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what's going on everybody my name is.alex austin on this formula bring you.guys episode number 19 of craft night.featuring my girlfriend kaylee i just.want to start this episode off by saying.thank you to everybody that's been.tuning in.seriously this serie has been blowing up.on this channel for the last two weeks.and if you guys aren't subscribed please.do yourself a favor and do us a huge one.by subscribing all right it's the big.red button it's down below it's free to.do and you can always change your mind.whenever you want and also guys while.you're at it just drop a like because.the more the series grows the closer i.am to doing this daily i know i've been.saying that a lot but.i promise you guys we are very very.close to doing this daily but anyways.guys we are here in the enchanting room.because we have like a couple projects.that we are currently working on.okay so hey hey how you doing.good all right so we've actually been.grinding some little building projects.off camera and i kind of want to show.you guys what when we look at what we've.been working on.so um actually i kind of went to the end.and i got a bunch of levels so right now.i'm level 70 and the reason for that.is because i want to enchant a bunch of.diamond pickaxes because i really.really need a fortune three pick kaylee.has been mining a ton of quartz off.camera.and i have been actually constructing a.huge long tunnel in the nether which.i'll show you guys later but um let's.see what kind of pickaxes we can get.here so i'm gonna make five diamond.pickaxes we got.five diamond pickaxes i really really.really need fortune three with.efficiency four possibly and on breaking.three that would be the ultimate pickaxe.but i know that's never gonna happen oh.okay hold on efficiency four don't mind.if i do.is that all it gave me all right i'm.gonna have to combine this with some.other pickaxes well let's see here.another efficiency four with i'm.breaking three not bad.come on give me like a fortune bruh give.me a fortune.fortune three bro i enchanted the wrong.pick i wonder if i can combine iron and.diamond together.i don't know i hate that it doesn't show.you all the enchantments it they really.should make it so you can anyway.whatever oh fortune two there we go yes.all right so now i can take this pickaxe.and combine it with another one.and get fortune three silk touch and.efficiency forward there we go these are.some good picks we got here what's going.on here.i wanted a cool pickaxe you can have one.i'm gonna make you one here come on.let's go everything i do is for you you.know that right let's go down to the.craft station where we're gonna make a.nice juicy pickaxe all right i'm just.gonna grab all the ones that i got here.guys look at how many diamond pickaxes i.have in my inventory right now oh.i have two more oh okay hand them over.okay so i don't know if i'm being.wasteful or not guys.but i have a lot of pickaxes as you can.obviously tell all right.oh caz that's a rip from kaz let's.combine some picks here so.i want to get fortune three so this.one's fortune two i know i had another.one that fortune two on it yeah right.here.too expensive wait what do you mean it's.too expensive.it literally says too expensive it won't.even tell me how many levels.i must be doing something wrong because.i'm trying to combine these pickaxes but.it won't let me.why can't i combine them i don't.understand yeah guys i'm gonna be honest.i think i just realized i wasted all.these pickaxes because i literally could.have disenchanted them.you know what i realized i think the.pickaxes have to be fresh.yeah they do okay yeah okay wait there's.an efficiency five.wait what hold up you mean to tell me i.can get an efficiency five pickaxe right.now with i'm breaking three.you know what we need another fortune.two pickaxe i'm gonna go get one we need.a fresh one.setting craft oh my god i'm such a bot.i'm such a bot i could have had an.efficiency for.fortune three on breaking three had i.just put this on my diamond pick you.gotta be kidding me.oh that really hurts that really hurts.a few moments later please help me.another fortune dude no way i just made.this pickaxe bro.i just won fortune three for the diamond.one guaranteed please.what is it gonna take all right it says.i'm breaking three i'm just gonna send.it.of course i don't get it dude my luck is.terrible actually you know what we could.still use the iron pickaxe for fortune.that's fine i kind of just wish it was.diamond though it is what it is.i have all these diamond pickaxes i.could obviously disenchant them but i.don't have