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How Do You Get How To Fill Section 32a Of Registration Act 1908 Form and Sign It On Phone?

hey everyone welcome to my channel flaws.today we'll be talking about the.important sections of the Registration.Act 1908 so first let us talk about the.basics layout of this act so the first.important thing is he act la Cucaracha.what is the enforcement date of this act.3 act lagu keahi occurred January 1 1909.codes next total number of sections is.make igneous 493 total number of.sections or total chapters RK 15 heads.now let us start with the important.sections so Pell important section here.section 1 cha ki baat karta aqua short.title extent or commencement cobalamin.this particular ad cut short title he.heads the Registration Act 1908 extent.he Puri India Polanco who died except.the state of Jammu and Kashmir so.remember Jammu and Kashmir is an.exception to this or district comments.min-gi Jovian Romney party is the.commencement data 1st January 1909 is.then you act lagu Kirghiz next next.chapter section - Joe key definitions.kibarim a bad cut that although section.Iqbal sorry definitions say we can have.no important definitions say he deals.carrying it to subsidize a definition -.important here who hit the street code.key definition of a conscious subsection.material here 3 subsection 4 Madeira.kids.district a code key definition cue.important because yeah Harper district.code include kartha hai hai code in its.ordinary additional civil jurisdiction.go there for district code key.definition is important net in next.definition endorsement endorsement after.subsection 5 Madeira kites endorsement.Kyodai yeah endorsed chaotic jocular.string officer code written entry.curtail TC we document get covered.slipped over to say Casa the endorsement.gonna next important definition.immovable property Kazuki RK subsection.6 Madeira clear imposable property.Kadosh is a gives me include capital or.the smithy I include nahin kurta so.include the important head but not.trying to negative as other important.say-so subsequent him they take I.include kurta to land building heredity.allowance please Escobar the chassis are.illegal k heredity allowance akka.immovable property here according to the.registration act rights to weights light.fairies fisheries ya koi other benefit.rocky land say arise or ow yeah Phil koi.poochie's to earth me.- yeah Sequoia cheese took it.permanently fast endo own cheese's a.jokey earth me attached him up I include.naked I'll delete the inches include. up please do remember this good.standing timber to include Nakata it's.you growing Crocs going through tanker.toy or a grass going cloning gotta sweet.iime Tinoco hot important things here.moveable property many new things about.the movable property movable property.I've defined a subsection nine minutes.movable property was sorry to a movable.property high-definition min here they.have a movable property may cover.hooding edge essay standing timber.growing crops grass fruit juices in.trees yeah Jovie property to a movable.property in the he hands last show.important definition of key section to.Kenda boyacky subsection 10 May over.define continued representative go Dora.pretty low-key representative defined a.a COAG a permanent minor or a coca a be.a lunatic - idiot a minor talking about.Crito representatives metal a buncha.guardian or rather a / lunatic or idiot.Chabad key legal curator lhasa.committees who he representatives.include career is next important section.Erica section three jokey basket I.Inspector General of registration.cavalry me though Paley sucks apology.though cheese important X key in key.appointment khan kanika - in key.appointments field government kriegie ab.picanha state government leave and a.tree and keep ointment conduct a bill.called mandatory accuse shall have been.used as a mandatory a state government.when coca poincare nuts next important.section aapke section size jokey.district or subdistrict about in a bad.cat i again district of sub-district of.corn create curry got to state.government any create courteous or the Q.key a partial use why the state.government create Currahee courageous.restrict or sub districts next important.section section six.registrar a sub registrar key.appointment keep asking Jerry - yeah.Harper Bullock a ahead his state.government may appoint the Q key Hubbard.may use key a guy to state governmental.discretion a more point Curtis a clean a.beaker circuits the state government may.appoint for s a person's core Poincare.Iggy who sceptile to the public officers.oh yeah public offices in the heebie was.sucked mo re copper pointy attend to.other districts a to Mohammed Al Queda.the strata pointy triangle or a good sub.district sent over Harper up to sublet.the start point you during your.appointment Concord I state government.career okay next next you have section.seven Choki basket ID offices of.registrar and sub registrar cabaret me.i'm yael state government cooper.mandatory duty a kiss to you / state.government you / kukkye harper Cayuse.Kyoya Charcot you ski ahead don't you /.mandatory duty heck you hire eight.district mates a greatest rock office.manager I go horik sub district miss sub.registrar office banana jaga.so district make his coming out like a.registrar iike or subdistrict Minaj I.got sub registrar office okay.go state government a good choice a good.registrar or some registrar office Co.amalgamate could suck the air or vampers.with sub registrar of new functions.carry on Kurt a licking a see situation.major some Registrar of new functions.carry on Kurt they wouldn't keep us a.great in any oda of a cure I take UVO.update decision key appeal nahi sunset.their ticket up near decision give.appeal in the haste when such things so.remember this