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hi i'm sam i'm aaron and this is main.and local.it is suicide awareness week and this.week we have an interview with ashley.davis who is a licensed therapist here.in ohio county.about mental health and suicide issues.and what resources.we have so stay tuned.[Music].and welcome back to maine and local.before we get started we'd like to.remind you to please like share and.subscribe.our youtube channel our facebook all.social media.help get the word out and uh you're.certainly welcome to.comment and tell us more of what you.would like to see on main.main and local all right so again a.suicide awareness.walk we're going to get into the.interview with ashley here in a few.moments but we have a suicide awareness.walk that's going to happen saturday.september 26th out at ohio county park.here in hartford.that is and this kind of uh coincides.with suicide awareness week which is.actually happening as.this airs right people will be seeing.this for the first time.the suicide awareness walk there's gonna.be a lot of activity so a lot of people.can get involved they can and uh as it's.uh kind of noted it's to raise awareness.and you know there's going to be the.things that you would find.at a lot of events usually in that we.would have in september there's going to.be food.bouncy house stuff for kids several kids.too.and uh there's one thing in particular.that's going to be here they'll have an.ambulance there.that they can check out but they'll also.have coping skill exercises right.and that's not something that would.necessarily think of.but it's you know this is all ages and.it starts.very early right you know and so this is.uh this is a great thing that's been.organized.and uh very excited about that event and.uh we hope to.be there as well yeah and uh you know.get word.from people there's going to be a.remembrance ceremony uh.you know and things like that so it's.it's.really a great event that's coming up.saturday the 26th.all right so and they will have t-shirts.and if you want to find out more about.this go to facebook.com.standup oc for information on the.suicide awareness walk our interview.with ashley is next.we're back on main and local we have a.guest again this week.and it is owner and therapist at mending.minds therapy ashley davis thank you for.joining us thanks for having me i'm.excited and nervous.all right so explain to us what you do.what your.title is okay so i'm an lcsw that's.licensed clinical social worker.um i provide outpatient therapy um in.many different aspects in the.community and for some surroundings oh.so you do surrounding areas too.i have an office in hartford here some.people.come come from different areas for.example um.i contract with the children's advocacy.center as well and that covers a couple.of different counties.um hancock ohio and i get some from.davis okay and uh.suicide awareness week is uh actually.coming up and uh.we have a lot of awareness going around.and this is some isn't talked about a.lot.and and why would you why is that okay.good question why why aren't we talking.about suicide awareness.um so mental health tends to have this.stigma attached to it.um you know we can like we were talking.about um.during the break um you know it's okay.for us to say hey.um support my friend they have lung.cancer but we don't go around saying.hey i'm depressed or um you know i'm.suffering from severe anxiety i have a.hard time getting out of bed sometimes.so um and people are afraid to talk.about it too.i have people ask me is it okay to ask.if um.i can ask them about suicide they're.afraid that we're going to put thoughts.into people's heads.that aren't already there right and.that yeah that's something else as you.mentioned we talked about so many other.things but this.uh are people afraid that somebody's.going to put them it just has a stigma.to it i think.yeah there still has a stigma after all.these years yeah yeah.and and exactly um people.are afraid oh this might become my.record or this might prevent me from.having.custody of my children down the road but.mental health is just you know if you.were having chest pains we'd send you to.the doctor.um to to a cardiologist so and you.wouldn't avoid that because of.maybe i won't get my kids you know so we.have to normalize that we all have.mental health and you know sometimes.it's on.it's better on some days than it is on.the other days.okay so covenant team we've brought it.up on a free episode because that's what.we're going through what kind of.uh i guess intake or how many calls or.how many people.are worried about it which i imagine a.lot of people are yeah.um so i know you know around.here we don't have a lot of mental.health therapists and we're slammed.right now people are having lots of.experiences.i have negative impacts from the the.things that are going on.the social isolation that's big for some.people.um financial stressors um.i mean we're living in one day to the.next we don't know.what kind of decisions we're going to.have to be making so there's just.extreme stressors on everybody and.anxiety.all around and if suicide rates gone up.than during the pandemic um so i haven't.seen any.um data on that right now and this data.usually takes a while.to pull together um there potentially.could be.like i said those stressors that i just.mentioned and if we're not seeing them.now it might even be later.down the road as our as the impact.continues to build.if people don't go out and get help i.think that's one.statistic that's overlooked during this.whole thing because they think well this.is just a health.issue or a physical health issue yeah.absolutely i've heard some you know.politicians and stuff start to mention.it but.you know right yeah what are we going to.do about it.and what are some of the rates for the.state of kentucky so