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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Finalizing Abc Form C 10 State Application And Estimate No Bc Alabama Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Abc Form C 10 State Application And Estimate No Bc Alabama

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even to.our time.we are taught the fearful and solemn.lesson that while god's mercy bears.along with a transgressor.there is a limit beyond which men may.not go on in sin.when that limit is reached then the.offers of mercy are withdrawn.and the ministration of judgment begins.[Music].as a warning to future generations the.ashes of sodom and gomorrah remain.unto this day brimstone or sulfur balls.are located here and have been tested to.be.90 to 100 sulfur the purest.sulfur on earth and it is only found.here.in sodom and gomorrah the ashes of these.destroyed cities are a warning to the.cities of earth.in the 21st century the bible speaks of.gods.turning the cities of sodom and gomorrah.into ashes.condemned them with an overthrow making.them an ensample unto those.that after should live ungodly it is.god's purpose that these cities.should remain here and should be made.known to all.that they may turn from their wicked.selfish ways and repent.and accept the mercy of a god who is.striving to save the race he created.in his own image just as the fire and.brimstone.fell from heaven upon the unsuspecting.inhabitants of sodom and gomorrah.so too there will fall upon the cities.of the earth balls of fire from heaven.but this will not happen all at once.only upon the first.city will they come unexpectedly there.is a lot to reveal from these prophetic.writings and so i want to get right to.the warnings themselves.the first warning from god occurred in a.dream this individual had on july 2nd.1904.the author wrote last night a scene was.presented before me.i may never feel free to reveal all of.it but i will reveal a little.it seemed that an immense ball of fire.came down upon the world.and crushed large houses from place to.place.rose the cry the lord has come the lord.has come.many were unprepared to meet him but a.few were saying.praise the lord why are you praising the.lord inquired those upon whom was coming.sudden destruction.because we now see what we have been.looking for.if you believe these things were coming.why did you not tell us was the terrible.response.we did not know about these things why.did you leave us in ignorance.again and again you have seen us why did.you not become acquainted with us and.tell us of the judgment to come.and that we must serve god lest we.perish now we are lost.there's a lot in this warning to.consider but before we do let's take a.look at another statement about this.dream.that this individual wrote the following.day the night before last a very.impressive scene passed before me.i saw an immense ball of fire fall into.the midst of some beautiful mansions.causing their instant destruction i.heard some say.we knew that the judgments of god were.coming upon the earth but we did not.know that they would come so soon.others said you knew why then did you.not tell us.we did not know on every side i heard.such words spoken.from these two warnings what is clear is.that one immense ball of fire comes down.and will destroy large houses which are.also identified as.beautiful mansions this ball of fire.will cause.instant destruction from these warnings.it is also clear that there is a group.of people that knew this judgment was.coming.we knew that the judgments of god were.coming upon the earth but we did not.know that they would come.so soon so even though this group was.expecting this judgment.it also takes them by surprise in both.statements the reaction by those who did.not know this judgment was coming.is one of both fear and anger they said.you knew why then did you not tell us.from this dream we can see that this.destruction of these large houses and.beautiful mansions.seems to be a judgment upon the wealthy.the word of god states.he that oppresseth the poor to increase.his riches.and he that giveth to the rich shall.surely come to want.the god who sees all knows all and reads.the motives of the heart.he knows the extent to which the wealthy.have become wealthy through dishonest.gain.acquiring their wealth by exacting the.labor of those under their employment.or even through fraud manipulation and.theft.god knows all now who are those.that knew these judgments are coming it.is not specified.and from these accounts we can only.conclude that those who knew these.judgments would fall.are those who had access to these.warnings.and when we know who the author of these.warnings is we.will understand to whom these warnings.were given.but before we discuss the author i want.to share with you.that for 111 years those who had access.to these writings from 1904.only had access to these two statements.it was not until the year 2015.that four more statements concerning.this dream were made available to the.public.and these additional statements give a.lot more information.including the name of the first city to.be affected by these judgments.but first i want to give you some.context on the author.and then some of the additional.information revealed will make a lot.more sense.[Music].the woman who was given these dreams in.1904 by the time of her death in 1915.had received over 2 000 visions and.dreams.many of these visions also took place in.public even before.entire congregations she wrote more than.5 000 periodical articles and 40 books.she is the most translated female author.in history.and the most translated american author.ever.her writings include thousands of pages.on health and physiology of the human.body as revealed to her by the creator.himself.in the last 115 years that have passed.since the time of her death.science has confirmed many of her.divinely revealed insights.and has yet to discover even more in one.account of a vision from the book.prophet of destiny we read of a time.when this woman was carried off into.vision.while in public before a congregation.the eyewitnesses wrote.startled the audience tensed slowly.james white got up from his chair.and ever so quietly walked over to his.wife and while her face took on an.expression of intense concentration with.eyes gazing unblinkingly.into the distance he faced the.congregation.she is in vision my wife is in vision he.whispered softly to the hushed audience.cognizant of the fact that he was.addressing a number of people.he reverently explained how since her.17th year.his wife was often called into vision.and that each time this happened she was.completely detached from her.surroundings.his claim that her breath ceased while.in this condition.caused many of them to press forward and.crowd around her.bring a mirror james asked in low tone.and while holding it close to her mouth.he carefully pointed out that the total.absence of condensation on the glass.proved that her breathing had stopped a.second test.this time with a burning candle held.only inches from her nose and mouth.was made but not a flicker of moving air.disturbed.the tranquility of the flame for two.hours she remained in vision sometimes.moving.other times just standing staring.listening observing with her spiritual.eyes what was being revealed to her.then came her first deep breath which.always signified the beginning of her.return to consciousness.another followed and then another.slightly bewildered.she glanced at the anxious faces around.her.and as the memory of her vision became.clear she realized once again.that she had been taken into supreme.confidence.during another vision that occurred on.january 12 1861.dr brown a physician was invited to.examine her.the account reads an eyewitness to this.examination.subsequently related what had happened.before he had half completed his.examination he