommodate an adaptive eye an iterative.type architectural feature in that.buildings key to allow that building to.be fully valued for the full life of the.building Cobie just in terms of getting.a broker or developer to you know.basically leverage sea sea level rise.and and talk about how you're designing.buildings as a marketing strategy so can.you talk a little bit about what you.tell brokers or maybe you're our.developer clients about look this is a.reality of Miami but this is something.that we can actually sell absolutely and.furthermore just to touch on what may.Mayor Suarez said is that the following.we are right now I.give you an analogy about hurricane.angel a superstitious man I take no sir.Hurricane Andrew came along and that.allowed us to change our code we are now.changing the code to accommodate the.flood criteria that has always existed.and is existing moreover right now he.mentioned Gore we are in the process of.having the technology of solar panels.which are highly efficient they then are.able to support a battery like a Tesla.or a Siemens battery they can power a.car which then can power a generator and.that package can be financed into your.home mortgage loan for $50,000 most.people would go ahead and get that and.as was mentioned many people do not wish.to evacuate nor does it seem logical and.with hurricane impact and with backup.generators that are supplied by solar.that does work and is sustainable not.only will it allow people to stay in a.safe location but more so it will help.to revert the carbon footprint of this.United States of America which is what's.happening in Scandinavian countries.which are ahead of us but we're.Americans we go from one extreme to the.next.we have been a fossil fuels for the past.100 we will be on something else for the.next 100 and that will help revert what.has happened to the world whether you.like the rise or you think we're.changing it will revert back it has to.and that's what we're doing here is a.civilization I'll give you a simple.example we're in Miami in a warehouse.the real deal is putting this on the.forefront you have politicians both.local and federal and you have engineers.who run one of the biggest and.wealthiest municipalities in the in the.United States sitting here you have a.room full of people who are going to.walk away and understand that this is a.value creation just like putting.hurricane impact on your next house.Lennar GL homes however nobody puts.windows on their house today.that is not impact you can go to Home.Depot and get it and you can get the.technology very.easily and that's what we are Patrick.I'd like you to jump in as well yeah I I.don't want to push back on what you said.Coby but it goes back to what we're all.saying that it takes leadership and when.you have an administration right now and.people like scott pruett the epa.director who do not believe in climate.change right they do not believe in the.funding and the science behind it then.we're not going to get the necessary.science out there we're not gonna get.the necessary funding for solar for wind.for thermal for tidal whatever that next.source of energy is going to be we're.not going to get it and when you look at.something like the Paris climate Accord.that was entered into you know a couple.years ago under the previous.administration we are one of two.countries in the whole world that has.now pulled out of it us and Syria think.of that right Nicaragua even is just.joining it right so there's now two.countries not involved in thinking about.this on a global level.so if we are going to say this is an.opportunity as you know we just heard.then we better get smart about it and.look at it that way otherwise it's going.to be a tidal wave that we aren't.prepared for and if the people at the.top aren't talking about it like that.then how in the world are we getting the.funding the science everything else.necessary or more importantly how we.going to make that pivot to get off the.fossil fuels that are enlarged Mart.leading to this accelerated pace of.climate change so it takes both it takes.a science to get ready for but then it.takes the leadership to find an.alternate source I want to take a little.different viewpoint on this one the plot.the Paris climate Accord was great the.comment was and believe it or not I.actually support Trump.pulling out of it why because the.problem is we need to invest that money.here putting money into a third world.country try to reduce carbon emissions.both President Clinton and Vice.President Gore have made public.statements out there saying that if we.reduced our carbon emissions today we're.still going to see climate change and.sea level rise because what we've.already put in the system is going to.cause it and so we need to be looking at.keeping America's economy strong if you.do not have the revenue stream if you do.not have the money here if Miami Beach's.economy ever crashes do you think we'll.be able to do anything we have to.basically invest today Maine.in a system that's resilient and can.handle it and we need to invest that.money now and we don't need to be lazy.in our economy go down so my point is.make it strong today yes we need to be.good stewards of the environment we need.to be looking at reducing carbon but I'm.telling you right now fossil fuels.eliminated today will not protect us.this city will go underwater and unless.we do actually take aggressive stance of.moving in new standards new programs and.start incorporating those into our.cities and urban areas thank