the most recent.rates that i have.um are for from 2018 and this is from.suicideology.org.yeah suicidal suicideology.org so.um our national rate in 2008 was 48.344 deaths by suicide.kentucky ranked 21st.that year um at 800.suicides so that was 17.9 percent of our.population.died with.suicide so what are some of the.precursors.um so there's you know lots of different.issues again going back to the stressors.i've already mentioned.um financial stressors mental health.undiagnosed mental health.um substance abuse um alcohol abuse.those things play a huge role too.a lot of times i mean.just think about somebody who's been.drinking they're likely to send that.text that they normally wouldn't send.when they're.sober so whenever their inhibitions are.lowered by.substances that plays a huge role in.well i've been depressed anyway i've had.this kind of come through my mind and.then.the follow through and.is it a local issue here in ohio county.suicide yes.absolutely um i don't have those numbers.right now i'm working on.getting that though what mental health.resources do we have in the county.like overall what do we have available.because we.that i know of didn't have it but i.don't know i mean that's 25 years ago.but.yeah absolutely so we have our community.mental health center which is river.valley.so they cover all of the green river.area but.so that's in beaverdam we have several.private.practice offices a lot in hartford.there's some that even are specifically.christian counselors.so ohio county has an abundance it's.just.like you said we don't go hey my.therapist is great um you should go.check her out.just like you would back to the heart.doctor and.what is the cost is there any type of.weight for free for somebody that just.cannot.afford it and they really need it.absolutely so.the community mentor mental health river.valley they.take insurance but they also will work.on a sliding scale so that's going to.look at.the number of people in your household.your income.there's other things like new beginnings.right crisis center.completely free runs off grants.children's advocacy center.same and then there's even options like.um given hour.org.so that is for military members or their.families.so that's completely free service as.well so there's really no reason for.somebody to say oh i don't think i could.even.begin to handle this financially it's.you want them to get there and then.you'll work on the rest of that.absolutely absolutely if somebody comes.and they're struggling nobody's going to.say.get out of here we want to help you and.if even if it's not.you know myself i'm going to help you.find somebody that.that you can't afford or that does fit.with your schedule.so uh what would be one of the steps uh.that somebody.would take i mean what would be that.first step first step is you know just.realizing like hey.it's okay to talk to somebody it's okay.and and the great thing about having a.therapist.is my little inside joke is this is.vegas what happens here stays here with.the exception of just a couple of things.and that's the first thing i always go.over.so you know we can talk about how awful.your.neighbor is or you know and it doesn't.leave that room so that's great.um i'm going to put together a list that.we can i think we can attach.to this program so it'll have all the.phone numbers and things so that's all.you really got to do is just.call somebody call somebody it's a kind.of it's a confidential.situation absolutely because i guess a.lot of people are going to think they're.ashamed or.you know they don't want to say hey i'm.seeing i need help uh.do they feel like uh i i don't know.maybe some people feel like uh well it's.it's not.the cool thing or i'm i'm admitting that.you know i'm i'm a little weak in an.area or something like that yeah.yeah so um and that that brings up a big.point.women will seek treatment a lot more.often than.men that men even seem to have that.or males seem to have that.men don't talk about this kind of thing.more often than.we see the women but now once men get in.there.they're ready to work their problems so.so.therapy with adults and then therapy.with children.we have well we have resources to cover.all of that right.or that any something's better than the.other but we can have that here in ohio.county.well yeah yes um yeah not everybody sees.youngsters um there is somewhere close.though.yeah yeah yeah absolutely i see little.ones river valley.new beginnings children's advocacy so.what about uh you know with social media.uh.online bullying that's taking a.different form than what it used to be.now especially with kids that aren't in.school anymore but there's still the.online aspect.and that's something that starts we said.with.back from childhood absolutely and.this is all the kids have to do right.now is be on the internet.so that really requires lots of adult.supervision.um and you know kids kids your kids are.gonna get mad at you.for checking their phone but it's it's.our job to watch out for them.uh what are some signs that people might.not.that should look for maybe they don't.realize it or maybe after the fact.sometimes they'll look back and say oh i.should have not yeah.yeah so just hopeless.hopelessness i'm just feeling like.tomorrow's never going to get better.next year's never going to get better.just uh you know just those.real deep blues big warning signs might.be.giving away prized possessions or.finding a.permanent place for their loved pets.of course some of the more obvious.things like gaining access to weapons.pills like hoarding pills um.some other things uh anxiety increased.anxiety agitation.threats of suicide um.maybe even jokes as they say references.anyway yeah it's not a laughing matter.but.some people might make a reference yeah.lightly right and if that's out of.character for them if they're not.all into you