turned deathly pale.and shook like an aspen leaf elder white.said.will the doctor report her condition he.replied.she does not breathe and rapidly made.his way to the door.those at the door who knew of his.boasting said.go back and do as you said you would.bring that woman.out of the vision in great agitation he.grasped the knob of the door but was not.permitted to.open it until inquiry was made by those.near the door.doctor what is it he replied god only.knows let me out of this house.during this time the heart and pulse.continue to beat.the eyes are always wide open and seem.to be gazing at some far.distant object and are never fixed on.any person or thing in the room.they are always directed upward the.brightest light may be suddenly brought.near her eyes.or faints mate as if to thrust something.into the eyes.and there is never the slightest wink or.change of expression on that account.and it is sometimes hours and even days.after she comes out of this condition.before she recovers her natural sight.now that a prophet should not breathe or.even blink.is consistent with the experiences of a.biblical prophet.daniel wrote of his experience saying.there remaineth no strength in me.neither is there breath.left in me in numbers 24 4.we read of the time when the spirit of.god came upon balaam and he was.described as.falling into a trance but having his.eyes open.there is no shortage of skeptics but.these are more than a century.removed from the time of these dreams.and visions but even those alive in her.day who had the opportunity to examine.her.were at a total loss to explain her.experience.or condition while in vision this woman.was no.stranger to predicting the judgments of.god upon the cities.she wrote while at loma linda california.april 16.1906 there passed before me a most.wonderful representation.during a vision of the night i stood on.an eminence.from which i could see houses shaken.like a reed in the wind.buildings great and small were falling.to the ground.pleasure resorts theaters hotels and the.homes of the wealthy were shaken.and shattered many lives were blotted.out of existence.and the air was filled with the shrieks.of the injured.and the terrified two days after this.vision.san francisco experienced what became.known as the great.1906 san francisco earthquake.[Music].in 2014 smithsonian magazine released an.issue.about the 100 most significant americans.of all time.and in this issue this author of the.dreams and warnings.is mentioned she is ellen g.white since her death 105 years have.passed.it was not until recently in 2015 that.50 000 more pages of her writings were.released to the public for the very.first time.among these 50 000 pages are the four.additional statements concerning this.judgment soon to fall.including the name of the first city to.be impacted.remember the first dream was given to.ellen white july 2nd 1904.the first of the recently released.statements i want to look at.is from august 14 1904.only a month and a half after she had.the dream.she writes while i was in nashville.a scene was opened before me a great.ball of fire seemed to fall from heaven.and from it went forth flashes of light.when these flashes of light would strike.a building.the building would burn like tinder and.then i heard someone.say i knew that this was coming these.are the judgments of god that i knew.were coming.you knew said another you were my.neighbor.why did you not tell me that these.things were coming why did you not warn.others.in this account the same ball of fire is.mentioned.but this time she adds that from it went.forth flashes of light.and when these flashes of light would.strike a building the building would.burn like tinder.we also see here that those who knew.these judgments are coming.called them the judgments of god and.that these people withheld the knowledge.of these judgments.even from their neighbors we see in this.statement.that this vision was given to ellen.white while she was in nashville.tennessee.almost a month later on september 10th.she wrote the lord is soon coming in the.clouds of heaven with power and with.great glory.his terrible judgments are soon to fall.upon our world.are we doing all we can to warn the.earth's inhabitants of these things.while i was in the south a few months.ago i had a very impressive dream.i seemed to see a great ball of fire.come from heaven and strike the earth.great houses were in flames.and many were looking on in great.distress.someone said i knew that this was coming.i knew that god's judgments were soon to.fall.you knew that these things were coming.said another why did you not tell us.why did you not warn us and show us the.prophecies.that we might also know in this.statement.also from 1904 ellen white does not say.where she was.but says she was in the south again we.see.mention of a great ball of fire from.heaven and.that great houses were in flames again.is given the account of those who said.they knew that god's judgments were soon.to fall.and those who responded saying why did.you not tell us.the next newly released statement i want.to look at is from january 21st.1905. she writes when i was at nashville.i had been speaking to the people and in.the night season there was an immense.ball of fire that came right from heaven.and settled in nashville there were.flames going out like.arrows from that ball houses were being.consumed.houses were tottering and falling some.of our people were standing there.it is just as we expected they said we.expected this.others were wringing their hands in.agony and crying unto god for mercy.you knew it said they you knew that this.was coming and never said a word to warn.us.they seemed as though they would almost.tear them to pieces.to think they had never told them or.given them any warning.at all from this account of her dream.the location of the judgment.is unmistakable she wrote that this.immense ball of fire.settled in nashville.[Music].[Music].the city of nashville was founded in.1779.covers approximately 528 square miles.and is home to around 700.000 people recently in 2020 riots.damaged several buildings and businesses.in the city.and still protests outside the capitol.building are ongoing.interestingly nashville is no stranger.to fireballs.a local news station on april 4 2019.wrote did you see it.meteor lights up sky over nashville some.495 people in eight states reported.seeing a slow and bright fireball about.5.50 a.m in 2018 burning objects in the.nashville sky were reported.and in 2015 nasa described fireballs.west of nashville.tennessee also seen in alabama.apparently nashville has a fireball.obsession according to the nashville.business journal that reports.even grandmas are downing the cinnamon.whiskey.the fireball is the name of nashville's.number one shot.that has the slogan unleash the dragon.fireballs are also seen all over nissan.stadium in nashville.because the fireball is the logo of the.tennessee titans nfl football team.the team received the new logo in 1999.after being renamed the tennessee titans.fireballs and meteors however have.appeared all over the world.in recent years there were several to.fly over russia.sending waves across the city where they.appeared even damaging windows and.buildings.dizzying explosions shattering windows.knocking these office workers to the.ground.a thousand people were injured from.shards of flying glass and debris.tonight here we have learned there was.no warning.concerning nashville we read from the.august 1904 account of ellen white's.dream.that this fireball would include flashes.of light.but now more detail is given and that.there were flames going.out like arrows from that ball and where.were they going.they were going and hitting the houses.because she adds.houses were being consumed houses were.tottering.and falling additionally we are given.more detail concerning the group of.people who knew these judgments