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Tips: A Detailed Guidebook on Completing Revenue Affidavit Disposal At Death Jamaicataxgovjm Online

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The Stepwise Tutorial to Revenue Affidavit Disposal At Death Jamaicataxgovjm

youtube video

Must-knows concerningRevenue Affidavit Disposal At Death Jamaicataxgovjm

hi everybody its Andy and welcome again.to my office in Los Altos California I'm.an attorney licensed to practice law in.California as well as New York in this.video I'm going to talk about.California's small estate affidavit.procedure now if you're looking at a.video like this you probably are in a.situation where for instance somebody.has passed away or you know you've been.approached by somebody saying hey you.know my relative passed away etc and.you're wondering whether or not the.small estate affidavit procedure can.work in your particular situation so and.for those of you who don't know actually.I'll take I'll start from the very very.beginning so when somebody passes away.either by natural causes or by accident.you know victim of violent crime etc.they generally will have to have their.affairs blindin or wound up I guess so.for instance they have to have you know.you know who gets their stuff that has.to get decided any debts that they had.you know at the time of their death.those have to get paid off hopefully.there's a lot of stuff like you know the.probate process in the u.s. is designed.to handle that maybe you've had to.participate in that where maybe your.parents passed away you know your.grandparents passed away something like.that if you have not participated in it.yourself hopefully you've seen a lot of.TV shows or movies or something where.there's like a scene where somebody's.passed away and all these relatives.gather know they're all long faced and.dressed in black and stuff in the.lawyer's office for the lawyer to kind.of go over the will and read it out to.them and so on that's kind of the basic.idea of that you know something has to.get done a lot of work has to get done.when somebody passes away so secondary.to that however there are many different.types of processes that can happen when.somebody passes away depending on for.instance what they leave behind you know.what property they leave behind how much.it's worth and so on there could be.something done called a summary.administration I'm gonna like that over.here summary administration or summary.proceeding as best as I know I haven't.checked every state every country for.example in most states possibly in every.state in the u.s. there.is a summary administration proceeding.if somebody dies and leaves stuff worth.below a certain threshold value so in.California that threshold value is a.hundred and fifty thousand dollars so if.you know if somebody passes away they.had some stuff and they didn't have a.whole lot of stuff it's possible that.you can you can basically do their.probate through what's called a summary.and administration in a summary.proceeding that is beneficial because.it's cheaper faster doesn't go through.court at all so summary administration.applies in some situations but again.like I said it applies in situations.where you know the person who passed.away left below a certain dollar value.worth of stuff and in California it.depends on whether or not the the.decedent's left real estate also like if.they own real estate if they did you.might not be able to use summary.administration at all for instance so.that's kind of the background summary.administration particularly in the San.Francisco Bay Area where I am a lot of.times people you know can't afford real.estate and also all they have is.basically non real property personal.property for the lawyers out there.because of that it is actually quite.possible for somebody to die and leaving.less than one hundred and fifty thousand.dollars that's the threshold value in.California so I'm also I mean obviously.if you have somebody who is indigent or.somebody who's homeless or somebody.who's kind of you know borderline.poverty for example it is quite possible.that they might pass away leaving less.than one hundred and fifty thousand.dollars worth of stuff also so I'm one.hundred fifty thousand dollars I guess.no matter how you sort of slice it that.is the magic number in California in.some cases it's actually quite easy to.determine whether or not somebody is you.know whether or not their estate is.worth 150 thousand or not in some.instances for instance even under the.most optimistic math it's not even close.like there is no way at all this.person's estate is worth anywhere near a.hundred and fifty in those cases it's.actually very easy to just use the small.estate affidavit process if you have a.situation in California where the.person's estate is closed in other words.like you know you're not quite sure if.didn't qualify or not there are rules.about what.goes in to 150,000 like what's counted.what's not I am NOT going to go over.those rules in this video because.they're kind of you know they're kind of.involved to be honest they are all in.the probate code however so I mean it's.something where you know that.information can be obtained if it's if.you have a situation basically where the.$150,000 value like you know miss.cutting it kind of close maybe you fall.you know under 150 maybe you fall over.115 you know it really depends but yeah.so that's the background $150,000 gross.the state value of the decedent that's.the kind of magical figure I suppose so.assuming all that was helpful all of.that made sense the question then.becomes if your particular decedent you.know your deceased person if their.extent really is less than hundred and.fifty thousand dollars and it's your job.let's say that you're the surviving the.surviving son this is having daughter if.you're the only surviving family member.let's say and you want to do a summary.administration a small estate affidavit.procedure in California how do you.actually do it so the California Probate.Code that's actually going to be.important here it's probably a Code.section there's actually two of them one.is going to be more important than the.other mainly because the second one is.much longer it's much more substantive.the first one's fairly short like this.so anyway so the the first Probate Code.section of the kind of the shorter one.is permit