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youtube video


hi guys and gals and welcome to retire.in Mexico step-by-step how to apply for.temporary residency in Mexico while in.the United States at a Mexican Consulate.and thank you so much Diana from YouTube.channel Minneapolis to Mexico and she.shares her very detailed very explicit.instructions and steps that she went.through so you stay tuned.I'm Cindy my husband Fred and we do.videos about daily life moving to.retiring in Mexico this is our playlist.and there are many many topics so you.can select what you want to learn about.did you know that under the video.clicking on the right you will find.descriptions links and information about.each video you'll also find a way that.you can help us financially to continue.doing these videos for you did you know.we have new video clips about daily life.in Mexico from 30 seconds to 1 minute on.our instagrams so be sure and go enjoy.those as well now back to our video.I'm Dan here with Minnesota to Mexico.oh this is going to be a X number part.series about how are our immigration.process appointment worked um first let.you know before we even went I went.online I got all kinds of information I.did the analysis paralysis uh thing I.just I studied and I wrote down and what.did we need and do I need all the copies.and color do we need all the copies in.black and white etc etc some I had no.idea I did both I did I did the.originals that they asked for in both.color and black and white copies so they.could do what they wanted one of the.first things that I did was I made.myself a checklist temporary resident.visa checklist.this is what we needed to qualify my.husband and I this is what we needed so.what I did was I wrote down typed it out.checked all the boxes in nature it was.all ready to go this is what I did for.hours the next thing was I put it all.and these little file folder policies I.got it Dollar Tree you guys free for a.buck okay put our passports in I put my.name I'm just doing mine because I'm.doing a video and Brian's business is.his okay so I put everything in I.chucked it off I figured out what we.needed I made sure I had all the right.dates I made sure I had the copies and.once I had it all together and in the.file folder it got marked off and we are.to go and I took this with everything in.to the consulate where we had to make an.appointment by email and that's what I.did and then when the day came we went.and we sat down and our first thing she.looked up she denied it wasn't wasn't.anything we did or it was just the way.she looked at it and that's another.video we did yeah.accepted though after some things got.straightened out all right the next.thing this video I want to write out to.you and speak to you this is a.disclaimer nothing is as it appears you.may meet all the requirements but your.intake worker may ask for more you have.to do your own foot work your own.paperwork for your own situation this is.your responsibility if you're having.trouble there are people that you can.hire that will help you through Oh.ours was straightforward we were fine so.this is Diane with Minnesota to Mexico.and we'll talk to you later about our or.temporary visa application time you have.your visa which you have to fill out.but I know it says observations this is.extremely important little word here.because the moment we stepped in we were.being observed I cannot stress this.enough other people they probably we.were the only ones okay it wasn't like.there was a long line it was just but we.were being observed and you have to be.aware of that and I also want you to.know that you need to observe your.surroundings and their body language and.I highly recommend diplomacy and respect.as I said in the first one we were.denied she looked at Brian's paperwork.said you don't make enough you don't.qualify thank you very much have a good.day not quite that but and we went wait.wait no you know I'm qualifying as.myself he's qualifying as himself two.different people two different.individuals two different visa.requirements so why are you being.observed I want you to know that thank.God we had parents and grew up with.manners and social graces uh they.observed Brian opening the door they.reserved they observed Brian removing.his hat out of respect being at a.building blah blah yes ma'am no ma'am.just being curious they're observing.that they still have and I still have.manners in Mexico it's hard to explain.but you know yeah open the door oh I.love it.I'm not a person says well I can do it.myself I don't need you no no I like him.opening the door.like I'm opening the car door I like him.walking on the side of the road that.when they throw out the garbage out into.the street he gets hit and I don't you.know I mean okay they don't do that.anymore but I don't think but I like the.social graces I like you know the yes.man's the no man's I like manners and.Mexico is I'm kind of figuring out it's.like a 1950's type social culture you.know parents and an extended family are.still top priority we are on the.temporary resident visa part three when.we got to the intake workers desk what.she was very nice about anyway the.intake worker took all our original bank.statements okay.and all the pages through six months.then she took she also wanted from Brian.because I don't have a 401k but if he.drops dead I get it um the original.pages for the past 12 months and it's.usually in a four-quarter statement and.you must show more than 26 thousand.dollars each month for one temp.applicant because brian has the 401k and.he has much more thing god uh twenty six.thousand he qualified finally it took.something I'm doing that's diplomacy.intact okay.the dollar amounts okay.stated on the current date which is.today.