were.coming.she writes some of our people were.standing there.saying it is just as we expected so what.did she mean by.our people ellen white was a co-founder.and member of the seventh day adventist.church.so when she wrote some of our people who.are standing there.she is speaking about seventh-day.adventists.so enraged were those in the city.against the seventh-day adventists.that she writes they seemed as though.they would almost.tear them to pieces because the.seventh-day adventists.had never told them or given them any.warning at all.the last of the four newly released.statements i want to look at is from.july 5th.1904 just three days after she had the.dream.and this statement is perhaps the most.detailed of them all.there was a scene presented to me it was.the night before the sabbath.that is when the scene was presented i.looked out of the window.and there was an immense ball of fire.that had come from heaven.and it fell where they were casting.buildings with pillars.especially the pillars were presented to.me and it seemed as if the ball came.right to the building.and crushed it and they saw that it was.branching out.branching out enlarging and they began.to cry.and mourn and mourn and ring their hands.and i thought some of our people stood.by there saying.well it is just what we have been.expecting it is just what we have been.talking about it is just what we have.been talking about.you knew it said the people you knew it.and never told us about it.i thought there was such an agony in.their face such an agony.in their appearance once again the.location of this judgment.is more specifically identified not only.would it occur.in nashville tennessee but she writes it.would occur.where they were casting buildings with.pillars.now there are many buildings in.nashville with notable pillars perhaps.the three buildings with the most.notable pillars in nashville would be.the tennessee state capitol building.behind me.the war memorial auditorium building and.the replica of the greek parthenon which.houses a 42-foot tall golden idol.a statue of the goddess athena.in second chronicles chapter 24 and.verse 18 we are told.how the lord responds to idol worship.we read about the princes of judah they.left the house of the lord.god of their fathers and served groves.and idols.and wrath came upon judah and jerusalem.for this.their trespass so the wrath of the lord.came upon.his own people when they turned to the.worship of idols.the lord has forbidden idol worship in.the second commandment.and therefore the worship of idols is.sin.transgression of the law for all the.gods of the nations are idols but the.lord.made the heavens while the parthenon has.notable pillars.the prophecy declares the ball of fire.would settle where they were casting.buildings.plural with pillars the parthenon is.just.one building with pillars but it is by.itself and.is five and a half miles from downtown.since the prophecy says the ball of fire.would settle in an area with multiple.buildings with pillars.it might seem like this prophecy would.be speaking of downtown nashville.including capitol hill within a short.distance of each other.there are several buildings with notable.pillars in downtown nashville.this includes the symphony center the.indigo hotel.the tennessee state capitol building the.courthouse building the supreme court.building.the tennessee state library and archives.building.and across the street in the legislative.plaza there is the military war memorial.auditorium building.it's also worth noting that they were.not casting pillars only.but that they were casting buildings.with pillars.but where today are there multiple.buildings in nashville being cast.that also have pillars well i'm not.aware of any such locations.especially since this method of.construction is largely outdated.and since the parthenon stands alone and.there are no other buildings in.nashville being constructed using this.method.it might leave one to wonder where this.prophetic dream.might take place but there is another.way to understand this statement.concerning the buildings being cast.with pillars ellen white said this ball.of fire.fell where they were casting buildings.with pillars.if we put the emphasis on the word were.it implies that we are to understand.this statement in the past tense.meaning that in the future this ball of.fire will fall.where they were in the past casting.buildings with pillars.the reason i find this understanding to.be the most interesting is because it.forces us to look into the past.to find some answers concerning the.locations of this future judgment.and the greek replica of the parthenon.building in nashville.has some very interesting history in.1897.the tennessee centennial and.international exposition was held in.nashville.this event celebrated the 100th.anniversary of tennessee's.entry into the union in 1796.the event was delayed one year due to.financing problems in the unfinished.state of some attractions the event in.1897.lasted six months and in preparation for.this event.multiple temporary buildings were.erected in an area spanning.200 acres some of these 35.major structures during the exposition.included the women's building.the government building the terminal.building the minerals and forestry.building the history building the.education building.the commerce building the children's.building and of course the replica of.the greek parthenon.which was included due to nashville's.reputation by 1897.of being the athens of the south.because these buildings were only.temporary they were constructed using.brick wood and plaster casts.concerning the parthenon the plaster.replicas of the parthenon marbles found.in the treasury room.the west room of the main hall are.direct casts of the.original sculptures which adorned the.pediments of the athenian parthenon.dating back to 438 bc.the classic greek architecture in.particular the pillars.were seen on almost every structure at.the centennial exposition in nashville.so while the parthenon stands alone.today.123 years ago there were many other.buildings.all around the parthenon made with.plaster casts.and adorned with many pillars.remember when ellen white received this.dream she was in nashville in 1904 just.seven years after this event took place.therefore it seems to make the most.sense that it was in light of this.recent event that had taken place in.1897.that she wrote there was an immense ball.of fire that had come from heaven.and fell where they were casting.buildings with pillars.that is where they were casting.buildings with pillars.in 1897 there is yet another but.subtle clue identifying the location of.this judgment.to be the parthenon building in.centennial park.just after ellen white wrote this ball.of fire fell where they were casting.buildings.plural she says of the same ball of fire.in the next sentence.that the ball came right to the building.and crushed it.so why when describing the location.where the ball of fire falls.would she write that it was around.multiple buildings in one sentence.and a single building in the next in.this particular instance it makes sense.if we understand that at one time in the.past.there were indeed multiple buildings at.this location.but presently there is only one the.parthenon.therefore when she writes of this ball.of fire that the ball came right to.the building and crushed it she could.only have been referring to the.parthenon.which is the only one of the structures.during the exposition that is still.standing today.and regarding this ball of fire she.writes again they saw that it was.branching out.branching out enlarging and that is of.course.with the flashes and flames going out.like arrows.which destroy the large houses and other.buildings that when hit.then burn like tinder to recap and.really get the big picture of what is.happening.we see this immense ball of fire comes.down from heaven and