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Key Elements of Writing the Action Planning Recovery Form

[Music].hi I'm Mary Ellen Copeland in this video.series I along with a group of others.will tell you how to develop a wellness.recovery action plan or rap rap is a.tool for dealing with and recovering.from all kinds of mental health issues.including addictions of all kinds.addictions to drugs alcohol food and.even smoking rap can be used by anyone.at all you don't need a diagnosis to.develop and use a rap it can be easily.used by people of all ages and abilities.people from all kinds of backgrounds I.have used it as a guide to living ever.since it was developed by a group of.people back in 1997 people who were at.that time experiencing all kinds of.difficult issues addictions and life.experiences since that time rap has been.used by hundreds of thousands of people.literally all over the world to help.them feel better stay well and make.their lives the way they want them to be.it has saved countless lives I often.hear from people who tell me the story.of how raps saved their life I have.included some of their stories in the.books I have written about rap pretty.amazing what is a rap rap includes a.wellness tool box a daily maintenance.plan a list of the things you need to do.every day to stay well a list of.triggers or stressors and an action plan.for dealing with those it includes.identifying your early warning signs and.an action plan for dealing with those.one that I feel is very very important a.list of signs that things have gotten a.lot worse that things are breaking down.and an action plan for dealing with.those a crisis plan or advanced.directive you know use that so much.anymore because people are working so.hard on the other parts of rap that they.don't need it but we have this good idea.to have it post crisis.in in this video series you will learn.how to develop each of these you'll hear.descriptions of each part and examples.of how you can use them in your own life.you'll hear them from me and you'll hear.them from the other people in the group.you can also learn about rap from one of.the many books that have been written.about rap or by attending a rap group or.training I've been teaching people about.wellness and recovery for over 30 years.I began this work because I was.searching for answers to my own mental.health and life issues in my early.research I discovered that there are.five key concepts to keep in mind while.you're working on your recovery.they are hope there's lots of hope.people can get well they can stay well.they can make their lives the way they.want them to be it's not fair and it's.not right when others tell people that.there's no hope personal responsibility.your wellness your recovery and your.life are all your personal.responsibility it's up to you and you.decide if you want to develop a rap and.if you want to use a rap education.you're smart and you can learn all you.can about what you are experiencing so.you can make good informed choices about.your life the internet and great.libraries make this an easy task it's.something that's easy to do and you can.do it self advocacy ask for what you.want need and deserve for yourself and.keep working on it until you get it and.then the last is support the support of.others makes all of wrap all of recovery.and all of life so much easier I also.want to take the time to share with you.the rap values and ethics that so that.you can think about them as you're.working on your rap these values and.ethics that I'm going to share with you.now are have grown up around rap over.time.Rapp is voluntary and itself determined.no one else can tell you to develop a.rap when to develop it or what to put in.your rap or how to use it it's all up to.you rap focuses on the things you do.well and away from the things you or.others feel you don't do well so it's.all about things that you do well you.don't have to have a diagnosis to.develop a rap sometimes people think.they do and you don't you don't have to.know or use medical or clinical language.to develop a rap either.rap focuses on things that are simple.safe and non-invasive although you can.include those things in your rap if you.want to it's all up to you in doing a.rap it is understood that you you are.the expert on yourself sometimes other.people like to think that they're the.expert on you sometimes maybe you think.that they're the expert on you it's not.true you're the expert on yourself there.are no limits to recovery you can keep.getting better and better and better.another rap value is that every person.is equal and deserves to be treated with.dignity compassion and unconditional.high regard in rap it is understood that.there are bad or difficult things that.have happened to you that make your life.hard things that you can get past.yourself using rap it can be a great.help to developing your rap to get.assistance and support from someone who.has had life experiences that are.similar to yours and perhaps even has.developed and used their own rap rap.will increase your hopefulness and give.you back control over your own life it.will improve the quality of your life.and help you feel better and stay well.let me end by saying the best way to get.someone else to develop and use a rap is.to develop a rap for yourself use it and.then tell them about it if you have.questions or want help in developing.your rap