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[Music].another scale trail truck has hit the RC.driver workshop for review and this.one's from charisma it's the coyote and.I'd like to thank HRP for sending this.over to us to check out this is a pretty.neat looking machine I'm interested in.seeing it up close and of course gonna.show you guys all the details but let's.start off outside here this is the SC a1.e and I like what they did there it's.like scale but they kind of hit it but.pretty neat stuff going on the boxart.kind of on the dark side just so you.guys know I went to school for graphic.design so I like looking at the box.alright that's why I show you guys the.box a lot of time like checking out the.graphics and stuff like that but you.know it gets the job done they've got.some basic details going on here kind of.nothing going on here just but just a.logo of the company but over here we've.got some details on the truck of course.you know we've got the preassembled.truck comes of the radio system.receivers in a waterproof radio box here.the hobby wing speed controller 35 term.motor let's see here we've got the steel.frame rails it solid axles B lock tires.I mean I just went through all the.details that this machine has and it's.got some pretty neat features now this.thing is about 300 bucks sold I want to.see if this thing is really worth 300.bucks and well starting off here it.comes pretty well packaged check out.it's got these little foam things just.kind of keeping everything secure.everything's wrapped in plastic so I am.going to unearth this truck so we could.take a closer look.[Music].[Music].alright that's done that was.ridiculously well packaged I had to like.all this tape out just to get to the.instruction manual alright let's break.this bag open now because there is a lot.of stuff in here that I need to talk to.you guys about I don't even know what it.is yet but we're gonna check this out.alright so first instruction manual.where I always start and this one is a.pretty detailed instruction manual you.know black and white but it gives you.all the information on building it.throwing it together and it looks like.it's in a number of different languages.so that should be very helpful obviously.read this if you've never been in RC.before and let's move on to all these.things that are in here and let's start.off with the I guess with these double-a.batteries here and obviously that is for.the transmitter so that is nice and.don't need to go pick that up but here's.the radio system here and I've never had.one of these this is a CT X 8000 and.it's got a narrow grip not too bad.plastic wheel though not a fan of the.plastic wheel need the foam wheel on.there but actually it does feel pretty.good and I think that should be fine for.young drivers and adults looks like we.got a number of trim knobs here steering.trim throttle trim it's got a a key.button here maybe that's for a bind I.don't know I didn't read the.instructions yet that's why you need to.read those on/off switch and overall.decent feel to it a TV thumb knob right.here nice and easy to get to.okay on to some details some accessory.type of stuff that they've included so.we've got this rear bumper I believe.yeah so it's got a rear bumper that you.could add on to it and so this has a.trailer hitch on there but that's.already got a rear bumper so that's.interesting so let's figure that out but.it does come with a rear bumper and.shackles and over here we've got a set.of mirrors so it looks like you have to.add on the mirrors I see the holes there.so that looks like a pretty easy install.and I'm guessing that they don't put.those on right from the factory because.they could fall off during.shipping but it's got a lot of the.accessories already on there it looks.like we got a rearview mirror we've got.a cross wrench they can do some work to.the truck like take off the wheel nuts.and then over here we've got some more.chrome pieces that look like they need.to go on to the vehicle we've got a hex.wrench and then another bumper here and.chrome bumper just might go on to the.front I don't know but anyway it gives.you a lot of detail accessories I'll.kind of play with that during the.performance part of it so you could see.what it looks like if I can in fact both.these on but anyway moving on to this so.this is pretty interesting this is a USB.charger for the included battery so this.probably takes a little wild charge.looks like the charge current is 100.milliamps and it tells you right on.there about 14 hours so it'll get you.going but it's gonna take a while so.anyway I'd really recommend just buying.a quick charger while you're at the.hobby shop picking one of these things.up then we've got a decal sheet here.just some extra decals if you want to go.ahead and maybe you know detail some.more nice that they give you that with.the kit and then oh this little thing.fell out as well so this is a little.rubber stopper for the transmitter.trigger if so if you do have a youngster.driving it you're not gonna go