settles in.nashville.in particular it fell where they were.casting buildings with pillars.from this immense ball of fire there.were flames going out like.arrows and with flashes of light would.strike a building.and the building would burn like tinder.the ball of fire was seen branching out.and enlarging.and from it there were flames going out.like arrows.consuming large houses and beautiful.mansions.that would be destroyed as they were.seen tottering and falling.this is all the information we have.access to concerning the judgment that.is to come upon nashville.but this event is just the first of many.many cities to suffer the same fate.in a writing from september 2nd 1902.ellen white wrote.the wrath of god will come upon all.cities.upon dwellings upon large buildings so.suddenly.that they who have the slightest.intimation have no.safety in dallying at all they are to.flee.at once we are living amid the perils of.the last days.the wrath of god is preparing to come.upon.all the cities not all at once.but one after another.twice she writes the wrath of god will.come upon.all cities so why focus on the event in.nashville.it is because nashville is to be a.warning to all the cities of earth.after writing that these judgments will.come one after another she adds.and if the terrible punishment in one.city.does not cause the inhabitants of other.cities to be afraid.and seek repentance their time will come.when the lord ariseth to shake terribly.at the earth he will not cease.until his work in punishment is done.[Music].additionally it also makes sense that.this judgment would fall.where today stands the largest pagan.idol.on american soil inside the parthenon in.nashville.next to the statue of athena there is a.plaque.describing athena and it states in greek.mythology.athena is the goddess of wisdom and the.useful art.and the protector of cities.it stands to reason therefore that if.athena the protector of cities.is destroyed it must be a warning to the.other cities of earth.that their idols cannot deliver them.from a just and holy god.the wrath of god is to come upon all.cities and it seems pretty clear the.reason.why this dream focuses on nashville is.because nashville is the first.city to suffer this judgment that is to.eventually.come upon all the cities this is evident.by the fact.that both groups of people in these.dreams were surprised by the event.the seventh-day adventists were.surprised but were seen.saying praise the lord the other group.then responds.why are you praising the lord and the.answer they give.is because we now see what we have been.looking for.but even though they were looking for it.we see in the july 3 account of this.dream.that they also said but we did not know.they would come.so soon those upon whom the destruction.is falling.also said we did not know about these.things.so if the judgments of god had been.falling upon.other cities prior to nashville it would.not be a surprise.either to the seventh-day adventists or.to the others in nashville.but it is because this event in.nashville is a surprise.to both parties that we can know that.nashville.is the very first city of thousands of.cities around the world.to receive these judgments making the.event in nashville.a warning to the rest of the world and.this is why ellen white said.if the terrible punishment in one city.does not cause the inhabitants of other.cities to be afraid and seek repentance.their time will come the judgment upon.nashville.is the first warning for the rest of the.cities of the world.[Music].[Music].in 1906 ellen white had other dreams.where she saw the judgments falling upon.other cities on august 23 1906.she wrote in the night i was i thought.in a room.but not in my own house i was in a city.where i knew not.and i heard explosion after explosion.i rose up quickly in bed and saw from my.window.large balls of fire jetting out or.sparks in the form of arrows and.buildings were being consumed.and in a very few minutes the entire.block of buildings was falling.and the screeching and mourning groans.came distinctly to my ears.i cried out in my raised position to.learn what was happening.where am i and where is our family.circle.then i awoke but i could not tell where.i was.for i was in another place than home i.said o lord where am i and what shall i.do.it was as a voice that spoke be not.afraid.nothing shall harm you i was instructed.that destruction had gone forth upon.cities.the word of the lord will be fulfilled.isaiah 29.19 through 24 was repeated i dare not.move.not knowing where i was i cried unto the.lord what does it mean.these representations of destruction.were repeated.where am i in scenes i have represented.that which will be.but warn my people to cease from putting.their trust.in men who are not obedient to my.warnings and who despise my reproof.for the day of the lord is right upon.the world when.evidence shall be made sure.those who have followed the voices that.would turn things upside down.will themselves be turned where they.cannot see.but will be as blind men these words.were given me from isaiah 30..now go write it before them in a table.and note it in a book.that it may be for the time to come for.ever and forever.that this is a rebellious people lying.children.children that will not hear the law of.the lord.which say to the seers see not into the.prophets prophesy not unto us.right things speak unto us smooth.things prophesy deceits.the reason the lord gave for the.judgments upon the cities was that they.were trusting in men who were not.obedient to the lord's warnings.instead they were following voices that.turned things upside down.meaning they were teaching error.representing that which is light as.though it were darkness.and that which was darkness as though it.were light.in doing this they were securing a.people in rebellion against the lord.by turning them away from his law isaiah.wrote to the law.and to the testimony if they speak not.according to this word it is because.there is no light in them.today the entire christian world has set.aside the law.of god saying that it was nailed to the.cross and no longer binding.saying that the sabbath day which is to.be remembered and kept holy.according to the fourth commandment was.transferred to the first day of the week.even though god promised he would never.change his commandments.saying my covenant will i not break nor.alter the thing that has gone.out of my lips the point is that the.christian.church made the change from the seventh.day.to the first day of the week.when is your sabbath i'm telling you it.doesn't matter what day of the week.jesus literally did away with the.sabbath.you take your sabbath the bible says.this many times in the new testament.what day you worship on what day you.take as your day off as your day of rest.your day of recreation.doesn't matter the day you just need to.do it every week doesn't matter today.i'm telling you it doesn't matter what.day of the week.just as he obliterated the sacrificial.system he obliterated the sabbath system.all ten commandments are repeated in the.new testament.some numerous times except the fourth.command it is never repeated in the new.testament.not one single time.