join a rap group attend a rap.training or refer to a rap group.now let's get to work on rap it's really.great to be here with you today to.continue our discussion of the wellness.recovery action plan we've gotten.together previous times and we've talked.about the key concepts and we've talked.about the values of ethics of rap and so.today we're going to get really into the.wellness recovery action plan so Hinton.we've got environment covery action plan.and I'm going to begin this segment with.first reminding you what rap is rap is a.really strong and powerful tool that.people are using all over the world to.keep themselves safe to keep themselves.well and to move on with their lives and.every time I do this do something like.this I get the feedback that you know.this saves people's lives with it and it.gets people on track in their lives.people who've had terrible diagnosis you.don't have a diagnosed need to do this.but people who've had terrible diagnosis.people who often are told you know.you'll never get well I know when I was.younger they told me that I would never.get well they said I have manic.depression they said I would never get.well and they said that over time I.would just get worse and worse and that.was not helpful at all and that's.totally not been true in my life and rap.has been a big part of my wellness so.rap includes developing a wellness to a.box a daily maintenance plan stressors.system Times called triggers an action.plan early warning signs and an action.plan when things are breaking down.crisis plan and a post crisis plan and.we're going to begin right now with.talking about a wellness toolbox a.wellness toolbox is just making a simple.list of things that you can use every.day anytime you want to use them anytime.you need to use them.to help yourself feel better to stay.well sometimes people have to use them.when they're feeling really really.terrible sometimes just to get by.sometimes just because they know they.need to do them everyday.what are some of the things that what.are some of the wellness tools that you.have listening to music listening to.music okay meditation helps meditation.great take a nap take a nap I like going.for a walk in the woods with my dog.going for a walk in the woods with your.dog great okay.what are some others looking at through.the windows and see trees and birds.listen to birds and insects that's very.very helpful.some good friends talking with good.friends writing in a journal writing mid.to Julian's going to the beach and.listen to the waves come in and go out.mm-hmm yeah and just doing nothing just.doing nothing and happy Japanese green.tea having Japanese green tea yes that's.really helpful Friday just don't think.anything just sip green tea that's it.yes helps a lot yes.exercising sometimes being on the.treadmill just you know absolutely being.on a treadmill yes well I like once when.I was I wasn't hospitalized many years.ago now and I was because I was in a.deep deep depression and they had an.exercise bike and there was nothing else.to do there I got on the exercise bike.and I just rode and rode and rode and.rode and I rode myself out of depression.I got out of there and I never turned.back.oh it was really yesterday mowing and.weed whacking moma thout my music that's.really like okay ba ma when I listen to.you yes silence silence I do that's a.lot of people can do silence.yeah but you do silence yeah yeah and.breathe through it.yes I did it bothered me a lot actually.yesterday yes yeah like on said the.music this takes you to this listen yeah.to the world yeah I think any anything.that I get lost in like I'm not a great.bread maker but kneading bread and.things like that they really help even.simple things like believes they're not.like vacuuming and it sounds stupid but.you know but anything that you get lost.in I find it can it can be very helpful.where are you you're just doing it and.you're lost in and also you're gonna I.didn't think like Scott I tend to do.scatter things put all over but when I.kind of organize clean things and then.if I feel better and that really helps.me to feel gonna come so clean up is.really important or organizing yeah yes.and also you know listen to the music.but I have a really specific music that.I really give me energy.that is miyazaki hayao and making music.and Orcas orchestra with the orchestra.and you know I get depressed I'm feeding.down quite often now but when I and I.want to feel light but when I listen to.it you tube and washing the dishes.really gives me energy.so really certain kinds of music is a.very helpful yes and I could feel all my.body's cells are really lightened up it.is very good because now you can make.your own I can make my own soundtracks.like with Pandora or weather or even on.my sound my cell phone I can have now so.I can have certain I set a certain.soundtracks for to be calm.or some things I want to be update like.if I have put on some good go-go music.or even some period pieces from James.Brown and you can't get that make you.get moving even when you feel and I like.not getting out of bed you put some of.those soundtracks on it makes you feel.much better spending time in nature.really helps me whether it's working in.the garden or taking a hike or just.being close to the water once years ago.I was doing one of these programs in.Oklahoma and a lot of bad things had.happened actually we got there right.after