any more levels and i don't.feel like going all the way back to the.end so i'm just gonna have to make one.of these work.all right hold on do i have any fortune.two i know we had another pickaxe with.fortune two didn't we yeah.yeah so how many diamonds 35.diamonds or 35 levels to repair it oh.this pickaxe is kind of goated.efficiency five.silk touch and unbreaking three can i.combine iron with diamond no i don't.think you can.i'm just gonna take this pickaxe i'm.gonna rename it too i'm gonna rename it.to subscribe.every minecraft youtuber has this.pickaxe it's only appropriate that i.have it too.there it is man i wish this pickaxe was.on my diamond.i'm so mad at myself anyways by the way.you guys don't know about what's going.on down here.wait first off i just want to test.efficiency 5..oh yeah that is the sauce anyways so.right down here guys.obviously we're going to cover up this.ceiling area none of this is finished.but.we are going to make our villager.trading hall down here because we're.kind of lacking on enchantments as you.guys can obviously tell i just wasted.all these pickaxes making this but we.really want to get some villagers so we.can actually get some books and you know.things like that so we can have better.tools to make better builds.but um yeah here you can actually place.the quartz blocks down so we're actually.gonna have to mine this thing.way deeper down and just make like a.massive trading hall here because we.want to have a lot of villagers that's.the plan.kaylee is setting out all these quartz.blocks right now because since now that.i have a fortune three pickaxe we.actually have two of them so we can get.quartz.pretty nicely pretty easily i wonder if.i can combine more of these pickaxes.hold on let me let me try something here.oh this pickaxe is pretty goated too i.like this one oh yeah we got a lot of.quartz.cayley mined all of this stuff all right.so as you guys can see over here.kaylee basically mined all of this.quartz blocks.okay because the goal was to mine all of.this and then convert it with the.fortune three pickaxes but unfortunately.we couldn't get a diamond one so instead.we're gonna have to use two iron ones i.don't even know how long this would last.us but i guess we're gonna have to make.it work so i just dropped you one i'm.gonna use this one oh here keep this.diamond pickaxe it's really good all.right so now we literally just gotta.mine all of this quartz.and see how many we end up with.hopefully a lot this would be a lot.nicer if we had a diamond fortune 3.pickaxe with efficiency 5..we got to start getting these villagers.guys that's going to be our next mission.because once we do that.it's game over we're going to have the.best tools in the game best armor it's.going to be nice.you can do this with diamonds too like.if you get the silk touch with the.diamonds and then you bring them back.here and just do this with fortune three.we have a lot of diamonds oh you also.get levels doing this i just remembered.oh my gosh i've gone up like 12 levels.you know for an iron pickaxe it's not.even that bad gets the job done pretty.quick.all right oh yeah we got a ton here i.wanna go to a chest and see how many we.have together oh yeah let's go up.oh yeah that is a lot of quartz right.there nice.actually you know what we should save a.stack so we can make like dispensers and.things like that and then convert the.rest so i think we have like five.blocks five stacks of course oh my god.that's eight.yeah that's the problem that's why i.really wanted fortune three because.it's really hard to get quartz getting.quartz is a grind.i worked so hard to get that the next.thing that i want to show you guys was.this big.tunnel that i'm working on in the nether.right now so we actually want to.completely rework our portal and turn it.into kind of like a mini nether base.type thing nothing too crazy but over.here i am working.on a long tunnel that's gonna be.basically a way to.what oh no no no don't make the baby mad.anyway.i wanna make a long tunnel here if you.fill this middle row with ice.and you put a boat on top of it it'll.literally take us all the way to spawn.in like less than a minute and if you.guys don't know we're literally like a.thousand blocks.in the nether away from spawn where all.the shops are at so this is the next.project that i'm working on right now.i'm already like maybe three quarters of.the way done with this thing i kind of.just been doing it off camera because i.don't know if you guys want to see.stuff like that but having this.efficiency 5 pickaxe is going to make my.job.way easier so that's what i'm going to.try to do next here.oh