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How to leverage The Jdf 1111 2013 2019 Form ?

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came to D'Amato and.on top of the model stand you see there.you see the Japanese red and singing a.rondell logo there and then you see that.life's little customized plaque there.you see the Japanese and scripted.writing to Japan flag decal that you're.paying title the aircraft type is.one-to-one 200 scale model information.on that customized plaque and that is.the top of the model stand here's an.element surprise everyone I guess.there's mostly on the triple 7 models.that you see the gear replacement door.you see in this plastic bag each into.two little toothpicks please stay tuned.as I go into detail for the purpose of.these gear replacements on this.particular model all right now with all.that information about the history of.the JASDF Japan Air self-defense force.and how they came about Brown at the end.of World War two all the details on this.box here as well as the metal mile.stander came tomorrow and the element of.surprise which are the gear replacement.doors inside of the gear replacement.door plastic bag with no further ado.everyone here is the model check it out.there it is air one the in-flight.commemorative Japan Air self-defense.force Boeing triple7 dad's thrill new.fiar better known as the new Japanese.air force one and A one two hundred.scale.all right before going to details about.this particular allow me to share some.information about the Japan Air.self-defense force Boeing triple7 tests.around ER that's gonna be the official.government aircraft VIP aircraft okay.back in 2013 the Japanese government and.the Ministry of Defense was looking at.an alternative aircraft to replace their.pair of Boeing 747s 400 VIP jet liners.as the choices were narrowed down to.three the Boeing 787 to Airbus a350 and.the Boeing triple7 bathroom to ER but.after careful consideration of which.aircraft were replaced a pair of VI.people in 747 danced for hundreds it was.officially confirmed on August 13 2014.that the Ministry of Defense favored the.Boeing triple7.during the ER for the sole purpose of.operating an aircraft with worldwide.range.operating capability similar to the.Boeing 747 - 400 as the Boeing triple7 -.around the ER will officially become the.next exclusive Japanese government.aircraft that will ultimately replace.the Boeing 747 - 400 and which the.Boeing triple7 danced around the ER VIP.jet liners are scheduled to enter the.fleet of the Japan Air self-defense.force sometime in the first quarter of.2008 19 these aircraft will be operated.strictly by the Japan Air self-defense.force as an a on the pond Airways has.been selected as the maintenance.provider for these aircraft okay so with.all that information out way how this.aircraft is coming in part of the.Japanese government the VIP strictly.operating with no further ado let's get.down to the nitty-gritty and let me show.you all the details on this aircraft.let's check it out.all right we're gonna start at the front.- aircraft here on the port / left side.where you see the nice little realistic.nose gears right here the nose gear.struts the nose gear landing doors you.see the Peter tooth and the static ports.what-have-you you see the nose cone the.cockpit windows as well as the.windshield wipers and they're more.important you see the nice little red.and gold cheat line that goes across.this aircraft check this out.also ain't that beautiful all right okay.now let's talk about the Japanese and.scripted writing that's displayed on the.right front of the aircraft which is.this right here the Japanese the.scripted right you see literally means.the state of Japan in the Japanese.language that's what that Japanese is.scripted right means the state of Japan.and then you see the Japanese flag decal.displayed here.this flag decal represents the country.with you with the Japan Air self-defense.force currently operates from as the.government state-owned carrier for the.emperor the Prime Minister and other.high-ranking officials of the Japanese.government you can also see the the.little the rondell logo on here and I'll.show you all that momentarily a little.red dot there I'll show y'all that more.maturely okay then you see the Japan.Times right there as well not even gonna.have to add the wingtip here where you.see the inboard landing like right there.and got in and Judah makes it more.killing and realistic all right we still.in the port side the aircraft what you.see there's these big massive engines.here on the port side with all the.details here on the engine cowling.featuring the engine cones right there.which look more realistic there as well.these are the General Electric GE 90 -.115 B engines that are used on this.particular and exclusive Japan Air.self-defense force VIP Boeing triple7 -.has three on the ER jetliner aircraft.now I'm gonna turn the turn this model.round which you see the front of the.engines and the turbofan planes to spin.let's check it out now you look at the.front the engines here on the port side.we see the engine strikes right there as.I mentioned the turbo fan blades do spin.let's check it out.awesome okay awesome all right and then.you see the inboard landing lights right.down the edge of the wings hit up there.as well as the front visual view of the.triple landing bogey years here on the.port side you see the landing your.struts as well as the landing gear doors.now you look