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Notes: A Stepwise Guidebook on Filling out Unisa Contact Centre Official Academic Record Form Online

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The Definite Guide to Unisa Contact Centre Official Academic Record Form

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Instruction of Unisa Contact Centre Official Academic Record Form

here we're going to be looking at the.aue to 602 May 2013 price paid by today.let's take a look at the required and.then focus on the areas that we want to.look through as we answer the question.okay let's look at part one point one if.there's comment on the information.provided in relation to the requirements.of sound corporate governance in terms.of the Kinsey Report and additionally it.gives us some whole but it is present.your answer under the following headings.we've got six headings yet that we can.put our comments and then it also.indicates to us the mark allocation for.each area so we know approximately how.much to write for each area.okay so Board of Directors composition.and appointments board of directors.meetings audit committee composition and.appointments audit committee meetings.risk committee composition and.appointments and then general remarks if.we can if we find something that we want.to comment on but that doesn't fit.within one of those yes.look what also tells us it tells us that.both compliance and non-compliance.should be addressed in your answer now.because they asked us to address both we.would need to indicate for each and.every point that we write down whether.it complies with Kings three or does not.comply with King Street to indicate.whether we're talking about compliance.or not and then additionally it's is.that true marks will be awarded for the.correct presentation of your answer so.the fact that we're just going to put.down our six headings and put the.correct information underneath.underneath each of those headings it.really gives us two marks before we even.smile okay so let's go through the.relevant information for corporate.governance okay mine tick Pty Limited is.a large company in the mining industry.in South Africa the company intends to.list on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.in the near future in order to do so my.intake has to meet the recommendations.of good governance of the king three.reports as compliance is compulsory for.companies listed on the JSE so we know.that in terms of the JSC listing.requirements that listed entities are.recommended to comply with King so they.are giving us that last part of the.sentence there to assist us but we.should actually already know that based.on our King knowledge so the next.paragraph related to fraud in the.company that's not actually relevant to.the part 1 point 1 which is what we're.looking at that so we'll come back to.that when we look at part 1 point 2 in 1.point 3 let's carry on with the.corporate governance in the company so.as we go through let's identify areas.that are in compliance or not in.compliance and then also determine under.which heading we would put that relevant.comment as a result of the fraud scandal.in mine and mine takes intentions to.list on the JSE the shareholders request.that a review of the company's current.corporate governance practices with.reference to the king's new report.recommendations the company secretary.provided the following schedule of.Directors and committees.number one Board of Directors in.remember now before we continue that the.Board of Directors we had two areas that.we needed to discuss board of directors.under the first one was the composition.and appointments and the second one was.meetings so keep that in mind as we go.through that section okay Emily Betty.chairman and executive director okay so.there's our first problem right there.we know that the chairman of an entity.needs to be a non-executive director and.he needs to be independent okay so in.terms of King we know that's the rule so.in this case mine ting is not in.compliance with the king three reports.regarding the chamber remember we need.to state whether there is compliance or.non-compliance okay s goes the CDI now.King does recommend that the CEO and the.chairman are separate individual there.cannot be the same versa so in this case.because in the tab is the chairman and s.goes is the CEO that is in compliance.with King okay D governed the marketing.director and executive director feel.anger the human resources director and.executive director Peters the IT.director also an executive director h le.the risk director also an executive.board is quite a few executives in the.dimness company and then Albert aureus.who's a CA and independent non-executive.director so based on the split shape and.also sorry individuals also executive.based on the split sure we go the King.recommends that st should comprise a.balance of power and that means that the.majority of the directors on the board.should be non-executive directors and.that's not true in this case because out.of there one two three seven directors.five of them are executive so only two.of them are non exec oh sorry the chief.executive officer.by the way so six of the seven directors.are executor which means there's.definitely not a majority of non execs.and this is therefore not in compliance.with King King also on top of that.recommends that the majority of those.non-executive directors should be.independent there is only one Alper.Torres is the only director that's.independent on the board and this is not.again the majority and therefore this is.not in compliance with King okay let's.continue reading the positional.Financial Director has been vacant for.six months after the previous directors.dismissal the CEO.esko's is in the process of interviewing.candidates and will in due course.appoint