that is scary lava the thing about.working in the nether it's very easy to.die.so you always got to be careful so it.might take me extra long just to finish.this tunnel but as you guys can.oh gosh oh gosh yep see that's why the.nether is dangerous right there you just.never know when lava is going to fall on.top of your head.just keep pining just keep mining just.keep pining think about this before.today.i had no idea efficiency 5 was a thing.like i need to really step up my.enchantment game but yeah guys i'm like.not even close to being done this thing.i only.so far have the bottom platform like.eventually this is supposed to be like a.huge tunnel and it's just going to be so.long and it's going to take me forever.to do so.i might have to grind this off camera.for you guys let me know if you want to.see more like.grinding stuff i guess i don't really.know how to explain it but if you guys.are into that let me know in the.comments down below.i feel like we should make like a giant.tunnel system in the nether that.connects to everybody's bases i think.that would be a pretty cool idea to do.not sure how everybody else on the.server would feel about it but i mean.hey that'd be pretty cool because we all.live like tens of thousands of blocks.away from each other so this would be a.nice method of transportation.wait what do they do oh wait what.they have two different noises they're.like oh are they like.great.wait who the pigs are you record no no.you know what i'm talking about wait do.it again no.why you know what noises.all right anyways guys so right here i.am.currently at i was recording that the.whole time.anyways guys so right now i'm in tico's.kind of area thingy i don't really know.i think that goes to a shop.but over here this is actually the.portal to go to spawn.and i actually made a tunnel that.connects all the way.here let me just show you guys so this.tunnel right here if you just follow.this thing.all the way straight down and take a.right you will get straight to our base.like you will go right to our nether.portal i basically connected this thing.this thing alone so far has taken me.over 3 000 blocks to make like this was.a grind like i'm not even kidding so.anyways you go through this.it takes you to let me just show you.guys whatever you know it's better to.show you them to explain it so this over.here obviously takes you to spawn.tico's op shot follow portal you know.what we're gonna have to rename this.portal.because right now it's gonna be a.community portal okay.it's not just for tico i don't know why.he thought it was okay to just claim the.spawn portal.if there's a way for me to connect my.own let me know because i haven't.figured that out i gotta go to tico's.shop because.he and i actually have a deal that we.made behind the scenes.all right so you guys probably know that.me and kaylee do not have elytra.or any rockets of course and tico told.me that if i wanted to get elytra.myself i would have to travel in the end.for like four.hours with elytra okay because i'm.pretty sure he like found all of them or.whatever.so i'm pretty much forced to buy it from.him and he made a deal with me that i.could pay.160 diamonds for two elytras.and eight stacks or six stacks of.rockets i feel like i'm getting ripped.off.personally but i have no choice cause i.don't know where else i'm gonna get all.that stuff so.here's elytra i'm buying it i don't have.the diamonds to pay him at the moment so.i'm gonna have to wait until i do to pay.my debt.so um yeah i'm just gonna collect some.rockets got two elytras one for me one.for kaylee.tico said we get four stacks of power.three rockets.uh that's it this kid drives such a hard.bargain i don't know what i'm gonna do.with them anyways let's see what books.we got here because.oh man they're 10 his shop is so.overpriced yeah that's why it's called.op.yeah this place is just not fair i'm.going to keep it real with you guys.anyways i got 60 levels i gotta enchant.a lot of stuff.actually can you enchant elytra i think.you can would you like to see what i.brought home.i do actually oh okay okay.hold on hold on there's more what else.you got oh okay.she's been grinding let's go yeah we can.turn all that into blocks that's gonna.be sick.guess what i got you a little something.got you a little gift.a very expensive gift yes we could fly.now.all right oh you can't wear a shirt no.you can't.the wings look kind of good on you.though i like it you look like a moth.oh thanks we gotta figure out how to use.this.uh this is gonna be very dangerous your.fit looks so funny.yeah this fit actually kind of goes hard.though i like it you know we