next next of the important.section a section 8 jokey basket the.inspectors of registration office.Escobar MA - yeah Harper state.government again state government yoky.Harper may you Schiavi at the state.government key discretion it's state.government attach ahead to Poincare.sakti nhi Tanaka rates OSE officers for.Poincare Akito hong ki aapki inspectors.of registration office or farrago duties.assigned curry of subordination Harper.Derek here to job York inspector Wong.gay dree Harper a point or a section 8.make is kiss about an attorney yeah.inspector general inspector general or.uncanny trying hockey section 8k.inspectors two-year subordination.hoagies so the next important section is.section 10 Choki bad cat eye absence of.registrar of a keynesian office up is.section with no conditions in the early.condition hockey at the Registrar Corps.office waiting take EC presidency town.key a district male offered he say I see.this treatment for presidency Tomba fall.in the hey courteous to other pas it.restricted to keep residency town before.nahi kar diya aur vah hopper agra.registrar absent a after anka office.temporarily vacant and.the Whopper core is choco here TC.officer quaza to destroy Pelican a point.karika inspector general a point.currently our good inspector general.default container to corner point curry.got to vaisakhi district cut the strict.charge of point carita those recondition.rthe job to district presidency town K.area may re your Papa Registrar Kagura.office vacant a you're temporarily.vacant a hazard for absentee the Wahab.their appointment Concord to subset.belly-up keen Spectre general category.default content oh uh please state.government guardian so this is section.10 next important section a section 15.jokey seal cabaret my basket there pally.toe is sealed console registering.officers be occurring it we opted a.discharge or sub register burger ingots.console is sepia inscription hoagie - is.CLP inscription hoagie seal off a.registrar or sub registra year.inscription is particular sealed a.hoagie oblique on C language Miyagi.Dolan watch Monday treat - English plus.vu Kobe language show up key state.government direct corrects ticket so in.the language may you who needs so this.is important so the next important.section is section 16 cha ki baat karta.register books cabaret me or fire a.proof boxes cavalry me in a provide.conical tire - in a provide courteous.state government or cooking up a shall.use Kyary I do you mandatory who died.state government apart Picabo register.books or fireproof boxes go Herick.registering officer k office may provide.career is at key purpose Kelly I'm in.Kakaako ten books or fireboxes cuffs.tell you about the books keep are in my.bath curtain two books me up key sorry.form so they Joe time say time okay.inspector general prescribe contain with.the sanction of the state government the.who sorry forms is books may available.with its and those sweet cheese is you.two books ot neocertified out the end.coholic pho have a certified with that a.go certification Karthik on a war office.circuit I just name your particular book.cook issue key out that next starting up.give fireproof boxes fireproof boxes.these state government supply Cathy.honey could I destroyed your office.mates history office may hurry could I.just try the office may up Co fireproof.boxes mil in a fireproof box whiskey and.then he jitna be up car records.connected after you say registration and.registered documents adobe after records.within it when solid records go in file.boxes key safe custody men of color that.so basically no naka complicate open.documents register get our Adobe record.simply safe custody go in short corner.next Ithaca important section section 17.this is very important this is very very.important kick section 17 codes list of.documents a tie gentle registration.compass NEX a compulsory case a because.you happen word shall use gri the own.documents could register Oona's Zorua.attacks or full list cab a subsidy a.good immovable property a gift a gift up.Cooper thy gift a movable property can.be cursor to a movable property car.because it's your other happen a movable.property lucky I then you really need to.get it registered because section 17 a.mandate Laguz is that those switches.will be other non testamentary.instrument coil the other non.testamentary in spirit torch is 300.rupees key value say Oboro.- squawk - register Quranic ayats Colby.s are non testamentary instrument jokey.aqua coy pavement quotes Bria received.could acknowledge cutter house whose.co-op could register karana padega we do.lease lease Kiki's McCoy police job in.your scar one-year say Abajo toget one.year says aldehyde to Morocco whose.lease agreement key registration Quran.hijo TX and the next is key which are.Harper know which s in on test to me a.testamentary instrument a joke equates.decree comb kid through transfer her III.equity click assign key ajar ahead or on.key value hundred rupees say Cooper.heads to waha pirarucu registration.karani otx state government under child.to go coach releases co exempt cursor TX.a registration key perspective sale /.only says kita conditions and fairly.cheese to the maximum kidneys accurately.five years unit area and to switch is to.incur annual rent a vodka 15 piece.takuna chair 52 pieces other new unit.resource perspective may state.government official notification ke.dwara only Cisco exam kar sakte.registration occurs on Acadians next.other GUI movable property heads are key.sections.t3a of Tepeyac and the key respect make.a quick immovable property heads or.squat could register Khurana he bogus a.verbal up K registration at K.commencement ke baad execute we or agree.opposite edge astern in karate.those the cuy effect in he hookah whose.particular document away effect