the new financial director okay.so first of all King recommends that at.a minimum we need to have a CEO and a.financial director but now we stay in.the position of financial directors been.vacant for six months so apparently this.has not been in compliance with King.because they don't have the minimum of.the two secondly in terms of the.appointment of Directors it is not just.the CEOs responsibility to appoint the.directors if there's a responsibility of.the board as a whole and as they want to.list it's actually interesting to note.that the majority of the directors on.the board should actually be appointed.by the shareholders.alright this remember all forms part of.our heading Board of Directors.composition and appointments okay let's.continue one point to the Board of.Directors meets twice a year to.accommodate our Pretorius who lives.abroad and does not have time to travel.more unity to South Africa for meetings.now there's two points here and at this.point we're actually going to discuss.under the board of directors and the.meetings under their vide now the fact.that they only meet twice a year.King recommends that the Board meets on.a quarterly basis which is four times.the year okay.so that is not in compliance with you.King also says that the directors that.are on the board need to.able to fulfill their responsibilities.and duties on the board if is she if one.of the actually the only independent.non-executive director on on the board.does not have time to travel to South.Africa nor does he actually have the.required capabilities to attend these.meetings and be a proper non-executive.director on the board okay so that is.our discussion over the board onto the.next area our board committees the first.one being the Audit Committee so before.that it says the company has two broad.committees and audit committee and a.Risk Committee now in general we know.that King actually recommends four.committees the Audit Committee as well.the Risk Committee is another but they.also recommend another two committees.one being the Remuneration Committee and.another one being the nominations.committee now that doesn't actually fit.in and one of our hearings here.specifically so we would actually put.that point and our general remarks the.fact that they don't have all the four.recommended committees and that is not.in compliance with Kimi okay so let's.move over to the discussion of the board.it to committee and remember we need to.split that up into the composition and.appointments and the meetings.all right the Audit Committee Emily.Bates chairman of the Audit Committee.now who is innovating empieza was the.chairman and executive director on the.board now King specifically says that.the chairman of the board of directors.should not also be the chairman of the.Audit Committee okay so this is not in.compliance with King the other directors.all Pretorius who's a CA and then we've.got eight pizzas so we fight all.Pretorius hittin dependent on executive.director and a pizzas the IT director.today now in terms of the Audit.Committee the members of the Audit.Committee is supposed to be a minimum of.three members and this is in compliance.with King because they are a minimum of.three members so they are going good on.that point however they do recommend.that all of the members of the Audit.Committee need to be independent.non-executive directors and this is not.the case yeah because elevator and a.Peters are both neither independent no.non-executive and this is therefore not.in compliance with King interestingly.this is also not in compliance with the.company's acting the Audit Committee.meets twice a year that is in compliance.with King they are made you at a minimum.meet at least twice er okay so the.internal auditors always attend and take.parts in these meetings plus the.external auditors do not attend any of.the meetings he recommends that that.they need to meet with the external.auditors at least once a year and they.are not doing that they are however.meeting with internal audit which is a.good thing which is in compliance.a pizzas has extensive IT experience and.noise mine TEKsystems well well back to.composition a little bit there in a.pizzas as well as operatories being a CA.have the required knowledge and skill to.be on the Audit Committee because of a.beat is knowing the systems and from.operatories being the CA alright so that.is our audit committee of the day then.let's move on to our Risk Committee.okay so risk committee our members are.as follows and debate see again the.Chairman and H any okay so King.recommends first of all for the.composition that they must be a minimum.of three members on the risk committee.so this is not in compliance with King.because they are only two members in.this committee the chairman of the board.of directors innovators should not also.be the chairman of the risk committee.and he is now the chairman of actually.all three committees which is day four.right in compliance with King as well.King also says that the risk committee.should consist of a mix of executive and.non-executive directors in this case we.know that my beta is executive and we.know that H and E is also executive so.in this case there isn't an appropriate.mix and this is therefore not in.compliance with King however the.approach with regards to having the.appropriate knowledge and skills in.order to make sure that the perfect risk.referred risks are identified and.managed is in line because H a D is the.restraint of the entity and this is.therefore in line with K all right so.the risk committee knows the rest of the.business space and has not identified.any new threats that would necessitate a.view of the risk management plan and the.process of the company okay so that is.there to tell us that it doesn't it's.not it's very unlikely that the risk.committee will not identify any new.threats.I mean risks are continuously changing.so it really doesn't make sense.