at the front of the engines.here on the starboard side featuring the.inter strikes over here and the turbo.fan blades bent over here as well.perfect and easy to m'boy landing light.here on the starboard side as well as.the front vision view of the triple.bogie landing gears here on the.starboard side featuring the landing.gear struts as well as landing gear.doors.now you guys defraud the aircraft we got.a better great visual view of the.cockpit windows the windshield wipers.the nose cone the nose gear door as well.as the nose gear landing lights inside.the nose to your door right in there the.nose just struts as well as the nose.gears 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gonna have to below the.Japanese inscript arrival which I.mentioned me Japanese air Self Defense.Force that is the registration ship.number in 509 B.registration ship number n 509 BJ this.aircraft is the first of two Boeing.triple7 - during the ER a VIP jetliners.that the ministry of defense order in.2014 and the first test flight on this.aircraft took place on July 29th 2016.then this aircraft was flown to an.aircraft paint facility in st. burn st..Bernardino California shortly thereafter.well girls painting and his brand-new.anti-nuclear flats white coat livers.came you seeds painting on the aircraft.which features the red swooped cheatin.line damn was ferried to Basel.Switzerland for cabin outfitting.purposes on October 12 2016 and at the.time of this video review posted this.aircraft has yet to be delivered and.it's scheduled to begin operate in the.fleet of the JASDF - Japan Air.self-defense force sometime in the first.quarter of 2009 teen 90 meant to tell.him that aircraft we see is the red.rondell insignia that's displayed on the.tail fin the aircraft you see here and.this red rundown insignia is actually.called the Hinomaru.and the circle of the Sun as the.familiar red disc embodies the country's.sobriquet the Land of the Rising Sun as.this insignia can also be seen on the.country's flag I'm gonna show you that.as I've showed you earlier there as well.as on the wings of the aircraft check it.out there.there and underneath the wings of the.aircraft as well check it out there as.the rondell is shown on the underneath.the wings on the other side of the.aircraft check it out there there you.have it all right we stay at the back of.aircraft here on the port side where you.see the APU exhaust hole right here and.above the APU exhaust hole that is the.strobe light right there okay.as well as the entire aircraft from the.rear view angle check it out there it is.Japan Air self-defense force but when.triple 7-3 on the ER VIP the brand-new.Japanese Air Force One from the rear.view angle.now you're going to front the aircraft.here on the starboard side where you see.the nose gears the nose gear struts the.nose gear landing doors you see the.pitot tubes in a static port see the.nose cone the cockpit windows the.windshield wipers the front cargo.containing loading door right there as.well as the red and gold cheek line that.goes across this fuselage here which is.very impressive awesome.as well as the Japanese descriptive.writing which means the state of Japan.the Japanese flag decal and the Japan.titles 99 to master GE 91 15 beat him.just wants to get here on the starboard.side field a little detailed information.here on the engine column there as well.as the engine cones as well as the.realistic landing triple bowing gears.here on starboard side you see the.landing gear struts as well as the.landing gear doors not anything that the.right wing tips on the starboard side.featuring the green navigation light on.the edge of the r8 wing tip as well as a.straw pipe on the other side at the.right wing tip as well tonight looking.at the back to the aircraft here with.the nice little rig go cheat line across.there you see the rear cargo container.loading door right here.the aft bulk bin door here the.registration shipping them as well as.the Japanese and scripted writing which.means Japan Air self-defense force as.well as the red rondell insignia that's.displayed on the tail fin of the.aircraft now before I show you the area.of bird's eye view this aircraft model.here as well as the undercarriage belly.view this aircraft model full detail.I'll let you check out one feature which.is the rolling heute which is definitely.great check it out see there you'll see.it also tilts perfect as well as nose.gear that swivels there there and there.so with no further ado allow me to show.you the area your bird's-eye view of.this aircraft.let's check it out nine minutes aircraft.from the aerial Paris I've gonna start.at the front here we see the nose cone.the windshield wipers to cockpit windows.you see the anti-collision beacon light.right there you see the satellite.communications antenna there you see the.japan titles as well as the script the.japanese writing which means the state.of japan as well as the flag decal right.down both sides a couple antennas there.you see the Wi-Fi box antenna the ADF.antenna.and then another high-frequency Wi-Fi.box antenna there couple more antennas.and then there's the horizontal.stabilizers the tail the vertical.stabilizer sorry about that.and they even add the horizontal.stabilizers there as well as over here.you see the little two little dots on.the edge of the horizontal stabilizers.there as well as over here those are the.illuminated lights that light up this.tail here when it flies to a night time.now