there had been a five mile wide.tornado go through Oklahoma City and we.were on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.these people had just gone through this.big tornado and and they also was the.bombing in in Oklahoma City.they've been through a while and each of.them personally had been through a lot.and so we were trying to think of.wellness tools and they came up with.over a hundred wellness tools we had.them we wrote them on these sheets of.easel paper and hung them all around the.wall so that people could could see the.thing that's so powerful about these.groups is that I hear tacos I what she.does for a wellness to all and it gives.me an idea and then I hear from Yvonne.and I get another idea and then Ron.hears from Hinton and gets an idea we.all get ideas from each other and it.really helps us because we are all.together we are the world we're all.together in this world.very well said all together in this.world and we have a lot lot to learn.from each other and so and it's I think.this group the way doing this as a group.we get so much many more ideas I could.sit at home and think about wellness.tools and I might not come up with much.yeah when I'm here with a group like.this you guys have so much to get.stimulated you get stimulated yep ideas.yeah.yes like there's a lot more I would.never think someone else but.housekeeping would be something is a.wellness tool but it is we don't think.about you know Paul would make me feel.right yeah or decluttering organize yes.my mom passed away two years ago and she.lived on Martha's Vineyard for 14 years.and what did she do she care took and.cleaned and so last year Kelly and I we.had 10 miles of beach on the west coast.of Martha's Vineyard to ourselves.because my mom cleaned.really yes oh my and that's I took her.ashes but I'm flow out into the ocean so.you know that's what she would do she'd.listen to Aretha mm-hmm hard to get down.listening to Aretha yeah yes this is.it's good this is how how we do it and I.think this is really connecting with.each other by saying that and then I.really realized that you know being.alone isolated is so I really.experienced loneliness nobody I don't.experience loneliness at all but when I.was in apartment and for two days I got.really lonely and this is how Lotus.means.so once I get out and see people and.connecting even though we don't talk.much but just but just being with other.people it's really exchanging energy and.that's I think very important so so.that's a wellness tool for being with.other people yes getting a manifold I'm.trying to teach my 17 year old how to.open the door for anybody not just being.there being nice being nice to people.answers yes going to know when you get.someone to smile at you because you did.one little tiny act of kindness great.one little tiny act of kindness yet just.yeah it's all so often sometimes when I.walk down the street you walk by.somebody and smile and you don't get a.smile back and I think if we were all.smiling at each other you'd all be.feeling a lot yeah really yeah yeah you.never know what someone's thinking as.they're driving down the road.or what they're going through what what.things have happened you know so when I.really I've noticed that when people.smile at me and smile back it's.something is exchanging and really make.my heart yes that's what we need yes yes.and that exchanging those activities.will rise up our communication our.relationship supports and that's really.we need with other people yes yes yes.anybody else we should go on to just.just what are the things you need to do.everyone which of these wellness tools.do you need to you be sure you use every.single day you can't use them all every.day of course but what are the ones you.need to use every day just to stay well.and for some people that really helps a.lot to have a simple list of things I.need to do every day just to stay stay.well so what are what which of these.wellness tools do you need to make sure.you use every day it really helps me to.be outside doing something outside.letting the Sun come into my eyes and.breathing the fresh air and starting to.be mindful and just like take a poll.said we need to I need to have.connection with another person whether.it's by telephone in person whether it's.social media you know just to.communicate with someone else.so outreach to any any human being so so.staying all by yourself for one day with.no connection is not you you need to be.sure you have that connection yeah I.mean chances ya know I'm gonna go the.other way on that one because I have.taught told my son the other day cuz he.had surgery and no one was around for.him I said you know you need to learn.how to be alone a little bit like go.outside and just look up into the Sun.look up into the clouds know that you're.on the earth that you're alright you.have it way better.you know you have to learn to be able to.be with yourself well I'm not.uncomfortable being by myself then you.have to learn to love yourself in other.words for you to accept other people but.it helps to try to reach out whether.it's a card a letter or something it can.be it can be my help in communication.mm-hmm so you so it can be both that.there's a time in every day and.everybody has to do this for themselves.so but also people can't be by.themselves right all right like Rob it's.hard if you can't bounce people can be.around a lot of people