name was.a registration mandate trio that up.coach list directly subsection to make.sure hopper aapke Clause B or C Laguna.he-who-died subsection Vanka over list.key is for the composition deed Mexico.be compromised yoga detail yokoi the.instrumented oak equi-join stock company.cachet related here obut debentures.rosicki c company in an issue key i and.they are not creating or declaring any.type of right title or interest to the.immovable property all the endorsement.Yokoi the transfer of any debentures.junko company no issue key is going to.document other than the documents rock.k1 a may specify dates going to decree.or order of code except for decree or.order just cough a compromise key idea.here yeah it was me immovable property.is going to remove my property grand.government so they da cunha the new.officer agar partition construe meant.dating oh it will no longer dhrtih he'll.and improvement at gender yasser cologne.the Ajanta agriculturalists loan act.candor yuck we ordered a garage at a.charitable endowment act candor he.hasn't quit endorsement kisi bhi mortar.cage deed Kyogre acknowledge could be.motorcades retest endorsement carry.gates just you payment your mortgage.money it was quick knowledge Jia Jia.yeah it was even sipping a revenue.officer a guru a property Co Beach to a.public auction katroo to do purchase.your go certificate of sale zeaxanthin.LU spiakov.subsection one Joey.busca B or C close Laguna he wrote ahead.registration Gus.okay and so this was all about section.70 section 17 Powerball such a separator.is very important next important section.is section 18 could I see documents in.Turkey registration optional an option.to car acceptance or maybe classic thing.though it is totally upon your.discretion vote documents consonant.essence.other than gift the gift all will kill.our Joby instrumento de una key.registration optional OTA or provided.until value kick Neos 102 PC camo we.care to give the Wilkey allow her to be.document so they are the room T value.hundred rupee said come here Torquay.registration optional hence those.require instrument.Yakutia to payment acknowledged car they.will be going to receive a Kobe payment.acknowledged for their courage are you.to see a legislation optional OTS.aggurlie appointing impossible property.you lease a or least aware of key.one-year get tenure say other come here.to occur registration optional note that.one year says other at the section 17.get the mandate Ryota fill s instrument.Tsukiko be decree cosigner transfer.Caray we apply be award drop cavitation.mammals degorski value 100 to peace it.come here to registration optional head.boy being instrument other than will.just drop cui interest create Kaoru kisi.movable property in a whiskey optional.hey will be very keen registration.option and so this is highly important.tickets will be registration optional.campus and all other documents not.required by section 17 to be registered.or back to Adobe section 17 be documents.mention a year old kid legislation.optional a soju subsea important bar.section 18 here.yeah very key legislation important care.compulsory here no section 17 katha.optional as to do remember this next.important section Ithaca section 19 Joe.keep a scattered documents in language.not understood by registering officer.other quiesce are documented just could.present keahak ECB registration kill.your WIC se language majors could add.string officer understand many.corporations.shuffle and do series for se language.hey Jose sir district me commonly use.nahi curry giardia though the Harper.drugs what the whose document could.register nickering here and then.discharge up that whose particular.document key translation translated copy.na registrar coup de jure so this is.section 90 next next author section 20.section 20 path particular qui se.documents and should make we are key.interline nations head.blank states where as you all say after.quite alterations our years of Qi Xing.hai kisi document with to County.Register here just like that to happen.like I read a string officer am a.wouldn't it is Fisher no team as the.documents could refuse curse at the a.register karna say he may refuse to.register such documents and unless Chuck.duck Jo person just never document dogs.execute dia a curve oh how it could.affect Q powerful sine curve de apne.should stay there Toto registering.officer who say register correctly.otherwise he can refuse discretion mmm.comes a very district officer s aqua.documented register called eating it's.though he shall at the time of.registering the same ignore licking a.register may regarding he alterations.yes of present test in spite of all this.I registered the document so this is.section twenty next important section is.section 21.Choki bark at the description of.property and maps or plans to hamper.polar guy to coiba no a testamentary.document Yuki movable properties earlier.did here was good that they accept nahi.kiya taiga for registration job Turkish.key sagas property good description car.map attached now a good property eats.his other district may the whole.district come up of cooperative karna.hoga the other Kuwait subsea important.cheese a girl going on testamentary.document heads those both the register.nahi kiya hai kuch of them are whose.particular property come map attach.naked they they have in excess other.district Morocco hai district gonna.attach karna hoga so this is section.twenty months next a section 23 to keep.up with the time for presenting.documents up captain hirako documents.present Kenyatta dos Mallika is subject.to the provisions of Quito section 24 25.26 Madeira cake own provisions coat and.a rock takeaways will be document other.than will - exception ki aapke bill Yaka.Yaka ji he exceptional the other than.will a girl query document