yours.Francis there's a there's a few.components to to making a global city.right one is great weather great art.great culture education I think Miami.checks a lot of those boxes one thing it.really is is woefully behind on is mass.transit and you don't have any global.city if New York didn't have a subway.system it wouldn't be New York you know.if London didn't have it it wouldn't be.London Hong Kong UT you name it you name.it.why is my Miami so behind and then what.steps are you and other you know other.politicians and aspiring leaders taking.well the reason why we're so far behind.is because we haven't done anything you.know and I think we haven't done.anything because oftentimes were more.worried about our parochial interests.than we are looking at our county more.and on a macro level we've got 2.8.million people roughly in miami-dade.County 95 to 97% of which use their cars.to get to and from work every single day.that means only between 3 and 5 percent.of people are using transit whether it's.bus or the metro rail or the Metro mover.so I proposed a six prong extension of.our already existing transit system I.wanted it to be well branded because.this is Miami and branding matters in.Miami and so we called it the smart plan.a strategic Miami area rapid transit.plan in addition to that I hope.negotiate the tri rail connection to the.all aboard station which is being built.right now in the city of Miami and.lastly we have a thriving wheel base.trolley system in Miami.that Trent that transports about 450,000.riders a month it's free it's clean and.it looks very very nice and so we've.gone from having very little transit.options in Miami to continuing to build.on our transit infrastructure.consistently I just said who's paying.for that right well well the pit who's.paying for the trolleys is all of you.are in your sales taxes when you pay.sales taxes a percentage of those sales.taxes flow through the city and we're.using those funds to pay the trolley.system the the Metro mover and the metro.rail system our user base system so.there is a user fee but that does not.cover anywhere near the total amount so.unfortunately the half cent has been.used to cover a lot of operational.deficiencies in our transit system and.because of that we haven't seen the.capital expansion that we really needed.to continue to grow at the pace that.we're growing if we're growing doubled.on double digits in double digits unless.we start teleporting each other physics.dictates that we have to either.aggregate and move ourselves or we're.gonna get in a car and so certainly.technology is part of the solution you.have ride-sharing companies you have.automated potentially autonomous cars.which will be coming and we'll make our.roads more efficient and we have a.variety of different technologies that.are disrupting how we do things every.single day and so certainly I think we.have an obligation as elected officials.to make sure that we are exploring as as.forward-thinking technologies for our.solutions as we possibly can.but to pay for the smart plan it's a.three point six billion dollar.investment and we just set a funding.framework where we're gonna have some.money from the federal government.hopefully money from the state.government and we're gonna have money.that we're going to reallocate from our.county governments and our city.governments so certainly it's very very.difficult to do things to go back to.your EPA questions so I will touch on.your EP question a little bit it is very.hard to do things without a cooperative.environment with other governments I.mean if you look at our budgets the.city's budget is seven hundred million.dollars the county's budget is about.seven.two billion the state budget is 83.billion and of course the federal budget.is multiples of trillions of dollars so.when you aggregate those resources you.realize very quickly that if you're.gonna put on a multi-billion dollar.transit system every single government.that you all pay taxes for has to share.in those costs I wish we had a developer.on this panel because there's a question.but Kobe um you're gonna be my proxy.developer here one of the things that I.in New York a lot of the transit.improvements are put upon the developer.so if a developer wants a rezoning in a.certain district they need to put in X.hundred million for transit improvements.that's led to a lot of changes around.Grand Central that's led to a lot of.changes Hudson Yards on the west side is.there anything any sort of conversation.discussion happening and any whoever's.got the the Intel on this please feel.free to jump in but are there any.conversations like that happening where.a developer says ok I'd like to like to.go higher or wider and I will in.exchange contribute to helping build.something for the public yes sir we do.it every day we come in front of the.city of Miami specifically we request.that and the city of Miami has been very.acknowledging of it whether it's the.Metro where there it is the train system.that's coming to downtown Miami and by.the way this is nothing new if you look.at the black and white pictures of Miami.you will see the electric trolley that.was here which we have now put the.trolley that goes from downtown Miami.and I take it to 29th and Biscayne where.my office is and it's faster than an.uber and I have Wi-Fi onboard if I want.it just reminds me sorry before when we.started Ahmir you know thank to you I.don't know if you were here but you're.sheltered the real deal during the storm.so thank you for that appreciate