and rip.on the throttle you know not that this.thing's gonna go that fast anyway it's a.it's a trail truck it's meant to go slow.but here is the machine right here and.it looks pretty nice so this is a 50s.inspired body doesn't have any licensing.to it but it does look pretty cool it's.got a flat black finish on the outside.here that is pretty neat and they went.ahead and applied the the window decals.we've got the decals on the doors here.chrome grille and this is an actual.chrome grille it's not a decal or.anything like that and then from what.I've read you could go and put LED.lights in this so it's already set up.it's an option but you can go and do it.I believe that's also the case in the.rear as well yeah it definitely looks.like you could put some LED lights in.there I've got a chrome bumper out back.and leave the only got some some chrome.accents some chrome door handles and.again I saw I showed you guys those.chrome detail parts that come with it.chrome windshield wipers so it's got a.very cool look as far as the body.nice lightweight lexan body and yeah you.could see the inside is glossy because.they painted it from the outside but.that's got a pretty neat look to it I do.like the look at that and now I'll do.the truck itself and check this machine.out and it kind of looks similar to a.lot of other crawlers that are on the.market you know I mean they're all kind.of going after that same style of a.scale truck look to it and it starts.with the metal frames some steel frame.rails here metal links solid axles but.let me start off at the front we'll work.our way back so obviously you guys have.already seen this from bumper it's got.some shackles on there already and it is.adjustable so if you do go change out.the body you can move out the bumper if.necessary I see it also has holes so you.could go and add a winch on there if you.want to go and get a winch for it.alright moving back to the frame rails.again these are steel frame rails both.sides obviously and they they run front.to rear they got the semi horseshoe in.the front to allow the axle to go up.straight in the rear we've got the dip.down for the transmission and let's move.on to the shocks because these are some.large bore shocks on this thing and that.feels a bit interesting it looks like.this one is sticking over here so I've.got a little bit of an issue to deal.with there looks like we've got some.stuff nope I got it it's free look at.that there we go so it feels okay but.these are a large-bore shock that's.pretty that it's got a metal cap on.there and actually the entire shock body.is metal as well so pretty neat that it.comes with all metal shocks on this.thing large-bore shocks it's got some.bump stops on the bottom you go take.that out later if you're going to tune.it whatever but it's probably set up.nice and neutral so you get into it so.the shocks feel pretty decent now that.they've kind of broken in a bit and then.we'll see how it goes as we progress.adjustable body mounts front and rear.and just you know composite shock hoops.some simple cross bracing going on and.throughout the the chassis and all the.cross bracing is just composite that's.what you would expect from this ready to.run vehicle and let me let me of course.move down to the front axle let's start.talking about some of those drivetrain.stuff here alright so this front axle.it's got this.a rounded pumpkin upfront here pretty.interesting look to it and kind of a.busy looking axle going on here it's got.your standard caster blocks on the.outside of the axle allows you to just.swap them out if necessary there's a two.screws top and bottom got plastic.steering knuckles plastic drag link here.and that is kind of flexible so we'll.see how that holds up we've got an.adjustable short link here anna has a.plastic servo horn but I did read that.the servo itself does have metal gears.it's a high torque servo so hopefully.we've got some good steering out of this.machine but what I could also see in.here which is pretty neat are some.Universal axles so it's not like a.boning cup set up like we've seen on.some other vehicles this is a CV joint.so that is really cool to see how ever I.see a bronze bushing on the other side.of that so I'm not too jazzed about a.bronze bushing in the steering up but.let me just keep on going so we've got.metal links I'm really excited to see.we've got some metal links on here.it's a four link four link front and a.four-link rear usually we see like a.three link front now with a panhard.setup but it's four link we've got a not.so smooth Center skid plate here kind of.nachi so a little interested to see how.that will do going over some rough.terrain.I think the pumpkin and the axle will do.okay but this Center skid kind of.worries me there and what is also pretty.cool RCB style center drive shafts.telescoping drive shafts and they are.all metal that is very cool I do like.that so many plastic axles out there on.a lot of cars these are metal to start.in that that's great to see what I'm.also noticing here that's kind