yes also yes so.it's so it's very different very.different so I find for myself where you.are where there's a billion people in.Japan yes I think it's a balance being.alone in with other people in the nature.kind of I want to put those things a day.being by myself and outside and with.some of the people or communication and.that is my I think essential essence to.be well being.yeah so you have this list and you're.sure that every day you're in touch with.somebody but that you always also have.some down time by yourself yes yes yes.and pets animals yes important yes yes.uh-huh water well and said you know do.you ever go to Stickney Brook and we're.blessed to to have Vermont right we are.truly right from lots of people I even.find in places I've never been and like.why haven't I been here before right.listen yeah I mean you just sit there.and listen to the brook and the Roxy how.nature has formed we could have a good.conversation about all the wonderful.places in our area and I think that's.probably true of everybody the wonderful.places and I go sometimes to these.places and nobody else is there so.so that's good to certain visualization.that gradov we don't have Brooks right.but one of my favorite places is in the.cafeteria the National Gallery at.Washington they have one of those little.cubes like they have in the Louvre and.they have waterfalls coming up over and.water is very soothing even to hear it.or to listen to it you know it's very.soothing to hear that music yeah it.reminds me I've spent with Yvonne.sometimes when my husband and I go to.Washington we call up Yvonne and we.always arrange a special day so that we.can go to the galleries and just.standing there and looking at one.beautiful picture of something that I.like just wanted and everybody's at.Lincoln Memorial is one of the best.experiences I ever had really looking at.the wicked menorah this is more gone.yeah to know that that person was.actually cared about the world right.right and everybody's got some place.where they live this like that even if.they're in a small town there's some.place of solitude maybe to look over to.look at some fields or to look at.something else some place to reflect and.I think that's what what I was seeing is.that you know there's some place that.you can reflect that you can have quiet.moments so in wrap the first thing you.did was developed a list of the wellness.tools and then we just did a list of.things every agreeing that everybody's.list would be different but things you.would need to do every single day be.sure you know you wake up in the morning.and say I have to feed the dog I have to.make sure I eat well I have to make sure.I comb my hair did you order.drink water those things so that's.that's this kind of list and and.including enough being outside being.with my pets every single day that we.don't miss that because when we miss it.that's when we get started getting we.always regret what you didn't do.yeah always figure out what you didn't.do so you want to keep it short this so.you're sure you can do it but then you.might have a list of things that you.might need to do on any given day things.like do I need to buy some groceries.because if you don't do these things you.can can really be be difficult to take a.shower do I need to take a shower do I.need to buy groceries what else what are.some of the things you might need you.might not need to do these things every.day take out the recycling do I need to.take out the recycling vacuum in do I.need to vacuum yeah yeah.opening my mail and pay my bills so I.need to open my mail and pay my bills.yeah what else might you need to do say.hi to your son or your daughter or your.mother or your father yeah you may have.to make that that doesn't your sister.make that that doesn't yeah that does a.point make a doctor's appointment do I.need to make a doctor's appointment yeah.do I you know I'm thinking this morning.when I got up I need to call my brother.my brothers in the hospital and I'll.call my brother every day but right now.he's in the hospital last night when I.talked to me sounded pretty sad so like.called him first thing this morning and.he felt a lot better this morning it was.good for both of us so do I do I need to.do something like that.do I need to reach out to a friend for.support or offer a support to a friend.don't be afraid to ask for support do I.need to ask for support or really yes.that's a very very good point do I need.to ask for support do I need to check my.calendar to make sure what's coming up.for the coming day or the coming week.well so that I don't meet obligations or.is it somebody's birthday and I don't.want to forget yeah I almost forgot my.great granddaughters birthday the other.day so I need to keep on top of it yeah.not that she would mind she's only two.but I think her mother might mind one of.the things I do I don't do this everyday.but in the go-go day where you know.today we just sent it email or sent a.Facebook or tweet people really relish.writing so I find that sending a car.to someone or a layer it's very precious.that people really appreciate it and.they remember you yeah and that's it's.for me to do that to people that support.me is very important to show them.without spending a lot of money that the.time effort with me is no really.important they took the time yes as you.were thinking about them at that time to.get to write a card or to