[Music].under the old system they had one day a.week that they needed to rest.thank god we can live and rest now the.leaders of christendom.have professed the law of god to be.changed and of this.god spoke saying the earth also is.defiled under the inhabitants thereof.because they have transgressed the laws.changed.the ordinance broken the everlasting.covenant.the leaders of christendom teach the.people to transgress the first.commandment.by promoting the idol trinity god.instead of the one true god and his only.begotten son.they teach the monstrous doctrine that.god is pleased to torture souls in an.eternally burning hell for all time.and that the dead are conscious.even though the bible states the dead.know not anything.and there is no work nor device nor.knowledge nor wisdom.in the grave whither thou goest they.teach.error after error and know nothing of.true christianity.they dress like the world act like the.world eat like the world and worship.like the world.because they are of the world this is.why the lord pronounces these religious.bodies.daughters of babylon because they are.lost in confusion.and therefore is the warning given come.out of her my people.that ye be not partakers of her sins and.that you receive not of her plagues.very soon the call to leave the apostate.religious systems will be given in power.and concerning this time ellen white.writes the spirit and power of god will.be poured out upon his children.at that time many will separate.themselves from those churches in which.the love of this world.has supplanted love for god and his word.many both of ministers and people will.gladly accept those great truths.which god has caused to be proclaimed at.this time.to prepare a people for the lord's.second coming.seriously the harry potter books and.films have attracted millions of fans.church members and volunteers bringing.the books to life.at quincy community united methodist.church.[Music].whether in the churches or in the world.all have forsaken the law of the lord.it is as it was in the days of noah and.every man.and woman seeks to gratify without.restraint.the satanic dictates of his own selfish.impulses this is why sister white saw.buildings were being consumed and in a.very few minutes the entire block of.buildings.was falling she also wrote i saw the.whole.heavens lighted up there were balls that.looked like fire.falling and these balls looked as if.full of arrows.and wherever they struck there were.great calamities.houses were set on fire and no human.effort could extinguish the flame.the earth quaked and homes were falling.with a crash.a few days later on august 26 1906.she writes last friday morning just.before i awoke a very impressive scene.was presented before me.i seemed to awake from sleep but was not.in my home.from the windows i could behold a.terrible conflagration.great balls of fire were falling upon.houses and from these balls.fiery arrows were flying in every.direction.it was impossible to check the fires.that were kindled.and many places were being destroyed the.terror of the people.was indescribable for the lord had the.controversy with the inhabitants of the.land.because there is no truth nor mercy nor.knowledge of god.in the land by swearing and lying and.killing.and stealing and committing adultery.they break out and blood toucheth blood.therefore shall the land mourn and every.one that dwelleth therein shall languish.[Music].so these warnings concerning nashville.and all this talk about the judgments of.god.begs the question why now.[Music].if these warnings were penned in the.early 1900s why is it that only now this.information about nashville is beginning.to be made available.in short the warnings concerning.nashville are only now seeing the light.of day.because prior to 2015 nobody not even.seventh-day adventists knew that these.warnings pinpointed nashville.as the location where these judgments.would begin.this only came to light in 2015 after.several years of a legal battle between.the ellen white estate.which is in charge of the writings of.ellen white and an independent group.calling themselves.sd anonymous largely comprised of.seventh-day adventists who were.advocating the release of more than 50.000 pages of ellen white's writings that.had not yet been made public.the group hacked the ellen white estate.taking more than eight.thousand pages of her writings the.lawyer representing the white estate.wrote to the representative of this.group.saying if you disseminate the material.as foreshadowed in your below.you can rest assured that my client will.never negotiate with you.and move to bankrupt you in australia.when the time arises.there will of course be other actions.that my client will take at various.locations around the world against you.and the other members of sd anonymous.enough time had passed since the death.of ellen white that her writings were.considered to be public domain.so despite the legal battle that ensued.eventually in 2015.it was said lng white estate releases.unpublished writings.this occurred on the 100th anniversary.of the day on which ellen g.white died and the reason was given lng.white estate board of trustees decided.on january 4.2013 to make these unpublished materials.available as a part of the official.centennial.commemoration of ellen white's life and.ministry.the chairman of the ellen white board of.trustees told the compass magazine.when you refuse to publish something it.breeds suspicion.now that enough time has passed privacy.is no longer an issue.the action demonstrated a commitment by.church leaders toward.transparency and the same day they.decided to make a commitment toward.transparency they dismissed the charges.against hostgator.com.godaddy.com defendant webs paypal.and the representative of sd anonymous.who was prepared to release the.unpublished writings.if the ellen white estate didn't so as a.result of this contention over the.unpublished writings of ellen white it.is only.since 2015 that the public now has.access to these writings ellen white's.dream concerning the judgment of.nashville was.itself a prophecy she wrote some of our.people.that is seventh-day adventists stood by.there.saying well it is just what we have been.expecting it is just what we have been.talking about.it is just what we have been talking.about this.is itself a prophecy because prior to.2015.seventh-day adventists didn't know about.this event only since.2015 could seventh-day adventists have.been talking about it.showing that the timing of this judgment.event is fast approaching.since it is only in recent years that.the warnings have been made public.the other main reason why these.judgments are drawing close is because.humanity is now living in the era of.time the bible identifies.as the hour of his judgment also known.as.the judgment hour in the book of.revelation in chapter 14.the second coming of christ is described.in verses 14 through 16.as we read the proclamation the time has.come for thee to reap for the harvest of.the earth is ripe.and he that sat on the cloud thrust in.his sickle on the earth and the earth.was reaped.this event is the second coming of.christ and just prior to this event are.described the last three messages to be.given to the world at the end of time.before the coming of christ these three.end time messages.in verses 6 through 12 have become known.as the three angels messages.the first of these messages includes the.everlasting gospel to preach unto them.that dwell on the earth.and to every nation and kindred and.tongue and people.so this is a global message then the.message continues with three specific.commands.saying with a loud voice fear god and.give glory to him for the hour of his.judgment is come.and worship him that made heaven and.earth and the sea and the fountains of.waters.the command is given to fear god because.the world does not fear him.respect him or know him the command is.given to give glory to him.which is to represent his selfless.loving character before the world.and the third command is to worship him.not worshipping just any god but.specifically the one.that made the heaven and the earth and.the sea and the fountains of waters.this command to worship the creator is.lifted from the fourth commandment.back in the book of exodus which says.for in six days the lord made heaven and.earth.the sea and all that in them is and.rested the seventh day.wherefore the lord blessed the sabbath.day and hallowed it.here in the first angels message is a.worldwide.global proclamation to call the world to.the worship of the creator.by remembering the sabbath day