- finebros so the grace of the question.as to whether they are complying with.King in the sense that are they.identifying and managing all the respect.they're meant to be managing now that.probably won't fit under our composition.and appointments hitting that are.probably fit under our general remarks.heading then now that we've gone through.all information a few additional things.that we could put on the general remarks.possibly the fact that they do have a.company secretary what is which is in.compliance with King and also the.Companies Act and that overall the board.and the broad committees do not meet the.requirements of King and good corporate.governance page okay so that is question.1.1 so let's take a look at what the.solution looks like from what we've.discussed not in the requirements of.King here so these are hitting the board.of directors composition and appointment.and underneath them we've got the fact.that the chairman is not an independent.non-executive we've got the fact that.the CEO is also not the Chairman which.is in accordance with King we've got the.balance of power which is the majority.non-executive directors and means it's.18 and they don't comply we're saying.that at a minimum there should be a CEO.in a finance director and they don't.currently have a finance director and.that we said that appointment should not.be a matter for the CEOs goes but for.the board as a whole check our next.heading was the Board of Directors.meetings and you said that they should.have the non-executive directors should.have the time to attend to their.meetings and the fact that Albert aureus.is find it very difficult retaining.meetings of the problem and the fact.that they only meet twice a year not.four times as they're required to the.next telling was the order to committee.composition of appointments okay we said.that all members should be independent.on executives and only al Pretorius was.so there's not in compliance the Audit.Committee is not independent if.two-thirds especially the chairmen are.not independent so we're just.reiterating their fact there they comply.with King as they are a minimum of three.members and they should be sure to be.skilled and experienced you may.because operatories is a CA is you to be.skilled and a pizzas being an IT.specialist who knows the computerized.accounting systems does comply with.kindy our next hitting our audit.committee meetings line tech complies.with the fact that they need to meet at.least tri-c yet they've complied with.the fact that they need to meet Intel.internal audit but do not comply with.the fact that they're supposed to meet.external audit at least once a year they.do not comply with Kings requirements to.meet with internal and external audit.with odd management view prisons this is.with reference to the fact that Emily.Bates and eight pizzas are also part of.management's the next points are so the.next hitter is the Risk Committee.composition and appointments we said.that Emily BETT Sergey was the chairman.of the Risk Committee and the chairman.of the board which is not in compliance.with King we said the Risk Committee is.only two members which does not comply.with the fact that they should have a.minimum of three they only have.executive directors as members which.does not comply with King they're.supposed to have a mix of executive and.non-executive the King requires the.members to have an adequate risk.management skills and experience and hle.being the rest director should have the.necessary skills and experience and.their board does from and then our last.heading which was our general remarks.the fact that the company has a company.secretary is in accordance the fact that.they do not have the other two.recommended committees being the.remuneration and nomination committees.and the fact that because the risk.change all the time it is very unlikely.and realistic that they think that there.is no additional example threats that.have been identified and they therefore.do not comply with King Dean and then as.an overall point the Board of Directors.and committees do not meet the.requirements of King and remember the.fact that we used headings and put our.correct point under the Creek headings.gives us an additional two marks and.that is part when completed with regards.to Kim okay let's move on to part one.point two now okay.describe the general physical access.controls that mine tech should implement.so recommendation to control access to.the computer ok onto which the company's.internet banking software is loaded in a.computerized environment ok so they're.asking us specifically for the general.controls specifically for the physical.controls and they're asking us.specifically with regards to the.computer onto which the internet banking.software is loaded and point one point.three says describe the password.controls ok so these are our logical.access controls as part of good logical.access control that mine Tech should.implement again recommendations to.prevent the theft of money due to an.authorized access to the company's bank.account in a computerized environment it.says your answer should only address.password controls ok let's go back to.the little paragraph that we left for.that we left our Brown in the beginning.this fraud in the company just to get a.bit of a background as to why they're.asking us these questions it says six.months ago mine take appeared in the.business news headlines when the.financial director was found guilty of.defrauding the company of 2.8 million.round this was done by transferring.money from the company's bank account.via internet banking the financial.director was immediately dismissed no.physical access controls exist to.prevent access to the computer