hey aapke.Lucy Explorer accept Thalia jaga for.registration.unless presented for that purpose to the.proper of a serve within four months the.chassis equal document a.the cute hor-aha who ticket jets equal.document execute for our also date of.execution say four months k under aapko.who say register Khurana who died only.wants a document say up kid.yup K documents hence documents other.Danville okay remember this essay.documents built in our Joby documents.yeah Cornette Charmin a key under from.the date of execution registration killa.present Cardenas a Gurkha copy of de.cría order with Cusco OpCo again four.months can the present cardina cup seen.from the date on which that decree or.order was made or in case a guru ski.appeal lighter da to within four months.from the day on which it became it.becomes final to decree or order Kyogre.am Baskar a again any order cookies.knife for months tight any order but.hiccup from the day just then de cría.ordered Passover okay or in case for.appealable appeal like a tear touches in.both final WA okay who's in person.chosen say four months come to me.so next important section is section 23.a trochee basket I read registration of.certain documents cavalry me so we offer.bola ki ki Kui be as a document a risky.registration accept curly registrar ya.sub registrar nay.it sa person say who was not duly.empowered to present the same and whole.document already struck earlier yeah the.COI the person Joker's document okay him.kar raha whoa within four months get a.cat in your day require within four.months that person to be claimed car.Rahu.a be within four months cup same shabu.paheli but aware Wow was defective re.making a cheese curls a year through.silica four months calendar for jockey.present perfect ayats registrar kasam.Nicky choose documentary registration.curry hey hey whoa invalid here and.Watney justification jockey vapid is a.targeted estar satisfied to chart a key.a Joby yeah present kurai Joby accept.car I that was true Tovah happen was.document Cody register card in here I.said it just occurring in this a piranha.documented to Pirani registration here.vaca be registration who he 90s a.registration three registration was.document acharyaji so this is 23 a next.important section is 26 document execute.out of India aqueous a document sent to.India Kate Bihar execute way TCB party's.kid through or India may present nahi.kiya here till after the expiration of.the time Harun before prescribed in that.behalf those four months that I never.lose time care under who has a document.sent to India kobbari execute clear a or.four months can there a girl when he.registered nahi kiya get the whole.situation may other registering officer.satisfied to chart a hero instrument.execute to a plus other registering.officers satisfied though Java that the.instrument has been executed and a.second thing key within four months.after its arrival Joby person had.receive of India may arise Kootenai but.within four months a guru scope present.contain in the string officer ke saamne.or there's a string officer tsk.executions to satisfy to attain but on.payment of certain proper registration.fees woes document to accept Kalinga for.registration next important section is.section 28 jokey basket I place for.registering documents related to land.other way is a document central and said.earlier today Tuvok ampere it is turkey.Jang it doorbell about to happen shall.you see are you hear the word register.curry trying in TCB's sub reduced to RK.office whiskey sub district may have a.Puri property at you Yahoo is property.Cucuy portion are though the oaxaca.registered hung a corn whiskey offers me.sub registrar office menisci sub.district move a particular line are thou.next are diopter important section.section 29 jookiba delta a place for.registering other documents other.documents ok said it just took here as I.got though other documents may section.29 may may use key RBI to discretionary.account or be present collecting either.you can present in the office office of.said sub registrar just keeps up this.trick may Word document execute y-yeah.for APIs cookie see also British Sharky.office may present per sec their job is.under the state government act which all.the persons with may be persons execute.Caray claim Currahee sorry to disturb.registrar keys restriction me you can't.read in that document those ages just.celebrate astrology skill subdistrict my.original de cría order.make here gotta vote decree or order of.the immovable property for effect nahi.kurta.the OP was a separate sub registrar.office mckussic Tangipahoa sorry persons.to be involved heavily in canaima.document though either of these sub.registrar may up kar sakthe under goal.and kill avec will document said okay.next important section Epke section 31.jookiba thigh registration or acceptance.of for a deposit at private residence.the upper Bulaga ordinary cases into the.hopper registration offer document key.deposit to have our personally Jackie.Kearney with en copper.Jovie officer authorized here was Co.accept technically you skip office.Misaki lick another quiz special cause.health of a hopper more particular.officer owes person K residence Bjarke.also document co except cursive tear for.registration yeah a Gurkha will let us.go deposit car sucked in whose.particular will go so exceptional cases.otherwise you have to go to the place of.that that particular officer next.important section a section 32 Toki bad.cut that person's to present documents.for registration.popcorns a person's core document.present concept a registration Kelly.though except in the cases Roxy section.31 we mentioned dance 88 or 89 my.mentioned they hire a document Joby.register Kia Tigers at key under Chavo.registration compulsory yoyo Fairford.registration