to keep.it holy.and this message is to be proclaimed at.a special time.and that time is when the hour of his.judgment is come.think of the story of noah for noah.lived during a judgment hour in his day.for 120 years he proclaimed that.judgment was coming.and that the door of mercy on the ark.was about to shut.a representation of the door of mercy to.close upon the human race.at the end of time the 120-year period.where god.through noah pleaded with the.inhabitants of earth to accept the offer.of mercy.while warning of a global judgment to.come was a judgment hour.it was the time just before the.execution of the judgment.when the last message of mercy was given.and this.is a symbol of the time in which we are.now living.which is why jesus said as the days of.noah were so shall also the coming of.the son of man be.but when will the days of noah for the.end of time begin.when will we be in the judgment hour and.see these last.end time messages go forth to the world.in the old testament the day of judgment.was called.the day of atonement all throughout the.year the israelites could obtain the.forgiveness of sins.by expressing their faith in the coming.messiah by offering a sacrifice.and symbolically transferring their sins.upon the animal that was slain.and through this process they obtained.mercy.and their sins were transferred into the.sanctuary.then at the end of the year on the day.of atonement there was.a judgment all who had obtained mercy.for their sins by.offering a sacrifice were forgiven and.those who did not were cut off.from israel it was a judgment and this.day of atonement is a symbol of the.judgment hour at the end of time.a symbol of the last day the last.opportunity when mankind may obtain.forgiveness of sins and all their.selfish thoughts words and actions that.they have committed.at the end of the day of atonement the.sanctuary was cleansed of all the sins.that had been transferred into it.and at the end of time the same thing.will happen with the sanctuary in heaven.where jesus now serves as our high.priest.paul writes we have such an high priest.who is set on the right hand of the.throne of the majesty.in the heavens a minister of the.sanctuary.and of the true tabernacle which the.lord pitched.and not man few christians even know.that the lord pitched a tabernacle in.the heavens.for he hath looked down from the height.of his sanctuary.from heaven did the lord behold the.earth.now there is a prophecy in the book of.daniel that tells us when this heavenly.sanctuary will be cleansed revealing the.time when the day of atonement and the.world's last judgment hour will begin.the angel gabriel told daniel and he.said unto me.unto two thousand and three hundred days.then shall the sanctuary be cleansed.now stay with me here because this.prophecy will identify when the world's.last judgment hour will begin.and when these three angels messages.will go forth to the entire world.just prior to the second coming of.christ.now because this is a prophecy the bible.gives us instructions on how to.calculate prophetic time.prophetic time is different from real.time in the book of numbers god.pronounces a.time judgment and says after the number.of the days in which ye search the land.even forty days.each day for a year shall ye bear your.iniquities.even forty years so one prophetic day in.this prophecy was to be a symbol for one.literal year.we see this also in ezekiel 4 6 thou.shalt bear the iniquity of the house of.judah 40 days.i have appointed thee each day for a.year.so this prophecy of 2300 days would be a.symbol for 2.300 years the time for the beginning of.this prophecy to be calculated.is given in daniel chapter 9 from the.going forth of the commandment to.restore and to build jerusalem.this prophecy in daniel chapter 9 and.the one regarding the cleansing of the.sanctuary in chapter 8.both have the same starting point so.when did the decree go forth to restore.and to build jerusalem.it was given by king ardex xerxes in.ezra chapter 7..i make a decree that all they of the.people of israel and of his priests and.levites in my.realm which are minded of their own free.will to go up to jerusalem.go with thee this decree outlined in.this chapter was given.according to verse 7 in the seventh year.of artaxerxes the king.the seventh year of this king's reign.was the year 457.bc and counting 2 300 years into the.future.we arrive at the year 1844.in this year the second great awakening.occurred.and in the years prior the message of.the culmination of the 2300 day prophecy.was being proclaimed.all over the world and sometimes even by.little children who were moved by the.spirit of god when local laws prohibited.the proclamation of this message.in this year 1844 and the years.following those who came together to.proclaim this prophetic message.embraced the first angel's message.calling the world to return to the.worship of the true.sabbath on the seventh day saturday.and came out of their apostate.denominational churches that had.embraced other false doctrines.such as the trinity to return to the.worship of the one true god.in an answer to the first angels command.to fear god and give glory to him.and to worship him the second angels.message of revelation 14.is a declaration proclaiming the.christian denominations of the world to.be.fallen fallen because they rejected the.light given in the warning of the first.angel's message.first given in 1844 the christian.denominations had rejected god's law.and his sabbath and have instead adopted.the heirs taught by babylon the great.a symbol of the papacy and the tradition.of sun worship and sunday worship of.paganism that the catholic church.integrated into christianity the third.angel's message is the most.solemn warning ever given in the bible.and it concerns the mark of the beast.the mark is described as a sign of.allegiance to the beast.the roman catholic church system the.[Music].dominican.and this mark opposed the sign that god.had given in his word to be a sign of.allegiance and worship to him.god's sign is given in ezekiel 20.and hallow my sabbath and they shall be.a sign between me and you.that ye may know that i am the lord your.god.the seventh-day sabbath was given to be.a sign whereby we acknowledge that he.the creator of the sabbath is our god.but when christians dispense with the.word of god and instead honor.acknowledge and reverence the day of the.son sunday which the roman catholic.church claims to be the day that honors.the false.trinity god then we may know this is the.sign.or mark of the papacy the beast power.this end time crisis over the sabbath is.the mark of the beast crisis for.it will force all upon the earth to make.a decision.whom they will obey for know ye not that.to whom you yield yourself servants to.obey.his servants he are to whom ye obey.when the sunday laws that forbid buying.and selling for all who refuse the mark.have been enacted.then all will be brought to make a.choice for life or death.the law of god or the law of the papal.church in the place of god.then when all have made their choice.human probation will close.just as did the door of the ark in the.days of noah.and the offer of mercy will be forever.gone.god sends his prophets and his.messengers and even his only begotten.son.to plead with humanity jesus said to his.beloved city.o jerusalem jerusalem which killst the.prophets and stone us them that are sent.unto thee.how often would i have gathered thy.children together as a hen to gather her.brood under her wings and ye.would not god wants to save as many as.possible.but being a god of love he will do.nothing against your will.being both merciful and just he says.there is no god.else beside me a just god and a savior.there is none beside me and he says and.ye shall seek me.and find me when ye shall search for me.with all your heart.and i will be found of you saith the.lord.the call to fear and