know that topic on a normal.basis and that's out of character that's.definitely something to pay attention to.okay how did you become interested in.this work type of work.i don't know i just always remember.wanting to.to be in the setting and to to be able.to help people and listen and.i get to talk listen for a living.mental health does impact myself i.suffer from anxiety.i've had traumas i've.seen loved ones go through um some.things too so.and some people might be surprised to.hear that they wouldn't they think their.therapist.perhaps or a therapist oh they have it.all they know all the answers nobody.yeah.the answer is right right right exactly.so and uh there's recently been a.committee a mental health committee uh.that's been established here and that's.something new that i've.never heard before and i think that's.great yeah it's brand spanking new um.so we've met maybe i think three times.the fiscal court decided to put it.together.at one meeting i guess two or three.months ago.with the intentions of bringing bringing.mental health awareness to the community.more resources.and helping identify those barriers and.and those things that are leading to our.suicides in the community.is there one big incident that led to.that or just they said well we.we need to tackle this finally or yeah i.think that was.yeah let's let's work on this yeah.uh now how about somebody that uh you.know doesn't want to admit it.uh you know you can tell you can see the.signs um.is it is it a situation say i knew.somebody for example.uh it's it's you know sometimes they say.well you can't make somebody but.what is something that you could do to.help so really being an.active listener having those open-ended.questions i think i mentioned earlier.it's okay to say are you having suicidal.thoughts.um that's a big question it's sometimes.a relief for somebody to just.ask that question so i could so they can.finally say.yes i am and then and then you just.listen and then you can help guide them.to some of these phone numbers that.you know we're talking about for some.help of course drive them to the.hospital.call 9-1-1 if if there's immediate.danger.it's like you mentioned earlier you know.somebody was having a heart attack the.first thing you would do is you would.you would take.call an ambulance or you would do what.it took to.get them the help that they needed.absolutely and some people are just.very stubborn about help and how would.you encourage them to.to just say let's check this out at.least.i'll go with you yeah i think that would.probably be great yeah yeah.let's jump together because not.everybody is i guess in tune with what.therapy really.is i mean it is talking and you're.listening.but i mean there's medication involved.some sometimes there's medication.involved but yeah.so your therapist won't be a prescriber.generally that's going to be.a medical doctor or psychiatrist.something like that.and usually you know if you're to the.point it's either.if you get to the point where you need.medication your therapist might say hey.let's help you find somebody or your.doctor might say.okay i'm giving you this medicine but.you you know you need more so the medic.medication is great it's going to help.quicker the therapy you're going to gain.skills to last you a lifetime.right so it's kind of a network though i.mean.you can refer them to somebody that can.help them in other departments if it.does come down to that say it's.medication or or whatever the case might.be.yeah yeah so as a therapist what is the.most important thing that a person can.do that is dealing with.mental issues okay so some of the first.things i tell my clients i really like.to try to look.at more natural paths things that we can.do things that everybody can do so it's.going to be like.nutrition i use the example you can't.put watered-down gas.into your car and expect it to to go.thousand miles we have to put.good uh nutrients into our bodies our.mind our guts are it's all connected.of course exercise is important um.learning.breathing techniques from like guided.meditation or just a good.deep deep belly breath um.you can learn that in yoga as well you.can youtube all these things all day.long.so those are really important things to.try to do naturally.um yeah so some people just need.some people can do well with just the.therapy some people are having more.severe symptoms that maybe have been.more chronic and that they might benefit.from the combination of therapy and.medication.all right as far as therapy today how.how have things changed when you started.in the past 10 years.the awareness that trauma needs to be.addressed and and really looked at the.underlying the.issues that that are leading people to.have anxiety and depression.a lot of times anxiety and depression.are um.our body's way of helping us get through.certain situations um.watching domestic violence growing up.you know just things that.that weren't the best circumstances.so being trauma informed is really.starting to be more involved in.not just mental health but physical.therapists doctors they're starting to.to recognize too that these adverse.effects.have long-term mental effects.yeah mental and physical yeah mental and.physical.so you have therapy and you have.medication sometimes it's a matter of.having a combination of both.um you know you have taken take it on.case-by-case basis.i guess would be uh would be the.situation with that.okay ashley as a therapist what concerns.you right now with covet i mean it's.just.constant situation that we may see for i.don't know how many more months maybe.years.i need to think about that hopefully.that goes away sooner than later.um so i've had i've been really.concerned about.our children teachers are generally the.number one.reporter of child abuse our teachers.haven't seen the kids in forever.not only is that