onto.which the company's internet banking.software is loaded so against that's.probably why they are asking us for.recommendations as to why and why we.need access controls day and then all.personnel in the finance department.share a single password to gain and.access to the bank account again a very.poor password control day and hence that.is also why they asking us to recommend.some good password controls they now.both of these parts 1.2 and 51.3 are.very much theory type of questions.they're just asking us in an ideal.system what are the best types of.controls to have all we need to do for.part 1.2 let's focus on that one for now.is to think general controls and to.think physical control so we're thinking.things like locks like a Long's.like security guards okay and when we're.thinking about pod 1.3 we're thinking.about passwords and only about passwords.what a good controls that we know about.that password should be let's take a.look at what the solutions is for those.parts okay part one point two the.general physical access controls to.prevent access to the computer onto.which the company's bank account.software is loaded so we are asking for.the access controls over the physical.computer that machine and sitting in.that office okay.alright some examples the IT department.should be contained in a separate.building or wing of ivali okay so the.computer shouldn't be available to be.accessed by everyone it should be in a.separate area it should be a dedicated.room in which all the equipment which.runs the system would be housed ok so.all this specialized art equipment.should be kept in a separate group so.that no one can not anyone can access.those only a limited number of personnel.should be allowed access to the data.center so those people that don't know.anything about IT that could possibly.damage it should it be allowed to give.you the visitors and are quite a few.controls here on visitors as you can see.and visitors should be controlled and.not some visiting controls specifically.in order to visit the IT building they.should be an official appointment they.should be cleared at the entrance at the.company premises for example by a phone.call to IT be given an ID tag.not be able to gain access through the.locked door weights and reception for.wherever they've come to see be escorted.by a security guard out of the.department so any time a visitor should.not be allowed into the computer room a.lawyer they should always be supervised.entry to the center by the company.personnel should be controlled okay so.the exit should be monitored physical.entries should be controlled and there.are some examples here physical entry.for example only individuals that need.access should be able to gain entry.there should only be one access points.there should be a locked door there.should be a locking device with the.possible pen or biometric data the entry.or exit point should be under.closed-circuit TV it should be monitored.by the security personnel remote.workstations or terminals should also be.controlled okay so they should be locked.and secured to the disk they should not.be near a window so someone can just.come and steal them there should be.locked at night and at weekends when no.one is using them the data cables should.be protected to prevent tapping into the.system okay so those are some of.examples of our general physical.controls let's take a look at some about.password controls to prevent.unauthorized access to the company's.bank accounts at ten marks and remember.we're focusing specifically on password.controls here okay now these are again.very Theory marks okay.so there's nothing really additional.from the scenario that could assist us.to get more box yeah this should come.from our general knowledge.okay so password should be unique they.should consist of at least a certain.number of characters for example six.they should be random and not obvious if.someone is terminated or transferred.they should be removed or disabled they.should be changed regularly for example.you the system should remind you on a.monthly basis to change your password to.a new one and the first time employees.should be prompted to change his or her.password the password should not be.displayed they should be when you type.in a positive.little stars so now I can actually see.what you're typing in if they're looking.over your shoulder.there should be strict access controls.over the actual passwords and where they.kept by the master user personnel should.be prohibited from disclosing their.passwords to others password should be.changed if there's a confidentiality.violation they should not be obvious.there should be two passwords to gain.access to the bank can't because it is.such a significant area and because.there was fraud in the past in this.entity as well the password should only.be accepted during business hours so we.don't have any dodgy dealings outside of.those hours late in the evening or on.weekends perhaps and there should be a.fail-safe so if there's a login attempt.that is is it's failed that should be.monitored and it should also be a fail.so making sure that if there is a a.positive is entered into entered into.the system incorrectly three time that.the person is locked up all right so.those are again very theory points about.our password controls and remember those.are our recommendations to what an ideal.partial control system should look like.hey let's move on to question two it's.going to take a look at the required.hack with you okay let's do two point.one first advise management's of the.internal controls in a manual system it.should not computerize that could be.implemented to mitigate the risks that.you identified so let's take a look at.the risks that we have identified so.that we can know which controls we.should implement them okay so let's take.a look at