worship the god who.created the heavens and the earth and.the sea.by remembering his sabbath on the.seventh day of the week saturday.and the call to leave the fallen.christian denominations that have drunk.of the wine.and false doctrine of the papal church.and the warning over the mark of the.beast crisis that will bring all mankind.to a test over the law of god.concerning the sabbath commandment these.are the three angels messages.that have been going forth since 1844..so the judgment hour of the last days is.not coming.it has already begun we are told the.long-suffering of god waited in the days.of noah.he waited for 120 years before closing.the door of the ark.but today we have been living in the.judgment hour.for more than 175 years.which only proves that god has been even.more long-suffering with us.than he was with those before the flood.and.that we are living in the last few.moments of earth's history.so why haven't these messages concerning.nashville and the three angels messages.gone forth prior to today.they couldn't have gone forth before.1844.but since then the three angels messages.have been going forth.but the messages concerning nashville.couldn't have gone forth before.2015 because prior to that time.nobody knew what city these dreams.described.in the dream concerning nashville just.as interesting as the details concerning.the judgment to come.is the response to this judgment in the.dream.we are told how people will respond to.this judgment.in the july 2nd account the day after.the dream ellen white wrote.that from place to place rose the cry.the lord has come the lord has come.even though this event is not the second.coming of christ.some will perceive that it is or that it.will culminate in christ's coming.even more interesting is the conclusion.they come to saying.now we are lost many will respond to.this judgment upon nashville as though.they were lost.and could not be saved and that their.opportunity to be saved had passed.but there is good news this judgment.does not mean they are lost.the third angel's message in revelation.14 warns about those who receive.the mark of the beast and says the same.shall drink of the wine of the wrath of.god which is poured out without mixture.into the cup of his indignation the.wrath of god is defined in revelation 15.1 and i saw another sign in heaven great.and marvelous.seven angels having the seven last.plagues for in them is filled up.the wrath of god those who receive the.mark of the beast.will receive the wrath of god which is.here defined to be.the seven last plagues the seven last.plagues will be the final judgment.the world receives and it will be.without mixture.meaning the seven last plagues will be.judgments without mercy.the opportunity to be saved and receive.the mercy of god will have closed.then the seven last plagues are poured.out.the seven last plagues would be.equivalent to the flood in noah's day.when the seven last plagues fall there.is no more opportunity for repentance.while many may look upon the destruction.of nashville and come to think they are.lost.this is not the case we know the.opportunity to repent and receive god's.mercy and be saved is still.available because when ellen white was.speaking of these judgments upon the.cities.she said if the terrible punishment in.one city does not cause the inhabitants.of other cities to be afraid.and seek repentance their time will come.therefore because there is still an.opportunity to seek repentance.even when the fireballs are falling we.can know.that they are not lost but we know they.will be.if they don't repent and embrace the.last messages.of warning and mercy given in the three.angels messages.the balls of fire that fall upon the.cities are god's destructive judgments.in mercy.this means while there will be much.destruction these balls of fire will not.indiscriminately destroy entire areas.however some have postulated that these.balls of fire that come upon nashville.and other cities.would destroy the entire area within a.radius.many miles wide around the city even.recently last july one individual took.out an.ad in the tennessean paper warning.nashville that he thought the entire.city would be destroyed by a nuclear.explosion.as a result of an islamic attack that.was supposed to occur on july 18th.this extreme view is false and does not.at all represent what ellen white had.revealed.some others also believe these dreams.describe the complete.and total destruction of the entire city.but this i find to be inconsistent with.the information given.remember these balls of fire were seen.falling upon.large houses and beautiful mansions and.upon buildings.these very specific descriptions of.these structures would make no sense at.all if the entire city in the area.surrounding the city.was indiscriminately destroyed with.these judgments god's object is not to.destroy man or to destroy the entire.city.but rather to save man and in particular.the few who will repent.upon seeing these things take place.ellen white writes.there are many who have not yet heard.the testing truth for this time.there are many with whom the spirit of.god is striving.the time of god's destructive judgments.is the time of.mercy for those who have had no.opportunity to learn what is truth.tenderly will the lord look upon them.his heart of mercy is touched.his hand is still stretched out to save.while the door is closed to those who.would not enter.back in 2005 i was greatly deceived.concerning religious and spiritual.things.i was raised and grew up catholic but.when i accepted.jesus christ as a substitute for my.selfish sins.i really really wanted to understand the.book of revelation.but was greatly confused but god did not.leave me there as i strove with much.prayer and study to.understand these things i came across a.beautiful passage from sister white that.illustrates my own experience.she wrote but not one is made to suffer.the wrath of god.until the truth has been brought home to.his mind and conscience.and has been rejected there are many who.have had no opportunity to hear the.special truths for this time.the obligation of the fourth commandment.has never been set before them in its.true light.he who reads every heart and tries every.motive will leave.none who desire a knowledge of the truth.to be deceived as to the issues of the.controversy.the decree is not to be urged upon the.people blindly.everyone is to have sufficient light to.make his decision intelligently.how beautiful and loving and merciful is.the lord that he will leave.none who desire a knowledge of the truth.to be deceived.and this is the purpose of the mark of.the beast crisis.it is to call the attention of the.entire world.to the law of god and the sabbath and to.agitate and make known these salvational.issues.so that all who desire to know the truth.may have an.opportunity to understand and embrace it.