should.probably put some away.here put in the tnt i'm gonna i'm only.gonna carry one stack with me all right.so over here i got myself a grindstone.i'm pretty sure you can disenchant stuff.with it so we're gonna give this thing a.try let me make a fresh.brand new diamond shovel i need to get a.ton.a ton of glass for this next project.that i'm doing in the nether so that.long tunnel that i made.it requires a lot of windows and ice.blocks which is the only thing left that.i have to do before it's fully.functional.so once i get that on the way we should.be able to get to spawn.super quickly like way faster than even.flying with a lytra i believe.all right let's see what kind of shovels.we can get here i'm level 60. i'm.breaking three shovel.efficiency four and i'm breaking three i.think we could do better than that.oh efficiency five on breaking three.shovel that's not bad.it's not bad at all i mean what other.shovel enchantments do i really need.though you know i got a good shovel do.you need a shovel because i have a good.one.here yeah this is my shovel thank you.for that yup you're welcome you want to.go test out the elytra.yeah i'm actually so terrified we should.definitely practice this.probably in the ocean we'll go at the.same time ready three.two one go.whoa yo these are insane.where'd you go where are you oh i see.you hey.yo this is so lit i don't want to waste.the rockets though but this is super.cool.this is so much faster than walking.obviously but this is insane.this is fun i feel like you can get.around so fast with this.why didn't we take this before we needed.this because we were broke.yeah we were kind of broke we're kind of.still broke to be honest but.it's all good i could easily fly to the.new biome yeah here it is i think.wow all right the rockets i feel like.i'm gonna waste so many of these but.yeah here's the new biome.not too far flying distance from our.base really nice anyways i got to get a.ton of sand.and ice blocks oh i found a nice little.desert i was looking for a desert for so.long well sweet now i can get pretty.much infinite sand oh yeah efficiency 5.shovel.definitely the way to go all right here.we go we're just going to get a ton of.sand.probably going to get a full inventory's.worth of it so i don't have to do this.in the future i might actually just have.to spend a day and just grind getting.[Music].materials.[Music].i think we got enough sand for the time.being we're doing pretty good out here.guys.let me just explore around this desert.maybe see if there's like a pyramid or.something like a cool.naturally spawn building man i'm gonna.get addicted to flying around with this.thing.i'm gonna be honest here we go we got a.village here okay.not bad wait how do i land hold up okay.there we go it's a cool looking village.hello villagers don't mind me just gonna.take all your stuff nothing to see here.boys we got another village here.okay oh and a ravine i might have to.make a creeper farm to be honest guys.because rockets they're.very let's just say they run out very.fast.you want to see all the sand that i just.got wow.take a look at that that's a lot of sand.not bad huh so.the thing is though we gotta cook all of.it all right guys so i'm back at the.base right now i really wanna start.working on an ice farm because.we are gonna need to use that ice to.travel throughout the nether but while i.do that.kaylee is actually gonna go get some.more trees or wood or whatever because i.pretty much used it to get all the.materials that i need for this farm i.actually looked up a really good.tutorial that i'm going to be using to.make this ice farm.by uh crew production so shout out to.him and uh yeah here we go so let me.make you a good axe i don't know why.i love including the enchantings in the.videos because it just excites me.because you never know what you're gonna.get like let's be honest so wait i get.on breaking three what do you get when.you put the axe in.it just says efficiency three oh yikes.that's kind of trash all right yeah give.me the axe back i'm gonna make you a.really good axe hopefully it's not just.on breaking three.oh efficiency four i'm breaking three.perfect here you go so while kaylee gets.wood i'm gonna go.find a good spot to make this ice farm.pretty sure i'm supposed to make it.obviously in the ice biome so i'm just.going to fly around probably.somewhere away from our base because i.don't want to make too many farms or.anything around our nasa.calyx calex whatever space center i kind.of want to make my farm.away from you know this area because it.is kind of an ugly farm to be honest but.it's all good.eventually i want to make like a