this background information.you are part of the internal audit team.of the family store Limited a large.general dealer in South Africa on a.review of the current EO financial.statements the external auditors.reported material discrepancies between.physical inventory on hand and perpetual.inventory in the financial report well.that's probably as a result the.financial director requested internal.audit.to perform an investigation into the.effectiveness of the system of internal.control over the ordering of goods as an.important function in the purchasing of.inventory for the company.okay so ordering of goods you identify.the following risks in the ordering of.goods function which could occur due to.the weaknesses in the system of internal.control okay so here we are finding that.risks that we identified that we need to.implement controls over so these six.risks over here so now I mean there as.well as the risks on them but we need to.make sure that we number our risks.appropriately in our solution so we know.which controls relate to which risks.we're answering the question all right.so just be careful of structuring your.answer that way all right number one the.ordering of incorrect or unnecessary.goods resulting in liquidity problems.and wastage okay so that can happen if.we have auto clerks ordering items that.aren't properly authorized okay so our.control would be in the fact that all.the cooks would not be allowed to make.an order unless the there is a.requisition that has been authorized and.the order should also be.cross-referenced to that requisition.okay and also before we make the order.we can confirm with the inventory.department that they actually do need.those Goods before we actually order.them okay number two the ordering of.unauthorized Goods resulting in the.losses to the company through fraud okay.so before the orders actually made we.need to check the water and the.requisition and make sure that they are.accurate and agreed to one another and.have been authorized we need to make.sure their orders also review to make.sure that the supplier is correct that.the prices period that the quantity of.goods being order is correct according.to what we needed there we can also.implement segregation of duties because.fraud is imminent.and generally a good way to to prevent.fraud is to segregate the duties okay.number three obtaining inferior quality.goods well we can't just order from.whichever supplier we want to we need to.make sure that we order from an approved.supplier list that has been hot possibly.on the master file to make sure that we.all read goods that have been through.the appropriate quality checks okay.number four paying unnecessarily high.prices for goods ordered now there's.something that's very similar to the.previous one we need to make sure that.we've got an approved supply list.because not only will equality be.measured but also the prices that they.that they give to us also we can compare.the prices that were given to a price.list to make sure that we're being.charged the correct prices before.hey also if we're dealing with any new.suppliers we make sure that we get.quotes before and determine that we're.getting the best possible price for the.items that we're ordering however also.considering quality v number five or.displace with suppliers are not fold or.not time your sleeve fold okay so we.need to make sure that we're dealing.with reputable suppliers we don't want.to be dealing with someone that is.consistently delivering late because.remember if the supply is delivering.late our customers will not but also get.their goods late which means it'll make.us look bad okay so whatever you do or.maybe we need to contact them and say Oh.where's our stuff what happened to our.order why is it up and fall why is it.legs we can also file our requisitions.and our order sequentially to make sure.that if there's ones long are staying.that haven't been for fall we can follow.up on them here so we can possibly have.a file of pending orders or pending.requisitions that we follow up with on a.weekly or monthly basis okay number six.order forms that are misused for example.placing orders for private purchases.here the question we should be asking.ourselves is how could someone obtain.this order form in order to make a.private order so that means in.for a good control to be in place they.need they need to be valid stationary.controls around the order force which.means they should be locked up only.certain people should have access to.them they should only be the fold if.they properly authorized it Sentra okay.so let's take a look at what the.solution looks like there remember we.need to structure our answer in terms of.the risks there all right and then we've.got the controls that we discussed so.for s1 there should be no orders without.an authorized requisition they should be.cross-referenced to one another and they.should confer that the goods are really.needed by the inventory Department okay.for number 2 before the autos place they.should check the order to the.requisition and make sure it's suitable.with in terms of supplier price and.quantity and appropriate segregation of.duties generally a good control in place.for fraud number three we have the.approved supplier list number four.before we approve the supply we evaluate.their pricing we look at the priceless.or you possibly get some quotes there.number five we need to evaluate their.imputation contact them if they're not.delivering the goods tiny asleep filing.the requisitions and the orders.sequentially that we could follow up on.them perhaps have like we said a pending.file of order forms there and then.number six the blank order form should.be subject to the spa and stationery.controls that we discussed okay.let's that's so that's part two point.one over there let's take a look at.parts