it.well that's a good example because we.have a backup generator that's connected.to the city of Miami gas line the gas.line is buried because it's buried it's.protected generally speaking more than.our fpn airlines the backup generator.feeds a building there was built in the.1960s for NCR National Cash Register as.a concrete bunker so the real deal want.to be in there and we let them be in.there because we had air conditioning.we have bathrooms we even have showers.so you can stay there and relax it's the.convenient but that is where the future.is going the future is going back to the.way we were public transportation and.it's a whole mental change you have to.remember we're moving very rapidly this.thing ten years ago in Abu Dhabi I was.using a blackberry 20 years before that.we flew to the moon.based on JFK with less data than that.you have to acknowledge the quick.movement of technology and watch it.Elon Musk is a one example you have this.direction you can watch movies that.Leonardo DiCaprio is doing for us and.just listen to it and you will see where.your future businesses which benefits.everybody in the room.guess what more and more people are.going to move to Florida because the.quality of life is superior it's the.only subtropical weather in the lower 48.it is arguably one of the best places to.live as long as you can conduct your.business in this kind of form and that's.why so many companies and businesses are.looking right now they're coming through.our office looking to move here and use.the HR that we have available and bring.additional HR here you talk to.interesting thing you said about.celebrities and you know putting their.weight behind these projects in Miami a.lot of the real estate community are.celebrities so you I don't know if you.were here for the last panel but every.time a panelist was introduced there.were big cheers.people are taking selfies with them is.there anything the real estate community.can do using their clout you have.someone like Jorge Perez you know a.major leader in the community a lot of.the developers here are our faces of.Miami is there anything they can do to.to advance this issue whoever wants to.take that.yeah George Perez John Paul his son.we're working with right now on we'd win.25 as an example Michael Stern we're.doing the moneda on 14th Street where.he's raising the streets that's Miami.and Miami Beach it's across the board by.he Omar Fort Lauderdale we're doing same.kind of logic and technology that Bruce.was mentioning.we need to see this as an opportunity to.create a greater value in what we're.going to see very shortly is as much as.Miami is great and it's wonderful it is.a small little community compared to the.rest of the cities I'll give you some.example forget Mexico City and how many.millions you have there look at Lima.Peru barranco miraflores when you put.them all together it's 9 million people.there are three times our size but I.think I'll add real quick with the void.of leadership at certain levels of.government right now on this issue it is.going to be up to the local architects.and engineers and local officials who.stay involved and the broader thinking.about climate change and the local.developers who are in many cases making.the decisions on how they're going to.spend that money so it is going to in.large part be up to them and I think one.of the sort of core questions of this.panel of today in this room that is here.is looking at this over the next 15 20.years that if sea level continues at.this pace right it has been noticeable.just in my lifetime here in Miami if it.continues and and 15 20 years or saying.another two to three maybe even six.inches of sea-level rise if that.continues I'm sure the engineer Bruce.here will tell us what that means for.under you know under ground parking.garages what that means for streets when.you have people investing in real estate.who are buying condos that say wow and.15 years from now I'm gonna sell this.and make some money right that's the.value proposition but what can I sell.that for if there's no place to park my.car if all of a sudden I can't drive on.the streets if the air and the water and.the storms is too dramatic I don't even.want to live there and there's no.beaches anymore if that starts to happen.because people aren't making those.investments we got a big problem on our.hands here in South Florida but I think.Miami and Miami Beach have a great.opportunity to become the model for the.world I think we have the kind of people.here that actually want to take that.step they're not scared to take this.step there are to a certain extent risk.takers but they also want to manage risk.and so I think what we ought to be doing.is making this the opportunity for Miami.Beach and the city of Miami become the.model that the world comes to see bring.those people here learn from them but I.also learn a lot when people come visit.us also because I ask the question what.are you doing at home and sometimes they.have great ideas and sometimes they tell.us hey we're here because we don't have.an answer and we're looking for one so I.think these are things one other thing I.want to mention when Coby brought up his.cell phone.many people look at these cities and say.because of your wealth you're able to do.things I tell them in Miami Beach our.whole stormwater program is less than.the monthly cost of one cellphone per.household as all we're actually.collecting and we're doing what we're.doing in Maya Beach and people look at.the world and said look at what you're.doing