optional go it shall be.presented at the proper registration.office the proper registration of the.snap was could present karna hoga Cusco.present khan kanika by some person joke.use a document co execute carajo yeah.claim care how yahuwah's person to IBM.representative yeah for Kobe assignee.yokoi the agent whose person cup your.representative assignee jockey duly.authorized her power of attorney get.through to 1800 can't you keep your team.cut something happen.so ake TOGAF key party to stir up Carew.gaps representative e assignee or a tea.saga of the power of attorney so 18 row.jockey present acceptance.now next important section is section 32.a section 32 a bath Katya keep.compulsory a fixing of photograph etc.now every person.jokingly document present karai at the.proper registration of a section 32.calendar whoa up need passport size key.photograph go fix Carini and.fingerprints and you ski area here the.photograph is also mandatory and plus.your fingerprint are also mandatory.don't know yep gotta fix Conejo name.next joggle a document a joky relate.celtic ECB immovable property ownership.kid transfers it to do passport size.photographs or fingerprints her it by.okay her excel okay who's me a fix kita.anger.okay so do remember this next section 33.important power of attorney recognizable.for purpose of section 32 of kanji power.of attorney ko recognized yeah Hika.section 32 kelly jokey person your party.could be half the document jockey.present perfect tense so for that.purpose other principal means to party a.at the time of executing the power of.attorney order for india me recite.cartier up teen situations in it to.india me recite cartier japan this.particular act is applicable the.situation may give of india may recite.katya party but actors not applicable.and TC situation here key for outside.india recite curtain party so these.situations they decay but other there in.the underside courteous Pay Act.applicable hey those particular.situation the power of it only executed.before who before registrar or sub.register on so its condition micaiah.no discharge after establishes to our.case are never part of a Tony execute on.each ie.a girl from India meet away but as a.pathway to opera at Laguna here the VOC.its teeth water authenticated Anita a.magistrate cathodic kissed Eduardo.magistrate Keith Nevada or t3 situation.native of India Kate Bihar hey those.particular case may burn list of the.other key Iraqi notary public okay.wouldn't say I authenticate classic t he.C code sake is he judge sake his he.magistrates a curve acceptance.she also kisi Indian Council say.converse active he offered to see.central government a representative.second verse at their so yeh let's stop.key Derrick here okay or your couch.persons engineer registration office may.a code made personally Donna key as a.ratnavati a a zipper.joki 3 ampere teen categories of person.directly as a person joking inform ho.when he quit boom ah ho ho yeah fit for.jail mail because of any severe criminal.process.yeah fail in key person a appearance.could exempt you yell for in Tinoco.nature now die for these persons are not.required to attend the registration.office for executing any such power of.attorney so this is section 33 next.important cheese rocky section 33 man.key in case of every such person.Registrar Sabra discharge magistrate.agar was satisfied thank you power of.attorney voluntary execute curry gaya by.the person who appears to be the.principal though those who attest.containing without requiring personal.attendants of the principal person those.document Cortes coordinator for.magistrate Yokoi BtoB or school.certified the driver for satisfied Rajan.aha.voluntary execute karika yes evidence.obtained from Nicky Lake a voluntary.executes curry ji kanika Riga head.magistrate could was person coughs.pitchers acting magistrate hijab'.execute Adobe certified carajo officer.for person Cade a certain speed Joss a.tough principled person K residents fear.there would jail may have a person so.jail made are sucked in to examine.Crosetti other commission be sugars like.they so this is section 33 next section.35 procedure on admission and denial of.executions respectively to section 35.kia kia we're sorry person joki document.for execute quran that will personally.appear without their at the spring of a.circus omni and those person own persons.coded string officer personally agar.chanting he always satisfy our theta the.string of a circular person showed up.naka represent Karev of IE person say.although admit callate sorry documents.executions Tovah happy is in the case.any person appearing with buyer.representative other person.representatives key through a pure metal.Baku person personally appeared now key.open a representative copper rose the.same car di agent could be a CIA or for.particular.Avia agent execution for admit karai.yasser coy be percent okie dead hey.Oscar a representative compares the idea.of execution at MIT Corrado registering.official Oh skates made shall register.though chopper 8 mich admit Carnival of.documents representative Howe party or.representative of koi POA are admitting.the document though ha ha ha.shall register McClure mandatory.registering off service area.disregarding it little chopper here the.string officer up now capella satisfy.Korean you could join Sanchez I.represent Korea via hair bikini or whose.purpose cleanest person could examine.car sucked air and if any person by whom.the document purport should be executed.other Bojo be in juvie person just a.document execute he either was the.execution whose document execution Cohen.monitor I then I could I a careful.person minor here ETA Carinae take Haley.offer for a subway person a risky death.who Tokyo Rose can representative II.assignee whose document execution go.denied