of.interesting are these little cups that.are over here on the rock sliders it.looks like you could go and put LED.lights in here so you could kind of.under light your rig that's pretty neat.and then of course metal links in the.rear all right back up top here kind of.talked to you guys about the servo.already let's move over to the speed.controller now it is a crawler speed.controller slash boat it's on there it.says boat crawler and boat so it's a WP.1040 brushed motor speed controller this.is a hobby wing speed controller comes.in a lot of ready to run vehicles it is.lipo compatible too.the 3s lipo compatible as it says on the.side SP controller but a brush speed.controller inexpensive gets the job done.moving back here we've got a 540 motor.it's a closed can brush motor 35 turns.so that's around the right type of turn.for a crawler system and now this.transmission let's let's move over to.the transmission this transmission looks.like it was just yanked out of another.kharisma maybe 10 scale buggy or.something like that and dropped right in.here so that's kind of interesting that.it can go remould the case specifically.for this it even has the motor guard.over here and you can see the tab where.you would mount it to the chassis so.kind of parts Benesch you know right.there but hey maybe that means parts.supply is good in case you do go and.need something else for it got a.receiver box over here it even looks.like they went and put some silicone on.the top to kind of waterproof this thing.a bit electronics tray and then the.batter is located out back here would.kind of rather seen it up front but.again this is a ready to run machine so.I did go and check out the charisma.website they basically say on there that.this is your basic rock crawler this is.some sort of competition rock crawler.you know this is for you to go out and.have fun with and from what I'm seeing.yeah that's what it's designed for.the battery is easy to get to it's just.got two velcro straps holding it down.it's a 1400 million nickel metal hydride.battery so you know in a vehicle like.this probably get you at least 20.minutes ago maybe longer depending on.how you're driving it but there's.certainly plenty of room in here so you.go and add a different battery and then.that's really about it we've got a.bumper mount for outback so you go.probably put this bumper in if you.wanted to so check that out so you go.add those accessories and oh let me talk.about the wheels and tires so I got this.medium compound tire I don't know.exactly if there's foam inserts in here.can't really tell it doesn't really feel.like it but it's kind of a firm compound.I did read however that these are bead.lock rims true read lock rims so you.could go and take it apart maybe add.some lead weight stick on weights the.inside if we really wanted to do that.but you know this look it's probably a.good generic lug for multi-terrain type.of view.all right so that really wraps up this.machine I think it's got a pretty good.look to it hopefully you know that.suspension doesn't stick anywhere it's.sticking again so we're gonna have to.see how that plays out you know I.probably would have liked to seen the.battery up front in this thing or at.least an option to do that but it.doesn't look like you'd go and do that.easily you know I'm just thinking ahead.later for when somebody grows into this.machine you know are they gonna be able.to tune and do what they want to do to.it because there are gonna be those.people that want to do that but again.overall very neat look to it I'm excited.to go out hit some of the trails you.know see what this thing could do I'm.gonna put it through the test we'll see.how it goes all right check this out.[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].[Music].all right so I'm back from driving the.kharisma coyote and well I had a pretty.good time finding some new spots to test.this rig out love the scenes out there.in nature some really cool views and.stuff like that and overall I had a good.time with this truck but I do need to.talk to you about some of its.performance traits and let me start off.like I usually do with the steering on.this thing and the steering works pretty.well actually I should tell you that I.did go and drive it stock right out of.the box and the steering I found was.pretty limiting and actually that was.easily fixed by just turning up the dual.rate on there so if you do grab this.right make sure you double-check that.steering dual rate make sure it's.cranked up so you get full steering once.it has full steering throat it steers.pretty well so yours respectively for.the particular trails I was going.through I wasn't going over anything.crazy with this machine smaller machine.scale looking machine that's kind of.what they're going for so the kind of.tone things down a bit I wasn't crawling.some steep stuff so anyway steering.worked pretty well it stalled out you.know when I got it caught up in some.rocks and stuff like that and it's a.ready to run servo so I'll kind of.expect those