[Music].when people will not search the.scriptures pray or seek to know the lord.and receive his mercy.then he will send judgments but even.these are in mercy.to be a wake-up call that many might.earnestly lend their ears to the testing.truth for this time.as given in the three angels messages.ellen white writes.there is a line beyond which they cannot.pass the time is near when they will.have reached the prescribed limit.even now they have almost exceeded the.bounds of the long-suffering of god.the limits of his grace the limits of.his mercy.the lord will interpose to vindicate his.own honor to deliver his people.and to repress the swellings of.unrighteousness.we know the bible says god is love but.there comes a point when even.love demands justice it is god's purpose.to put an.end to sin but not the sinner god longs.to separate the sinner from his sins.that the individual may be saved.but this requires repentance the gospel.of christ alone can free him from the.condemnation or the defilement of sin.he must exercise repentance toward god.whose law has been transgressed.and faith in christ his atoning.sacrifice.thus he obtains remission of sins that.are past.and becomes a partaker of the divine.nature he is a child of god.having received the spirit of adoption.whereby he cries.abba father concerning these judgments.coming upon the cities ellen white gave.practical counsel as well saying out of.the cities out of the cities.this is the message the lord has been.giving me.the earthquakes will come the floods.will come and we are not to establish.ourselves in the wicked cities.the lord desires that we shall have.clear spiritual eyesight.we must make wise plans to warn the.cities and at the same time.live where we can shield our children.and ourselves from the contaminating and.demoralizing influences.so prevalent in these places before the.overflowing scourge shall come upon the.dwellers of the earth.the lord calls upon all who are.israelites indeed.to prepare for that event to parents he.sends the warning cry.gather your children into your own.houses gather them away from those who.are disregarding the commandments of god.who are teaching and practicing evil get.out of the large cities as fast as.possible.this warning was given over a century.ago and if it was urgent then.how much more so is it now when balls of.fire are about to fall upon the cities.coronavirus and riots have clearly.revealed to all with eyes to see.how dangerous living in the cities will.be yet these.do not even compare with the things that.will come.get into the country ask the lord for.forgiveness of all your selfish sins.ask him into your heart and ask him to.help you to have the desire.and the power to turn away from sin.those who choose to remain.disloyal must be visited in mercy with.judgments.in order that if possible they may be.aroused to a realization of the.sinfulness of their course.these judgments and others will come.because of unchecked proliferation of.sin.and injustice said isaiah judgment is.turned away backward and justice.standeth afar off.for truth is fallen in the street and.equity cannot enter.it is important to know therefore what.sin is so that we know what to turn away.from.most christians have only a vague notion.of sin calling it something bad or.mean or evil but sin the very thing for.which god has brought.judgment upon the earth and for which.christ died.has no arbitrary or ill-defined.definition.first john 3 4 tells us sin is the.transgression of the law.what is the law the bible says love is.the fulfilling of the law.the law is the ten commandments god's.moral standard.of right and wrong and the love that is.the principle.at the foundation of every commandment.is.selflessness the greek word for love in.romans is the word agape which is a.benevolent altruistic love.in first corinthians chapter 13 we read.that love.seeketh not her own love is selflessness.this is the principle of the entire law.therefore because sin is transgression.of this law of selflessness.this means that all transgression of.this law.has at its root a manifestation of the.principle of selfishness.selfishness manifests itself in desires.lusts and also.in fear and self-preservation.selfishness is the root of.all sin any thought harbored any words.spoken.any act done from a selfish motive is.sin.but god is love and because he is both.merciful and just he will not allow.selfishness and the pain.suffering and death that it brings to.defile the earth forever.it must come to an end ellen white wrote.supreme love for god and unselfish love.for one another this.is the best gift that our heavenly.father can bestow.this love is not an impulse but a divine.principle.a permanent power the unconsecrated.heart cannot originate or produce it.only in the heart where jesus reigns is.it found.we love him because he first loved us.in the heart renewed by divine grace.love is the ruling principle of action.it modifies the character governs the.impulses controls the passions.and ennobles the affections this love.cherished in the soul.sweetens the life and sheds a refining.influence on all around.the purest demonstration the world has.ever witnessed.it had witnessed in the life of christ.the lord is pleading with all to turn.from their sins.from their selfishness and receive the.sacrifice of christ for the forgiveness.of their sins.then jesus himself will come and make.his abode in your hearts and minds.through his own omnipresent spirit but.this he will never do without your.consent.jesus is pictured in the book of.revelation knocking at the door of the.heart.he says behold i stand at the door and.knock if any man hear my voice and open.the door i will come into him.and will sup with him and he with me to.nashville and the cities of the world i.repeat the lord's words.for all this his anger is not turned.away but his hand is stretched out still.seek ye the lord while he may be found.call ye upon him while he is near.let the wicked forsake his way in the.unrighteous man his thoughts.and let him return unto the lord and he.will have mercy upon him.and to our god for he will abundantly.pardon.god's messenger who received the dream.about nashville concluded.the judgments of god are soon coming.upon all our cities.and i desire that we shall all be.prepared i greatly desire that we shall.confess our sins and be converted.if any of you desire to have your hearts.softened and broken before god it is.best for you to clear the king's highway.this afternoon.without delay it is best to prepare the.heart for the reception of the holy.spirit.that it may have free course in the.entire being.it is best that you should open the door.of the soul temple.and let the savior come in behold i.stand at the door.and knock the savior says if any man.hear my voice.and open the door i will come into him.and will sup with him.and he with me.[Music].[Music].you.

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Chrome is probably the most favored browser at this time, and it's no wonder. It has all the features, integrations and extensions you can implore. It's extremely useful to have all the tools you use available, due to the browser extensions.

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Email is the main solution to forward documents at this time, and going paperless has a lot of good, speed being the main one. You can sign a document and have your partner receive it in an instant.

Your email recipient is one click away. This simple process can be applied to any contracts that needs a signature: contracts, tax forms, and all kinds of agreements or declarations.

The great thing about CocoSign is that it helps you add your esignature the Abc Form C 10 State Application And Estimate No Bc Alabama in your Gmail, without having any other appliances involved. You can do that using the CocoSign Chrome extension. There are only five simple guides you need to follow to sign your form right in your Gmail account:

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Smartphones and tablets are so evolved at this time, that you can put to use them for anything what you can do on your laptop and PC. That's why more and more people are completing your job duty from these mobile devices, saving even more time.

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Creating an electronic signature on a iPod Touch is not at all complicated. You can sign the Abc Form C 10 State Application And Estimate No Bc Alabama on your iPhone or iPad, using a PDF file. You will locate the application CocoSign has created especially for iOS users. Just go to try CocoSign.

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iOS has many of users, there's no doubt of that, but most mobile phone users have an Android operating system. To meet the needs, CocoSign has developed the program, especially for Android users.

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