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The Information Guidance for Mcsa 5876

The effective way to write Mcsa 5876 online is by using a dedicated tool. While there are tons of it, CocoSign seems to be the most productive tool online. To use the tool, follow the steps given below.

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put on your best blacks because we're.going to a funeral all the MC SAS are.dead as of June this year so what does.that mean for our industry what does it.mean for you and what should your next.steps be that's what this video is all.about let's go.[Music].shocking news out of Microsoft this week.what does this mean for our industry.what does it mean for you and what are.the next steps that's what we're gonna.cover but if this is your first time.visiting my channel and you'd like to.grow your IT career and your IT skills.just click that subscribe and that.little bell it's free to click and that.way you'll get notified when new content.comes available all right shocking.shocking news I'm still shocked I'm.still trying to digest it but I've had a.few days now to really think about what.this means and how do we move forward.I've had some time to think about it.that's what I want to talk about today.Microsoft has announced that as of June.30th 2020 this year all MCSA s MC SES.and MC SDS will be gone now before we're.talking about what we're doing next we.need to unpack that statement think.about this though Microsoft has been.moving towards role based certifications.for a while rather than learning about a.specific technology we're talking about.learning about multiple technologies.that help you in your job so maybe.you're an administrator maybe you're a.developer the certifications were built.around that role and the tools you would.need to do that rather than the tool.itself so it doesn't surprise me that.they're getting rid of the MCSA for.Windows Server or the other MC SAS.because I would have expected them to.move towards a role based certification.maybe a cert for systems administrators.who just work with Active Directory and.GPO or all of the other Active Directory.services or maybe a certification for.systems engineers who work with hyper-v.management another interesting point is.that some of the MCS a s and M C SES.were already role based sequel server.already had an MCS a for sequel.developer an MVS a for database.administrator and an MCS a for business.intelligence developer those are gone.too again it doesn't surprise me that.they're removing these things my.expectation though is that they would.have replaced them and they sorta did.and we'll talk about that in just a.second but for the most part they didn't.check this out.this blog post was posted over 27th of.February just two days ago because it is.a leap year and they're basically.telling you exactly what I just said.they're ditching the MCSA in the mcs d.if you scroll down these are all of the.certifications and the certs themselves.exams himself that are going away keep.in mind we're not talking about just.Windows Server we're.about the sequel bi sequel DB a dev bi.reporting which was power bi the.developer certs all of these are gone.this includes things like SharePoint in.exchange too so if we scroll down the.big question is right here if Microsoft.is focused on role based certifications.what will happen to Windows Server in.sequel server certifications will there.be two server 2019 or sequel 2019 no.there will not be Windows Server 2019.and sequel server 2019 certifications.this is the shocking part this this is.what's so shocking is that this core.certification both the sequel and.Windows Server core critical major.component widely used in enterprises.everywhere mostly in hybrid environments.is now gone so what do you do what do we.do what is the industry do well I don't.expect that my organization or many.organizations are just gonna up and move.off of Windows Server or sequel server.on-premise just because Microsoft.doesn't offer a certification I fully.expect that these technologies to still.be existed to still exist and use for.years to come that doesn't mean that you.shouldn't learn it you should still.learn these technologies in these tools.and stick them on your resume even.something as simple as watching the CBT.Nuggets course if you finished that.course you will get a certificate of.completion and you can still go to your.resume type in skills and say I know how.to manage and deploy dynamic DNS and.Windows Server I know how to encrypt a.sequel database I know how to deploy.maintenance plans for automated backups.in sequel server 2019.I understand hierarchies and inheritance.in Group Policy these are all still.critical skills that you can put on your.resume even if you don't have a.certification to back it up you will.probably be expected to back it up in an.interview I would ask you questions.about that stuff but it doesn't mean.that you shouldn't learn it or you.shouldn't know it because look even if.you get the add your certification you.spin up a VM with Windows Server then.what do you know what to do with that it.may be not that's why it's gonna be.really important that you still learn.these technologies regardless of if.there's a certification or not as an.employer as someone who performs hiring.myself I still would fully expect to see.those skills.stood on a resume and I would expect my.staff to understand and know them to the.certification doesn't mean anything to.me at this point especially if it's.going away I just need to know if people.can get the job done so learn the stuff.still but people our certification.driven so should you pivot to Azure well.here's the first thing there are some.replacement exams already out there for.you check this out checking out the.Microsoft certifications page where you.can browse role-based certifications.immediately of interest I see two new.certifications right here that are sort.of like replacements for two mca essays.that we had the first one we'll talk.about is as your database administrator.there's a lot of overlap between as your.sequel administration and sequel server.administration now there's a lot of.stuff that's not overlapping but when we.talk about backing up databases now.we're just clicking on different buttons.that's all the policies are still the.same the ideas are still the same and.managing users and access to databases.in Azure sequel vs. sequel server is.very similar to but it's also kind of.sexy and fun to talk about deploying