are here to the hopper.registering officer shall shall refuse.to register the document the mood think.about the section window hang the other.admission I document car to shall.register or other execution then I would.write those child refused to register.okay so these are the two important.things.next next Aria section 38.persons exempted from appearance at.registration office the concept or sense.exempted to which categories of persons.a recursive sapele to bodily inform.persons who would go up your own akiza.with me other person si Han to jail.mayhem because of some civil or criminal.process Yahweh exempted her personal.appearance at only appear on Nikki's.rwathne yo ta or in some cases may every.such person the registry officer shall.either himself go a in T no he kisses me.registering of Sevilla to personally.trying on persons cake her failure to.fail JLP after commission issue girls at.their own go examine correctly so this.is section 8 next in problem section is.section 40 persons entitled to present.waves and authorized authorities to.adopt of course a loop will spasm.technically entitled a protest data.testator joe vitale the person who makes.the world he is the tested.whoa after is dead boy B yeah - testator.- ogre in Kedah couch RT had to escape.at Toby executors hoga for present.concept itcb registrar Collier.separatist rylkov will for registration.fiscal present conducted at the start we.established our Co for registration of.the will absolute donor or after is dead.the donee of cornea donor ayah or donor.Kyogre death over here - Dhoni okay in.cases made up to - adoptive son ot other.kisi ko dopiaza Raya for adoptive son.yellow jockey present girl cetera just.release of registrar whose particular.adoption of paper whose register car.nickel here so this is section 40 next.section 41 registration officers and.authorities to adopt the hyperbola get.boy Bavaria koi be authority to adopt.other present carita here forev for.registration by the testator all donor.it may be registered in the same manner.Jessica way or documented district.Ayodhya second week other people will.authority to adopt present Korea for.registration by any other person.entitled to present it so it shall be.registered if the district officer is.satisfied to a girl coin Devillier.authority now to adopt present Caribe.heck we all person quickly all person a.present curry other than those persons.entitled at the document who really have.the authority to adopt the be registered.key as I got robbed registering officer.could bathos is satisfied or yahoo /.bath care subsidy key for civilian.authority way whose call execute here.yeah hey who executed her by the.testator yahoo donor those three Chiefs.yeah - verb a satisfied ho jayegi yo.testator head or a donor him to death.okay yeah and t silly cheese jo person.very authority to present carajo.entitles it to teach is all said it was.satisfied to tell you the whole.circumstances made i just took her thing.he would document execute clear yeah a.testator do nancy dead so Tokyo to.person present wherever entitled him.present connect oh so mahaprabhu's will.authority to adopt could register girl.thing is next important section 42 head.deposit of will going to testator.personally laugh it up my agent kid.through kissing beta test our capacity.will quote it see.cover me up nom nom a testator ethnonym.japhet agent whiskey through OB Lankan.omelet key with a statement X treatment.basalt McCarthy just mean nature.described authors document gah.exhale government allocated this charco.who personally testator jacket is that.they are very gentle through deposit.care affected to a civil deposit Oh Tito.Christian the rooty silly cover can the.routier PK August otaku nature of.document baton outside capodanno the.nature of document baton out the next.impact in section after section 43.procedure or deposit of thence a.procedural deposit of will still follow.carriage up there will registrar receive.cutting it to Jessie will receive Cara.Tiger destroy this target through though.the discharge repetitive nap to satisfy.occurring it'll be person is co-present.cuz I for deposit what is tapering off.at Aesthetica Agent X or escape advance.registrar is satisfied was curtains.transcribe carding a register book me or.whiskey bad and on the said cover.whose particular cover pay year month.day and arch obvious co-present key RJ.Authority receive key again to hit.charge he's able seal covered by mention.Teresa he over charge he secured a year.month and day and are two-time day month.your lease up sealed cover dimension.carrying it a discharger just chubby or.receive key idea or attributes.co-present Kakeru P person's name of any.persons to testify testify perceptive as.to the identity of the test fit the Joe.be attached to a turkey identity.testator after agent k identity would.testify korean you're gonna do hey sir.please elaqid a nice so roast about the.Registrar who score sealed cover cookies.mihrab dingy fireproof box a BM longer.paratha whose fireproof box may was CD.cover rug the ajar they sorry entries.correctly next Ithaca section 44 jokey.Barker tides withdrawal of sealed cover.deposited under section 42 I will see.you cover a Gurkha we talked and had.sata2 caperucita roja to the testator.withdraw and naturally I was he'll cover.to the apply personally percept I up my.agent we through registrar go or ever it.is two are satisfied a key applicant.actually.testator aske chanted the votes could.deliver girl thing next important.section is section 45 Toki bass guitar.things on death of depositor I got.deposited to death for jackets the.testator death which are theatres and.deposit Keith Asiata seal cover under.section 42 the application dje that the.star could escape ass was sealed cover.hips and other registrar satisfied reiki.yes test a turkey death okay here tuvo.applicant who presents may whose cover.co open caring honesty bar applicant k.expense paper skisonic contents to here.copy here Changi a book number three.okay Osman Jovi was a particular the.document which Oh is a lickety go.copy CAG a book number three me in case.a girl tasty turkey death who's out.there.okay I must keep active a copy of banana.get a distraught through sky bad would.redeposit curling original Wilco.cackling a redeposit curling original.will go so next important section is.section of 47 yogi basket act time from.which registered documents operate Abby.