probably.hard on the teachers because you know.they go into this profession because.they care.but these kids are at homes where.there's a lot of stress going on maybe.dad's lost his job maybe mom's trying to.juggle two jobs or you know there's lots.of stressors going on so when families.are just.in turmoil child abuse rates can go up.but then we're all isolated so nobody's.going to know.that this child needs help um elderly or.another population that.exactly i'm really concerned about.that's a lot of isolate that's.probably more isolated than the average.person absolutely.in some situations because we're telling.them hey you don't go anywhere.bad things are going to happen and and.sometimes this.like the senior center i know that's.been a great source for.my mama for example um after she lost.her husband she would go there every.single day and then when this happened.it's yeah can happen that's it right.stuck in the house so.i think it's important for us to reach.out to our neighbors send.you know little postcards to um some of.the elderly that you might know.i've seen that they've done pen pal.things for for for uh.nursing homes and such i think that's.such a great idea awesome idea.that is great um we all need to take a.part in.helping with this this is a mental.health issue and we all can play a part.in helping reduce.some of the the problems that are coming.along with coven.what's some other things that we can do.outside of that i mean we've focused on.the elderly and.we've talked about the kids but just.some things in general uh.what's something uh maybe somebody on.the outside maybe they.see something out of somebody else and.they're like well i'm not too close to.them.you know what's something they can do.so number one everybody in kentucky is a.mandated reporter so if you do know.of a child being abused or an elderly.person being abusing.we have to make a report not just.therapists not just doctors.you know your local post office person.uh.you the trash pickup accountability yeah.yeah so that's um one thing to be aware.of a lot of people don't know.well what i mean what are some things.that we can do uh that we're accountable.for say uh.say me is just i see or i know of.something i'm i'm pretty certain.even though i'm not is it private or.public that we're acknowledging or.saying something that's.or if there's a difference between that.or.private republic i'm sorry.i'm not following um i'm sorry when they.see somebody struggling.yeah the average what what.yeah well what just.what do you do who do you call yeah yeah.what's the first thing you can do.oh hotline like a welfare check can you.you know yeah.is.[Laughter].all right okay sorry all right she yeah.you.rolled into that okay yeah so uh what's.something that we can do say we notice.something public say it's something on.facebook you know.we might not actually know that person.well enough but.we get a hint that there's something.going on what's what's something we.could do.so um maybe if it's not somebody that.you.know closely but you maybe know their.brother or something and say hey you.know i've seen some concerning things.could you reach out and then follow up.on that don't just leave it there.um other things that we can do you know.help.just be kind we all just smile at each.other well it's hard to smile now.that we have masks on but kindness goes.a really long way.i'm kind of underrated now isn't it.absolutely and you never know what.somebody.has just been through like you know the.if somebody's.forgot to use their turning signal we.don't have to go through a big rage.maybe they just found out some really.terrible news we really need to have.grace for other people.and grace for ourselves as well um.sharing hotline numbers.um when we can attach that too.i don't think there's national hotline.numbers you can even text them nowadays.which is great for teens you know they.don't want to talk to anybody on the.phone so.that texting option is amazing um there.are some.online therapy um.kind of resources or yeah um.some kind of like online therapist i.guess so there's lots of options and.right now entrances are even paying.um for zoom type say sessions because of.coping.so that's another thing if normally hey.i can't like leave work to come.to a therapy session well maybe you've.got 45 minutes on your lunch break that.you'd like to spend.with um your cell phone um using talking.to a professional so.there's um that's one good thing that.we've seen from covet is that some of.the insurances have.opened up a little bit of that their.restrictions with.how we can serve the public because.there's probably a lot of people who are.not okay but it's okay to not be okay.during all this.going on absolutely absolutely.we're not okay.well actually we want to thank you for.coming in today and we kind of want to.end with.you know if there's anybody that is.watching this and perhaps uh or.listening.or listening uh and it kind of strikes a.chord with them and and they start to.think okay i can relate to this either.personally or.by somebody i know uh what would they.who could they reach out to what could.they uh what's a number.um the national suicide prevention line.is 800-273-8255.and then the text number you can text.home h-o-m-e to.seven four one seven four one.so those that's the crisis text line.um so that's a great place to start of.course if anybody's in.immediate danger 9-1-1 emergency room.those are those are your go-to's.and then i'll be getting um some.resources together for local numbers for.you guys.okay well we we thank you as i said for.coming in this is uh it is suicide.awareness week.uh is this is airing and we this was an.opportune time for you to come in and.we'd love.to have you come back great thank you.i'm so glad to be here.thank you and that is main and local.thank you all for joining us.[Music].you.