huge.portal system in.the nether that like basically leads me.to all of our farm ooh i like this spot.hold on did somebody put something on.top of our base what is that.there's a sign there's a sign on top of.our base again dear fumula.sorry for breaking i gave you something.at sha.oh it was jordan i random he broke uh.sea lantern.oh okay what a nice guy you know i would.really appreciate if you would stop.leaving signs on the top of our base.that's all right jordan's a good guy.i'm really indecisive of where i want to.build this thing you know what i'm going.to do it away.way away from our base i think this is.enough space over here all right so we.got to start off with a 6 by 17.layer okay all right so for this next.step basically just going to put a bunch.of rails because we're going to have a.mine car.going to be honest not even sure what.the minecart's supposed to be doing but.all i know is that i got to make this.farm happen alright.and just like that almost there this is.actually one of the easier farms that.i've ever built i think the guardian.farm has to be the hardest one i've ever.done so far all right then for this side.we gotta power the rails so if i do this.this and then place this all the way.here.this should be enough power to keep the.minecart going all the way around the.track i believe.actually i think i'm supposed to even.include more power rails on the end over.here.just so it can go a little bit faster.give it that extra boost to collect.all right so let's test out the minecart.rail give it a nice little nudge.i feel like that was not enough power.kind of slow.maybe has to go all the way around first.come on my car go push.there we go oh yeah now it's going.really fast perfect.all right i like that i might have to.make like a roller coaster or something.all right so now i pretty much just.gotta add pistons that go.all the way through i'm pretty sure.they're all supposed to face up as well.oh man this is gonna be so hard without.being in creative mode got the pistons.lined up so i'm pretty sure every time.the minecart passes this by.the pistons they should activate yeah.there it goes.so what this is gonna do the pistons are.pretty much just gonna push the.ice up so pretty much the ice is gonna.be one.giant like skyscraper as you guys can.see right there so once i'm gonna line.up all these pistons it's gonna look.really nice.hopefully it works all right now i just.gotta cover this entire thing with.pistons.okay all right this minecart is kind of.making this process.really annoying i have no idea how much.lag this is gonna cause in the server.the server's already laggy as it is so.hopefully i don't make it worse by.making this happen.but hey i need to get my ice so i can.travel in another all right hello.what's going on just doing some.construction here no big deal nothing to.see here.all right now all we got to do is just.fill up this entire trench with water.because all this water is going to be.converted into ice.the whole point of this farm by the way.guys is so i don't have to individually.go out on the ocean shoreline and have.to mine all that ice because that's.gonna be annoying because one you gotta.walk through all the water.and two come on bro farms are so cool.like you can just stand in one spot and.it does all the work for you you can.literally afk it well this farm is not a.total afk farm by the way.you kind of have to do a little bit of.work when it comes to mining the ice but.it's all gonna be in one place so it's.gonna be pretty easy.all right so now i gotta stop all these.blocks from freezing and the only way to.do that is by placing even more pistons.on the edge here.gotta line this up with pistons because.once you have a block over water i don't.think it's allowed to freeze anymore.nice all right that should look good so.all these blocks right here will be.converted to ice.these pistons will push the ice onto.here and then it gets pushed up.over up over up over it's gonna look.really cool once it's done trust me all.right now comes in the redstone which.guys i have no idea how red well i.understand some basic redstone stuff but.when it comes to stuff like powering.farms.and like this stuff right here like the.ticks and whatnot like i don't.understand any of that so.if you guys have a simple guide please.leave me in the comments or something.like give me some tips on redstone i.would really appreciate that so redstone.torch there redstone torch there and now.it should be fully powered all i gotta.do is just start the rail i believe.all right guys well i think this thing.is done i fully powered it have no idea.how this thing operates.it should