let's check out the wings every one.you see the wing walkway right there the.GE 91 15b engine featuring the indus.tripes as well as the flaps slats at.around spoilers what have you the red.and signal rondell logo you see the.warning information on the wings they're.filled done valve and the right wing tip.let's check out this side here got the.wing walkway over here you got the.engines over here to GE 91 15 P engines.hear the engines strike see the one.information on the eight in the wings.there as well as the flaps laps it.around spoilers what have you see the.Japan tighter as we have the red rondell.insignia on this side here as well the.fuel dump valve as well as the rave wing.tip on this side of the aircraft.99 to undercarriage belly view this.aircraft we see is mostly in white and.some kind of light blue there we gonna.start the front here the nose cone and a.little deal there I have no idea with.Daddy agency to close nose gear door as.well as the open nose gear door in the.nose gear then you come up this way.pressure leave out there this is like.well painted there the end flight 200.decal the anti-collision beacon light.right there into the belly another.antenna the whole word stand goes in.that then you come over this way cut.more high frequency antennas and the.press and relieve out there the APU.housing doors as well as the horizontal.stabilizers underneath now let's check.out the gears here and that years do.tilt which is impressive see they're.perfect and then you see the engines.there which are very detailed as well as.the flaps slats in Iran spoilers see.that signal red insignia around their.logo there fuel dump valve and the right.wing too and let's check out this eye.here.check out the gears over here the gears.over here will tilt as well perfect.you see the engines there as well as the.flap slats in Iran spoilers when have.you read and seen you around a logo the.field dunk valve right there as well as.raking me tip on the side of the.aircraft.now since I'll show you the air your.bird's-eye view this aircraft model as.well as the undercarriage ability of.this aircraft on a full detail now I'm.gonna put on a nice little metal model.stand that came with the model you see.over there to the left with no fur do.here is the model understand check it.out.okay fine got this my understand it's.holding up pretty good so far you see it.smile being displayed in the takeoff and.landing position with the model and.stand on the port side now you're.looking at the front of the aircraft in.the takeoff landing position I don't.know why the on these in flag models.they the kind they don't stand still.move straight but it is what it is but.you see in being displayed in the.takeoff landing position here on the.front of the aircraft that the model.understand all the wings flexing they're.on point and you see in his mild being.displayed in the takeoff landing.position with the model understand you.see any view on the starboard side nice.and is mild being displayed from the.tail cam angle with the motto.understanding I don't know why is on.certainty in flight Milo's they don't.never keep them tilted straight he.always got to Kerr it off in a different.angle that's just a way to you know.fight mile stands are but it is what it.is all right okay before I take this.modest and I got in this position for a.reason and the reason is I'm gonna go.ahead the magnetic years on this.airframe and take them off start with.the nose gear right here first.they're the gears here on the port side.there as well as the gears on the.starboard side there now since I got all.the gears off this model I'm let you see.this mama at a different angle in flight.mode without the gears check it out.nice seeing the smile being displayed.without the gears in flight mode.position now you got wanted to option.how you want to display your mouth from.this point on if you want continue to.play like this that's fine that's one.option.CDs gear replacement doors inside this.plastic bag it I showed you earlier.that's the purpose of these gear.replacement.is to substitute your gears while you.display your model in fight mode.position as you see here or you can do.the other option I recommend keep the.gears on air in the gear down position.gears up gears down your choice I choose.to keep my arms on it because adds more.value to the model so with that said I'm.going to even put these gears on this.barn and take this model to stand and go.ahead and wrap up this Maori few all.right now the same configuration sad to.tell you folks at the time this viewer.review posts in the cabinet layout.configuration on this aircraft remains.unknown.it has not been that information has not.been revealed to the general public yet.I guess the only village some time once.they get it but with that said this will.pretty much conclude the mile review I.like to know if you got this model or.you plan on getting this model are you.getting 2 JC wings version 2 JC Queen.virgin just came out as well and at the.time this video post the only outside.chance of getting this particular model.is on ebay this desk airs in and came.out yet and everybody hard with this.model ok so with that said please rate.subscribe leave comments and suggestions.and I know you got any more question.concerning this model or any other model.you might be interested in so with that.said take care god bless stay tuned.there's more model content coming peace.

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