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Ky Cadc Form FAQs

Here are some frequently asked questions along with their answers to clear up the doubts that you might have.

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First off there are no fees for leaves or requests for leave in any branch of the United States military. Second there is no such thing as a fiancée form in the U.S. military. There is however a form for applying for a fiancée visa (K-1 Visa)that is available from the Immigration and Customs Service (Fiancé(e) Visas ) which would be processed by the U.S. State Department at a U.S. Consulate or Embassy overseas. However these fiancée visas are for foreigners wishing to enter the United States for the purpose of marriage and are valid for 90 days. They have nothing to do with the military and are Continue Reading

How can I fill out Google's intern host matching form to optimize my chances of receiving a match?

I was selected for a summer internship 2016. I tried to be very open while filling the preference form: I choose many products as my favorite products and I said I'm open about the team I want to join. I even was very open in the location and start date to get host matching interviews (I negotiated the start date in the interview until both me and my host were happy.) You could ask your recruiter to review your form (there are very cool and could help you a lot since they have a bigger experience). Do a search on the potential team. Before the interviews, try to find smart question that you are Continue Reading

How do I fill out the form of DU CIC? I couldn't find the link to fill out the form.

Just register on the admission portal and during registration you will get an option for the entrance based course. Just register there. There is no separate form for DU CIC.

How do you know if you need to fill out a 1099 form?

It can also be that he used the wrong form and will still be deducting taxes as he should be. Using the wrong form and doing the right thing isnt exactly a federal offense

How can I make it easier for users to fill out a form on mobile apps?

Make it fast. Ask them as few questions as possible (don't collect unnecessary information) and pre-populate as many fields as possible. Don't ask offputting questions where the respondent might have to enter sensitive personal information. If some users see you collecting sensitive information, they might not be ready to share that with you yet based on what you are offering, and they will think twice about completing the form.

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