should point to it is describe the.controls that should be implemented.again they're looking for.recommendations there over the new.creditors master file in a computerized.environment now here they are.specifically looking for master file.controls let's take a look at what they.say about the creditors master file in.the paragraph over here alright.management decided to implement a new.computerized creditors master file as.part of the improvement of the internal.controls over the ordering of goods and.suppliers in particular this one.prevent amongst others employees from.creating fictitious suppliers to conceal.theft during the ordering of goods okay.so we're looking for the master part.controls as I said this is a theory.question however although they say that.we're looking for the master part.controls in the computerized environment.something that we should know it's about.Master File controls is that there are.always two elements to this type of.control we will always have a manual.element for this control and a.computerized element for master bar.controls okay so let's take a look at.the solution for the Master File.controls okay so first of all we need to.make sure that they are appropriate.Master File amendment forms and this is.a hard copy form this is a manual.control okay master file should the.forms that we talking about there should.be pre-printed sequence and designed in.terms of purpose or document design.which means they need to have the.appropriate blocks why just to be filled.in in each of the appropriate lines for.signatures to be pro signatures to be.completed names etc the form should be.signed by true senior personnel the.higher up we go the more important.information becomes the more signatures.that needs to be required you just.remember the master file is such an.important source of our information if.something is incorrectly entered into.the master file every time we internship.transaction with that supplier it is.going to be incorrect.so the repercussions could be quite.significant okay so we may be number.three that is the form should be signed.by two senior personnel after they have.agreed the details to the support which.means that every form and that is a.master fundamental form should have.supporting documentation attached to it.okay right access should be restricted.to a specific member case or not inverse.should be able to make changes all the.main men should be automatically locked.on a sequence lock and there should be.no write access to the locks.okay so in order first to maintain to.make.there have been no unauthorized changes.to the master file we need to make sure.that all the amendments that are made.are not only attached with of with them.was the master file amendment form in.the supporting document but the fact.that no additional changes have been.made other than those that management is.aware of so the logs could also be.reviewed on a monthly basis or weekly.basis to make sure that they've been no.additional changes alternatively no.changes that are not supported by an.advice to file amendment form and the.appropriate supporting documentation.authorization by the two senior prisoner.okay and to enhance the accuracy and.completeness of the key again okay so.the person that is actually making the.change okay we need to make sure that.they are assisted in this many ways as.possible to make sure the change made is.appropriate so some screen aids minimum.King and of information screen formats a.screen dialogue I can't have is.generated by the system yeah that's part.of our minimum key in there and then our.program checks verification or matching.checks to verify the account number to.the master file alphanumeric chicks.perhaps on the corner and creditors name.or their account number.a dots are criminal check in terms of.for example their credit terms so their.payment terms mandatory or missing.doctor checks so making sure that all.fields are completed sequence checks.okay so we see that the Lots the lies.that we spoke about here should be.reviewed so that's number seven should.be reviewed by senior staff and to make.sure that the sequence is Michiko any.missing to make sure that there's been.no unauthorized changes every amendment.should be checked to confirm its.supported by properly authorized form he.has the form that we spoke about.up here okay so that refers to of an.eighth day and the master file amendment.forms themselves should be sequence.against the log to confirm that they.were in - so we should almost do a.cross-reference or a cross-check between.the manual Falls and the actual changes.made on the system to make sure that.only valid changes have been made.remember guys these are all Theory marks.so any master frog whichever master file.you're talking about whether it's.accreditors Master File a debtor's.Master File whatever it may be the.controls are on master files in general.are the same can they remember they do.consists of an element of manual and an.element of computerized control all.right so that's part 2.3 let's take a.look at part two point three which is.our final question gab it says describe.the procedures which employees should.follow when conducting a physical.year-end inventory count as part of the.good internal control of energy so again.they are here asking for recommendations.and again guys this is a theory question.okay.let's take a look at what they say here.about the inventory cons of this.paragraph here in addition to the above.measures taken by the company the.external auditors also recommended that.the company review and improve its year.in inventory count procedures in order.to establish accurate inventory.quantities at your in if you remember.what we read before right in the.beginning paragraph we said that there.was a significant difference in the.physical inventory and the