Code section one three one.zero zero.13100 which all right over here and also.linked down below for you.13100 is the shorter one it gives a.little bit of background but not a whole.lot the one that you're probably going.to be more interested in is the is the.actual code section that has the.affidavit language in it and that one.actually is probably Code section 13 101.also linked down below and written here.but the basic idea of the smallest rate.affidavit procedure is essentially just.two things so the first is you have to.wait 40 days so it's 40 calendar days.from the day that the person has passed.away in number two you have to get a.certified desk or sorry the death.certificate rather.from the from the county in which the.person passed away in I'm not sure how.they look in other parts of the US or.the parts of the world in California the.death certificates like an.eight-and-a-half by eleven piece of.paper and it's I want to say pink with.blue letters and it describes the.person's name their birthdate their.gender you know what they passed away of.what their parents names were where they.were born and all that stuff but yeah.it's the kind of official way to kind of.prove that somebody really did pass away.so I guess I said too so I freaking mean.it's actually three things so you have.to wait 40 days you have to get the.death certificate and then you have to.take the affidavit language in Section.13 101 fill it out sign it and so on and.you can basically take those two.documents the affidavit as well as a.death certificate you take it to the.bank for example if you're trying to get.a bank account you take it to you know.the brokerage house etc you take it to.whoever has the personal property you.are trying to obtain and yeah like me.basically with most banks every bank.that I've dealt with every financial.institution I've dealt with generally is.pretty familiar with these like you know.actually it's actually fairly common for.somebody to pass away suddenly and they.did not kind of plan for it on so the.small estate affidavit procedure I would.be personally kind of surprised if the.bank or other institution you're dealing.with has no idea what to do like you.know this is the first time they've ever.seen it I'd be a little surprised.suspicious so yeah hopefully that makes.sense a lot of you proper some of you.hopefully might be wondering okay what.happens if I if the person passed away.leaving real property in other words a.house a building land etc under Probate.Code section 13 1 15 1 3 1 1 5 in.California the small estate affidavit.procedure that I just described using.the language in probate code section 13.101 that the language in 13 101 cannot.be used to transfer real property titled.the real property cannot be transferred.that way that's what 13 115 or 13 115.says yeah so.I will hopefully at some point put out.some companion videos to this one if you.actually have a situation where you know.there is real estate involved but it's.fairly minor let's say if you have a.small estate I have a David situation.that involves real estate also and there.are there are court cases you can file.types of court cases you can file one of.them is called a petition to determine.succession to real property that's a.mouthful I'm going to write that over.here hopefully hopefully I can fit all.that in the screen right here but.petition to determine succession of real.property um you basically do that you.know if you have a small estate.situation but one of the items happens.to be real estate so the probate code.for that if you're interested is 13 150.probably Code section of 13 150 if.you're looking at the Judicial Council.form this actually form de 310 I am.going to write that over here actually.I'll write that down here then I'll play.another video that I have about how to.get judicial council forms but de 310 is.how you do a petition to determine its.accession to real property if you have a.situation of where the real property.involved is really minor in other words.it's only worth you know a couple.thousand dollars let's say the kind of.magic number is fifty thousand dollars.if you have real estate worth that or.less you can do something called an.affidavit report affidavit regarding.property of small value I got that out.finally okay alright then here also.that's the form deep Judicial Council.form de 305 right I'll hopefully fit.that down here de 305 and if you're.interested in that that's probably code.section 13 200 yeah so anyway hopefully.all of that made sense the smallest.state out for David procedure like I.said it's a way of doing a summary.administration if somebody dies in their.state is actually fairly simple there is.a way in California at least to bypass.the formal probate proceeding there's a.way to bypass to bypass court actually.the small estate affidavit procedure I.described under probate code 13 101 does.not go through courts at all in.California yeah a lot of times people.think that it does but if you can.qualify under the.small estate affidavit procedure in.California it actually is quite.beneficial the one thing would be like.you know if you don't have we're sorry.if the decedent's estate really does.have real estate in it depending on the.value of the real estate you know you.you're gonna have to file a court case.but you know you file either the.petition to determine success in the.real property or affidavit regarding.properties small value one of the two.yeah but if your decedent's estate was.worth less than $150,000 had no real.property in it then it's something where.you can hopefully just do a small estate.affidavit procedure and just be done.with it yeah so it's actually not.terribly complicated it's 13 per Code.section 13 101 is the language that you.actually need so yeah.anyway I hope that hopefully that made.sense go ahead and comment share like.subscribe we watch this video tell your.friends etc shameless plug so anyway but.go ahead and in comment share like.subscribe etc and hopefully this video.helps you guys out until then I will.talk to you guys next time.Thanks.

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Revenue Affidavit Disposal At Death Jamaicataxgovjm FAQs

Read the below common problems about Revenue Affidavit Disposal At Death Jamaicataxgovjm . Speak to directly if you still have other queries.

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