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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Signing Bbs Lmft Weekly Summary Of Experience Hours Option 1 Bbs Ca Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Bbs Lmft Weekly Summary Of Experience Hours Option 1 Bbs Ca

youtube video

Instructions regardingBbs Lmft Weekly Summary Of Experience Hours Option 1 Bbs Ca

hi this is dr. Diane Gayheart and this.is an online lecture on how to complete.licensing logs for the BBS the board of.behavioral sciences that licenses.marriage and family therapists in.California and so I have had many.students over the year begging me to do.online lectures on these logs and so I.finally got around to doing it so we're.so first where do you find these logs.and you go straight to BBS ca.gov.and I always recommend that students.going download them directly from the.BBS.the BBS does update these from time to.time and if you're downloading them from.a university or other website you make.it not get the latest version and.sometimes they do make changes and even.if they aren't super significant they.can make something easier to read or.understand or they put any definition on.so always go find them yourself so we're.just going to start by providing a quick.overview of some real basic principles.here it's in terms of counting hours as.a marriage Family Therapist.you can count up to 1,300 hours from.your degree program from your master's.degree that qualifies you for the.marriage and family therapy license 750.of these can be a combined total of.counseling and supervision hours and a.summa if you're listening to this you're.just starting to count hours I have had.some students who get tons of.supervision kind of get a little mixed.up on this where they get too much.supervision and they aren't going to be.able to count as many counseling hours.so that's something to think about as.you are maybe halfway through your field.site placement and just to keep an eye.on on that and then the other piece is.that post degree you need to get a.minimum of 1,700 hours I said that.brings us up to a total of 3,000.obviously you know if you only.it you know 250 during your practicum.during your degree you would need to get.you know at least another 500 post.degree.another important and it's not really a.detail but I call it a detail is that.you have to have supervision in every.single week that you claim hours so.let's say your supervisor is sick or.they go to a conference if you don't get.supervision that week you can't count.any hours in that week including um you.know two other types of hours like.paperwork or such and so you always want.to make sure that you find a way talk.with your supervisor about what to do in.those instances and those weeks always.ask if there's another reason another.way to get supervision Psalter lerna.reasons i as a damn moved to encourage.people to do supervision before friday.usually the end of the week because if.they're miss it then their whole first.half the week and you don't often have.time if your supervisor is suddenly sick.on friday morning to find another.supervision group but it's something to.be aware of the other thing to be.mindful of is that the the supervision.is kind of come in funny ways so that.there's something called a unit of.supervision and there are ratios you.keep as a trainee and an intern and that.basically it's one hour individual.supervision that is you just you and.your supervisor giving just you.supervision in your room with the two of.you whereas group supervision there's.something up to eight trainees and a.supervisor but then you need two hours.of sitting in a group to count as one.unit of supervision so that's how they.basically count the hours and then of.course trainees have a 1 to 5 ratio so.they need one unit of supervision which.could be two hours a group or an hour an.individual to count five client hours.and that's a ratio that trainees have.while in the degree program.and then once you've graduated interns.we do a 1 to 10 ratio which is actually.one in a supervision for the first 10.clients and then a second unit of.supervision it could be 2 hours a group.for your 11th hour and everything about.that so the option 1 VBS our logs which.is going to be the only option after.2020 and then for many people starting.in 2018 and later it's really convenient.option and make sense and you there they.really try to streamline the our logs.and to make them as simple as possible.it's arguable that they've actually.become simple but here we go anyway.that's not what this lecture is about so.you're going to need to have direct.contact you'll need 17 1,750 hours of.that of which so this is a subset is a.minimum of 500 hours with couples.families and children and then you get.to count 1,250 hours of what they call.non clinical experience meaning they're.not working directly with clients so.this is but this is this includes.supervision writing reports progress.notes and workshops seminars trainings.all that good stuff but it does not.include personal psychotherapy which was.in the old way of doing things now in.this transition phase has been called.option 2 and it doesn't allow you to.double count relational hours which also.was part of the what they called option.2 and all that fading out and it's not.counted as part of option 1 so let's go.ahead and look at the forum and start.talking about how to fill out just the.top portion so you're going to put your.name on the form and you want to use the.name that you plan to get licensed under.if you happen to hyphenate a name or you.know sometimes use your main name from.egytian their name or such but do try to.use whatever name you want to get.licensed under here then you're going to.put your supervisors name.you're also going to put the date you.enrolled in your graduate degree program.and this goes on virtually every single.form that you will ever fill out for the.BBS until you get licensed and that is.because that tells the BBS under what.law or set of laws and therefore set of.criteria that you will get licensed.under and you know certain requirements.go into effect based on a given date as.to when you enrolled in a program then.you're going to put the name of your.work setting and the address and then.this last box is very important because.this will also tell the BBS where those.account the hours as a trainee and what.ratio you need versus if you're an.intern and again so even if you stay at.the exact same site when you graduate.from your masters or doctoral program.that qualifies you for the light and MST.license and you would start a new set of.logs.just because the ratio shift so you have.a choice here between training and.training practicum that trainee buff is.going to disappear very soon because.