perpetual.inventory which means that the inventory.can't might not have been as appropriate.as it should have or that other controls.will not approve it but in order to.improve that we need to make sure that.that inventory count is done.appropriately so yes they are asking us.for recommendations again in order to.improve the controls of the inventory.count again this is a very theory.question.so let's go take a look at the solution.and go through those points they alright.so here's the procedures to follow in.conducting a physical year in pounds.ok so the first of all this should be.teams of two so each team should have a.minimum of two members why to make sure.that if there's only because if there's.only one person.to that one person could make a mistake.currency and then that would not really.help our issue with our counting.problems and our discrepancies between.the petrol records and the physical.items okay so all teams should be given.a floor plan so they need to know what.their canting before they're actually.guiding concerts all inventories should.be counted twice okay so for example.there could be one member of the team.connecting and the other recording and.then maybe stage swap or they could have.different teams counting so once you put.Scott on the left-hand side of the way.us and another team could start on the.right-hand side and they each count.everything and then once they've done.they would then compare what the concert.is the same again this is to make sure.that there are no errors when concerts.so not only is there a team of two to.make sure that the first person is.concentrating but each item is also.concert work twice okay all items.concert are marked why because we need.to know what they've concert and what.their habits at the end of the day we.need to be able to go through all the.inventory and see that everything has.been bought by at least the true count.teams so that we know that everything.has been appropriately constant so if.there's something for example with Auto.Marco then we know that there's been.something that has been missed.we need to look out for damaged.inventory to make sure that those are.marked because that would affect the.value of our inventory we need to look.at for areas where the packaging appears.to have been tampered with okay because.we need to make sure that if we've got a.box for example that say got twenty.items in it if it appears to have been.tampered with it might not actually be.twenty items within their box we need to.make sure how many items are correctly.in that box if it appears tampered with.a few boxes should be selected at random.and the contents compared to the.description on the label so this is the.same situation as the box so just.because the boxes these twenty items.inside it we can just assume that that.is the case we need to add a random.basis take a box open it.confirm is there actually 20 items.inside this box.alright the calm controllers should make.sure that all items have been marked.twice so this is a review once the.initial teams have gone through.encountered the stop they need to make.sure and see that everything has been.marked twice ie counter twice they need.to examine the sheets and agree the.first and second count to see if the.quantities concert where the same where.they were discrepancy if they need to go.back and recount the inventory to make.sure which the which amount is actually.correct the credit controller or sorry.the con controller should obtain the.numbers of the live stupid receive note.invoice and delivery notes and goods or.annoyed up to the dead of the.this is for cut-off procedures no.dispatchers or no movements of inventory.should take place in the day why because.we're we can't see guys need to make.sure that we're not counting the.comic-con tech stuff that's moving in an.art we need to count inventory at a.specific point in time any inventory.received after the con should be stored.separately in the receiving bayonet.there falls in quite nicely with the.previous ones to be seeing no movements.of inventory I annoyed dispatchers and.no receipts because we need to count.inventory at that point in time each.country should be signed by the.individuals counting them while we need.to isolate our responsibilities and.every country should therefore the end.of the day be signed by these two people.so we've got the isolation of duties and.we've got the segregation of duties so.isolation of responsibility and.segregation of duties the inventory.controller should check that the.procedure has been carried out and.sequence test the inventory sheets ok so.the controller is not going to be the.one actually during the counting but.he's going to be the one making sure.that the contours are actually doing.what they're supposed to do ok and the.canteens will only be formally dismissed.once the contest complete and all.queries are attended to why because if.there isn't.this problem in one of the towns they.need to slaughter at right then and.there they can't come back later why.because there will be movements of.infantry there is no possible way of.right back after that accident that.covers our section two point three over.here so now we've gone through all the.questions and very in mind that a lot of.this paper was quite a bit of theory.apart from you know the risk that we.talked about in 2.1 and and the king.that we spoke about right in the.beginning so remember when you're going.through this paper a lot of it is theory.so you need to make sure that you've.stayed appropriately for this test and.that you make sure you read the replied.property because if you don't answer the.question as the way they're like that.you will lose out on valuable marks and.not only those marks but also possible.presentation rocks that you could have.gotten all right and that's a UE to 602.paper.