and I said but it's not that.expensive if you're making the.commitment but that means every.household needs to pay a cost because we.all share the same city it's not just.because the rich and the famous are here.it's because every everybody here there.are a lot of people aren't rich and.famous but they also need and help and.they're willing to help for the quality.of life that they want Miami and Maya.Beach are some of the best places to.live in the world I've been all over the.world for over 40 years I've worked in.the industry all over the world and I'm.telling you what Miami and Miami Beach.are the best places in the world I think.he is running for election he just.hasn't announced it yet but one one.question for didn't you get a lot of.pushback on raising the streets Miami.Beach there was a lot of a lot of.anxiety there was a lot of anger just.address that if you could uh yes any.time you have a Miami Beach resident we.have Miami Beach residents here yep.that's what I thought there's always.resilient resistance to change and a.change like this is very very rapid when.we look at sea level rise it's chronic.it's slow over a long period of time.that's the reason many people do it but.when I go out there and physically raise.the street a foot or 18 inches or so.it's dramatic do we have all the answers.do we always do the right thing we make.mistakes but we also learn from those.mistakes.at least we're taking a step forward.most people around the world are still.talking about this and the biggest.problem you can do is procrastinate talk.and give excuses we need to move ahead.are we always going to make the right.decisions the mayor is not going to.always make the right decision.you're gonna make bad ones but the.question is if you learn from them it's.what we want to do and so Miami Beach.yes there is resistance yes we have some.mistakes yes we're going back and.correcting those those are all important.things but I'm telling you we're.building concepts that other people can.learn from we exceed to share that with.them so they don't make the same.mistakes we have made.it's Bruce Maori for mayor come to check.it out uh one question Francis for you I.just had a city so I don't have to worry.about he can run for my beach mayor if.he wants I wanted to ask you just you.know if things go according to plan and.you are the next mayor.what sort of dialogue would you like to.have with the real estate community and.in this room and a larger community.about moving this issue forward well I.think first of all initially when we.started seeing this phenomenon occurring.in a greater intensity we started.thinking of water as an enemy everything.was about let's pump water out or let's.raise our streets or whatever the case.may be when you look at other cities.around the world like Copenhagen for.example that I want to visit they think.of water as an asset and water is an.asset it can be reused and it should be.reused it can be sold I mean it can be.harvested it can be part of our.landscape and so water we have to start.changing the conversation a little bit I.think the second piece is that we.brought in the conversation not just the.sea level rise but to being resilient.and I think Kobe said it very well we.need to have a resilient infrastructure.it's not just there it's not just up.against climatic shocks whether they be.short term or long term but our.electrical grid is it's a big issue you.know when I was talking about the water.that came in and on Brickell that.receded in 24 hours so in 24 hours you.were able to drive back into Brickell.but you know what Brickell was probably.one of the first places to have power in.the city of Miami why because all of the.energy infrastructure is underground and.so we have to take a long hard look at.how we can be a more resilient city when.we rebuild our roads we should like when.we got off of septic tank I want.a sewer system we should have.underground electrical lines that you.can hook up to in your homes we.obviously should and I will be proposing.in the future incentives to incentivize.people who build and buy new homes to.retrofit their homes with solar panels.obviously the one of the first things.that you saw when you arrived here is.Tesla a Tesla car and we are we're.working with Tesla to potentially have a.super charging stations throughout the.city of Miami so that you can if you buy.a Tesla you can for free charge your.Tesla so imagine you're driving a car.now that the Tesla 3 is $35,000 it's.it's the price of the average car and.you can go around the city and power.your car for free you never have to pay.gas again in your life and so when you.talk about the climate impacts of you.know the environmental impacts of not.polluting our environment combined with.the fact that there aren't that the.marginal cost of electricity or energy.is zero for the consumer I mean that is.a game-changer that is a complete game.changer and it will change completely.the way we live here on earth I wanna I.just want to end with a confession so.this this panel dad talked about sea.level rise is our publishers idea and.when he proposed it I was a little.skeptical I was worried that we just.have the first two rows filled up and.then we'd have some people waiting.outside.however just looking at the audience.it's it's indicative of how important.this issue is to all of you so I'd like.to thank you guys very much for being.here and listening and thank all.panelists thank you so much.[Applause].

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