[Music].with new rules that came out in 2012 you.have to be a training and practicum so.unless they keep it on there in case you.have been filling out these logs for a.long time and you're taking a long time.to you know to get licensed you may have.been a trainee not in practicum but.after 2012 everyone had to be so that's.the box you check there and then you can.see there's a post degree intern.application pending so after you.graduate there's often a three month.window in there where you're getting.your intern number and so you will check.that box for those three months and then.there's a registered intern number which.finally we get a check that box so once.you get that number you will be a just.checking that final box but that is kind.of like the identifying information here.so now we're going to talk about how to.actually fill in the hours on the logs.so the first thing to be aware of is.that the year needs to be included and.before you know it you will be racking.up.many our logs and having that year there.is critical for really keeping track of.the hours and then you'll notice that.each column it says week of so you're.going to be able to get about two months.worth of weeks on one log so you need to.you know usually most people start.counting their weeks on a Monday but you.know it could be 8 you know 3 August 3rd.the next one would be 8 10 August 10.then you have August 17th and that's.what you're going to have across the top.there and now we come to our first white.line line a which is direct counseling.with individuals groups couples and.families so this is when you are.providing and using psychotherapeutic.techniques with clients that this is all.of your direct service hours and you're.going to put the grand total for the.week in the white box then the next line.a1 is just going to be for working with.couples families and children and so in.this gray box this grade line you're.going to take out subtract you're just.going to put in the subset of ours.that's fall into this category and again.remember this is the category you need.500 of now the thing with these grey.lines and I'll be honest I'm not a real.fan of these grey lines no offense to.any BBS officers listening to this.workshop but I do because you're not.going to add any of the grey lines into.the total hours per week which is that.line see the grey lines just get added.across into the grey box at the end and.they're used a total of certain types of.hours so you don't add those grey lines.into the total wood line see that's not.typically how spreadsheets work so most.of us find this very counter intuitive.let's say is my very kind politically no.hopefully not offensive language for the.BBS then the next line is beam on.clinical experience so this includes all.supervisions as you had an hour of.individual two hours a group.put three hours for that and as you did.seven hours of paperwork that would.bring you up to ten and if you went to a.two hour training you'd be up to 12.hours of neuron clinical experience we.didn't our apply center an advocacy then.you're up to 13 total hours of clinical.experience then you have the next line.is individual supervision so that's how.many hours of individual supervision you.receive and then you have group which is.how many hours a group did you receive.and so these get pulled out kind of the.way the family hours do you don't add.these gray lines into the total four.lines see but you keep this total on.pajamas total down my cam you know doing.the addition across the row for the.total hours of the final egg and then.finally it is total hours for the week.is line a plus line B plus line C so.you're adding a and B and you're.ignoring all the gray lines to come up.with your total hours you actually work.per week which is posted in a maximum of.four TS ever two is what you can.actually have to take out more than four.books a week and again if you only go.one unit of supervision you can only.count up to ten hours in line a so that.is how the hours get totaled across the.a good total for line C and it is not.super intuitive for those of us are used.to adding up all the numbers in a given.column and then underneath all this you.get your supervisor signature each week.to basically validate verifies those.hours finally I want to talk about the a.watch blog repeat guideline and I often.offer my students that basically when.all of this is first explained and most.my students don't feel really clear and.finally when they try to log it with a.you know real week or two of their own.experience it begins to make sense and.then often re-watching this really helps.them make sense so um you can also ask.your supervisor and your fieldwork.instructor to you know help you know.to counter ours and the truth is in.terms of BBS our County there are so.some issues or instances that might be a.bit gray and you want to go with your.supervisors judgment on those and.whoever signing off of those BBS logs.ultimately you know is the one.responsible for making that.determination now of course if it seems.really you know we do creative somewhere.to count ours um you should discuss this.and make sure you're comfortable also.would have a ours get counted um but.ultimately again your VBS supervisor.should be making that call so I hope.this has been a useful not a scary.introduction to the BBS option1 our logs.

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