the.stuff in cloud on serverless.architecture it makes things a lot.easier for us so yeah gone are the.things that we have to care about the.disk subsystem and which raid our.backups are on versus our log files.versus our main data databases and so on.but now we have new things to care about.like replicating from one data center to.another which is kind of cool to the.other one is a power bi certification.this replaces the MCSA in bi reporting.now I recorded both sequel server and.power bi stuff for CBT Nuggets I have my.sequel database administration.certification after all and I built my.career on business intelligence and data.visualization so both of these.certifications are very interesting to.me personally and I'd love to do some.recording for CBT Nuggets towards these.topics so I think it's interesting that.they aren't putting some form of effort.into replacing certifications even if.they haven't announced similar.certifications yet for other items like.Windows Server so if we do scroll down.we'll see some interesting things a lot.more focus on Microsoft 365 now I see.look look at all this Microsoft.Certified Microsoft Certified Microsoft.365 developer administrator even a.team's administrator certification.there's security certifications for.Microsoft 365.I've been look at the end of the day.Microsoft 365 isn't really a direct.replacement for Active Directory and.group policy but it does a lot of the.same features and things that Active.Directory does so now when I fire up a.new laptop in my organization and it.prompts me to sign in with my Microsoft.account I can sign in with my asher.account which will join that machine to.my ad and if I have Microsoft 365 I can.push policies down to it from the.Microsoft 365 port we actually talked.about domain joining machines in part of.our AZ 104 course on CBT Nuggets the.skill is called manage Active Directory.objects I recorded it a weekend ago two.weekends ago I recorded it really.recently now we don't go into things.like the actual Microsoft 365 policies.as part of that course but it does show.you that these types of technologies.exist and it's also a good place to.start so maybe you could start with your.AZ 104 which was an overlap into.Microsoft 365 technologies that you can.target later there's a lot of dynamics.information and then of course it gets.down into the good stuff the azure stuff.azure is putting a lot of emphasis on AI.and data management like data.engineering and data science here but.again we did talk about the new database.administration 2d p300 above of course.there's the azure administrator this is.the AZ 104 this is the one that.traditional sysadmin x' will feel most.at home.this is deploying compute storage.networking and active directory.management all from one certification.the azure developer is how you can.actually develop applications and code.with Azure server list resources there.is some vm's and some kubernetes and.containers and it but for the most part.it's focusing on like logic apps.function apps apps services and then if.you jump a little bit the azure.solutions architect is kind of combining.both and it goes a layer deeper and.talks about how to design solutions with.administration and developer in mind so.azure in Microsoft 365 there's a lot of.opportunity there the environment that.we're in now is going to change.eventually because most pretty clear.that Microsoft is trying to get away.from on-premise technologies and like I.say they are shifting some of that.certification focus they aren't moving.some of that certification focus to role.plays we saw that in the database.administrator in the.power bi certification what will they do.with Windows Server moving forward it's.going to show up somewhere I mean they.can't just not have Windows server on.any of their exams because people still.need to learn Windows Server we're still.going to have on-premise active.directories DNS DHCP IPAM virtualization.and containerization all of these things.that were covered as part of the MCSA.now me personally I got my mcse I got my.mCP and database administration and.seeing these things go it breaks my.heart but here we are this is it it's.it's going so so next steps for you what.what do we do now that the environment.the certification environment has.changed I think you still learn Windows.Server you still watch the videos you.still learn sequel server and you get.your certificate of completion I think.this is still going to be relevant if in.enterprises still use these technologies.for years to come it's kind of nice that.you don't have the stress of taking an.exam to write but you will still need to.know this stuff you'll still need to be.able to speak to it in an interview and.then do it on the job it's not gonna be.enough just to say I watch the videos.and that was it but I think it's also.important to plan for the future too and.it looks to me like Microsoft is wanting.us to move towards Microsoft 365 for.maybe centralized.active directory and policy management.of our desktop infrastructure and Azure.administration for our server.infrastructure taking it a step further.when you learn things like Azure.development when I taught the AZ 2 of 3.course as part of CBT Nuggets it really.does open your mind to the possibilities.that the cloud can bring with serverless.infrastructure so eventually going for.that architect certification is probably.going to set you apart but at the end of.the day you still need to know how to.operate Windows Server in order to be a.cloud architect so it's a wild world out.there it's kind of confusing to my tips.too you are continue to study Windows.Server continue to study sequel server.but know that the environment is.changing and take a look at Microsoft.365 Azure administration and Azure.development rests in peace the MCS a the.MCS a and M CSD you were good to me you.were good to a lot of people but until.then we'll have to stick to the new.stuff all right y'all thanks for stop by.and see you in the next one.

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Creating an electronic signature on a iPad is not at all difficult. You can sign the Mcsa 5876 on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will note the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to visit CocoSign.

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Here are the answers to some common confusions regarding Mcsa 5876. Let us know if you have any other requests.

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