things to happen and again.if you want some more aggressive.steering you're probably gonna have to.go and upgrade the servo later on down.the road all right now let's get into.handling and remember when I told you.guys when I pulled this out of the box.I'm like wow this thing is kind of.sticking well I mean it's still sticking.I mean look at that it's kind of just.bottomed out here and you got to kind of.pull the shocks apart so out on the.trails you know this thing was pretty.stiff this shocks on it were pretty.stiff it was bouncing around a lot it.really wasn't articulating like I wanted.it to you know if you're out flat.trailing this thing I mean it's fine but.you know I would probably say go through.this machine and kind of find out why.the suspension is sticking work on a bit.that's what I'm gonna do hopefully you.know I'll be able to return soon with an.update on this but you know right now.I'm just talking right out-of-the-box.you know I'm not touching anything as.you would get it to and you know the.suspension is just.really stiff and again it's it sticks.and so all that translates to really.rigid suspension on the trail this is a.one point five five truck it's got the.one point five five wheels on here and.obviously a little bit smaller diameter.tire so taking into account the size of.the vehicle it was just kind of bouncing.around and stuff and it's a scale.machine and it's bouncing around all.over the place so it didn't look over.scale something I think can be fixed but.you know you have to be willing to work.on it all right next up I want to talk.about the speed acceleration power of.the truck now this has a crawler speed.controller and at that hobby wing speed.controller the crawler boat speed.controller it is set up in crawling mode.right now.and it has a ton of instant drag break.on there as soon as you let off the.throttle this thing hits the drag brake.and stops and you really can't dial it.out so it's a little bit frustrating the.drives a little jerky yeah it doesn't.have a smooth low-end throttle to it you.know it was a scale crawler you want.just minimum throttle you want that.thing to creep nice and smooth well this.thing it kind of ramps up it doesn't.have a nice smooth throttle curve to it.just kind of just ramps straight up when.you when you start to pull the throttle.so throttle took some getting used to in.order to control to get it to climb.scale like and get that smooth crawl up.and over some of the obstacles and stuff.like that but it was it was a little on.the rough side guys the throttle is a.bit jerky the other issue I probably.maybe should have mentioned in crawling.is these tires are pretty hard and so as.far as grabbing traction on rocks and.stuff like that you know really wasn't.there that the compound is just too hard.on it for just romping around maybe in.the backyard driving on flat hiking.trails and stuff like that probably fine.when I was going through the rock creeks.and stuff like that obviously a harder.compound tire is gonna be even more.affected once it's wet so crawling over.some of the rocks after that was a.little bit of an issue but I did manage.to have fun with this machine I do want.to say that I had a fun time on the flat.trail section of the particular Park.that I was in and.then durability I didn't roll it when I.did when I was in the creek nothing.happened to the electronics as far as.when they got wet and I didn't hear any.gear sounds or anything like that as far.as you know your skipping or anything it.seems like the transmission is pretty.solid on this machine so overall you.know again I think it's a neat truck.it's priced at about three hundred.dollars so it's a little on the pricey.side for some of the areas that it falls.short in I mean it's kind of like you.know I like the look of it I think it's.got potential here you know it's got.these metal links on it it's got the.metal drive shafts it does have.large-bore shocks they are aluminum it's.got these neat small 1.55 wheels on.there there's these things that make me.want to go and do more with this truck.and I think I'm gonna do it but it.really depends on what you're looking.for you know if you like the look of it.or if you like the footprint of this.particular machine I think you could get.this thing dialed in and have fun with.it I always try to look at the positive.side of things let you guys know all the.negatives so you guys can make the.decision on what's best for you if you.do want to go and grab this machine but.I don't think this will be the last time.you'll see this I do want to go and mess.with it some more so hopefully we'll be.back on the channel really soon.all right guys hope you enjoyed the.review of the charisma coyote.ready-to-run if you haven't done so yet.please click that subscribe button the.notifications Bell throw the video alike.more questions that are comments about.this particular truck please throw the.section below when you have some extra.time head over to RC driver comm.

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