- Abby aluminum upper layer key Joby.document here once it is executed was.the four months Kandahar must be.registration car annuity a album risky.registration király to register document.corporate caps a oka to section 47 get.ahead registered document up co-operate.ogaki a good job appreciated.registration any car IOT though.cooperative otaku students ever operate.hoga registration get a it's a.cooperative nahi hoga boostin.co-operative ooga-ooga if I talk in.simple language so just in a car.document execute who I wouldn't say hero.operate iboga.not from the date of registration okay.so this is section 47 next section at.the upper important section 49 jockey.bath cat eye effect of non registration.of documents required to be registered.of section 17 mandatory but the attack.list of documents at wok would I just.took and nahi hota a Garapan in a.register karate duska effect capo.section 49 middle KY this memo la di KO.e P document yogi section 17 key.according other registered una here and.other up news could a distant Nanny.Carrie ahead though whoa Kobe immovable.property to be movable properties may.involved a who school effect name.Karenga.Kobe power to adopt confer nahi kreega.or.as an evidence creeper bin nahin liya.jaga 13t no rights octopus in a yogi as.a evidence for Neely attacker authority.to adopt the octopus new yogi or koi be.immovable properties related Kobe right.effectives nahi hoga Pitino cheesy.opcode nahi milega job with awkward.document number 17 section kilvara.mandatory registered our opposite at.distant nahi karate okay.next important section is section a 16.to keep a status certificate of.registration cobalamin or Yahweh Pollard.yehey.after the provision of section 34 35 58.59 as applied to a document which has.been presented for registration a.registry officer Cocker engi a.certificate and all indoor skiing exert.if occurred Cupid a word registered so.certificate pupil word registered in.dolls carrying a registering officer and.together with the number and page of the.book just name was document go copy here.here just document code just be book a.book pages be page paper document copy.hey hey hey whoa or registered indoor.ski as I get certificate coupon who.stood out was certificate my sign home.gay seal hokey date Oggy by the.registering officer and then it shall be.admissible for the purpose of proving.that the document has been duly.registered to manage a document duly.registered to I so this is about section.16 so next important section is section.71 jokey baat karta reasons for refusal.to register to be recorded so we happen.bulaga her except registrar other.refused carajás a coid document except.on the ground cages property could.register new navorski subdistrict may.fall link at the other he grounded he.just property could register on I almost.a district me fall then he cut the air.so that ground is valid it ground kanava.good boy grounded despair is a sub.register refused correct with document.code register can they say the WA hopper.would say a cordon of refusal banana.haahah or estimate of the reasons record.karni hogi or who's too bad whose.document they who say endorse the naga.registration refused.parties key application pay only the.doubt payment unnecessary delay whose.particular reasons key capito ever.before - canoe yogis next important.section is section 72 jokey hockey about.appeal to registrar from orders of sub.registrar refusing registration on.ground other than denial of execution.don't accept chopper refusal Kia GI on.the ground of denial of execution after.the coiba document key execution Eden.ivory tower your gallant figure sub.registrar Ned a few scurvy a document.core the register cannot that is a valid.ground is still our girls are pretty.strongly refused Cordia document code.register car not ova hopper Appy like.Artie hey copper registrar campus okay.skip a tepee like Cathedral just try to.keep as a P like or th and kidney a puke.up like a DQ Chubb job up kiss some.Registrar named Joe order pilot key I.would skip 30 days gender of appeal.garden okay so when you appeal within 30.days though you can know you have the.right to appeal to theta just fart.within 30 days 3 30 days for tiny arms.the king or capsule from the date of the.order was given a layered strata order.the Registrar order car thing or order.get through vote director think a.document college turkey as I or Word.document duly present here got I for.registration within 30 days after the.making of set order those sub registrar.course a obey car nahi hoga and such.registration shall take effect as if the.document had been registered then it was.first you represented for registration.though a koala ki KI Jessie a guy.registrar water palette cut they thinkin.he documented mister hoga though within.30 days Chitina time me within 30 days.of order parroting a sub-region star.shall obey the order to me about they.are the king of register Coco Baker nahi.hoga next section 73 application to.register with some Registrar refuses to.register on ground of denial of.execution so job a separatist I refuse.Canadian document go register karna on.the ground Kiko he person-to-person he.votes