be good to go okay shout out.to crew productions once again for this.amazing tutorial yeah let's try to get.this bad boy running let's see how this.thing works okay got the.mine cart gotta give it a nice push.somewhere hold on all right please tell.me i didn't mess this up.we're gonna see if this thing actually.works oh there we go we got the ice.hey it's working i wonder how long this.thing would take.for me to get like a a lot of ice the.ice is freezing it's just gonna take a.while for it to do that i hope i built.this correctly.if not we're gonna have a problem huh.something's telling me i did not do this.correctly.i don't know why this isn't working all.right hold on something with this farm.is not working.i'm so confused i got scammed i mean.it's slowly working.i thought it would be a lot faster than.this alright guys so it's been about.like five minutes or so.and we already have this much ice which.isn't bad.i just thought it would be a lot faster.to be honest i did not think it would.take this long maybe the problem is the.minecart is going a little too fast and.the source blocks cannot turn.into ice in time i don't know if that's.the problem maybe i need less of the.powered rails i don't know.i kind of wish it was faster to be.honest it's moving a little bit slow you.know what i'm gonna get rid of some of.these power rails i think that might be.it.because the problem i'm having is the.ice is just not freezing fast enough.like maybe one or two blocks will freeze.and then it'll get pushed out but the.other ones basically have to reset.every single time maybe the minecart.just has to go slow i don't know we'll.see.yeah i don't know how long this is gonna.take guys i'm gonna be honest i might.have to afk overnight and there might be.like a giant ice tower.also what is the point of all these.actually i think pistons have a height.limit of like 12 or something so maybe.it'll eventually go on to the second row.and so on.i might have to afk this thing overnight.i don't know at least we'll have some.ice.i'm just gonna get ice the old-fashioned.way for now kind of made a mess yikes.yeah i don't really want to damage the.terrain around where i live so.i'm just gonna have to fill this back up.unfortunately.are you good no no no no i'm gonna die.i'm gonna die i'm dying i'm dying.baby won't work what happened.you died with the armor yes babe.baby how could you die with all that.armor no.it wouldn't let me build or anything.wait you died with the goated diamond.pickaxe too didn't you.and wait did you have the elytra no okay.thank god.that wasn't a very expensive elytra it's.done i'm here.everything's burnt everything's gone yes.everything how many diamonds did you.have on you.six oh that is unfortunate it's okay.we'll just have to get you a new set of.armor it's gonna be a grind.all right so over here we got the nether.tunnel system thing that.leads us all the way into spawn kind of.remember what i'm supposed to do with.this.i think i'm just supposed to put glass.panes all along the wall.alright so i literally think all i got.to do is just literally just go a.thousand blocks deep with these panels.pretty simple enough i got to do this on.both sides and then add an ice block.every other block and we should have a.very very fast tunnel.kind of like how elon musk is building.if you guys know what i'm talking about.one of those speed tunnels.that's what we're working on right now.this will literally get me all the way.to spawn.faster than elytra i'm pretty sure.hopefully if not then i wasted a lot of.time building this oh whoops anyways i.will update you guys once this is fully.done.okay guys so over here we have the.tunnel it's not completely done yet i.still have to load the entire middle.with packed ice.i also got to light it up and i also.have to make a ceiling for it which is.going to be a huge process that i'm.probably going to do off a camera so.i think this is going to be my first.time ever doing this and demonstrating.to see what this will actually.simulate so if i just do packed ice.every other block.i'm pretty sure there's blue ice and.this kind of ice i don't know if it.matters which kind you should use.but i don't want to go too fast in this.tunnel because eventually it would be.nice to have like intersections that.lead to kaz's base.randoms ducky you know just to.everyone's bases but basically.we own the tunnels all right we're going.to call this calyx or calex.i think that's the name we decided to go.with calex express tunnels.i'm not too sure let me know if you guys.have a really cool interesting name for.that or just the calyx.express yeah calex express i like that.but