[Music].14:19 are old numbers on the website.that i pulled off of the mexican.consulate requirements we went when we.went in to get our temporary resident.visa our intake worker chose to process.us under the new dollar amounts now I do.you have no idea what those new dollar.amounts are except that we we got in.just under our teeth okay I've never.seen what the new dollar amounts are.I've heard about him but I have not.officially seen the numbers and she did.not tell us but we qualified all the.right paperwork life is good.so I just wanted to let you all know.that also he had to show which we did I.have because we didn't know we were.gonna have to show him because of the.numbers changing and her using the new.numbers and not the old numbers that are.on the website still anyway you need.four quarters twelve months of your 401k.information that shows it you have to be.over 26 blah blah blah number so I would.just say if you get twenty seven.thousand in there for twelve months she.wants the original color pages all the.pages and we acquired them and we will.turn them in we'll talk to you on number.four we are doing our part for little.series of our temporary resident visa.and the fun time that we had trying to.get ours which we did get so I'm not.complaining I'm just saying you know.some people walk in and get it anyway.here's the disclaimer if you have not.seen any of the previous videos this is.your responsibility to figure out what.you need and what they want for me to.qualify this is Brian financially.finally qualified for me to qualify I.had to come under the family unity this.is our situation the spouse Bryant.qualified is a temporary resident with.all the financial requirements then me.the spouse.I came under his temporary residency by.showing proof of marriage and it shows.that me as an individual has at least.$500 a month in my own bank account for.the last six months this is us I don't.know how you're going to show yours I.don't know if the spouse never worked.this is what we had to do for our.requirements all right so when I have.all I have is Social Security it's not.much but it meets the requirements life.is good.okay I need copies because I didn't know.if they wanted him in color I didn't.know if they wanted him in black and.white I didn't know what they wanted so.I took I had the originals and there's.like two pages because this is my bills.so anyway.what the intake worker did was she took.my originals of my bank statements she.took and kept the originals so it was a.good thing that I had made copies I made.copies in color and I made copies in.black and white and I also made copies.with all that extra background stuff you.know that they say you know this page.has been left blank intentionally I.didn't know what they wanted I copied it.all she took what she wanted and gave me.back the rest and then Brian he's he is.okay with all that that his his stuff.he's fine so and there's more wait we.will talk to you later and we will work.on part fine now temporary resident visa.part 5 okay now that Brian's been.approved as a temporary resident visa.holder and I come under the family unity.and spouse of a temporary residency visa.holder my income does not need to meet.his income requirements I fall under the.spouse category and I only need to make.or show every month $500 okay that goes.into my account that is not taxed okay.and our Social Security is so low that.we're not taxed so we're okay with that.okay here they want the intake worker.wanted on a ward letter she just she did.not just take the bank statement that.says okay that says this much has been.deposited and you can see that it came.from Social Security she.care she wanted to see the award letter.this is the reward letter that we got.that stated how much we get how much a.month one check each month it benefits.and if we're married and you and your.spouse have a total income of over 32 we.will be taxed but we don't so we won't.be so my money is my money and then you.have the back page so she took I made a.copy of that in black and white and she.put that into my file folder residency.package folder because it's mine here.here is the website then I pulled off.that put me under the family unity.program it says ties with a foreigner.who would be Brian because he's foreign.who holds a temporary residency visa.which he does because he qualifies.I am the spouse of the foreign holding.the temporary resident visa visa and I.conform to the legislation and I had to.prove I was married so I did that by I.had to give them an original and a.photocopy of our marriage certificate so.that's what I did.I also went one step further she did not.take our original marriage certificate.she did not take that I printed them out.in both color and black and white okay.marriage certificate state of Alaska.blah blah blah but I went one.step further and got my marriage.certificate apostle upon suit anyway I.got it and this is what this is and it's.certified by the state of Alaska and I.just because I did that it saved a whole.lot of trouble.and this little grommet thing right here.that little fold is what makes it legal.because this is just a piece of paper I.mean there's no there's nothing there's.no specialness about this paper.it's just up print it off a printer.piece of paper I mean your marriage.certificates