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I made an excellent contact form. How do I make it (using HTML and CSS), that when someone hits "submit", the filled out form gets emailed to me?

the php mail() function is a great place to start you can send a simple message with very little understanding of headers, content types, but you can expand upon your initial offerings when you learn more. mail ($to, $subject, $message, $headers); it’s pretty self explanatory and the headers are optional.

I'm filling out the employment verification form online for KPMG and realized that it's not asking me for phone numbers to my previous employers. Just curious as to how they verify employment without me providing a contact number to call?

Many US employers today won’t allow individuals (coworkers, supervisors) at a company respond to any questions or write recommendations. Everything must go through HR and they will often only confirm dates of employment. I know this, so I’m not going to waste time contacting phone numbers/email lists of supposed former coworkers or managers. Fact is, if anyone answered and started responding to my questions, I’d be very suspicious. Instead, I just ask for the main number of the company — which I can look up on line and verify to be the actual number of the claimed company. Same deal with academi Continue Reading

Why should it be so complicated just figuring out how much  tax to pay? (record keeping, software, filling out forms . . .  many times cost much more than the amount of  taxes due)  The cost of compliance makes  the U.S. uncompetitive and costs jobs and lowers our standard of living.

Taxes can be viewed as having 4 uses (or purposes) in our (and most) governments: Revenue generation (to pay for public services). Fiscal policy control (e.g., If the government wishes to reduce the money supply in order to reduce the risk of inflation, they can raise interest rates, sell fewer bonds, burn money, or raise taxes. In the last case, this represents excess tax revenue over the actual spending needs of the government). Wealth re-distribution. One argument for this is that the earnings of a country can be perceived as belonging to all of its citizens since the we all have a stake in the resources of the country (natural resources, and intangibles such as culture, good citizenship, civic duties). Without some tax policy complexity, the free market alone does not re-distribute wealth according to this "shared" resources concept. However, this steps into the boundary of Purpose # 4... A way to implement Social Policy (and similar government mandated policies, such as environmental policy, health policy, savings and debt policy, etc.). As Government spending can be use to implement policies (e.g., spending money on public health care, environmental cleanup, education, etc.), it is equivalent to provide tax breaks (income deductions or tax credits) for the private sector to act in certain ways -- e.g., spend money on R&D, pay for their own education or health care, avoid spending money on polluting cars by having a higher sales tax on these cars or offering a credit for trade-ins [ref: Cash for Clunkers]).Uses # 1 & 2 are rather straight-forward, and do not require a complex tax code to implement. Flat income and/or consumption (sales) taxes can easily be manipulated up or down overall for these top 2 uses. Furthermore, there is clarity when these uses are invoked. For spending, we publish a budget. For fiscal policy manipulation, the official economic agency (The Fed) publishes their outlook and agenda. Use # 3 is controversial because there is no Constitutional definition for the appropriate level of wealth re-distribution, and the very concept of wealth re-distribution is considered by some to be inappropriate and unconstitutional. Thus, the goal of wealth re-distribution is pretty much hidden in with the actions and policies of Use #4 (social policy manipulation). Use # 4, however, is where the complexity enters the Taxation system. Policy implementation through taxation (or through spending) occurs via legislation. Legislation (law making) is inherently complex and subject to gross manipulation by special interests during formation and amendments. Legislation is subject to interpretation, is prone to errors (leading to loopholes) and both unintentional or intentional (criminal / fraudulent) avoidance. The record keeping and forms referred to in the question are partially due to the basic formula for calculating taxes (i.e., percentage of income, cost of property, amount of purchase for a sales tax, ...). However, it is the complexity (and associated opportunities for exploitation) of taxation legislation for Use # 4 (Social Policy implementation) that naturally leads to complexity in the reporting requirements for the tax system.

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