if you guys have a better name.suggestion feel free to leave a comment.down below but um i'm pretty much just.gonna layer a bunch of ice here as you.can see it's kind of dark.and mob spawn in it so yeah definitely.gonna have to light this place up a bit.and also gonna have to add a ceiling.because if you notice in parts like this.right here.a lot of mobs tend to fall in this place.can kind of get especially annoying.because.if you're going on a boat and you're.going like a thousand miles an hour down.this road.a mob hits you once you you got to start.from scratch so i want to prevent that.as much as i can.i got to afk overnight so my ice machine.can make me some more cubes i'm going to.need like at least a thousand cubes just.to.do this entire tunnel and it's also.going to be such a long process to.finish.this thing but it's gonna be so worth it.because it's easy access to spawn and.anybody that wants to use it.you know what maybe they can give us.like a discount on their shops.or maybe they can you know pay us to use.this actually i think that's a good idea.people should pay to use our tunnel one.diamond per red.or just like a one yeah or like a season.pass maybe like uh you know if you give.us a like.if you give us 10 diamonds a month you.get to use this tunnel and i'll even.build it going into their base.i don't know i think that sounds like a.pretty good idea what do you guys think.that's a really good idea anyways guys.here we go.the ultimate test let's see if this.works i don't even know how to.do this but okay we get in the boat then.we just paddle away oh.yo wait did i do something wrong here.do the torches melt the ice oh they do.oh no wait what i thought torches don't.melt packed ice.i don't know how we're gonna be able to.light this thing maybe with soul torches.but i mean you guys get the idea it.works.you know i'll i'll try to look up some.different lighting alternatives i mean.hey.it's moving pretty fast that kind of.sucks that i can't light it up i don't.know i'll figure it out maybe you soul.torches and also it's kind of annoying.because this is like a problem you see.what i mean i can't get through him he.blocks me so i'm definitely gonna have.to close off the tunnel it's gonna be.wow it's gonna be a mission.to say the least but it's worth it cause.i mean if anybody else wants it they.gotta pay me 10 diamonds a month.i think that's a reasonable price you.know what i i feel like 20 diamonds a.month is.nah you know what yeah 20 diamonds a.month i think that's so reasonable.because think about it this took me so.long to do and i'm still not even.halfway done i think it's probably time.i head back.see what kaylee's up to also i kind of.want to make like a mini nether base.here.i think we might have to do that very.soon because i want to start using the.nether a lot more you guys know we got.our farm down there we also got the ice.machine which is another farm.like we got to start making tunnels.going to all these places so we.definitely got to start making like a.hub or some kind of.technology base here i don't know if you.guys have any cool ideas for that.definitely let us know we love reading.the comments seriously like the comment.section on the minecraft videos oh gosh.that just scared me the comment section.on the minecraft videos is one of my.favorite places ever because you guys.just give us so many good tips.so many amazing ideas thank you.seriously everyone that leaves.suggestions.even if you just watch the videos it.really means the world to us you don't.have to contribute if you don't want to.it's okay you're contributing just by.being here.what's going on i see what i got yeah.what you got one diamond that's it.oh pick that up oh wait you did not mind.a stack of diamonds.i swear what all right you know what.from now on.you're the diamond queen all right you.do all the mining.and i just do nothing i sleep in this.bed.yeah i spend it all right well anyways.guys i think this is gonna be a really.good place to end off the video.next episode is gonna be an amazing one.i'm super excited because we got a lot.of things to share with you guys.i hope you guys all enjoyed as always.don't forget to drop a like subscribe to.the minecraft channel if you guys are.new.we are on the road to 1 million.subscribers on this channel thank you so.much to everybody that's been tuning in.why is my head invisible oh because your.name tag is blocking it.also if you guys want to go check out.kaylee on instagram her link is down.below in the description thank you guys.so much for tuning in we love you guys.thadanya.[Music].you.

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