cuts a nice clothing and.stuff but the other one isn't so I'm.gonna end that this with this video with.that information I will do a part we're.on par six all right talk to you later.bye bye we need to go through for our.temporary resident visa this is part six. this is the temporary residency.visa that we pulled off the internet to.figure out what I needed how I needed.etc etc this explains what we are.qualifying under the application you can.just print off we needed a valid.passport with identifying documents.original and photocopy of the page.containing the photograph and your.personal data that's important I made.copies for both of us in both color and.black and white because it doesn't say I.don't know the photograph tells you what.it needs to be in centimetres face.uncovered no eyeglasses frontal view the.photo has to be in color with a white.background the fees are in u.s. dollars.that has not changed okay and you pay.that.the end for us this was the first.interview we have a second one to go.back where they fingerprint us they take.our pictures they stamp our our visas.and we go on it talks about economic.solvency it has these numbers down here.which as of this date 9 14 19 is still.on their website but these numbers are.not what our intake worker used to.qualify us she apparently they have new.numbers and she did we think God.qualified under them because otherwise I.don't know what we've done but anyway.all stat all bank statements need to be.certified by the applicants bank either.by letterhead document or a bank seal.with the statements I have heard some.people have been rejected with this bank.seal on the statements notarized.whatever they didn't want them they.wanted the letterhead document that you.get in the mail if you still get it in.the mail and they want the originals our.our intake worker took the originals all.right that little information then we.have to go back and once we go back we.have these this little line here that.says the ish the visa can only be issued.once it begins on the date of issue and.is valid for one single entry once you.have entered Mexican territory within.the first Kalin first 30 calendar days.you must go to the National map.migration Institute and start the second.days of your temporary resident permit.talk to you later.we are now on part 7 of the temporary.resident visa that we went through we.had to we have to go twice some people.only go once apparently in some.consulates other people have to go more.where the more hey also I am letting you.know I'm posting this disclaimer again.for those of you who have not seen any.of the previous ones that saw your.responsibility to put two so inform.yourself and display all the needed.paperwork for your circumstance okay one.of the visa requirements is that they.ask that you have a address in Mexico to.which you will be living so because we.have never been to Mexico I know I know.we've never been to Mexico and that's.another story.and we we don't have any clue we just.you know kind of threw a dart at a map.and said hey Mazatlan looks good so it.was a bit more complicated than that but.that's the gist okay so I went online.and I found a hotel that took dogs that.has safe parking I took down their.address I took down the managers I took.down phone numbers and yeah actually.when we get to Mexico.I this is an extended-stay kind of place.so yeah it's let's meet our residents.for a while so that's why I did she was.happy the intake worker I was happy they.took it life is good alrighty then.here's another question that people seem.to get confused about how much time okay.Brian and I are driving we're not flying.we're driving we have some things we.want to take twelve totes clothes dishes.kitchen bathroom bedroom not furniture.no furniture no appliances no nothing.just just you know after 45 years of.marriage you uh you really have to.narrow down quite a bit and twelve totes.fits in the back of the pickup that's.what we're doing so anyway we are going.from Minnesota.to the border down here none godless.anyway so we're in Arizona non Collis I.don't even I don't know how know it's.Spanish words yet give me give me a.break here folks.okay it's a hundred and eighty days it's.not six months it's a hundred and eighty.days from the date that your visa as a.temporary resident in our case a term is.stamped we have a hundred and eighty.days to get to the border okay anywhere.anywhere any any border crossing.anywhere to the border from the border.once we enter Mexico we have 30 days.we're going to Mazatlan we have 30 days.from the Mexican border.30 days to get to Mazatlan from there we.have to apply at the I am and I can't.think of the name of initials are right.anyway we have to apply where we have to.get more paperwork done for our.temporary visa which makes us.legal to be temporarily in Mexico for at.least a year okay that's a whole nother.situation in itself we are on the.temporary resident visa part 8 this will.just be a recap and it's for your.situation I can't help you I'm having.enough trouble doing it myself for my.own all right let's do the temporary.resident visa checklist the visa form.printed on both sides yes we need a.passport follow that will be attached to.your tent your visa application they.take only cash or credit cards 36 US.dollars this is the second interview.part that's where we have to pay they do.fingerprinting they take your pictures.they stamp your passport and then we.celebrate okay now you have to show.solvency okay you needed your social.security award letter