send a letter.is and today and some people say Laxmi.get something other than a bill in the.mail and I can't expect that unless I do.that awesome all right do unto each.other.I heard of a little girl who said to her.grandfather the other day she went out.and pick up the mail and she said.grandpa you got a real letter you hope.like when you say this because the card.that they open it up and actually read.what you said or do they just opened up.over them I've never gave to that cuz.usually for me it's a postcard because.let's face it.postage of what it is now letter is.expensive but a postcard mm-hmm.now old saying the thought is what.counts the thought I think I think it's.a wellness tool on both ends isn't it.it's a wellness tool for the person who.gets it well they thought enough of me.to send me this to really send it they.didn't text they didn't tweet they.didn't read that stuff they sent a.letter and it was really good for me to.do it so goes both ways so same thing we.visiting people because you know too I.say you know look at what I've got.planned is to plan to go to see somebody.else or plan for someone to come to see.me mm-hmm do you have to announce.yourself so well people kind of people.that I'd know have a tendency to say.don't come to my house unannounced.even that's just our own characteristic.yeah that's mostly mostly everybody that.no I don't I wouldn't want to travel.somewhere and then find they're not.there I would want to tell them in.advance you know maybe I can show up in.your doorstep I think a great thing you.might need to do in 80 days is to visit.somebody in the hospital or visit.somebody at a nursing home even if it's.somebody just happened to think about.and they maybe even been in the nursing.home for a long time and to just stop by.can just make it even if you don't know.them in our nursing home people even if.you don't know them.or and I have also visited with people.who forgot they ever knew me who did.know me but they didn't used to but it's.sometimes you can use that as kind of an.excuse oh I don't need to go see them.anymore but I think it's can be pretty.good too it makes you feel good that's a.good good someone actually is.interacting that you care yes yes yes.yes yes so so are there any other so.we've really talked about wellness tools.in your daily plan but you're going to.do every day.I want you might need to do any.questions about that my thought would be.I need to see my son every day which.doesn't happen because we don't live.together but I'm very good friends with.his mother but yeah it's no you two.people that are important to you you.should let them know that they're.important yeah yeah yeah let the people.know yeah.other other final words that people want.to say what's so making those lists are.really my guideline yes to keep up.myself not going off there all the just.try to stay my course and those lists.are really helpful and I'm very grateful.for them and you've you been using a.list for a while yes yes uh-huh and then.coming to a group again like this so.that for me it helps reinforce every.time I come to one of these groups do.one of these groups of helps to remind.me yes Oh like sending a card yes yeah.yeah you grew it yeah some of the simple.stuff if you don't think about like.taking a shower brushing your teeth you.know yeah just some of the things that.you don't think about but when you're.not doing well maybe you don't think.about you how to stay healthy yeah take.care of take care of yourself and these.these only McDonald's these workbooks I.have also have a place for the lists you.write the lists right in there and if.you do you mind if I do this with Kelly.oh you can do it with whomever you'd.like you can indices gonna you trail me.and anybody that you want to do it with.this is all it's all very personal it's.all up to you you do it yourself.any way you want to this is a book that.describes it in detail look this is the.basic format you just go through it so I.will read it so the next time we get.together we're gonna talk about.identifying things that are upsetting.stressors triggers and what we might do.about those which are the wellness tools.we use and identifying early warning.signs and what we might do about those.so thank you thank you great thank you.[Music].you.

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How to create an electronic signature for the Action Planning Recovery Form on Android?

In recent, Android gadgets are popular used. Therefore, to make convenience to its customers, CocoSign has developed the application for Android users. You can use the following steps to e-sign your Action Planning Recovery Form from Android:

  1. Place the CocoSign app from Google Play Store.
  2. Login to your CocoSign account from your device or signup if you have not been pre-registered.
  3. Press on the '+' option and add the document in which you want to put your electronic signatures.
  4. Go for the area you want to put your signatures.
  5. Design your e-signature in another pop-up window.
  6. Place it on the page and press '✓'.
  7. Save changes and email the file.
  8. You can also share this signed Action Planning Recovery Form with other people or upload it on the cloud.

CocoSign assists you to to design a lot electronic signatures whenever. Connect with us now to automate your document signing.

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