the execution he deny kurai.to draw a person claim corrals document.go over within 30 days again yea per.week is no time it within 30 days cat I.named after the meeting of the order of.refusal his Corp like us at their kids.coop like hurrying in registrar Corp.like a.but to which that sublet estar is.subordinate in order to establish key o.queue up like a ring again very document.good register Annika a para addict are a.pulley right here and sub registrar is.called the register name currents such.application shall been writing or ask.Assad a copy of reasons home gauge Oba.section 71 with the egg ahead.next up after section 77 through.important they're so thin case of order.of further fusil by the district a job.the Registrar refused cuz they take is.the document code register can they say.under Section 72 we offered 76 yak away.any person to be claim Kirov's document.Kohanga representative again yeah per.week it's not I mean you have 30 days.but within 30 days Institute Tucker's of.their civil suit chuckles at a civil.suit Institute collective within 30 days.from the from the date of the order of.refusal he can offer view property.located in our case of a quote maitake.civil food Institute cursor thing next.important section 81 81 or 82 Cho have.occupant elytis kibarim about 1581 ki.koi be registration registering officer.Toby's Adkins at a point here yeah boy.the percentage of this may employ jia.jia hey just go duty legal a koi the.document go indoors copy translate here.register cunningly over John boutté.Cusco incorrectly kartha hai after it's.later 30 kisi KO injury cause who those.go kidneys are each ID maximum kitten.edje maximum 7 years keep Anna shman Ted.japhet fine japhet both this is the.punishment here next 82 82 vodka 3rd.penalties for making false statements.delivering false copies or translation.force personation and abatement job.intentionally false statement they.attire.yeah intentionally registering officer.Cooper false copy data Ikey CBE offer.false translation they the ICB document.car yeah false you have nap ok all the.cars ahead yeah fear in subtrees about a.bait car Kaito again same punishment as.your maximum Aki seven years fine or.both the case we have section 82 voltar.next important section after section 83.jokey basket ID registering officers may.commence prosecution a Booya hyperbolic.a key section 83 says he dropped a.registry officers here GOP upper is.particularly at majubi offense ki hajar.high who score Kaminsky odyssic tile.with the permission of whom his key.permission say inspector general he.permission say he offered registrar key.permissions a lawful sub registrar key.permission said just give the territory.memorize so registering officer he.permission say prosecution to do kar.sakthe is at Kendall next important.section is section 84 Choki bobcat IQ.chobe after registering officers in a.public servant managed IRA the Harper.public servant manager under IPC Indian.Penal Code can the manager and every.such person who legally bound on Waquoit.the information furnished can declare to.such registering officer every persimmon.of hurricanes and Beluga industry.officers coil the information furnish.pending Kelly.section 228 of IPC kicker bad credit or.judicial proceeding use gr head for.judicial proceeding moosari proceedings.include caricatures act in the rody.harbor Joe Horry have a prosecution key.proceedings vote judicial proceeding key.category man he commanded a cut section.84 Madeira Kai so next in cotton section.is section 85 which talks about.destruction of unclaimed documents the.operable earlier documents other than.wills remaining unclaimed in any.registration office for a period.exceeding two years may be destroyed the.waste another query document hey Orville.claim nenneke HRA for a period exceeding.two years those alte those are low bay.and initely nahi kiya Chara head Tony.destroy car the another he can't attend.your ki up to two years.kidnap tenure up to two years and.remember other than wills will be a.provision Laguna Utah okay so before I.proceed towards the last section of this.particular presentation in case you are.new to the channel don't forget to.subscribe to the channel don't forget to.give your thumbs up and yes do ping down.your comment in the comment box below.and tell me how is the video so the last.section of the presentation that is.important there section 90 which talks.about.exemption of certain documents executed.by or in favor of government which esse.doc.government kilala execute Hotel yontiff.even execute ordained were exempted here.is at Kenda the boner guy car nothing in.this act shall apply to such documents.over documents consonant document Joby.issue KJ receive kidnapping a test kids.are they by any officer joking a land of.a nuclear settlement as a related hope.landed in UK settlement a record.selected kobe document oh boy the.document from ab jaake issue KJ they.received authenticated chaotic.government could be hostile yoky survey.of Lanza related boy be s a document.jokey periodically file kids are tahira.vinyasa office MIT but Juarez vara we.will sonnet in arm titled easy acuity.documents yoki Grandia assignment so.teenage of government of gaeduara DITA.Thea going to notice occur section 74 76.of the Bombay Land Revenue Code yes re.documents key registration key nahin OTA.they shall not be deemed to be required.to be registered all such documents and.map shall for purpose of section 48 and.49.own a male kakapo registering up corny.register quranic is edwards nahi ho TS.yet oh yeah up keep arched categories.eric here you need to remember these.categories so that was all about in this.video i hope you like this video thank.you so much for watching this meet you.in the next video.

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