both parties if.that's what you're using to show your.economic solvency do original and a.photocopy um I believe she just took the.black and white copy I mean and we were.able able to keep the original I think.okay I showed bank statements for my.social security deposits for the past.six months I wrote down every month that.I needed September back okay.other forms of ID needed we didn't know.for sure I didn't know for sure so what.I did was I just brought it along birth.certificates an original photocopy the.marriage certificate I I did an original.I did a photocopy in color and I did a.photocopy in black and white.they didn't even take Brian's huh but.they took mine but I also because of.certain things thought I better get that.so I have the original and I took a.photocopy and then what they did is they.took a photocopy at their office which.surprised me but anyway I did that.I'm like I took her social security.cards photo photo copy and original I.didn't know if they needed him you don't.know if they Nina there was one other.things that I they asked Brian for that.we it was so far off the radar I've.never even heard of it um that'll be.another part and I'll tell you later.but he qualified but and he did qualify.and he still qualifies and he didn't.really need this other piece of paper.she wanted that she wanted it and you.give it to them you are very courteous.you say hey no problem I can get it and.she just wants to see it when we come.back to get our temporary resident visa.stamped into our passport from there we.have 180 days to get from Minnesota to.the Mexican border and then we have 30.days from the Mexican border to get to.Mazatlan where we're going to another.office to get our permanent permanent.temporary resident visa stamped it's.been a journey and we'll talk to you.later.and boy God has been on our side this.whole time because when we first walked.in the office and she said hey no good.two hours you know and then we had to.sit down and be very diplomatic very.kind and very gracious and say um no.this is how we would like to intern.according to your paperwork we can enter.this way under the family unity and she.said oh and from there we qualified.so we're going back we're going to have.a visa stamping celebration it's all.done and we will all talk to you later.bye-bye.at the end of this portion you're going.to hear some very important advice the.advice is from two different people the.advice is from Diana herself and from.the lady at the Mexican Consulate in the.United States that she worked with so.stay tuned we got our Mexican visa stamp.first time we went was it was not a real.pleasant experience because they denied.us and we had to keep going back and.forth and figuring out how they would.accept us no no he kept well anyway we.got accepted and then she asked for more.paperwork but she did accept us she just.wanted to see how we finally did get.accepted and what is the surprise of.never even crossed our minds kind of.good information they needed they.accepted Brian's unemployment check.payments for the last six months to.finally qualify us and our social.security wasn't good enough it was but.they chose to juggle things and it's.good enough but anyway they wanted more.um so we got it.we're in both of us qualify.we're at the point where our frustration.levels are just really high well I'm too.tired I'm too mentally exhausted um we.have the passport we have our.immigration stamp and when we get to.Mexico even the Mexican Consulate said.hire a lawyer to do Part B of your.temporary resident card thingy that you.need to do in Mexico.and I act old right so we're just gonna.hire a lawyer I'm not gonna deal with.because it's all in Spanish and it's.like just hire a lawyer it's cheap it's.worth it yeah and that's what we're.gonna do and they highly highly highly.recommended that to just hire a lawyer.we don't speak Spanish we don't read.Spanish just hire a lawyer they know.what they're doing and then she said um.anywhere from three weeks to six weeks.to to get our temporary resident card.that allows us to be in Mexico for a.year without making any border runs and.that we can fly in and out unlimited.times without getting the special.permission if we don't have the.temporary residency card paperwork done.yet she did say that if you didn't have.that card yet that you can apply for a.piece of paper that allows you to leave.the country.you have a good excuse ly a funeral you.have to get to someplace outside of.Mexico and no no I'm sure there's a.price attached for a piece of paper but.that's a whole lot better than crossing.the border and not being able to get.back in so anyway this is just a little.update let you know that was taken care.of we're excited we got done it was an.extremely extremely simple process for.us to go back this last time they took.our picture they fingerprinted our slums.and then they did something with the.passport and so we have our pictures on.there and our Mexican visa thingies and.it took her for about an hour and a half.thank you so much Diana and thank you.for letting us work with you on your.YouTube channel Minneapolis to Mexico to.present this in a compressed video.because it had been in short segments.and I know it's helped a lot of people.thanks again.thank you for watching retire in Mexico.and why not hop on over to our Facebook.page retire in Mexico to see our video.clips about daily life in Mexico they're.very fun and informative bye for now.it's been real fun.

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